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. Amelia Blacks Her Family (Part I)

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Jun 14, 2018.

. Amelia Blacks Her Family (Part I) 4.5 5 14votes
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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!


    Hello, Race Traitors! ;)

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    Amelia Blacks Her Family (Part 1)

    Darius sneered, the ebony Adonis pressing his firm chest to the back of her neck and shoulders. Her wrists were bound together and her arms around his neck where they joined. Amelia's bare body was exposed to him, the college senior kneading at one of her full breasts as his other large dark hand rested between her spread kneeling legs. One of his large digits rubbed at her swollen pink pearl, her nectar soaking his fingers. Staring forward she watched herself being toyed with in the mirror... A thick black leather collar around her neck clasped in the back with a steel spade spaded padlock. In the front a silver spade decorated the collar... The wicked man even made her get a spade tattoo above her neatly trimmed little sex along with a belly button piercing.

    Her Master was so handsome... The tall athlete had a swimmer’s body, every part of him toned as he nipped her ear and whispered huskily to her. "Amelia... You want to make me so happy, don't you...? Tell me how important making me happy is..." The sadistic male asked, having edged her for close to two hours.

    Amelia MacKenzie was beside herself now with need. The past two hours had begun like many of their other evenings together. Darius' seduction of the beautiful, naive freshman had been quite simple... It had just taken the skilled balance of a firm hand and just the right honeyed words to convince her to give herself to him… Both her virginity and then her body. The new world she had been introduced to was one of torment, sometimes pain, but always with unspeakable pleasure; ecstasy she never dreamed could exist. This evening it was no different. It had been two hours since they had begun. Her fair skin glistened with sweat, her mound, always kept completely and utterly smooth, dripped with her wetness. She needed to cum... She needed to cum like she needed air to breathe. It was almost impossible to keep still, her hips rotating ever so slightly as her Master tormented her.

    His husky whisper sounded in her ear, and just that voice alone made her need for release even higher. "It... It's the most important thing in the world for me!" she whined, her voice showing the strain of a solid two hours of teasing… Two hours of denied release. "I'll do anything to make you happy, Master!"

    Her ebony owner grinned impishly, abandoning her breast a moment to give her cute firm ass a playful slap. The little liberal college girl was so easy to coax and coerce... Already she was working part time as a barista on campus adding sterilization cocktail to white males' drinks. Countless hours were spent over the last semester breaking her down and re-wiring her pretty little mind to accept her place.

    "There, there..." He whispered softly. "I believe you... Your mantra... Chant it..." Her black owner insisted, locking eyes with her reflection making her stare into those hypnotic chocolate eyes... The same that made her dump her high school sweetheart and eagerly let Darius use her bareback without birth control. It was just beginning to wear off and she was surely ovulating.

    "Your mantra, white girl... Black is better... Black is better... Black is better... Say it or I swear you won't cum for a month..." The evil dominant insisted.

    Poor Amelia yelped at that slap to her rounded soft yet firm ass, the ivory flesh already pink and reddened from earlier swats. There was no guilt at all in what she was doing - the way she was facilitating her own race's downfall on campus. Already, nearly half the white males on campus had been made sterile, their bloodlines ended forever. She had already been informed that the next step was another cocktail, this one served to the white women on campus, to render them all much, much more fertile. There had been some guilt at first, but he spanked, teased, tormented, and fucked the guilt right out of her.

    "Black is better..." she whispered when she was first told to chant her mantra, the same that would be the mantra of every white woman. "Black is better...Black is better...BLACK IS BETTER!" Her voice had risen in volume each time, until it was almost a shout. Those eyes had almost hypnotized her, convinced her to cast off her old life… Every bit of it! Breaking up with Eric had been the first step… The boy she had loved so much… Who loved her so much that during the Christmas break it had been all but decided that he would propose to her. Now...she was hoping and praying that this might finally be the night that her birth control finally wore off, that she would be blessed to carry her Master's baby.

    Cruel Darius loved bending her further and further... The little white girl succumbing. Her first time when Darius took her...? Each thrust made her love her Master just a bit more... Each thrust made her love for poor Eric die. On their last date she happily served Eric the cocktail as well, wanting to end any chance of their family every having another white baby. Her final sacrifice to prove she was done with the meek white boy? She invited Eric's sweet baby sister to visit Darius's apartment off campus when she was in town to visit the four potential schools. With a little alcohol and weed she was accepting the suggestions whispered to her by Amelia before she fainted from her first orgasm induced by Darius's throbbing black godcock. With no guilt the little teen was sent home with a black baby growing inside of her.

    So slowly, he rubbed her soaking swollen clit as he continued to whisper to her. "You've made me happy, white girl... But, I want more... I think it is time you took me home for spring break. I've decided you, your sisters, and your mother all should be carrying a black baby... I'm going to make sure there is never another white MacKenzie. Thank me for snuffing out your white family for good..." The sadist demanded, his eyes telling her she had no options.

    The oldest MacKenzie sister did not hesitate. The scandal back home had yet to be really discovered. For all anyone knew, Amelia had merely succumbed to big city temptations and broken poor Eric's heart. It wasn't yet known that his little sister was carrying Darius's baby, that she, thanks to the weed and booze given her by her trusted ‘big sister’, and by Darius's skill in breaking a girl, no white boy or man would ever touch her again. Just as it was with Amelia. Only her Master. His finger was torturing her, slowly stroking her swollen, aching throbbing clit.

    "I'll give... Give you anything, Master!" She groaned when he explained he wanted more. When he expressed his desire, tears filled her eyes… Tears of such joy that it was finally time. "Yes, Master!" She cried out, her tormented body approaching orgasm yet again. "Ever since... Camille was here... I've dreamed of bringing you home and giving my family to you..." The girl was far too twisted and corrupted. She just didn't have it in her to deny him anything.

    Malevolent Darius snickered. How broken she was... The pure evil of ruining herself and other whites now the most arousing thought in the world after the desire to please Darius. He destroyed her... He'd ruin her further. "Cum... I need you nice and wet..." Her Master insisted, stroking at her clit fast now. He knew all the edging had her ultra-sensitive. With his free hand he pulled his boxers downward, 11" of throbbing ebony godcock hitting against the back of one of her thick thighs as he nipped her earlobe again. Grasping the base of that turgid black tool he traced the domed head up and down her pink sex... His balls swollen with the seed that would complete her. She wasn't even a person anymore - merely a lesser extension of her Master. No hesitation was left... No doubt… If he ordered her to hang herself to make one less white person in the world she would do it and likely orgasm as she put the noose around her own neck... Darius was her god now.

    "Amelia... You love me, don't you...?" He asked, staring into her pleasure soaked face. "You want to hold back your teen sister's legs and watch me breed her, don't you...? Fuck white people... Say it, race traitor." Darius growled, so close to taking her.

    Broken Amelia let out an aroused moan at the thought. When she had first set foot on campus she was a wide-eyed and eager young woman with dreams of making a difference in the world. She was the picture of innocence, one of the sweetest girls anyone had ever met. That was an entirely different lifetime ago. Now, the very moment her Master's rough finger stroked her aching pearl with vigor… The moment he finally commanded her to – she came harder than she had in weeks.

    "MAAASSSTERRRRR!" She cried out, her body twitching, shuddering, shaking wildly. A flood of her juices gushed from her quivering pussy as his teeth nipped at her ear as that cock, as thick as her wrist, a full eleven inches of godhood, slapped against the back of her thigh. Even in the throes of such intense ecstasy, she still arched her back, attempting to present herself to him when she felt that swollen cock head teasing her drenched nether lips. Her hips were rotating, showing how desperate she was to be filled by him… A need for him to complete her.

    "Yes, Master! I love... I love you... So much..." She gasped when her orgasm faded. "I... I want to watch you fuck Arielle... I want to see you put your baby in her... I want to hold her legs… Open her up to you." As mind-shattering as her orgasm was, it still wasn't enough for her. She needed more than orgasm. She needed him inside her. She needed his seed to flood her womb. "Fuck white people!" She hollered.

    Her Nubian lord rewarded the little race traitor, thrusting those powerful dark hips forward and impaling the tight little white girl. Growling hotly in pleasure, she was still so tight despite how gifted and violent he was with her... Stretching her, his finger remained on her clit and the other returned to her full breast to grope at it. Between his large fingers he squeezed her erect pink nipple. Watching her body writhe and gush in orgasm had been pleasing... Her hesitating on calling Camille to invite her resulted in two weeks without release... Her Master exclusively using her throat and tight virgin ass. The latter she was able to orgasm during, but she found herself unable to release without his verbal permission now.

    Inch after inch sank inside of her, pushing passed her twitching cervix... Two-thirds of him remained as his glazed dominant chocolate eyes stared into her reflection. "Good white girl... Aaah...! Making up for your evil ancestors... Aaah... Heh... White girls are for breeding... White boys for disposal... Say it." The ebony God growled, slapping her perfect firm ass once more to make it swell.

    Sweet Amelia could have cried when she finally felt his hips thrusting forward, when that huge black cock head finally spread her nether lips and her tender folds, stretching her soaking wet, tight entrance. She felt each and every inch that once stretched her out and filled her. Her back arched as she perked her ass back toward him in an effort to open up to him even more. She thrust her perky breasts outward as well, offering them to his hand, so that those large fingers could pinch and twist her hard and sensitive nipple.

    He filled her like only he could, his cock reaching her cervix, that barrier to her fertile womb, and then pushing past even it. Somehow, she managed to keep from closing her eyes, those big, expressive, emerald orbs locked on his own smoldering, dark eyes. "White...Girls are... For breeding... White boys... Are for disposal..." She chanted and cried out when his hand again slapped her wonderfully rounded, firm ass, the flesh jiggling, becoming even redder.

    Darius pushed all the way to the hilt. Freezing a moment, he enjoyed the view looking down at her taking all of him... His large swollen sack resting against her clit... Full of the seed that would erase her and her family's inferior genetics forever. "Aah... Good girl... You took it all..." Her Master informed her, his tip kissing against the wall of her womb as their hips began to rock again.

    Sweet Amelia was foolish enough to come to his apartment back in fall to tutor the athlete in French... Little did she know he was a native speaker. Within an hour of arrival, she was stretched out over his lap with his fingers giving the nubile teen her first orgasm... Every morning for the next month she was required to go down on him in the back of his car, Darius stealing her gag reflex from her so easily.

    One night after her boyfriend dropped her off while he was visiting town, sadistic Darius deflowered her on the beautiful quilt Eric gave her. Hours of reading SJW literature and Darius's teasing and torture sessions had robbed her of her own will... Thinking for herself was a burden that Darius lifted from her. That fateful day soon after coming to campus was one that she wouldn't trade for a thing. That shock of how easily he had manipulated her into submitting to him, experiencing that first orgasm, taking that huge cock down her throat until her gag reflex was history, even the betrayal of giving him taking her virginity on the very blanket her boyfriend had given her not even an hour before... She wouldn't trade any of it. Not if it meant losing out on this feeling.

    Soon he was kneading at both breasts as he thrust violently against her... He cared little about breaking little Amelia, but too her credit she was not as fragile as she looked...

    "Who owns you...? Who is your God, white girl...?" The vicious superior male snarled, giving that ass yet another stinging slap.

    The twisted white girl actually did begin to cry when she felt his hips at last pressing against her ass. Those swollen, heavy, huge balls pressed to her lewdly stretched nether lips. Tears welled in those huge green eyes before rolling down her cheeks, the tears of a worthless white girl finally gifted with her Master's cock and his praise at taking every inch. He was so large that as the tip kissed the far wall of her womb, there was the slightest little bulge in her otherwise flat trim tummy.

    It didn't take long at all for him to really fuck her, to fuck her like she craved, like she needed. Her ass rippled each time his hips smacked loudly against it, and the pale flesh of her breasts bulged between his thick fingers as he mauled them, using them to pull her onto him again and again. Though she was a petite girl, more than a foot shorter than him and easily 100 pounds lighter, she had proven durable, able to take even the most vicious, brutal fucking. It was what she was for. Pleasing him. Her pleasure didn't matter, only his. Her purpose wasn't to be loved. Only the Black Goddesses deserved her Master's love. "You do!" she cried out as he slapped her ass yet again. "You're my God, Master!"

    Darius rewarded her body with the punishment it deserved, violently thrusting against her threatening to bruise her hips as he took her. Amelia's full capitulation was enough to please him... Fifteen minutes of rough sex continued, her Master alternating between groping at one of her breasts and squeezing her dainty little throat. When using her other times he loved to choke her semi-conscious and have her awaken to him taking her so cruelly. There was no chance her once innocent mind and body could find release without such treatment... Without his permission... Without him. All of her betrayals of her morals? Her white boyfriend? Her surrogate little sister? Her race? And soon... Her family...? Each one felt more intense and more right. It was her mind instinctively accepting her inferiority and that of her fellow whites. The mere idea of once day bouncing up and down on Darius's throbbing black cock and watching the last white girl bred on Live TV was enough to make her shiver.

    Giving her ass one last stinging slap he growled against her ear. "Aaah...! Going to cum... Mmn... Going to breed you... This... Aaah...! This is what you're for, white girl... Beg for it..." The beast of a man demanded, his pulsating black monolith splitting her and hardening to its fullest. Shivering violently his muscles all tensed and his hips arched against her. Everything flashed white as shot after shot of thick virile African godseed directly into her fertile womb...

    Deep inside of her, his African warriors swarmed her little egg... With little effort, one impaled it... A new Nubian God or Goddess created.

    Her family would be shocked and horrified to see what she had become. Giving herself to a black man would only be the least of their shock. The way he fucked her would shock anyone, the brutality. Every time, she was so sore afterward that she could barely move the next day. It wasn't at all uncommon for her ivory flesh to be marred by bruises. His fingers squeezed that slender, delicate throat, and stopping short of the near unconsciousness that was so common when he used her. This time, it was like he wanted to be fully aware of everything, of the moment her life was truly his, when she finally fulfilled her ultimate purpose. He had so twisted her that she required this sort of treatment, and his permission to achieve ecstasy. Otherwise, it was impossible, not with her own fingers. Even when he shared her with other Black Gods, she couldn't cum unless he permitted it. And soon, her mother, her younger sisters, all of them would be just the same.

    Again, he slapped her ass, now a bright, bright red, and then his hips slammed against her again. She heard the growled snarl, and finally, she knew it was it. She could feel it...she was ready for him at last. "Yes, Master, please...please fill me!" she cried out. "Please bless me with your baby, let me serve my purpose, let me fulfill my reason for existing...Please!" And then, he thrust into her one last time, and she could feel him throbbing, she could feel that heat spreading, deep within her belly. She could almost feel his potent African seed flooding her womb, her fallopian tubes. She could almost feel the life created within her.

    Her Master spent the next few moments breathing deeply... Slowly grinding... Her little twitching cunt trying to milk him of every drop. Putting his large hand over her lower stomach he made her stare in the mirror. "Aah... Heh... I bred you, white girl... Friday I want you packed. I also need my term paper finished..." The wicked man insisted, the girl now carrying half the student athlete's assignments. Darius was making the sore overworked girl allow her grades to slightly slip... Something that her family was attributing to her break up. There was little doubt he'd use her until she was fully useless to him.

    Darius wanted everything. That is what he would get... And more.
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