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. After The Date

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by BlackMerida, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. BlackMerida

    BlackMerida Member Author!

    Friday the 2nd

    There were long brown marks where the paint had been chipped by Amanda’s headboard. The wooden headboard scraped along the painted white walls as her bed rocked back and forth as Brandon fucked her for the second time that week.

    She lay on her back, leaning up while he knelt between her legs ramming her. She loved the way he fucked her. He was athletic and had a strong body, and she loved watching his big black dick pound her. Amanda tossed her red hair back and moaned as Brandon thrust deep inside of her.

    They had started fucking almost six months ago. No strings. No questions. She just called him up and he came over, hard as a rock, ready to do what she needed him to do.

    “Fuck yes, right there. Right there. Fuck,” Amanda breathed heavily as her orgasm began to build.

    Brandon rocked her harder. She watched as the muscles on his stomach flexed when he contracted his hips when he was fully inside of her. The ‘V’ on his waist pressed firmly against the skin of her nether as he did.

    Brandon grabbed at the underside of her leg, pulling it into the air and dragging Amanda a few inches closer so that he could fuck her even deeper. His pace was at its fastest now, plowing deep into her pussy while she turned pink in the cheeks and her fingers began to clutch at the sheets of the bed.

    He saw bite her lip and suddenly a burst of heat and moisture escaped her pussy. Knowing she had gotten off, Brandon no longer resisted his own orgasm. He twitched and jerked in and out of Amanda moaning loudly as he came inside of her.

    “Shit,” Brandon said, looking down at his hard cock hanging out of Amanda’s soaked pussy.

    Amanda pulled back, retracting herself and letting Brandon’s cock flop out and hang in the air. Amanda smiled at him with her piercing green eyes as her milky body rolled off the bed and began searching for her bra.

    Brandon watched the young, college aged white girl slip back into her bra and panties effortlessly. Amanda was stunning. Gorgeous red hair, milky colored skin, dazzling green eyes. Her body was perfect, exactly what every girl would aspire too. She had big but huge breasts. She had a flat, sexy toned stomach, but wasn’t jiggled or skeletal thin. She had curves and was smooth from top to bottom.

    The way she walked was tantalizing. Her hips had the perfect sway in entranced him.

    “Want to help me get dressed for my date?” Amanda said, looking back from her closet door to her friend with benefits.

    “Another finance dude or some shit?” Brandon asked, beginning his own search for his scattered clothing.

    “I think he is studying accounting, actually,” Amanda said, pulling out a couple different shirts to try on.

    Brandon pulled his boxers back over his body, his member still half erect as Amanda turned around with four outfits to present to him. He watched her pull the first shirt over herself. It was a V-neck that showed off her cleavage well and loosely clung to her skin. She put on a simple pair of skinny jeans with small slits in the thighs.

    “Too conservative?” she asked, shrugging.

    “If I had that body I’d show it off all the time,” Brandon said, pulling his plain white t-shirt over himself.

    “Oh, brother,” Amanda said with a laugh and turned back, taking her shirt back off, letting Brandon see her gorgeous body in full view once more.

    She turned, now dawning a tighter, more body revealing blue top with the same pair of skinny jeans. About two inches of her milky white stomach was exposed at the bottom of the tank top like shirt, although it corralled her cleavage better than the last shirt. The very bottom of her dangling belly button piercing could be seen peeking out.

    The blue contrasted with her hair and was accentuated by her eyes, making Amanda look like a goddess.

    “You look fucking fine, Amanda,” Brandon said, doing an up down of her with a cocky smile.

    Amanda unsnapped her skinny jeans and pulled herself out of them, now changing into tight black yoga pants that made her ass look like a squeezable plush toy. It firmed her ass up into perfect circles that made Brandon want to pinch her.

    She pulled her blue shirt back off and now pulled a casual white button down blouse, buttoning all but the bottom two buttons. She then knotted the ends of her shirt and tied it off on her hips, exposing all of her belly button to the viewing public now.

    “Too slutty?” she asked, looking down at her own perfect body as if unconcerned.

    “If you’re going to the club, you’re alright,” Brandon laughed.

    Amanda unbuttoned the shirt and threw it at him in a playful manner before she grabbed the final shirt. She pulled it down over her breasts. It was tight, like the second shirt, only it had pink and white horizontal stripes and shockingly covered all of her stomach.

    “Now, you look like a basic white bitch about to go on a date,” Brandon said with a sarcastic look and a boyish giggle.

    “Shut up,” Amanda said, smacking him on the head as she walked past him, “Come on, I’m gonna be late.”

    “Good luck,” Brandon said as he passed by Amanda and into the hallway outside her apartment.

    “Thank you,” Amanda said, smiling at her lover as she closed the door to put on her makeup and head out on another date.

    Sunday the 4th

    “I’m actually going to see him again,” Amanda was shirtless with a glass of white wine in Brandon’s apartment with her hair tied back in tight pony tail, “He was a lot of fun and a really nice guy.”

    Brandon was shirtless too, holding a bottled beer and taking a long sip as he stood next to the gorgeous girl. Amanda finished the last of her wine, placing the empty glass on the kitchen counter before she fell to her knees in front of Brandon. She undid his pants, unfurling his cock from within and happily and greedily took it in her mouth.

    Brandon watched the red hair on top of her head bob slightly as her mouth worked up and down the length of his shaft expertly. He took a long, final sip of his own beer and placed it down beside Amanda’s empty glass on the counter.

    He ran his fingers through her glowing fiery hair as she serviced him. The sound of her lips sucking against the skin of his cock filling the quiet apartment along with his measured moans of pleasure.

    Amanda’s hands wrapped around the base of his black cock, jerking him slightly as her mouth gulped down the first half in rapid succession.

    Her mouth worked up and down, coating his dark shaft with saliva as he grew longer and wider thanks to her foreplay. Her shimmering emerald eyes flicked up towards him, looking him eye to eye as his black cock was gulped down by her pink lips.

    Brandon watched as Amanda removed her hand from the base of his shaft and opened her mouth as wide as she could, choking down all over his cock until her lips kissed off his waist. The feeling was immeasurably good, the warm feeling of her mouth covering all of his cock incalculable.

    Amanda made a few more deep throats on Brandon before stopping, standing to her full height. Brandon grabbed her by the waist, pulled her in and gave her one rough kiss before turning her around.

    She grabbed the edges of the kitchen counter as Brandon pulled her sweatpants off of her body exposing her panty-less body. Amanda spread her legs slights as she felt Brandon touch the edge of his cock to her pussy.

    Inch by inch she felt him slide into her wet, waiting body until Brandon’s hips kissed off of her butt cheeks.

    Brandon’s hands slid over her hips and his fingers grabbed her ‘love handles’ as he began to thrust into her deeply. He smashed her from behind, the kitchen filling with the intense passionate smacking of his ebony shaft into her ivory tower.

    Amanda watched as the beer bottle on the counter rocked, trembling on the counter as it felt the Earthquake of their fucking. Brandon was an aggressive lover. He was forceful and strong, much like his appearance. It wasn’t uncommon for Amanda to wake up sore the next morning but having loved every second and inch of him.

    The sound of glass smashing echoed through the kitchen as the beer bottle finally fell over breaking at the neck. Amanda didn’t even stop to catch the rolling glass as it tumbled off the back end of the counter and broke entirely on the floor.

    Brandon didn’t address it either, instead intensifying his hard pace. He no longer had long, punishing thrusts letting Amanda feel every inch of his black cock, but instead short, violent busts.

    The slapping of their bodies was so rapid in almost seemed like one continuous noise. Brandon pummeled Amanda from behind. His constant pounding against her butt turning the parts of milky, pale skin that touched him deep red.

    Amanda tried to hide her screams but they escaped through her teeth as the intense fuck began to stir the dragon inside of her. Brandon just watched the ripples in her perfect ass each time his hips violently crashed inside of her. He watched the base of his shaft appear only for a second before it vanished in the ‘V’ between her ass cheeks.

    Amanda was shaking the kitchen counter. Another smash as the wine glass toppled over and joined the broken glass of the beer bottle neck. The table shook, the legs squeaked against the floor as Amanda hung on for dear life.

    Eventually she squirmed and yelped, her feet momentarily coming fully off the ground as she finally orgasmed. Brandon relented, slap, slap, slap, followed by a deep, visceral moan that came from inside of him.

    His cock exploded inside of her. The slapping of her butt against him slowing until finally it rested completely flat against his hips. His black dick still fully inside her.

    Amanda pulled her ass slowly off his cock. The base of her booty nearly purple. Inch by inch she pulled away from him until she reached the head and his cock fell out of her dripping in cum.

    “Fuck that was unreal,” Amanda huffed, trying to catch her breath, “You’re like the Busta Rhymes of fucking.”

    Amanda grabbed a second wine glass from the cabinet and poured herself another drink as Brandon stood naked in the kitchen.

    “You’re going to clean that up right?” she gestured towards the pile of broken glass on the table and on the floor beside it.

    Brandon chuckled to himself before rolling his eyes and getting a broom and trash can. Amanda redressed into her ‘slutty’ blue tank top that she hadn’t worn on her date, and instead saved for Brandon.

    She downed the rest of her second glass of wine before giving Brandon a quick hug.

    “I’ll text you sometime this week. Maybe we can grab a pizza or something after my yoga class on Wednesday?”

    “Sounds good,” Brandon smiled, entranced as he watched Amanda’s perfect ass wiggle as she walked to his front door.

    Saturday the 10th

    There was a knock on Brandon’s door. He casually checked the clock, it was just past 11:00 p.m. He grabbed the six empty cans of beer and stashed them in the recycling before answering the door.

    Amanda stood, hair down and in a tight, stomach baring white blouse in front of him. Her ripped, skinny jeans seemed painted onto her legs. She glided past him and into his apartment as if she owned the place.

    “Got your text that you were hanging in tonight,” she said, going to the familiar wine cabinet and pouring herself a drink.

    “I thought you had a second date with that dude,” Brandon asked.

    “I did,” Amanda answered, confused.

    “You didn’t want to…spend the night…with, like…him?” Brandon asked, quietly grabbing his ‘first’ beer from the fridge.

    “I wasn’t going to have sex with him,” Amanda said nearly laughing, “That was only our second date.”

    Brandon looked puzzled, butt that quickly ceased as Amanda began unbuttoning her blouse in front of him. She removed her shirt, standing topless in his kitchen once more. Her pale skin so creamy and smooth. Her body so tight and perfect. She was a dream of a woman.

    “You still going to be seeing him?” Brandon asked as Amanda took a big gulp of wine and made her way to his couch where a pointless college football game was airing.

    “Oh definitely. He’s a really sweet guy,” Amanda said, “You got any food?”

    Brandon grabbed a bag of pub cheese from the fridge and some crackers before sitting down beside Amanda on the couch.

    “He’s taking me to Le Sol next weekend,” Amanda said casually, “Very fancy.”

    Brandon gave a stunted laugh before taking a swig of his beer. The shirtless Amanda casually dug into the cheese with a fevered hunger.

    “I hate that I have to eat light on dates,” she said with her mouth still full of crackers and cheese.

    Brandon calmly took another sip of beer. When Amanda was done with the crackers and cheese she put them back in the fridge, grabbing both another beer for Brandon and a glass of wine for herself.

    Amanda unclasped her bra, exposing her beautiful round, youthful breasts to Brandon. She mounted him, placing a leg on either side of his waist. For the first time, Brandon faltered.

    He stopped her, taking an extra-long sip of beer.

    “What’s a matter?” Amanda asked, naked and innocent, ready to take Brandon’s cock long and hard.

    “You don’t think it’s a little weird?” Brandon said, unable to control the growing bulge that Amanda currently straddled.

    “What’s weird?”

    “That you went on a date with a dude and then came over here to fuck another guy.” Brandon stated, although he could tell Amanda knew he was rock hard for her in the moment.

    “I’ve gone on dates before and come over here after,” Amanda said, shrugging as if it were no big deal.

    “Yeah, first dates maybe. But you said you like this guy.”

    Amanda’s hands grabbed at the bulge in Brandon’s pants and sent chills through him.

    “I do like him,” Amanda said, “But I didn’t come over here to talk about Aaron, did I?”

    Amanda smiled, a sly, seductive smile of an enchanting vixen. Brandon couldn’t put up the will to argue. His pants were suddenly no longer on his body and Amanda was guiding his pulsing cock into her eager pussy.

    With a wet sliding sound, Brandon felt his cock become warm and tingly as Amanda lowered her body fully onto his. She gave him a playful kiss, biting on his lips as she pulled away.

    Brandon was lost in her emerald eyes as she worked her hips back and forth, using his cock as a sybian saddle. Soon, Brandon’s hands clasped around her ass and felt it squish in his hands like a malleable sponge as she worked her pussy up and down his shaft.

    There breathes quickened as Brandon was shadowed inside of Amanda’s red hair as it hung from the top of her head above him. Her emerald eyes had the ferocity of a lion in the moments he was inside of her.

    Amanda felt her butt press hard against Brandon’s thighs every time she reached the base of his cock. The puddle of moisture that was forming at the base was elating. Her hands were on Brandon’s firm stomach as she wormed her body back and forth. She could see the cloudiness drain from his face as she rode him harder. There was nothing he liked more than rough sex.

    Her pussy stretched wide to accommodate his big black cock. She could feel the lips of vagina peel apart ever so slightly when he was inside her in this position. She liked visualizing her creamy white ass in his dark hands with her little pink whole being split open by his monster cock. The thought of it turned her on even more as she rode him.

    Brandon felt the carnal pleasures of Amanda’s body and also the buzzing of the many beers he had had. For a moment, he had stepped out of line in his friends with benefits roll to Amanda. Why did he care if she still wanted to fuck him instead of the guy she was dating? He should be happy such a gorgeous woman so eagerly wanted his black dick inside of her.

    He felt the forcefulness and power return to him. He stopped Amanda from grinding on his cock and spun her around to face the other direction. Her arms reached back so that her hands could lift her up by his chest. His owns hands lifted her torso up into the air so that he could see all of her back, graced with her swinging red hair, all the way down to her perfect circular butt where just beneath her vagina rested on the precipice of his cock.

    Brandon worked Amanda’s body up and down him, thrusting himself deep inside of her from the reverse cowgirl position. He watched her bubble butt bounce and jiggle as he fucked her. Each thrust harder than the last. He wanted to make her cum harder than he ever had.

    Hard black cock split open a pale white body with thunderous force as Brandon pounded Amanda as hard as he could. She cooed, wept, even screeched as he fucked her as rough as he liked.

    Her body was like a perfect glove to his hard member. Up and down she went, faster and faster, bringing her perfect gorgeous body closer and closer to orgasm.

    Amanda looked down to see her body snapping up and down so fast her breasts were a blur. Brand’s hands were firmly holding her sides. His fingers across her white tummy. She watched as his long black cock beat in and out of her tight body with hunger and lust.

    She could feel the length inside her. She wondered how deep he was inside of her, until she realized she COULD see. He was fucking her with such intensity she could see a little push of his cock from inside her on her belly. She watched for transfixed bliss at the tiny bubble of skin push upwards when Brandon was fully inside of her. He had never fucked her that deep or hard.

    She felt everything go momentarily black. Her vision blurred and her hearing deafened. Something unlike anything that had ever occurred happened as her body slacked. She went limp in Brandon’s hands. Her body being propped up only by him as he continued to pound her.

    The slapping of his hips against her tailbone was so hard she was worried he was going to break it. She felt her senses return all at once, like her body had been set afire. She screamed, this time not through gritted teeth, but full on like she was going into childbirth.

    Her screamed boomed throughout the apartment and lasted several seconds as her body shook and tremored more than it ever had before. Orgasm after orgasm, she counted nearly seven in a row before the finally subsided into aftershocks.

    But Brandon was not done. He was still fucking her, still slamming his big black cock into her with supernova like power. She was nothing more than a bouncing white doll on his manhood now. He had broken her; he had actually made her fully succumb to the power of his sex.

    She could only feel the constant ripples of pleasure emanating from his cock when it was inside her, like a sedative. It seemed like she had transcended time and she was trapped in an endless void of pleasure. She didn’t know how long her beautiful body was impaled on Brandon’s god like cock. It could have been hours he fucked her with the brute force of a thousand earthquakes.

    When she finally felt his fingers clench into her pale flesh and felt his cock pump so hard it was like she was waking up from the best dream of her life. She felt him flood her from the head of his cock like a damn had burst inside of her.

    When she collapsed, exhausted and satiated like never before, she slipped right into Brandon’s arms, and for the first time in their fuck buddy relationship, spent the night.

    Sunday the 25th

    It had been two weeks since Amanda had been fucked into oblivion by Brandon. They had had sex once since, but nothing had been like whatever came from deep inside of him that night.

    She had been on two more dates with Aaron, and had even begun to start referring to him as her boyfriend.

    “Have you two had sex?” Brandon asked, looking down at Amanda as she sucked his cock.

    Her lips popped off the head of shaft, “Yeah, first time on Friday. He was really good.”

    She quietly resumed sucking Brandon’s cock while he watched her shiny red hair bobbed in its pony tail behind her head.

    Brandon laced his fingers through her hair as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth like a champion. Her jaws unhinged, and she began to deep throat him like he liked, causing his head to spin as her warm mouth welcomed him fully inside.

    There was a loud pop of her mouth dislodging itself from its shaft as she quickly pulled her halter top over her head to reveal a ruby red bra to match her underwear.

    She quickly removed her panties and made her way onto her bed while Brandon undid his pants and climbed in beside her.

    “He was almost as big as you, ya know,” Amanda said with a playful smile as she climbed on top of Brandon.

    Brandon chuckled, “I bet he is.”

    Amanda turned away from Brandon, letting him take her into his arms like he had two weeks ago. She was addicted to the way he fucked her like that now and wanted it more of it every day.

    “But make it quick, I’m meeting Aaron in an hour. He’s taking me on a picnic, can you believe it? He’s such a great guy.” Amanda cracked her neck as she allowed her body to fall back into Brandon’s arms.

    She left her bra on, containing her breasts, but watched as just beneath it her thin pale stomach slowly became covered with black fingers. Her dripping wet pussy engulfed Brandon’s cock quickly. He had definitely stretched her out for real last time. He easily slipped into her pussy and began the familiar rolling thrusts, growing in intensity with each slap of his balls against her.

    Brandon watched the arch in her back buckle when she was at the base of his shaft and strengthen when she lifted herself into the air to the tip of his cock. He watched the slit in her middle swallow his black cock a hundred times, over and over as she rode him and he pumped her.

    Their rough sex had become a game of cat and mouse. Not only did he want to fuck her till she collapsed again, but now it seemed she was trying to do the same to him. Amanda slammed her body hard down with each thrust. Several times, Brandon felt the head of his cock smash into the back of her vagina and it caused his own mid-section to shake like she might break him in the middle.

    The sounds of their skin slapping into one another had changed from fast, quick slaps to thunderous blows of impact tremors that seemed to cause their whole bodies to shake. It was sex unlike anything Brandon had ever experienced.

    Amanda felt her vision blurring after several minutes of their fucking. She felt her senses start to deplete as the moment of unheralded pleasure drew closer. The smashing sounds of skin on skin grew like bombs in an air raid as Brandon fucked her.

    There was a hard banging of the headboard against the wall, and then suddenly a buckle from the bed frame itself. Brandon didn’t miss a beat, and Amanda didn’t want him too as she felt herself break from reality again. She went slack in his arms as the pleasure consumed her from the roughest sex of her life.

    Brandon felt her body let loose. She was putty in his hands as his rocked his cock in and out of her as she moaned and screamed in ecstasy. All he could hear were her screams and his body connecting with hers.

    Suddenly, Brandon looked like to the right, were Amanda’s bedroom door was wide open. A tall, blonde haired man looked in mouth agape. Brandon must have left the door unlocked and they had lost track of time before Amanda’s date with Aaron. He must have heard her shouting, he must have come inside thinking she was in trouble, and instead found the complete opposite. His gorgeous redheaded girlfriend had a secret.

    Now, Brandon looked on as the horrified boyfriend watched his ‘girlfriend’ bounce on a huge black cock like a rag doll, screaming and cussing in bliss.

    He said nothing, only watched as Aaron looked at his pale redheaded girlfriend who he probably felt newly developed feelings for be gorged by a black guy. He said nothing. He never opened his mouth. He only momentarily looked at Amanda, who had her eyes closed and was muttering, and then eventually to Brandon.

    Brandon looked at the clearly horrified dude and did the only thing he could think of, he winked.

    Aaron turned and left, without every making it known to Amanda he had been there. Brandon felt a wave deep inside of him like never before. He grabbed Amanda’s body tightly. His fingers gripped her flat, sexy belly hard and he bounced her pussy so hard he felt his cock might skewer her right through her belly button and burst out from inside her.

    The momentum carried through and he felt it too. His vision blacked out. He could no longer hear sound or see color. Everything felt like an explosion had just occurred around him. He came so hard, feeling every muscle in his body, not contract, but melt entirely until he went limp.

    Amanda crashed onto the bed on top of him as his cock still twitched inside of her. He felt a rush of relief like never before. They were breathing hard and heavy as she rolled away from him, looking at him with wonder. She didn’t know her boyfriend had just watch her fuck him like that and never would.

    She rolled playfully off the bed, still in her crimson bra and made her way to her closet, “Want to help me pick out an outfit for my date?” she said, smiling with her emerald eyes aglow.

    “Sure,” Brandon said, a smile spreading across his face.
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