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Draft Afro Stress Relief - 4

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by llts1970, Jan 12, 2018 at 12:14 AM.

  1. llts1970

    llts1970 Member Member

    I didn’t wake until 9am in the morning which was late for me, I showered, shaved everywhere and put some jogging gear on, with a pink thong of course, and decided to go for a couple of miles run, I didn’t want to put any weight on – I needed to be nice and slim for those black boys – shit what was I thinking – it was all very confusing again.

    I jogged around my local area and into a park, I noticed a couple of police, both white, talking to a black boy on a mountain bike and went to see what was happening

    “What you doing around here, boy?” one of the cops was asking him pointedly

    “No law against me bein’ ‘ere.” the boy angrily responded

    “Come on, just decent white folks around here, don’t want your kind causing trouble, now move along.” said the second cop, I was sure I recognised the black boy – shit it was the youngster who bought me, well Leroy, for a number 6 fucking at BWAs. “You know this youth?” said the second cop to me, after noticing I was hanging around, fuck what was I going to do?

    “Yeah, I seen him a few times, just exercising around the park, like me – doesn’t cause any hassle – what’s the problem, officer?” I answered, lying of course but feeling a bit of solidarity with the young black boy who’d used me so thoroughly last week.

    The cop looked me up and down, surprised at my answer, “So you one of them nigger luvers, boy?” he asked sarcastically.

    I was a bit shocked as I’d never really had any dealings with the police before, “What’s your name, officer?” I pointedly asked, he took at me, his eyes narrowing,

    “OK, OK, you can go boy.” he said to the black boy, “Come on Dave, let’s leave this one to fend for himself.” obviously referring to me and both the cops returned to their patrol car and drove off.

    “Hey, thanks man.” said the black boy, “Do I know yo?” he asked looking at me closely,

    “Er, no, you take it easy now and watch out for dem cops.” I said, shit I slipped into street-talk,

    “I hear yo, sure I not seen yo before?” he asked again but I shook my head and jogged off with my penis straining in the pink thong.

    On the way back I stopped off, picked up a couple of coffees (skinny latte for me) and some doughnuts and went up to Marci’s apartment and knocked. Marci opened it, her eyes were bloodshot,

    “Fancy a coffee and doughnut?” I asked, she nodded,

    “Can we go to yours?” she asked and she shakily followed me upstairs and got into my apartment, she immediately hugged me and started crying and I embraced her,

    “Hey, everything OK babe?” I asked.

    “It’s Ginger, he was run over last night and killed,” she sobbed, Ginger was her cat, “he was always wandering around, neva hurt anybody an’ one of them white bitches from upstairs runs him over with her big fancy car.” I got her sat down and gave her the coffee,

    “I’m so sorry, babe, those white fuckers.” I replied and kissed her forehead and hugged her, “You need something a bit stronger.” I said and went to the kitchen and got a liqueur and poured it into her coffee, “Irish Coffee, babe.” I said, she drank some,

    “Nice, thanks honey,” she sobbed, we cuddled for 10 minutes and she began to compose herself, “I’m sorry honey, it’s not your problem, I’m just being silly.” she sniffed.

    “Hey, your problem is my problem, you know how I feel about you.” I answered and kissed her on the lips, it was nice kissing those beautiful full afro lips, I felt myself getting aroused,

    “Oh, thanks honey, you’re such a sweetie, a real sista.” she chuckled.

    “Tell me what happened.” I asked, Marci went on to explain that the building Super had rang her about 10pm last night and said something had happened and she needed to come into the underground car park, it seems that the poor cat had been wandering around and someone had not seen it and reversed over the poor thing, Marci then said she’d been made to pick up the carcass and take it back to her apartment and then the building Super had rang later and said the driver was thinking about asking her to pay for damages to the car – she was sobbing by the time she finished. I was incensed, saying “Look babe, don’t worry about anything, I’ll sort it out!”.

    I rang the building Super and asked about what happened, he said the lady in apartment 86, top floor – expensive - had reported running over the cat, I asked about the damages and all he knew was that the lady had said it was the pet owner’s fault and they might sue for damages. “So Jake, what’s this about getting Marci to pick up the carcass?” I demanded, I knew Jake the building Super a bit to talk to and was pretty sure he wouldn’t have asked any other woman to get rid of a pet’s carcass.

    “Er, yeah, well you know, look people just don’t want blacks in this block and I’m employed by these people so what do you want me to do.” he spluttered

    “Well, Jake, if you don’t want to me sue your white ass for racial discrimination you’d better help me get rid of the carcass, I know you’ve done cremations in the boilers before so why not for Marci, look there’s $10 in it for you but you’d better find something nice to put the carcass in, ok, and is there CCTV in the underground parking?” I asked

    “Yeah, of course there’s CCTV, OK, OK – we got some old packing cases I’ll put something in it and make it look nice, come down about 3.” he said and hung-up.

    “Marci, babe, how about we get poor Ginger cremated, it’s probably best, I know they’ll do it in the boilers in the basement.” I said,

    “Oh, OK, I didn’t know they would do – why didn’t that Super tell me – the smell in my apartment is bad.” Marci said,

    “Cause they’re all white cunts, Marci, you know that, we’ll go down about 3, OK?” I asked and she nodded, “OK, you stay here and drink your coffee and I’ll be back soon.” I added. I went to apartment 86 on the top floor and knocked on the door, it eventually was opened by a middle aged rotund white man.

    “Can I help you?” he sniffed looking at my jogging outfit, I said I was there to discuss his wife killing Marci’s cat.

    “Oh, it’s about that,” he calmly said “you’d better come in.”, I entered what looked like a very expensively furnished apartment, he ushered me into the kitchen and we sat at a table. “Are you here to apologise for that woman’s cat upsetting my wife and damaging her car?” he snorted.

    “No, I’m here to get an apology from you and yo bitch wife, and maybe sue both your white asses for reckless driving as I’ve just watched the CCTV!” I lied but that shook him up a bit,

    “Er, hang on a minute there’s no need to threaten us!” he said nervously,

    “I ain’t threatening anyone.” I added, “I also understand some people have been making racially offensive remarks and they’ve been recorded.” I lied again,

    “What are you talking about, this is absurd!” he stammered,

    “Look, we can make this easy, just get your wife to write an apology here and now and let’s say $200 for all the heartbreak you caused Marci.” I said, adding “You realize Marci has a big family down in the projects.” as a warning, he looked at me and I could see he was trying size me up, I got up to go,

    “OK, OK, $200 and that’s it!” he hissed,

    “$200 and the letter admitting fault and an apology.” I growled back, he thought about it and nodded, “I’ll wait for both, OK?” I said and again he nodded, he left the kitchen and I could hear raised voices for quite a while. About 30 minutes later he returned with a letter and handed it to me, I read it, it looked like it had been written by a lawyer but said the right things about it not being Marci’s fault and apologizing.

    “We need a copy signed and returned before you get the $200.” he muttered, I nodded and left with 2 copies of the letter he’d already signed.

    “Oh, that’s so false, dat fuckin’ bitch!” Marci said on reading the letter,

    “White folks, what can you expect,” I replied “what do you want to do?” I asked,

    “I’ll sign it but dat fuckin’ bitch betta watch out.” Marci said, I bounded up to the top floor and hammered upon 86’s door, a middle aged woman answered.

    “So you’re that nigger’s bitch!” she snorted, her husband quickly pulled her away from the door and joined me outside closing the door behind him,

    “She wants to be careful with that mouth.” I said, he nodded and I handed him the signed letter and he handed me $200.

    Jake brought up the packing case and I must admit it looked good, like a little crib, I left Marci in my apartment having handed over the $200 and signed letter and went with Jake to her’s and arranged the cat as best as I could in it. “You bastard, Jake, making Marci sort this out, I didn’t think you were like this.” I said pointedly to him as I carried the carcass back to my apartment, Jake just looked at his feet. I started to sneeze, Ginger was getting his final revenge on my allergies. I carried the crib into my apartment.

    “Hi Johnny, my Aunty been tellin’ me all ‘bout dat cat an’ how yo helpin’ her out.” Jonelle announced, I took a step back, shocked to see Jonelle in my apartment,

    “Jonelle, you’re early?” I stammered, not knowing what Marci had let slip,

    “It’s OK honey, Jonelle rang earlier and came round to help, I was just telling her how nice you been to me, given we hardly know each other.” Marci interrupted looking at me, I just nodded,

    “Sorry but we need to get down to the boiler room.” Jake said, so we all went down the elevator to the basement and Marci said a few words and Jake opened the boiler’s furnace door and pushed the crib and Ginger in.

    Back in my apartment I poured Jonelle and Marci a couple of large glasses of wine.

    “Thanks Johnny, Ginger looked nice in that box an’ thanks for sorting it all out.” Marci answered,

    “$200 for dat cat, how’d yo do dat?” Jonelle asked, counting the money and looking at the letter,

    “Got that white bitches man to do right by Marci, they treated you bad last night.” I said, I was lapsing into street talk.

    “Yo go gurl, I like yo talk, sure dey ain’t some nigga in yo family but yo soooo white.” Jonelle giggled,

    “Yeah, I bet dey some nigga in yo.” Marci giggled mischievously, I brought a blanket and some pillows in and got Marci on the couch, I’d ordered a pizza and lots of sides so there was plenty to eat,

    “Marci, you get comfy girl and watch them Mexican soaps, me and Jonelle gotta do some work.” I said stroking her hair, she hugged and kissed me,

    “Yo gonna make Marci feel good later, bitchboy?” she whispered and I nodded.

    I showed Jonelle into my small study where there just enough room for both of us and a desk.

    “Yo sure nice to my girl Marci, I gotta big love for her, she helped my Momma bring us all up – always givin’ us money, buyin’ us nice stuff.” Jonelle confided in me, “Yo sure only just met? I guess yo must luv us Niggas.” she added, I didn’t really answer instead getting straight down to looking at her assignments, we went through the various subjects, luckily she was doing the same modules as me, we spent a couple of hours reviewing her current assignments, I showed her my efforts and together we managed to get her’s into a better shape, I said she should get them handed in and we could also check her previous assignments and get them re-marked after we had reworked them.

    “Shit, dat was tough, I’m beat.” Jonelle yawned, I agreed and said we could make this a regular thing now I was fully introduced to Marci, and Jonelle was always welcome to come around anytime.

    “Anytime yo ain’t ho’ing,” Jonelle laughed, adding “yo know, I think Marci used to work in dem clubs back when me was just little, yo should tell her, she’d help out, she owe yo now.”, I declined saying Marci had a bad time and didn’t need any more hassle. “Oh ain’t no hassle, an’ I neva keep secrets from my girl Marci.” Jonelle said earnestly and went back to see Marci telling me to wait for 5 minutes, could it get any worse today I thought, “Hey, Johnny yo bitch get in ‘ere!” I heard Jonelle shouting.

    I entered the room and Marci was still on the couch with Jonelle and both were under the blanket, guess they must have felt cold.

    “So, Johnny, Marci say she already know yo a ho an' seen yo dressed as a proper bitch, why yo not say? Make me look a fool.” Jonelle asked, sounding annoyed,

    “Sorry honey, I not lying to my family girl.” Marci added, smiling.

    “Er, yeah, sorry Jonelle, I didn’t want embarrass you or Marci.” I said hesitantly,

    “Eh, we ain’t bothered, are we Marci, whadda mean?” Jonelle asked with Marci shaking her head in agreement,

    “Well, I didn’t think you would wanna know someone like me or wouldn’t want Marci to know someone like me.” I said meekly

    “Oh shit, just cause sometime yo dress like a bitch an’ suck nigga dick, we seen all sorts ain’t we Marci, my young bro one of dem ‘shemales’, he got big titties an’ shacked up with a white boy. We ain’t got no niggas to steal but yo ain’t after a nigga boyfriend are yo?” Jonelle asked with Marci nodding, I shook my head – I didn’t want a boyfriend. “OK get us some more wine, da best Mex soap ‘bout to start.” Jonelle demanded, I got everyone some more wine, in fact brought in an extra bottle and as they watched the TV, I joined them on the couch. Jonelle and Marci chatted to each other about their family, how all the men were useless and always fucking around, about Jonelle’s brother now being her sister, and what was happening in the projects and Jonelle talked about her man, currently in prison, Marci added some bits about her life.

    “Dat wine nice, I wanna see yo dressed Johnny, go get ready.” Jonelle demanded,

    “Yeah Johnny, yo a ho I’m gonna pay yo $5 to lick my pussy like a bitch.” Marci giggled, Jonelle slapped my butt as I got up

    “$5 to lick both our pussies an’ butts, bitch.” Jonelle responded, I left them watching their Mexican soap operas and went to get dressed, “I wanna see yo in pink, bitch, like a fairy.” Jonelle shouted and I heard Marci laughing, Dr Jane hadn’t given me anything in pink but had given me an entire light blue outfit, it was unusual in the fact that it was a full outfit, stockings, garters, long gloves, basque and bikini bottoms all in same color, I got a full body wash, applied my make-up, and got dressed and put on my heels.

    “Hey, Marci, need some help.” I shouted, a minute later Jonelle appeared in the bathroom,

    “Hey, yo right Marci, bitch looks kinda cute, why yo need Marci bitchboy?” Jonelle shouted,

    “Er, she helped with my eyes last time and I, well everyone, liked it.” I replied, Jonelle came in and did my eyes, they looked good but not as good as Marci did.

    “Thanks, they’re great.” I said although wishing Marci had done them, Jonelle smacked my ass hard,

    “Ouch!” I squealed,

    “Bitch, I just tap yo ass, whitey hoes like yo need to take proper nigga ass whoopings.” Jonelle snorted and I followed her into the lounge.

    “Betta watch yo man when he outta jail, dat Nigga be fucking dis bitch.” Marci laughed and pushed $5 into my blue stocking,

    “Dat Nigga fuckin’ whiteboys in jail, he such a fuckin’ slut.” Jonelle giggled, “Now on yo knees bitch, come on Marci let’s see dat pussy.” she added pushing me onto my knees, I was surprised when Marci just pulled off her African robe to get naked, “Yeah, yo got one fine ass sista.” Jonelle said slapping Marci’s butt cheeks and pushing her onto the couch so her butt was showing, I loved the sight of that nice big black ass and licked my lips,

    “Come on Jonelle lets see dem nice young titties.” Marci said pulling at Jonelle’s top, Jonelle quickly got undressed showing her nice pert black breasts and hairy pussy, she had a nice sized ass but not as big as Marci’s, she joined Marci on the couch and slapped Marci’s butt cheeks, “Oh my pussy is wet, Johnny….bitchboy, get yo mouth down there and start licking.” Marci moaned. I crawled to the couch, turned around face-up and put my head in between Marci’s legs and started to gently kiss and lick her clean-shaven pussy, “Oh, dat nice, yo betta please Marci tonight bitchboy.” Marci gasped and I nodded, probing my tongue deeper into her vagina,

    “Hey, bitchboy, got any plastic dicks?” Jonelle asked,

    “In the bedroom drawer, honey.” Marci answered,

    “Oh, so yo been using dis bitchboy ‘fore, girl.” Jonelle said looking at Marci with surprise, Marci nodded and giggled, “Yo nasty girl, keeping dis bitch all fo’ yo’self, we family.” she mocked, adding “Am gonna fuck yo ass for dat Marci.” and went and fetched my dildos and buttplugs from the bedroom, “Shit boy yo got some big black dicks ‘ere.” Jonelle said picking up a big thick, black of course, 8 incher, she put it in her mouth to lube it up then slowly pushed it into Marci’s asshole.

    “Shit, keeping licking bitchboy, fuck dat good, Jonelle yo bitch!” Marci gasped as Jonelle began pushing the dildo further in and I continued pushing my tongue in and out of Marci’s vagina, licking her cunt lips, Marci moaned as Jonelle started to really fuck her ass with the dildo,

    “Take dat dick, girl, keep lickin’ bitchboy I wanna see some white tongue in dat black pussy.” Jonelle said, slapping Marci’s ass cheeks hard, it wasn’t long before Marci started cumming in my mouth, she was wet, very wet. “Oh, fuck girl, yo sure watered dat bitchboy, yeah he luvin’ it see his little dick?” she said pointing at my erect penis.

    “Oh my, I sure needed dat, bitchboy nice and gentle with dat mouth an’ my butt nasty.” Marci signed,

    “Come on ho, yo been paid, now lick dis bitch’s ass clean.” Jonelle demanded and pushed the dirty dildo into my mouth so I could lick it clean, I was soon tonguing Marci’s asshole, probing deep and licking it clean, she tasted different to Dr Jane – stronger, I decided I preferred Marci’s butthole to Dr Jane’s.

    “Oh shit, I need dis but I need a rest, get dis bitchboy licking yo ass, honey.” Marci sighed to Jonelle

    “Yeah, come on an’ get to work ho!” Jonelle ordered me, laying back on the couch with her legs in the air, I crawled across and began gently kissing and caressing her hairy vagina, Marci leaned across and tweaked her nipples

    “Let’s see dem nips, like little bullets.” Marci said, Jonelle’s black nipples were nice and hard, I really wanted to lick them, “Come ‘ere bitchboy, give ‘em a good licking and bite dem a bit, Jonelle likes her nips treated bad.” Marci giggled and Jonelle nodded, I moved up from her crouch and began to gently lick first one then the other nipple, then ever so gently bit them

    “Ohhh, harder bitchboy.” Jonelle moaned and so I bit down with slightly more force, “Dat’s more like it, now do my other nip.” Jonelle murmured, I moved across and bit her other nipple, “Oh fuck, yo makin’ me wet, bitchboy, lick dat fofo, Marci let me bite dem big nips.” Jonelle gasped pulling Marci toward her and licking and biting Marci’s big black nipples and pushing my head into her crouch, I began to lick, suck, probe and kiss her drenched cunt and could see Marci pushing her breasts into Jonelle’s face and roughly playing with Jonelle’s nipples. I began to lick from Jonelle’s vagina to her anus, her ass tasted quite like Marci’s maybe not as strong but still better than Dr Jane’s.

    “Come on girl, let’s fuck dat hairy pussy.” Marci said and took the 8inch dildo I’d sucked clean and began to use it on Jonelle’s wet crouch, as Marci pushed it into Jonelle’s vagina my tongue was licking round her stretched lips and probing her ass, Marci was pushing it all the way in and then pushing my head into her crouch, “lick dem lips an’ clit, bitchboy!” and pulling it out slowly and twisting it at the same time whilst I was still licking all around her vagina, Jonelle was really gasping now and soon

    “Ooohhh shit, shit, shit!” squealed Jonelle as she squirted her juices into my mouth

    “Yo a nasty bitch honey, keep licking bitchboy and clean her up.” Marci said pushing my head into Jonelle’s crouch again. After cleaning her up, Marci told me to lick the dildo clean again whilst she was holding it and made me lick up and down it’s shaft “Yeah, bet yo been doin’ dat with real cock.” Marci sniggered

    “Yo a mess, bitchboy, go get cleaned up.” Jonelle told me, I went and got myself cleaned up, fixed my make-up and returned to the lounge, Marci was pushing a big black butt-plug up Jonelle’s ass as I entered

    “Fuck, yeah, yo bitch.” Jonelle was gasping, once it was all in, Jonelle got up, “Yeah I gonna wear dis an’ gonna stick dis dirty plug up yo white ass, bitchboy!” she stammered

    I smiled, “Of course, Mistress.” I answered

    “Oh yeah, he one polite ho, ain’t he Marci.” Jonelle gasped walking around whilst the butt-plug stretched her butthole, “Yo a hard bitch Marci, putting dis plug up my butt!” she said breathlessly

    “Course, honey, I ‘member when dose niggas used to fuck my ass, it was tough but nice.” Marci sniggered, Marci led Jonelle into my bedroom and ordered me onto the bed face down and ass up; then pushed Jonelle onto the bed also face down and ass-up and got on it herself behind us

    “Fuck, dis a nice place.” Jonelle gasped again looking around

    “Yeah, nice round ‘ere but I took a lot of dick in all my holes to afford it,” Marci said, “yeah, an’ dis bitchboy also taking a lot of dick, but all nigga dick.” she added laughing and smacked both mine and Jonelle’s ass cheeks hard

    “Shit, dis tough, shit, so yo nigga only bitchboy, dat good, means yo know whadda it’s like for a Sista.” Jonelle said haltingly and then pleaded “Oh fuck I gotta take it out Marci!”

    “OK honey, OK, Marci sort yo out.” Marci purred and eased the butt-plug out of Jonelle’s throbbing asshole – it was nasty

    “Ooohhh, dat good, dat good.” Jonelle said, sounding relieved

    “Come round ‘ere Jonelle, yo gonna do da business.” Marci said, Jonelle moved around behind me, I could now see both girls behind me and they started to slap my butt cheeks hard

    “Ouch!” I squealed as their hands repeatedly beat me

    “Shut-up, bitchboy, right Jonelle, push dat dirty plug up his ass.” Marci told Jonelle, soon I could feel the plug pressing into my asshole and stretching me

    “Oooohhhh!” I moaned as it was pushed further in until it eventually was fully inserted into me, my penis was absolutely rigid and drooling

    “Fuck, yo sure are bad Marci.” Jonelle laughed

    “Nah, dis bitchboy wanna be a proper nigga hooker, he gotta learn” Marci chuckled adding “get us some more wine bitchboy”, I nodded and gingerly got up with my butt aching and very awkwardly went to get the girls some more wine. I returned with a tray of 3 glasses of wine, Jonelle took a big glup, Marci sipped hers and looked at me with a naughty little grin

    “Marci needs every hole plugging, honies, Jonelle stick dat one in my pussy, an’ stick dat one in my butt.” Marci said pointing first to the thick 8incher and then a double-ended dildo about 2 foot long but a bit less girth than the 8incher, “Now bitchboy, cause yo been nice to Marci I gonna suck dat white dick.” she said smiling very mischievously and put her wine down and laid back on the bed opening her legs, Jonelle picked up the dildos

    “Yo one dirty ho, Marci, guess all our family like dis.” Jonelle laughed and gently pushed the double-ended dildo into Marci’s asshole, Marci just let out a sigh, Jonelle pushed it in further, “Oh fuck Marci yo got one deep ass.”

    “Now my pussy” gasped Marci, Jonelle feed the 8incher into Marci’s stretched pussy, “Oh fuck, oh yes, always knew yo a bad girl Jonelle – now fuck me with dat dick” Jonelle began to push and the 8incher into Marci’s pussy and at the same time pull out the double-ended dildo from her ass but not all the way, she kept up this in-out rhythm for about 10 minutes, Marci was laying still on the bed but making strange breathing noises, almost in time with Jonelle’s strokes

    “I stretching yo good girl, yo sooo wet, fuck we dirty bitches, ain’t we.” Jonelle murmured, keeping up her rhythmic in-out double thrusting

    “Stick yo dick in my mouth.” whispered Marci with her eyes shut, I straddled Marci getting into the 69 position and pushed my hard dick into her mouth, those full black lips began to kiss and lick my cock – she was good – she began to lick my balls and then up and down the shaft – oh it was good – it had been a long time since someone had done this to me

    “Grab da hoes legs and keep ‘em up!” Jonelle ordered me, temporarily taking my mind of Marci’s cock sucking skills, I held Marci’s legs in a V-shape, “Yo a fuckin’ slut, yo got dicks in every hole, yo a dirty ho!” Jonelle growled and changed her in-out rhythm so that she pushed both dildos in at the same time, Marci pulled my dick out of her mouth and squealed

    “Shit, shit, shit, yo betta keep doin’ dat yo bitch, Jonelle, I fuckin’ luv it!”, she started masturbating me and then started licking my cock, she followed this with pulling the butt-plug out so it widest part was stretching my opening, twisting it around and pushing it back in

    “oooohhhh, I’m cumming.” I murmured and started pumping my semen into Marci’s open mouth, she kept stroking my cock, her body started jerking and I could see her squirting onto Jonelle’s hand as Jonelle pumped her with both dildos

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jonelle screeched as Marci relaxed onto the bed, I moved off her and Jonelle pulled both dildos from her holes.

    “Oh honies, Marci sure one bad girl.” Marci chuckled, pulled me down and kissed me – god I loved those ebony lips, she turned me round and removed the butt-plug

    “Aaaahhh.” I murmured and they both inspected my butthole

    “Fuck, bitchboy yo ass sure can take some dick!” Jonelle laughed and then yawned adding, “I’m dead, I need some sleep, Marci we going down yo place?” she asked

    “Nah, I like dis bed, plenty of room for my fat ass.” Marci sniggered, we all got cleaned up and shared a quick shower with me washing the 2 girls, Marci liked that, I was on my knees and she had one foot on my shoulder whilst I washed and cleaned her crouch “Nice, I could get used to it.” she purred, “Ouch!” she squealed as Jonelle smacked her butt cheeks

    “My turn, bitch.” Jonelle said and put her foot on my other shoulder and I did the same to her crouch, “Yeah, dis bitchboy good, we gonna keep him for us or share?” she added

    “Mebbe let yo Momma have a go an’ yo big-titted bro?” Marci laughed, adding “Yo OK with dat Johnny?”

    “What da fuck, yo not ask, yo tell ‘im, ain’t dat right, bitchboy?” Jonelle snorted

    “Yes, Mistresses.” I replied, after drying them and myself we all went back to bed, although I ended up at the bottom of the bed sleeping 90degrees to the girls, with them putting their feet on me all night. Jonelle was the first up in the morning, trying to get her hair into something manageable, I cuddled up to Marci,

    “You miss cuddling me, honey?” Marci asked, I nodded, she smiled and added “Dat good, we need to talk later ‘bout yo and me.” I nodded.

    Once everyone was up and I’d made breakfast, we got Marci’s apartment aired and cleaned up, she wanted rid of all the cat stuff as she said she wasn’t going to get another pet cat, then I drove Jonelle and Marci back to Jonelle’s mother’s place - where I’d dropped Jonelle off before – they were staying the night. As I drove back home I noticed a lingerie shop, `La Negress’, and remembered Staci telling me the need to bring extra clothing, so I stopped off, it was a small shop and there was only a very young looking black girl sales assistant on duty,

    “Oh hi Sir, my name’s Naomi, how can I help you today?” she asked

    “Er, yes, just looking for some, er, stockings and panties for my, er girlfriend, sorry wife” I stammered not expecting to have to speak to anyone, the girl pointed over to a section stacked with stockings and panties of all types and I realized I didn’t know what size I took. “Hmmm, not sure about size and stuff like that” I stuttered

    “That’s OK, Sir, is your wife say my size, taller, broader?” Naomi asked

    “Er, I’d say more my size.” I answered turning red

    “In terms of height you mean, what about legs Sir, wen and men are built differently you know and what about waist size for panties?” she chuckled

    “Hmmm, the same as me again.” I said squirming now

    “What both legs and waist?” Naomi queried – giving me a questioning stare

    “Er, maybe I better come back after speaking with my, er, wife.” I replied and turned to leave

    “Now Sir, I think you should perhaps come and see our specialist section, it’s over here in the back,” Naomi said and took my arm and directed me to a curtained off section, “by the way Sir I think you may have misplaced your wedding ring as it’s missing.” Naomi added smiling, making me turn an even brighter shade of red – shit I just wanted to get out of there

    “Er, honestly I think I should come back later.” I said, pulling my arm away and turning to leave

    “Sorry Sir, I don’t want to embarrass you, it’s just I think you really should look at our specialist section, I’m certain these things are much more to you and your wife’s taste.” she smiled, I thought I might as well get the humiliation all done now, I nodded and she led me through the curtains, it was a much smaller area quiet dimly lit but it had shelves of stock advertising extra long and extra strong items, additional front coverage, testicle padding and such like.

    “Hmmm, not sure my wife would like this.” I said trying to keep up the pretence

    “Probably not, Sir, but what about yourself, this section is really for you boys.” Naomi answered and smiled

    “Er, what do you mean?” I stammered, she continued smiling

    “That’s fine, Sir, if it’s not to your taste I’m sure there’s something out in the women’s section, however I think these would look great on you.” she said holding up a pair of black see-through panties which had additional material for a man’s penis and balls. “You look like you have a nice slim figure can I measure your waist.” she added, I was bright red but nodded, once she’d taken the measurement she continued “Oh yes, lovely and slim, Sir, now what sort of stockings do you prefer, sheer or fishnet – I’m betting fishnet,” she smiled and I nodded, “these are top quality not like those cheap ones you see on them street girls,” she added and went on, “we have testers you can try on, I think you should to see what they look like.” and showed me into a small changing cubicle with a chair, I was stunned at this point and not really comprehending what was happening; I stripped down to just my shirt and pink thong (the one’s Dr Jane had told me to wear always when in male attire) and tried on a pair of black fishnets, they felt nice on my smooth legs, “Can I see, Sir.” Naomi said and pulled the curtains back without waiting for a reply, I jumped up in disbelief, “It’s alright Sir, nothing I haven’t seen before – oh those look good, nice smooth legs, but I don’t like that thong, let me show some others – can I ask Sir, have you gone black?” Naomi said casually

    “Er, what, sorry?” I stammered

    “Many of you white boys who come here have been turned, Sir.” she continued, I looked at her questioningly, and she explained “You know Sir, converted to be an exclusive user of Negro penises?” I must have been an amazing shade of red as she said these things. “Don’t be embarrassed, many of our Customers like you are exclusively black, I just wanted to check Sir, as we have a unique range of garments to suit that particular taste.” Naomi chuckled, I nodded, “Good, I thought you would be, and presumably no wife either?” I shook my head, “Really Sir, it’s better to be honest about these things, makes it much more straight forward – dishonesty only leads to disaster, imagine buying a whole set of lingerie the wrong shape, size and color simply because you’re too frightened to tell poor Naomi what you really want, tisk, what would a Negro stud think if you turned up not looking your best.” she lectured me and I meekly nodded, she smiled and patted my arm. “Right well we’re all clear now, we stock the NONO range, `Nigga Owned & Nigga Only’, it’s not something I would allow a white boy like you to say but for me it’s fine, we are this area’s exclusive stockist, it’s all designed with white boys like you in mind, so room for your little penises and all made in New York, finest material – feel those panties, beautiful finish and to top it off that wonderful logo. I have a number of Customers like yourself, and they swear by this range as its tells those black studs straight away all they need to know about a white boy wearing it – no need for small talk - don’t you agree?” I nodded going redder, the logo was an outline of the African continent contained within circle with a background of 3 colored stripes of red, black and green and the wording “NIGGA OWNED & NIGGA ONLY” around the edge of the circle. “One of our best sellers are these backless panties.” she held up a pair of panties with just material at the front and back straps to support it, made up of 3 stripes, red, black and green and NONO logo all in pink but with white outlines right on the crouch, “provides unfettered access at the rear and keeps your little white penis hidden, I love the colors and that pink logo really is perfect for you white-boys, maybe try it on – everyone, well everyone of you boys, has one”. I nodded and went into the cubicle and tried them on, I could see my naked ass cheeks in the mirror – I turned around to check out the front, Naomi was right it was well designed and properly covered my penis and balls although the pink logo was getting pushed out as my penis was getting stiff, “Oh looks good,” Naomi said pushing her head through the curtains “those black studs are in for a treat.” she sniggered. I got a lot of stuff nearly all NONO branded, my favorite was the backless panties but I also got a teddy, again made up of 3 broad, red, black and green stripes, and “Nigga Owned” in pink lettering in the crouch area and “Nigga Only” in the bum area. This all cost a lot, $250, I decided this wasn’t coming from my prostitute earnings as these outfits were for me. As I was paying I noticed a little leaflet on the counter advertising an event at a club and I noticed the word AMIRAP in very small lettering at the foot of the leaflet, Naomi noticed me looking the leaflet “It’s a charity fund-raiser run by AMPS, a prison reform society for blacks; but it might be a bit dangerous for a white-boy, even one like you, to turn-up unaccompanied.” Naomi explained

    “Oh, I noticed it mentioned AMIRAP.” I said casually

    “And what do you know about that?” she asked, turning serious

    “Er, not much, it’s just someone thinks I’d be a good candidate for joining.” I stuttered; Naomi came round the counter and hugged me

    “Oh, honey, please please make sure if you get the chance to join - do it, those AMIRAP white boys do wonderful work with our black men, help them in a very special way, now promise Naomi you’ll try your best to get selected?” I nodded and she kissed me on the cheek.

    After leaving with my purchases, I drove back to my apartment I was pretty exhausted as it had been a long weekend and I needed a rest, I spent the rest of weekend trying to get enough rest and applying plenty of butt lubrication so I would be ready for Monday’s stint at BWAs. I tried on my new NONO outfits and decided to wear the NONO teddy on Monday and wondered what those black boys would think of it.

    In the morning I was at work at the usual time, it was pretty hectic all day and I needed to sort some things out in the loading bay

    “Hey Troy” I said, seeing Troy in the bay

    “Hey Johnny, good weekend?” he asked, I said it had been quite busy and told him about my black neighbour, Marci, and how we’d had to deal with her dead cat

    “Fuck, real whitey bastards where yo are, nice of yo to help her out” he nodded approvingly

    “Is that Baba G in today?” I asked, wanting to know his whereabouts just in case

    “Nah, he in Detroit, said sommat ‘bout sorting out some whitey bitches” Troy said, adding “he bad dat one!”

    “Yeah, sounds like some sort of gangster thing.” I said looking concerned but secretly very pleased

    “Nah, he too stupid for dat, probably owe some poor sucker some money.” Troy advised, we both laughed and I returned to the office. In the afternoon I got a call from Dr Jane saying Tammy would drop off some more surveys at about 6:30 tonight and adding

    “I’ve done some work on the 1st set of surveys and it’s all really good material however I’d like capture some more context around the sexual questions, so if you and Staci could add what you’re doing during those questions, such as you were sucking their Afro-penises or they were inserting their Afro-penises into your rectums – you know things like - that would really be helpful.”

    “Er, really, I suppose we can add some notes – can I just ask my name won’t be mentioned if you publish anything?” I asked, I suddenly realised Dr Jane was likely to publish a paper in some sort of journal based upon this data and didn’t want my name to appear as I knew they always credited those people who helped the research in some way – not something I wanted.

    “Hmm, we’re a long way from that but I’m surprised most people would be happy for their names to appear in a scientific journal but we can discuss that later.” she answered and rang off.

    After work I called at Marci’s apartment but there was no answer, she must still have been at Jonelle’s mother’s house, so I went home a bit disappointed as I wanted Marci to do my eyes, and started getting ready, showering, shaving and waxing – painful. I was fully dressed when I heard a knock at the door, I could see it was Tammy through the spyhole and opened the door saying

    “Hi Tammy, come on in.”, she entered, handing me the surveys, and put her hand to her mouth,

    “Oh my, let me take a look at you, Sweetie, turn around.” she said, still gasping and continued “Well, ain’t you a sight Sweetie, `Nigga Owned & Nigga Only’ – wow those black boys are gonna love this look.” repeating the words on the teddy and feeling the material

    “Fancy a wine?” I asked and showed her into the kitchen; I poured her a wine and myself a water

    “You working tonight, Sweetie?” she asked and I said I was at BWAs in about 30 minutes, “Oh, Jane said you’d turned into a working gurl – good for you, Sweetie, make sure they’re paying to use that little ass.” Tammy said sipping her wine, I cracked a smile – another person now knew I was a prostitute – I’d have to have a word with Dr Jane about this

    “Er, sort of, but please keep that to yourself, I’m only doing this for Dr Jane’s research – I was sort of coerced into doing this.” I said

    “Really, are you sure Sweetie, did someone buy you this outfit?” Tammy asked questioningly

    “Er, no, I got this myself.” I stammered, realizing that didn’t quite sound like I was forced, Tammy gave me a hard stare

    “Look, Sweetie, you don’t buy something this expensive if you don’t want to get noticed. You need to start appreciating how lucky you are that Jane is taking such an interest in you. Jane told me she thought you were just another white boy redneck loser when she first met you, but how you’d shown some promising signs after meeting Devone. Jane really believes you have changed and improved in so many ways after letting them black boys use you so fully, she’s really interested in your future – you should feel privileged someone like Jane takes such an interest in you.” Tammy rather sternly told me, I nodded, she smiled and finished her wine

    “Now, we shouldn’t lose sight of what we trying to achieve, helping those black boys and you have a special role in that, and I want you to promise me you’ll follow those words on your outfit.” she said in a friendlier tone, I gave her a quizzical look, “Sweetie, don’t let money spoil you and promise me you’ll only stick to negro meat?” she answered and I chuckled, Tammy left. I wasn’t really sure what to think about Dr Jane, should I be grateful she’s so interested in me or am I just a `lab rat’ to her – something to experiment on! There was another knock at the door, it was 7, I grabbed Dr Jane’s long coat and the surveys and checked the spyhole – it was Jamill – I opened the door

    “Hurry da fuck up, bitch!” Jamill snorted and we went down in the elevator, we hurried to his BMW – I noticed Staci in the front seat and Staci gave me a little wave

    “Hiya darlin’.” he said as I got in the back

    “Good weekend?” I asked

    “Oh yes, I’ll tell you later.” Staci said smiling and looking at Jamill, we drove off.

    “Seen my new outfit.” I said opening up my coat and letting Staci and Jamill have a look

    “Oh nice, darlin’, what’s it say at the crouch.” said Staci looking, I lifted myself up so Staci could read the lettering and then turned around, allowing him to read the lettering on my butt.

    “Oh, Jamill, wait till you can see this.” Staci sniggered and leaned over and whispered something in his ear, he laughed

    “Oh yeah, dem nasty niggas at dis club gonna like dat.” he chuckled, I went onto to tell Staci where I’d got bought them and Staci felt the material and nodded approvingly and said he might try and get something but just for Jamill to see, soon we were at the BWAs again.

    We got out of Jamill’s car and once again the local black youths were hanging around near the entrance, shouting and insulting us, we knocked at the door and a huge security ebony hunk let us in and shouted at the youths.

    “Yeah, stupid little fuckers, one day dey in ‘ere fuckin’ yo bitches.” the Security Stud chuckled and gave us both a hard slap on our butt cheeks.

    “Thank you, Sir.” Staci smiled, we made our way to the dressing room behind the bar, there were 3 white trannies on the stage and 4 ebony boys in the club. Leroy, the manager, nodded to us from behind the bar, and I noticed the young black boy who had used me last time sitting alone at a table, I gave him a wave, he waved back at me.

    “Your first customer tonight.” Staci giggled as we got into the dressing room, the room was empty

    “So how’d your weekend go?” I asked

    “Well, Jamill took me on a date, and stayed the entire weekend at my place.” Staci said smiling

    “Oh wow, that sounds serious.” I said

    “Yeah, he wants me to only dress as a gurl from now on, and we talked about me getting on hormones and getting some titties!” Staci added

    “Gee, I thought you didn’t want to do that?” I replied, rather stunned

    “Yeah, but I need Jamill and this is what he wants.” Staci said

    “OK, you’ve told Dr Jane?” I asked

    “Yeah, she was a bit angry at first but I think she understood and even said she knew a very good surgeon who would do anything I wanted for free.” Staci answered and added “Think she was easy as you’re her new gurl now…” Leroy, the stage manager, interrupted us by entering and shouting

    “OK, bitches, Josh says yo both hoes tonight, same numbers as ‘fore, Tina yo 7 an’ Staci yo 8, now let’s get dem asses numbered.” we both got our coats off and Staci dropped his panties, as I was wearing a teddy I pulled it up my butt crack to reveal my butt cheeks, Leroy gave us both a couple of really hard slaps on our ass cheeks, I could see his hand imprint on Staci’s rear, “Boys like to see a whopped white bitch ass.” Leroy explained, he stencilled the numbers on both mine and Staci’s cheeks and added a smaller stencil saying “Nigga Owned Whore” below each number. “Hey Tina let me check yo out.” Leroy demanded noticing my outfit, I pulled the teddy from my rear and let him see the pink lettering on the rear and crouch areas, “Fuck, dat good, I like it, good colors – Africa ain’t it?” he asked, I nodded, “Dem boys gonna do yo tonight, mebbe I do yo aswell!” he laughed.

    “How many trannies turned up tonight, Sir?” Staci asked

    “Only 3 of dem bitches in tonight, no good, need more regular bitches – our boys wanna good choice an’ wanna know if dey like a bitch dey gonna be ‘round awhile. Josh gonna fire my ass if business not pick up soon.” Leroy pondered to us and then asked me, “Yo got any white boy sissy friends who wanna make some money?”

    “Don’t know Sir, I’ll ask.” I answered knowing full well I didn’t know anyone, but I didn’t want to add to his problems, I then added “Did Joshua tell you about the surveys, Sir?”

    “Yeah, he say free drink to any nigga answerin’ some bullshit questions, but he gotta be buying one of yo bitches first!” he said

    “Er, OK, Sir but if I’m strapped on the bench with a Customer, Staci will need to be in the cubicle asking the questions and recording the answers Sir.” I explained

    “No way, unless dey payin’ for both yo bitches, Josh says we leave one of yo arms free so yo can write an’ no mouth gags.” Leroy said, I looked at Staci who just shrugged, “Look bitches, yo here to earn not ask fuckin’ questions, now on stage Staci.” Leroy growled and slapped our asses really hard to make sure we understood who was boss, we both squealed but nodded, “Tina, my cousin already booked yo – he even payin’, get to 7 now!” he ordered. I began to realize once we were in the club Joshua owned us and it was up to him what we did, not Dr Jane and certainly not us.

    I left the room and went to cubicle 7 where the Security Hunk was waiting for me, I had a survey and pen with me, I unbuttoned my teddy and was told to lay on the fuck bench face-up, the hunk strapped me in as before with my legs in a V shape and asshole well greased, only one arm was tied to the bench. “He’s wants a no. 8, bitch.” said the Security Hunk, I shook my head not knowing what no. 8 was, “he gonna shot in yo bitch ass an’ yo bitch mouth, OK?” he explained and I nodded, after he left the curtains opened and Leroy’s cousin entered and was soon naked and I could see he had a good stiff black dick.

    “Hey, bitch, been waitin’ for yo.” he said smiling

    “Thank you, Sir, by the way did anyone tell you about our survey, just some anonymous questions for a study aimed at helping the Afro-community, if you take the survey you’ll get a free drink of your choice.” I replied, not knowing how I could see the survey and record the answers.

    “Yeah bitch, Leroy says I gotta do it.” he answered, I tried with one hand to pick up the questionnaire and ask a question, “Na bitch, take too long.” he said and took the survey and pen from me and started to read and answer the questions.

    “Sir, why don’t you let me suck your cock whilst you answer the questions?” I asked

    “I gotta a betta idea.” he answered and climbed onto the fuck bench so that he straddled my face and his big ebony dick and balls were dangling in my face, he rested the survey on my midriff and lay on top of me, I couldn’t see but my erect penis must have been close to his face. I began to kiss and lick his balls, his balls felt heavy on my tongue – no doubt full of negro sperm, I licked up and down his shaft eager to please and satisfy this young afro stud.

    “Fuck, dat good baby, keep doin’ dat.” he moaned but I still felt him writing on the survey through my midriff, I nervously used my free hand to adjust his black dick so I could put in my mouth properly, he didn’t complain and soon began to pushed his negro cock in and out of my mouth, I began to pull on his balls with my free hand. “Oh, yeah, I like dat.” he moaned, after a few minutes I pulled his dick out of my mouth and began to stroke it with my hand and at the same time licked his black balls, I kept thinking of all those black spermies that would soon be inside me, inseminating me, changing me. After about 15 minutes of him straddling me and letting me suck and play with his black cock I noticed he’d stopped writing.

    “All done, Sir?” I asked in between kissing his balls

    “Yeah, now yo answer my questions, bitch.” he answered, he swivelled round so that he was now facing me and sitting on my chest with his ebony dick still in my face, I licked it as he slapped it in my face. “Yo like dis nigga fuckstick?” he said, I nodded, “Yo in dat park with dem police givin’ me hassle?” he asked, shit he must have recognised me, I didn’t answer. “It was yo, I know.” he laughed, “I wanna thank yo, so I’m gonna let yo off tonight with what yo done already, OK?” he asked, wow he was saying I could keep the money just for the little bit of cock sucking I’d done already but I knew this wasn’t right, he paid to use me.

    “Oh no Sir, please you’ve paid to use me and I need to be used, Leroy would rightly beat my white ass if I didn’t please you black boys.” I answered and smiled

    “Yeah, thought yo need my black dick, I like yo outfit, yo nigga owned and nigga only.” he laughed

    “Oh yes Sir, I’m definitely a NONO gurl!” I replied pointing to the pink lettering on my teddy, he lent down and surprised me by kissing me

    “Yo neva sucked any other dick but black dick?” he asked, I shook my head, “an’ yo only been fucked by black dick?” he asked and I nodded, “Good, dat betta neva change.” he ordered and gripped my throat with one hand, I nodded and smiled

    “Never Sir, I’ve been turned for good.” I gasped, he released his grip and lent down and kissed me again.

    “Right bitch, I gonna breed yo.” he told me and got off the fuck bench with his hard negro cock slapping in my face, I wasn’t sure when he meant by breeding me but he positioned himself in front of me and began to rub his stiff cock around my exposed butt hole, “Yo still tight bitch, yo need more black cock to loosen yo up.” he said and pushed his negro dick into my hole.

    “Aaahhh!” I squealed as he penetrated me further,

    “Take it bitch.” he grunted, and eased his dick all the way in until I felt his balls on my butt cheeks, “Fuck, yeah” he grunted again and began to fuck me slowly,

    “Mmmmhhhh!” I moaned as he ploughed my tight butt hole. After about 10 minutes he quickened his fucking pace, “Ooooohhhhh!” I gasped as he stretched my white ass.

    “Yo need a gang bang bitch, get dat ‘ole nice an’ wide!” he stammered and then started cumming in my sore asshole, “Fuuuckkk, yeahhhh!” he gasped as I felt his sperm being unloaded in me, then suddenly felt his negro cock pulled from my aching hole, I looked up and saw him holding his still stiff black dick, “Hold my dick, bitch!” he grunted, I put my free hand on the base of his erect cock shaft allowing him to mount the fuck bench, I knew he wanted to put any remaining spunk down my throat. He was soon on the fuck bench kneeling over me, I leaned forward with my hand still holding his dick and put it in my mouth, “Shhhittt…” he groaned and he shot his remaining cum down my throat as I licked and sucked on his ebony penis.

    “Hhhhmmm.” I murmured as I licked up and down his shaft, tasting my own butt juice mixed with his black semen, when I’d finished cleaning his cock I licked and kissed his now empty negro balls clean. My own penis was absolutely rock solid and I would have ejaculated everywhere with just a single stroke but I knew that wasn’t my decision to make, the thought of all those negro spermies in me was making my penis leak!

    “Dat was good, baby, maybe I come an’ see yo outside, OK, I wanna fuck dat ass proper.” he said adding “Mebbe bring some bros along an’ really work dat asshole.”, oh that would really freak out my white neighbors having a group of black boys visit me, I simply smiled.

    “Thank you, Sir, for doing the survey.” I said as he got off me and started to dress,

    “No problems, baby, I’ll write my number on the form” he replied, adding “Yo betta ring as I know where yo are now!” he warned, I nodded and he left, the Security Hunk came in to release me

    “Come on bitch, I’m ‘ere for fuckin’ not answerin’ shit questions, OK!” a voice shouted from the next cubicle, 8 – that was Staci’s

    “Maybe I’d better help Staci, Sir?” I said to the Security Hunk as he released and I got myself tidied up,

    “Yeah, I go tell Leroy, shout if yo need help.” he said. I opened the curtains on cubicle 8 and saw Staci face down, ass spread with an Afro-stud pounding his butt, and trying to mark down responses to the survey with difficulty as he was getting banged hard!
    “Hello Sir, can I help, Staci I’ll do the survey.” I said, taking the survey from Staci

    “Oh thanks, darlin’” Staci gasped

    “What dat fuck, bitch” the stud shouted as he continued to hammer Staci’s butthole, and slapped Staci’s ass cheeks hard,

    “Ouch!” Staci squealed but also moaned in pleasure, the black stud was certainly riding Staci’s ass hard, lucky bitch I thought.

    “If it’s OK Sir, I’ll complete the survey while you give this bitch a proper fucking.” I said to the stud and he nodded, I got on my knees to his right so he could see me

    “Yeah, like dat bitch, yo know yo place.” he grunted looking down at me, I smiled and started asking the questions where Staci had stopped, we were almost finished when the stud gasped and I could see he was shooting his load into Staci’s rectum.

    “Ooohhh, thank you, Sir.” Staci stammered,

    the stud pulled his big dirty negro cock out of Staci and said “Now clean it bitch!” to me, he pushed into my open mouth and I began to lick and suck it, “Fuckin’ dirty white hoes.” he murmured, after 5 minutes he pulled it out of my mouth and allowed me to ask the final few questions, after which he wiped his cock on Staci’s stockings, got dressed and left. The Security Hunk came in straight away and released Staci, we both returned to the dressing room.

    “Shit, that boy was big, and he really unloaded in my ass, thanks for helping me out, it’s no good trying to get that survey done being strapped down.” Staci said, I agreed but told him of my own experience with the black boy doing the survey himself. “Yeah, but he wants to be your boyfriend, darlin’!” laughed Staci, I turned bright red

    “Er, I don’t think so.” I stammered

    “Don’t worry, you should be happy one of these big dicked afro-boys wants more than just a quick go,” Staci chuckled, and added “wait till you get alone one-on-one with a black boy, then you’ll understand. Once you’ve done that then you will be a real NONO gurl!”, I didn’t answer not really understanding Staci. As we were cleansing ourselves, ready for the next negro to use us, Leroy entered

    “Right bitches, dis survey shit ain’t working, its taking way too long, I want yo bitches servicing nigga dick!” he bellowed at us,

    “Sorry, Sir, but Joshua said it was OK.” I sheepishly replied

    “Yeah well, yo bitches ‘ere to earn – next hour yo bitches do no surveys, now get on dem poles!” he ordered

    “Er, well Sir, Dr Jane…” I replied even more meekly than before, Leroy sat on a chair and beckoned me over, I nervously walked over in my heels, he grabbed my wrist and flung me over his lap and began to beat my ass cheeks hard, “Owwhhhh!” I squealed

    “Bitch, yo a little sissy an’ yo owned, understand. When I say suck dem nigga dicks yo suck bitch, alright?” Leroy growled and continued to spank me hard

    “Owwwhhh! Yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir, please stop!” I squealed again, he eventually relented and pushed me off his lap, he told us to be on the stage in 5 minutes and left, Staci helped me get up and clean myself up

    “Your first pimp beating.” Staci chuckled

    “And my last!” I angrily replied, continuing “I’m not a child and I ain’t getting spanked again!”

    “Oh don’t be silly, Jamill always like to spank me, I enjoy it, makes me hard being dominated by a black stud.” Staci said and reached down and felt my cock – it was fully erect! “I see you like it aswell, darlin’, look those black boys should be able to discipline us, and you might think it’s just some sexy wording on your outfit but we are definitely `Nigga Owned`,” he added and went on to say “and I’m definitely `Nigga Only` and I think you are too. We should be submissive when in the company of black men, I know I want to show that and you will soon once you’ve taken enough negro dick and spunk!” Staci pronounced, I guess my hard penis meant I couldn’t disagree with him.

    “OK, OK, but on stage I’m spanking you as my butt is sore from Leroy’s ass whooping!” I said and Staci sniggered and nodded, we left the room and both went onto the stage, where we both paraded around a pole, I bent forward allowing the audience to see the rear pink lettering on my NONO teddy, it seemed to work and saw the Security Hunk signal me to come off the stage.

    “Just a No. 4 Tacos” the Security Hunk grunted as we entered cubicle 7 again , that was just a straight `fuck and fill` session – a quickie, I unbuttoned my teddy, again, and he strapped me face down on the bench, both wrists manacled to the bench legs, with a mouth gag – definitely no surveys and greased my spread ass and left.

    I heard the curtains opened and someone getting undressed, I couldn’t really see behind me as I was strapped face down. “Hey babe.” I heard a voice say and then a slap on my sore butt cheek, I squealed through my mouth gag, the afro stud walked around to the front of the bench so I could see him, “’member me?” he asked, I nodded and tried to smile – it was one of the black men I’d sucked off in the `Bouncin’ Bitches’ parking lot – the gentle one. “Said I’d be tryin’ out dat ass.” he chuckled, I could see his long erect ebony cock waving near my face as he spoke with some nice big hanging black balls laden with negro sperm juice – after getting fucked and Leroy’s spanking my penis was drooling. “My balls are full an’ I gonna need to spend a long time in yo tight white ass, baby.” he told me and I nodded, soon I felt his hands stroking my butt cheeks then his fingers gently probing my opening

    “Mmmmhhhh.” I panted through my mouth gag, I knew once he entered me, I was going to cum. I could feel his big black dick teasing my hole, and then ever so gently he pushed into me, I let out another murmur “Mmmmhhhh!” through my gag and ejaculated over the bench, he pulled almost all the way out of me but kept his big cock head just stretching my opening before pushing in again, he gently pumped me like for about 10 minutes pushing further into me until I finally felt his big ebony sperm sacs tapping my butt cheeks – this negro stud knew who to use a white bitch I thought – he slowly began to increase his rate of fucking as I lay on the bench constantly purring and having my rectum well stretched.

    “My wife says my dick too big for her butt, she say I can use white tranny buttholes,” the big dicked black stud gasped, adding “yo see dat way I can’t make no bitch pregnant, she clever like dat, she say I gotta thank you for saving her ass from getting stretched!”, as he was saying that he began to fuck me real hard and fast as I lay moaning, my hole was aching but in a good way as he pounded me hard and my penis became erect again, after about 25-30 minutes of getting fucked hard by this stud he gasped “Aaaahhh…” as he released his baby making juice into me, filling me up. “Oh yeah, my wife gonna be happy now, I stretched yo good an’ proper, yo full of my nigga spunk, oh I see it oozing out yo hole.” he said, describing what my asshole now looked like after he pulled out. He pulled my teddy down and wiped his cock clean on it, “Yo need to learn how to keep yo ass working baby, need to get control of dem muscles in it – stop all dem spermies from getting away – pity nothin’ to plug yo with.” he said, I was too used to think much about it and nodded. Once he’d gone the Security Hunk, released me and I cleaned my cum from the bench and walked to the dressing room.

    There was only one tranny on the poles, Toni, I nodded and Toni waved back, I went to dressing room and cleansed my butt of the stud’s sperm, re-applied my make-up, got freshened up. I felt my asshole it was certainly stretched, I wished I could see it. Staci came in, “Oh hi darlin’, just done a `latte’, he must have put a gallon of black spunk down my throat, I nearly choked!” he giggled, and noticed me checking my opening, “Here gurl, let me look.” Staci said and bent down behind me to check it, “Wow, fuck, darlin’ yo butthole’s gaping – he must have been a big boy you lucky bitch!” he added

    “Yeah, he was long but feels kinda good but he said something about controlling my asshole” I replied.

    “You need to start learning to control your sphincter muscles Tina, I’m doing some exercises to improve my control but maybe get Toni to show you his cue ball trick.” Staci said, at that point Leroy came in and told us to get back to the poles. For the next couple of hours I did a couple of `lattes’, another `Taco’ and No. 8 which I found out was called a Double Milkshake. I was pretty exhausted at this point, and was cleaning myself in the dressing room, I’d put on pair on new stockings and my NONO teddy was coated in dry negro semen. Toni, one of the white trannies, was also there and was slipping out of his top, showing off his big tits.

    “It’s tough to get that nigger cream out of that stuff, honey, these fuckers just shoot anywhere.” he said, I nodded

    “Staci was saying I should ask you about anal muscle control?” I replied

    “You mean show you my cue ball trick, honey?” Toni chuckled and I nodded, he went into his bag and pulled out a number 8 black cue pool ball, at that point both Staci and another tranny came in, he was called Bambi,

    “Fuck has that bitch got his tits out again!” Bambi sniggered and immediately got his own huge man made boobs out, “Still mine are better, don’t you think.” Bambi added, playing with them

    “You gotta let me have the name of your surgeon, darlin’, they’re fantastic.” Staci said admiringly and began to touch Bambi’s tits, Bambi slapped his hands

    “Only black boys get to touch these babies, sugar.” Bambi smiled, and continued “Course you can have his number, he’s expensive though.”

    “Look I’m showing Tina my cue ball trick, so quiet bitches, now Tina grease this up.” Toni said throwing me the cue ball, I coated it in lube.

    “Come on Toni, show us that well used butt!” Staci shouted, Tony dropped his panties and got on a table on all 4s,

    “Tina will you do the honors?” Toni said as he spread his legs, I looked questioningly at Staci who gestured I should push the cue ball into Toni’s asshole. Toni’s asshole was well puckered, greased up and had taken a lot of black dick during the evening, I carefully placed the ball on his opening and with one finger gingerly pushed it in, it slipped in very easily and Toni signed. The ball was sucked in and out of sight, Staci and Bambi laughed, Toni then proceeded to use his anal control to push the ball out and suck it back in a number of times, which was very impressive I thought. “OK Tina, put your hand below my ass.” Toni ordered, Staci nodded that I should, so I placed my hand under his asshole and the ball popped out of Toni’s hole and into my hand, it was warm. “Now back in please” Toni said so I pushed it in again, “Stand a couple of feet further back Tina.” he continued – I knew what was going to happen so I moved further away, the cue ball popped out again but with more force and I just caught it, Staci and Bambi clapped.

    “At our Christmas party, we put all of the stripped balls up Toni’s ass.” Bambi laughed, “You loved it you dirty bitch.” Bambi continued and slapped Toni’s butt cheek hard. We all laughed, me and Staci sat together.

    “See darlin’, ass control is important, I’m sure Dr Jane will explain it.” Staci confided in me.

    “Maybe, we’ve only done 2 surveys, she ain’t gonna be pleased.” I said

    “I know, still, I think Joshua and Leroy will want you as a regular now, so they’ll be plenty of time to get more done.” Staci added

    “Er, I not sure I want that.” I replied

    “Well, be careful darlin’, don’t tell them that yet, you see they also have a flat in one of the projects, nice, but real bad apartment block – absolutely blacks only – I do Wednesday and Friday afternoons until 5pm, there’s me and 3 black girls, I know Bambi does Thursdays, I think they’re looking for someone to do one evening – way too dangerous – Jamill escorts me there and back and he’s carrying, same for Bambi’s negro boyfriend – but he’s a real gangster” Staci confided in me. That scared me, I didn’t have anyone to look out for me and after that spanking from Leroy I imagined they could be even more persuasive.

    Leroy entered, “Hiya ladies, Toni and Bambi, yo bitches get on dem poles – yo da main attraction an’ get dem big white titties out!” Leroy said

    “Hey Leroy, we both just finished getting fucked, sugar, give us 5 minutes.” Bambi pleaded

    “OK, Bambi, 5 minutes.” Leroy responded, obviously having a gangster boyfriend helped, he turned to me and Staci, “I got sommat for yo 2 bitches.” he said and dropped 5 surveys into my lap, I quickly scanned them and they were all complete.

    “Thank you, Sir, who did them?” Staci asked

    “Me an’ the boys, an’ I think yo need to be nice now, bitches” Leroy grunted and unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his big negro dick, it was fat and I could see a pair of huge ebony balls. Staci got on his knees to the left of Leroy’s crouch, they both looked at me, I put down the surveys and also got on my knees on the right side. Staci leaned in and licked the length of Leroy’s cock ending at his balls, I did the same but from my side, we both started licking and kissing one of his big black sperm sacs each; he put one hand on each of our heads, “Fuck, yeah” he murmured. After a few minutes of us both worshipping his big ebony fuckstick and equally big ebony sperm sacs he moved Staci’s head and began to face fuck him, at the same time he made sure I was still licking those balls. “Yo sure a pair of black dick slaves!” he gasped, he pulled out of Staci’s mouth and pushed our heads together and then started stroking himself and within a few seconds his ebony sperm sacs emptied their contents all over Staci’s and my faces, he certainly had a big load and our faces were covered in his negro sperm. Staci bent over and licked the biggest clumps off my face, I returned the favour. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Leroy panted.

    “That was a nice show, gurls.” Bambi said, both Bambi and Toni had watched.

    “Get on dem poles, bitches, now!” Leroy shouted, Bambi and Toni got up and left.

    “Oh, dat was nice gurls, see we can all have fun an’ make some money” Leroy panted, recovering from his cock exertions. “Get cleaned up gurls, we do last hour then call it a day, OK?” Leroy said in a surprisingly friendly manner, we both nodded, “I’ll get some more niggas to get these things done.” he added pointing to the surveys, I handed him some blank ones and he left.

    “You’re right, these black boys sure own us!” I said, adding “I didn’t expect Leroy to do that.”

    “Yeah, pissed off Bambi and Toni, I know Toni hates the black boys but he just can’t enough of their dicks and juice, did you see his face – he was giving us the `evil eye’ and Bambi wasn’t too happy either.” laughed Staci. We both got cleaned-up and returned to the poles, for the last hour I did another `latte’ and 2 `tacos’ – pretty good I thought the NONO outfit seemed to have paid off. By the time I finished my final `taco’ and I’d got into the dressing room to clean up, the club was empty; both Bambi and Toni had already been paid and left, Staci was waiting on me with Jamill.

    “Sorry, the last one took his time to cum in me.” I said to Staci as I got myself cleaned-up as quickly as I could.

    “No problems, by the way Jamill has filled out one of these surveys.” Staci handing me the paper, that made 8, not great I thought but not bad, Leroy then came in, he nodded to Jamill.

    “OK, let’s settle up, Staci that’s $480 – OK?” Leroy asked and Staci nodded, “Tina, you’re the winner with $600!” Leroy chuckled and handed me a roll of dollar bills. “See gurls, it’s all good, got 2 minutes Tina?” he asked

    “Er, sorry Sir, I’m getting a lift from Jamill.” I answered, looking to Staci for some help,

    “No problems, bro, we’ll get a drink at the bar, free of course!” Jamill answered, Leroy nodded and Staci squeezed my hand and left with Jamill, leaving me alone with Leroy, he sat down and gestured for me to do the same

    “Great night babe, yo suck an’ blow like a pro – really good job on my dick. I know yo workin’ for Dr Jane but me an’ Josh like to keep yo working ‘ere at BWAs, yo make good money an’ of course dis best place in town for big black cock!” Leroy said, I was a bit stunned and didn’t know what to say. “I know yo been at `Bitches’ on Fridays aswell but yo can drop dat, Josh wants yo ‘ere, we got another place if yo want more cash, betta than `Bitches’ for sissies – less competition.” he continued, shit he was offering me a place at that flat Staci had mentioned, I was scared.

    “Er, not sure Sir, this is all very new to me – I’ll need to think about it.” I stammered,

    “No problem honey, but Josh is good to yo gurls, ask any of dem, dat bitch Toni an’ Bambi an’ Staci, he knows a real good Surgeon – yo seen Bambi’s tits?” Leroy explained and I nodded, “yo know Staci met Jamill ‘ere, Bambi too, a good place to meet a nice boy.” he continued, shit he was really trying to sell this to me. “An’ my cousin told me ‘bout yo an’ police over where yo live, thanks for dat, sounds like yo like us niggas betta than yo own white folks, I like dat.” he chuckled, I realised it was a big mistake letting them know where I lived. “He also say yo 2 gonna hook up outside, he likes yo, be good for him.” he said, I didn’t say anything. “OK, babe, look sorry ‘bout spanking yo butt. It’s not easy runnin’ dis place an’ I need to keep yo bitches an’ dem black babes in yo place, yo understand – we OK?” he asked in a friendly tone, I nodded.

    Back in the bar, Staci and Jamill were finishing their drinks as I returned followed by Leroy, the Security Hunk came up and said “We gotta a late one, stoned on weed, just wants a suck.”. I thought Leroy would say no way but instead said

    “OK ladies, who wants a `Latte’!” Leroy announced, BWAs obviously needed all the money it could get!

    “Sorry bro, me and Staci gotta be somewhere, late already.” Jamill said and got up to leave.

    “Sorry hun, but we gotta go.” Staci whispered to me, I handed over $60 to Staci

    “We share, OK.” I murmured, Staci smiled and hugged me

    “You’ll need to give me a ride home, Sir.” I said to Leroy

    “No problems. Right into 7, don’t bother with da bench, just on yo knees, but lose dat coat an’ show off dat ass.” Leroy ordered, Staci and Jamill left, I was alone in the worst part of the ghetto in a brothel, late at night – was what I doing here I thought! I went to the now familiar cubicle 7, took my coat off (rather Dr Jane’s coat), unbuttoned my teddy, exposing my penis and ass then got on my knees in front of the fuck bench.

    The curtains opened and a big bellied black man staggered in, it was Baba G!

    “Baba G in da house, bitch.” he slurred as he saw me on my knees, he looked completely stoned and was swaying around, he tried to unzip his trousers but nearly fell over.

    “It’s OK, Sir, let me.” I said, wanting to do this in a hurry and hoping he was too wasted to recognise me, he let me undo his shoes and get them off him and let me undo his trousers and I helped him out of them aswell, he was now naked from the waist down, his negro dick was the thickest I’d seen and it was flaccid.

    “Get me goin’, bitch.” he snarled, swaying slightly, I began to stroke his fat black dick with my one hand and leaned in to lick his big swinging balls, his balls were huge and look liked they needed emptying. “Yeah baby, dat nice, lick my swollen balls.” he murmured, his cock was soon erect and I started licking and kissing up and down his shaft, “Shit, next time I gonna fuck yo ass, whitey bitch, whadda yo called?” he asked.

    “Toni, Sir.” I replied, lying – I didn’t want him to know who I was and Toni was a bitch as well, he put his hand on my head and pushed his ebony penis into my mouth, although my jaws were stiff from all the sucking I’d done my mouth was at least used to getting stretched. He ploughed my mouth hard as I licked, sucked and kissed his big black cock, he put both hands on my head and began to face fuck me in earnest.

    “Shit, bitch, yo like sucking my big ole nigga cock?” he asked, and I nodded as best as I could with his his balls slapping my face on each stroke, my own penis was now fully erect –I was getting hard from sucking Baba G’s cock! I could feel his cock tensing in my mouth and he drove it hard down my throat shooting a long stream of afro cum into my mouth, I naturally swallowed all those afro spermies, and licked and sucked Baba G’s deflating penis. “Oh yeah, needed dat bitch, if I wasn’t so fucked up I’d pound yo white butt hard, bitch!” he panted and pulled his cock out of my mouth, “Dry it on your top, bitch.” he said still swaying, I used my NONO top to dry off his cock and balls – it was caked in dried cock and ass juice. He tried to get his shoes and trousers on but again nearly tumbled over.

    “Come on, Sir, let’s get you dressed.” I said, he nodded and I helped him get dressed, he staggered out of the cubicle

    “I see yo next time, Toni, I’m gonna fuck yo white bitch ass, Baba G has left da house.” he shouted and staggered out the club. I quickly got cleaned up, picked up the surveys and looked around for Leroy, he came out from the dressing room and looked ready to leave.

    “All finished?” he asked and I nodded, he handed me $40 and said “a bit extra for doing Baba G – he a no good punk but got some scary friends.”. We left the club and walked a couple of streets to his car, it was a Mercedes but not pimped-up. I told him just to drop me off at the exit 4 of the highway – he might have known my address but then again he might not.

    “No way, this too late for yo to be walking with all dat cash, I drop yo home.” he insisted, damn I couldn’t really say no, I gave him the avenue name. “Yeah, I know dat place, nice.”. I was exhausted and sat back in the seat, it was nice with the warm air blowing on me.

    Leroy chatted to me, mainly about the club and how he was hoping Joshua would let him have more of a free hand with it, and how he hoped one day to have his own.

    “Yo got a boyfriend?” he asked, I shook my head, too tired to answer, “My cousin, Drake, he ain’t dat clever but got a good soul, I know he likes white boys – but his Momma strict Church goer – won’t have a homo boy, so yo bitches are good for him, he like yo mebbe he like proper girls.” Leroy said,

    “Er, well, I gotta girlfriend.” I answered,

    “Fuck, yo kidding me, yo mean a real girl!” he uttered

    “Yeah, her name’s Marci and she’s black.” I answered, well it was almost the truth, I liked Marci a lot.

    “She’s know yo suck and fuck nigga dick?” he asked and I nodded, suddenly a siren sounded and I could see flashing lights.

    “Shit, cops.” Leroy said sounding worried

    “Pull over, don’t worry.” I replied, trying to sound calm but I was really scared, he pulled over, I looked behind and saw a police cruiser pull up behind us and a police officer, white, got out and walked up to Leroy’s side of the Mercedes.

    “Be cool, Sir.” I said and Leroy nodded, the police officer knocked on the window and Leroy opened it.

    “Well boy, what are you doing round here at this time, is this your vehicle, license and registration now!” the police officer demanded, Leroy leaned over and got his documents from the glove box and handed them to the officer.

    “Any problems, officer?” I said and leaned over and put my hand on Leroy’s thigh

    “Er, no problems, you with this negro?” he said looking at me disapprovingly

    “Oh yes, officer, this gentleman is taking me home, to that apartment block behind you, why are you stopping us?” I said, and stroked Leroy’s thigh as the officer watched

    “Right, you live up there?” he asked but I could tell he was squirming, he handed Leroy’s documents back,

    “Oh yes, my friend here is going to spend the night, any other problems, officer?” I answered and put my hand on Leroy’s crouch, then added “He’s going to fuck my ass with his big negro cock and then I’m going to beg him to cum in my mouth, would you like to know anything else, officer?”

    “OK, OK, you can go!” the police officer growled and went back to his cruiser and drove off.

    “Fuck bitch, yo sure tole him, he mad!” Leroy laughed, “OK, I tell Drake ‘bout Marci – he back off.” he added.

    “Tell Drake, he can fuck me for free when I’m in the club, I like him.” I said as I got out of the car

    “Deal, bitch, see yo next week!” he shouted and drove off. I was shattered and got the elevator up to my floor, it was very late and there no one around. I got into my apartment and was exhausted and went straight to bed, I couldn’t believe I sucked off Baba G and swallowed his black sperm, I went to sleep with a drooling penis.

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