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. Afro Stress Relief - 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by llts1970, Nov 30, 2017.

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  1. llts1970

    llts1970 Member Member

    In the morning I was very nervous, what if my black co-workers had seen me in my outfit and also seen me doing those things with the other black studs, “Don’t be worried Tina, it’s unlikely they’d recognise you in the lighting of the club and your make-up. Even if they did I don’t think you should be concerned as I’ve said before it’s not unusual for Afro-males to engage in intercourse with white boys in prison and other institutions so I doubt your Afro-colleagues will take that much interest in it – to them you’ll be just another white slut” she tried to reassure me.

    I drove home from Dr Jane’s on the Saturday and later in the evening got a call from her, she said she was concerned about my worries over work and tried to impress on me how I should be proud of the life journey I was about to undertake for the benefit of society and that I should not be concerned about what other white people, especially men, thought of me – I didn’t quite understand the part about life journey. To help maintain my level of engagement with Afro-males to continue to improve my attitude, she called it behavioral modification through experience, she had arranged for me to do another ‘waitress’ session on Monday evening at a different club ‘Babes With Ass’ starting at 8pm, ‘Bouncing Bitches’ only had white trannies on Fridays and Saturdays or special events she explained however Joshua was also the manager of this club. “I also want you to wear the outfits I’ve given you whenever you’re in your apartment and get fully made-up, and as we’ve discussed you need to keep your body hairless and practice your hygiene routine and wear your butt plug, I may drop in unannounced so don’t disappoint me” Dr Jane said sternly finishing the call.

    I followed Dr Jane’s instructions and spent the rest of the evening in my basque and stockings, fully made up including a wig, although I had told her my butt plug was just too painful after all that black cock and she agreed I could limit it’s use. I spent the best part of Sunday making sure my body was hairless and practicing my anal maintenance, hygiene and exercise routines and when done I got fully dressed and practiced walking in heels and also suppressing my gag reflex by sucking on a practice dildo, black of course, Dr Jane had lent me. I was beginning to feel more comfortable in the lingerie than in my normal everyday clothes – I suppose this was part of Dr Jane’s behavioral modification through experience theory. Spending the weekend almost entirely in my apartment and ignoring calls from friends, meant I was also able to catch up on all my course work which I had got behind on, seriously behind.

    On the Monday morning I went in very early to work, although I got stopped by my neighbour below me, Marci, a mature black woman, asking me to tell my girlfriend not to walk in her heels in the apartment – I apologised and said it wouldn’t happen again, “That’s alright, although I didn’t think a nice white boy like you would be into girls who wear such outfits, those sort of girls all seem to go with those nasty coloured boys down the clubs” she commented – that confused me, how did she know, “I seen her come and go over last week, blonde isn’t she” she explained, I apologised again and said I had to go; I would have to be more careful in the future as that was me my neighbour had seen when I stayed dressed coming back from Dr Jane’s!

    I sat at my desk all day trying to make sure I didn’t have to go to the loading bay and face the crew. Just before lunch I got a call from Dr Jane saying I would have to get myself to the club and back again as she was unexpectedly called out of town and that I should ring Joshua the Manager to finalize details, she also warned she’d check with Joshua to see if I had shown up. I went and found a bench just outside the building and rang Joshua on the number Dr Jane had given me from my mobile, I introduced myself as Tina from Friday evening

    “Oh, yeah, you’re that white bitch, Dr Jane wanted broken-in by the bros” he said and continued “So Dr Jane, says you’re coming down ‘BWA’ tonight at 8 to do more waitressing”

    “Yes, I’d very much like to Master” I answered realizing I needed to show the right attitude

    “Yeah, cool, bitch – OK you know where it is – on a tough street – you driving here?” he asked, I said I was; “No I’ll get someone to give you a ride at 7:30 but better come ready no changing at the club” he advised;

    “I need to come fully dressed?” I nervously asked

    “Yeah, not safe for white boys to be seen coming into the club, don’t worry once you’re in the club it’s all cool – just some nasty Niggas hanging around outside” he said and added “You cool with that? We’ll get you dropped off home after, OK?”

    “Of course, Master” was all I could say and gave him my address

    “Cool, see you tonight” he finished with and hung up. It dawned on me that I would need a long coat, I had returned Dr Jane’s – not knowing what to do I rang Dr Jane and explained the position.

    “OK, I’ll sort something out Tina I’ll ring you back in 30 minutes” she answered, I returned to work.

    Soon afterwards Dr Jane rang back “Someone will drop something appropriate around at 6pm, OK” Dr Jane stated and continued “We really must get you your own wardrobe when I return to avoid this sort of thing, but remember I’m expecting a good report from the club about your attitude and behavior”

    “Yes, Mistress” I replied in a low as voice as I could as I was in an open office

    “Oh, Tina you really need to get over this embarrassment – can’t you remember Friday evening – you probably had the most intense sexual experience of your life with 3 Afro-studs who you willingly let fuck you silly – we’ll also talk about this when I return” and she hung up.

    My face flushed red and I returned to my desk, it wasn’t so easy just turning up at work and announcing to everyone I was now a total slut for black cock but deep down I knew it would eventually come out, Dr Jane was obviously trying to guide me towards a future where I could openly do what she wanted me to do. My future was often referred to as if was already set out – maybe it was, maybe there was no going back, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back – this was all very disconcerting but to add to my stressed state I got a call from the loading bay to sort out an issue with late deliveries, damn – I’d hoped to avoid going there today but as I walked down I realized that I’d have to go there eventually and face the music. I got to the bay and it was pretty deserted just Troy and another one of the loading bay crew, Ade - black of course, packing up crates.

    “Hey, Troy, how are you doing?” I asked

    “Yeah, OK, got problems with deliveries” he replied and told me about a delivery scheduled for 4pm and was running an hour late and there was no late shift tonight due to staff sickness, this shift finished at 4:30pm so there’d be no one around to accept the delivery. Normally we’ve have 2 loading crew on the late shift to cover for this, but yeah I thought to myself, staff sickness, more likely some stupid niggers had too much dope or drink – NO I told myself how dare I think of using that word for those Afro-boys – damn that shocked me; I was upbraiding myself in my own head. In the past I would have got someone to ring around and tell those absence boys if they weren’t in they would be fired and I think Troy was half expecting me to tell him that.

    “OK, that’s unfortunate, let me check a couple of things” I said, I went and checked there were no more deliveries scheduled that evening, rang the shipping department and told them no one could allow any new deliveries to come in or out tonight and rang the site manager and asked him to approve some overtime payments.

    “You sure, Johnny, sounds like some niggers just trying it on” said the site manager, Jim.

    “No sir, these boys aren’t well and it wouldn’t be fair on those other boys not to pay them for overtime” I replied but getting angry at him for using that word – wow I caught myself again – I couldn’t believe I was getting angry at such things – I was really changing, maybe there was something to having all that negro semen inside me.

    “Well OK, Johnny, if you say it’s OK then it’s OK” Jim replied

    “Thanks, sir” I said and returned to the loading bay but my penis had begun to harden at the thought of all that black sperm inside me. It was fully erect by the time I reached the bay, I struggled to keep it out of sight as I had my pink thong on.

    “Er, Troy, any chance you and Ade can stay back and take care of it, you’ll get paid double the rate for the 2 hours so that’s 4 hours you’ll get” I asked very politely – I nearly added ‘master’ at the end but just caught myself.

    “Really?” Troy said; I could tell he thought I was joking; Troy motioned Ade to come over.

    “No, it’s fine I got it all cleared by the site manager, I’ll drop out a note to payroll now confirming it” I responded – as Troy explained things to Ade, I couldn’t help it but my gaze drifted towards Troy’s crouch and then Ade’s – I bet these 2 black studs would need a release after all this extra work I thought – Oh no I thought I shouldn’t be thinking like that but my penis and asshole were – my penis was drooling and my asshole twitching and aching.

    “Yo OK, boss” Ade said, startling me out of my thoughts

    “Errr….Yes, ma, er.. sorry what was that” I mumbled, fixing my stare on some packing crates in the hope my drooling erection would shrink

    “Yeah, it OK doin’ extra time an’ thanks – maybe see yo at da club for a drink” Troy said

    “Oh, I think I’m busy tonight, what club?” I said

    “We only do Bouncing Bitches” Ade replied and added “Troy say yo wanna see da black girls sometime”

    “Definitely” I said and left saying “anyway I need to finish off somethings see you guys later” and returned to the office flushed and with my penis straining in my pink thong; but by their reaction, or non-reaction, to me I could tell they either didn’t know or didn’t care about my time spent in the club – I hoped it was the latter.

    I got home as soon as I could and started to get ready, I had just finished applying my make-up and adjusting the wig when I heard a knock at the door, I looked through the spy hole and saw a woman holding a garment bag, so I part opened the door.

    “Oh, hi sweetie, I’m Tammy one of Jane’s friends, Dr Jane” the lady said

    “Oh, you’d better come in” I said, she entered and handed me the garment bag saying

    “These are for you sweetie, Dr Jane said you needed a bit more coverage than usual” she smirked looking me up and down as I was covered by a towel but was fully made-up. “Oh, don’t you look cute, tell you what go and finish off dressing and I’ll help choose which one of Jane’s overcoats to wear”.

    I flushed red, “Er..are you sure, do you know…” I stammered

    “Don’t worry sweetie I know all about you and those other white boys and what you do for those black studs at the club” she answered, I returned to my bedroom and got dressed in my chosen outfit, a red basque and panties, black gloves, black stockings and heels with a green and black neck garter – I didn’t bother with the buttplug.

    “You look good, sweetie, I bet you like those black boys pumping you” she giggled as I returned, “Now let’s see” and she held up a number of overcoats and such like and chose one, “There you go, perfect, no one will suspect what’s underneath” she giggled

    “How do you know Dr Jane?” I casually asked

    “Well sweetie, I’m involved in one of the charities that’s affiliated to AMIRAP, so me and Jane know each from that and we’re now good friends and I help her out when she’s out of town” she answered, “What time are you getting picked-up?” she asked

    “Er, 7:30 I hope” I answered and added “What Charity?”

    “7:30, time for a quick glass of wine, is your kitchen through here?” she queried and I nodded and we both went to the kitchen and I opened the fridge, there was a bottle of white wine and some beers.

    “Tisk, us girls and gurls don’t drink beer sweetie; and you need to get more salad and less red meat; I’ll talk to Jane as I know she’s thinking you’re a candidate for the programme” she said pouring 2 glasses of wine and continued “I work for a charity that’s trying to help cut down on unwanted pregnancies in the Afro-community and we are working with AMIRAP to try and get those black boys to release as much black semen as possible and store it in a safe place” she giggled and tapped my ass “and I think you know where that is, sweetie” she laughed.

    “Oh, I didn’t realise it was so organised, Dr Jane never went into any details” I said but shocked to hear I was being lined-up for this programme – what did it mean.

    “Oops, I hope I haven’t said too much, I’ve gotta big mouth sweetie but just ignore me” she said, drinking her wine, “but looking at you sweetie I think you’re on track anyway, it’s so nice to meet such an enlightened white boy like you – have you gotta real girlfriend, maybe wife?” she asked, I shook my head

    “Well, I’m sure me and Jane can fix that sweetie, it’s important you have some sort of stable relationship in your new life” she said and finished her wine; “well sweetie I gotta go but I hope you have a good evening and you please some of those black boys, and remember to get them to give up some of that black baby making juice – it’s very potent as I’m sure you know by now” she smiled and left.

    What had Dr Jane discussed with Tammy about my future and for what was I a possible candidate, all these questions came into my mind as I got rid of all the beer in my fridge and the red meat – gee I realized how easily I could be manipulated – perhaps it was to do with my Friday night session, had I become that submissive?

    There was another knock at the door, it was 7:30 already, I put on Dr Jane’s coat over my outfit and answered the door, it was the club’s driver, another huge negro hunk “Yo ready bitch?” he asked.

    “Yes, Sir” I answered and followed him to the car, a pimped-up SUV with almost opaque tinted windows and white leather seating, how appropriate I thought as I got in.

    “Yo one lucky bitch, gettin’ a ride in Josh da boss’s wheels” the driver said

    “I am, yes thank you, Sir” I answered

    “Yo one polite bitch ain’t ya, I like yo white bitches like dat, I gonna need some relief later – get my drift bitch?” he demanded, I nodded into the mirror so he could see me, knowing I would be seeing a lot more of that white leather seats on the way home. After driving for some time he pulled off the highway into the black area of town, it was dark and I couldn’t see much, we drove deeper into the ghetto – I’d never been in this part of town before – it was run down with lots of buildings boarded up, we drove past seedy drinking joints with gangs of black boys on street corners and went even further into the ghetto – I was getting worried. We pulled down a back alley and there was a small neon sign stating ‘Babes with Asstitude’ above a small doorway – that’s pretty good play on words I thought –– the driver hunk pulled right up to the door so I would only have to do a couple of steps.

    “OK bitch we’re ‘ere – yo knock at dat door – an’ no talkin’ with dem Niggas outside dey stab yo ass – I get ya later” he said, I got out of the SUV and heard some wolf whistling from some black youths some yards away from the door

    “Yo, white bitch, yo one of dem faggots, come over an’ suck my Nigga dick” the tallest one yelled, the driver got out of the SUV

    “Easy bro, no trouble” and he motioned to me to continue, I knocked at the door

    “Yeah, yo like sucking white dicks” said the youth to the driver

    “Hey, ain’t no homo bro, but when yo ass in jail an’ dem big Niggas tools are makin’ yo ass sing ‘member dis bitch cause yo gonna wish he with yo to take dat ass poundin’ yo gonna take” the driver yelled back. The door opened and an ebony security stud said

    “Yo dat new bitch” I nodded

    I turned to the driver and said “Thank you, Sir”.

    He nodded and said “No problems, bitch, yo white asses needed down ‘ere to take somma dat anger outta dese boys”

    “Get in, bitch” said the security stud to me, and yelled at the youths “If I come outta ‘ere am gonna whoop yo good”, the youths all ran off except for the tallest

    Inside the club it was very dimly lit but I could see that it wasn’t like the other club, very stark by comparison, no booths just cushioned seating around one side of the room with tables, a bar at the back and a stage with about 5 lap-dancing poles, 3 of them had white trannies doing routines on them – they had their little white penises on display, the other side of the room had been curtained off into small cubicles, I could see into a couple of them – they had a single bench in them which looked like it had some built-up steps at it’s base and was tilted downwards from it’s back to front and had some strange arrangement of planks with holes in them at the rear of the bench and there was what looked like manacles on the front legs.

    The security stud led me past the bar and stage to a small door which said “Babes & Bitches” on it, “In dere, bitch” he pointed at the door.

    I nodded and went in, it was a small dressing room, with another 2 trannies in it and also Staci, from the previous Friday, who was dressed in the same style outfit as me

    “Hey, darlin’, you doing another shift – guess those boys at the last place got you hooked, I’ve got your tip money from Friday, $25” he said and pulled some bills from his basque, “keep it in a safe like your stocking, these other bitches can’t be trusted” he whispered

    “Are you sure?” I said hesitantly not taking the money

    He pushed it into my hand saying “Course darlin’, you earned that and I think you enjoyed earning it” he giggled

    I nodded and slipped it down one of my black stockings, the door opened and a black man shouted at the 2 white trannies, “Hey, dere’s 3 poles empty outta ‘ere, get yo white asses on dat stage now”, both of them sauntered out with one saying

    “OK, OK we’re going”, the black man slapped both their asses hard saying

    “Hurry da fuck up, bitches”, this left me, Staci and the black man who must have been some sort of stage manager

    “Yo da new bitch?” he questioned me,

    I nodded adding “Yes, Sir, Joshua said I was to do another waitressing shift”

    “Yeah, well Staci show yo da ropes – take off dat coat an’ let me check yo out bitch” the stage manager told me, I put the coat on an empty chair and stood before him,

    “Yeah, yo look ok” he added and continued “Ya dance on da poles?” he asked, I shook my head

    “Yeah, an’ yo ain’t got no titties” he said and asked, “yo taken Nigga cock up dat ass of yours?” I nodded

    “Well Josh the boss says yo do same as dat Staci bitch, which means if dere ain’t enough of dese white tranny hoes to go ‘round yo 2 gonna be on dem benches, understood, now get greased up both of yo” and with that he left

    “What does that mean?” I asked Staci

    “Well, darlin’ this isn’t really a club like Bouncing Bitches, it’s a brothel – they get round the laws by having a stage and getting girls dancing but you saw those cubicles?” he said and I nodded, “they got fuck benches in them, so all the gurls have numbers stamped on their ass cheeks which shows which cubicle they work in, then when the guys go to the bar they order the number of the gurl they want and what they want them to do, mainly blowjobs and ass fucks, the stage manager tells the gurl they are booked and to get to the cubicle, then one of the security guys gets the gurl on the fuck bench, greased-up and manacled in place and ready for the guy, come and have a look” Staci told me and opened the door, there was a couple of guys at the bar

    “Bitch number 3 and from the menu number 3” one of the black guys said, he then handed over some money, the stage manager texted something on his mobile and the security stud signalled to one of the white trannies on the stage with a huge 3 stamped on both his ass cheeks, they both went to cubicle 3 and the security stud closed the curtains.

    “See, here’s the menu” and Staci showed me a leather-bound menu showing a list of services titled ‘Babes With Asstitude – White Tranny Menu’, I quickly scanned down the list, it had imaginatively titled entries like ‘No 1: Latte - White Bitch Throat Fuck and Swallow’ or ‘No 4: Tacos – White Bitch Ass Fuck and Fill’

    “Only 6 of them big titted bitches have shown up tonight” said Staci motioning towards the white trannies on the stage and added “There should have been 10, see there’s 10 cubicles and Josh the Boss only really makes good money when there’s at least 8 working gurls, so we might get added to the rota if it gets busy; then they’ll put a number on our butt checks and the ebony boys can choose to use us aswell, ain’t that exciting?”

    “I’m not sure about this, I thought I was going to do the same as last time, you know nothing extreme – I didn’t agree to be a prostitute” I said, I was in a state of shock – did Dr Jane know about this I wondered – ‘Josh the Boss’ definitely knew about it – perhaps he knew he was short staffed tonight - I didn’t know what to do.

    “It’s OK darlin’, it’s nothing you didn’t do last week, we all heard what a total slut you were with those 3 ebony hunks” Staci laughed but stopped when he saw how I was starting to panic, he pushed me back into the dressing room, leaving the door open “Look, get a grip of yourself, we both know why you and I are here” he calmly said

    “Why?” I stammered

    “To satisfy as many black boys as we can with our mouths and asses darlin’, that’s all, don’t think about anything else but pleasuring those boys” Staci said calmly and then added a warning “if you start acting up they might kick you out of the club and this isn’t an area white bitches like us want to be at night without the protection of an Afro-stud”

    “Anyway darlin’, it dosen’t look very busy tonight so we might not actually get strapped onto a bench with our white asses spread; but I didn’t get any negro spunk up my ass last Friday, unlike you, so I’m feeling kinda empty and need to be refilled” Staci smiled and added, motioning towards the stage “Plus I don’t want those trannie bitches saying the Afro-boys don’t want to use us, it’s humiliating don’t you think?”, I just nodded a bit confused

    “Come on gurlie, let’s get out there” Staci said, moving me out of the dressing room and into the club, there was only 2 gurls left on stage and I could hear moans of pleasure coming from the cubicles, no doubt coming from the gurls having their asses stretched. The barman told us both to start collecting empty glasses, I took the nearest tables and Staci the furthest ones, the first table was empty and I’d guessed the occupant was now in one of cubicles feeding some white ho trannie his ebony cock, the second table had a single Afro-boy on it who said nothing and looked at the ground when I took the empty glasses away – he looked young and awkward.

    “Dat boy not drinkin’ or fuckin’?” said the barman nodding in the direction of the 2nd table

    “Don’t know, Sir, he didn’t say anything” I replied

    The third table I went to had 2 black guys looking like they’d done quite a bit of fucking already, I asked if it was ok to take away the empty glasses

    “Sure thing, didn’t see yo on stage, an’ yo got no number on dat ass, yo not on for fuckin’ den?” one of them asked

    “Not at the moment, Sir” I said

    “Let’s see dat ass, ho” said the second, I turned around and bent over, I could feel their hands feeling my ass cheeks and slipping their fingers in to check my butthole,

    “Small ass, I like ‘em big an’ firm, but feel tight, I like ‘em a bit looser” said the first one and slapped my ass hard and laughed, I took the glasses back to bar, Staci was there aswell

    “Number 3 sounds like the bitch is taking a big black one, here take this order to table 12 and you can hear the moans” Staci urged, so I took a tray of 2 light beers to the table, there was only 1 well-muscled Afro-stud at the table as I dropped off the order

    “2 beers, Sir” I said

    “Yeah, my bro, givin’ it hard to one of yo bitch friends, he finish soon” he said and added “Mebbe yo sit on my lap ‘til he comes back” and pulled me onto his lap, I’d been here before and so started to grind my butt into his crouch and my hand felt down his trouser leg feeling his growing ebony fuckstick through the material.

    “Of course, Sir” I replied, but I could now hear the constant moaning coming from Cubicle 3 – it sounded like the bitch was getting more than he bargained for – lucky bitch I thought, meanwhile I could feel the other stud’s dick growing and slipped my hand into his pocket to give it a stroke.

    “Yeah, bitch, nice but ain’t got no more cash for yo bitches” he said, I continued to stroke his cock and then heard

    “Yeah, I’m comin’ in ya bitch, take it ho” coming from cubicle 3 and lots of moans

    “My bro done, bitch, we gonna go now” he said, I got off his lap “Yo in next week, cause I wanna try that tight lookin’ ass” he asked and slapped my butt cheek hard

    “Ouch, I’m not sure, Sir, this is my first time in this club and I’m just waitressing” I replied smiling

    “I gonna be lookin’ out for ya, so yo betta be in” he warned, the curtain was drawn back from cubicle 3 as his friend was coming out doing up his zipper, I could see the trannie face down and spread-eagled on the fuck bench with his wrists manacled to the front legs and ass well spread with the butthole oozing thick ebony sperm, the security stud came and shut the curtains.

    “We go now bro” he said to his friend, I returned to the bar with a rock hard penis in my panties and with a growing feeling that I wouldn’t mind that much being strapped to one of them benches.

    “How you doing? Calmed down a bit now” Staci asked

    “Yes, I think so it was just the shock of working in a brothel but I think I’m OK now” I replied

    “Good gurl, it’s pretty quiet at the moment so I don’t think we‘ll be asked to fill in at the cubicles” said Staci and went to deliver more drinks

    “Hey bitch, nothin’ wrong with yo?” asked the stage manager, I shook my head, “Good, don’t need no crazy bitches, go give dis beer to my cousin” he pointed at the black boy on his own, “yo tell ‘im it’s on me and if he want any of dese bitches it’s on me too” he added. I took the beer to the table

    “Hello, Sir, this is from your uncle at the bar” I said putting it on the table

    “Thanks” he said in a quiet voice not looking at me

    “Sir, your uncle also says you can pick any of the gurls you want to take into a cubicle and it’s on him” I added

    Again he just said “Thanks” and looked down, I turned to go and heard “What’s yo number” I turned around again

    “I don’t have one, Sir, I’m just waitressing at the moment” I replied

    “Dat mean yo not wanna go behind da curtains” he said finally looking at me, I didn’t know what to say and hesitated for a moment but my raging penis and twitching butthole made the decision for me.

    “I’m not sure I’m allowed to, do you want me to ask your uncle, Sir” I asked and he nodded, I went to the bar and told the stage manager

    “Well, bitch, number 7 is free as dat ho not turn up, yo lose dem panties and I’m gonna stamp yo ass – what dish he want?” he asked

    Dish I didn’t know when he meant then realized he was talking about the menu Staci had shown me earlier, I said I didn’t know, “Well, go find out bitch” he said and handed me a menu, I took this to the black boy.

    “Sir, we can use cubicle 7, here’s the menu” I said handing over the menu to the boy, he sheepishly looked down it and pointed at ‘No 6: Full Southern Platter - White Bitch hard sucking, fucking and filling, and cleaning (cock and ball licking session followed by hard ass fucking to finish session followed by a cock and ball cleaning session)’

    “Good choice, sir” I smiled and returned to the bar my penis erect in my panties and dripping, telling his uncle about his cousin’s choice, the stage manager took me into the dressing room where I dropped my panties, he then used a stencil to spray paint a huge black number 7 on each ass cheek, and then did the same but with a smaller stencil (although still pretty large) with the wording ‘Nigga Owned’ on the left cheek and ‘Nigga Cock Only’ on the right cheek. A security stud came in and took me to cubicle 7 where he told me to climb onto the bench face down, put my arms down the front bench legs and my wrists were manacled in place, my stockinged feet were put in a stock-style device which clamped over my ankles and adjusted it so my legs were straight and stretched far enough apart to ensure my asshole was fully accessible, he put a neck brace sort of thing on me that ensured my mouth could be easily accessed – I was fully secured in place and then he greased my asshole and left me, although I was uncomfortable my penis was rigid.

    I heard someone move the curtains and guessed the Afro-boy had come in

    “Hello, Sir” I said, only being able to see directly in front of me;

    “Yeah, dis more like it” I heard him say and heard him getting undressed, “Yo Nigga Owned and Nigga Only – I like dat”, I felt his hands on my ass cheeks just stroking them at first, “Yeah, I like dis” I felt him rubbing his cock into my butt crack, “Oh yeah, dis what I want” he murmured, he slapped my butt cheeks and moved to the front of the bench, I could now see he was naked and had a nice slim body but had an impressive negro cock and equally impressive set of tight negro balls, “Yo gonna suck my dick” he said

    “Of course, sir” I replied as he brought his ebony dick close enough for me to lick up and down it’s shaft and tongue the head, after doing this for a few minutes he was fully erect and began pushing it into mouth and down my throat, I was gagging as I still wasn’t used to deep throating a real black cock; but we managed to get into a rhythm where he didn’t push it all the way down and I was licking his shaft on the inward stroke and tonguing the head on the outward stroke – he liked that – “Oh yeah dat’s good, keep dat up, I like dat” he sighed after about 5-10 minutes he said he wanted his balls licked and I asked him to come as close as possible, he pushed his midriff into my face allowing me to kiss and lick his tight young ebony balls, “can yo put dem all in yo mouth” he asked, with a struggle I managed to suck his entire black scrotum into my mouth and was able to use my full tongue on both his big balls, “ooohhh, dat good babe, dat good” he murmured, I continued to suck and lick his young ebony balls for a while before he said “Dat’s it, I wanna cum in yo ass not yo face”, he slapped his black dick in my face a few times saying “Yeah, yo like my black dick don’t ya”

    “Yes, Sir” I replied

    “Yo gonna ask me nice for it in yo ass” he smirked

    “Oh please, Sir, fuck my white ass with your big negro cock” I begged, he slapped his dick into my face again and said

    “Yeah, yo want my black juice up ya butt ask me nice again”

    “Please, Sir, empty your tight negro balls into my butthole, I’m just here for you to use” I replied not knowing why I said that last phrase

    “Yeah, I like dat, now kiss my balls an’ my knob end but make sure to lick my slit” he demanded, I kissed each tight ebony ball and then the knob end spending a minute gently tonguing his slit, “Shhittt, yo dirty babe” he gasped and positioned himself behind me. I couldn’t see anything but could feel his hands on my butt cheeks, the fuck bench had already spread them and I could feel him rubbing his cock up and down my crack searching for the opening, my asshole was desperate for that ebony cock to enter it. “Yeahhh, got ya” he groaned as his big dick finally penetrated me

    “ooohhh” I moaned as he slowly slipped his cock deeper, he began to slowly fuck me but without penetrating me all the way to his balls

    “mmmmmm” I moaned again,

    “Yo like dis black cock, don’t ya” he gasped as he started to fuck me harder

    “Yeeessss, Sir” I kept moaning, his hands grabbed my sides to pull me onto his cock as he started to really pound my ass and go all the way in, my own rock hard penis was rubbing on the bench as he was fucking me and I was soon spraying my own jizz onto the fuck bench, he saw some of my cream dribble down the bench

    “Fuck yeah, I’m fucking da spunk outta yo” he gasped and started to fuck me even harder, I could feel him reaching his limit and then

    “Shhhit” he groaned as he pumped his negro sperm into my aching asshole, he kept his dick in for a good few minutes just to make sure he drained every last drop into me. “Fuck, I neva dumped as much juice as dat before” he said, I could feel it coating my rectum walls. He finally pulled out, “Yo sure gonna have one sore asshole” he laughed and walked around to the front of bench slapping my ass on the way round. “Now, yo gonna clean my dick an’ balls, dick first” he commanded and pushed his dirty black dick into my mouth which I licked and sucked clean tasting any leftover sperm no doubt mixed with my ass juice, after he was satisfied he said

    “Now put my balls in yo mouth an’ give ‘em a nice tongue clean”, once again his negro balls were filling my mouth and I gently licked all round his balls. Once his black dick and black balls had been cleaned in my mouth he started to get dressed and before opening the curtains said

    “I gonna be back next week an’ mebbe try sommat else on da menu”

    “Thank you, Sir”. After he left the security stud came and released me and told me to clean up the bench as it had my spunk all over it.

    After that I went back to serving the tables but Staci hooked my arm and pulled me into the dressing room

    “Darlin’ we ain’t got no buttplugs here, it’s a brothel, you gotta clean your butt up for the next stud as it’ll be dribbling out your hole, look I’ll show you”, I was disappointed as I wanted to keep that boy’s black sperm in me but Staci showed me how to quickly clean my ass so it was ready for the next customer.

    “I see you’re in cubicle 8” I said, noticing the big numbering on his butt cheeks

    “Yeah, Stage Man said he wanted us all working tonight, I done 2 quickies so far, what about you?” he answered

    “Just the one, he wanted a number 6” I said

    “Oh, expensive” Staci added, it was something I hadn’t thought about but of course I realized I was actually now a prostitute! For the next couple of hours we both served drinks to an ever dwindling set of Customers, it was a quiet night, I guess the black studs in this area preferred the real girls. Just before midnight the stage manager told all the white trannies they could go and paid them the money they’d earned from sucking and fucking black dick. He told me and Staci to get the dressing room tidied-up, the trannies were packing up as we entered.

    “Hi Staci, see you were workin’ tonight, honey” said one of them

    “Yeah, Toni, Leroy told me and Tina, oh by the way this is Tina a new gurl I met at ‘Bitches’ last week, to fill-in as only 6 of you tranny bitches had turned-up” Staci replied smiling

    “Ha, yeah, well Leroy and Josh need to be told it ain’t cheap gettin’ tits and ass, plus all the hormones, and Monday night in the poorest part of nigger town ain’t gonna make ‘em a lot of cash, look these things are expensive!” Toni replied pulling out and jiggling his obviously surgically created but impressive looking tits.

    “Easy, you know they don’t like that talk from us white bitches down here” Staci warned

    “Yeah, well that’s too bad, I ain’t here for fun like you 2 bitches” Toni responded and added “I can make more money in the big hotels downtown than here”

    “Yeah, but we know why you don’t” said one of the other trannies laughing

    “OK, so I ain’t gonna lie, I like the big nigger meat and it’s juice, but I don’t like the motherfuckers who it belongs to” he said making a funny face, we all laughed.

    All the trannies left except Toni who came up to Staci and me as we’re cleaning up the room, “So, honey, you still lookin’ to join that shitty Dr Jane’s programme?” Toni asked Staci, my ears pricked-up at the mention of Dr Jane.

    “Hope so, darlin’, you know it’s what I wanna do” Staci responded

    “And you, honey, are you gonna do the same?” Toni asked me, adding “Cause I think you’d be better off gettin’ some titties and maybe a bigger ass, you can make good money being a proper gurl, get yourself a nice boyfriend”

    “Have you got a boyfriend?” Staci asked Toni as I went red with talk about boyfriends

    “Of course, nice white boy, he’s just come out of the army” Toni answered

    “Oh, I thought you said you like the black boys” I stammered

    “Na, I luv their big nigger cocks and that thick nigger spunk but I don’t like kissing ‘em, nasty lips and I don’t like the look of them and they got nasty attitudes” Toni said, curling his lips up and saying “Give me a nice white boy any day, anyways I gotta go. Bye” and he left.

    “All these trannies are like that, really negative attitudes about these ebony boys, except when you hear them moan in the cubicles” Staci said after Toni had left, adding in Toni’s accent “and they’re happy to be tied down with no panties gettin’ fucked stupid by them nigga cocks and getting’ pumped full of nigga spunk!”

    I laughed agreeing with Staci, then the stage manager came in “Yo finished bitches” he demanded, we both nodded, then said “Good, we gotta couple of late ones an’ yo only ho bitches we got left so on dat stage an’ make sexy”, he ushered us back into the club and pushed us onto stage, the spotlights were bright, blinding us from seeing who was in the club but I heard the stage manager say “We ain’t got no trannies but got dese 2 no titty bitches, but dey got tight butts”

    I didn’t know what to do; “OK, take it easy and just follow what I do” Staci whispered, there were a couple of bar stools painted in bright pink just in front of the dancing poles, Staci moved one of the stools to the front of the stage, he removed his panties exposing his erect white penis and sat on the stool and lifted both legs off the ground and kept them straight and slightly tilted backwards on the stool, this exposed his ass cheeks, he continued to tilt back and grabbed the rear stool legs at the bottom for support so eventually he was almost lying backwards with his legs outstretched and asshole fully exposed, I decided to copy him and moved a stool to the front of the stage, took my panties off exposing my now rigid penis, but I turned around so my back was to whatever audience was watching and put my hands on the stool, leaned forward and showed my ass to the audience and wiggled it for a few minutes before I suddenly felt a hard slap on my butt cheeks and heard “That’s right slut, show these boys where you want ‘em to stick their black dicks” – it was Staci – “Just go with it” I heard him whisper, what was I supposed to do, was this some sort of floor show,

    “Ooohh yes, Mistress, please tell them boys to fuck me in the ass with their big negro cocks and fill my butt with their hot black spunk” – did I really just say that, I couldn’t believe I just said that. Soon after,

    “OK, bitches, each of yo in a cubicle now” the stage manager bellowed to both of us

    “That was fun, you were a scream” said Staci as we hurried off stage to the cubicles

    I just followed not believing what I just did and said on stage, the security stud was waiting near cubicles 7 and 8, and I caught a glimpse of a couple of guys handing money over at the bar, they were big guys in that they had big stomachs.

    “Dey both wanna a ‘fuck and fill’ session – no bitch mouth action so open yo mouths ladies” chuckled the security stud and pushed ball gags into our mouths and strapped them in place, wow they really wanted to make sure these guys didn’t get anything for free. I saw Staci getting strapped face down on the fuck-bench, “Yo next ho” said the security stud and I followed him into my cubicle, he then pulled a lever at the base of the fuck-bench which allowed him to adjust it so that 2 planks of it were now jutting out from the end of it at 45degree angles, “Yo, gettin’ done face-up, bitch, now get on” he said, I was quickly strapped in place face-up, my legs in a V shape (like a fuck-sling) and my butthole greased and freely accessible.

    From the next cubicle I heard “So, yo bitch friend likes black dick, whadda ‘bout yo bitch” and then heard Staci’s ass getting slapped hard followed by a muffled squeal from Staci, and heard some more “So ya do like black dick”, at that point my curtains opened and my guy entered, he smiled after overhearing his friend start giving it to Staci.

    “Oh yeah, Baba G is sure givin’ it to yo ho friend, ain’t he bitch” he chuckled and started to get undressed, he was soon naked and although he was a big-bellied guy I could see his black balls and black cock, it was a really thick dick with big hanging balls, my on display penis was fully erect, “So yo wan somma dis Nigga fuckstick” he said touching my penis and stroking it, I nodded not being able to speak due to my gag, he stroked his own black cock at the same time, my own penis was throbbing “Don’t yo dare cum til I tell yo, bitch” he warned. Oh I thought that was going to be hard and so closed my eyes and tried thinking about something else other than his big fat negro dick, I tried to think about work, what is happening with that late delivery – what would it be like having to satisfy Troy and Ade in the loading bay – DAMN no, fortunately at this point he stopped stroking my penis, I could feel his fingers probing my ass opening, “Som’ other Nigga’s dick been in ‘ere tonight as yo nice an’ open” he chuckled and I opened my eyes. His black cock was erect in his hand as he started pressing it into my ass crack, rubbing it across my hole but not yet penetrating it – he did this for some time and said “Yeah, bitch ho, do yo wanna it in yo ho hole?” he said, I nodded, “Yeah, yo gonna take an ass whooping ‘fore yo get dis black meat, OK ho?”, I nodded again what else could I do after all he paid to use me! He spanked my butt cheeks as I let out muffled squeals for what seemed like a long time, by the time he stopped my cheeks were sore and burning, I could see his cock was drooling and he pushed it into my wanton butthole

    “Mmmmmm” I squealed through my gag, he didn’t waste any time and pushed that fat ebony dick all the way making me moan again, he was soon hammering away at my ass and at each hard stroke banging into my sore butt cheeks which was painful, his fat cock was stretching my asshole which helped take my mind off my burning cheeks. He was sweating a lot but he got into a pattern of fucking me hard and fast for a short time followed by slower fucking, after about 15 minutes his fast fucking went on longer and soon he was ejaculating his thick sticky negro spunk into my stretched rectum and filling me with his black sperm.

    “Fuuuuuck! Fuuuck! Fuck!” he gasped, pulling out and wiping his cock clean on my stockings. “Yo done, bitch” he said, “Hey Baba G yo done” he called out to his friend

    “Yeah, fucked de white bitch good, dressed an’ waitin’ for yo sorry nigga ass, Sonny” Baba G replied. My guy quickly got dressed and left, the security stud came in and released me and I returned to the dressing room walking with sore ass cheeks and asshole.

    In the dressing room Staci was getting cleaned up “Gee, mine was a big boy and I don’t mean his belly” Staci chuckled and he held up his hand with his thumb and forefinger making a circle to show the girth of the black dick that just fucked him.

    “Yeah, I know what you mean, is your ass sore aswell?” I asked

    “Not too bad, darlin’, you need more practice and lube, bend over and I’ll take a look” he chuckled, so I bent over and Staci examined my butthole, “he sure whooped your ass checks but your hole ain’t too bad no damage I think maybe just bruised and sore, give it a couple of days break” he advised.

    “Oh, you need to remember to bring a change of clothes, new stockings, panties the lot, some of the boys are in a hurry, just popped out from their wives or girlfriends to use these bitches for quick relief so they wipe their cocks clean with the nearest thing” he laughed, adding “and that’s us. Now get cleaned up”. I got cleaned-up and ready to leave but noticed Staci wasn’t wearing stockings.

    “Where’s your change of stockings?” I asked noticing his bear white legs but also some sort of tattoo circling his right ankle

    “I already used 3 pairs, so fresh out” Staci answered, I was looking at his tattoo and realized it was a small Confederate flag design tattoo and as I looked closer there was neat wording within the tattoo `Ku Klux Klan for ever`, Staci noticed me staring at his ankle

    “You like my tattoo?” he mischievously replied

    “Wow, isn’t that a bit dangerous for here?” I asked

    “I’m in stockings most of the time, but Leroy” Staci replied, Leroy was the stage manager, and continued “has seen it, first time he saw it he gave me a proper ass whooping but then gave me the fucking of my life, to be honest I think most of the black studs would really like to fuck me hard if they knew – you know - just their way of making sure I know who’s the boss now”

    “I don’t understand, why are you here if you’re in the KK….” I trailed off as Leroy entered saying

    “OK, bitches, settlin’ time” as he held a roll of dollar bills, he counted out $235 and handed it to Staci saying “2 quickies, da last one, and bar tips”, turning to me “Yo first time as a ho?” he asked and I nodded, “Not bad, not great but not bad an’ my cousin wants to do da whole menu on yo white ass; he like yo bitch” he laughed and handed over $190; he then handed us an extra $10 each adding “Yo both got dis bit extra for dat floor show; dose boys liked it; mebbe yo do as a regular thing”

    “You still charging less for us than them white tranny bitches?” Staci asked

    “Gotto Sweetie, yo ain’t got no tits and got skinny white asses” he mocked in a white southern accent, “Yo ride ‘ere bitches now get outta ‘ere” he said in a more serious tone.

    We left the club both in long coats, me with my stockings covered in dry negro spunk, it wasn’t the same driver as before nor the same car, an old Chrysler Voyager, not the same as Josh’s pimp mobile but lots of leg room. “Where yo ho’s going” the new driver growled “am in a hurry”

    “Just drop me off at the Palace apartment block on the North side, Sir” said Staci – I didn’t know that area well other than it was racially mixed

    “Yeah, I know that place, an’ yo bitch” the driver said to me

    “Down on Flycatcher Avenue, Sir” I replied

    “Nice area” said Staci

    “Whites-only area, bitch, I drop yo off exit 4 of highway, ain’t gettin’ stopped by no police, OK?” he retorted, meaning any black found driving around that area any time would be stopped by the police.

    “Sure, Sir, no problems” it was only a 10 minute walk maybe more in my heels but it was very early in the morning so no one would be around. The driver was obviously annoyed at having to drive 2 white cross dressing bitch hoes this late at night and put on some hard rap music, which surprisingly I saw Staci tapping his fingers to, “God, do you really like this music?” I queried

    “Yeah, course, it grows on you after a while; I had to listen to a lot of it in county jail” he added, sparking my curiosity and keen to continue our previous conversation

    “County Jail, is that where you joined the KKK?” I whispered, although the music was so loud it wouldn’t have mattered if I shouted it.

    “Well, I never joined the KKK, I was brought up on the wrong side of the tracks, real trailer park trash, me and my three brothers were brought up by my mom, my dad was in prison for bad things, and we learned to hate everyone who wasn’t as poor as we were. My brothers all joined the Klan – it was just how it was. Then I did some stupid things and got sent to county jail for a year. But before going inside my brothers said it was best to get a Klan tattoo so that I could join one of the gangs inside and be protected from the niggers; who they said would rape me, a pretty white boy, the first chance they got. So I was terrified and got involved with some real bad white dudes but purely for my own protection, still I was the youngest there and I started getting propositioned by these dudes which I couldn’t believe and disgusted me and said no way. Saying no to those bastards meant I was on my own and couldn’t rely on anyone, they also made it clear if I took showers with them they’d rape me bad, so for 2 weeks I didn’t take any showers, the guards didn’t really care even though I told them what would happen to me, but couldn’t stand the smell so told me that I would shower at the same time as the negro inmates, it was sort of unofficially segregated to avoid problems – you understand?” he said and I nodded enthralled by his story, I thought I had it tough but realized I had it easy compared to Staci.

    “First time I was terrified, but they posted a guard at the entrance to ensure nothing happened, I tried to keep myself to myself but couldn’t help noticing the difference in mine and their bodies, I was, naturally white, but slim; a lot of those black guys were ribbed and well defined, and their cocks were unbelievable and with big hanging black balls. Anyway this went on for a couple of weeks and I started getting winks from some of those black studs, mouthing at me so the guard didn’t hear – things like ‘suck my dick’ or stroking their cocks with soap so they got erect and showing me, I couldn’t take my eyes off their cocks once erect and they could see that; I was always leaving the showers with a raging hard-on and very red-faced, and having very explicit dreams. Anyway one day the guard was called to an emergency and I found myself alone with 2 or 3 studs, one of them came up to me and said `Hey white boy, yo be in ‘ere weeks now an’ yo ain’t said hello to any of us Niggas, not like us?` he said towering over me, I really didn’t know what to do as the guard had gone and they could easily have broken me in two before anyone noticed. I stammered something like hello; `Yo like watching us wash our big Nigga dicks don’t ya?` the stud said, I just nodded `Tell yo what boy, I let yo wash my dick for me; like dat wouldn’t yo?` he smirked and again I nodded, so he got under my showerhead and took my hand, filled it with soap and placed it on his semi erect negro cock, I started to stroke and wash it, watching it get fully erect, but keeping up my stroking. `Yeah, boy, dat nice, yo gonna make me cum; would yo like to see a Nigga cum boy?` the stud said, all I could do was nod, he noticed my own hard penis and put his hand on it and started stroking it `Yo gotta a little dick boy, dat’s no use for dem girls, yo betta off bein’ a bitch for Nigga cock` he grunted as I kept washing his cock. `Shhhhit` he gasped as he shot his spunk all over my own cock and thighs, I soon followed shooting my own cream over his thigh. I was still holding his cock and stroking it not believing what had just happened, saying `Yeah boy, dat good, dat good, see yo tomorrow` the stud left. I couldn’t believe I had not been ‘shanked’ and was not just still alive but also had the best sexual experience of my life. The next day I was showering and the same stud came and stood next to me and said `Hi boy, yo like to wash me all over`, I looked at the guard who was distracted by something and nodded, with the whole shower room of Afro-boys watching me I soaped this huge negro stud down and washed his entire body paying special attention to his cock and balls. `Fuckin’ Nigger luvin’ homo` the guard shouted and left, all the Afro-boys started laughing, this made me feel a lot easier. `Bitch, yo gonna be washing us all from now on` the stud chuckled and so from then until I was paroled I spent a lot of time in the showers, without any guards, washing those Afro-boys, masturbating them, learning to suck their ebony dicks and eventually that same stud took my virginity, after I begged him, but I never had any trouble in county after that day as I was very popular with the Black boys and they had my back as the white dudes hated me. As a leaving present those Afro-boys got me in the showers on my last day, made me kneel in the center of the shower room and one by one shot their load on me, some in my face, some on my chest, my back, my thighs, they literally coated me with negro spunk from head to foot, I loved it.” Staci finished.

    “Wow, that’s really amazing, what about your brothers and mother, do they know you’re a…” I asked

    “A Negro cock slut, of course, I didn’t want to hide it away and besides my brothers had contacts in county. None of them have spoken to me since I left county but I did visit my Mom and I think once she got over the initial shock, was much more accepting, by the way she spoke I think she dated some black dudes when dad first went to prison but kept it quiet from us. She said `so you did inherit something from me – luvin’ nigger dick`” Staci and I both laughed

    “That’s cute, by the way how do you know Dr Jane?” I asked, desperate to know how she was involved with Staci

    “Oh, my parole officer introduced me to her as part of a programme to help reduce re-offending” he said, adding “she’s really helped me and given me a better outlook on life” at that point the car stopped

    “Yo stop, Bitch” yelled the driver above the music, damn I was hoping for some more information about Dr Jane and the ‘programme’.

    “Right, darlin’, see you next time” Staci said hugging me and got out, the Palace apartment block didn’t look the greatest of places but I guessed ex-inmates didn’t get many choices, the driver sped away, obviously annoyed at having to make 2 stops.

    “Whot’s yo name, bitch” asked the driver as he slowed down for my exit

    “Tina, Sir” I replied

    “Well Tina, next time I pick yo 2 bitches up make sure yo offer to blow me” he growled

    “Of course, Sir, sorry we didn’t know” I stammered

    “Yeah yo do now, getout bitch” he finished with, I got out of the car and started to walk home, it was about 2am by the time I eventually got back to my apartment block, I thought better to use the stairs in case somebody was out late, I didn’t want to meet anybody in the elevator dressed as I was, even though my heels were killing me. I was nearly to my floor when I heard someone entering the stairwell

    “Hey, ginger, where you at baby” it was Marci looking for her damn cat, I froze.

    “Hey who there” Marci called out and hit the light switch, I kept walking, pulling my hair over my face, “Oh, I seen you before, you’re Johnny’s” she said trailing off as she took a closer look, I just nodded and continued going up the flight of stairs, “You seen a ginger cat?” she asked me and I just shook my head. Had she recognised me, I don’t know – as if things weren’t getting complicated enough. I got into the apartment and took my earnings out of my semen stained stocking, for some reason I was absurdly pleased with getting paid $225 for black men to fuck me and put the money in pride of place in my apartment, I spent some time doing my anal maintenance routine remembering Staci saying it was best to take a break for a few days from further ebony cock penetration.

    I had a bad night, lots of negative thoughts, how had I become a prostitute to black men so quickly and easily.
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