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African Drums

Discussion in 'Ideas for stories' started by Julie_van01, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Julie_van01

    Julie_van01 Active Member Member

    The scene opens with a BBC arriving at the home of a white couple who also have two young daughters. He's
    there to begin introducing the wife and her daughters to their new life and to make sure the husband has had
    time to become fully committed to having his daughters and wife impregnated by a superior black male.

    The family is just one of many in the largely white neighborhood to have been fallen prey to a program which
    utilized a combination of subtle psychological conditioning techniques and a smart phone program which the
    family had been convinced to check out by family and friends, all of whom had already fallen prey to the
    insidious life altering programming.

    'Jungle Drums,' a smart phone application ostensibly designed to introduce users to native African music and
    tribal customs. Actual purpose of the application is to open the minds of all who use it to the belief that black
    males are the superior choice when it comes to breeding. Females exposed to this application are treated
    initially to rhythmic musical interludes mixed with increasing views of well hung black males pleasuring white
    females. The pace at which this exposure occurs is driven by subtle responses to seemingly random text
    messages which appear on the viewers phones. in fact these random messages are all part of a highly
    sophisticated program. Only when the viewer finally unlocks the applications final phase do they begin to
    be shown much longer scenes of interracial activity, including some which show their own friends being '

    For the males who install the application, the entire process is totally different. Their programing is all
    geared to convincing them that they are inferior breeders compared to black males. As they advance from
    one phase of the reprogramming to the next they also get rewarded with increasingly lengthy views of
    white wives and daughters engaged with well hung black males. Often the scenes include husbands and
    fathers assisting the black males in the breeding process, either by servicing their females, or by orally
    preparing the bull prior to helping guide their massive cocks into the waiting females.

    Only when all members of the family have reached the proper degree of conditioning does the application
    send an alert to dispatch a bull to complete the family's conversion. Subsequent visits by one or more black
    bulls insure the gene transfer is successful. Along the way films of the family members are also collected
    for use during the next phase during which the family reaches out to other as yet unexposed family and
    friends, to convince them to download the application.

    "African Drums" is envisioned to be a multi-part story which captures the readers attention a well as a
    desire for more. I'll be happy to assist whoever elect to undertake this project. For more details please
    contact me c/o [email protected] dot com.
  2. david thompson

    david thompson Member Member

    Would love to read more, this sounds a good multi part story.
    Look forward to reading.
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  3. Leon

    Leon Active Member Member

    Sounds like a good idea and story
  4. Kyle_The_Cuck

    Kyle_The_Cuck Member Member

    That's a splendid idea! You could have three instalments!

    - The family that is cucked and bred as you suggested!
    - A woman in University, looking for something in relation for her Masters in Anthropology and Archeology stumbles upon the app whereupon she becomes a massive BBC slut. Enraptured by the power of some of the athletes and other Black/African men she sees in her daily life, she becomes a staunch supporter of Black Breeding and introducing Traditional African cultural practices into the West.
    - A Neo-Nazi couple stumble upon the app by "chance" and are slowly turned into Black Nationalists and Black Breeding proponents! Instead of their message of hate, now they spread a message of love, understanding and building bridges across the divides that so grip the US and much of the West!

    The origins of the App are shrouded in mystery! So there is room for "Tribal Magic" or something to really play into it.

    Hope this takes off! Best of luck. Good day!
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  5. Gerwina

    Gerwina Well-Known Member Member

    Their daus share the African Drums app with any whte grls who joined the basic school when they have a smart phone. Let's think about what happened.
  6. Texcuck

    Texcuck Member Member

    The Masters Student of course shares the app with her friends, classmates, and professors, thus causing it to spread like wildfire through their liberal arts campus. Imagine a black stud breeding the professor during her office hours, or a group of them showing up in a lecture hall to breed the female students, while their beta cuck classmates find various ways to help (guiding the black cocks into white coed cunts, orally cleaning and lubing the studs' shafts, using the apps on their phones to record the mass breeding, and more!)
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  7. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    I like the blend of mind control with family or group breeding. The gathering at the home could have drama with most of the family surrendering while a lone, holdout is reluctant but is eventually convinced and goes all in.

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