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. African Adventure

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

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    I, or should I say we, own a small engineering business. Sally my wife and co-owner is the dogsbody, my secretary and over-sees the general running of the place while I'm out drumming up business.

    Sally is 36 and we've been married for 11 years, she's very attractive and has kept her shapely figure despite having had two babies. She has always been willing to muck in and help the business and a few years back she proved it in no uncertain way.

    At first business was easy to get and we did a lot of work for foreign clients, particularly those from African countries. I would entertain reps and soon found out that to make certain of getting an order they required a woman's services during their stay. So I contacted an escort agency in town who supplied girls to service my customers, for which I paid. It was well worth it, but as the recession hit, we couldn't afford to keep the big foreign and British clients sweet with the girls and lost even more business.

    That was about three years ago, and it was then that Sally put her proposition to me on how to keep getting the orders in: she would be the reps' plaything.

    As you can guess, I wasn't too keen on the idea, but she kept on about it and in the end, I gave in and agreed it was the only solution. However I insisted that the reps wear condoms because apart from the obvious risk of disease, I didn't want my wife to get pregnant by another man. I kitted her out in all new sexy gear; basques, suspenders, stockings, really high spiky heeled shoes and some horny outfits, short tight skirts etc.

    On her first date she looked a right horny sexy desirable tart and she watched me giving myself a hand shandy while waiting for her cab to arrive. While she was out I went through all the emotions, but I also found I was getting incredibly turned on at the thought of my wife being screwed by another man.

    Sally got home late the following morning, having spent the night at the rep's hotel. When she got into work she was still highly excited and we locked ourselves into the office while she told me all about it. She was back in her working suit but when she sat down, her skirt rode up to reveal she was still wearing stockings. I knelt beside her as she told me how exciting and different it had been with David, the rep, how much better and how many orgasms she had had. She said he had fucked her three times before going to sleep and again when he woke up in the morning, she also said she had agreed to meet him again that night.

    In the end I had to ask the inevitable questions: was he bigger and better than me. She giggled and said yes on both counts, she also added he was more of a stayer and when he came he really filled the condom every time - unlike me.

    She crossed her legs and pulled her skirt up showing me she wasn't wearing any panties. I knelt there looking at the curve of her bum and the sensuous sweep of her thighs to the tops of her stockings. I gazed at the length of her lovely legs and got my cock out to give her a good fucking but she stopped me saying she was too sore and it would be nice if I gave myself a wank. I knelt there tossing myself off imagining David's big cock up her and I kissed her legs and knees.

    She said, "These are the stockings I wore while he screwed me, is it turning you on darling?' Turning me on? I was going crazy with lust and my lips caressed her milky white thigh, just above her stocking top. She lay back and opened her legs showing me her flushed and swollen pussy. That's when my come exploded from my cock and when she held my head and pulled my face into her yawning pussy so I could lick her and bring her off Sally climaxed noisily really dragging my face into her gash letting me continue to lick until I erupted all over the floor again.

    That night, off she went again, without returning to work the following day. She told me that evening they had fucked on and off all night and most of the day and that she had really enjoyed it. It was clear to me that Sally was a natural whore.

    After that it came easily to her she gave good service to all our clients and relished the fact that they were, on the whole, bigger and better than me. I knew that things would never be the same between us again. I still loved her madly and she loved me in her own way but she made it quite clear that I could no longer satisfy her, which made me impotent in a strange way. I could always get a hard on knowing that she was being fucked and could wank off when I was licking her out after she'd been with a client but at other times, I struggled to get an erection. So I looked forward to her 'dates' but never once wanted to watch Sally in action.

    Business started to pick up again, mainly due to Sally's sexual prowess, but although we had contracts from all over the world, we still hadn't had a big African contract come in. My wife had had cocks from around the world, but she still hadn't had a big black one. I was now making enough money to afford agency girls again, so Sally reverted back to her old duties in the office. That was until recently when I got a call from an Ethiopian company, wanting certain parts and equipment. They told me that a rep would be coming over in the next month.

    Now Sally and I both knew, from the girls we used years before, that blackmen, especially east Africans, had extremely large cocks and I could tell that Sally was more than interested at the prospect of some 'overtime'.

    On the day of Mr Ndabi ond Mr Ackoko's visit Sally took more care getting ready for work than usual. Her hair was shining, her make-up perfect, and she was dressed in sexy suspenders, seamed stockings, knee length skirt with a daring split to the thigh and silk blouse without a bra - I could clearly see her large nipples showing through the luscious silk. She was out to pull a big black cock without a doubt.

    Mr Ndabi and Mr Ackoko arrived at our office dead on time. Both were very handsome blackmen. Mr Ndabi was the youngest of the two in his mid to late twenties and was the superior of Mr Ackoko who insisted on my calllng Mr Ndabi 'Sir', as I was inferior to both of them. Sally was sitting typing but looking at Mr Ndabi with undisguised admiration.

    We went into my office, and I called Sally in to take notes. She positioned herself so that her split skirt revealed a good length of stocking clad thigh. I got an instant hard on at her blatant display and Ackoko's eyes nearly popped out ot his head. Mr Ndabi just smiled lustfully.

    It was hard going for me, all I could concentrate on was Sally and Ndabi fucking her good and hard. I brought some drinks in and we discussed the deal. Mr Ndabi said that he would go away and think about it and it might help if he hod a woman with him. By then I had changed my mind about Sally doing the honours and offered to call up the agency, but he stopped me saying, "How about your secretary would she like to spend the evening with us?" I explained that she was married, but he insisted, "Does that matter? I like her. She has a lovely body."

    I went out to Sally and put it to her, adding that I didn't think it was a very good idea, but she went into the office and thanked Ndabi for his kind offer and agreed to go out that evening providing I came with them.

    Mr Ackoko said that I should bring my wife along too, but I said she was away for the week. Sally giggled at my lie. We arranged to meet them at their hotel later that evening.

    Sally was like an excited child as she dressed for the evening. She got herself all tarted up for her first blackman. I made sure she had a good supply of condoms in her bag as I thought after Mr Ndabi had fucked her, Mr Ackoko would have a go too. She looked divine, wearing a little black party dress over skimpy undies and sexy suspenders and stockings. I noticed her G-string was so tiny it was tight up her crack. God, my hard on was painful.

    We met at their hotel and I drove to the restaurant that Ndabi had chosen. Sally sat in the back of the car with Mr Ndabi. I could hear her giggling and he asked her if her husband minded her being out on her own.

    Looking directly at me in the rearview mirror she said, "No it's nothing to do with him, he's a bit of an old wanker anyway, no good for a woman."

    They all had a good laugh at that and I joined in. Then I heard Sally sigh and glanced round to see Mr Ndabi kIssing her, her legs wide open and his hand between her white thighs. We nearly had an accident as I swerved and Ackoko told me to concentrate on my driving. In the restaurant Sally was very excitable, especially when Ndabi gave me her G- string to look after. My wife was brilliant, her skin flushed and her eyes shining as he fingered her underneath the table. I could see she was really on heat.

    After the meal I offered to call them a cab to take them back to the hotel but Mr Ndabi said as my wife was away, why not go back to my place for drinks and whatever else. What could I do or say? I needed the contract and I realised that for the first time I could see my wife being well and truly fucked by not one man, but two.

    Once home I fixed them a drink before seeing the babysitter out and checking on the kids. When I returned, Sally had put some music on and was dancing with Mr Ndabi, her dress was up at the back and his hands were on her bum, his fingers digging into the crack, holding her tightly against him. Their lips were joined in a sensual kiss, her arms around his neck, drawing him down. I couldn't help it, I groaned as I came in my pants.

    Mr Ndabi sat Sally on the sofa as Ackoko pulled her dress up around her hips, she was unzipping Mr Ndabi and drawing his trousers down. I was gazing at my wife's gaping pussy when I heard her whisper "Oh god! Oh god, just look at it!" I did and received the biggest shock of my life, I was looking at the largest cock ever, of that I'm sure, it was still hanging down flaccid and all of 10 inches long. It was a huge soft rubbery thing dangling between his legs like a horse's.

    Sally was going potty looking at his slowly erecting cock. Sbe held it in her tiny hands and started gently wanking it. I couldn't see how she was going to take such a monster without it splitting her in two.

    I was shaken out of my stupor by Mr Ackoko, he was rubbing a finger up and down Sally's pussy, he pulled me down to my knees between Sally's long legs and instructed me to lick her cunt to prepare it for Mr Ndabi. In a dream I obediently did as I was told, lapping my tongue the full length of Sally's gash, with her bucking her cunt at my face. I could hear her moaning so I looked up and saw her licking and sucking Ndabi's cock, now almost fully erect, its fat pink head squeezing itself clear from the foreskin. It looked all of a foot long. I went back to eating pussy, thoroughly enjoying myself when suddenly I felt Ackoko pulling me away. He pushed me to the floor as Mr Ndabi moved between Sally's splayed legs. I could see her holding his massive shaft guiding that huge shining pink knob between the soft dribbling folds of her pussy and as he raised her stockinged legs over his arms. I realised he wasn't wearing a condom but I was too far gone to stop him. Sally must have known as well but she just held it and fed it into her yawning minge. God how she squealed as she took it and realised just how big he was. Her body twisted and turned as he worked it up inside her. I saw tears streaming down her cheeks. All I could do was stare as he squeezed his cock inside her tight tunnel. Sobs racked her body as he forced more and more in. He had about 10 inches in and she was begging him to stop but he had the bit between his teeth and there was no stopping him now.

    She clawed at him as he rammed in and out and suddenly he was all the way in, his balls nestling against her thighs. He just stood there moving his hips gently back and forth and slowly Sally's sobs of pain turned to sobs of pleasure and she began to respond.

    She started to work herself against him, grinding her hips into him as he just stood there letting her do all the work. She was sighing, then she shuddered and squealed as she climaxed. He pulled her to the floor with her legs stretched over his shoulders and fucked her hard, as she screamed in both pain and ecstacy.

    Mr Ndabi shagged my wife for a good hour bringing her to climax after climax until she was too weak to move with him. He carried on regardless pausing briefly to regain his composure before setting about her again, then came the time he didn't pause at all, he kept right on fucking her getting faster and faster. SaIly knew he was about to come and urged him and begged him for his spunk. When he came, she went crazy, screaming the house down. That's when I come in my pants again. Mr Ackoko pushed me towards Mr Ndabi saying: "We must thank my chief for allowing us to watch him mate with a woman, then we must leave otherwise it will be on insult to him."

    He went up to Mr Ndabi and said "Thank you sir for the honour you have bestowed upon me," I followed, bowing as I repeated Ackoko' s words. I asked Ackoko if he was going to fuck Sally as well but he explained that it would be impossible as he was not worthy of her now she had been wIth Mr Ndabi.

    I didn't get much sleep that night my mind was full of what I had seen earlier. but my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of our bed creaking and soon I heard Sally's moans and cries as Mr Ndabi took her again. I tossed myself off twice during the time it took him to fuck her, her cries grew louder and louder but I resisted the temptation to disturb them, I just wanted to hear my wife being fucked and put in the club by that big-cocked blackman.

    There's so much more to tell you, like the next morning when Ackoko discovered that Sally was not my secretary and was in fact my wife and said I would be privileged to lick her out just after Ndabi had fucked her and I tasted his thick spicy come. How Sally went back to Ndabi's hotel for four days and returned knackered, sore and pregnant and how a big fat contract landed signed and sealed on my desk the day she returned.

    I know that her child will be well taken care of by Mr Ndabi and have been told it is a great honour to have my wife chosen to mate with such a great and important man. In fact, I can't wait until the baby is born so that Mr Ndabi comes over again and I can watch him and Sally renewing their friendship.
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