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. Abbi The Frat Toy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Dec 13, 2017.

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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!

    Author Note:

    I hope all of you pathetic white boys had a good Black Friday! <3 You should treat your significant other to black cock this Christmas.

    Here is a gift to you all! I hope you'll enjoy. Consider supporting my wicked tales on Amazon and now Barnes & Noble!

    I highly recommend Blacked By Her Boss (Part I) and Blacked Bride Roulette (Audio Enhanced!). I am very proud of both of these stories and know you all will love them. <3


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    Abbi The Frat Toy

    Avon grinned from ear to ear at her as Abbi and her meek white boyfriend Tommy hung out at the college party. The Zeta Beta Frat was an all-black fraternity and by far the leading party house at the liberal arts college.

    Abbi, a high school senior, had dressed up in her sluttiest clothing as her white boyfriend Thomas objected... Tommy’s white cousin Grace had invited him telling him they would be able to drink and smoke a little herb, but the party was not as he expected. Black college athletes all stared lecherously at them... White girls were all around, but there were almost zero white males. Rap music played loudly, her nerdy boyfriend so intimidated as he tried to talk her into leaving early. She seemed to love their attention!

    "Babe, we should go upstairs and make out... Watch a movie or something..." He said quietly, sexually threatened by the superior alpha males. Suddenly, Avon, the captain of the lacrosse team, approached with his boy Darius. The black college male towered over them... The top of her head as high as his under arm. Almost ignoring her white boyfriend, he licked his dark lips as he spoke huskily to her. "Hey there, snowbunny... I haven't seen you around here... I'm Avon and this is Darius... What's yer name...?"

    Wicked Abbi seemed to take her cues from them suddenly, totally ignoring the white boy who'd brought her, turned off by his meekness. She turned her back on Tommy and made annoyed, shoo-fly gestured as he insisted on continuing to talk to her. Teen Abbi pushed it as hot white jailbait, greedily soaking up the attention of what seemed to her idols of masculinity and strength – black men. The contrast of their dark skin to her own honey tan was suddenly something meaningful and beautiful, powerfully erotic to her. The girl spent hours laying on her back masturbating to the most violent rap music, their race’s superiority saturating her weak mind.

    Just being around the two black athletes and addressed by them… To say nothing of all the other black male pheromones in the place, made Abbi deeply, rainforest wet in about twenty seconds. With a white, slashed top and shiny black miniskirt, even her outfit looked like the Oreo Cookie she found herself aching to become, a white plaything for two black studs. "Hnnh. Hi, goddamn. You guys are fucking hot. Wow, Mmn. My name's Abbi, but please call me whatever you want. I like it," she flirted shamelessly, playing with her hair, sliding close that she might be arm candy for both of them, an easy white trick straight up about to betray her boyfriend-- and happy about it.

    The two ebony men sneered, Avon offering her his strong arm... Both of them wore their black letterman jackets with white leather sleeves. Darius took her other arm, hitching it with her and letting her tiny white hands grasp at his muscular upper arm... Rock hard and solid as she was squeezed between them.

    "I... I... I'm Tommy. Please to meet you!" Her meek boyfriend uttered, upset and jealous of Abbi's boldness with the two real men. His tiny white cock twitched, a part of him excited to see her so boldly betraying him.

    "Hey..." Darius replied to Tommy, smirking and saying it low. They barely acknowledged him. "Say... You look like a girl who likes some good hip hop... See, Darius and I are headed up to our room to listen to some music and smoke a bit... You want to come up with us, snowbunny...?" He said with an evil grin... Their intentions too clear as Tommy swallowed hard.

    The corrupted girl was learning things about herself tonight. First and foremost, that her attraction to strong black men was hard-wired, that she felt happier and safer in the presence of these two fine gentlemen of African extraction than she'd ever felt with her worthless boyfriend, the wimp. Squeezing their muscles for comparison gave her a primitive thrill, the impressed and friendly native going off with her two conquering heroes. What good was Tommy compared to them? She was forgetting his white bread name already.

    No, she wanted Avon, wanted Darius, drawn to them like a little pink magnet to two heavy iron bars. "Shit, yeah! Yeah let me get in on that, please? That's my kind of party right there, Mhm." No mention of the white boy, just too timid and small of dick to ever really compete with her African rescuers. She whispered something bold into both guys' ears, a dirty secret her boyfriend could not quite hear. "I'll suck your black cocks, too! Gonna make me your little domino?" She purred to them.

    Both African gods grinned evilly at her. "Let's go..." Darius said. The three of them began walking up the large oak staircase to the dorms above the common area. Tommy meekly followed from being, assuming his was invited... She wouldn't go alone, would she...? They entered the room, not bothering to close the door as Darius opened his desk drawer and pulled out a rolled joint for them. As he prepped some strong weed Avon sat on his bed in the small room and smirked slyly at her. Turning on some Jay-Z on his iPhone he plugged it into the speaker on his bedside table. "Say... I bet you know how to dance, white girl... Show me..." He said, licking his bottom lip as Tommy sat meekly at one of the desk chairs.

    The depraved white girl still didn't appear to give a shit where her boyfriend was, or if he could tell what was about to go down. Abbi immediately hitched up her skirt on both sides, revealing the green-light thong under her skirt, quickly twisting her slashed top into some flimsy, truly tiny, wardrobe malfunction of top. Then she got low and twerked in four different ways, going gymnastically upside-down and clapping her heart-shaped booty in the air. Childhood of dance lessons now exploded into this stripper technique theater, this twin lap dance for two different black men, truly deserving of her time. As Jay-Z thumped and gave rhythmic instructions for own filthy white-girl dancing, simulated fucking, Abbi got almost high on the act itself, ready to hit the blunt or go straight to hitting black pipes. Whatever they wanted. Her boyfriend could go fuck himself, for the rest of his life, for all she cared. "Hnnngh… Yeah... Fuck, I love that...! That's me, just like that..." She told them, panting a bit from the lewd twerking.

    Both watched her with lustful eyes as Darius moved over to the bed sitting beside Avon. Taking a deep hit of the joint he held it a moment before exhaling... Those dominant chocolate eyes glazing a bit as he stared lecherously at the little white whore. Avon took it from him after taking a drag just as deep, exhaling it with a sneer. Patting his lap on the side between Darius and him he was offering to let her sit in both of their laps a moment. "Come hit this, girl..." Darius cooed.

    Tommy swallowed hard, almost having a panic attack. "Ah... Babe, we should really go... It is getting late..." He began, mumbling to her.

    Abbi didn't even hear her boyfriend at that time, and her vibe was so wrapped up in her potential black lovers. Wanton Abbi wouldn't have responded even if she had. These guys were not only stronger, but so much more handsome and dominant. Her boyfriend was like dead weight, and if he didn’t make him just watch silently, might would go so far as to throw something at him. For now, the blonde minx got comfortable in both black laps, managing to sit there in just about the most whorish way, having never fixed her outfit after the dance. Still flipped up, still rolled fine, leaving her highly accessible. Abbi draped her legs over Darius's lap and leaned back into Avon's, as though freely inviting him to feel her up while she hit the J. Deep pull, deep breath, hold it in and release. Cough, cough. After recovering: "You guys are the best. Seriously! Mmn. Black don't crack. I wish I had a black boyfriend. Y'guys wanna let me be your white girlfriend for the night?" She teased, wetting her lips.

    Both men were touching her almost instantly. Avon's hand went to one of her breasts, groping her throw the pathetic little top with that powerful black had while Darius's equally large hand slid down the front of her thong. His thick ebony middle digit... Much larger than Tommy's little white cock... Began to rub at her swollen little pink pearl as she hit the joint. Both men chuckled, Avon giving her earlobe a nip. "Black is better, babe... Why date a little dick white boy...?" He uttered. Tommy's mouth fell open, his mouth dry as it moved to form words and say something... But, he feared the superior males. Not just sexually, but physically. "Girlfriend...? Heh... I treat my girlfriend with some respect... What I want to do with you, girl...? No respect in it at all..." The man told her, kneading at her breast.

    "Why don't you make like a good snowbunny and show us you know how to worship real dick...? I bet your white boy hasn't given you good practice..." Darius said, giving her cute ass a playful slap. Underneath her and their baggy jeans were those throbbing black monoliths... Each 11" and thick... Avon a tad thicker...

    "Black men are the only real men... Say it." Darius insisted.

    Abbi only felt hotter as the slow-rolling effect of the THC set her at absolute ease, fostered a giddy sense of trust and affection and mutual, animal understanding with Avon and Darius. She'd known it before but hadn't fully realized: they were going to fuck her northern lights out, fuck the white right out of her mind and soul. Her heart leapt in excitement, her pink nipples standing at attention, easily tweaked or teased and susceptible to it. The white girl’s clit was buzzing too, thong noticeably damp after just how wet they'd gotten her. Fuck, yeah. She was going to say it, every word they put in her mouth, any declaration they wanted her to parrot, it all true and good.

    "Black men are the only real men!" Abbi shouted more than said, going to her knee before the duo and reaching out to free both black mambas. Undoing their belts and the front of their jeans she freed each throbbing black godcock, her eyes going wide as she stroked them and lavished each in turn… Sucking their precum soaked tips… Deep throat head bobbing… Willing herself to impress them… Their happiness with her was all that mattered. “Fuck white people…” She muffled out between switching cocks.

    Both men stared down with dominant dark eyes. Sitting there in shock was Tommy. She never sucked his small white cock except once on his birthday and she hated it! Apparently his wasn't a cock with sucking since she refused him all other times. Both men grunted... Taking turns grabbing her by her blonde pigtails and pushing their turgid ebony tools into her mouth and into her throat... They were going to ensure they robbed her of her gag reflex! But, for now... They just needed hard and wet enough to run a train on the little teen and send her home pregnant. "Aaah... White bitch..." Darius growled. "Heh... In your throat... Show lover boy how you... Aaah! Love only real dick..."

    Her devotion was plain to see, a very willing personality coming over her now that she was with real men, her sexuality responding powerfully to their strength, casual dominance, and those toe-curlingly big cocks. Avon and Darius having nothing to prove and Abbi nothing to hide, too far above caring whether Tommy could bear to watch. The cheating blondie gave some real deep sliding oral just then, a fierce effort that went miles in bouncing her gag reflex, training it away. She slurped and choked both down, pigtails adorably present and mobile unless they were being gripped, used to control her. Yes, that's what throat-love sounded like, love for titanic black dick such as theirs, her urgent breathless sputtering and determination to stay down, sucking. "...Ulllllghh...!! Mmmmmrrgh..."

    The guys let her work her magic... Each of them roughly taking her head by the pigtails and forcing her down... Mistreating her... Calling her the worst names... White bitch... Snowbunny whore... Cracker slut... As minutes passed their black pillars shined with her thick wet saliva... The lengths throbbing and pulsating with life as they became hard and wet enough to break the little white girl and ruin her for all white men forever.

    Tommy sat meekly, sweating and staring with his mouth agape. His tiny white cock twitched... Aching… It was so hard. Suddenly, the men began to remove their open jackets and jerseys. Pulling the wanton little slut away Avon slapped her pretty face with a sneer, making her cry out and become even more submissive.

    Both stood up, undressing for her and showing off their rock hard black bodies... Nubian lords... As those eboby godcocks leaked her precum profusely. Avon laid on the bed, tugging her with him by her pigtails as he laid on his back. Grasping the base of that member, he rubbed it up and down her pink little cunt pushing her thong aside as Darius climbed in behind her. "You're black only now... Say it... Black is better... You chant it while we black you, slut..." He hissed, giving her ass a hard stinging slap.

    Abbi was more and more submissive as some newly initiated white girl, a future mother to black gods and goddesses. Abbi had been completed won over and let them carry her off, arranging herself in perfect receptivity. It all lined up nicely for this night of prolonged betrayal, but teen body ovulating. She'd choose these African gods 100 times out of 100. She saddled up on Avon, smoothly sank down on his spear and then lowered herself… Naturally, it made it even easier for Darius to shove into her from behind. Helping in her own cheating double-fuck, just the first few moments were more than enough to convince her that black men… No, black gods… Owned her body for life and would mark it as their property. Swinging back to have them both blacking her at once, Abbi dutifully began to chant, a blonde convert. "Black is better... Black is better ... Black is better! I'm black only now... Now and forever... Black is so much fucking better..."

    Darius grunted hotly as he impaled her down on the throbbing black godcock... The heated flesh so hard as inch after inch sank into her pink vice-like little sleeve... Gasping, he grabbed at her throat and held it without choking as Darius grabbed her pigtails. Pushing into her tight virgin teen ass he growled hotly... Doing what Tommy only dreamed about.

    At last, meek Tommy found courage. Standing, he approached with a purpose. "No... No! Not this... Stop, please, babe..." He said, almost sobbing. "Please at least wear a condom and..."


    An elbow to the face from Darius sent him to his knees holding his bruised face as he whimpered, staring at Abbi being blacked... Two-thirds of Avon was inside of her before he reached her cervix, bumping at it at Darius sank his entire length into her tight ass... Both men began to grind in a rhythm, grunting and chuckling at her broken white boyfriend. As Darius would pull out Avon would sink until he hit her cervix... As Avon withdrew Darius pushed all the way. Taking her ass, he gave it a hard slap leaving a handprint as they DP'd the little broken teen.

    No sympathy came from his blacked girlfriend. Abbi just laughed in a high, silver-bells sounds that came between the pained moans of her religious experience of a double penetration. Such a good hurt, having Darius ram deep in her ass and fuck it, while Avon remained the black anchor underneath her… Giving the fertile white trick room to bounce and fuck herself on his black spire… At least until settling her hips, riding their pelvic rhythm, or staying down, low, and still, for them to just hammer away on her high, caucasian fuckholes.

    The jailbait honey didn't take long to cum from that kind of banging, a flicker in her eyelids… A shudder in her thighs, spasms, and serenity… Abbi had a monstrously powerful first climax, almost breathless in a way unrelated to the black hand around her throat. Her little hurricane of a climax only made her more docile and fuck-pet playful, having given herself over to Darius and Avon entirely, to sandwich and gape and inseminate, not to mention start the train running when they were done with her.

    “Nnnnh! Making... Me... Cum... So... Good.... Unnnngh!" The white girl cried out, her sex gushing around Avon.

    Her new African Gods rammed and rutted her... Darius pulling her pigtails back as he filled her tight little jailbait ass to the hilt. Avon as he growled underneath her, holding her throat to lightly choke her now and then as they cursed and became more beasts than men for a bit. Soon, they devolved from messy shivers to violent shaking... Both men so close. Avon slapped her pretty face, staring into her eyes coldly as his dominant eyes burned into her submissive snowbunny brain.

    "Aah... I'm going to knock you up... Beg for a black baby, Snowbunny... Beg for it..." Avon growled viciously. Darius was the first to release... Suddenly, he pushed against her and the twitching as that giant member inside of her began to fill her with black cum in such a sinful way she'd never allow any white boy. Avon was seconds later... Arching his back he lifted his hips and howled out in pleasure as fertile African godseed pumped directly into her fertile womb...

    No white boys ever again! Abbi’s white cunny belonged exclusively to black men only, a rich and welcome 'restriction' that was upgrading her pussy or at least holding it up as untouched by white sissy cock. True to her obedience-school behavior with these studs, Abby wildly begs for it… Crying out her shameless need for the Nubian Lord to plant his seed, to put a black baby in her.

    "Please, please! Breed me, please, my Black God! Put a black baby… Bless me with a black baby, please. Let me have it, please, my lord! Fill me up, knock me up, use my white girl womb…!" Both men flooded her little body… Claiming her white girl ovaries by buttering her up and flooding her so deeply, surging millions of African-descent sperm straight for her fallopian tubes.

    She breathed hard... Both of them held her there for a minute as their hearts began to slow. Darius was the first to pull out... A wet pop as he did so, followed by Avon. Smirking at the crying white boy, Avon stood up... Giving him a look at the black cock that impregnated and ruined his white girlfriend forever before giving him another hard slap. "This slut is staying in my bed tonight... Go sleep on the steps outside so you can drive her back in the morning...” Avon growled.

    “Yes, Sir…” The white boy whimpered, his jaw already swelling.
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