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. A Walk on the Wild Side

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Jun 3, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    A Walk on the Wild Side

    by RLM


    On Monday morning, Robyn Hamill climbed into her Toyota Camry and headed toward the Community Center for her weekly book club meeting. As usual, she wore a loose-fitting blouse, jeans, and a pair of comfortable shoes with one-inch heels. Underneath her blouse, she wore a full bra to firmly contain her ample bosom and a pair of full cotton panties beneath the jeans.

    Robyn knew all the other wives at the book club. About half were older than her 36 years and all were married. When the conversation was not about the weekly book under discussion that all members were supposed to have read during the week, it concerned children, school, volunteer activities, and complaints about husbands. Occasionally, one of the wives had just returned from a nice trip, and her discussion of what she had done and the photos she distributed provided a brief deviation from the usual conversation and gossip.

    When her book club meeting ended, Robyn grabbed a brief lunch of a salad and some fruit at one of the restaurants in the area and then headed to the Salvation Army headquarters for her two hours of volunteer work. By 4 PM, she was home getting dinner ready for her 17-year old daughter, Gail, her 16-year old son, Clark, and for Damian, her 37-year old husband who was Head of Purchasing for one of the larger companies in the area.

    After dinner, Damian and the kids did the dishes. This was followed by talk about school or work, and then two hours or so of TV. By 11 PM, they had turned in for the night.

    Tuesdays were, in many ways, the same as Mondays. Instead of the book club, it was two hours at her aerobics and exercise class. After that, Robyn used the time before lunch to read on the next week's book. Lunch was again a salad or, for a delightful change, perhaps a bowl of a low-calorie soup. The volunteer work at the Salvation Army was replaced with two hours at the hospital. After another hour of reading on her book, it was time to begin dinner.

    Wednesdays were a real variation in the Robyn's normal routine. In the morning, she quilted, worked in her garden, and sent e-mails to all her family and out-of-town friends. If there was any time left before lunch, she used it to pay the household bills. In the afternoon, she usually went shopping with one of the other wives. After shopping, the two of them sometimes went to a recent movie or to a coffee shop where they indulged themselves with coffee and a croissant while gossiping. When she went with Rhonda, the gossip was usually about who was having sex with whom or how often Sam, Rhonda's husband, wanted sex.

    Thursday's activities included volunteer work with her church and the weekly PTA meeting. Robyn was the vice-president and, therefore, rarely missed a meeting. She usually set aside three hours to finish reading the book club's selection for the following week.

    Thursdays were special in that Damian usually wanted to have sex when they went to bed. Robyn never understand why her husband always seemed to get randy on Thursday, but he usually did. Sex was usually 15 minutes or so of very erotic foreplay followed by oral sex during which Damian almost always made her cum at least once. After that, he was too hot to wait any longer and generally gave her a very vigorous fucking in missionary position. Robyn usually had another orgasm before Damian ejaculated into her vagina.

    Fridays was another volunteer day at the hospital, finishing up her book and the household bills, another salad for lunch, exercise class in the afternoon, and some activity with Damian and the children in the evening, if the kids didn't already have plans.

    Saturdays were Damian's golf day and her bridge club. Often the family had dinner out in the evening after which Robyn usually got her second fucking of the week from her husband. After 17 years of marriage, twice per week was a pretty regular thing for the Hamills, which was a lot less than her daughter was getting it. Robyn had gotten Gail on the pill the year before and was quite certain that her sexy, good-looking daughter was getting laid at least twice as often as her equally good-looking mother. She often wondered if Clark was getting into his girlfriend.

    Sundays involved sleeping late, a lot of TV, yard work, and then usually a get together with one of the other couples they knew for bridge or an outdoor Bar-B-Q. The Hamills had a nice sailboat on the lake that would accommodate four easily or six if necessary. Sometimes, they took the boat out on Sunday afternoon.

    Then came Monday again and the book club and volunteer work at the Salvation Army. It was all programmed and choreographed. It was routine. It was boring. And Robyn Hamill was going out of her mind with the repetitive boredom of her activities!

    Vacation Plans:

    It was a Sunday afternoon when Damien brought up the subject of the summer vacation.

    "We need to decide what we're going to do this summer for our vacation, Robyn. Any ideas?"

    "Some, but you're always so eager to please me, I would rather hear your ideas first. Do you mind?"

    "No, of course not. We haven't been to see your sister and her husband for a year now. We could give them a call and see if they would like to get together at some resort for a week or we could go visit them. What do you think?"

    "I think I don't want to do that, Honey. I want to do something different... something exciting... something we've never done before... something that we've never even considered before."

    "What do you have in mind?"

    "I don't know. I just know that I feel like I'm going out of my mind with boredom. I do the same damn thing every Monday... and then something different on Tuesday but it’s the same for every Tuesday. It's like that every damn day! It's even worse for you. Your job is repetitive... purchase orders to be filled out... bids to be taken... etc, etc. Tell me truth, Damien. Don't you get bored with this stuff we do continuously?"

    After some time, Damien replied, "Yeah. I do. Really bored. But my job pays a huge salary. We can't afford for me to quit."

    "I know that, and I really appreciate the sacrifices you make for us, but that's just all the more reason why our vacation time should be something exciting... something wild... every year so that we can look forward to it with anticipation and excitement. That way the day-to-day boredom won't be so overwhelming."

    "I see your point Robyn, and more than that, I really find myself in total agreement. If we don't do something, we're going to become old and bitter very quickly. Any ideas?"

    "Some, but we have to be truthful... no criticism... no finger pointing or shouting. Can we do that?"

    "We've been married for 17 years, Robyn. If we can’t be open and honest with each other, we're in more trouble that we've ever imagined."

    That brought a huge smile to my face. So much so, I climbed up in Damien's lap and kissed him hard as I wiggled my ass on his crotch. It didn't take much of that treatment to get my husband hard.

    "Oh fuck! I like this!"

    "See what I mean. I haven't done this in a long time. We need variety, Darling. We need to break out of our shells and try new things."

    "Such as? What do you have in mind?"

    "Let me suggest some things, Honey. How about we both take scuba lessons and then vacation in the Florida Keys and scuba dive among the coral reefs? Or, how about a vacation to Jamaica where can go swimming at a nude beach. Would you enjoy seeing all the sexy naked women, Honey? Could you handle other men seeing your wife naked, her tits bouncing, her pussy on display, getting them hard? Sound exciting? How about we both take sailing lessons and then rent a large sailboat and cruise the Caribbean islands? I think I would use a lot of sun screen and go naked all the time. What do you think?"

    "I think you really have my attention, and I think I'm harder than stone right now. I want to fuck you."

    "Good! I want you to start fucking me a lot... at unexpected times."

    "Really? I've thought about it, but the few times I tried to bend you over the kitchen cabinet when you were fixing dinner or screw you in the back seat of the car, you got pretty perturbed with me, if I remember correctly, Honey. I just got too nervous to try, I guess."

    "I know, Damien. A lot of this is my fault. I've spent way too much time and effort worrying about other people might think... or worrying that our children would catch you fucking me. Well, I've done a lot of thinking about this lately, and that stuff is over! Period! If Gail sees you banging me on the couch, she can either leave the room or stay and watch...her choice. I don't think she'll be traumatized. Hell, she's getting fucked several times a week herself. And Clark is jacking off every day while looking at all those porno magazines he hides in the bottom of his closet. It might do him a world of good to catch you giving to me and see how much more fun screwing a woman is than using his hand." I felt Damien's cock throbbing hard against my ass.

    "I knew about Clark. All boys do that, but I didn't realize that Gail is having sex that much. Are you sure?"

    "Oh yes. I'm sure. I do the laundry, remember. Every week, I find three to five pair of her panties in the clothes hamper stiff with dried cum in the crotch. And if that's not conclusive enough for you, Honey, last month her date... I think it was Craig Harrison... brought her home around midnight. They parked in our driveway. You were already asleep, but I was still up reading. After thirty minutes, Gail still hadn't come inside so I went out the side door to check to see if every thing was all right."

    "Was it?"

    "Oh it was more than all right. The first thing I saw was our daughter's legs sticking up in the air in the back seat of Craig's car, which was bouncing on its springs as he fucked her."

    "God! What did you do?"

    "I moved closer to the car until I could see inside. He was really pounding her. Gail was gasping and moaning on every thrust. Her feet were jerking back and forth near the ceiling of the car. He was really screwing her hard, Honey. I could hear her moan every time he pumped her.”

    “After a bit, Craig rolled off onto his back. Gail bent over his legs and started sucking his cock. I could tell she hasn't yet learned to properly deep throat a man because she was only sucking about half of his cock while she used her hand on the bottom half.”

    “I was pretty certain that he wouldn't cum in her mouth, and I was right. She sucked him for a few minutes, and then they changed positions so Gail could ride his cock. When she bent over him, I could see Craig's cock pumping in and out of our daughter's pussy, but the light wasn't so good, so I moved closer to get a better view. She was really pumping her ass, Honey. Some stud or studs have been giving our darling daughter lessons in how to ride a cock.”

    “At first, I got a little closer... then even closer. It wasn't long before I was almost up to the car's window. There wasn't any danger of them seeing me, Gail's body blocked Craig's view, and they were so engrossed in fucking, there was no chance they would see me. From my position, I had a good view of his cock fucking our daughter's pussy, Honey. He looked like he was almost as big as you are, but Gail was taking every inch up her cunt.

    Take my word for it, Honey. Our daughter was being royally fucked."

    "Lift up, Robyn, so I can pull your skirt up and get your panties down. Hurry!"

    "Oh yes! You're going to make me ride your big cock just like Craig was making our daughter ride his. MMMmmmmm.... that's so fucking hot!"

    As soon as I lifted my ass off Damien lap, he jerked my skirt up around my waist while I pulled my panties down. I held myself up while he got his big, swollen shaft out of his pants and aligned it with the opening to my vagina.

    "Fuck your cunt on my cock, Robyn! NOW!" my wildly excited husband ordered. We both groaned as my pussy enveloped his throbbing sex shaft.

    "Oh you hot Stud. FUCK ME!"

    As I pumped my vagina up and down on his big fuck stick, I knew that anyone behind me would have a great view of it stretching my pussy wide open and sinking into me. Leaning close to Damien's ear, I whispered, "Do you think Clark is watching you fuck me, Darling? If he's peeking, he can see your big cock sinking into his mother's cunt." Instantly, I felt my husband's cock jerk and throb spastically inside me at the mental image I had just painted for him.

    "What did you do after you watched Craig fucking our daughter?" he asked as he rammed me harder... faster... his rod swelling and pulsing deep inside my hot, gushing pussy.

    "I went to the guest bedroom, locked the door, and masturbated like mad. I came once from rubbing my clit and then again finger fucking my cunt."

    "You've never let me see you doing that. Oh god, that sounds so damn hot!"

    "I'll do it for you any time you want, from now on, Darling."

    "I'm going cum in you... oohhhh shit... so damn hard."

    "I'm ready, Stud. Shoot it into meeeeeeee! I'll cum when you shoot it!"

    My husband tried to remain quiet but when he began to shoot in his load, he couldn't keep from grunting with each gush of semen that fired into my cunt. I couldn't keep quiet either when my clitoris and vagina erupted in an intense orgasm. I did bite my knuckle trying to keep Clark and Gail from knowing that I was being fucked. But when the sensations became so delicious, I gave up and just shrieked each time a hard spasm ripped through me.

    Later, as Damien and I cuddled together in bed, he said, "That was fantastic tonight, Honey. I absolutely loved it."

    "Me too. I had two intense orgasms."

    "Do you think the kids heard us?"

    "Yeah. I know Gail did. She was in the kitchen fixing herself a snack just before I came to bed. When she saw me, she grinned and winked at me."

    "Does it bother you?"

    "No. It excites me. If I can watch her being screwed in the back of her boyfriend's car, I guess she's entitled to hear me when I'm being fucked."

    "I really like your vacation ideas, Honey. Particularly the one about going to Jamaica and swimming on the nude beach."

    "You just want to see all those naked tits and pussies... Could you handle all the other men seeing my naked pussy and tits?"

    "Yeah... actually, that thought is more exciting to me than seeing the other women, and that's the truth!"

    "I have a few other vacation ideas that turn me on even more, Lover."

    "Tell me."

    "Tomorrow night, Honey. I promise. But right now, I would really like for you to fuck me again, but I want to suck your cock first."

    My husband rolled onto his back and threw back the covers. My pussy throbbed and began to seep when I saw Damien's iron-hard 7.5-inch cock sticking straight up in the air. "Suck it, you hot slut. Then I'm going to mount you and fuck your hot ass through the mattress."

    Damien kept his word as he rammed my ass deep into the mattress on every thrust. I LOVED IT!

    It turned out that Damien had to wait until Thursday evening to hear the rest of my idea. The kids were both home the first part of the week, and in spite of our having wild, hot sex in the den with them in the house the previous Saturday, we were still somewhat inhibited when Gail and Clark were around. And I wanted nothing interfering with what I wanted to tell Damien.

    But Wednesday evening was not without its erotic moments. When Clark and Gail had retired to their rooms to watch TV, we finally had the den to ourselves.

    "We're finally alone," Damien said. "Tell me the rest of your ideas for a vacation, Robyn. If they're anything close to as hot as the one you told me on Saturday, I may shoot off in my pants."

    "Don't you dare waste it like that! If you think you're going to shoot, put it in my pussy first. Understand? My man doesn't shoot off in his pants... he shoots his loads into his wife."

    "Oh shit... I'm already hard as marble listening to you talk like that! Come on, Honey. Tell me."

    "No. Not tonight. The kids will be gone tomorrow night. I want us to be alone when I tell you my ideas." I really loved the disappointed look on my husband's face, but to cheer him up, I added, "I do have something really sexy to tell you though." Damien perked up immediately. He also began squeezing and slowly stroking his cock through his pants.

    "What is it?"

    "Do you remember when you were fucking me on the couch last Saturday my saying something like, "It might do Clark a world of good for him to catch you fucking me and see how much more fun screwing a woman is than using his hand."

    "I remember very well. I was hoping that he would come in and see how much fun I was having screwing his mother."

    "Well, you got your wish, Darling. He did hear us, and after he heard us, he hid in the hallway and watched you fucking me."

    "Oh hell... that's hot! But how do you know? You had your back to the hallway. You couldn't have seen him peeking."

    "I didn't see him, and I didn't know until Monday afternoon. The Salvation Army work was cancelled so I got home a little after 1 PM. As soon as I came in, I heard Clark in his bedroom. He was grunting loudly and saying things like, "Oh shit! Look at my hot slut Mom taking that big cock up her cunt... give it to her, Dad. Fuck her wet, hot cunt!" I peeked in the door and saw Clark in the middle of his bed. He was jacking off like crazy, and he wasn't using his porno mags either. He was thinking about the way your cock looked as you fucked me."

    "Oh god... I gotta take it out or may cum in my pants!" Damien almost tore his pants in his frenzy to get his engorged cock out. It was rigid... like an iron bar... and throbbing. Just the sight of his gorgeous shaft had my pussy gushing.

    "What else did he say? Did you see him cum?"

    "I did. He was really jerking it hard and fast when he was getting close. Just before his load fired several feet into the air, he yelled, "Ride that big cock, Mom! Fuck your cunt on it!" That was when he shot his load."

    "That is hot, but our son is still using his hand instead of a girl's pussy. But he's only 16, so I guess that's understandable. Sort of difficult for a 16-year old boy to get a girl to fuck."

    "Really? You think so, huh? Well, I haven't finished my story, Lover. After seeing him jacking off on Monday, I was really hot to watch him again. So on Tuesday, I came home early from the hospital. As soon as I came in, I heard moans coming from Clark's bedroom again."

    "Damn! Isn't it amazing how many times a 16-year boy can jerk off and cum. So you got to see him doing it again on Tuesday?"

    "No. I didn't."

    "Why? Were you too embarrassed to spy on him again?"

    "Not at all. I did spy on him. For almost 30 minutes, in fact."

    "Then you did see him masturbating?"

    "No. I saw our son fucking a good-looking girl. I guess I forgot to mention that the moans I had heard coming from Clark's bedroom were female moans, not Clark's."

    "So our son's not a virgin any longer?"

    "Judging from the number of times he was making the girl cum and the intensity of her screams, I don't think our son has been a virgin for some time. I know the girl Clark was fucking. She's an 18-year old senior, and our son had her begging him to fuck her again as soon as he would shoot off in her pussy."

    "No condom?"

    "Nope. The girl was on the pill and Clark was taking full advantage of that fact. When he went down her, she couldn't stop howling she was cumming so often and so hard. And then right in the middle of one of her climaxes, Clark would mount her and fuck her again.

    "Oh fucking shit! I'm going to cum!"

    I quickly yanked up my dress, and jerked my panties aside. "Stick it in me, Baby. Shoot in my hot hole. I'm on the pill too!"

    Thursday finally arrived and none too soon. Damien hadn't stopped trying to get me to tell him about my other ideas for a vacation for the past five days. But we would have the house to ourselves tonight, and his patience was finally going to be rewarded.

    Clark was trying to make Eagle Scout and his troop had a camping trip scheduled. He wouldn't be home until sometime Friday. Gail had a date with Craig and I didn't think she would be coming home before midnight or maybe even 1 AM.

    Clark had left for the trip to the scout camp grounds around 4 PM, and Gail had been in her bedroom getting ready for her date since 6 PM. At 7:30, she came out of her bedroom wearing a tight fitting, pink top and white short-shorts that covered her ass, but not much of her legs, which looked very sexy in the 4-inch heels she wore. The outfit made her look older than her 17 years.

    When Craig arrived to pick up our daughter for their date, she was sitting on the couch waiting for him. She had her legs up on the couch and pulled back toward her breasts. Her position stretched the material of her shorts to the breaking point. The tightly stretched material outlined the swell of her buttocks and the enticing crack between her cheeks perfectly. It also let Craig know that she wasn't wearing any panties beneath her shorts. When Craig held the door open for Gail, there was no way he could conceal the hard rigidity of his throbbing erection.

    Damien came in the den just as the two of them were leaving and told them to have a good time and not to stay out too late. After they had left, he said, "Gail looked pretty sexy in those short shorts and heels, don't you think?"

    "Yeah. Very sexy. I'm pretty sure that was the idea."

    "Do you think Craig will fuck her tonight?"

    I couldn't suppress my grin at my husband's question. "Of course, he's going to fuck her. The way she was advertising, my guess is that she’ll probably be fucked several times. Gail's hot for it.”

    "I wonder where he'll take her. Any opinions?"

    "Probably out to the lake where he'll either fuck her in the back of his SUV or outside with our daughter bent over the fender."

    "What about when he brings her home? You told me that you saw Craig screwing Gail in the back of his SUV in our driveway. Will he do that again tonight?"

    "Probably. He usually does."

    "Does that mean you've seen them fucking in our driveway on more than one occasion?"

    "Yeah. I've watched him fucking Gail several times, Honey. He'll probably do it again tonight. Do you want to spy on them and watch?"

    "That is a hot thought, but I'd rather be in bed with you. It doesn't seem to bother you that our 17-year old daughter is going to be fucked tonight... according to you several times."

    "Why should it bother me? Gail's on the pill, and I was getting laid when I was 16. Girl's like to be screwed, Honey. Guys have two or three orgasms... girls can have a dozen. Understand now, Darling?" I asked with a big smile.

    "Yeah, I guess. Are you going to tell me your vacation ideas tonight?"

    "Absolutely. Why don't you fix us a drink while I get ready. I'll have a Tom Collins but make it light."

    It took me almost a half hour to get ready for my "presentation", which is the way I thought of it. I really wanted to convince Damien to try my ideas.

    When I came back into our den, my husband was waiting impatiently for me. His face showed total surprise followed by disappointment when he saw me wearing a terry cloth robe that came almost to my ankles and covered every thing. Obviously, he had hoped for and expected something much more erotic.

    "What's the matter, Darling? Were you hoping for something sexier, more revealing?"

    "Well, yes. You wanted us to have house to ourselves, so naturally I thought... well, you know."

    "You thought I would be wearing something totally slutty and hot?"

    "No... not that... I mean... well, I mean I thought you would be wearing something ... eh... attractive."

    "Bull shit! If we're going to get any where tonight, we have to agree to be totally honest with each other... no more facades and fears... you're my husband... I'm your wife. If we can't be open and honest with each other, our marriage is never going to grow from what it is now. So let me ask you again: Were you hoping for something sexier... more revealing... sluttier?"

    "Ok. I was hoping you might come in wearing something outrageously hot and sexy. But it's ok. And that's honest, Robyn. Absolutely honest."

    "I believe you, Darling. Now let's continue to be honest. Is this more along the lines of what you were hoping for?"

    I dropped the robe to floor and stood there, hands on my hips with my ass jutted out in a sexy pose. The black form-fitting sheathe I was wearing was essentially obscene. Two tiny straps over my shoulders were all that held up the top. The V-neck exposed a third of my 34D tits. The dress just barely covered my ass, and unless I was careful, even the crotch of my panties would show. The 5-inch heels just added to the totally slutty effect. I knew I looked like a $2,000-a-night call girl.

    The expression on my husband's face was priceless! His eyes seemed to grow in size. His mouth did open, but no sound emerged. Finally, he got himself together and said in an excited groan, "Ooooh god Yes! You look like pure distilled, hot sex in that dress. OMG! I can see you're not wearing a bra... do you have on any panties? Does that dress even manage to cover your ass?"

    "Before I answer all your questions, Lover, I have one. Are you hard? I mean really HARD!"

    "OH FUCK YES! Like a steel rod. Want to see it?"

    "Of course, but not yet. Keep that big cunt destroyer in your pants for now, Baby."

    "I love hearing you call it your cunt, Robyn. That really turns me on."

    "I know it does... from now on, Lover, when I'm your faithful, prim and proper wife, it's my pussy. When I'm a hot, slutty whore, it's my cunt. Now as to your questions... Yes, I'm wearing a push-up, half bra. No, I’m not wearing panties, and Yes, the dress is just long enough to cover all of my ass but when I bend over just a little half of it is exposed. See." I turned my back toward Damien, bent over, and heard his hot masculine growl of lust at seeing my naked ass as well as my cunt. I felt my juices coating my thighs.

    "My god! Half of your ass is exposed, and I can even see your cunt! That's so fucking hot!"

    "If I spread my legs just a little more, Honey, you can see even more of my cunt." I turned to face my husband again and leaned over to give him an enticing view of the top half of my tits.

    "Do you like seeing your wife showing herself off like this, Honey?"

    My husband was now rubbing his erection through his pants. "Don't jack off, Lover. I've a got much nicer places for you put that big sex spike. Let's talk about the vacation."

    "Great! So what do you have in mind?"

    "First, I want us to pick a vacation spot where I can wear this dress and others like it in public. And I want there to be some places wherever we go where I can wear this dress without panties."

    "Would you really do that? Really?"

    "Oh yes! I really want to do that, and I want us to pick a vacation where I can. So I obviously don't want to visit our relatives or go to the beach. It needs to be someplace exotic and liberal. How do you feel about that idea?"

    "It has me so damn hot I can't believe it. I need to fuck you, Robyn. I really need you!"

    "And that's exactly the way I want my stud husband for the entire vacation... crazy wild to fuck me. But you have to wait until we finish this discussion. I want to do more than just show off my body, Darling, on the vacation."


    "Every thing! Absolutely every thing! I want to totally break out of this boring rut we're both in... from now on, I want our vacations to be transformations to a different lifestyle... so that they become things that we anticipate during the necessary but boring times in between. I have another question... one that I need you to be completely honest."

    "I promise... the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

    "Have you ever fucked another woman since we were married 17 years ago?"

    This was met with silence followed by, "Oh shit", then more silence. Finally, Damien said, "I don't want to lose you over a vacation, Robyn. I didn't anticipate that question."

    "Obviously you have and I can tell you that there's no way you're going to lose me just because you had some fun fucking another woman. So answer my question, Lover."

    "You already know the answer is 'yes'.

    "How many different women... how many times did you enjoy them?"

    "Three women... one-night stand for two of them. Twice with the third. They all happened on prolonged purchasing trips or conventions. I didn't know any of them. They were just at the convention away from their husbands. They were sexy and hot, and I was horny. I'm sorry."

    "Why? Didn't you enjoy fucking them?"

    "Well, of course. But I felt very guilty about cheating on you. How about you, Robyn? Have you let another man fuck you since we've been married?"

    "My answer is the same as yours, Darling. I don't want to lose you over a vacation discussion."

    Suddenly, the hang dog expression on my husband's face vanished to be replaced with an excited grin. "You won't! I promise. Now answer my question, you sexy woman."

    "I have you beaten by one, Darling. Four men. All one-night stands... so we're tied for the total number of times we've each cheated. Are you furious? Disappointed?"

    "Hell no! But I keep getting harder and harder. My cock is hurting it's so hard now. Can we fuck? I really need to fuck you."

    "I don't want you cumming in your pants, Honey. But I would like to let it build even more. Can you hold it?"

    "Yeah... but I warn you, I'm going to fuck your brains out once I get your hot ass in bed."

    "MMmmmm... now you're making very hard for me to wait, Honey. My cunt and panties are soaked."

    "Tell me about the men. All of them."

    "They all happened when you were out of town on purchasing trips. It's very likely that at least once when you were sinking your cock into one of those three hot women, a hot stud was sinking his cock into your wife’s cunt at the same time." We both spontaneously moaned at that thought, which brought sexy grins to both of our faces.

    Each time I did it, the children were either at their grandparents or were away for the evening on some activity. I would dress hot and slutty, go to a club, sit at bar and wait. I never had to wait long before I had several men trying to get into my pants. I would wait until I had checked them all out and then would pick one."

    "What happened then?" my wildly excited husband asked.

    His equally excited wife replied, "They usually took me back to their table. Some started feeling me up immediately; others would wait for five minutes or so. They all liked to get my big tits out, Honey. Sort of like this," I slipped my shoulder strap down my arm and exposed my tits. Damien's cock throbbed at the mental image of four different men playing with his wife's exposed tits.

    "Oh damn... sooo hot! Right there in the club? I never had the nerve to do that with any of the three women I fucked. I was afraid they would slap me and leave in a huff."

    "You shouldn't have been nervous, Darling. They would have loved it. They might have put up some token resistance like your wife always did, but they wanted you to do it... just like I wanted those studs to take out my tits and get me hot right in front of all the other men."

    Damien just moaned and clutched his cock.

    "Once they had one of my tits out, it usually wasn't more than a few minutes before they had their hand up my dress on my cunt. After that, my tits got stroked, hefted, and squeezed. It didn't take them long to home in on my hard nipples. After five minutes of having my nipples squeezed, pulled, sucked, and twisted with fingers inside my cunt, my pussy was gushing, and I was about to cum right there in front of everyone."

    "Did you cum?"

    "Of course I came. They would work on me on the dance floor and at the table until I had had at least one orgasm. Eventually, we would leave and go to a motel to fuck."

    "How many times did they fuck you... usually?"

    "The kids were all gone for the night, so I spent the night with three of the men. The other one had to get home to his wife. But he screwed me three times before he had to leave. The all nighters usually fucked your wife four or five times before I left in the morning."

    "Do you mind if I ask why you decided to see other men? Was I lacking somehow... doing things you didn't like?"

    "Not at all, Darling. You didn't fuck those three women because of anything I was doing, did you? I was just bored with my repetitive routine... like you were... are. You were gone, the kids were away, and my cunt was wet and eager."

    "Ok... but what does this have to do with our vacation plans?"

    "During our vacations, Honey, I want us to have an open marriage. I would really love to watch you banging some other man's wife. Wouldn't you like to have both of us in bed at the same time? We could do each other while you fucked us both."

    "OMG! That's unbelievably hot!! How about you? Do you want to fuck other men?"

    "Of course, and I don't want either of us to feel guilty. You can watch or participate or just get hot and horny knowing that some other cock is fucking your wife's cunt. Now... where can we go to be able to do those things? I want it to be some place where there are a lot of erotic activities."

    "How about Jamaica? Or Las Vegas? Or a swinging cruise?"

    "Let's do them all on our next three vacations. Let's start with Vegas."

    "Las Vegas it is then. The next time I want to go to Jamaica."

    I gave my husband a sexy look and whispered, "Why Jamaica, Darling?"

    "Just a fantasy I've often had."

    "I know. I've seen you reading hot stories on the internet about your fantasy, Lover. You really want to see your wife taking a huge black cock up her cunt, don't you?"

    "Oh yeah... just the thought gets me hard."

    "Ok. After the vacation to Vegas, we'll go to Jamaica the following vacation, and I promise you'll see your wife cumming on a lot of big, thick, black cocks. Maybe, we can manage that in Vegas this time. Now, are you ready to fuck my brains out, Lover?" I asked as I removed my half bra, pulled my dress up to my waist, and slipped a finger into my very wet vagina.

    I beat Damien to the bedroom and was spread out in the middle of the bed, naked, with my legs open, and my fingers stroking my cunt when he came in. "Get naked, Stud. Your hot Slut needs cock... your big hard cunt destroyer. Give it to me, Baby. Fuck my brains out!"

    As soon as he mounted the bed, I lifted my legs and spread wide to expose my gaping, wet, and very eager vagina. Almost as quickly, the raging stud mounted me and rammed his iron-hard dick into my waiting cunt.


    Damien shoved my legs back until they would have been mashed against my tits except he had them spread wider than that. Again and again, the thick, jerking cock plunged into my vagina and thudded hard against my womb driving my hips deep into the mattress. I shrieked with hot female pleasure at the same time as my husband growled and roared with virile masculine satisfaction.

    "Take it you hot Bitch... UGH! UGH! UGH!"



    "Oh yeah, Baby... Cum in your slutty wife's hot cunt, Lover. SHOOT IT IN!"

    My husband's rampant cock jerked again and again, each time pumping another thick stream of semen and sperm into my hot, waiting hole.

    "MMmmmmm... so good," I whispered with hot passion in my husband's ear. "Don't take it out, Darling. Keep it inside me until you can fuck me again."

    "I'm sorry I couldn't hold it any longer, Robyn. Usually, I've got a lot more control than that. I didn't last five minutes."

    "I loved it! I just fucking loved your not being able to hold it. I couldn't either. I was cumming almost as soon as you started fucking me. Your slutty wife had been teasing you for an hour. I'm amazed you could last five minutes. Most men would have cum before they even got it inside me. MMmmmm... you're already getting hard again. Oh god... it's really getting HARD!"

    "I'm going to fuck you again, you hot Slut!"

    "I know you are... I deserve to be fucked like a whore. How many times are you going to fuck me, Darling?"

    "As many times as I can, Honey." Holding me firmly around my waist and keeping his hard dick rammed into my cunt, Damien rolled us over so I was now on top. "Now stop talking and ride my cock, Slut," he commanded. I followed orders like a good wife should.

    Thirty minutes or so later, I was still riding my hot stud's big shaft as he held onto my hips and drove his cock upward at the same time as I was ramming my vagina downward. The friction on my clit and G-spot along with the intense sensations produced every time the big cock head hit my cervix were driving me into repeated orgasms. I couldn't stop screeching and wailing as the orgasms surged through my body.

    "Did you ride the other four guys like this when they fucked you, Robyn?"


    "Answer me!"

    "Yes.. yes! YES! I rode all their cocks.... aahhhh god... oohhhhh shit... cummingg... cumming... FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!"

    "Did they hold your hips and ram their dicks up your cunt like this... UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH?"

    "Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! They all rammed me hard. OH GAWD! This is incredible.... OMG! OMG!"

    "And did they all make you cum like you're cumming now?"

    "Oh shit NO! NO! Not even close... OMG! Fuck me faster, Darling... I'm about to cum again."

    Damien came in me twice while I rode his big cock. I have no idea how many times he made me cum. Finally, when his cock softened, he pushed me off his body. Looking at the clock on the mantel, I realized with a shock that my husband had been fucking me for almost two solid hours and had shot three big cum loads into me. Thinking that the sex was over the evening, I swung my legs off the side of the bed intending to get up and head for the shower.

    "Where do you think you're going, Robyn?"

    "To shower, Darling. I reek of sex."

    "You can shower later. Right now I want your mouth sucking my cock."

    I was back on the bed kneeling over my lover in a flash. A moment later, I had all of his soft cock in my mouth sucking it feverishly even though I was sure Damien couldn't get it up again after his awesome two-hour performance.

    "Did you suck the other four studs who fucked you?"

    Momentarily removing my mouth from my husband's cock, I gasped, "Yes... all of them. Two of them shot off in my mouth. I swallowed their loads." I felt Damien's cock surge and swell in my hand. "Actually, I had no choice. They were fucking my mouth. When they were ready to shoot, they held my head and pushed their cocks all the way down my throat. Their loads fired straight into my belly." My husband's cock roared to full erection, and he yelled, "Suck me!"

    It only took another few minutes until his cock was rock hard again.

    “SUCK IT, TAKE IT ALL!, he ordered. I couldn’t wait. In about 30 seconds, I had it buried in my throat.

    It didn't seem possible, but this hot satyr was going to fuck me for the fourth time in just a little over two hours. Either that or shoot down my throat.

    "That's enough sucking, Robyn. Get on your knees... head down... ass up." I got into doggie position with my cunt already pulsing in anticipation. Damien straddled my hips and pried my buttocks apart. Before I realized what was happening, he inserted the neck of the astroglide bottle into my anus and squeezed it once. Pulling it out, he squirted some more of the lubricant onto the outside of my hole. The next thing I felt was his big cock head pressing against my ass.

    "Did all four of them ass fuck you, Honey?"

    "Oh Please... put your cock in my ass, Lover. I want it! Give it to me!"

    "Did all four of them ass fuck you", he repeated.

    "They all wanted to fuck my ass, Darling. But I said no. Three of them took no for an answer and never got into my ass. One of them, Ramon, wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. He got me in doggie position and started fucking my cunt... hard and fast... when he had me cumming, he jerked his dick out of my cunt and pushed it into my asshole. I yelled at him to stop, but he just ignored me. It took him about a minute to get his 8-inch cock up my ass. Then he really gave it to me."

    "Did you cum?"

    "MMMmmmmm... yess... three times. Now you know... Stick your cock in my ass, Darling. Fuck me!" A moment later I was howling as Damien's cock, which was a half inch shorter than Ramon's but much thicker, stretched me open and sank into me. It kept going in and in ... deeper and deeper... until I felt his balls slapping my cunt.

    "Ahhhhh god! You're huge... Ramon didn't come close to filling me like this, Honey."

    For five minutes or so, Damien just kept his cock buried to the hilt inside my ass without fucking me. His arm moved around my hips, and his fingers quickly found my engorged and erect clitoris. He began tapping it... rubbing it... squeezing it gently between two fingers as he jacked me off like I were a man.

    "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! I'm gonna cum! OOHH! OOHH! UUNNGGHH! AAAHHHHH!! I'M CUMMING!"

    My clitoris just exploded under Damien's fingers, and at the same time, my asshole went into hard spastic contractions about his embedded cock. Then my hot husband began to ass fuck me with hard, deep strokes. His fingers worked on clit as he filled my ass... again and again. My entire body shuddered when I erupted in another orgasm. This time, my husband joined me and poured his fourth load into my ass.

    When our orgasms ebbed, Damien moved us both onto our sides with him behind me in spoon position. We fell asleep with his cock still inside my ass.

    My daughter and I were both dressed hot for sex. I hoped she was being fucked like Damien was giving it to me.

    The lights flashing across the bedroom as the car pulled into our driveway woke me up. I listened and heard the sound of a car engine outside that suddenly vanished as the driver came to a stop. Looking at the lighted, digital clock beside our bed, I saw that it was a little after 1 AM. I grinned knowing that my daughter had probably been thoroughly screwed during the evening and was most likely about to be fucked again.

    Turning over to face my sleeping husband, I gently shook his shoulder with one hand while I stroked his flaccid penis with the other. It took about a minute of this treatment before he opened his eyes. His cock was already partially hard from my stroking.

    "MMmmmmm... now that's the way I like for my wife to wake me up. What time is it?"

    "A little after 1 AM." With Damien now half erect, I began to jerk him a little faster. His cock responded nicely.

    "Keep that up, Robyn, and you're going to be fucked again."

    "That's sort of what I have in mind, but not here in the bed?"

    "What's wrong with the bed?"

    "Not a thing, Lover, but Craig just pulled into our driveway bringing Gail home. He just parked the car and turned out his headlights."


    "You said earlier that spying on them while they fuck was a hot thought. Would you like to do that. I could bend over and we could fuck while we watch Craig giving it to Gail. Interested?"

    "They might see us. That would be really embarrassing."

    "Why. Gail has watched us fucking at least twice in the last week. She can't very well object if we watch her getting laid. Besides, they're not going to be thinking about us. Come on, let's go watch Craig fucking her."

    There was a full moon and the large yard light in the front of the house provided some illumination, and as our night vision kicked in, we could see the interior of Craig's car without a lot of difficulty. The light was low, but it was enough, and what we couldn't see, our imaginations would provide.

    The SUV was parked near the hedge that lined our driveway on one side. It wasn't too thick and would provide good concealment for us. I had used it every time I had watched. The hedge allowed us to get very close to the side windows of the SUV. When we first peered through the hedge, the car was already rocking on its shocks.

    "Craig's fucking her right now," I whispered to Damien. Reaching down, I felt his cock and found a rock hard, throbbing shaft. The man had already fucked me four times tonight, and I had no doubt that he would be banging me a fifth time very soon.

    When we peered through the side window, we saw that our daughter was riding Craig's cock in reverse cowgirl position so that she was actually facing us. She was bracing herself with one hand on the ceiling, the other one behind her, presumably on Craig's chest. Gail was pumping her pussy on the thick shaft frantically, moaning with every thrust. With the way he was driving it into her, I fully understood why our daughter always said “yes” when Craig asked her for a date.

    "Oh fuck, you're so hard, Craig. Uuummmm... you have no idea how good your cock feels inside me when you stretch me open and pound me. AAaahhhh... god... fuck me harder, Craig... Ram me, Stud. I won't break. A woman's cunt is made to take a hard fucking... GIVE ME ONE!"

    As we watched, Craig gripped Gail around her waist and pulled her back onto his body. This relieved some of the pressure of her weight and allowed him to thrust his hips upward and really give our daughter what she had asked for... a hard, fast, deep fucking. She was howling every time her date rammed it home.


    At this point, my husband gasped in my ear, "Jezzz!! How can a young girl take a fucking that hard... he's fucking the shit out of her."

    "He is and she's loving it... listen to her howl, Darling. She's having one orgasm after another. Come on, Lover. Stick that hard cock in me. I want it like Gail's getting it." I bent over supporting myself with my hands on my knees. I had to bite my knuckle to keep from moaning when Damian rammed all 7.5 inches of thick man meat into my hot box. In just moments, Gail was howling as the cock pounded her cunt. At the same time, her mother's cunt was throbbing around the big dick fucking her.

    I was about to cum and when we heard Craig say something to our daughter. She quickly dismounted, turned around, and remounted the hard shaft ... this time with her tits in Craig's face. She bent way over and even in the dim light, we had a perfect view of the big rod stretching our daughter's cunt and sinking into her again and again as her ass hammered up and down like a seasoned whore.

    "Oh shit, Robyn. This is so fucking hot!"

    "Oh hell yes! I've already cum once... almost there again... can you cum with me?" I hissed quietly.

    "If you hurry, Honey. I can't hold this much longer."

    Just at that moment, we heard Gail grunting and telling her lover that she was cumming. So was I... and so was Damien... all three of us shooting off at almost the same time. I knew I was getting one huge stream of cum after another... I wondered how big a load Gail was getting. As our orgasms ebbed, I got my answer when I saw thick rivers of semen dripping from my daughter's pussy onto Craig's balls.

    The action inside the SUV seemed to ended as Gail rolled off her lover and they cuddled together. I felt my husband's cock slipping out of my drenched hole and whispered. "That was fabulous, Honey. Shall we go back to bed?"

    "I want to fuck you again," he protested.

    "MMMmmmm... love that. We'll do it in bed. That's more comfortable and I think they're finished for the night."

    However, just as we began to make our way out of the hedge, we heard Gail groan. When we looked back, the SUV was bouncing wildly. "He's on top of her now, Robyn. And he's ramming it home. Let's go back and watch them again."

    We did, and I got my second fucking while watching Gail getting it missionary style. When we heard Craig grunt, "I'm cumming... I'M CUMMING IN YOUR CUNT, GAIL... TAKE IT!", Damien leaned over my body and grunted, "Me too, you hot slut. I'm cumming in your cunt, Robyn. Take it!" Mother and daughter each took another load of sperm and semen up our throbbing cunts. I came again, and I was pretty certain so did Gail.
    Our daughter couldn't stop howling as Craig's cock fucked into her very willing cunt. She gasped and moaned
    every time it thudded into the bottom of her vagina, which wasn't surprising since I was doing
    the same thing as Damien's shaft plunged into my eager pussy.
    Vegas and Demond:

    The flight to Vegas was uneventful except for the attention I was getting due to the tight, form-fitting short shorts I was wearing. I remembered the knowing look Gail had given me when I had asked if I could borrow them for our vacation.

    "You looking to get laid on the vacation, Mom?" she had asked me with a big grin.

    "I think your father can handle that job," I replied. "I just want to give him some encouragement."

    "Sure you do, Mom," she had replied with an even broader grin. I had said no more other than to thank Gail for allowing me borrow the shorts.

    Once we arrived in McCarran International Airport in Vegas, I left Damien to collect our baggage while I hit the ladies room. Inside, I stripped off the short shorts and top and put on a tight red sheathe with a V-neckline. The shorts were sexy, but I wanted slutty, and the red sheathe was totally slutty.

    By the time I got back to the baggage area, Damien had our luggage on a carrier and was at the rental car window getting our car for the vacation. When I walked up, the clerk handling the paper work turned most of his attention to checking out my cleavage and mostly exposed legs.

    "Ok, Honey. I've got... " I loved it when my husband's sentence died on his lips as he stared at my mostly exposed body in my slut outfit. "Wow! I hope that outfit is the harbinger of what I can look forward to this week."

    "Oh it is, Lover. This and more."

    "Do you folks need some help?" the clerk asked, his eyes locked onto my tits and legs. I winked at my husband and said, "Sure. Why don't you bring our luggage. Come on, Honey. The nice man will bring our luggage."

    As we walked toward the rental parking lot, I could feel the clerk's eyes on my swinging ass.

    "I've never had a rental car clerk offer to bring my baggage before," Damien whispered to me with a knowing leer at my tits.

    "That's because you've always been with your wife, Honey, instead of being with a whorish, hot slut. Which do you like the best?"

    "Both are nice," he replied tactfully.

    "Liar," I interrupted.

    "I'm not lying, Robyn. You didn't let me finish. I was going to say that both are nice. At home, I prefer my loving, sexy wife. On vacation, I absolutely love being with my whorish, hot-cunted slut."

    "Mmmmmm... You know exactly what to say to a woman, Darling. I won't interrupt you again. Is the clerk still staring at my ass?"

    My husband looked back. "You need any help with the luggage?"

    "No. I can handle it," came the clerk's reply.

    "He is. When I looked back, he was staring right at your hot ass, Robyn."

    "I think he deserves a nice tip for his help, don't you, Darling?"

    "Certainly. I plan to give him a $5 tip for his help. Ok?"

    "Make it $10 and I'll spread when I get into the car so he can see my pussy."

    "You're not wearing any panties?"

    "Panties can be pulled aside very easily, Lover. I would have thought that a man of your experience would know that," I teased.

    I when we reached our rental car, I was pleased to see that Damien had gotten us a Lexus for the week. Sexy man! While he was busy helping the clerk load our luggage into the trunk and giving him a $10 tip, I was busy taking care of my panties. As I expected, the clerk came around to open the car door for me. I smiled and got into the car, one leg at a time. In the process, I opened my legs and left them open to give the very helpful clerk ample time to inspect my exposed cunt. He stared between my legs and then handed me his card.

    "Call me if you need anything during your stay in Vegas," He said with a smile.

    I still had my legs open when I told him I would be certain to do that. His cock was fully erect when I finally closed my legs and got into the car.

    When we reached our hotel, two bellhops rushed to help. Both paused for a moment to check out my legs and panties when I got out of the car, once more opening my legs in the process. When we were registering, I was basking in the male attention that was coming my way as Damien filled out the paper work.

    "Honey, why don't you go on up to our room with the bellhop and take care of things there. I'll go to the entertainment director and inquire about adult entertainment in Vegas. I'll meet you in the Blue Lagoon Lounge."

    Damien nodded and walked with the bellhop toward the elevators while I got directions to the Entertainment Director's office. When I entered, I asked if it were possible to talk to Mr. Hargrave personally. His receptionist relayed my request and a moment later, she ushered me into his private office where two men were seated.

    Both men looked me over with obvious male interest. The man sitting off the side had penetrating, intense eyes that were frankly undressing me. Finally, the one behind the desk spoke. "I'm Lennard Hargrave, the entertainment director for the hotel. What can I do to help you Miss...?"

    "It's Mrs. Robyn Hamill, Mr. Hargrave. My husband and I are visiting Las Vegas for the first time. Not being familiar with any of the entertainment opportunities, I was wondering if you could provide some information."

    "I'd be delighted. What type of entertainment interests you and your husband, Robyn?"

    "Adult entertainment, Lennard. We decided on Las Vegas because we were both tired of family-type vacations. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying. Do you have any suggestions?" I sat back in the chair and crossed my legs to reveal a wide expanse of thigh to emphasize my point. Hargrave stared like a school boy. The other man's eyes became even more intense. I felt his eyes were almost prying my legs apart... and I suddenly realized that I wanted to spread them for him.

    "Of course, of course, Robyn. I understand perfectly. I'm sure you are aware of the Las Vegas motto, "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas." We mean that literally." Hargrave opened a desk drawer and removed a large envelope.

    "This contains a lot of information of the type that you want. After you've had a chance to look it over, come back to see me if you need any additional help."

    I smiled and stood up, exposing some of my panties in the process, took the material, and thanked Mr. Hargrave. Nodding at the other man, I took my leave.

    I was making my way to the Blue Lagoon Lounge when a deep, resonant masculine voice behind me called my name. Turning, I saw the other man who had been in the room approaching me.

    "Hello again, Robyn. Lennard failed to introduce me, so let me correct his oversight. "I'm Demond Valcourt. If you will have a drink with me, I can give you a lot more help and information than Lennard provided."

    His eyes burned into mine. I could feel my pussy becoming wet. When I didn't reply, he took my arm and said, "Shall we?"

    When I didn't object, Demond led me to the doorway of a small bistro/bar. At the door, he motioned for a waiter, but I said, "I told my husband I would meet him in the Blue Lagoon Lounge. Can we go there?"

    "Absolutely. He shook his head at the approaching waiter and led me down a long hallway to the Blue Lagoon Lounge. The receptionist immediately recognized him. "Good afternoon, Mr. Valcourt. Your usual table?"

    No. I think not, Joanne. A comfortable and private alcove in the lounge area would be better."

    "Of course. Right this way, Sir."

    The attractive receptionist pulled the drapes back on a well-appointed and beautiful small room. "Will this be satisfactory, Mr. Valcourt?"

    "Yes. Perfect. Mrs. Hamill's husband will arrive shortly. Please show him in. We'll wait to order drinks."

    "I understand. If you require my services for anything, Mr. Valcourt, you know that you need only let me know."

    "Thank you, Darlene. I shall."

    As soon as the receptionist left and pulled the drapes closed, Valcourt wasted no time in coming to the point.

    "I've lived in Las Vegas for years, Robyn. I know every thing that goes on this city, which is not really surprising since I own interests in almost all of the city's adult entertainment industry. It is the source of my income and my entire lifestyle. If you and your husband put yourselves in my hands this coming week, I can provide the two of you an exotic vacation beyond your wildest fantasies.”

    "What about the information Mr. Hargrave provided? Won't do just as well?"

    "Not close... not remotely close. All of that information is for tourists, and many of the places are just tourist traps. They advertise erotic entertainment but rarely deliver, and what they do provide comes at a very high price."

    "If what you offer is much better, isn't the price even higher?"

    "For some, yes. For you and your husband. You would be my guests. There would be no charges."

    "Why would you do that?"

    "For the exquisite pleasure of having and exotic, sensuous week with you and your husband."

    "That's a very suave and sophisticated way of saying it, Demond. In plain terms, you want to fuck me. Right?"

    "Of course I want to fuck you. Every man in this lounge... in this hotel... wants to fuck you. You are simply sinfully gorgeous and sexy. Lennard got a very hard erection when you crossed your legs in his office, Robyn. So did I. But I want to do much, much more than just fuck you. I got the definite impression that you and your husband desire a lot more than just some sex. I can provide an awesomely sensuous and erotic week. I can tell you that my clients pay thousands for such a week of sexual adventure. For you and your husband, it will be free. My fee will be that I get to enjoy it along with the two of you. If you're not interested, I'll apologize and leave. Are you interested?"

    My cunt was on fire. Aloud, I said, "Yes... I'm very interested, but we have to wait until my husband arrives and see what he says."

    "Fair enough. He may be some time since the hotel staff is very busy at this time of day. In anticipation of the sensuous week to come, I want to see more of you, Robyn. Pull your skirt higher so I can see your panties."

    "Right here?"

    "Of course. Don't you think it's very erotic to expose your panties to a man you just met 30 minutes ago... right here in a public lounge with only a drape to protect your modesty? Show me your panties, Robyn."

    I felt a hot shudder shake my body. Demond saw it too. He smiled. "You're already shaking with sexual heat, and we haven't even started yet. Can you imagine what it will be like once we begin. Now... your panties. Show them to me."

    I pulled my skirt up above the crotch of my thin white panties. If I had had a bush, he would have easily seen it. As it was, he could probably see my wet slit.

    "Oh yes. You are even sexier than I imagined. Your legs, Robyn. You know what to do, don't you?"

    "Yes," I whispered.

    "What do you know to do?"

    "Spread my legs so you can see more.... like this." I scooted down in my chair and opened my legs into a wide spread. There was no doubt that Demond could see my wet sex trench now. With my ass on the edge of my chair and my legs open, Demond was staring directly at my pussy.

    "What a luscious and incredibly erotic woman you are, Robyn. What is your husband's name?"


    "Yes... very appropriate...as is Demond... Damien is a very fortunate man. Remove one of your tits from your dress, Robyn. Even partially concealed, they look awesome. I cannot wait to see them bare. Take one of them out."

    This man had me creaming. I didn't hesitate a second. With one motion, I pulled the concealing panel off my right breast and jerked it aside. My large globe bounced as it was freed from the confines of the dress.

    "Oh! Mon Dieu! Fantastique! C'est magnifique! The other one. Take out your other breast, Robyn. Maintenant! Tres vite! Do it now... quickly!"

    I was panting in sexual heat as I bared my other breast. Demond stared with hot lust at my big tits. His cock now made a big bulge in his pants. "Oh god!... he must be huge," I thought as I cupped my tits and held them out as if in offering. If he decided to fuck me right now, there was no way in hell I was going to even attempt to stop him. I wanted Demond to see my tits... I wanted him to feel them... squeeze them... I wanted him to fuck me.

    "Are you aware that my cock is hard as iron now, Robyn. Have you ever been fucked in a public lounge."

    "No," I moaned hoping that he intended to lay me right here... right now!

    "Any where in a public place?"

    "A guy fucked in the parking lot of a club once," I gasped my pussy throbbing even harder.

    "Were you married at the time?"

    "Yes." I felt cunt juices spurt into my panties.

    "Did you tell Damien?"

    "No. I have now, but not at the time... not for quite awhile later."

    "No secrets this week, Robyn. When your husband arrives, you will keep your legs open and your tits out no matter who comes in. Understand?"

    "Ooohhhh god!" I was shuddering much harder now. Demond leered at me... knowing that I was very close to an orgasm.

    By the time Damien arrived some 10 minutes later, my panties were soaked through to the point that they were almost transparent. My husband did a double take when the receptionist pulled open the drape for him. He was obviously shocked to see his wife sitting with her legs wide open, her tits out, and her panties totally drenched. The receptionist, on the other hand, was surprised that Valcourt didn't already have me naked. He would have except we had to wait for Damien's arrival.

    "What's going on?" Damien asked.

    "Have a seat, Damien. I'm Demond Valcourt. I've just been explaining to your beautiful wife that I own or have an interest in almost all of the adult entertainment in Vegas. I've offered to be your guide to an incredible week of sexual adventure free of charge. But why don't we have Robyn explain it for you."

    "It's true, Honey. Demond has a controlling interest in much of the adult entertainment in Vegas. He usually charges thousands to provide the erotic entertainment he's offering us free of charge."

    Turning to Demond, my husband replied, "And in return for this consideration, Mr. Valcourt, you get to fuck my wife. Is that it?"

    "Of course, I will be fucking Robyn. That is the type of entertainment both of you had in mind. And, in turn, you will be fucking other women... many other women. But it will be much more exciting and erotic than just merely fucking, Damien. I assure you of that."

    "Why are you sitting like that with you legs wide open and your tits out, Robyn."

    "You were delayed, Darling, taking care of the room and luggage. Demond wanted to see my legs, then he wanted to see my panties, and of course, he wanted to see my tits. Since we may be spending a lot of this coming week with him, I thought it would be all right. Is it? Shall we accept Demond's offer to act as our guide this coming week. He's incredibly well connected. I'm sure he can do every thing he promises."

    "I still don't quite understand why you should be offering your services gratis, Mr. Valcourt. With your connections and wealth, you clearly do not have any problems getting women into your bed."

    "That's very true, Damien, but as I'm sure you realize, having a woman in bed is a far cry from having an exotic, sex-filled week with a couple where the wife is as sensuous and beautiful as Robyn. From my point of view, my offer is a win-win situation for all of us. Are we agreed, Damien, or should I simply say goodbye and wish you a wonderful week in Vegas?"

    "I think we're all in agreement, Demond. Are we in agreement, Robyn? Is this arrangement ok with you?"

    "It’s more than just ok with me, Honey. I can hardly wait to get started."

    "I see no reason why we should delay any further," Valcourt remarked. "Why don't you remove your dress, Robyn. It will just be in the way."

    I was in a near sexual frenzy. My pussy was a swamp and moisture was sliding down my inner thighs. I didn't even consider hesitating. Standing up, I quickly unzipped the back of the sheathe and lowered it down my legs. When it was at mid thigh, I looked at my two men for the week. Both had considerable bulges in their pants. I knew that Damien was a thick seven and half inches. Demond looked even bigger. I felt the flow from my pussy increasing.

    "I think our woman is gorgeous, sensuous, and more than ready, don't you Damien?"

    My cunt throbbed when I heard Demond refer to me as "their woman".

    "She's ready," my husband informed my second lover. "She's been ready ever since we got on the plane this morning... maybe even before that."

    "I can smell the musk of her cunt. Can you smell her, Damien?"

    "No. I can't. If you can, why can't I?"

    "Because you've been around her all day with the aroma of her cunt in your nostrils. The sense of smell is very weak. After 15 minutes or so, it can no longer detect a constant aroma. I, on the other hand, have only been around Robyn a short time. For me, particularly with my excellent sense of smell, her cuntal musk is very strong. If we take her out in public, every man will smell her cunt and know she's ready."

    Demond's comments about my cunt had me on the edge of an orgasm. My vagina was throbbing, and each time it throbbed, I could feel even more liquid sex pouring from between my legs.

    "Why don't you take off your wife's panties, Damien? I'm sure you're as anxious to see our woman's sexual equipment as I am."

    "Get up on the counter, Robyn," my husband ordered. I mounted the marble counter and waited. Damien ran his hand up over the crotch of my panties causing my cuntal secretions to ooze out around his fingers. I arched my hips upward to present myself to my lovers, and to allow Damien to remove my panties.

    As my husband pulled my panties over my ass and then up my raised legs, he opened his jeans allowing me to see his iron-hard dick thrusting his shorts outward. “Oh Honey... you're big and hard," I hissed in his ear. "Take off my panties and fuck me with that thing, lover!"

    "What about Demond?"

    "I'm sure he'll fuck me too, but I want you in me first."

    As soon as Damien had my panties off, I raised both legs up onto the counter and spread myself wide open. "Do you like my cunt, Demond? It's very tight, especially around a cock as big as yours. Are you going to fuck me?"

    I promise I'll be a hot, luscious fuck."

    "Of course, as soon as Damien empties his load into you, I give you mine."

    'OOohhhh god... I need for the two of you to stop talking about fucking me and start doing it. I'm on fire. One of you...either of you... fuck me!"

    My husband pulled me off the counter and bent me over. I spread my feet to make my opening available. He quickly stripped and using his hands on my hips, got me into position. At first, he put his marble-hard dick between my thighs and swabbed it back and forth in my sex trench. Juices bubbled out of my excited vagina coating his shaft. I felt him move his cock back. I arched my hips higher to center the big head at my opening.

    I wanted to scream when the cock drove into me, but I knew only the drape separated us from the lounge. So, instead of screaming, I groaned in a hot whisper, "oooohhh yessss!! you're fucking me! He's in me, Demond. aaahhhh... I’m being fucked. Can you see his cock going into my cunt, Demond? Can you see my husband fucking me?"

    It took me less than a minute to surge to a powerful orgasm. I had to bite my knuckle to keep from screaming it was so intense. Juices poured out of my vagina as Damien pounded me with hard, masculine thrusts, each one rammed into me with authority. He was almost as excited and as hot as I was. I was rising toward another climax a few minutes later when I felt his cock begin to throb and swell inside my cunt.

    "I'm gonna cum in you, Robyn. Can't hold it... aaahhh aaaahhh unnggh uunnggh... load's going in, Honey... ooohhh uunnghh uunnggh. cumming in your hot cunt... aaaahhhhh!"

    I was almost about to cum when Damien's spent cock slipped from my cunt... I was on the edge of another intense climax. I needed cock!

    "Oh gawd! I'm almost there, Demond. Get in me. Fuck me! Hurry!"

    I saw that my second lover was now naked. He pulled a chair over beside the counter, sat down, and said, "MOUNT!"

    I was stunned when I saw his size. I could tell he was big from the size of his bulge, but I didn't think he was huge. It was at least 10 inches and just as thick as Damien's cock. I couldn't wait to get it inside my cunt. Throwing one leg over his thighs, I tried to adjust my opening to take his cock, but his length was making it difficult. Demond saw the problem and immediately came to my assistance by boosting my ass with his hands so that I could center the big head at the opening to my pussy. When the head was just inside, he dropped me and my weight sank the huge shaft deep inside my hot, cum-filled tunnel. I heard myself hiss with hot female pleasure when Demond's cock entered me.

    Eight inches of cock surged into my vagina the first time... deeper than my husband had ever gone. My cunt and clit exploded in an intense climax. Demond felt my vagina erupting around his shaft and began fucking me like a wild demon... ramming 8 and half inches of man meat inside my throbbing channel. Then, 9 inches on the next thrust. I was gasping with the sensation of his cock pushing my womb back to make more room for even more prick.

    Whoomppff... Whoomppff... I had nine and a half inches of cock buried in my hole. I couldn't stop throbbing... my vagina was contracting in hard, repeated spasms about the surging dick that Demond was ramming in and out of my pulsing channel.

    "I'm going to give you all 10 inches now, Robyn. Are you ready?"

    "Oh god.. oh god... yess.. yess.. I'm ready... I'm ready... Oh fuck! Am I ever ready! Fuck all of that big cock into meeeeeeeeeeee!"

    Whoommppff! Whoomppff! Whoomppff! Ten inches of dick were in me... pumping me.... forcing my womb even further back... fucking me... fucking me where Damien had never been... making me cum... cum... cum.. again and again. I couldn't stop groaning and gasping.

    In the middle of my orgasm, I felt Demond's cock spewing thick streams of semen and sperm into my pussy. He didn't even slow his hard strokes... Instead, he pounded his big shaft into me even faster... deeper... harder.

    "Turn around, Robyn. Face Damien so he can see my cock sinking in and out of your cunt."

    I raised up, and Demond lifted my legs and just spun me around on his shaft. When my back was against his chest, he dropped my legs and drove his dick back into me. I couldn't suppress the hot female grunts of pleasure I felt when the big head thudded with force against my cervix. My husband was staring right at my cock-impaled cunt ... jacking off as he watched Demond fucking me.

    At that moment, the drape parted, and I saw the receptionist come in. She moved up behind my husband and replaced his hand on his dick with her own. The two of them watched Demond screwing me as the sexy bitch jacked off my husband.

    Then, whispering loud enough for me to hear, she hissed in Damien's ear, "He's going to be fucking that hot slut for awhile. He usually cums at least three times. Why don't you and I take this gorgeous cock to my office and stick it in my pussy? Wouldn’t you like to fuck me, Honey, while you wait for Demond to finish fucking your wife?"

    "Go ahead, Damien. Joanne's a great fuck. When I finish fucking Robyn, we'll stop by Joanne's office and pick you up."

    Strip Club:

    As soon as Damien and I had gotten back to our hotel room, my husband had a dozen questions. I was still tingling from the erotic sex in the private room at the Blue Lagoon Lounge so I didn't mind at all.

    "What happened after I left with Joanne?"

    "Demond fucked me for another hour. You were there when I rode him. After you left, Darling. He rode me... Oh gawd! Did he ever ride me! He took me on the couch with my knees touching the couch just outside my tits. He mounted and rode me and rode me. That 10-inch dick was thrusting straight down into my hole, Damien. He just kept driving it into me... deeper and deeper... I couldn't stop cumming."

    "Did he fuck your ass?"

    "He rode me, Baby. He rode my cunt... he rode my ass. When he had me doubled up on the couch, he waited until I was having another orgasm and then pulled out of my pussy and pushed it up my backside."

    "Jezzz... he's so big, I didn't think he'd be able to get it into your ass."

    "Neither did I. But once he got the head in, he took his time. He fucked me slowly, but with force. Each stroke pushed more cock into me. I don't know how long it took him, but I finally felt his balls banging against me when he buried his rod. He told me that I was taking his entire 10 inches. I came again when he told me that. And when he started really fucking me, I had several more."

    "Are you Ok now?"

    "Ok? I'm more than Ok. I can't wait to see what Demond has planned for us this evening. What did you and Joanne do?"

    "I went down on her until she had two orgasms. Then I fucked her twice... once in her cunt... the second time in her ass. I guess Demond has been stretching her asshole because I sank all the way into her easily"

    At 8 PM, Demond knocked on our hotel room door, just as he had told us he would. "Are you two ready for a fantastic dinner and an incredibly erotic evening afterwards?" he asked.

    "I just told my husband that I can't wait to see what you have planned."

    "It's a surprise, Robyn. So you'll just have to wait. That's a hot outfit. Very appropriate for the evening. How was Joanne, Damien?"

    "Hot. Really hot. Getting into her ass was very easy. You've been stretching her regularly, haven't you?"

    "Oh yes. Almost everyday. But she has great muscular control don't you agree? Even though it's easy to get into Joanne, once you're in, she can make you think your cock is caught in a vise."

    "That's for sure. I didn't last very long the first time I fucked her."

    "It took me a long time to work my cock into your wife's ass... Isn't that so, Robyn?"

    "Yeah... A really long time. I told my husband it took you 10 or 15 minutes."

    "Well, that will change. By midweek, men will be getting into your ass almost as easily as they can penetrate your luscious cunt."

    I got wet at that thought, and I could see that my husband got hard.

    On the way to dinner, Demond had me remove my breasts for the entire trip. It was still daylight at 8:15 PM and with me sitting right next to the rear window, several drivers had a great view of my tits.

    Dinner was in the five-star restaurant at the Bellagio, and it was as fabulous as Demond had implied that it would be. Nevertheless, at Demond’s advice, I had a very light dinner. Throughout the dinner, our two waiters seemed to be taking turns serving me so they could stare down my cleavage. At one point, Demond told me undo another button on my dress by way of a tip for our waiter's service. I asked if two buttons might not be better.

    "What are we going to do tonight, Demond?" my husband asked as we sipped an after-dinner sweet German Auslese.

    "We're going to one of the very private clubs in which I own a controlling interest. It's called Jacque's Place. Only a few people in Vegas even know of its existence. Entry is by invitation only and with an invitation, the cover charge is $500. But for us, that charge will, of course, not apply. Nor will there be any additional charges."

    "What kind of club is it?" I asked.

    "It's a very special club for ladies only. There are usually 10 to 12 women guests present... all married... all invited. The waiters are all male... all hugely endowed... all carefully tested and healthy... all nearly naked... and all at the total command of the female guests. Sound good, Robyn."

    "It sounds incredible. I can't believe it. Is there entertainment as well?"

    "Of course. It's a male strip club, and the performers are the stuff of a wife's most erotic dreams. There are two dozen waiters and about 20 performers."

    "Are you telling me that there are over 40 gorgeous men and only a dozen women?"

    "Yes. Do you want to go?"

    "OH HELL YES! But what are you and Damien going to do if this is for women only?"

    "We'll be on our own for the evening. You have your cell phone. The club is open all night. If you wish and Damien agrees, I suggest you stay the entire evening. We'll come by around 10 AM in the morning to pick you up, unless you call and ask us to come earlier... or later if you wish to stay longer."

    I looked at my husband who whose face was covered with mixed emotions. "Can I go, Darling?"

    "You really want to, don't you?"

    "Yes. Please say 'Yes'. It sounds like an experience any wife would regret if she missed."

    "Then, my answer is 'Yes', but you owe me one. Remember that."

    "I know I do. I'll make it up to you... I promise."

    Damien and Demond escorted me to the lobby of Jacque's Place where we were met by Renee Angelique, the Manager of the private club.

    "Good evening, Mr. Valcourt. I'm delighted to see you again. It's been over a month. And who is your gorgeous friend?" she asked looking directly at me.

    "This gorgeous woman is Mrs. Robyn Hamill and this is her husband Damien. They are my friends and guests, and I would appreciate your showing her every hospitality of the club, Renee."

    "Of course. Absolutely. Welcome to Jacque's Place, Robyn. I'm Renee Angelique, Manager of the Place, thanks to Mr. Valcourt. Will you be staying the night? I highly recommend it. I can promise you that it will be a very enjoyable and memorable experience."

    "That's what Demond has told me. At the moment, I plan to."

    "Ah! Excellent! I can assure you, that once you see the pleasures that await you, there's no way you will even consider changing your mind." She turned to Damien and said, "I think you should kiss your lovely wife good night, Mr. Hamill. I can guarantee that you will not see her again until some time tomorrow."

    Damien took Renee's advice and pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately. I returned the kiss with equal passion and whispered, "Are you sure you're all right with this?"

    "Yeah! I can't wait to hear all the hot details later when I'm fucking your sexy brains out."

    "I promise you'll hear every single, hot, detail, Lover."

    When I moved out of Damien's arms, Demond pulled me into his. We also kissed passionately, but he also ran his hand up my short skirt to my panties. I moaned softly when his skilled fingers moved over the crotch right along my sex trench upward to my erect and very hard clitoris. He rubbed it. I groaned. When his fingers circled it and squeezed gently, my hips thrust against his hand.

    "Do you want to fuck me before you leave?" I gasped in his ear.

    "Of course, but like your husband, I will wait until tomorrow. Have fun, Robyn." Renee and I stayed in the lobby until the front door closed behind Demond and Damien.

    I followed Demond back to his limo. When we reached it, I asked, "Ok. Now that we've delivered my wife to Jacque's Place, do you have any plans for us this evening or do we head back to our hotel, Demond?"

    "I have a wonderfully erotic evening planned for the two of us."

    "Great. Shall we go?"

    "We're already here."

    "What? Where?"

    "Right here. At Jacque's Place."

    "But you said it's for women only. Dates, boyfriends, lovers, and husbands aren't allowed."

    "That's true, we're not allowed to be with our women. Other men will be taking care of them while they're at the club, but some men, such as myself and my guests, have special privileges. We can't join our girlfriend, mistress, or wife, but we can watch them as they play."


    "Come with me. Around to the side entrance." I followed Demond down the alley to the side entrance to Jacque's Place. It was a large metal door set into the frame of the building. He produced a magnetic swipe card, which he ran through a reader. A panel slid to one side revealing a keyboard with letters and numbers. Demond rapidly pressed the proper sequence of numbers and letters, and the metal door smoothly and silently slid to one side revealing a hallway. He motioned to me, and we entered.

    Once inside, Demond pressed a button, and the metal door closed as silently as it had opened. The only lighting was provided by small red bulbs that gave the hallway an eerie but sensuous appearance. As we moved down the hallway, I noticed the walls were decorated with large color photographs of various women performing all manner of sexual acts. There were large close-ups with superb resolution. Unlike the general lighting in the hallway, each photograph was illuminated so as to reveal every detail. The women were all shown in a variety of highly erotic poses with their tits, asses, and cunts fully revealed. In many of the photos, their various holes were filled with huge male organs. In still others, their bodies were covered with cum and more was flowing from every one of their orifices

    "Who are the models for these photographs, Demond? The photographic quality is incredible and the photos themselves would get a dead man hard."

    "The women aren't models. They're women who at one time or another have been guests at Jacque's Place. At some time next week, similar photographs of your wife will adorn the walls of Jacque's Place. Come. Follow me."

    We moved through several hallways, each one filled with photographs of women engaging in various sexual activities. In most of the photographs, two or three men were fucking each woman. Finally, we reached another door, and Demond did his thing with the magnetic swipe card. When the door opened, we found ourselves in a lavishly appointment apartment that was essentially one huge room. There was a wet bar, a small kitchen, several beds, couches, and lounge chairs. Large flat screen TVs mounted on the wall were scattered all about the room. One entire wall was covered with a large velvet drape that extended from the floor to the ceiling.

    Almost as soon as we entered, two young women appeared. Each appeared to be about 20 or so, and each was nearly naked except for garter belt, stockings, a corset that covered nothing, and 5-inch come-fuck-me heels.

    "Good evening, Mr. Valcourt. I'm Jean and this is Cindy. Darlene and Fonda are also here. Will we be satisfactory?"

    "What do you think, Damien. Are these ladies satisfactory. We'll be here all night and part of tomorrow, so if you would like something else, just say so."

    "They're gorgeous. A man would have to be crazy to think they weren't satisfactory. But I still don't understand? I didn't think we were allowed to be here."

    "Why don't you explain it to Damien, Jean," Demond said as he poured himself a brandy. He began to disrobe and was quickly assisted by Cindy.

    "You wouldn't be allowed to be present, Damien, except you're the special guest of Mr. Valcourt. You wife has no idea that the two of you are here. In fact, none of the women who are guests tonight know that you're here. So they will be completely and totally uninhibited in their actions. Haven't you ever wondered just how sensuously sexy and dirty your wife might be if she were having sex when you weren't present?"

    "Sure. Every married man has wondered about how his wife behaves when he's not present."

    "Precisely. And tonight you get the exquisite pleasure of seeing that for yourself. But, I warn you to be prepared for a shock. Almost all of the wives who come here behave like total whores."

    "How do we see my wife?"

    "Cindy, will you please go to red lighting. I'm going to open the drape."

    Cindy flicked some switches and suddenly the lighting in the room went to the same red lighting as in the hallway. Jean pressed another button and the wall drape slid silently aside. With the drape open, I was looking through a large, one-way mirror into a large room where about 10 women were lounging on couches or sitting at tables facing a large stage. Waiters were circulating brings drinks and finger snacks to the women. Every waiter was a well-built, handsome young man wearing only a bow tie and a large jock strap. And every one of them filled their jock strap to capacity.

    Robyn was seated at a table near the slightly raised stage, which was obviously for the male strippers who would be performing. As I watched, one of the waiters, a dark-haired guy with rippling muscles and a huge bulge was serving her a drink and setting finger food on the table before her. My wife's hand was feeling of his cock through his strap. He moved closer to allow her to feel him.

    As my wife stroked the waiter, Jean was beside me stroking my erection. "Is the hot blonde your wife?" she asked.

    "Yes. That's her."

    "She gorgeous. Look at George's cock. He's the one she's stroking right now. She's already got him hard."

    Jean was certainly right. George's cock was hard and fully erect. When hard, there was no possible way his cock could be contained by the jock strap. At least three inches of his dick poked out the top where my wife's hands caressed the big, throbbing head.

    "Jezzz... how big is he?"

    "George has 9-inch dick. All the waiters have at least 8-inch cocks. The strippers are even bigger. Oh look, Damien. Your wife is pulling down George's jock strap." In a moment, my wife had George's cock and balls out in the open.

    “Look at you wife, Honey. See how stunned she is by the size of George’s cock. Now he’s taking your wife's big tits out of her dress. Is that getting you hard, Honey?”

    "Those are pretty forward, aggressive waiters," I commented.

    "No. Not really," Jean said as she unzipped my pants and took out my cock. "And talk about hard! Damn, Honey. Your cock is incredible. It's like stone."

    "What do you mean, the waiters aren't really aggressive. George didn't even hesitate when he took out my wife's tits."

    "That's because your wife told him to take them out. He would never have done it otherwise. I'll turn on the microphones so you can hear every thing that your wife says. Watch... Watch!... your wife's gonna suck him... NOW! See it! See that big cock going into her mouth... Wow! Your wife really knows how to suck a big cock. She must have 7 inches down her throat. Have you ever seen her suck a cock that big?"

    "No... Never!" My cock was jerking like crazy in Jean's hand with the excitement of seeing my wife sucking that huge shaft. "Can you deep throat a cock that big, Jean?"

    "No... no way, but I can deep your 7 and a half inches... I think."

    "Show me."

    "Let's go over to the couch beside Demond so Cindy and I can suck both of you while you watch your wife and the other women."

    A short time later, Demond and I were seated on the couch with Jean's mouth all the way down my shaft while Cindy was struggling to get the last two inches of Demond's monster into her throat. We were both holding the girls' heads and mouth fucking them.

    "Damn, you've got all of it, Jean," I gasped with pleasure. Beside me Demond growled, "Suck the rest of it Cindy... NOW!" When she took all of Demond's cock, I could easily see the huge bulge in her throat.

    I couldn't take my eyes off Robyn. George had her dress and panties off, and she now had almost all nine inches of his cock meat down her throat. Her hips were thrusting her cunt against his probing fingers. I thought I could hear her moaning, but there was so many women moaning as their cunts were probed by the waiters' fingers and cocks that I couldn't tell which women were doing the moaning.

    "Shall we fuck these two cunts, Damien?" When I nodded, Demond pulled Cindy's head off his cock, and I did the same with Jean. Both women were on their knees between our legs, and both were panting from lack of air when our cocks were buried in their throats.

    "Which one to you want, Damien?"

    "Both. I'll take Jean first and then we'll switch off."

    "You heard the man, Girls. Sit down on the couch... side-by-side... legs up and back. I'm sure both of you know the position very well."

    Jean and Cindy hurried to mount the couch and jerk their legs up into the air. Each woman spread wide exposing her wet, hot pussy. I moved between Jean's open thighs at the same time as Demond socked his hips into Cindy's sex saddle. Jean's moan came first when I entered her. A moment later, I heard Cindy's loud wail filling the room as her young cunt was stretched into a huge round hole by Demond's monster shaft.

    George was fucking my mouth like he was ramming my pussy. I was having trouble breathing around the thick cock, but I knew with the suction I was applying and the tightness of my lips around his cock, he wasn't going to last very long. Grabbing his ass, I pulled him even deeper into my throat and pumped my mouth rapidly on his throbbing dick.

    "Oohhhh you're fantastic, Mrs. Hamill," he groaned. "I'm very close. May I cum? Just nod your head if it's Ok. If not, shake your head and I'll hold off as long as I can."

    I nodded, and George gasped as his organ exploded. With the big head halfway down my throat, his thick cum load spewed directly down my throat and into my belly. Slowly, his thrusts slowed. I continued to suck his dick and heft his balls until he finally pulled out of my mouth. Long strands of his load connected my lips to his cock. When the strands broke, they formed long cum ropes from my chin. Most of his huge load was pooled in my belly, but a lot of it was dripping from my tongue and face.

    George staggered backwards and had to support himself using the back of a chair. His formerly potent 9-inch hard cock was now a 6-inch flaccid penis. I couldn't suppress a throaty laugh.

    "Thank you, Mrs. Hamill. That was fantastic. I'll alert Harmon to take over my duties. I'm afraid it will take 30 minutes or so before I'm ready to be of service to you again."

    "Fine. I'll expect to see you again later this evening, George. In the meantime, send Harmon over as soon as possible."

    "As you wish, Mrs. Hamill. I'll tell Harmon immediately."

    George hurried off leaving me with a throbbing pussy and a mouth that wanted another cock. Women all around me were working feverishly on cocks... either sucking them off or jacking them off, but none of the women were being fucked. That seemed strange so when I saw Renee, I called out to her. She came over immediately.

    "Is every thing satisfactory, Robyn? How do you like our club so far? I saw you sucking George. Most of the women have trouble taking him, but you drained him very quickly. Is there a problem?"

    "Not at all... except for the fact that I don't have a new waiter to play with."

    "What? That's inexcusable. I'll take care of it at once. It won't happen again. I promise."

    "That sounds wonderful... but I was wondering why none of the women are having sex... being fucked, I mean."

    "The waiters only engage in oral and manual sex... both ways, Robyn. The privilege of fucking our guests is reserved for the performers. Believe me, you won't be sorry you waited."

    Renee hurried into the back and within a minute, a powerful-looking stud approached me. "Mrs. Hamill... I'm Rick. I'm sorry you were left unattended. It won't happen again."

    Rick's equipment appeared to be the equal of George's. "Take your cock out, Rick." He grinned and pulled his jock strap down below his balls. He was almost fully hard, and his cock was every bit as long as George's although not quite as thick. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and began to jack him off. Instantly, he got hard as stone.

    "Lick my cunt, Rick. Make me cum," I commanded.

    Rich pushed me onto my back on the couch and fell to his knees in front of me. His powerful hands gripped my legs and spread me... wide open. He didn't ask... he just spread me. "Squeeze your tits and nipples while I suck you, Mrs. Hamill. You will cum much harder."

    My hands flew to my tits and followed his orders when a second later, Rick attacked my enflamed cunt and clitoris with his mouth, his lips, and his fantastic tongue! That tongue slithered around the hard shaft of my clitoris... making it shudder and throb. When it slid upward, his tongue worked expertly over the tip of my clit making me howl with female heat. I squeezed my tits even harder. Rick had me writhing on the couch, my cunt and clit exploding. The man was an expert cunt sucker.

    Rick's hands shoved beneath my ass lifting me. Two fingers pushed into my ass as his tongue drove into my throbbing vagina. I hissed in hot passion when he began finger fucking my ass as his mouth suctioned my clitoris to the bursting point. I was beating on his shoulders the pleasure was so intense. He just sucked even harder and pushed a third finger into my ass.

    "You are about to cum, Mrs. Hamill. Extend your legs to the side... keep them rigid and point your toes... when you cum let them curl backwards. Good... good... perfect. I'm going to make you cum now, Mrs. Hamill. Are you ready?"

    "AHHH GAWD YES! MAKE ME CUM... MAKE ME CUM!" I screamed causing several of the other women to watch me.

    Rick's mouth sucked hard... really hard. I could feel my clitoris swelling under the intense sucking pressure... blood rushed into my clit...it pulsed and throbbed. The three fingers rammed my ass hard... fast... when the tongue lashed up and down the shuddering shaft of my clitoris, I came... hard... and repeatedly."


    Rick stayed on my clitoris until my orgasm began to ebb. "Now suck me off, Mrs. Hamill. When I cum, you will cum again... very hard. SUCK ME!"

    I was so hot, I took Rick's nine inches all the way into my mouth immediately. Again and again, my lips made the trip up and down his engorged and throbbing cock. His balls tightened and rose. I could feel his prick jerking inside my mouth and throat. Nine inches of hard man meat was down my throat. Frantically, I rubbed my clitoris.

    "Get ready, Mrs. Hamill. I am going to cum... the first jets will go into your mouth and belly... the rest will cream your gorgeous face. Now suck it hard. SUCK! SUCK, SLUT! I'M CUMMING!"

    Huge gushes of sperm-loaded semen fired into my mouth and throat. The first two cum jets completely filled me. Quickly, Rick pulled out and shot six more huge streams of cum all over my face and tits.

    When Rick's balls were finally empty, he moved away to make room for Harmon. He already had his 8-inch cock out waiting. I couldn't wait to suck him. Five minutes later, he was face fucking me while I finger fucked my throbbing pussy. Suddenly, he jerked his exploding shaft out of my mouth.

    “JACK ME OFF INTO YOU MOUTH!” he screamed.

    Wrapping my hand around his throbbing cock, I pumped it while keeping my mouth wide open a few inches from the throbbing organ. Harmon’s balls erupted and pumped stream after stream of semen into my waiting mouth.

    I couldn't believe that my wife had already sucked off five men in the first hour and a half she had been at Jacque's place. I had only seen three of them cum in her mouth. I saw a fourth man mounted on my wife driving his cock straight down into her mouth but Cindy had mounted me cowgirl and blocked my view of the cum shot. I didn't see the fifth guy at all, but Demond told me she had sucked him when she went to the ladies room.

    "How do you know that. We can't see the ladies room through the one-way mirror?"

    "True, but we can see all the rooms on the closed circuit TV monitors on the wall."

    "Why didn't you tell me that? I thought the TV screens just showed the room we can see through the one-way glass. Did she suck the guy on her way to the ladies or when she was returning?"

    "Neither," Demond replied. "She sucked him in the ladies room."

    "The male waiters can go into the ladies room?"

    Demond, Jean, and Cindy all broke into laughter at my rather stupid question. I joined them, laughing at myself.

    "There are always three or four waiters in the ladies room in case any of the women want them to lick their pussies after they pee. That's what happened with Robyn. After she had peed, she opened the door of her stall and had one of the waiter lick her pussy clean. When he had cleaned her, he was, of course, hard, so your wife sucked him off.

    Darlene and Fonda had now taken over for Jean and Cindy who were relaxing on the couch playing with each other's pussy while the two new women pleasured Demond and me. We were doing 69 with the two women on the same bed, when Cindy said, "You guys might want to do something where Demond and Damien can watch. The strippers have started the show."

    The four of us got off the bed quickly and hurried to two of the couches right in front of the one-way mirror to get a good view of the action with the wives and strippers. Fonda and Cindy got on the couch with me while Darlene and Jean snuggled up to Demond.

    "Oh Baby, you are hard! Really hard! I want to ride that thing." Fonda hissed passionately.

    I was torn between wanting to feel my cock inside Fonda's pussy and wanting to watch my wife. She saw my problem.

    "I know you want to watch your wife and see what she does with those big-cocked strippers. I ride you reverse cowgirl and bend over your legs so I don't block your view, Damien. That way you can fuck me and watch your wife at the same time. Sound good?"

    "Oh yeah. Get on it. Hurry."

    "And while she rides you, Honey, I'll give you a play-by-play description of what your slutty wife is doing with those studs," Cindy whispered as she rubbed her tits against my arm.

    The strip show was nothing like I imagined it would be. Instead of one guy dancing and stripping on the stage, all twenty or so of the men entered the play room at the same time. And every single one of them was right out of every woman's wildest fantasies.

    Every male body was hard and muscular with fantastic definition to their rippling muscles. Every one just oozed sexual virility... the kind of man who makes a woman feel like he can impregnate her at will. They were all handsomely rugged and masculine. Some had long wavy hair; others had their heads shaved bald. I was certain that if any of these men had approached me at anytime for sex, I would have been unable to resist spreading my legs. I was also certain that every other woman in the room felt the same way. They made women want to spread their legs... want to take their cocks up their pussies... want to suck them on command.

    And their cocks... OMG... their cocks! Unbelievable! Although they all wore jock straps, not one single jock strap was able to contain the man's powerful, thick, surging sex gun. Several inches of hard dick thrust out of every jock strap. Precum leaked from the tips. I could hear feminine moans and gasps all around the room. I had my hand between my thighs rubbing my dripping cunt... so did every other woman Twelve women were lying back on a couch or bed, legs wide open, their cunts and asses fully exposed, masturbating furiously right in front of the men.

    Two of the powerful studs moved up to my couch... one on my left... one on the right. I spread my legs wider so they could both see my cunt. Both of their cocks seemed to swell and thicken as they watched me rubbing my clitoris.

    They were so huge and hard, I couldn't stop masturbating myself.

    The man on my right said, "I'm Lance... 11 inches of cock if you wondering and very thick." I couldn't take my eyes off of it. At least five inches were now thrusting obscenely out of his jock strap. The other man was thrusting his jock-covered cock at in slow, sensuous fuck motions. "I'm Max.. 10.5 inches of iron-hard prick, Mrs. Hamill, and enough stamina and recovery power to fuck you until you faint. Is there anything we can do for you... any thing you want?"

    Both men moved closer until they had one knee on the couch with me. Lance's hand captured my right tit. Max hefted and squeezed the left one. The men rolled my nipples between their fingers... pulling, squeezing, twisting each nipple until I was groaning, and my hips were thrusting in hot counterpoint to their coital thrusts.

    The woman on the couch to my right already had a huge dick in her hand jacking it as the stud fucked her hand. I could see the married slut shuddering with the thought of that monster phallus sinking into her pussy.

    Directly across from me, another wife had her head on the couch with her ass elevated taking what looked like 11 inches of thick cock into her cunt. She was grunting like a mare being bred. Her ass was a blur of motion as she rammed her hips back onto the monster shaft pumping her vagina. She was so wet, I and everyone else could hear her pussy squishing as the stud fucked her.

    A blonde wife to my left was licking a cock that had to be at least 11 or 12 inches. Her eyes were wide open in awe as she licked the huge organ that throbbed like a wild snake in her hand. A second stud was beneath her, his cock buried in the blonde's cunt. She was trying desperately to force her pussy down the shaft so she could get all of it inside her.

    As the blonde struggled to force all of the stripper’s huge organ into her eager vagina, I heard loud, repeated moans across the room. When I looked in that direction, I saw an older woman, a brunette, on her back, legs wide open, taking a fierce fucking from a hugely endowed black guy. Her fingers were a blur as they frantically stroked her erect clitoris. The stud was hammering his cock all the way into the woman’s pussy on every thrust, and every time his rod thudded into the bottom of her cunt, she emitted a shrill shriek that turned into a deep moan as the man pulled his cock out her vagina in preparation for his next thrust. Her entire body was shaking, her mouth wide open, as the stud brought her one orgasm after another.

    On a bed right beside the brunette, a younger wife was taking an equally hard screwing from another black stripper. Her legs were high in the air, jerking wildly, as the stud drove his iron-hard cock into her. Every thrust brought wild howls of pleasure from the blonde.

    I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted to see Lance and Max's cocks... more than just see them, I wanted to suck them and have them fuck me. Grabbing their jock straps, I pulled them both down. Instantly, the two giant shafts surged forward. They were so big, just looking at them sent shivers of fear up and down my spine. But they also sent shivers of hot female desire surging through my throbbing cunt.

    As Fonda humped on my cock, Cindy was carrying a continuous description of what my wife was doing.

    "Lance and Max are squeezing and twisting her nipples now, Damien. Just looking at her face, it's obvious that your wife is about to cum. Both studs are thrusting their cocks at her. Their pricks are just huge. At least four or five inches of their cocks are sticking out of the jock straps. Fuck Damien harder, Fonda. Lance and Max are getting ready to fuck his wife. Oh shit! Your wife just pulled their jock straps down, Damien. Both of those monster shafts are out. Both of those studs are at least 4 inches longer than you and even thicker."

    "Are they fucking her yet?" I groaned as I rammed my cock upward into Fonda's hot, wet sex tunnel.

    "Not yet. They're making her suck. No way she's gonna deep throat those cocks... but ... OMG... they're pushing them into her mouth... ooohhhh Honey... her mouth is stretched so wide it looks like her jaw may be dislocated... 7 or 8 inches of cock are in her mouth and throat... now more cock is going in! No way she can breathe with that monster down her throat. HE'S CUMMING IN HER MOUTH, Damien. Look you don't want to miss this... Look at that load shooting into your wife's mouth!"

    "Oh shit! Fuck your cunt on my cock, Fonda. Harder!"

    "Your wife is mounting Lance's 11-inch cock, Damien. Oh my Gawd! Look at that thing! It's just fucking huge and its fucking your wife! Right now! IT'S GOING INTO HER! Bend over Fonda so he can see this... fucking unbelievable!"

    Fonda bent over but kept my throbbing dick up her cunt. Looking into the room, I saw the biggest, hardest cock I had ever seen sinking slowly into my wife as she rode him. I could hear her screaming:


    In response, I ejaculated like a cannon into Fonda throbbing vagina.

    "Oh Man! She's tight... incredibly tight. Mrs. Hamill, you need to be fucked a lot more often. You're cunt is tight, but before you leave in the morning, it won't be so damn tight!"

    "Fuck me! Make it looser! Stretch me! UGH! UGH! UGH!

    "Come on, Max. Turn the hot bitch over so I can get into her ass. Yeah… like that. Now Bend over, Mrs. Hamill. Eleven inches of cock are going into your ass hole.”

    I was about to cum a second time inside Fonda's pumping cunt. When I saw Max move around behind my wife, squirt astroglide on and into her ass, and then begin working his thick cock into her asshole, I lost it. My cock throbbed in a series of hard contractions, each one firing thick loads of cum deep into Fonda's very receptive and convulsing vagina.


    After Lance and Max finished fucking me, there was a short break of about 30 minutes to allow the women to go to the bathroom, the men to rest, and for everyone to grab something to eat. When the break ended, Lance and Max moved on to service another woman, and two new studs spent time with me.

    My first black stud was Jackson. He had a gorgeous 10-inch, very thick dick, and loved making white wives cum on his sex spike. He had a great time with me because I just couldn't stop cumming when he pronged me with that big black snake. I just wished Damien could watch him fucking me senseless. He would have cum in his pants watching

    Jackson make my clit and vagina explode in hard, continuous orgasms.

    To make it even more erotic, I was sharing a bed with Glenda, a middle-aged white wife around 39 years old. She was getting her first black dick at the same time as I was getting mine. She was howling at the top of her lungs every time Leroy rammed her with his big cock. It was a close contest as to which one of us came the most times and who screamed the loudest.

    "Listen to the white bitch howl," Jackson whispered in my ear as Leroy fucked Glenda senseless.

    "Ooohhh... ooohhhh... aaahhh god... she's never had... aaahhh... ahhhh... harder, Honey... please... fuck me harder... never had black cock .....uunnghh.. oohhh oohhh ... before. I've never had black dick in me either. Fuck it, Baby... FUCK IT! FUCK MY CUNT!" AAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGG!!" My screams were every bit as loud as Glenda's.

    After sucking off seven men and being drenched in their loads, the 20 performers started fucking me.
    They screwed me 1, 2, 3 at a time until all 20 had filled my holes with semen. Some fucked me several times.

    "Wake up, Damien. Wake up!" Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw Demond leaning over me.

    "What's going on? I said as I came fully awake.

    "Your wife is being double fucked again. Come look. And Darlene wants your cock. I think I'll dip mine into Fonda."

    When I looked at the TV screen, I saw my wife who was now in a bedroom. She was lying on one stud on her back with his thick shaft buried up her ass. She had her legs raised and bent in the classic female fucking position with a second man between her thighs fucking her cunt. A third guy was thrusting his hard shaft in and out of her mouth while she was jacking off a fourth cock that was waiting his turn as soon as one of her orifices became available.

    She was grunting and screeching continuously as they plowed her holes with deep, hard, authoritative masculine strokes.

    When one cock sank into one of my wife's fuck holes, the other withdrew. The two men had obviously had a great deal of practice double fucking hot wives.


    It was noon before we picked Robyn up at the front entrance to Jacque's Place. We had planned to meet my wife at 10 AM, but Renee had called around 9 AM and told us to wait until noon.

    "Is there a problem of some kind," I had asked very concerned.

    "No problem, Honey, unless you consider your wife being fucked continuously by 10,11, and 12-inch cocks a problem. Come by at noon. She may be ready then."

    I had expected my wife to be nearly unconscious from the intense, near continuous sex she had enjoyed all night long. Surprisingly, however, she was freshly bathed, hair combed, fresh makeup, and fresh clothes. She didn't even look tired.

    "Hi, Darling. You look great! I expected you to be exhausted. Did you enjoy the evening?"

    "I'm a little tired, but not all that much. It was really great. Thank you, Darling for giving me last night. I promise I'll make it up to you."

    Demond drove while I rode in the back with Robyn. "Were you fucked last night?" I asked.

    "Of course I was fucked, Honey. That's the whole purpose of Jacque's Place... to give wives an unforgettable sexual experience."

    "How many men fucked you, Robyn?"

    After some hesitation, my wife replied, "I'm not going to lie to you, Darling. Not ever again. Do you really want to know right now? I've had a lot of sex since you and Demond left me last night. Would you prefer to wait until we're on the plane heading home?"

    "I'm too hot and hard to wait. Tell me now."

    "The waiters don't fuck the wives, Honey. They only give and receive oral sex and finger fuck us to get us hot and ready for the performers. They're the ones who fuck the wives."

    "So how many of the performers fucked you?"

    "There were 20 performers, Darling. They started around 11 PM last night and finished about 11 AM this morning."

    "So how many of them fucked you?"

    "Why, all of them, Darling. All of them."

    “My god. You mean you were fucked 20 times?”

    “More like 25 times, Darling. They seemed to really like my cunt and ass.”

    As soon as we were back in our hotel room, Demond stripped my wife naked, put her on her knees in our bed, and mounted her. She grunted when his 10-inch dick sank into her cunt. She was so stretched by all the fucking those huge-cocked studs had given her the previous evening, Demond's cock sank all the way into her vagina on the first thrust.

    I removed my own clothes while I watched Demond fucking my wife. She moaned louder and louder as he drove his sex spike into her pussy with increasing speed and force. Finally, he ejaculated inside her, filling her cunt with a huge load of semen and sperm. Robyn sank to the bed. When Demond dismounted and moved away, thick streams of semen gushed from her stretched vagina.

    My cock was rigid with lust. "Roll over, Honey. I'm going to fuck you missionary," I ordered.

    Dutifully, my wife rolled onto her back, keeping her legs wide open so I could see how cum-filled and stretched her cunt was. When I sank my cock into her, the incredible slippery feeling of her cum-filled vagina almost made me shoot off immediately. She had been really stretched, but my cock is thick and we both had intense orgasms before I put my load in on top of Demond's.

    As soon as I got off my wife, Demond was on her again. Once again, his huge shaft easily entered my wife’s vagina and sank all the way inside her. He fucked her for almost a half hour before emptying his second load inside her cunt.

    Hot Wife for Hire:

    After dinner, I asked Demond what he had planned for the evening's entertainment. I was certain that whatever it was, it would involve me getting fucked, but I was curious.

    "The hotel has a single's bar, "The Hot Spot" where single guys and men in Vegas without their wives go to see if they can get lucky. I thought we might spend an hour or so there... just to see what happens."

    "What happens? What do you mean by 'see what happens'?" I asked.

    "You're a fantastically beautiful woman, Robyn. Wouldn't you like to see how long it takes for a man to pick you up... or at least make the offer. You can decline if you like."

    I looked at my husband. "What do you think of Demond's idea, Honey? Are you comfortable with it?"

    ` "I'm cool but I don't think a lot's going to happen when you're already with two men."

    "That's not the plan, Damien," Demond informed him. "My plan is for you and I to go there first, get a table, order drinks, and wait until Robyn arrives five minutes or so later. She'll take a table close by, and we'll see what happens. Are you still cool with the plan?"

    "Well, I had hoped to sleep with Robyn tonight," Damien protested.

    "Not to worry. I have that covered. Besides, that's why we have a king-sized bed... big enough for three. I'm also very interested in having our woman in our bed tonight."

    Fifteen minutes later, Demond and I were seated at a table in "The Hot Spot". Ten minutes after we had been seated, Robyn came in and took the table next to ours. She totally ignored us.

    In the first 30 minutes four men hit on her by offering to buy her drinks or asking her to dance. She danced with one guy but turned down his request for a second dance by saying she was waiting on her husband and didn't want him catching her dancing with another man.

    After 45 minutes, a middle-aged man around 40 approached my wife. He smiled, introduced himself as Doug Chambers, and asked if he could join her. His confident manner and dark masculinity attracted Robyn who smiled and nodded at a vacant chair. Although we didn't look directly at them, we were close enough to hear the conversation.

    "I'm Robyn, and I should warn you that I'm married," my wife said.

    "So am I. But my wife is 1300 miles away. Is your husband likely to interrupt us?"

    "Possible but unlikely, Doug."

    My wife crossed her legs exposing a generous expanse of thigh. David looked directly at her legs. "You're legs are incredibly erotic. I love those mesh stockings. They always get me hard. And the rest of the package is equally gorgeous and sexy, Robyn."

    "Just looking at my legs gets you hard? Are you hard now?"

    "Partially. I won't take much more to finish the job. I have a room here in the hotel, Robyn. Your husband won't bother us there. Are you interested?"

    "It's tempting, but I don't think so. After all, I just met you 10 minutes ago."

    "Well, I'm leaving in the morning, and there really isn't enough time to take a more gradual approach."

    "As I said, I'm tempted. You're a virile looking, sexy man. But I don't think so."

    David stared at my wife's tits and then at her exposed thighs. "Do you like what you see?" she asked.

    "Of course. I wish I could see more. Does that short skirt cover your ass?"

    "Unless I bend over."

    "Would love to see you bend over."

    "Well, I need to make a very short visit to the ladies room, Doug. If you're still here when I come back, you might get lucky."

    Without another word, my wife got up and walked toward the ladies room swinging her hips as she went. Doug never took his eyes off her ass.

    Demond leaned over and whispered, "Our woman has Doug squeezing his cock. He is really hot to fuck her. Do you think he will succeed?"

    "No. I think she's going to tease him, but I don't think he'll score."

    "Shall we make a gentleman’s wager on it?"


    "I think Doug going to get into Robyn. You don't. We bet on it. If I win, you have to lick Robyn's cunt until it's wet and ready for cock. Then you have to suck me until I'm hard and ready to fuck her. Finally, you have to spread her pussy open and put my cock into her. If you win, I do the same for you. It's a win-win situation regardless of which of us wins. Is it a bet?"

    I hesitated. "I've never sucked a cock before."

    "Then I need to win the bet so you'll have a great excuse to have a new experience. Is it a bet?"

    "Yeah. It's a bet."

    We didn't have to wait long before we saw my wife returning to her table. Naturally, Doug was still there... hoping. When my wife reached her table, she said, "I know you were looking at my ass when I went to the ladies room, Doug. I'm sure you saw that my skirt does cover my ass."

    "But you weren't bent over. No fair."

    "Even if I bend over a little, it still covers my ass, Doug."

    "I don't think so. Prove it."

    "All right." My wife turned her back to Doug and bent over the vacant table next to him. She spread her feet wide apart as she did so. "See, I told you so. My ass is still covered, isn't it?"

    "You're right, it is. Damn! Just my rotten luck."

    "Of course, if pull my skirt up just a little bit..."

    "Oh yes! Do it."

    "Like this?" My wife pulled her skirt up exposing about half of her ass cheeks for Doug. “Well? Do you like my ass, Doug?"

    "Oh god! You have one gorgeous ass, Robyn. Spread your legs a little so I can see your panties. Please."

    "Are you fully hard yet?"

    "Like iron, Robyn. Like iron!"

    "I guess if you're that hard, I should at least let you see my panties." My wife moved her feet apart and bent over a little more. Doug had no problems seeing most of her ass and her panties. In fact, we all had an excellent view of her ass and panties.

    Straightening up, Robyn sat back down at the table. "I hope you liked the show, Doug."

    "You know I liked it and I also know that you liked showing me your hot body. Let's go to my room."

    "No, it's tempting, but not enough."

    "I could make it even more tempting."

    "Really? How?"

    Demond and I watched as Doug reached into his pocket and came out with a small stack of casino chips. He looked at them for a moment, obviously counting them. Then he placed them on the table in a neat stack and pushed them toward my wife. Neither Demond nor I could tell how many chips were in the small stack, but their color was black, $100 each.

    "My winnings at blackjack today. Is it any more tempting now?"

    My wife licked her lips, obviously very excited. We didn't need the money at all, but the idea of being a whore for a night had her turned on big time."

    "I've never fucked a guy for money before," she whispered.

    "But the thought of being a whore for one night turns you on doesn't it?"

    "Yes... oh god yes!"

    "Then pick up your money, you sexy, hot whore and let's go to my room."

    "It's 9 PM now. My husband told me he would be back by midnight. I can't stay longer than 11:50 PM."

    "Fine. Spread your legs, Robyn. I want to see you wide open. Do it right here... like a hot whore."

    Demond whispered in my ear. "Your wife so hot, she's shuddering. I can smell her cunt again. Can you?"

    "Yeah. Easily," I replied. When my wife spread her legs wide open and put her feet up on the table totally exposing her panty-covered cunt, my cock rose to full, throbbing erection. With her legs wide open, there was no problem smelling my wife's musky female aroma.

    "Your panties are wet, Robyn, and your cunt looks and smells delicious. Let's go to my room."

    My wife took Doug's arm, and he led her toward the exit. Just before they left, he whispered something in my wife's ear. She grinned, nodded, and bent over a vacant table, once more exposing her ass. “Think you got your money’s worth, Doug?”

    Doug just squeezed his erection and stared. “Well?”

    “Probably. Pull the panties aside, Robyn. Show me your cunt.”

    Robyn reached back and pulled her panties aside showing Doug what he wanted to see and what he would soon be fucking.

    Doug slipped some fingers into my wife's pussy and led her toward the elevators with his fingers probing her hot cunt.

    Demond and I spent some time gambling in the casino, Demond at the blackjack table, me at the poker table. Amazingly, we both won about $100. I was particularly amazed that I won anything since the only thing in my mind was Robyn and how Doug was probably fucking her at the moment. I kept wondering if she had sucked him off... if he had fucked her ass... how many times he had already fucked her... how many more times was he going to fuck her before midnight. All these thoughts got me hard and kept me hard.

    At 11:45 PM, we were back in our hotel room waiting for my wife to return from fucking Doug. It was past 2 AM, before she got back.

    "You were supposed to be back by midnight, Robyn," I said when she came into the room.

    "I know, Darling, but we were having so much fun, we both lost track of the time. It was 1:30 AM before either of us noticed. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so late.

    "So why didn't you get back by 1:40 AM. It's 2:15 now."

    "I was getting dressed to leave but Doug begged me to let him fuck me one more time before I left. And since the guy had paid me $1600, it seemed like a reasonable request. So, I let him have me again."

    "How many times did he fuck you for his $1600?" Demond wanted to know.

    "I sucked him off once, and he fucked me four times. Twice in my cunt and twice in my ass. That last fuck was in my ass."

    "Did you enjoy being a whore for a night, Honey?"

    "Oh gawd yes! It was so incredibly dirty and exciting. I came as soon as he put his cock in me. And I just kept cumming. Can I do it again before we leave Vegas, Darling. Please. I really want to do it again."

    "Of course you can do it again, Robyn. I have a friend who runs an escort service. I'll set you up with him to be an escort for an evening," Demond replied before I could say anything. "Now get naked, Robyn. Your husband lost a bet and he has to pay off."

    My wife stripped off her blouse. Her tits were naked underneath and both of her nipples were beet red and swollen. She saw me looking at them and said, "Doug really liked to suck on my nipples while he fucked me, Honey. He had them both sticking out almost a full inch."

    "Where's your bra?"

    “Doug kept it for a souvenir of the hottest whore he's ever fucked... at least that's what he told me."

    "Lose the skirt, Robyn," Demond commanded. My wife dropped it to the floor. She was naked underneath. Her pussy was as red and swollen as her nipples.

    "He kept my panties too, Darling, and as you can easily see, my pussy has been well used. He not only shot five loads of cum into your wife, he was in me for almost the entire time I was in his room pumping one of my holes or another. Now what's this bet you lost?"

    After Demond told her, she was giggling like crazy. "You're telling me that my randy husband has to lick all of Doug's big cum loads out of my cunt and ass, and then suck your cock until you're hard as iron... and then he has to spread me open and put your cock into me?! WOW! Let's do it!"

    Robyn sprawled out in the middle of the bed and thrust a pillow beneath her hips to elevate her cunt. She steepled her knees and opened her thighs. "Come on, Baby. Get down here and lick Doug's cum out of your wife's cunt and don't forget to do my ass too. Hurry. Demond is anxious to fuck me."

    Moving between her thighs, I saw that her cunt was a sodden mess. Strands of semen clung to both lips and her hole was filled with thick globules of the white stuff. As I stared her fucked out hole, it belched out a wad of viscous semen.

    "Suck me, Damien. Clean me out, Baby."

    I lowered my head into her sex saddle and pressed my lips against her cum-filled hole. As I sucked her, she started relating what had happened after she had left with Doug.

    "Doug finger fucked me all the way to room. Even when another couple got on the elevator with us, he kept finger fucking me. The woman knew what he was doing and called her husband's attention to the fact that Doug had his fingers in my cunt. She asked Doug if I was a whore... oohhh god... suck me harder... on my clit... get on my clit… stick that tongue into your wife’s cum-filled pussy! He told her, yes... she's a whore. UNNGH! UGH! YEAH! OHHH YEAH! STICK THAT TONGUE INTO MEEEEEEEE!”

    “Once he got me into his room, he stripped me except for my mesh stockings and heels and made me mount the desk on my knees with my ass up in the air. He made me spread, Darling... he made your wife spread as wide as she could.”

    “After he had me in fucking position, Honey, he stuck his hard cock in me. I came...oohhh god... did I ever cum...As soon as I felt his cock stretching me open, my cunt just exploded...juices gushed all over his dick. He kept pounding me... deep... hard. He grunted like a wild bull every time he rammed it into me. I came a second time... then a third and a fourth. I just couldn't stop cumming I was so damn hot."

    "Mmmmmm..on my clit, Damien. Lick my clit. I'm about to cum""

    "After he fucked me, he had me suck him until he got hard again... it only took 5 minutes before he was hard as stone again. That guy was really wild to fuck me, Honey... Mmmmmmmm... suck my clit... suck it hard, Damien. MAKE ME CUM! OH GOD YES! SUCK MEEEEEE! UUNNGGHHH.. AAAAHHH..OHHHH BABY... You really know how to make your whorish wife cum!"

    "Mmmmm... now where was I? Are you hard, Damien? Is your cock really hard?"

    "You hot Bitch! I'm so damn hard, it hurts!"

    "Good... husbands should always be hard and hot for their wives, don't you think so Demond?" He nodded as he stroked his own rigid 10-inch cock.

    "Oh yes... after Doug got hard again, he sat on the couch and had me mount him reverse cowgirl with his cock up my ass. Oh Honey, that hot stud really fucked your wife’s ass hard."

    "OOHH GOD! He made you fuck your ass on his cock?"

    "Oh yes, Darling. I made me fuck it hard, fast, and deep. He even held my legs up so he could really slug it into me. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming... finally he blew a huge load into my ass... you're sucking it out right now! Get your tongue into my asshole, Damien. Lock your lips around my hole and suck it all out of me! Oh Yeah… Clean me out, Baby!”

    "This time while he recovered, Doug had me get on the bed and masturbate while he took a video of me doing it. He promised to send me two copies... one for each of you. It didn't take him long to get hard again watching me getting myself off."

    "The third time he fucked me, it was missionary... first in my cunt... then he shoved my legs way back and nailed his cock up your wife's ass, Honey. Back and forth, Honey. First my cunt... then into my ass... then back into your wife hot cunt. That where the third load is."

    I sucked and licked my wife's cunt and ass for 20 minutes before I had suctioned most of the cum from her holes and licked off all that clung to her lips and clit. I was almost finished when my wife's hips rose off the bed and she began to howl.


    “Ohhhh god, that was so good. Now suck Demond's cock, Honey. Get him hard… really HARD! Then stick that huge sex spike into your wife's cunt so he can put his load into her."

    For the first time in my life, I began sucking another man's cock. With no experience, I could only get about 7 inches of Demond's huge shaft in my mouth. It didn't matter as there was no problem getting him hard. He was already fully erect when I started sucking, but I sucked him and jacked off that portion of his cock I couldn't get into my mouth and throat until he said, "That's enough. Now put my cock into your wife's cunt so I can fuck her."

    Demond moved between Robyn's wide open thighs. Using one hand, I spread the lips of her cunt open to reveal the slick pick interior of her hot hole. I could see it pulsing... opening and closing in anticipation of being filled again by Demond's rampant cock and his potent sperm. With my other hand wrapped around his jerking shaft, I fitted the big head into my wife's hole.

    "Oh yes, Honey... right there... stick Demond's big cock into your wife's hot cunt hole. OOOOHHHHHHHHH... He's in me! His cock is in meeeeee! He's gonna fuck your wife, Damien... UUNNGGHH! AAAAAHHHHHHHH... HE'S FUCKING MEEEEEEEEEEEE! UGH UGH UGH UGH... FUCKING MEEEEEEEEE!"

    Demond shoved his hands beneath my wife's ass to hold her in place as he rammed his entire 10-inches into her stretched and eager hole. He grunted. Robyn moaned and shrieked as it thudded into the bottom of her vagina.

    My wife came. I had no doubts about it. Her legs flew straight out... rigid... her toes curling back as her mouth stretched wide open in a hot hissing moan. Demond rammed her even harder prolonging the intense sensations ripping through her hole.

    Abruptly, he rolled her over on top of his body and pulled her hard against his chest. "Get in her ass, Damien! Your wife's cumming! FUCK HER ASSHOLE!"

    I didn't have to be asked twice. Centering my cock at her hole, I thrust forward and felt my entire 7-plus inches of cock sink all the way into her ass. Doug had obviously really stretched her open when he had ass fucked her. Of course the 20 strippers the night before could have had a lot to do with that. My wife howled in ecstasy as she took nearly 18 inches of cock in her holes.

    Demond and I fucked my wife together... his 10-inch monster reaming her cunt, my thick 7 inches hammering her ass. She squealed and thrashed beneath us, cumming repeatedly. After we had both emptied our loads, we kept our cocks buried in her holes and slowly pumped her until we were hard again.

    After that, we took turns fucking my wife until neither of us could get it up again. Robyn was gasping, her cunt and ass both stretched open and leaking copious streams of semen mixed with her cunt juices. It was 4:30 AM before we all collapsed in an exhausted sleep.

    Seduction and Capture:

    I woke up about 2 PM to the sounds of my wife groaning. When I opened my eyes, I saw her bouncing wildly on Demond's cock. She was bent over with her tits dangling in front of his mouth to allow him to suck her nipples as she fucked herself on his huge rod.

    Scrambling down to the foot of the bed, I had a perfect view of his cock entering and leaving my wife's pussy. Every time her hips rose on his rod, at least 8 inches of dick came out of her hole. I could see his shaft and my wife's hot hole both throbbing. Once 8 inches were out, Robyn drove her cunt back down his shaft taking his entire length into her vagina. I could hear the soft thud of the cockhead against her cervix when he bottomed out inside her contracting hole. Watching my wife take that huge cock up her cunt again and again had me so damn hard I couldn't believe it.

    Every time Demond's dick entered her cunt, my wife gasped with the intensity of the sensation of being totally filled with a throbbing 10-inch cock. The sight of Demond's balls pressing tightly against my wife's crotch when he was completely buried inside her vagina was awesome. Just the thought of that big 10-inch cock throbbing and jerking deep inside my wife's body and getting ready to shoot huge, thick loads of sperm-filled semen into her in an attempt to impregnate her womb was cock hardening. Any man who has not seen his wife taking such a powerful male organ can't imagine how erotic the sight is. I was already about to shoot off.

    Finally, Demond began to emit a series of short, deep grunts. Each grunt was accompanied by a short, hard thrust into my wife's waiting cunt... and with each thrust, Demond fired a thick load of semen into Robyn's pussy.

    As the big load pumped into her, Robyn's high-pitched female wails mixed with Demond's deep masculine grunts. The sounds of their orgasms continued for almost a full minute.

    By this time I was so hard I had to get into my wife. As soon as Demond's dick slipped out of her pussy, mine rammed inside. The hot squishing sounds of my cock as it pumped in and out of her cum-filled, throbbing hole had me shooting in her in less than a dozen strokes.

    After an early dinner, my wife's first question to Demond was "What do you have planned for tonight?"

    "I have a very special surprise for tonight, Robyn. I thought we would take a swim in the hotel's luxury indoor, public pool and spa. I've purchased a new bathing suit for you just for this occasion

    "Oh god... I can just imagine what it's like. When do I get to see it? Are both of you going swimming with me?"

    "As soon as we get back to the room, I'll give it to you. I'm going swimming with you. I thought we'd spend the evening at the pool, swimming, reading, napping, and showing off that hot body of yours. How about you, Damien? Are you up for a swim tonight?"

    "No. I'll just watch. If I get bored, I'll find something else to do," I replied.

    As soon as we were back in our room, Robyn asked, "Ok. We're back. Where is my new suit. I can't wait to see what you bought me, Demond."

    Demond handed my wife a small package whose logo was "Fredericks of Hollywood". She ran off to the bathroom to change. When she came out, her eyes were wide open. "Can I really wear this without getting arrested?"

    "You can. I checked with the management. It's an "adults only" pool. You have to show proof of age before they will let anyone enter the area."

    I was almost speechless. The top was two, tiny triangles of cloth that did little more than cover my wife's nipples. Almost all of her tits were exposed on both sides as well as above and below her nipples. The bottom was a narrow string with one small triangle to cover her pussy. If the woman had any pubic hair, it would be exposed. Of course, the string was pulled deep inside the wearer's ass crack so that her ass would be completely exposed. If that wasn't enough, the white material of the small triangles was nearly transparent. Once it was wet, both nipples would be completely visible as well as the enticing slit of my wife's cunt.

    "You're going to wear that?" I asked.

    "Demond wants me to. I want to. Can I?"

    "I guess that's what we came to Vegas for... so why not. Have fun. I'll be watching as will every other man and probably most of the women."

    "I know... I know! That's why I want to wear this suit. Come on, Demond. I can't wait."

    It happened exactly as I expected. I was sitting off to the side of the large pool and deck area with other guests who were watching the nearly naked women exposing themselves on the pretext of "going swimming". But none were more exposed than my wife who may as well have been naked, except it wouldn't have been as sensuous or as sexy as having on that suit that covered nothing.

    I had been staring at my wife for nearly a half hour. I just couldn't tear my eyes away from her bouncing tits, her exposed nipples, her ass, and when she relaxed on one of the deck chairs, her cunt slit, which she kept on display by lying on the chair with her legs open.

    "She's quite the slut, isn't she?"

    Turning to my left, I saw the speaker was a very attractive woman, probably around 37 or so. Her dress was eye-catching, but not obscenely so. There was just enough cleavage exposed to let the viewer know that a lot of hidden treasures lay concealed within. The dress ended a couple of inches above her knees so that the same effect was achieved with her legs.

    "Yes, she is," I replied. "I've been staring at her for nearly half an hour. And now you've caught me. Makes me feel like a school boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. My name's Damien, Damien Hamill."

    "Hi, Damien. I'm Carol, Carol Demming, and there's no need for you to feel embarrassed just because you're looking at that slut showing off every thing she has. Every man here is looking at her tits or her ass or her pussy. They're all on display. I'm even looking, and I'm not gay either."

    "Thanks, Carol. That does make me feel better."

    "Do you know she's a whore? I mean a real whore. She sells it."

    "How do you know that? Maybe she's just a sexy exhibitionist here on a vacation."

    "Reasonable assumption, but I know for a fact that she's a whore. My husband and I got on the elevator last night, and that woman was inside with a man who was not the guy she's with right now."

    "Maybe she was just having some hot sexual fun," I ventured.

    "Another reasonable assumption except for the fact that the man she was with had his fingers inside her pussy. He was finger fucking her right there on the elevator. And when my husband and I got on, he didn't stop doing it, and she didn't ask him to stop. She just kept humping her pussy on his fingers. I asked the man if she was a whore, and he told me that she was. Ok?"

    "Ok. I think all the evidence is on your side, Carol. The woman is a whore."

    "Yes, she is, but she's a whore you and every other man here wants to fuck."

    "Now there you're wrong, Carol. I would far prefer to fuck you than her... not even close."

    I could see the surprise register on her face. This was quickly followed by a smile of pleasure, and then a frown of disbelief. "Thank you, but I don't believe you. Not for a second."

    "That's too bad, because it's the truth. I swear to you on my mother's grave or whatever you want that if I could take either of you to bed right now, I would take you without a second of thought." I smiled to myself at the fact that I was actually telling Carol the truth. As drop-dead gorgeous as Robyn was, I had fucked her probably 10,000 times but I had never had Carol Demming. So, naturally, I would pick her.

    Now Carol was startled. She believed me, but didn't understand why I would make such a choice. So, she asked me. "Why would you rather fuck me than that gorgeous woman?"

    "Because every thing she has is on display. There's no mystery... no thrill of discovery. With you, there's a wealth of erotic, enticing mystery. Your breasts, for example. I can see a sexy hint of cleavage. The way you fill out your dress lets me know that there is plenty underneath that I don't see... that I can only imagine and fantasize about. With that woman, I can see every thing... no mystery. Your sexy legs are the same way. All of that blonde's legs are on display. I can see your very shapely calves and an inch of your alluring thighs, but then the rest is hidden... I know where the rest of your thighs are, but I can't see them or feel them. I can just fantasize about them and get hot and hard."

    Carol's mouth was now open. She was breathing harder. "Are you really hard?"

    "Very, very hard and that's a mystery that makes you fantasize and get wet."

    "And then there's the ultimate mystery... the most intriguing one of all... your pussy and ass... the mystery of what's between your lips. With that woman, I can see every thing. Nothing is left to be discovered. With you, I don't have a clue. It's really maddening for a man to sit next to a beautiful woman like you and want so badly to discover all those sensuous mysteries."

    "Ooohhh," Carol moaned softly, unintentionally. She flushed with a mixture of excitement and embarrassment.

    "And then, of course, there’s the other thing."

    "What? Tell me," she urged now obviously excited.

    "That woman is a whore. A beautiful, sensuous whore to be sure, but still... a whore. You, however, are a married woman... the most erotic, sensuous, and desirable female on the planet. Ask any man. Ask me."

    "You really want me that badly?

    I stood up and extended my hand. "Let's go. I have a room here."

    Carol rose and took my hand. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

    "You're not doing it yet... but you soon will be."

    "Oh god, yes! Hurry!"

    As soon as the door closed behind us and I hooked the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the knob, we were locked together in a fierce embrace. Carol's mouth devoured mine as her pelvis thrust frantically against my erection. She worked to get my length pressed firmly against her clitoris and then worked her hips up and down my length... essentially masturbating herself on my engorged cock through my pants. She was moaning continuously.

    With her mouth wide open, there was no problem sending my tongue on an exploratory mission inside her oral cavern. Her pelvis pumped faster as my tongue caressed every inch of her mouth and dueled with her tongue.

    My hands were busy beneath her dress as hers explored the firm muscles of my butt. "Oh my! Your body is hard and muscled. I can feel your muscles rippling beneath my hands. There's not an ounce of fat on you. Oh shit... you have no idea how much you turn me on, Damien."

    "You're not as turned on as you're going to be, Carol," I whispered in her ear as my hands slipped between her panties and began to caress her ass cheeks. When I pulled her clitoris hard against my erection and thrust against it, she let out an unintelligible hissing scream and hurdled into an intense orgasm. Her entire body shuddering repeatedly. With my fingers on her ass cheeks, I could feel her buttocks contracting each time her vagina and clitoris pulsed and throbbed in the throes of her climax.

    "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! You just made me cum. I can't believe it. My husband...no one... has ever made me cum just from rubbing against me and kissing me... touching my ass."

    I continued to grind my cock against her erupting clitoris as my fingers slipped between her buttocks and slowly stroked her anus. Finally, her body stopped shuddering and began grinding against mine. Her asshole was now contracting in response to my erotic caress of her opening. Having just cum, her clitoris was now more sensitive than ever and the grinding motions of my iron-hard cock against its surface was making it dance in and out of its protective hood.

    "Ooohhhh god... what are you doing to me, Damien. AAHH AAaahhh... Oooohhh ... uunngghhh... oh fuck.. oh fuck OH FUCK! I'm cumming... cumming again... aaahhh aaahhhh aaahhhh!!"

    I didn't let up on the trembling woman for a moment. She squirmed helplessly in my arms as the orgasm shook her body. Wildly, she hammered her pelvis against my erection trying to get even more friction on her convulsing clitoris. "Oh Damien... it's just pouring out of me... sex juices... my panties are soaked... they're running down my thighs."

    "I know, Carol. I can smell your cunt."

    "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Carol came again at the mere thought that a man could smell her cunt and could feel her vagina and pussy throbbing with his fingers inside her ass.

    "I want to see you now, Carol. I want to see all of you. Get on the couch and open your thighs."

    "Oh yes... oh yes! I want you to see all of me... my tits... my swollen, hard nipples... my wet gushing pussy... my ass... my legs... every thing."

    "I would much rather see your cunt than your pussy, Carol."

    That thought make her body begin to shake again. "Yes! Yes! Yes! My cunt! I want you to see my cunt! I want you to fuck my married cunt!" she hissed totally out of control at this point. She was just a huge cunt and ass... a cum receptacle... a hot set of fuck holes.

    Carol pulled her dress up around her hips, sat down on the couch, and spread her legs wide apart. The soaked crotch of her panties were pulled tightly against her throbbing cunt.

    "Delicious looking thighs... I knew it. Did I ever make the right choice or what. You are fantastic." Carol just beamed with hot female pleasure, and I wasn't exaggerating in the slightest. "Your tits... I've just got to see your tits now. Take them out!"

    Her hands were trembling as she pulled one large globe after the other out of the top of her dress. "I've never been with a man like you, Damien. God, do you ever know how to take a women... how to make her feel like a sex goddess. You don't ask to see my tits... you demand to see them... you order me to take them out... aaaahhh fuck... I'm about to cum again, you hot, awesome Stud. Are my tits all right?"

    Carol’s tits were big, full, succulent. "You have to-die-for tits, Carol. Big succulent globes... hard, hot, big nipples. They look awesome... like triggers which if pulled will make your cunt explode."

    "Oh hell YES! They are triggers... Pull them. PULL THEM! MAKE MY CUNT EXPLODE!"

    Lowering my mouth over her engorged nipples, I sucked one hard, pulling it deep inside my mouth and lashing it with my tongue. Carol's hips rose off the couch. I switched my mouth to her other nipple while my fingers pulled and twisted the first one. The second nipple burst into my mouth... hard... erect. Each swipe of my tongue over the hard tip brought hissing moans of pleasure from Carol.

    Suddenly her hips began to fuck the air with wild, hard coital thrusts. Pressing her mouth to my ear, she hissed, "You hot Bastard... I'm cumming... I'm fucking cumming again... four times... I never cum four times... and you haven't even touched my cunt yet... aaaahhhhh god... that feels so good... aahh aahhh... aaahhhh... still cumming... suck my tits!"

    When her orgasm abated, I pulled away and said, "Panties off. Show me your cunt!"

    Carol's body was shaking as she frantically removed her skirt and then almost tore her panties off in her haste to get her cunt naked. As soon as she had them off, her legs just flew apart. She lifted her hips... presenting her cunt to her lover. I could see its lips flanging open... throbbing... her juices seeping from the gaping, ready hole.

    "Fuck me, Damien. Please, fuck me," she begged.

    "Soon, Carol, but not yet. I need to taste you. I'm going to taste you."

    "Oh my god... you're fantastic! My husband won't do that. Are you really going to lick my cunt?"

    "Until you beg me to stop." Carol's body began to shake violently in anticipation. She moaned continuously.

    Moving my head into her sex saddle, I thrust my tongue between her lips into her wet, throbbing sex trench. The effect was immediate. Her cunt, clitoris, and vagina went into a hard spasm... contracting and releasing repeatedly as Carol howled with the near unbearable pleasure of her first orgasm on a man's tongue.

    Dragging my tongue up the length of her trench, I moved onto her dancing clitoris. He wails grew even louder, her contractions harder. Juices spurted from her cunt drenching my face.

    Pressing my lips around her erect clit, I closed them and sucked hard. The small female cock began to swell under the pressure... growing larger stretching the tissue to the bursting point. Carol erupted in another climax... this one so intense that she was clawing my back, scratching me, bringing blood.

    I decided she needed something in her holes to counterbalance the intensity of the sensations racing through her swollen, contracting clitoris. I shoved two fingers into her hot cunt, quickly finding her G-spot and rubbing it hard. At the same time, two more fingers penetrated the howling woman's ass.

    Again and again, her sex organs erupted in orgasm. Each peak sent hard contractions through her vagina and ass. Both throbbed in hard, repeated spasms. Squirting repeatedly, her juices quickly soaked the bed covers. Her clitoris never stopped dancing in and out of its protective hood. Each time it retreated, my tongue and lips dug it out and lashed the sensitive tip bringing more screams of pleasure from Carol.

    Finally, she was begging me to stop. "Please, Damien. Stop. I can't take this any more. I'll faint, and I don't want to faint. I want to feel your cock fucking me. Please. Fuck me now!"

    I stood up and stripped. Carol's eyes locked onto my very thick 7-plus inches of cock that were iron-hard and sticking almost straight up.

    "Oh my god! That is just beautiful. WHAT A COCK! I love it! My cunt is already gushing from just looking at it."

    "Thanks but a lot of men have bigger cocks than this."

    "Stop talking nonsense, Damien. It's unworthy of you. Sure there are bigger cocks, but this one is just perfect for my cunt. My vagina is about six and a half inches long. This thing will easily hit my cervix and force my womb back to make more room for its length. And its girth... Jezzzz... its fucking huge! It's going to stretch me so damn much, I'll cum as soon as you stick it in me."

    "Not yet. Suck it, Carol. Please."

    "You don't ever have to beg me to suck your cock, Damien. I'll suck you anytime... anywhere. I almost never suck my husband, but I can't wait to suck yours."

    She lowered her head over my engorged shaft and licked it. I moaned, and she giggled. "I love it. I love making you moan."

    I moaned again, even louder, when her lips slid down my shaft and she began to suck me. At first, she sucked 4 inches and jacked off the remaining three inches.

    "Oohhhh god... that feels so good. Soooo hot and sexy. Please don't stop yet."

    "Stop? Stop? Are you crazy. I'm going to suck the cum right out of your balls, Lover." She pushed another inch of cock into her mouth.

    It took Carol almost five minutes to work the entire cock into her throat so that her lips were locked firmly about the base of my cock. I was the one now howling continuously as she squeezed my cock head with her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. There was no way I could resist fucking her mouth. She just opened wider and let me do it.

    When I pulled my swollen, throbbing shaft from her mouth, she growled, "Don't stop. Why did you pull out? You can shoot in my mouth any time you want, Damien. Put it back it."

    "I will later, but right now, I want to fuck your hot, married cunt."

    "Yes! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! I wish my husband were here taking notes so he would learn how a real man fucks a woman. Give it to me, you hot Stud! STICK IT IN MY CUNT AND FUCK ME HARD!”

    At first, I put Carol on her back and hammered my cock deep into her eager cunt. She wailed as soon as it penetrated her. After just a few strokes, she was in the throes of another intense orgasm. She came twice more before I knew I needed to shoot in the first load.

    "I need to cum, Carol. Can't hold it much longer. You're just too hot. Should I pull out? I have some condoms I can put on."

    For a response, she raised her legs and locked them about my hips in a death grip. With her powerful thighs, she pulled me deep into her sex saddle. My cock surged within her cunt, throbbed hard, and pounded against her cervix scrapping her G-spot on every stroke. "Don't you dare take that gorgeous cock out of my cunt before you cum in me, Damien. A man like you shoots his load into a woman's cunt, not into a rubber sheathe or onto her belly or the floor. FUCK ME, LOVER. FUCK ME AND CUM IN ME!"

    A few seconds later, my rod began to jerk and throb as spasm after spasm shot through my dick... each one causing a huge stream of sperm-filled semen to fire into Carol's depths. She had another orgasm when she felt me cumming inside her.

    I stayed inside her after my ejaculations ceased, half hard, still slowly pumping her.

    "Oh that was unbelievable, Damien. I've never, ever been fucked like that. I think I came, over a dozen times. I just love the feeling your cock gives me when you're inside my cunt."

    "You talk like your job is finished, Carol. I'm not letting you off that easy."

    Her eyes grew large with shock. She felt me thrusting in and out of her cunt. "My god... you're getting hard again... Jezzz... you're going to fuck me again, aren't you?"

    "More than once more, Carol. But this time, you have to do the work. Mount up, Gorgeous. Reverse Cowgirl. Fuck that hot cunt on my cock. Now!"

    For the next 30 minutes, Carol rammed her vagina up and down my cock fucking herself to an uncountable number of orgasms. After 15 minutes or so, I shot another load into her hot hole. She came again as soon as she felt my dick firing in jet after jet of hot semen. Again, I stayed inside her as she worked her vaginal muscles on my cock... milking me... teasing me with her pussy until I had another raging erection.

    Carol grinned. "You're a hot fucking machine, Damien. But you're a million times better than a machine. Pump it to me, Baby. Fuck Carol's cunt again, Lover."

    Carol rode me with her big tits dangling in my face so I could suck her nipples as she fucked her pussy up and down my shaft.

    An hour later, we were lying in the bed, both exhausted. I had cum three times inside her cunt and once inside her ass. The ass fucking was her idea and no matter how much I protested that I might hurt her, she flat told me, "Either you fuck my ass voluntarily, Stud, or I'm going to rape you. Take your pick, Baby, but that big dick of yours is going up my ass!"

    We cuddled up together, her head on my shoulder. After a bit, I felt the wetness of her tears on my shoulder. Sitting up, I asked very concerned, "Did I hurt you some way?"

    "No, you didn't hurt me, Darling. Men are sometimes really dense. I'm crying because we will both leave Vegas and I'll never see you again. And I'll never be fucked like this again. That's so sad. But at least, I'll have the memories."

    "I live in Dallas, Texas. Where do you live, Carol?"

    Suddenly her eyes grew large. Her tears stopped, and she smiled broadly. "We live in Ft. Worth, Texas."

    "MMmmmm... about 25 miles away and a four-lane freeway all the way. I want to fuck you again. In fact, I want to fuck you many, many times. Can I?" I asked with a soft smile.

    "You can have me anytime you want me, Damien. Just call and we'll arrange something. Damien..."


    "Do you think you could fuck me again right now?"

    Carol Demming is a stacked, exotic, and passionate woman, and she is a deliciously hot fuck partner.

    I was relaxing on the balcony overlooking the city when Demond and Robyn came back around 3 AM. "Well, I guess you had fun tonight," my wife said with a broad grin.

    "What makes you think that?"

    "The Do Not Disturb sign you put on the door plus the wild screams of the slut you were fucking. Those were probably the best clues."

    "Ok. You got me. I picked up a woman at the pool and we spent about four hours fucking. She left around 2 AM. Hey... It's 3 AM. You guys couldn't possibly have been swimming for six hours. Besides, the pool closes at midnight. Where have you two been?"

    "Of course not, Damien," Demond answered. "Robyn found a black stud who really turned her on so we came back here to have a threesome around 11 PM, but you had us locked out. So we went to Joe's room. We both fucked your wife every way we could invent for the last three or four hours."

    "Will you tell me all the hot details later on?" I asked my wife.

    "If you will tell me all about the slut you were banging tonight. She sounded like she was going crazy. I got a little jealous."


    "Yeah, really."

    "Ok. It's a deal. I tell you and you tell me."

    Sappho Rises:

    We slept until almost noon the next day. I awoke first this time and immediately rolled between my wife's thighs and thrust my morning erection into her pussy. She was still wet and open for all the previous night's sex, and I entered her easily. When she woke up, she locked her legs around my driving butt and thrust her pelvis against me on every stroke. She came shortly before I did.

    Of course, our fucking had awakened Demond. By the time I rolled off my wife, he was iron hard. After getting my wife up onto her knees, he pulled her ass back to the edge of the bed. Standing behind her on the floor, he nailed his erection into her waiting hot box. She hissed with female pleasure when the thick shaft raced down her vagina past the point where I could reach and drove with authority into her womb. After two strokes, Demond had opened my wife's hole up enough to get his entire length into her.

    I got up and went to the bathroom where I shaved and took a shower. When I was toweling off, I could still hear my wife moaning as Demond fucked her.

    After lunch, we returned to our hotel room and Demond told us something about the plans for the evening. "I have some special plans for this evening. I need for you get dressed in the second outfit I bought for you, Robyn."

    While my wife dressed, I asked Demond, "What are the plans for tonight?"

    "Rita Talbot is joining us for the evening. She's absolutely gorgeous, but she's not available... I'm very sorry to say."

    "Then why is she joining us?"

    "Because your wife has her so hot she's wild to get with her. She's a lesbian and a dyke. She loves to fuck other women and she is really good at it. Your wife is going to love every second."

    "What about us?"

    "We'll just have to watch and jack off. When Rita is finished with your wife, we will, of course, fuck her senseless if she's still conscious after Rita finishes with her."

    When Robyn came out, she was dressed in a tight sheathe with 5-inch black spike heels. "Wow! What's underneath the dress," I asked.

    "A black garter belt and mesh stockings, Honey, and me. That's it. No bra. No panties. Hot enough? Now what's the plan for tonight?"

    Demond told her the plan. I wondered how my wife was going to take the news that she was going to be the fuck meat for a gorgeous lesbian dyke this evening. When she moved her hand under the short sheathe and began to rub her pussy, I had my answer.

    Rita Talbot turned out to be a stunning, tall brunette. She was small-breasted but was none the less gorgeous. Her leather skirt was just barely long enough to cover the tops of her thigh-high black boots that sported five-inch spike heels. I wondered what was underneath the sheathe and asked Demond his opinion.

    "I know what's underneath, Damien. I've been out with Rita before. The answer is that she's naked under that sheathe. But when she gets your wife naked, she'll put on some other things that will harden your cock, but remember, there's no way she will allow you or any man to fuck her... she's a pure lesbian dyke. She doesn't mind if we watch. She's willing to allow that in order to have the opportunity to do your wife."

    On the way to dinner, the women sat in the back seat while we were in the front. Demond was driving so I could watch the action in the back. Rita was more aggressive than any man I had ever seen. She had my wife's dress up to her waist before we had driven half a mile.

    I assumed that she was going to go down on Robyn, but Rita had other plans. She whispered something to Robyn who nodded. Bracing herself on the back of the front seat, my wife stood up and straddled Rita's legs facing the front. When she seated herself on the other woman, she was essentially in reverse cowgirl position but on a woman instead of a man.

    Rita raised and spread her knees. With my wife's legs over Rita's, she was spread even wider. Rita pulled her back against her small tits and moved her hands to her gaping pussy. All the way to the restaurant, Rita stroked Robyn's clit and finger fucked her hot hole.

    Then Demond spoke for the first time. "We're almost there, Rita. If you're going to make her cum, you need to finish her."

    "Thanks for the heads-up, Demond. Look closely, Damien. Watch me make your hot wife cum."

    Rita's fingers moved knowingly over my wife's engorged clitoris, frigging her the way only a woman knows how to work on a clit. When Rita thrust three fingers of her other hand into Robyn’s vagina and worked her G-spot, she had Robyn's hips thrusting wildly in hot fuck motions within a minute. Another minute later, I watched as my wife's clit went into hard spastic contractions at the same time as her vagina contracted and throbbed.

    The two women sat close together during dinner. Rita constantly had one hand beneath the table where is was obviously finger fucking my wife and working on her enflamed clitoris. Four times during the hour meal, my wife's eyes clenched shut, her mouth opened as her tongue shot out and flicked rapidly over her top lip. Rita had her so hot that Robyn's ass was arching up off the seat. Each time she came, she couldn't keep from moaning. All the waiters knew what was happening and most of the couples at nearby tables also figured it out.

    During dessert, Rita again whispered to my wife who promptly slide off her seat onto the floor. We couldn't see her under the table but from the way Rita's body was moving, it was obvious that Robyn was going down on her.

    Back in our hotel room an hour later, Demond and I sat in two of the large lounge chairs watching Rita pleasuring my wife. Ten minutes after we returned to our room, Rita had gotten my wife naked save for her CFM heels. By the time Rita had her on the bed on her back with a pillow beneath her ass, Robyn was so hot she couldn't keep her fingers off her cunt.

    Demond and I had begun to stroke our cocks when Rita went down on my wife and brought her to a screaming orgasm.

    Without giving her a chance to recover, Rita got Robyn on her knees, head down, and hips arched. My wife howled with pleasure as the fingers stroked her clitoris and sank in and out her excited vagina. When Rita pressed her mouth to Robyn’s ass and cunt, she made her cum repeatedly.

    “Ooohhh god, Damien. She’s sucking meee… I’m gonna cum… AAAHHHH… OH YES… SUCK ME, YOU HOT BITCH…. SUCK [email protected]!”

    Abruptly, Rita reversed her position and scissored her legs with Robyn's. Using her hands on my wife's legs, Rita pulled Robyn's pussy closer to her own while my wife was doing the same thing to Rita. Both women groaned loudly when their cunts mashed together. Immediately, Rita began grinding her vulva and clit against my wife's. The two women hunched against each other in hot, hard fuck motions until their clits convulsed at nearly the same time. Both women screamed and grunted as mutual orgasms surged through their pussies.

    Robyn's vagina was still throbbing when Rita put a large phallic vibrator inside her pussy and instructed her to masturbate while she got ready to fuck her. It was hard for us to decide whether to watch Robyn furiously working the vibrator over her swollen, erect clitoris and fucking her pussy with it or to watch Rita stripping down to her thigh-high black boots, leather armlets, and cinching a huge strap-on around her hips. Once it was securely fastened in place, the gorgeous woman had a thick, black, 10-inch cock protruding from between her legs, which she thoroughly lubed with astroglide.

    When Rita moved between my wife's legs, Robyn couldn't tear her eyes away from the thick shaft. Our cocks got even harder when we saw my wife jerking her legs back and spreading wide to present her opening to the thick shaft. Rita nailed it into her bringing a high-pitched shriek of pleasure from Robyn. Her legs shot straight up and out, her heels curling back as Rita fucked her as hard as any man had ever given it to my wife. Just like a man, she shoved her hands beneath Robyn's ass and pulled her cunt upward so the thick shaft moved even deeper into her throbbing hole.

    My eyes were locked on my wife's cuntal opening that was now stretched into a huge hole that circled the big dildo Rita was thrusting into her cunt. Eight inches of cock were disappearing inside my wife on every thrust.


    A half dozen thrusts later, nine inches were vanishing inside Robyn's vagina each time Rita's hips drove into my wife's sex saddle.


    When Robyn's cunt exploded in an intense orgasm, it naturally contracted and then expanded... over and over. Rita was waiting for this and when my wife's vagina expanded, she drove home the final inch of cock. Robyn's body thrashed wildly on the bed as another powerful climax surged through her.

    A half hour or so later, Rita had taken my wife out onto the balcony. She ordered her to put one of her legs up on the railing so her cunt was opened and available. I had already cum once and was working on number two. When Demond saw my wife hike her leg up onto the railing and Rita ram the strap-on into her waiting cunt hole, he blew his first load all over the floor of the balcony. I wondered if any of the guests in other rooms were watching Rita fucking my wife.

    It was about 11 PM when the two women were once more back in our room. Robyn was now riding the big strap-on. Every time her ass descended on the black shaft, Rita rammed her hips upward to sink its entire length into her eager pussy. My wife's hole had long since been stretched more than enough to easily accepted all ten inches of Rita's "cock". Apparently, the strap-on exerted pressure on Rita's clitoris when she fucked Robyn because she was having as many orgasms as my wife.

    At midnight, Rita was fucking my wife in doggie position. Both women were groaning each time the shaft thudded into Robyn's cunt causing the base of the shaft to press against Rita's clit.


    Rita got me off with her mouth and fingers several times. Then she fucked me with a huge, black dildo.
    She also made me use my mouth and tongue on her cunt and ass

    Around 12:30 AM, Rita got off my wife. Robyn lay on the bed totally exhausted, her pussy stretched and open, her legs gaping. As Rita got dressed, she said, "Thanks for letting me use your slut, Demond. She was great. You can have your wife back now, Damien. I don't think she'll be able to feel your little penis, but you can try."

    Rita was beautiful and sexy, but as far as I was concerned, she was just a castrating dyke bitch.

    A Surprise at Home:

    On Saturday, Damien and I were in the Vegas airport waiting for our plane to leave. If every thing went according to schedule, we would arrive home at 8 PM that evening.

    While we waited to board the plane, Damien told me he wanted to talk. I didn't have to ask what it was about.

    "I just want you to know, Robyn, that I loved... absolutely loved... these five days in Vegas, and I love even more having you as my wife."

    "MMmmmmm... you still know exactly what to say to a woman to get her to hot and ready, Lover. You aren't mad or maybe a little jealous about the number of times I let Demond fuck me and how hard I came and how loud I screamed when he screwed me?"

    "Not at all. The memories just get me hard... like I am now. Besides, you're coming home with me, not staying with him even though he pleaded with you to stay."

    That shocked me. "How did you know that?"

    "Two nights ago when he was fucking you in the middle of the night, you both thought I was asleep. At first, I was, but he was ramming it into you so hard, the bed was shaking, and it woke me up. I started to join the two of you and fuck you after he finished, but before I could move, I heard him ask you to stay with him and not return home with me."

    "I'm so sorry, Damien, that you heard that. It must have been very painful and stressful for you."

    "It was, even when I heard you tell him 'No', it was stressful. The thought that I might lose you was terrifying."

    I started to speak, but my husband held up his hand. "I continued to pretend to be asleep even though my heart was beating so hard I could hear it. I heard him telling you that our kids were essentially grown and that you would be much happier in Vegas with him than I could ever make you. When I heard him tell you that he knew you came much harder on his big cock than you ever did with me, I felt I had lost you."

    "What else did you hear, Darling?"

    "I heard you say, 'Of course, I cum hard on your big cock, Demond. I'm a sensuous woman and you're a great fuck. But I don't love you, and the sex I have with Damien is far more intense and satisfying than what I have with you. So stop talking nonsense and fuck me with that big cock, you sexy bastard.' After that, I didn't worry any longer."

    "Good! Because you don't have a thing to worry about. How about all the other men I fucked. Any regrets?"

    "None. And I want to do this again, but next time in Jamaica. Now how about you? Are you angry that I fucked a lot of women?"

    "Not angry, but when I knew you were banging them, I did wish you were fucking me or both of us."

    "I'll keep that in mind for the next time. When we get home, what then? Do we go back to our old routine and save the hot sex for vacations or what?"

    "I much prefer 'or what', Darling. I like this new lifestyle. I love never knowing when you're going to bend me over the kitchen sink and fuck me. And I love teasing other men and occasionally getting laid by them. What do you prefer? The old style or the 'or what' style?"

    "Let's do the 'or what' style. One of the women I fucked in Vegas lives in Ft. Worth. Her name is Carol. She's a hot fuck. Can I?"

    "Of course, but you have to tell me first, and you have to tell me all the sexy details... and..."

    "And what?"

    "And you have to promise that you'll try to get her to have a sexy threesome with us."

    "Oh Woman! You drive a tough bargain, but I guess I have no choice."

    "No you don't, Stud. None at all."

    Our plane arrived on time at 8 PM. As we waited for our baggage, Damien said, "I'll give the kids a call so they'll know we've arrived home safely."

    "No! Don't do that, Damien. You'll ruin my surprise."

    "Surprise? What surprise?"

    "I told the kids that we would be returning on Sunday, not Saturday. They think we'll be home around noon tomorrow."

    My husband's face was a mask of confusion. I couldn't keep from giggling.

    "Why? What's going on?"

    "Since the kids think we're still in Vegas, what do you think they will be doing in our house tonight... Saturday night?"

    I giggled even harder when I saw my husband's face light up with understanding. "You are one devious, sexy woman, Robyn. They're probably going to be partying."

    "Probably? I think it's a near certainty. We're going to leave the car in the park up the street from our house and sneak in through the back utility room door. Remember how hot we got watching Craig giving it to Gail in his car that night? This might be even hotter. Interested?"

    "I'm already hard thinking about it. But what about later? Where are we going to spend the night?"

    "I've reserved us a room in the Marriott Inn. They have a hot lounge that's a pickup spot for married men and women cheating on their spouses. We'll try our luck. If no one wants to join us, I think we'll be able to entertain each other for the evening. How about it, Stud? Would you rather have a threesome with another man, another woman, or a foursome with another couple?"

    It was almost 9 PM by the time we were just outside the utility room door of our home. There were several cars parked in the driveway making it obvious that Gail had visitors. We removed our shoes and carefully unlocked the utility room door.

    As soon as we were inside, we stopped to listen, but heard nothing.

    "I don't hear anything," my husband whispered. "I guess we're wrong about Gail partying while we're gone."

    "Don't bet the farm on that, Lover," I advised. "Why would they use the den when we have a great king-sized bed in the master bedroom? Come on, Honey."

    When we reached the den, I knew I was right. There were clothes scattered all around the room. Obviously, the party had started in the den and then moved up to the bedroom. I picked up a pair of panties with the monogram GH on them. Holding them up for my husband to see, I emphasized my point about what our daughter was doing by humping my pussy at him a few times. The bulge in my husband's pants was obvious.

    When we were halfway up the stairs, we heard the sounds of sex. Male grunts and female gasps and squeals all mixed together with the loud squeaking of bed springs. I wasn't the least surprised until I realized the sounds were coming not only from the master bedroom, but also from the Clark's bedroom.

    Neither of us could resist spying on them even though we knew we might be seen. It was just too erotic and hot to resist. We first checked out Clark's bedroom. The door was closed but not locked.

    With all the female moans coming from within, we were both pretty certain that none of the occupants would be watching the door. So, we opened it carefully just wide enough to allow us to see the bed.

    The two girls had Clark on his back. One of them was riding his 7-inch cock while the other straddled his head and was riding our son's face with her pussy grinding furiously against his mouth. The girl riding his cock was pumping her ass hard and fast on his iron-hard shaft. Each time, she would rise up until only an inch of dick remained inside her pussy and then ram back down on Clark's shaft taking its entire length back inside her cunt.

    "Hurry up, you Bitch," the girl riding our son's mouth hissed. "You've already cum twice. I want a turn on that big hard cock."

    "Just a little more, June... I'm about to cum... oohhh god... he's good... Jezzz... where did you learn to fuck like this, Baby?"

    "From watching my Dad fuck my hot Mom. Now shut up and fuck your cunt on me, Honey. June wants a turn too."

    I felt my pussy gush when I heard Clark say that. I also felt Damien's cock throbbing against my ass. Carefully, we closed the door and moved down the hallway to the master bedroom. That door was open enough for us to see the bed.

    Craig was fucking our daughter in missionary position. Her legs were up high in the air dancing wildly as he slugged his cock in and out of her throbbing pussy. However, Gail wasn't lying on the bed... she was lying on the body of another boy who had his cock deep inside her ass. The two of them were double fucking Gail who seemed to be having near continuous orgasms. She never stopped grunting and squealing the entire time we watched her getting it in both of her sex holes.

    From the side of the room that was out of the line of our sight, we heard a male voice: "Come on, Craig... Jack. One of you cum in her so I can have a turn. My cock's so hard, it's about to break off."

    "I'm about to shoot, Larry. Be patient. As soon as I cum, you can have her cunt."

    I motioned to my husband that we should leave. When we were safely outside the house, we both ran to our car, laughing all the way. Damien got the Marriott Inn in record time. While he checked in and got us our room, I was in the lounge checking out the available cock and cunt that were present.

    When Damien arrived in the lounge a little later, I was sitting at the table with an attractive couple in their late 30's.

    "Marvin, this is Damien, my hubby. Damien, this is Laura, Marvin's sexy wife. I should tell you, Darling, that Marvin already has his hand under my dress playing with your wife's pussy, and Laura feels left out. Do we have a king-sized bed in our room?"

    My husband sat down beside Laura, kissed her, and said, "No. Sorry. But we do have two regular double beds that we can push together."

    "Ooohhh gawd! That sounds so hot!" Laura hissed as her legs spread and she thrust her pussy against my husband's probing hand.

    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected]
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