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. A Too Hasty Wedding

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 8, 2019.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    A Too Hasty Wedding

    Strange Honeymoon Cover.

    “Josh,” she breathed softly into his ear, “You have a nice ass. It feels good in my hands.”

    Because of something in his past, Josh had a 'thing' about his ass and hearing his bride say that excited him further.

    by EroticWriter

    Taken to a new level from a short joke.

    A Too Hasty Wedding

    Josh, a young newly ordained pastor, while on a trip to a convention, met a beautiful blonde lady. An incredibly beautiful blonde. Josh was timid, having dated very little in high school and never while in Bible college. He met her in the hotel lobby by luck. He had just finished eating in the hotel restaurant and was heading over to the elevator.

    She came out of the elevator when the doors opened and started to walk past Josh, giving him a little smile on the way. Just then her purse strap had come undone, allowing her purse to hit the carpeting. He had quickly bent over and picked it up for her.

    She seemed willing to talk, and Josh asked her if they could perhaps 'sit and talk for awhile.' She said, "Well, I was headed into the bar next to the lobby, so why not there?"

    Many people from the religious convention were staying in this hotel. He certainly did not want to be seen in a bar talking to a lovely blonde, and replied, "Why not take a walk instead?" Her name turned out to be Mindy, and having time on her hands, she agreed.

    There was a park just across from the hotel, and Josh and Mindy slowly made the rounds. After they had made two complete circuits Mindy said, "I really can't keep walking for long because I'm wearing heels. They're low heels, but they're really not intended for long hikes."

    The setting was nice and away from the hotel. They had relative privacy and he wanted to prolong this if possible. "Let's pick out a nice bench to sit on." She agreed and suggested they find one that was 'more private.'

    Well, that certainly was what he was wanting, and he was delighted that she felt the same way.

    They walked and finally found one that was away from the congested area and settled on a park bench that was under some trees. The sun was getting low in the sky but the shade was still desirable. After talking with her for another hour, and maybe with some encouragement on her part, Josh hinted that he might like to spend the night with her 'sometime'.

    She responded that she liked him and would enjoy that very much, and why not tonight?

    Shocked that Mindy had actually consented, his face turned red as he confessed to her that he had never been with a woman 'in that way.'

    She grinned, thought about his admission and how she should respond. Then she said, 'Well preacher, I'm afraid that it's a little late for me. I can't make the same claim about being a virgin. But," Mindy smiled, "I'm no longer attached to a man, and I would enjoy learning with you as we go along."

    Because there were other ministers in the hotel, they had to go to her room. Josh was nervous and looked around sheepishly as they crossed the hotel lobby and entered the elevator. Josh sighed a sigh of relief because he had seen no one that might know him as they had crossed the lobby.

    This was an incredibly large step for Josh to be taking since he had sworn to himself that he would be a virgin for his bride, whomever she might turn out to be.

    Josh loses his virginity

    They had agreed beforehand that they should use Mindy's room because of his concerns over 'propriety.' Once in her room, they stood together and trembling, he kissed her for the first time. Then, without waiting for him to make any moves, Mindy stepped back and began removing her clothes. He gulped as her white brassiere came into view, and then he said, 'Wait."

    Josh wanted to undress in the dark. She, at first, went along with that and flicked off the two lamps beside the bed. As they disrobed in the dark, they could dimly see each other as dark shadows from what little light was coming in around the partially closed blinds of their third floor window.

    Then, before climbing into bed, Mindy said, "Now let's have a little light so that I can see your eyes while you make love to me."

    'Make love?' He liked Mindy's use of the term rather than saying something crude like, 'leave the lights on while we fuck.'

    Worried about standing before a woman naked for the first time, Josh quickly placed both hands over the front of his groin.

    As Mindy turned on the light, she was standing firmly erect with her hand still on the switch of the table lamp when he first saw her. Josh was delighted at the sight of her lovely body. Her breasts, needing no bra though she had been wearing one, were pointed straight out in his direction.

    The marks from the bra were still visible in her skin as red lines, and it added to the sense of sexuality. Her waist was flat and hard. The blonde hair on her vagina even matched exactly the color of the hair on her head.

    Of course, Mindy was the first woman Josh had ever seen fully in the nude, but something inside told him that she was among the finer things in life.

    She looked over at his face, then deliberately down at his hands, which were blocking her view. Mindy hoped that he was not hiding himself because it was small. After all this buildup, she didn't want to find out that Josh had a three-inch pencil dick or something. "That's not fair, Josh. You have to allow me to see you too..."

    "I...I hope that it's O.K," Josh said, as he reluctantly lifted his hands.

    "Preacher," she said as she eyed his erection, which was standing at attention and near seven inches closer to her than the rest of his body, "I think you have already learned the first part of what a man needs to do." Mindy grinned as she openly appraised his erection and his face, even in the dim light, could be seen turning red.

    "Go slow," she breathed into his ear as he laid beside her and clumsily fondled her breasts. "Kiss me again." This time, as Josh kissed her for the second time ever, he could feel her fingers as she wrapped them around his stiff penis. His body started trembling, and she giggled and said, "Easy now. Not yet. Save it."

    Mindy released his penis so that he would not come all over her hand. "That's better," she cooed as Josh held her left breast more gently with his right hand and experimentally tweaked her nipple. "Now you're doing it just right."

    Josh loved the soft and gentle way that she was talking while coaching and guiding him. 'Mindy has given her virginity to another, but now she has some 'experience,' and she is showing me the way.'

    They kissed again, a long kiss. 'Her breasts are perfect,' he was thinking. 'They must have been created especially for my hands as I cup them. They are so firm and so upright as she lies on her back.'

    Then it was time to go below, but Mindy had to guide his hand there. She held Josh back and controlling him, showed him how to warm her up slowly by using his hands here, and 'oh yes, there!'

    "I can tell that you are more than ready," she said softly as she held his penis in her left hand, "and now I am too. Take your time and let's see how we feel together." With that Mindy rolled completely over onto her back and holding him by his rigid penis as she spread wide, guided Josh up and over her.

    "Don't lie on me just yet. Stay up on your knees while you put it in."

    Josh was staring into her eyes as she reached with her hand to guide him. "Don't look at my face just now. That's nice, and I like the way you are looking into my eyes, but since this is your first time, I want you to watch it down there."

    He looked down between their bodies and watched her lovely hand, looking so lovely with red-tipped nails as Mindy guided his penis, which was now flowing with pre-fluid, up against the entrance of her magic place.

    "Now ease your hips forward. Go slow."

    "Mmmmm, that's nice," Mindy breathed as he slowly went forward and felt her lips grasp his penis as he slowly made penetration.

    She had become very wet and Josh was not as large in the area of width as she might have preferred, but she held herself to the right size in tightness as he clumsily began his entrance into her body.

    He was a virgin and Mindy knew what sounds to make in order to build his ego. "Oooh," followed by a "Take it slow, you're a little big," and then another "Mmmmm that's nice" as he worked his way in.

    In just seconds he had managed to penetrate her to the maximum depth using the length that nature had endowed him with Mindy decided that despite the fact that Josh was somewhat slim in the penis for a man with seven inches, that he still might be able to meet her needs, if he could last.

    But then Josh took a stroke, and then another while she was still clamping herself around him. His body fell onto Mindy's and she released his penis and wrapped both arms around him.

    “Josh,” she breathed softly into his ear, “You have a nice ass. It feels good in my hands.”

    Because of something in his past, Josh had a 'thing' about his ass and hearing her say that excited him further.

    In his excitement he had an orgasm only moments after completely entering her warmth for the first time. With years of pent up frustration from denying himself, Josh groaned, shook, and injected a throbbing load into her that might have been measured in cupfuls.

    Mindy hadn't even had time to wrap her legs around him before he had started soaking her with his semen.

    Feeling that he had 'failed' Mindy, and not knowing what to say, he laid quietly on her, waiting for whatever she might say or do next. His penis had dwindled noticeably since he had climaxed with such intensity.

    Then Mindy said something that women have been saying for time immemorial when men come too fast. "That was nice," she fibbed. Actually, Mindy had expected him to launch prematurely, but not quite that soon. But the night was still young. Then, awkwardly and because he had gone soft, Josh rolled off of her.

    Not wanting to 'sleep on the wet spot,' Mindy said that she had to leave the bed and gather up a towel to wipe herself with.

    "Do you want me to leave? Are we through now," Josh asked with a voice that sounded very concerned? He was sitting upright in bed with his knees raised, and his penis looked all shriveled up between his legs. The foreskin had even gone completely over the head again.

    Mindy stared. She had not realized that Josh was uncircumcised. When she had first viewed his penis while standing, it had been peeled all the way back.

    She giggled at his question about leaving. Josh sounded just like a little boy. "No silly, of course not. Stay right there and I'll be right back." Mindy had intended to clean herself in the bathroom but Josh had sounded so flustered that she decided to return to the bed right away. She was holding one end of the towel under her crotch as she walked toward him.

    To Josh, her walking back into the bedroom with a towel under her pussy added emphasis to what they had just done, and the implicit physical aspects of the sex act. He had ejected vast amounts of fluid into her body, and now she was 'stuck' with having to clean it up.

    From his position beside her as she sat on the edge of the bed Josh could see her breasts from the side for the first time, and they looked beautiful in silhouette. With her legs spread wide as Mindy wiped herself, he was too embarrassed to look down at where her hand was moving. He had made a mess in her, and couldn't stand the thought of her having to deal with it.

    Then, smiling at how shy Josh was acting, Mindy climbed into bed once again, pushed him backward, and laid herself up against him. Her left hand reached out, and she held his softened penis with thumb and forefinger. Now it felt really small, but that was subject to change.

    "Hi," Mindy said warmly as she snuggled her body closer to his. It was like they had been separated and just gotten back together. "Did you miss me," she asked, giggling as she released his cock and wrapped her arm around him?

    "I'm afraid that I've left you frustrated in my immaturity and lack of control over my body," Josh began...

    But she was understanding, holding him in her arms while he apologized. "That's all right honey," she whispered soothingly into his ear, ""Don't worry about it. I enjoyed cleaning up after you, and in a few minutes you should be able to go again."

    Her hand had begun moving, pulling his foreskin off the head, and then back over. She did this several times, and giggled as she felt him hardening. "It's growing honey, and it's turning me on."

    Another penetration, this time straight in and all the way to the bottom since Mindy was still sopping wet inside. But, since Josh was uncut, his foreskin was still providing sensitivity as the skin pulled back and forth over his head with each stroke.

    Her wetness didn't matter, and Josh still had no control. As before, Josh didn't last quite long enough. Less than a dozen strokes and he was done. Once again he laid silently above her, too embarrassed to say anything.

    "Almost," she said reassuringly. "I was almost there, but it's OK because I understand this being your first time." Mindy had started kissing Josh when he had made penetration, and that had been a mistake.

    After another cleanup, this time in the bath, Mindy had proceeded to show Josh how to eat her. With her attentive guidance, and concentration on her 'button,' Mindy had achieved an orgasm while holding onto his ears.

    After spending much of the rest of the night with Mindy and learning how wonderful sex could be with a woman you loved, especially after an expertly delivered blow job, Josh decided that he wanted to marry her right away.

    Josh proposes

    When he proposed, Josh first expressed his love for her.

    She looked concerned. "But darling, get married so soon? We just met this evening and we don't really know anything about each other."

    "I love you dear. We are perfect for each other and things will work out."

    Josh felt that in order to avoid any hint of scandal, that he should return to his own room since two brother pastors were coming by in the morning to pray with him before having breakfast and going to the conference. Mindy again expressed her concern over a rushed marriage.

    "Think it over," Josh begged. “I am sincere. I want to marry you. Think it over and I will call you first thing in the morning, around seven before my brother pastors arrive."

    After he had left, reluctantly, Mindy did think long and hard about it. Josh was inexperienced, but that would change. He was intelligent, had good learning, had been brought up in a good home, and as a matter of fact, 'Josh' was short for Joshua, from the Bible. As Mindy laid in bed, she stirred restlessly. But in the morning, she had made her decision.

    Josh called promptly at seven, and Mindy said she was still thinking on it. She had decided to marry Josh, but wanted to hear him ask again. He made the request, and then she repeated her concern, "Darling, I still say that we don't know anything about each other."

    He said, "That's all right honey, we'll learn about each other as we go along."

    So she consented, and Josh responded with joy. "Really? What size is your ring finger?"

    Mindy laughed, and said "After your conference today let's go shopping."

    Soon Mindy had her ring, followed by a dinner. Josh's conference had ended, and his plane flew out that evening. They kissed goodbye in the elevator since there was not time to climb into bed. Soon, they would be married and the real lovemaking could begin.

    After meeting Mindy at a hotel during his church convention, propositioning her and being shocked when she accepted, then losing his virginity inside her and proposing to her, which she had accepted, Josh had purchased a ring and placed it on her finger.

    Then he had flown home. On the phone later, Mindy still had been concerned that they did not know enough about one another, but Josh had been adamant that he wanted to marry her.

    Mindy followed two days later after attending to her affairs. It was a six hundred mile drive which she made in one sitting. That evening, she snuggled up to Josh as soon as they were alone. Josh held off, explaining that he had decided that they should not have sex again until they were 'joined in Holy Matrimony.'

    "But Josh," Mindy asked, showing genuine concern, "I've missed you. And what about our sleeping arrangements until the wedding?"

    Josh said that although he had his own place, she could live at his mother's house until the ceremony. Mindy declined, saying that she was used to being independent and that she wanted to learn more about Josh before really getting involved with his family. "A motel that rents by the week will be fine," she added.

    “You won't be bored staying in a motel,” Josh asked with concern?

    “No honey. I'll have the TV, and when I want to eat when you are not with me, I'll have my car if I need to get out and around.”

    Josh was careful to avoid any hint of impropriety as he spent time with Mindy, always away from the motel and making sure that she was 'safely alone' in the motel each evening before he returned to his abode at an early hour.

    A week passed. With all her snuggling, hugging and kissing, Mindy had awakened the passions within him. Despite his desire not to 'defile himself' before the wedding, Josh could no longer ignore his erection this time as he lay alone in bed. Taking his prong into his hand, he began stroking. His thoughts were filled with visions of his blonde goddess, so lovely, so innocent.

    She had come to him, it seemed, after breaking up with her boyfriend. He had wanted to ask Mindy how he compared, but was embarrassed to do so. Besides, what she had done in the past was buried in her right to privacy.

    'One man has known her intimately, but she has chosen me to wed!' He began stroking quicker, and his hips rose off the bed. He began groaning. "Oh Mindy, I love you so."

    His orgasm was intense, and Josh had to shower in order to take care of his mess. He did it one more time as the days and nights went by, hating himself for being so weak. Josh told himself that it might be acceptable since all he did as he stroked his rigid rod was dream of his years of wedded bliss to come.

    It was alright to masturbate, Josh told himself, because no other woman had entered his thoughts, except for Mindy.


    Two weeks after Mindy had arrived they were married with the entire congregation of his church in attendance. Josh was the 'Associate Pastor' of this church, and had already gathered a following. They went by plane on a honeymoon to a very nice resort on the coast of Mexico.

    The next morning after their wedding night, they were laying by the Olympic sized pool, when Josh suddenly got up off of his towel. Mindy stared up at him, wondering where he was going in such a rush.

    When she looked at him with a 'where to?' look, Josh smiled, then climbed up to the 10 Meter board and after standing with his two arms in the air, bounced twice and did a two and a half tuck gainer. This was followed by three rotations in a jackknife position, where he straightened out and cut the water like a knife.

    Josh was feeling a sense of achievement now for the first time in his life. He had achieved Eagle in scouting, had graduated at the top of his class in high school, and had reached most of his goals scholastically. He was now an Associate Minister with a flock, and he had became a man in the arms of a truly wonderful woman.

    After another failed attempt last night, one that had ended almost as messy as the first time Josh had been inside her, he had managed to last long enough the second go round and make her achieve an orgasm.

    At last, Now they were one.

    "That was the best, honey. The very best," Mindy had said. Josh had even climbed out of bed, grabbed a towel, and cleaned up some of the mess he had made as Mindy laid wide spread and smiled up at him. This time he had not been afraid to look upon her 'beauty.'

    "Like what you are looking at," she asked mischievously as he gently wiped at her pussy lips?

    "I love what I am looking at," Josh replied as he sighed, licked his lips and dug a little deeper with the edge of the towel.

    “There still might be some inside. Why don't you take care of it with your mouth?

    Josh did, and at one point, after he had felt Mindy 'push' and some of his cum had slid out and into his mouth, she had asked him to swallow it.

    “Swallow my own cum,” Josh had asked with some concern?

    “But honey, it's been inside me for a while and is now a part of me too.”

    “Yes, you're right.” And Josh had swallowed, and gone in for some more.

    Now lying side-by-side, Mindy had begun to masturbate him again, smiling as she tugged his foreskin up and back. Since the initial desires had been satisfied, now there was time for conversation.

    Tell me about that other man

    "Was he uncircumcised like me," Josh asked?

    Mindy paused. "Who?"

    "The man who took your virginity. Your boyfriend. Was he like me?"

    "Oh, him." She shrugged. "I didn't know much about it at first, but he was circumcised I learned as we kept dating." As she was speaking, she gave Josh a long stroke, pulling his foreskin completely up over the head. She held it there and reaching with her other hand, grasped and wriggled the excess foreskin that was now in front of his head.

    Despite his full erection, Josh still had enough skin to pull over the head. "Since he was circumcised" Mindy explained, "his skin was very tight. There was nothing to move up and down, and he didn't have all this up here like you."

    "Do you like it, like me, like this," Josh asked, sounding again like a little boy?

    "I like yours better," she giggled. "It's much nicer to play with it with all this foreskin." Mindy moved her head closer for a better look, and Josh's heart jumped when he thought she was going to place her mouth over it.

    Instead, Mindy studied his penis closely as she moved the skin up and down, going all the way over the head and back. "And yours' is natural, the way it was intended."

    And then came the big question, the one he was most concerned about. Mindy had been with another man before him, and Josh was concerned. "Was he...was he bigger than me?"

    She had expected that question. The man whom had taken her virginity had been thicker. After a short period of adjustment, Mindy had enjoyed many orgasms with him, but Mindy did not want to tell her husband that. Why wound his pride?

    "You're longer than he was," she answered truthfully, and hoped that he would not dig deeper.

    Fortunately, Josh did not think of asking about width. Instead, he smiled and seemed content with her answer. Then she decided to show him something new, something she liked. "Let's get you hard..." and Mindy began sucking on his penis, loving on it and making it grow.

    "Now let's do it doggy style. I think you will enjoy that." Climbing onto her knees at the edge of the bed, Mindy bent down, lying her breasts upon the mattress. "Now get behind me and see what is waiting for you."

    Trembling once again, Josh hurriedly jumped out of bed, his penis swinging wildly back and forth and quickly got behind her. Her ass, sticking up into the air was lovely. It was rounded, curved so nice, and in front of it in this position was a waistline that tapered down nicely.

    But Josh, in his inexperience, bent down, placing his face close to her pussy and stared intently. "What did you want me to see," he asked stupidly?

    Being careful not to 'shame' him, she looked back at him over her shoulder and giggled, "Well, first stand up, silly. Now I want you to put it in. Do it slow and nice and then we'll go from there."

    "Which...which hole," Josh asked as he stared down at the most lovely ass he had ever seen, which was a total of one, and observed two holes looking back at him? This was the first time he had actually had a good look at her anus, and it was a little cutie. Clean, hairless, pink around the edges, and only a hint of skin hanging out all around.

    "Well, first," she said with a little laugh, let's put your nice hard cock in my pussy. That's the hole down below, with some hair around it, so watch where you aim."

    Trembling, which seemed to be the way Josh reacted whenever he was about to be close enough to her to be touching, he guided his penis into the place that he had found to be the best in the world in his thinking. Mindy gasped the nice gasp as he slid into her already wet and so warm pussy.

    Josh gave her several slow strokes and all the time he could not help but to observe how her tight little pink-rimmed asshole seemed to bulge slightly and push out towards him each time he eased his stiff penis deeper into her snatch.

    "That's nice," she breathed. "Now put your thumb, your right one, into your mouth."

    "What? Why," he asked, now breathing a little more rapidly? But he had placed his thumb into his mouth as she directed.

    "Get your thumb good and wet, then slip it very slowly into my anus. Go on," she said, as he hesitated. "That's it. Do it slow and keep stroking with your cock at the same time," she cooed.

    Josh tried pushing his thumb in at the same time he took a stroke into her with his penis. He was finding her ass to be very tight, so he slowly started inching it in a little at a time. 'She must be liking it', he thought, as she began pushing her ass back to meet him.

    Her asshole gripped his thumb tightly when he had finally gotten it into her. "Keep fucking me with that lovely cock," she instructed, and just hold that thumb in there. In a minute I'll be able to come."

    This excited him. He had not seen how she reacted as she climaxed with his dick in her. The only time so far, Josh had been eating her as she guided him. He began stroking a little faster and harder with his cock.

    "Are you enjoying the view," she asked softly?

    Josh paused. "Oh yes. It is so lovely. I can see everything and your, your rear is so tight around my thumb. It feels almost like my thumb could come, or something."

    "Can you feel your dick with your thumb?"

    Josh was puzzled at first, then he moved his thumb around inside her anus. "Yes, yes I can. It's like there's a little wall in between your two holes and I can feel my dick through the wall. No, wait. It's the other way. My dick can feel my thumb pressing against the wall."

    Yes. Josh could feel his thumb as he wriggled it around inside and sending sensations across to his penis.

    She giggled. "I can feel them too. It feels good. It feels almost like there are two dicks in me at once, except one is smaller."

    Josh was growing more excited. Her statement about it feeling like two dicks at once he shook off as being her speculating on what it might feel like. But of course she would never do that, take two dicks at once. It would mean that she, that she had fucked more than one man. Instead of commenting about that, he went along with her state of excitement.

    "Yes, it does feel like that. It seems to make your pussy feel tighter to me also. I like doing this. It feels like I am in you more than ever, and I do love you so. The closer I can get, the better." Then, as he grew ever more excited, Josh started speeding up.

    "No. No Josh. Keep fucking me slow. Don't speed up. That way, when I come, you should be able to feel it. As a matter of fact, you should be able to see me coming and feel it around your thumb. Keep watching!"

    "Ooooooh gawd." Mindy dug her fingers into the mattress, clutching at it and wrinkling the sheets as she reached a intensely strong orgasm. Pleased about how Mindy seemed to be highly aroused, Josh grew extremely excited and almost came himself.

    He watched in awe as he saw and felt how her anus was grabbing and flexing around his thumb as Mindy went through the pulsations of an orgasm that lasted at least ten seconds, probably longer.

    "Stay in there for now. I need a moment to catch my breath," she said when Josh started to ease backwards as if to remove his penis. He waited, and then Mindy said the incredible! " Take your thumb out, and put your penis into my ass. Do it slow and gentle, and this time you can come with me."

    "Isn't it a sin to do it that way," Josh asked, barely able to mouth the words?

    "No silly. This is between a man and his wife. Anything we do in the bedroom is alright, as long as we are not cheating. You should know that."

    "Yes, I guess you're right on that." Then he pulled his penis slowly from her vagina, enjoying the view as her lips gripped him softly and held onto his shaft and then his head as he eased backward. Almost immediately, Josh placed his shiny penis against her anus and started in.

    "Doesn't that hurt," he asked when Mindy let out a groan that sounded more like pleasure than pain as his penis slid into another warm place, one where he had never been before, on anyone?

    "No, it feels wonderful. Your dick is already slippery from my pussy, and you are just the right size for this. Not too wide, but wide and long enough. Now go all the way in. Go slow."

    He wondered how she knew that he was 'the right size before he had even gone all the way in, but Josh didn't question her as he slowly eased his penis further into the woman he loved so much. "This feels wonderful,' he thought, as he felt how warm and tight she was around his penis, and yet somehow it felt so different from her vagina.

    Josh has a flashback, to his deep and dark night secret

    'This must be how it felt to that mysterious man or boy that night,' Josh thought, 'when he put his dick into me.' Yes, our preacher had once been fucked in the ass. It had happened at Boy Scout camp.

    As it turns out. Josh had been a virgin for his bride on the front end, but not in back.

    Josh had been a scout for years and thus had been older than most of the other boys. He had even achieved the rank of Eagle Scout when it had happened. He had been asleep, in a cabin that normally would be shared with several younger boys in bunk beds. But, since the seven other cabins were full, Josh had chosen to sleep alone in the cabin at the top of the incline.

    The cabins, designed for summer use, were solid wood with walls and doors, but there was a long screened in window along the tops of each side. The top bunks on each side faced the screens, and the bottom bunks were beside walls. Therefore, the bottom bunks were much darker than the tops.

    During the night, late on a moonless night, someone had crawled quietly into bed with him and gotten under the night covers.

    Josh had been asleep on his left side, away from the unknown person. The man, or boy, he didn't know which at first, had awakened Josh by reaching around and playing with his penis until it became erect. When Josh had became fully awake and aware, his cock was already like a rock.

    At that point Josh belonged to whoever it was. Josh was erect and excited, and he was waiting for whatever was to come, or cum.

    The person knew now that Josh had awakened, had not protested, and might be willing to do more. Now feeling confident, the person eased his left arm under Josh's neck and now sort of holding him, pulled himself closer to Josh on the top end.

    Now for the lower end. Josh, perhaps anticipating what was to come, sort of moved his ass back a ways and curled his legs up to make his ass more rounded in nature. Yes, now he was ready.

    The person behind him moved his head closer, much closer to Josh, and Josh could feel his warm breath on his neck and up around his ear. If Josh had turned his head, they could have been kissing, but he was not thinking along those lines.

    And then the mysterious person behind him placed his firm penis up against a virgin ass and pushed gently.

    That penis might have already been coated with a Vaseline type substance, because the penis felt very slippery as it slowly opened Josh's anus and eased within. About now Josh thought of and was thankful that he had emptied his bowels just before coming to bed.

    The penis must only have been average or less in width, because the pain had not been too bad. The ass that had just lost its virginity had been moved slightly to the rear, meeting the penis and giving encouragement.

    The person behind gave with a firm push, and penetrated Josh to the best of his ability, about six inches worth.

    As Josh took it all in, literally, he determined that the person now inside him must be an adult, because even though that other person was now curled up inside his legs, he could still feel feet meeting his down below, and the person's head was right behind his.

    'He's the same height as me, maybe taller.' There were several adult males at the camp, and Josh wondered who this could be?

    'Does he know who he is with,' Josh wondered? 'Did he single me out for...for his pleasure?'

    The person behind Josh had wrapped one arm under and around Josh at the neck and was now pushing against his chest with that left arm and in effect pulling Josh tight back against himself. His right hand was still around Josh's penis and mainly on the head of his dick. The hand held onto the dick while the arm held Josh tight against his body.

    Because Josh seemed more than willing, the man was taking his time. Actually, Josh was more in a state of shock, but he was beginning to enjoy what was happening, both in back of his body as well as the front.

    Josh felt the person's warm breathing into his ear as he continued taking long and slow strokes. Josh became more aware of his surroundings. It was pitch black at the bunk. The air was dead calm, and somewhere outside the cabin Josh could hear the sounds of crickets off in the distance.

    The man stopped stroking, and Josh could feel his body trembling slightly. Josh wondered what was wrong, but still said nothing. The man had not spoken, and Josh was afraid to for fear of revealing his identity in case the man did not know whom he was fucking.

    Actually, the man had stopped stroking to delay his orgasm. This guy in front of him felt so good in the ass, and the penis in his hand was actually longer than his own. Josh of course did not know, but the mystery person had fucked a few others in the ass, but Josh was the first one he had fucked who had a larger penis than his own.

    The person behind Josh was an older adult, and over several seasons he had made it a specialty to pick out certain young men he liked and somehow get them alone. This one had made it especially easy since he had chosen an empty cabin.

    For the first time perhaps, the man inside Josh wondered what it might be like to have the cock in his hand fucking his ass just like he was fucking this ass. He began considering it, the possibility of allowing this boy to have his turn once he was finished.

    But first, and this was important since he had no way of knowing how willing this boy would continue to be, he had to have his orgasm first.

    Feeling the length and thickness of this cock in his hand had brought him closer to orgasm than he had planned to be at this early stage of his 'seduction.' He wanted to make this last just a little longer, and after waiting maybe a full minute or two, started stroking again.

    Now that head, that face, the breathing, was closer to Josh. Josh could feel his hot breath on his ears and neck. So close he was, and Josh was tempted to turn his head and offer up his lips as evidence of how much he was enjoying this.

    Still, something held him back, mostly the fear that this person might not know who he is so therefore Josh could keep his identity a secret.

    He was pumping. Slow, easy, and oh so nice. For the most part, Josh was getting most but not all of that nice cock that was feeling so good in his ass. Every once in a while the body behind him would be pressed further forward, and Josh would feel the cock penetrate for its full length of another inch or two.

    As the minutes ticked by, neither person said a word, but both were growing ever more excited. Both of them were breathing hard now, the person being fucked, and the person doing the fucking.

    The man behind would fuck for awhile, then stop and just hold things in place, his hand on Josh's hard cock, and his hard cock in Josh's warm and tight ass. He was very aroused now, and Josh could feel his warm wet tongue sometimes licking him on the sides of his neck and up around his ear.

    Josh could tell. This man or boy, whoever he is, was feeling a need to get closer to him, and Josh wished that he could turn around and tell this person how much he was enjoying the feel of his cock fucking his ass. But, still wanting to keep his identity a secret, if it is, Josh said nothing, but he did reach way back with his right hand and place it on the other guy's ass.

    Now Josh began guiding him, guiding his movements with his hand as he shoved his ass back as much as possible in order to feel that warm cock going as deep as possible.

    The person inside Josh seemed to be whimpering a little now. Josh would hear him make a little 'mmm' sound with each shove forward and his breathing seemed to be getting louder. The arm holding him was tighter now around him, like the man was trying to be closer to Josh, and more into him.

    No more stopping to regain control. Not any longer now that Josh had reached back and was holding his ass.

    Josh felt the man tense up again and wondered if he was going to stop. Then, "Ooooh!" That was Josh, whom involuntarily had exclaimed when he felt the penis enlarge and start bucking and throbbing within his ass.

    It seemed to Josh that he could even feel that wonderful penis in his ass enlarging and shrinking slightly between each throb. Each wonderful throb. Josh knew this person was experiencing extreme pleasure at the moment, and he felt proud to be the one providing the means.

    Josh had not started counting, but it seemed like the throbbing was happening eight, nine, or maybe ten times. As the throbbing ended, Josh sighed, not in relief but in disappointment that it now seemed to be over. At least the orgasm was finished, but the person in his ass kept pumping.

    The man behind him had gotten so excited that he was now slobbering, yes, slobbering on Josh's neck as he kissed and licked anything he could reach from behind.

    "So now I know,' Josh was thinking with a smile on his unseen face. 'It feels the same to other guys as it does to me when I cum,' he thought. 'Other guy's dicks jump and throb a second or so apart just like mine!'

    The man slowed his stroking, but held himself as deep as possible and kept pumping, possibly to drain his come. Josh felt wet inside, and very warm. He felt the person behind him finally go limp. The hand relaxed the hold on the end of his dick, but the arm around Josh remained as Josh pulled his hand away from the guy's ass and brought it forward.

    Now came the awkward time as both men wondered what was to come next.

    It was over, except for the fact that Josh was still hard as a rock, and that hand was still holding it. Josh did not know it, but the stranger was considering the possibility of allowing Josh to fuck his ass, but his desire, since having his own orgasm, had waned considerably.

    If he knew how acceptingly Josh was thinking at the moment, he would have gone for it.

    Josh was feeling the urge to roll over and embrace the man whom had just climaxed in his ass. Maybe even kiss, though Josh really had no desire to be kissed by or to kiss a man. Still, he felt very close to this person now, and wanted to know him. But, as the thought came to him, it occurred to Josh that the man might not want to kiss.

    Josh was still firmly erect, but some of his heated desire had waned since the cock in his ass had finished. His desire to be closer to his 'lover' was waning considerably. 'Ewwww, kiss him? That I don't want to do. What if he is gay?' So Josh continued to lie quietly, wishing that the man would finish him by masturbation.

    Josh had enjoyed the feeling of having the penis stroking and then erupting in his rear very much. A minute passed, then two. Josh stayed hard as a rock as he felt the cock inside him change from rock to sock.

    Finally, as if reluctant to do so, the unknown person slowly slid his wet and slippery cock out of Josh, gave him a last firm squeeze on his penis, patted him on the ass cheek and quietly climbed out of bed. He had made his decision. Josh would not be the first one to get to fuck him in the ass. Had it occurred, it would have been two virgins giving it up.

    Besides, the person who had fucked him had to be especially careful to guard his identity.

    It was probably better that Josh never get to see his face since he was the head Scoutmaster. Yes, the top man, and he had chosen his target carefully. For years actually he had lusted secretly for Josh. Josh the shy one, who tonight, he had observed, was sleeping alone for the first time.

    This had probably been his best 'choice' so far. Josh had always attracted him strongly with his shy smile and quiet ways. And his ass looked really good under those Scout shorts.

    He didn't know if he was getting a virgin, but it was probable. And that cock on Josh had been a pleasant surprise. Getting to hold a bigger cock than his own as he fucked the owner of that cock had been exhilarating. All the rest had been smaller, their cocks, than him. Usually much smaller.

    Josh had been his best conquest so far, by far.

    Josh's mystery person left as quietly and mysteriously as he had come in. The spring door creaked slightly, and he was gone.

    Still in shock, but one induced by pleasure, Josh continued to lie on his side. Had it been another scout that had been eyeing me? Had it been an adult that desired me? Perhaps I had been selected at random, the guy choosing the cabin up the hill and furthest from the light up on the telephone pole on purpose.

    He possibly had not known whom he had crawled into bed with. At least Josh hoped so as he masturbated himself to an intense orgasm.

    Josh had thought to reach down and pull the white towel off the rack at the end of his bunk and lie it beside him first, and it was a good thing, because he had the best orgasm ever, so far in his eighteen years. After the towel had caught his semen, he carefully folded the towel so the wet spot would be inside and stay there and then used a dry portion to wipe his slippery ass.

    The moon was starting to rise now, and it was getting a bit lighter outside.

    Josh had an ass that was filled. He was going to have to drain it for sure. He still had to 'sneak' out though and go down to the latrine. The latrine was located most of the way down the hill, between cabins three and four, and Josh hoped that whomever the person was whom had fucked him, was not watching and making an identification of him as he made his way to the crapper.

    If the person who had owned his body for a while wanted to know for sure whom he had fucked, that would be a good way to do it. Just hide and wait for Josh to head to the latrine. With all that cum deposited in his ass, Josh would certainly need to make this trip.

    Josh knew this, and though he wanted to know who it had been, he did not make obvious looks left and right as he moved between the cabins. He did not want to cause embarrassment to the person who had fucked him, so he only looked out of the corner of his eyes and was not turning his head.

    Josh saw no one on his way down, and as he entered the latrine he quietly made his way to the last toilet, furthest from the door. The light switch was off, and Josh left it off. There was moonlight coming in through a few windows placed high up, and that was enough.

    Taking a deep breath, Josh walked to the end stall. On the way, good, all the doors to the other stalls were open and no one was inside.

    Now it was cumming out and Josh needed to hurry. He sat down quickly without even taking the time to check and make sure the seat he was to occupy was dry.

    Josh experienced for the first time the strange yet pleasurable feeling of having warm cum squirt out of his ass as he pushed down. It made a long pfffffffft sound coming out of his ass, and a trickling sound into the latrine, and Josh hoped that no one was close enough, even outside, to hear.

    After it all seemed to be drained, Josh waited, just in case. Finally he felt secure enough, and empty enough, to wipe. Three wipes it took before he felt dry at the opening.

    Again, on the way back up the hill, Josh looked left and right, but only with his eyes. No one.

    Josh spent the rest of the night in a restful sleep, a smile on his lips.

    Daylight. Apparently no one else in at the camp had been aware, for nothing was said, and Josh had not been given any strange looks the next morning. Still, all during the rest of his stay at the camp Josh had wondered, is one of these boys or men looking at me and laughing inside?

    Josh had never told anyone about it, but deep down he had this fear, which he had carried with him for years until he had met his blonde lady. 'Am I gay?' But meeting his wife to be had taken that fear away, forever.

    Now, as Josh was fucking his lovely betrothed in the ass, he was remembering his own ass fuck, and how good it had felt, especially when the dick had climaxed into his tight anus. Has this ever been done to Mindy, he wondered? Probably, because Mindy had suggested it. But Josh understood why she wanted to try it now.

    "Now Josh, reach under your balls and put your thumb into my pussy. Use the other one, not the one you had in my ass."

    "But it's clean," Josh said, looking down at his right thumb.

    "It might look clean," she said, "but it still has germs on it, and I don't want you to transfer any germs into my vagina. Just use the other thumb, and don't forget to put it in your mouth first."

    "Oh, yeah," he giggled, "that's another good reason to use my other thumb." Josh was feeling more confident with Mindy now, more relaxed and at ease. "Here it comes baby," he said softly after wetting his thumb and aiming it into her pussy, down there below his cock, which was feeling so snug inside her ass.

    "Now fuck me with your dick and your thumb."

    She can talk so crude sometimes. Oh how I love it. “Both at once? It won't hurt?”

    “Oh no Josh, it will feel good, believe me.”

    'Has she done this before,' he wondered? But Josh did as she wanted, and it worked just as they had hoped. When he climaxed into her ass, filling her with his juice, Mindy groaned loudly and climaxed too. Josh could see and feel her contractions, not only around and with his dick, but with his thumb in her pussy as well.

    Now Josh knew what it is like to cum into an ass. This had been a woman's ass, his wife's ass, but still, an ass is an ass he was thinking.

    That had ended the phase of 'getting to know one another' on their wedding night. After a trip to the bathroom for both of them, and taking turns bathing one another and learning and memorizing every inch of the other's body, Josh and Mindy had cuddled up snugly in each other's arms.

    She fell asleep almost immediately, but Josh remained awake for another half hour. His mind went over and over all that had happened on their wedding night. He had shot his load too early of course. But Mindy had been understanding and patient.

    Then she had suggested something that he had only dreamed about and never thought that she might do. She had asked him to fuck her in the ass, and he had been remembering his own ass fucking at the same time.

    The bit with the thumb had surprised him. He would never have thought of that. And switching thumbs and dicks? Wow. One last thing. It had really surprised him when Mindy had sat on the toilet in front of him, seeming not to be embarrassed in the least as she had with some noise drained his cum into the toilet.

    Josh remembered how good it had felt when he had drained cum from his ass that one time, and now he was hearing his bride doing it, and with his cum!

    Still learning about one another as they go

    Now, at the pool, Josh had already shown Mindy two dives, and he wanted to show her what else he could do.

    After a few more demonstrations and breathing hard, he came back and lay down on the towel.

    Mindy said, "That was incredible Josh! Where did you learn all that?"

    With a beaming smile, Josh said, "During my time in Bible college, I used to be an Olympic diving champion. You see, I told you we'd learn more about each other as we went along."

    So with a determined look, Mindy got up, jumped in the pool, and started doing laps. After five, and then ten laps, Josh could only look on in disbelief. But she kept going. After about thirty laps Mindy climbed back out and lay down on her towel, hardly out of breath except for her heaving breasts.

    Josh, still being a little shy, turned red in the face as he studied her nipples, which had become erect and were clearly visible through her wet bathing suit. He shamefully shook off his lustful feelings and said, "That was incredible! Mindy, were you an Olympic endurance swimmer?"

    "No." she said, "I was a hooker in McAllen, Texas, and I worked both sides of the Rio Grande River."
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