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Draft A Tale of Africa

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by Mekare, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Mekare

    Mekare Member Member

    October 1975
    Archie Manning was 48 years old and had recently married a much younger wife, who he had met through his many contacts in the business he ran in the South of England.
    Jennifer was the only daughter of the Reverand James and his wife Anne, she had been bought up very strictly, and had led a rather sheltered life.

    She had never before been outside of England, and the long flight from London via Nairobi to Cape Town had left her quite drained. The heat she found quite oppressive as she walked down the steps on to the tarmac of the runway. She felt the light fabric of her summer dress sticking to her underwear as she walked over to the bus.
    Her and her husband boarded the bus and made their way to the Terminal where they were met by representatives of the Company, her husband, Archibald was meeting and was the reason for this trip.

    They were escorted through baggage reclaim and customs to the car that awaited them outside the Terminal. The Rolls Royce was parked right at the entrance and the black chauffer placed their luggage in the boot of the car after first opening the back door and helping them into the back seat, where they were joined by Johnty Wessels, the owner of the Company Archie had come to do business with.

    The next few days were most pleasant, a combination of parties, meetings and shopping trips, where Jennifer had had a lovely time.

    That weekend they were once again about to board a flight, initially to Johannesburg before transferring to a much smaller plane for the short journey across the border into Lesotho.
    Jennifer marveled at the sites below as the airplane made it's way to their destination, she could see elephants, zebra, giraffes and antelopes, as they flew low over the land.

    Their accommodation was once again top class, and they were made to feel most welcome. They were joined by Mr Wessels, his business partner Mr Graham and his wife Allison, along with two large black men, who they were there to meet regarding their business interests. They were introduced to Jennifer as Mohapi and Thabiso, and both of these gentlemen were very impressed with what they saw, though both remained very polite.

    After dinner, the ladies left the table and left the Gentlemen to discuss business matters. Allison and Jennifer sat outside on the balcony listening to the sounds of an African night, of the animals and their predators out there in the dark. They made small talk about this and that before retiring to their rooms for the night. It appeared that their husbands would not be joining them anytime soon, with the sound of laughter and drinking coming from the main room.

    Johnty Wessels ensured that both the glasses of his fellow white business partners were kept refilled, and that a strong sedative was added to both of their drinks. This combination soon had the desired effect and both unsuspecting men were soon happily snoring in the armchairs they were sat in.

    Mohapi and Thabiso thanked Johnty for his good work and his excellent gifts, and told him that the deal that he wanted would be concluded in the morning. At that, they both raised themselves from their seats, shook his hand and headed down the corridor to the guest room where both of the ladies were. They walked past the room Allison was in, but Johnty entered that one, to be with his girlfriend, the wife of his closest partner, and proceeded to the room Jennifer was in.
    They eased open the door and saw that Jennifer was lying asleep on the bed under the mosquito net. Both gentlemen wasted no time removing their clothing and moving to either side of the bed. Jennifer awoke to find a large black hand across her mouth and two naked black bodies either side of her. She tried to scream but it was no use. Mohapi whispered in her ear that he and Thabiso were going to enjoy the delights of this beautiful white lady, and if she wanted to escape from this predicament, she would do exactly as they wanted.

    'My husband', she asked, 'where is he?'

    'He is fast asleep and will remember nothing, when he awakens in the morning' replied Thabiso.

    'He has taken a very powerful sedative and will sleep like a baby until the morning, he will not come to your aid, and will wake with a headache, and will think it just a hangover' added Mohapi

    'Nobody will be coming to your assistance Jennifer' said Thabiso as his big black hand left her mouth and made its way very slowly to the bottom of her nightie. She felt another hand the other side and then her nightie was lifted slowly up to reveal her milky white body in all it's glory.

    'Superb' said both Mohapi and Thabiso in unison. Jennifer could feel the slight breeze of the African night on her pale skin, lit by the moonlight, and squashed between the two big black bodies either side of her. She felt a tongue press at her mouth, she opened it after a brief struggle, whilst another mouth fell upon her left breast, sucking and biting at the nipple. The huge tongue invaded her mouth, she tried to resist but it was hopeless.

    Mohapi moved down between her legs, forcing them wide, to reveal the golden triangle of hair above her sex, he kissed between her thighs, gently moving up towards her most intimate parts. he clamped his mouth over her sex and kissed it with gusto, the sensations that flooded poor Jennifer's innocent body were too much for her, her husband had never done such a thing. Her mouth opened in a gasp, and that was all the invitation Thabiso required, he placed his massive, still semi erect black cock in her mouth and grabbed her blonde hair in one hand.

    Confusion and panic went through Jennifer's mind, the taste of this black man's huge cock in her mouth contrasting with the attention, her pussy was getting from the black mouth hungrily licking and sucking it. Thabiso smiled as he thrust his now rapidly hardening cock into this innocent white wife's mouth.
    She heard them talking in a language she could not understand and she felt the cock pulled from her mouth, which gave her the chance to grab some air, this was short lived though as she was pulled around to face Mohapi's huge black cock slapping against her face, and she felt too huge hands grab her hips.

    'Please don't do that, I have only ever laid with my husband', begged Jennifer.

    Thabiso ran the length of his cock along Jennifer's tight wet slit, holding her tight by the hips, he pressed the tip against her entrance, and felt it resist his invasion. He pressed his rock hard 10 inch cock with more pressure and felt it relent, the head entering her sex. Jennifer tried to escape from this but all she did was force herself more on to the cock in her mouth. Again she started to panic, sweet pouring from her body, as the huge cock entered her, stretching her tight hole, like never before. Thabiso smiled as his cock forced it's way into this beautiful white married woman, inch by inch, until he was buried all the way in.

    'She is so tight', stated Thabiso.

    Then he started to slowly buck his hips, his cock sliding effortlessly in and out her tight hole, Jennifer would have felt even worse if she knew that Johnty and Allison were watching this spectacle from the doorway.

    Thabiso increased the pace, bulleting in and out of Jennifer, every stroke forcing more and more of Mohapi's cock down her throat. There was no escape, no let up from this, until she heard a huge grunt from behind her, quickly followed by jet after jet of black seed entering her young white womb.

    'Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! exclaimed Thabiso as he shot his potent black seed into the once innocent Jennifer's womb.

    She then felt the still hard cock slip from her hole and the excess semen spill down her thighs to pool on the bed, and the sound of laughter from her two tormentors. But she had no time to worry about that as Mohapi exploded in her mouth, she had only ever done that with her husband and he had never cum in her mouth.

    He emptied his huge balls of black seed into her mouth, she was forced to swallow, something else she had never done previously as he firmly held her head as he shot his considerable load into her mouth.

    To be continued....
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  2. anthony1

    anthony1 Member Member

    more more
  3. Mekare

    Mekare Member Member

    The next morning, Jennifer awoke to the sun streaming in through the window and her husband, Archie, snoring, next to her in the bed.
    Had she dreamed everything that happened last night, had she just had too much wine at the dinner table.
    She was naked in the bed, she slipped a finger between her legs and felt the cum crusted to her sex and between her legs. She placed her hand on her belly and could feel it there too, there was so much, it couldn't have been a dream, Archie never came with so much gusto, did he?

    Confused, Jennifer got out the bed and walked to the bathroom, she sat on the toilet and tried to make sense of what she thought had happened last night, she remembered the two huge Africans, one either side of her, of them taking her in such a depraved manner, making her do things, she had never even done with her husband. Her nipples hardened as she thought about it, and she felt a stirring in her loins, had she enjoyed last night?

    She ran a bath and lay there soaking for what seemed like a very long time, but still Archie had not stirred from his slumber.
    Jennifer dried her body, applied her underwear, khaki shorts and shirt, and made her way to the kitchen.
    It seemed she was the only one awake, until she entered the kitchen, where two black servants were busy making up breakfast.
    They greeted her and informed her that the rest of the guestd were out side on the verandah.
    One of them led her outside, the sun was strong and she had to shield her eyes as she walked out.
    Mr Mohapi and Mr Thabiso were sat at the table, along with Mr Wessels and Allison, but not her husband. Mr Thabiso greeted her, rising from the table and coming around and escorting her to her seat, between both of the Africans. She felt his hand on her bottom as she was led to her seat, her cheeks burned bright red, surely the other guests could see this too.
    She sat down at the proferred chair, and smiled sheepishly at everyone.

    General chitchat followed, both Africans mentioning that neither of the husbands had yet managed to make it to the breakfast table, that perhaps they had underestimated the power of African spirits.

    Jennifer felt a hand on her knee and when she looked down, she saw that Mr Thabiso's big black hand was gently carresing her leg, again her cheeks reddened. It was soon joined by another hand, that of Mr Mohapi, both Africans smiling at her as they made chit chat with the others, and ate their breakfast.

    She felt herself responding to their touch, her nipples hardened, and she felt a dampness between her legs, she prayed the others had noticed. She was startled from her daydreaming, when suddenly everybody started rising from the table, Allison took her hand and led her to one of two jeeps waiting outside.
    'We are going on safari' exclaimed Allison, 'it will be so exciting'
    'What about Archie, and your husband?
    'Forget them' responded Allison, 'they should learn to handle their alcohol better'

    Dazed, Jennifer got in the first jeep, in the back seat where she was joined by both Aficans, either side of her.
    She felt so small, sat between these giants, both so big and so black.
    Mr Thabiso leaned close to her, his big black hand on her knee and whispered into her ear 'take off your shirt'.
    Jennifer froze, had she just heard that correctly?
    She felt a hand on her other knee. She looked down and saw that both black giants had their shorts undone, and that both of them were not wearing any underwear. Both their cocks were only semi erect, but both were far bigger than that of her husband, when fully erect.
    Both men took hold of her hands and guided them to their cocks, Jennifer was in complete shock, she had said or done nothing to stop them. She looked around, praying that nobody could see what was happening, thankfully the other jeep was further along the track, some 100 yards in front. Then she noticed the driver, and his smile in the mirror. Once again Jennifer felt the colour rise in her cheeks.

    Mr Mohapi smiled at her, then he proceeded to open the buttons on her shirt, revealing her very pale skin and breasts.
    'Very nice', he said, Mr Thabiso nodding in agreement.
    He slid the blouse down her back, and started to suckle on the breast nearest to him, the nipple hardening to his touch immediately. She threw her head back, and continued to stroke both their cocks.
    Jennifer then felt hands at the catch on her shorts, and then them being pulled down, along with her panties, to lie at her feet.
    She felt the jeep slow and then come to a halt, she looked around and there was no sign of the other jeep, much to her relief. But any relief was short lived, as she felt a large black hand on her sex, and a big black finger enter her, causing her to gasp.
    As she did this, Mr Mohapi stood and guided his cock into her waiting mouth, which closed over it, licking and sucking on that huge black member. jennifer felt her legs spread and a tongue enter her most intimate place, licking and sucking on her bud, and sending sensations through her body, she had never before experienced.
    The cock in her mouth was huge, she struggled to take it all in, getting no more than half in before she started to panic and gag.
    She could hear the Africans talking to one another in a language she could not comprehend, Mr Mohapi now practically fucking her mouth like a pussy. She felt an orgasm building inside her, and then it swept over her, making her shake like she had never before, and let out a moan.
    Both Aficans laughed, and then she was picked up and bent over, the other cock at her mouth this time. She opened her mouth and felt it slide down her throat, whilst the one at her pussy was rammed into her, causing her to scream out, depite the huge cock in her mouth.

    There then followed a double assault on her, both cocks fucking her in unison, and at a pace she had never before experienced, yet another orgasm racked her ravaged body quickly followed by another and another.
    She felt the cock in her mouth spasm and then shoot it's potent seed down her throat, she struggled but she was held tight and was forced to swallow his huge load.
    As she came up for air, strands of sperm dripped from her chin, and then she felt the other cock shoot it's massive load into her womb, even more than she had just swallowed. She slumped on the back seat, as she felt the huge cock soften, and pop out of her violated body, along with some of the cum that had just been shot into her.

    She lay there for what seemed a few minutes, before hearing the clinking of glasses. She looked up to see both of the Aficans stood by the jeep, toasting her with the local brew, while both smoking large cigars, and even worse, the grinning old driver, who had just witnessed her defilement.

    Jennifer looked for something to cover her nakedness, but found nothing.
    'Join us, Princess' she heard Mr Mohapi say, and then felt those huge black hands lift her effortlessly out of the rear of the jeep.
    Jennifer tried in vain to cover her nakedness, but it was useless, both Africans laughing at her predicament, before telling her in no uncertain terms to relax.

    to be continued...
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  4. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    We need some work on the punctuation, even when a sentence is a quote it still needs a period, comma, question mark etc inside the quote marks. Try to even up the space between paragraphs as well. Thanks!

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