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. A Soldier's Sacrifice

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by D Hevel, Jul 29, 2018.

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  1. D Hevel

    D Hevel Member Member

    The day had finally arrived. Robert, an Army Staff Sergeant, was preparing for another middle east deployment. He always dreaded the deployments and the time away from his wife Linda. As they drove to the base for to catch Robert's plane, he felt a sense of trepidation about this tour but did not say anything. Linda, on the other hand, did not seemed all that concerned as she puffed on her cigarette. They arrived at the base, where the soldiers were mustering to say their goodbyes. It was quickly announced that the soldiers had to start boarding the plane. Robert turned to Linda, giving her a hug and kiss as tears filled his eyes. Robert turned and headed for the plane. Meanwhile, Linda was already on her cellphone calling Ray, her black lover. As the plane took off Linda was running to her car to get home and be with the love of her life Ray.

    Ray and Linda had had an ongoing relationship and whenever Robert deployed, he would immediately move into the house. Ray was a very dominating man with strong feelings about superior role of Black men. While he hated white males, he particularly despised any white male that wore a uniform.

    Ray was at the house waiting when Linda arrived. She ran into the house, and as was the custom, she knelt before Ray, unzipped his trousers and she started worshipping his cock. Once Ray was satisfied, he would fuck her hard. The entire time Linda would be professing her love for Blacks and complete hatred of the white race. Having been raised in the deep south submitting to a Black man would be considered a treacherous act, but to denounce her own race and support its very extinction was incomprehensible.

    Ray and Linda live well spending Robert’s money. It was even better with all the additional funds Robert received because of being deployed in a hazardous zone. When they were not fucking they attended Black Superiority meetings, Black Lives Matter, etc. Linda was a true believer by now and accepted Black Rule and White Genocide.

    One night after coming home from a meeting there was a phone message from Robert’s commanding officer. Apparently, Robert had been badly injured as the result of a roadside explosive device and was being sent to a hospital in Germany before being sent home. Upon hearing the news, unlike most wives, Linda grinned and wanted to fuck Ray even more. She loved the idea that her white husband was nearly killed. Over the next few days the local command offered her assistance and support. On the surface she acted like the grieving wife, however, once the door was closed, she found herself becoming sexually aroused, and Ray and her would fuck even harder.

    Months passed and Robert was being sent home. Linda was provided the date and time of his arrival, as were the families of other injured soldiers. The plane landed and Robert was anxious to see Linda but scared of her reaction to his injuries. Robert was removed from the plane on a gurney and taken to a waiting vehicle for transportation to the local military hospital. To his shock and sadness Linda was not there to greet him. Why? There was a Black Lives Matter protest that Linda and Ray were participating in. After all, supporting Black movements was more important that Robert.

    Two days later, as Robert laid in his hospital bed, Linda arrived to see him accompanied by Ray. Linda looked at Robert and instantly noticed the extent of his injuries. He had lost his left leg, lost use of his right leg, and lost his right arm. He would be confined to a wheelchair for life and be eligible for full disability pay and other financial benefits. The hospital staff seemed taken back by Linda’s nonchalant attitude and her apparent closeness to Ray. Nevertheless, they told Linda that Robert would be released the next day to come home and that an organization would be doing repairs to their house to accomplish wheelchair access. All Linda needed to do was complete the required documents; but she didn’t.

    Ray and Linda recognized this as a golden opportunity. Although his life insurance would have been nice, his disability and other pay would support them nicely. Ray explained that the home repairs were unnecessary. Robert would not have any need to leave the house nor should he have any convenience. After all he was a worthless white male to begin and was even more worthless as a cripple.

    Robert was brought home and the attendants struggled to get him into the house. He was provided a large amount of pain medicine. Robert would need constant care, both physically and mentally.

    Once the attendants left Linda pushed Robert into the living room. It was there that he faced his new reality. Ray and Linda started to fuck like to wild animals while Robert could only watch in shock as tears flowed down his cheeks. The emotional pain only stimulated the physical pain and he asked for pain pills. Linda just laughed, because her and Ray already had plans to sell his pain medicine to raise money for the local Black movements and for their own pleasures. Often Linda would lean over Robert while Ray fucked her from the back and would scream about her hatred of the white race and how she hated Robert. She would spit on him and slap his face, often causing his lip to bleed. On many occasions, Linda would kick and punch Robert in the balls, or even burn his balls and cock with her cigarette, all just for the thrill of seeing him retch in pain. She loved inflicting all kinds of pain on Robert. Ray would swing his dick in on Robert, slap and piss on him. He also laughed at him and called him a white pansy. Robert’s life was pure hell but his suffering only encouraged Ray and Linda.

    This all went on for a couple of years until Robert finally died. He spent his last hours being abused by Linda and Ray. His mental and physical punishment were simply reparations for all of the things Robert and his white family was responsible for inflicting on Blacks. After Robert died Linda was granted a large life insurance policy payout which she signed over to Ray.

    Linda and Ray lived well on Robert’s money… now it was time for Linda to seek out another white sucker.
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