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. A Sexually Enslaved Wife

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, May 22, 2015.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Author's Preface: Several years previously, Paula and I had taken a combined work/vacation trip to Santiago, Chile. On the plane trip to Santiago, we sat beside a Mr. Luis Mendez with Paula in the center seat, me to her left, and Luis occupying the window seat. Luis was a strikingly handsome man about 27 years old at the time. He was muscular with a dark complexion, wavy dark hair, with a very masculine, virile appearance. I remember thinking at the time that he might have given Don Juan and Casanova combined a good run for their money.

    Paula was mesmerized as soon as she saw him... so much so that Luis seduced her that night on the plane as I slept several rows ahead of them to have more room. The first three days of our Santiago trip were spent in central Santiago as I conducted the business for my firm. The last seven days were spent as guests of Luis in his spacious mansion. During our stay, Paula spent every night in Luis' bed. During the day, she accompanied Luis while I stayed in his home. On every one of these outings, my wife was repeatedly fucked. Luis' sexual power over her was awesome... so much so that I became terrified that she would refuse to return with me at the end of the vacation. Fortunately, this did not happen, but I have never been as nervous about losing my wife as I was on that trip to Santiago.

    A Voice from the Past:

    It was a Wednesday afternoon. Nothing unusual had occurred at work and nothing was planned for the evening. Consequently, Gordon was anticipating a rather boring evening watching TV and reading after having dinner with Paula in their spacious home.

    Paula greeted him warmly when he came in their front door around 5:45 PM. She moved gracefully into his arms and pressed her soft lips to his. Their kiss was loving and warm, with just a hint of passion, the type of kiss couples who have been together for a long time shared when still deeply in love.

    During dinner, Gordon talked about some interesting office politics but Paula seemed distracted, which was unusual since she was always attentive when Gordon talked about his work. When he finished, the couple lapsed into silence. Having been together for a long time, Gordon was very sensitive to his wife's moods. He knew without asking that something was bothering her. While tempted to ask, he also knew that the best course was to let her tell him what the problem was.

    Later, as they watched TV and perused the evening paper, Gordon held his curiosity in check as he waited for Paula to tell him what was on her mind. When the clock chimed 10 PM with Paula still fidgeting but silent, Gordon asked quietly, "Would you like to talk about what's bothering you tonight?"

    "I never have been any good at keeping secrets from you," she smiled.

    "I wouldn't go so far as to say that. You've managed to keep some rather important and sexy things from me over the years."

    "True. But never for long. You can always tell when some thing is up."

    "So? What's the problem?"

    For ten minutes or so, Paula wrung her hands and squirmed around on her chair. Finally, she rose and brought in some wine and cheese. When they each held a glass of the chardonnay, Paula said, without looking up at her husband, "Do you remember Luis Mendez?"

    Gordon's hand stopped halfway to his mouth, the cracker with cheddar cheese on top remained motionless in the air. Slowly, he lowered it back to the plate and set his wine glass beside it. "There's no possible way I could ever forget Luis Mendez. I was certain that you were going to stay with him."

    "But I didn't, Honey. It was just sex. You know that."

    "I do now, but at the time, I wasn't certain. It seemed much more than that. In fact, you seemed totally in his power... almost as if you were enslaved."

    "Well, he was very hard to resist with that huge cock and unbelievable staying power. You remember how hard he made me cum when we had sex."

    "I'll never forget it. Anyway, what about Mendez?"

    At this point, Paula hesitated for some time before replying. The longer she waited, the more nervous Gordon became until he finally blurted, "Well? Is this some kind of new psychological torture?"

    "I'm sorry. I was just trying to think of the best way to put this. But I can't think of anything... so, I'm just going to tell you. Luis called this afternoon."

    "From Santiago?" Gordon said, unable to conceal his surprise.

    "Yes... from his home."

    "What did he want?"

    There was still another long pause before Paula replied simply, "Me."

    Once again, Gordon felt the icy fear that had surrounded him that week several years previously in Santiago. "He wants you to leave me and go to Santiago with him?"

    "Oh No! Nothing like that! He's going to be in the United States on business in New York for several days. He wants me to go with him."

    "Just like that? You're supposed to fly to New York to have sex with him while he's there?"

    Unable to look up at her husband, Paula stared at the floor when she replied, "No. He's flying in his private Leer jet. He's going to make a stop here to pick me up."

    "So... you just take a cab to the airport, wait for him to arrive, then get on his private plane and go to New York with him? Is that it?"

    "Not quite," came Paula's whispered reply. "He's having a limo pick me up here and take me to the airport."

    Gordon's voice cracked when he asked, "What did you tell him?"

    Paula's response was so low, Gordon couldn't understand what she had said. "What? You'll have to speak louder. I can't hear you."

    Taking a deep breath, she replied, "I said I would have to talk to you."

    "So, you didn't just thank him for the invitation but tell him 'No'?"

    "No, I didn't. Are you furious?"

    "Not furious... but very definitely worried. What did Mendez say when you told him that?"

    "He ignored me. He just said the limo would be here at noon on Friday and that my clothes for the trip would arrive on Thursday," Paula half whispered, her voice trailing off as she added, "and some other instructions."

    "Other instructions?"

    "Yes... some others," his wife replied still looking at the floor.

    "Such as?"

    "What I was to bring and what I was not to bring... that sort of thing."

    "Why am I having to pry every detail out of you? Can't you just tell me what Mendez said to you?"

    With a deep sigh, Paula nodded. "You're right. I'm sorry. He told me to bring my makeup, my jewelry, several pairs of heels as they're too hard to fit. He also said for me not to bring any clothes other than the ones that will arrive tomorrow, and... and... not to..." Paula's voice faded.

    "And not to what?"

    "Nothing... that was about it."

    Gordon got up and began to pace the floor. Shaking his head, he said, "I don't believe this! This guy just calls and tells you that he's picking you up in a limo on Friday at noon to spend several days with him and you don't refuse??"

    When Paula didn't reply, Gordon continued. "You remember what happened in Santiago, don't you? You know he's going to fuck you continuously... like you're his personal cum slut!"

    "I know," she whispered.

    "You remember how he had you entertaining other men in his private clubs in Santiago, don't you? You have to know that he's going to have you doing that again, don't you?"

    "I know," she again whispered.

    "I don't want you to go!"

    "I know," she replied, still looking at the carpet. "But it's just sex and it's just for a few days."

    "It was just sex in Santiago too, but if I hadn't been there, I think you might have stayed for as long as Mendez wanted you there. Isn't that true?"

    When Paula didn't answer, Gordon repeated his question. This time she nodded her head. "I probably would have stayed longer... the sex was just so intense," she moaned.

    "That's my point. After his business in New York is done, you'll be on his private jet on your way to Santiago for as long as he wants to fuck you. I don't want you to go!"

    "I'm not sure I can refuse, Honey. Luis is so dominant... so intense... mesmerizing. I get wet when he looks at me. He didn't even ask me... he just told me when the limo would pick me up, what I would bring, what I wouldn't bring, when my clothes would arrive. Why don't you come with me. Luis won't mind. Then it will be just like Santiago. You'll be certain to bring me home."

    "I can't just leave work in the middle of the week to go to New York with you."

    "Please, Darling. Please!" she pleaded.

    "Ok. I'll think about it. We'll talk about it tomorrow night."


    Gordon got very little work done the next day. His thoughts kept returning to Luis Mendez, his wife, and their time in Santiago several years ago. He remembered particularly the way his wife had described Mendez's prick to him that night on the plane:

    "It's about 9 or 10 inches in length. Big... really big! But it's so thick... I mean I can't even begin to get my hand around the thing! And it's hard... like a steel pipe. When he flexes it, I can't even move it, he's so hard!" She had called it a "hot, turgid sex weapon".

    Gordon remembered that at first he had tried to keep track of the number of times Mendez had screwed his wife, but after a few days of nearly non-stop fucking... all day... all night, he had given up. In the ten days they were in Chile, he must have had Paula 70 or 80 times, and he had taken her birth control pills away the first day. She had had to have a D and C when they returned home.

    He also had vivid memories of his wife's loud screams and moans every time Mendez fucked her. Again and again, all night long, he had lain in his bed listening to Paula howling in intense orgasms as Mendez took her. Now, all that was going to happen again.

    Gordon left work early, around 3 PM. When he entered his home, he found his wife sitting on the couch dressed in an outfit he had never seen before. It was a very tight, form-fitting skirt and sweater ensemble. The black skirt was short and molded every curve of her ass. The tight, red sweater was both tight and low-cut exposing the top third of her breasts. Her bare legs were encased in 4-inch red and black heels.

    "Where did you get that skirt and sweater?" he asked.

    "It arrived this earlier this afternoon along with several other outfits. Luis sent them. They're the only clothes I'm supposed to bring with me."

    "Jezzz! That sweater just barely covers your nipples. Do you have any panties on underneath or does Luis have you naked under that skirt?"

    "I'm wearing a small pair of thin, white panties, Honey."

    "I don't believe you! That horny bastard has you naked underneath doesn't he?"

    "No, he doesn't. See!" Paula sat down in a chair and spread her legs wide open. The tight skirt immediately pulled high on her thighs exposing the entire expanse of her cunt. Like she had said, it was covered by a pair of thin, white panties.

    "All right. I was wrong. You are wearing panties, but I know damn well there's no bra under that sweater. There just isn't room. Pull the damn thing down and show me!"

    The sweater was already so low-cut it took only a brief tug with each hand to pull the material away from her big 36D tits. As Gordon expected, both of his wife's breasts were naked beneath the tight sweater.

    "What else did he send for my wife to wear?" he asked. "Are they all 'fuck-me' outfits?"

    "Yeah... pretty much," his wife said softly.

    "And you want to wear them for him while he fucks you?"

    There was no answer.

    "Well? Do you want to wear them for him while he fucks you?"

    "Yes. I'm so sorry, but I just can't help it. Come with me. It will only be a few days and then we'll come home. You remember how hot the sex was between us after Santiago. It'll be like that again. We'll both love it!"

    "Let me see some of the other clothes he's sent you."

    Over the next hour, Paula modeled all the clothes that arrived that afternoon. Each outfit was sensuous and erotic. All exposed large expanses of her body. One consisted of a black top that covered none of her breasts, a micro-mini blue skirt that just barely covered her thrusting buttocks, and a pair of black boots that came almost to her knees with 5-inch heels. To provide some modesty, there was a pink jacket with only one button that did conceal about half of her breasts.

    "Great gawd!" Gordon breathed. "You would be arrested if you wore that here."

    "I know I would, but probably not in New York where Luis plans to take me."

    "I know that there's no bra under that jacket."

    "No, there isn't. If the one button is opened, I'm completely exposed." Paula opened the one button. The jacket immediately flew apart under the pressure of her thrusting chest to reveal both of her naked tits.

    "And do you have any panties under that tiny skirt? Any at all?"

    "No. No panties. I'm naked underneath. If I just bend forward the slightest bit, my ass and pussy are exposed."

    The more outfits Paula modeled, the more daring and erotic they became. Finally, she put on the pink bathing suit she was supposed to wear. It was obscene. As soon as it got wet, every thing would show.

    "That's not a bathing suit," Gordon said shaking his head. "It's a bra and panty set. When it gets wet, every thing will show. Hell! Every thing almost shows when it's dry. Spread your legs."

    Paula squatted and opened her legs. The tiny bottom piece of the suit just barely covered her pussy. The bra was not nearly big enough to encase her big breasts. "Stand up and turn around so I can see the back," Paula's husband demanded. When she did, he saw that the suit failed to cover more than half of her buttocks.

    "What do you think Mendez is going to do when you wear that suit for him?"

    Gordon was shocked to see his wife's body shuddering at the thought. She closed her eyes and pulled the tiny bra down below her breasts. "He's going to take out my tits like this, Darling."

    She posed for her husband with her tits thrusting over the top of the bra. "When he has my tits out, he'll make me pull down the bottom so my ass and pussy are exposed." She pulled the bottom of the pink suit down baring her ass. Undulating over to her husband, she pushed her tits and bare pussy against him and whispered, "Then, he'll fuck me with that monster, iron-hard cock of his. I know because he called me again this morning and told me.

    "I don't want you to go," Gordon pleaded.

    "I know... I know... I know."

    "But you're going anyway, aren't you?"

    "Please come with me. Please. I need you there."


    "You know why."

    "Tell me."

    "I need you there to bring me home... to keep me from going back to Santiago with Luis."

    "I doubt that Mendez will even allow me to come. He wants you, not me."

    "He doesn't mind at all if you come along. I asked him when he called. He's actually enthusiastic about you're coming with me."

    "Why would he be enthusiastic about having me there?"

    Paula hesitated and then said softly, "I think it gives him a rush... a high... for the husband to see and hear how hard he makes his wife cum. But he also promised to bring along some women for you to enjoy... sort of like that sexy housekeeper you had while we were in Santiago."

    Gordon was silent for awhile as he considered his wife's comments and the overall situation. Then, he asked, "Yesterday, when you were telling me the things that Mendez had told you not to bring, you stopped short of telling me every thing didn't you?"

    His wife nodded, head down.

    "Finish the story. What else did he tell you not to bring?"

    "My birth control pills. He intends to fuck my unprotected pussy."

    "But it's the middle of your cycle. You'll get pregnant!"

    "I know... very pregnant. But like last time, I'll have a D and C when we get back. Will you come with me?"

    "What other choice to I have? I'm not going to let him take my wife away."


    Flight to New York: Gordon's View.

    At 11:45 AM on Friday, Paula and I were waiting in our living room for the limo. At Mendez's instructions, she was wearing the red and black outfit she had had on Thursday afternoon when I returned from my office.

    "Are you excited?" I asked my wife.

    "Oh god, yes! These thin panties don't hold the moisture, and my thighs are wet. Come closer, Honey. Kiss me."

    I sat down on the couch beside my wife, took her into my arms, pressed her body to mine, and kissed her passionately. For a moment, our tongues explored the other's mouth. When our lips moved apart, Paula whispered in my ear, "Can you smell me?"

    "Easily! It smells like we've just finished having hot sex."

    "I know and my pussy hasn't even been touched yet. Everyone is going to be able to smell me."

    "Will you cum if I rub your clit a little?"

    "I'll explode if you just touch it... maybe squeeze it a little."

    I slipped my hand beneath Paula's short skirt and moved upward between her thighs. Paula reached down and grabbed my wrist, stopping me before I reached her cunt. When I looked at her quizzically, she said in an apologetic tone, "Luis told me not to have sex or masturbate until I'm with him. He wants my pussy primed and ready, Honey."

    The limo arrived at one minute before noon, right on schedule. Both Paula and I recognized Felippe, Mendez's driver and manservant, as he walked up to our door and rang the bell.

    "Hello, Felippe," I said, extending my hand. "It's nice to see you again. Actually, I didn't expect you to be driving the limo."

    As Felippe shook my hand, he said, "Senor Mendez rented the limo. He trusts no one else to drive people whom he values highly. Let me help you with your bags."

    Within five minutes, Paula and I were seated in the back of the spacious limo as Felippe drove toward the airport. Having allowed my wife to enter the car first, Paula was seated directly behind the driver with me more or less in the center.

    Leaning over, Paula whispered, "Move over, Honey. Let me sit in the center."

    Dutifully, I moved to the right so that my wife could occupy the center of the back seat. As soon as she was settled, I saw her look toward the front and smile. A moment later, I noticed that she was pulling her skirt higher on her thighs. The upward motion of the skirt continued until it reached her hips.

    "What are you doing?" I asked quietly.

    "Just what Luis told me to do, Honey. You remember in Santiago how Felippe always watched me in his rear view mirror. He's watching me right now."

    "What precisely did Luis tell you to do?"

    "Just that Felippe appreciates a good view while he's driving and that I should provide one. Do you think he likes what he's sees?"

    "He can't see much... just your legs."

    Paula spread her legs wide open exposing her pussy that was covered only by the thin white panties. "He can see a lot more now, Darling." After another couple of miles, Paula had her top open and pulled down sufficiently to expose half of her tits.


    As soon as the limo stopped beside the gleaming Leer jet, a smiling, devilishly handsome Luis Mendez approached the car and extended his hand to Paula. She took it and allowed him to assist her exit from the car. No one paid the slightest attention to me.

    "God! You're even more sensuous and beautiful than I remember. Come, my private quarters are prepared for us." Turning to Felippe, Luis said, "Felippe, please load the luggage and assist Mr. Baxter. Also, introduce him to Sharon and Danita. We leave as soon as everyone and the luggage are on board."

    The interior of the Mendez's custom-made jet was more like a luxury suite at the Bellagio in Vegas than a jet liner. Instead of the usual seats, there were couches, lounge chairs, a wet bar, with wide expanses of empty space. Mendez's private quarters were at the rear of the plane. The door was open, and inside, I saw what was essentially a three-room luxury apartment that included a private bath, den, and, of course, a sensuously appointed bedroom.

    As I was in the process of examining the apartment, Mendez led my wife inside. She gave me an embarrassed smile as they passed. When they were moving away toward the bedroom, I saw the reason for my wife's embarrassment. Mendez was leading her with his hand under her skirt on her ass. Beneath the tight skirt, it was easy to see that the hand was moving back and forth between Paula's thighs. Each time it moved, her hips thrust backward against the hand. With some surprise and shock, I realized that Mendez was already finger fucking her. When they were both inside the private quarters, Mendez closed and locked the door.

    A few minutes later, Mendez emerged from the private apartment alone. He flashed a smile at me as he approached. "Your wife is anxious... very anxious. Let me properly introduce you to your playmates for the next few days. Follow me."

    Mendez led me into the main cabin to a plush lounge chair. On either side was a gorgeous woman. "Gordon, this sexy blonde is Sharon. I think she's still married, but her husband hasn't been around for some time. The sultry brunette is Danita. She's also married... at least she was a month or so ago. Ladies, this is Gordon, Paula's husband. For the next few days, she's going to be very, very busy entertaining me. I expect that the two of you will similarly entertain Gordon. If any of you would like some thing to eat or drink, just push the call button, and Felippe will provide whatever you need. Now, if you will all excuse me, I think Gordon's wife desires my attention."

    Shortly after Mendez had retreated to his private quarters and closed the connecting door, the jet roared down the runway and rose sharply into the air as it headed toward New York.

    Turning my attention to his attractive companions, I saw that both women were dressed hot, and both were making certain that a wide expanse of their charms were visible. Sharon rose, moved to the wet bar.

    "What would you like, Honey? Wine? Beer? what?"

    "Bourbon and water please. Light on the bourbon."

    After fixing my drink, Sharon poured herself and Danita a glass of chablis. She set all three drinks on the small table in front of the chairs, perched herself on the nearby counter, and crossed her legs revealing a wide expanse of thigh. Not to be outdone, Danita also crossed her legs and slid forward in her seat. The motion caused her skirt to hike far up her thighs exposing the crotch of her panties.

    My eyes took in the generous display of legs, thighs, and tits. I smiled and said simply, "Both of you are gorgeous. I hope you're not offended by my staring."

    "Not at all," grinned Sharon. "You're supposed to look."

    For a few moments no one spoke. Then, Danita broke the ice. "Look Gordon, the next few days are going to be very difficult for you. Sharon and I will do our best to make it as pleasant for you as we can. So, let's all relax and enjoy each other, Ok?"

    Smiling in agreement, I commented, "That's a good suggestion. Let's all do that."

    "It seems like you and Paula already know Luis," Sharon remarked. "Is that right? How did that happen?"

    For the next fifteen minutes or so, I related the details of our 10 day vacation to Santiago a few years previously and how Mendez had "invited" my wife to accompany him to New York.

    "I'm surprised you let her come this time," Danita said. "The first time, you weren't aware of what was going to happen. This time, you were. So why?"

    "I did object, but it was pretty obvious to me that my wife was so enthralled over the prospect of seeing Luis again that the only way I could have prevented her from coming was to threaten divorce if she did. Threats like that are usually a disaster. By the way, a little while ago, Mendez made some comments about the two of you may or may not be married or something along those lines. What was he talking about?"

    The two women looked at each other, obviously waiting for the other one to speak first. Finally, Sharon broke the silence.

    "Six months ago, Hugo and I visited Santiago. Like you and Paula, Luis invited us to spend some time at his estate and let him serve as our guide to really see Chile. I was so turned on by Luis that I practically demanded that Hugo accept the invitation.

    "Well, my husband did accept. We arrived at his estate around 3 PM. By 8 PM, Luis had already fucked me three times. I just couldn't resist him. That huge, thick, hard cock... his sensuous, confident, dominant manner... virile, incredibly rich and masculine and if all that's not enough, he has unbelievable staying power. His cock gets hard as stone... again and again. But then, you now know all that.

    "Dinner was at 9 PM, and from the way I looked, it was obvious to Hugo that I had been screwed several times, but just to be certain my husband knew, Luis stroked and caressed me throughout dinner. By the time it was over, I was almost naked at the table. Luis put me on the table on my back and fucked me with my legs up on his shoulders while his sexy housekeeper was riding Hugo's cock.

    "After that, Luis took me to his bedroom and had sex with me most of the night. I learned later that there was a speaker in the adjoining bedroom so Hugo could hear me howling and screaming and begging every time Luis fucked me. I was just helpless, and Hugo was totally humiliated.

    "The next morning, my husband packed his bags and came into Luis' bedroom to ask me to leave with him. When he came in, Luis had me on my hands and knees, head on the bed, fucking me like a bitch in heat. When Hugo asked me to leave with him, I was having another intense orgasm. The only response he got to his question was to hear me screaming for Luis to fuck me harder. He left, and I haven't seen him since. So, I don't know if I'm still married or not. However, I do know that as long as Luis wants to screw me, I'll be here."

    I nodded and replied, "That's very similar to the way it first happened with Paula and me. The plane to Santiago took off at 6 PM. By 11 PM, Mendez had fucked my wife twice, right there in our seats. When I woke up around 2 AM, they weren't in their seats. I searched the plane and eventually heard him screwing Paula in one of the toilets. How about you, Danita? Are you married or not?"

    "The same," she replied. Julio and I met Mendez at a party over the Christmas holidays. He asked me to dance... my husband was off somewhere... so I danced with him. An hour later, he had me upstairs in one of the bedrooms. I just couldn't get enough. I had never, ever... in my entire life... experienced such intense, repeated orgasms. And he never seemed to lose his erection. He just kept screwing me with that huge, hard cock. And in between, his mouth was all over me... sucking and licking my clit while his fingers worked my G-spot.

    "After he had fucked me four times, he led me out of the house naked except for my heels and took me back to his estate. He screwed me two more times before we arrived and then later in his bedroom, he was in me continuously all night long. I haven't left since. Julio has come out and begged me to come back with him, but I've refused. He may have divorced me. I have no idea. All I know is that, like your wife, whenever Luis orders me to spread, I do."

    After Danita finished her story, no one spoke for a half hour. When Danita noticed me staring at her nearly exposed crotch, she smiled and asked, "Would you like to see more of me?"

    "Of course. I've been doing my best to do that for quite a while now."

    With a seductive smile, Danita opened her legs wide and pulled the bodice of her blouse open to expose most of her large breasts. As I stared between her open thighs, she asked, "Would you like to fuck me, Gordon? You can, you know. Right here if you like... right on the floor."

    "Right here? I don't think that's a good idea. Later, when we have more privacy."

    "Well, how about me? Want to sample my wet pussy, Honey," asked Sharon. "You may as well. You know that before we get to New York, Luis is going screw your wife."

    "I'm pretty sure he already has," I replied.

    "Probably not yet," Danita ventured. "It's too soon. Since he's already had her many times, he's going to spend a couple of hours getting her hotter than she's been in a long time. When we're about an hour out of New York, he'll finally give it to her."

    I shook his head. "No. You're wrong. I think she's already been fucked at least twice."

    "Maybe," Sharon commented. "But there's no point in us sitting here speculating about it. We're just guessing."

    "Is there any way we can hear what's happening inside Mendez's quarters... or even better, see what's happening?" I asked hopefully.

    "Nope. No way... no way at all. The rooms are totally soundproofed at Luis' order. He has the place swept for bugs before every trip. There is a speaker system, but it can only be activated from inside Luis' quarters. So, just enjoy your drink... enjoy us... and relax," Sharon advised. Danita nodded her agreement.

    The next two hours passed slowly for me. The fact that I couldn't hear the slightest sound from Mendez's quarters was driving me crazy. I was absolutely certain that Luis had fucked my wife... was fucking my wife. But how many times? Two? Three? Four? Had he pumped huge loads of cum into her every time? She hadn't taken her birth control pills for three days now.

    "You're wondering if she's being fucked right now, aren't you?" Danita asked softly.

    "I can't help it. How many times do you think he's fucked her?"

    "I don't know," Danita said. "There's no way to know."

    "I know you don't know, but both of you have been with Luis a long time. You know him. How many times would you guess?"

    Now Sharon spoke up. "Luis is the most virile, randy, insatiable man I've ever met or even heard of. He can stay hard for incredible periods of time, and when he does cum, he gets hard again very, very quickly. He hasn't had your wife for several years. So... if you want me to guess... he's been with her two hours... I would say six times."

    "I think maybe a little more than that," Danita ventured.

    "Six times or more?? It's driving me crazy!" I moaned.

    "I know. It drove my Julio crazy too. And Sharon's Hugo as well. Why don't you concentrate on Sharon and me? That's why Luis brought us along. We're really good in bed." Danita paused and spread her legs even wider. When my stare locked onto the gusset of her panties, she sensuously ran her finger up and down its center where her wet slit lay hidden behind the panties. "Like my cunt?" she asked in a quiet whisper, her finger sinking in even deeper.

    Without asking, Sharon unzipped my pants and extracted my rigid, 8-inch cock. Both women were openly surprised at its huge girth and substantial length. While not a match for Mendez's massive organ, it was still huge. A moment later, five inches of my prick was hidden inside Sharon's mouth.

    Danita knelt beside Sharon and the two women took turns sucking my raging dick that got harder and harder as they both took its entire length down their very experienced throats. It didn't take long for the two women to take my mind off what might be happening inside the locked apartment and get it focused on their hot, sensuous bodies.

    Sharon heard me groan with pleasure as her lips closed around my pulsing shaft. As she pressed down further on my erection, she felt my hands go to her head and force the cock head as deep into her throat as it could go.

    "God that feels good!" she heard me groan as she swallowed my flesh.

    Sharon heard herself matching my groans with some of her own as she pressed down on my hardness, letting it sink into her throat until her lips were lewdly kissing the pubic hairs at my groin. As Sharon pulled back again, I held her head still and started to fuck her mouth as if it were her pussy.

    At first, the thrusts were slow and gentle. Later, they became harder and faster. Sharon's throat bulged every time the big cock slid down her throat. All she could do was suck and lick at the sliding, throbbing man meat in her mouth and throat.

    As she sucked, her hand pushed inside her panties where it rubbed frantically against her swollen clitoris. She sucked with fevor, determined to make me shoot. She whined and then howled around the huge cock buried in her mouth when her cunt and clit erupted in a strong climax.

    I let out a long, low moan, my cock thrusting repeatedly into Sharon's mouth, sinking itself deep in her throat on every thrust. Then, I stopped... my whole body quivered. A moment later, Sharon felt my cock twitching in her throat and the sensation of thick liquid sliding down her gullet.

    Pulling back, I sent his next spurt into the woman's mouth. Her throat worked rapidly to swallow it down. She lifted her eyes to mine and moaned softly to let me know she savored the taste of the sperm. Once again, I thrust into Sharon's throat where I unleashed another stream of semen. I kept the cock buried deep in her throat until the final spurts had been shot into and gone down her throat into her belly. When I pulled my cock from Sharon's mouth, Danita took possession and sucked and licked it clean.

    Over the next thirty minutes, I stripped both of the women and licked them both to intense orgasms. As Danita was gasping in the throes of her climax, I moved between Sharon's wide spread thighs and sank my now rigid cock into the wet maw of her sex hole. She howled with feminine delight as the shaft stretched her open and pumped in and out of her cunt with masculine authority. She came with intense spasms after five minutes of hard fucking.

    I continued to fuck the moaning blonde slut until I felt the contractions of her cunt ebbing. Slowly, I withdrew the thick, engorged shaft from the tight confines of the panting woman and mounted an anxious, eager Danita.

    I had the hot brunette on her back on the cabin floor. My body was socked firmly into her sex saddle as Danita's feet jerked back and forth on my hips in response to the jarring thrusts of the raging 8-inch male sex spike that was buried inside her throbbing cunt hole.

    As the cock pumped in and out of Danita's hot cunt, I wondered if Luis was screwing my wife like this at the moment. I also wondered if he was shooting his load into her... breeding her. The thoughts made my cock throb. I jack hammered my prick into Danita's contracting hole so hard the brunette began to grunt and shriek.

    As cum poured into the throbbing female hole, I couldn't stop thinking that Luis was probably also ejaculating inside Paula's cunt.


    Flight to New York: Paula's View.

    When Mendez had first taken me into his private quarters, he had guided me up against a desk. My husband had been correct about Luis' fingers stroking in and out of my excited, wet cunt. Now, Mendez's hand smoothly exited my pussy as my buttocks settled on the edge of the desk. Mendez kissed me passionately, and, as his body separated from mine, his hands smoothly pulled the bodice of my sweater down and away from the thrusting mounds beneath. When he had both of my tits completely exposed, Mendez hefted them, and squeezed the nipples. My eyes closed, my face contorting in passion. After planting a kiss on each of my nipples, Mendez said, "Wait here. Don't move. I have to get everyone situated for takeoff." My cunt was already throbbing with need.

    When Luis reentered his private quarters after making flight arrangements with the pilot, he found me still leaning back on the desk just as he had left me. I had told me to stay there and there was no way I was going to displease him. My eyes were still closed. My hands clutched both exposed breasts as my fingers squeezed and pulled on both swollen nipples.

    "Are you wet and ready, Paula?" Mendez asked softly.

    "Oh god Yes! I've been ready ever since you called."

    "You're a luscious piece... sensuous, beautiful, ripe. Have you thought of me since you left Santiago?"

    "All the time... again and again... wild, erotic fantasies." My hips were grinding... thrusting... as if I were already impaled on Luis' cock. I could feel the wetness soaking my panties, coating my inner thighs. It was a repeat of Santiago. I was once again helpless in front of this man... a throbbing sex slave.

    "And when your husband is fucking you, do you fantasize that it's me on you... in you... pounding you?"

    "OH YES! Constantly. Every time his cock pushes into me, I imagine that it's you mounted on me... thrusting into me. Usually, I cum very quickly from that fantasy."

    "What if Gordon had refused to allow you to come to New York with me? Threatened to divorce you... would you be here now with your big tits out, juices running down your thighs, waiting for me to mount you... fuck you?"

    "Aaaahhhhhh... oooohhhhhh yes! He knew I couldn't resist. Please! I've waited so long for this... Fuck me now!" My face flamed red... I had no shame with this man. My brain no longer functioned... my cunt was controlling every thing.

    "When I'm ready... not before. You've been with me before. You receive cock when I decide that your cunt receives cock. You understand that... yes?"

    My eyes closed as my body shuddered helplessly... my hips gyrated in fuck motions. I knew I was about to cum. "Yes... I understand."

    "What do you understand?"

    "That my cunt receives cock... whatever cock... when you decide."

    "Good. Spread your legs wider, Paula."

    "I can't Luis. This skirt is too tight... too long."

    "Yes. You are correct. Let us remove it. Turn around! Bend over the desk with your ass thrust toward me."

    Without a moment of hesitation, I turned, bent over the desk supporting myself with my hands on the desk top while thrusting my ass toward Luis. I throbbed... thrilled... groaned, my cunt pulsing with excitement, as I felt him unzipping and lowering my skirt, pulling my panties down with the same motion. Then his tongue was on my buttocks... licking... coating their smooth surface with his saliva. Automatically, my legs opened wider to give him access, but he did not choose to accept the invitation my exposed vagina presented. Silently, I was begging him to pleasure me with his huge cock.

    "Turn around, Paula. Lean back against the desk and present your sex the way a woman should always present it to the man who will soon enter her."

    A moment later, my legs were gaping open. My smoothly shaved pussy was fully exposed. I knew that he could see my labia spread open, swollen, wet, slowly pulsing with desire. Between the wet lips, the pink interior of my sex channel beckoned. I spread even wider hoping he would see into me. Lubricating juices were flowing freely down my thighs. At the top of my open sex slit, I was keenly aware that my engorged clitoris extended from its protective hood... twitching... gently throbbing in hot anticipation. There was no way I could prevent my hips from thrusting forward... then back in lewd fuck motions, presenting Luis with an open invitation.

    "You know that I'm going to take you many, many times, don't you? Take you in ways you've never been taken before."

    All I could do was moan in helpless excitement. "You will clean and lubricate your ass each morning so that it will be ready."

    "Ooohhhhhhhhhhh god!"

    "Have you been fucked on a public street before, Paula? Before you return, you will have been. We will visit two clubs of which I'm a private member. You will, of course, be totally available at all times."

    "Yessssss... I'm available right now. PLEASE! USE ME!"

    "Did you stop taking your birth control pills as I directed?"

    "Yes... I stopped immediately."

    "And Gordon? What did he say?"

    "He didn't like it. He begged me not to stop. He knows I'll get pregnant."

    "Yes... I will breed you... so will others. Are you fertile now?"

    "Maybe. I'm close. If not now, within a day or two."

    "Excellent. Sit on the desk, Paula. Legs up in female fucking position."

    Scrambling frantically, I assumed the position. Using my hands beneath my knees, I pulled my legs up and back, spreading fully to expose the gaping, wet, needy sex hole between my wide open thighs. I could feel it throbbing... opening... closing... again and again.

    "I'm going to lick you, Paula, but you will not cum... do you understand?"

    "Oh yes! Lick me! Lick my married pussy, Luis. I want it so bad. I won't cum until you give me permission."

    I heard my own deep moan echoing throughout the bedroom as the thick, male tongue swiped up the length of my throbbing sex trench. My vagina contracted in a violent spasm. Immediately, Luis withdrew his tongue as he watched the hole opening... closing... again and again. He had me vibrating wildly on the brink of an intense climax, and he knew it. Desperately, I arched my cunt higher... begging him. One single swipe of his tongue up my slit had almost made me climax. I began to beg... helplessly, "Oooohhhh God! Fuck me! Lick me! Anything! Finish me! OOOHHHHHH... PLEASE!"

    Luis' fingers toyed with the pulsing opening of my vagina. In response, my hips thrashed on the desk. I moaned as I felt my secretions burst forth and fall to the polished desk top. Luis inserted a finger into my rectum. I howled... totally lost with the intensity of the pleasure as I felt my sphincter contracting powerfully around his probing digit.

    After letting me subside, his tongue returned to my throbbing cunt where it probed the inner two inches of my vagina bringing wild moans that there was no way to control. I heard myself begin to babble... to beg... to whine and plead for cock... for Luis to mount me... to use me... to make me cum. Momentarily, I thought of my husband in the next room, and my face flushed with shame, but I was still unable to stop my hips from hunching wantonly as I continued to beg and plead.

    Luis knew that one or two more tongue strokes across my throbbing clitoris would make me explode. To keep me on the very brink of orgasm, he backed off once again. Unzipping his pants, Luis extracted his huge, throbbing 10-inch member. Its bloated mushroom head pulsed with desire for the waiting cunt between my widely spread thighs. Seeing the hugely thick and throbbing male shaft, I lost all control. My hips arched high. Desperate for cock, my hands pulled my cunt open, as I screamed, "PUT IT IN ME! OH GOD! FUCK ME WITH THAT THING!"

    "Later, you hot Bitch. Get on your knees. Worship my cock. Suck. Suck all the way into your throat. If you gag, start again until you have all of me inside your mouth. BEGIN!"

    Scrambling off the desk, I knelt before Luis staring at the monster, iron-hard cock. It was even bigger than I remembered. Slipping my lips over the huge head, I again found that I had to stretch as wide as possible to allow the head entry to my waiting mouth hole. One of Luis' hands went to the top of my head, his fingers twining in my hair; the other hand went to the back of my head. Firmly, he pulled me forward, drawing my mouth further down onto his cock. A moment later, I was gagging as the cock pressed against my throat, seeking entrance that I was determined to give it.

    Seeking a moment of respite, I attempted to draw back from the cock impaling my mouth, but Luis' hands prevented this. With firm pressure, he began to force my lips further down onto his cock. Slowly, the cock was gradually forced deeper. My lips were about half way down the shaft with the head and one inch of shaft buried in my throat when Luis ordered me to drop my hands to the side.

    When I obeyed, Luis asked, "Are you ready to receive all of my prick, Paula. I know you can't speak. Just nod if you are ready."

    Stretching my mouth as wide as possible around the thick monster shaft, I nodded my head. Luis pulled me toward his body at the same time as his hips thrust forward. A smothered gurgle of a scream erupted as the cock thrust all the way into my throat. I felt my lips being pressed tightly against his pubic mound as Luis let out a deep sigh of satisfaction, his prick throbbing spastically deep inside my throat. I felt like the monsterously thick shaft was going to dislocate my jaw. I could also feel my throat being stretched and knew that the location of the big cock head must be obvious from the bulge in my neck.

    Holding my head motionless, Luis proceeded to fuck my mouth as though he were fucking my pussy. The sensation was electric... dirty... exciting. My hand just flew between my thighs to the swollen knob of my protruding clitoris, but as soon as I began to work my fingers up and down its shaft and over its throbbing tip, Luis pinched my nose, shutting off my air flow.

    "Remove your fingers from your cunt!" he ordered. "I am not ready for you to cum yet." In response, I jerked her hand from between my legs just as Luis pushed all 10 inches of thick cock back into my throat.

    Luis mouth fucked me for several minutes. Saliva was dripping off my chin onto his balls that continued to slap against me with every entry of his dick into my throat. Slowly, Luis withdrew his shaft from my throat. I was gasping as I slumped before him, my chest heaving to drag in needed oxygen.

    "I think it is time to breed your pussy. The sooner the better so you will not have to worry about that any longer. Besides that, I have found that a woman who knows she has been bred is a much hotter fuck than otherwise. Get up! Bend over the desk. Present your cunt, Paula!"

    The words themselves almost made me cum. Standing, I put one of my knees up on the desk, opening myself fully for his viewing pleasure and for his use. Then, bending over the desk top, I arched my ass into fucking position and waited while my cunt throbbed with hot, female anticipation.

    "Are you ready?"

    "Ohhhhh YES! FUCK ME! BREED ME!!"

    The loud banshee wail came at the moment Luis nailed his rigid, cum-filled sex spike into my waiting cunt hole. I came instantly... powerfully... with uncontrollable spasms of sheer delight pumping up and down the length of my vagina. Continuous screams and grunts accompanied every stroke of the huge phallus in and out of my cunt. When my second orgasm erupted a moment later, Luis turned my body over and placed me on the desk top with my legs up and spread. Once more, the cock slammed into my vagina stretching it into a huge ovular hole as it sank fully into my depths and then thudded with male authority against my fertile, open womb. I exploded in another orgasm.

    Luis hammered his cock in and out of my tight, squishing vagina. The squishing fuck noises thrilled me. Continuous, repeated orgasms surged through me.

    "I'm going to cum inside your fertile cunt, Paula. You know your husband is trying to listen to me fucking you. I'm sure he wants to know when the cum load is going into you... breeding you... fertilizing your wide open, ready womb. Tell him, Paula. Tell him another man is fucking your pussy full of hot, potent cum. Tell him you are being bred. TELL HIM!"

    The cock slugged in and out of my cunt. The friction on my throbbing clitoris and G-spot were intense. Every stroke made harder, stronger, more intense spasms of sexual delight surge through my contracting cunt. Then, I felt the organ within my body beginning to throb... then jerk ... becoming even larger as it prepared to inject its huge load of semen into my unprotected cunt. My hands clutched Luis' hammering buttocks, and when they began to contract shooting one huge gush of sperm after another into the depths of my cunt where they bathed and soaked into the waiting opening to my fertile womb, I screamed:


    Over the next two hours, my shrill cries echoed again and again off the walls of Mendez's private quarters. Generally, these would start slowly, then increase in frequency and volume until they became a steady series of female shrieks of intense passion. Afterwards, the volume would steadily decrease until they were reduced to the soft moans of a well-screwed woman.

    Usually, there would be a period of 15 minutes or so when nothing more than soft mummers and whispered voices could be heard from within Mendez's rooms. These would suddenly turn into the louder hisses of an excited female. The hisses would turn into cries and gasps that would again become louder. When the squeaking of bedsprings signaled the beginning of another fierce fucking of my cunt, the sounds once more turned to shrieks of pleasure coupled with my voice pleading with her lover to fuck harder... deeper... to make me cum.

    =============================== Arrival: Gordon's Perspective:

    When we were about 45 minutes from landing in New York, the door to Mendez's quarters opened and a fully-dressed Luis stepped into the main cabin. He glanced at me, grinning broadly. A moment later, Paula entered. She was fully and even somewhat conservatively dressed. Her hair and makeup were perfect. Her appearance made me wonder if she had been screwed at all.

    "Have a seat, Paula. I have to talk to the pilot." Paula sat down, crossed her legs, and gave me an embarrassed smile.

    "Paula, we still have nearly an hour before we land, and I once more must discuss landing and future flight plans with my pilots. If you would be so kind as to accompany Felippe back to my private quarters, he will brief you on the plans for the next four days of time we will have together. I'll see you again shortly." With that announcement, Mendez moved through the connecting door to the pilot's cabin. As he entered, Felippe exited, took Paula's hand, and led her back into Mendez's private suite of rooms.

    I saw my wife blushing furiously as she followed Felippe back into the suite. I was about to stand and object strenuously when I saw Paula's mouth open and her tongue begin to slide sensuously over her top lip in obvious anticipation. I also noticed that her breasts were rising and falling rapidly as her excitement mounted.

    When the plane had rolled to a stop beside the terminal of an exclusive private airport just outside the New York metropolitan area, I once again watched my wife emerge from the suite followed by Felippe. Both looked exactly the same as they had when then had entered the suite 45 minutes earlier.

    ===================================== Arrival: Paula's Perspective:

    As soon as Felippe had closed and locked the door behind them, he turned to me. "Has Senor Mendez informed you about what is expected of you now?" he asked.

    I was still blushing, my face red as fire as I whispered, "Yes. He told me."

    "What has he told you?"

    "That you will have sex with me, but we will not tell my husband and afterwards, our appearance should provide no hint as to what has happened."

    "That is technically correct, Mrs. Baxter, but is that the way Senor Mendez stated it?"

    "No... not exactly."

    "What did he actually say?"

    "He said that you will fuck me... at first in my cunt, but that you would finish inside my ass so it will be tight for you."

    "Good... excellent! Please remove your clothes. We only have about a half an hour, and I wish to enjoy you as much as possible."

    Both of us rapidly removed our clothes. "Do you want me totally naked or should I leave my heels on, Felippe? Luis prefers to fuck me with my heels on."

    "Leave them on, Senora. I too find it exciting to fuck married women, particularly when they are naked except for their heels."

    A moment later, Felippe was openly squeezing his 8-inch erection as he watched me leaning back on the bench, thrusting my ass up and down in an obscene invitation to mount me. He noticed how stretched my vagina was. I knew he could see that my labia were swollen and wide open. Flecks of Mendez's semen still dotted my mound and a thin stream of it leaked from my vagina onto the bench.

    "I want you to ride me," Felippe said.

    "Whatever you wish," I replied in a meek, submissive voice.

    Not wishing to waste a moment, Felippe sat down beside me. Rising, I spread my legs wide and straddled his thighs. His 8-inch cock was thick and rigidly erect. But even in my heels, I was unable to get my pussy sufficiently elevated to permit Felippe's organ to enter me.

    "Get up on the bench, Mrs. Baxter, and then lower yourself onto my shaft."

    Obeying his order, I mounted the bench with my heels just outside of Felippe's thighs and began lowering myself onto the waiting cock spike. Unable to see, the big head missed my opening by at least two inches. My second try was also unsuccessful. Finally, Felippe grasped his jerking prick in his hand while guiding my hips into position. When the cock was properly aligned, he said, "It's in position, Paula. Just drop your ass down."

    I did as he had instructed, and the big cock head sank easily into my widely stretched cunt hole.

    "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....!" I gasped, unable to suppress a moan of pain/passion as he impaled my married vagina.

    "UUUGGHHHHHHHHHHH... YEAH. FUCK YOUR HOT CUNT ON MY COCK, BABY," Felippe growled in hot masculine pleasure as he felt my silken, vaginal glove sliding down the length of his piston until it was completely buried inside the wet sex cylinder of my cunt.

    Felippe began fucking me as I thrashed wildly on his skewering spike. Each time my hips rose, inch after inch of throbbing cock exited my cunt until only the head and an inch or two of shaft remained inside my pussy. Then, quickly, the entire shaft would again disappear into the depths of my now pulsinig, contracting vagina.

    As Felippe felt the huge load rising in his balls, straining to spew into my hot female hole, he growled at me as I wildly hammered my cunt up and down on his cock, "Now! Stick it into your asshole, Mrs. Baxter! Hurry! I am very close."

    Once more lifting my hips, I allowed the prick to slide out of my throbbing vagina. Reaching between my legs, I grasped Felippe's jerking, throbbing organ and quickly pushed the head against my asshole. Having thoroughly lubricated myself before leaving home, the rigid fuck stick pushed easily into my rectum and then quickly sank all the way into my ass.

    Wildly, about to cum, I fucked myself up and down on the male spike, screeching repeatedly as the head thudded deep into my ass. Felippe did not have anything close to the staying power of his employer. As soon as my ass began contracting in orgasm, he could no longer hold off his load. As our two organs throbbed together, huge jets of semen pumped into my contracting hole.


    Friday Evening: Gordon's Perspective.

    Everyone was tired after the trip and the exhausting sex on the plane. Moving into our suites at the Manhattan Hilton was also wearing. Mendez had arranged for two adjoining suites with a connecting door. Sharon, Danita, and I shared one suite while Mendez and my wife were in the second suite. Felippe had nice room on the same floor. I suspected that he would be spending a lot of each night in the suite with Luis and my wife.

    Dinner that evening was in the hotel's four-star restaurant. Naturally, Luis picked up all the tabs. The food was superb, but I had a difficult time concentrating on the meal. Paula's outfit that evening was a silk, low-cut dress that exposed at least half of her breasts. The dress ended halfway between her pussy and knees. She obviously wore no bra; I wondered if she had on panties. As things developed, I was to find out that she was wearing panties.

    Paula was seated almost touching Luis while Danita and Sharon had me sandwiched between them on the other side of our large table. I never saw Felippe.

    Throughout the meal, one or both of Luis' hands were out of sight beneath the table. At first, I didn't notice, but then my wife began to occasionally squirm in her chair. She also began to glance up at me with a desperate, excited, but embarrassed look. With increasing frequency, her eyes would close and her mouth would open slightly. Each time, I could see Mendez's arm moving beneath the table's surface. Everyone at the table, including our two waiters, knew Mendez was playing with my wife's legs, thighs, and probably her pussy as we had dinner.

    Halfway through the meal, I saw Paula abruptly stop eating and glance at Mendez questioningly. The smile never left his handsome face. In fact, he didn't so much as glance at my wife, but somehow he got his message across to her. Nothing happened for a minute or two. But then, I saw my wife lean back in her chair with her elbows on the arms. Her body went stiff.

    "Are you all right, Honey?" I asked with real concern.

    "Oh, yes. I'm fine, Gordon. I felt like I was about to choke and had to stop for a moment. I'm really Ok."

    I nodded and didn't fail to notice that while she was speaking to me, she was pressing her elbows down against the chair's arms lifting her body slightly.

    "Good Lord!" I thought silently. "He's taking off her panties right here at the table, and she's letting him do it!"

    My suspicion was confirmed when I saw Mendez lean forward in his chair and his arm move downward as he pulled the panties down my wife's thighs. Once he had them to her knees, she worked them the rest of the way down her legs to leave them lying on the floor under the table.

    Shortly thereafter, my wife's squirming increased still further, which wasn't surprising since Mendez was now working on and in her naked cunt. When I had finished my entree, I politely excused myself to make a trip to the men's room.

    On the way back, I detoured through the waiter's area and saw our two waiters in an alcove. The two men were talking quietly. Then, one or the other would bend down and stare into the dining area. This was repeated several times by each man. It didn't take much thought to figure out that they were looking under our table where Mendez was finger fucking my wife's cunt and/or stroking her clitoris.

    After returning to our table, I continued to watch my wife until her body began to quiver slightly. She stared right into my eyes as the orgasm engulfed her body. She bit her lower lip as the spasms spread through her body. Every one at the table was watching her cum. When she finally recovered, she looked at me, acutely embarrassed, and lowered her head.

    Luis continued to work between her legs. Before we left the table, he had made my wife cum a second time.


    Friday Evening: Paula's Perspective.

    Luis was insatiable, as I knew he would be. As soon as we were inside our hotel suite, he had me on the bed fucking me again. Before dinner, he had ejaculated two more loads of cum into my unprotected cunt. If I had ever had any idea that I might get through the four days in New York without getting pregnant, they were thoroughly dispelled by the huge loads the man seemed able to shoot into me every time he screwed me.

    During dinner, Luis was usual charming, confident self. Naturally, he had me sitting very close to his side. In fact, our legs were touching under the table. Halfway through dinner, I felt a light touch on my leg from Luis' hand. He smiled when I glanced at him, and his hand squeezed my leg. The motion of his hand continued as I tried to eat. First, it explored my outer thigh... then it would move over my knee to my thigh's inner slope. I saw my husband watching me. I hoped that he couldn't tell what was happening beneath the table.

    Gordon was relating some story to the other women when Luis' hand slid even higher on the side of my leg taking the dress up with its motion. I felt myself beginning to squirm in my chair. Of course, it wasn't long before I saw Gordon looking at me with a knowing expression on his face. My face flushed with acute embarrassment at the way I must be humiliating him. The hand rose even higher on my thigh... pressing outward... obviously telling me to spread wider.

    There was no mistaking what Luis wanted from me... he wanted me to open my legs so that he could get to more of me. Disgusted with myself for what I was doing to my husband, but still unable to muster the will to resist this man, I let my legs slide apart. Immediately, Luis' hand moved upward on my inner thigh. With gentle pressure, he had me open my legs wider until I was sitting there with my legs spread wide and my pussy totally available.

    A few minutes later, Luis was stroking my pussy through my soaked panties. His fingers were tracing my pulsing slit from the bottom to the top where they sought out my throbbing clitoris. I felt my body quiver when Luis squeezed it between his fingers. His stroking was pushing me towards a climax. When he expertly slid his hand into my panties to run his fingers along my bare slit, I felt intense sexual tremors wash through me. Disgust swept over me again when I saw my husband watching me.

    Luis' fingers pushed into my pussy and were moving in and out of me slowly. At the same time, his thumb was rubbing on my clit. I squirmed in my seat while trying to keep my upper body motionless, but not succeeding. Gordon was now openly staring at me in amazement, unable to believe or understand his wife's slutty behavior. I knew that he knew that Luis was playing with my pussy. I also knew that he was also aware of the fact that his wife was now probably pregnant.

    At that point, I had to struggle to suppress a gasp when I felt Luis' hand move up to the waistband of my panties. He tugged... obviously telling me to lift up so he could remove my panties. Gordon was looking right at me when I pressed my elbows against the chair and started to raise my ass.

    I stopped when he asked me if I was all right. I made up some nonsense about being about to choke, but I knew that he knew what was happening... that he was humiliated... that he was asking me to please stop. I couldn't. Luis wanted my panties off... so there was no way they were going to stay on.

    My ass had just barely cleared the seat when I felt my panties being pulled down to my knees. Working my legs together, I finished the job of removing them. As they fell to my ankles, I pulled my feet from them and left my panties on the floor. As soon as they were off, Luis' hand spread my legs open again... this time with my cunt naked.

    Now, Luis' hand had free rein to explore my pussy. I tried to stop my groan of passion as he pushed a finger into my cunt and began to finger fuck me. Biting my lower lip, I looked toward my husband and saw to my utter dismay that he was watching my body squirming and hunching as I approached an orgasm with everyone watching and knowing that he was my husband, not Luis. The expression of disbelief on Gordon's face as I shamelessly thrust my pussy against Luis' probing fingers seared my soul, but not enough to make me stop. I wanted... I needed to cum!

    Suddenly the orgasm washed over me. My body quivered with intense excitement. I couldn't keep my eyes open or my mouth closed against the intense contractions shooting through my cunt and clit. My tits were heaving with excitement, and a low groan escaped my throat. Every one heard. Every one stopped and watched me cum like a total slut.

    As my orgasm ebbed, I thought that at least my husband's humiliation was over for the evening. But I was wrong. Luis had no intention of letting me stop. Throughout the rest of dinner and the dessert, his fingers played a sonata on my cunt and clit. Before we left, Gordon had been forced to watch his slutty wife cumming a second time as a dozen people watched.


    Friday Night: Gordon's Perspective.

    Friday night was another sex-filled evening with Danita and Sharon. After I had given them each two orgasms with my fingers and tongue, I had screwed them both to several more orgasms putting my first very large load of semen deep inside Sharon's contracting cunt and later, a smaller load up against Danita's womb as she squealed in climax. All of that had taken almost two hours, and I was totally exhausted. I assumed the women were also. I was wrong.

    At 2 AM, I was awakened by the motion of the bed and the sounds of sex beside me. Opening my eyes, I saw the two women in a 69 position each licking the other's cunt. When they saw I was awake, they stopped trying to be quiet. Fifteen minutes later, both of them were grunting as their pussies contracted in hard spastic tremors.

    This time, they did fall into an exhausted sleep, which relieved me as I was worried that they were going to demand that I fuck them again. Obviously, Luis' women were accustomed to receiving huge quantities of sex. That fact was precisely what was worrying me. There was no possible way I could provide my wife with the amount of sex she was getting from Mendez... no man could.

    I didn't fall asleep immediately. As I lay there, it occurred to me that these rooms were not Mendez's private quarters on his jet. The walls were not soundproofed like those on his airplane. Quietly, I got out of bed and moved to the connecting double door separating our suites. Opening the one on my side, only a single door now stood between me and the bedroom occupied by Luis and my wife.

    Pressing my ear to the door, I listened. Nothing. It was now almost 3 AM. They were probably asleep. Any reasonable person would have thought so. But then I recalled Santiago... all night... every night I lay in my bed listening to Luis shag my wife. It didn't matter what time it was, he wouldn't let her sleep more than 30 minutes before he pushed that monster dick into her again. Maybe his sexual stamina had abated somewhat... but I doubted it.

    I waited 15 minutes and again listened at the door. Still nothing. Remembering that sound travels much better through a solid than through gas, I retrieved a glass from the bar and pressed it firmly against the door panel with my ear against the other end.

    Then... softly: "aahh aahh aahh aahh oohhh oohhh god...uuummmmm... ooouuuuu."

    A moment later... a deeper, louder, series of masculine growls: "Uggh... Uggh... Uggh... Uggh... Uggh... Uggh... "

    Silence for a moment... then again, softly: "Oooohh fuckkk ... ooohhhh fuckkk... fuckkk... fuckkkk"

    Then, a louder, single masculine command: "Cum, Bitch... Cum."

    I thought I could hear the thumping sounds of the bed but couldn't be certain. However, I had no problem hearing the shrill female scream: "I'm cummmingggg... cummingg!!"

    Three more times, I heard my wife cry out as her body climaxed. Finally, the very loud masculine announcement, "Here It Cums, Bitch. Take my Load up your hot Cunt!"

    This was followed by, "Yesss... Cum in meeeeeee... Breed Meeeee!!"

    I went back to bed. There was no point in continuing to listen. I knew it wouldn't end until morning.


    Saturday Afternoon: Gordon's Perspective.

    Saturday morning all of us slept late except for Luis. He had a business meeting from 9 AM until noon. I really didn't feel very sorry for him. Maybe he would have to work so hard, he would be too tired to fuck my wife. I really had no hope that that fantasy would ever happen.

    After lunch, Luis came over as said, "Gordon, I'm taking Paula and the girls out on a walking and cab tour of the city. Would you like to come along?"

    "Do you really want me there? Wouldn't you rather have them alone?"

    "Not at all! Not at all! We would all enjoy the outing much more if you come along." With such an invitation, how could I refuse.

    Luis had told me to meet them in the parking garage at 2 PM. He had ordered a taxi, and it would pick us up there. When I arrived, I saw that Luis had had Paula wear the same dress she had worn the previous evening at dinner. That surprised me somewhat, but the dress was sexy has hell.

    As we waited for the taxi to arrive, various guests of the hotel were arriving and leaving the parking garage. The valet parking area was also located in the garage, so a half dozen or so young men were constantly arriving and leaving as they parked and retrieved the cars for their owners.

    "Paula, this is boring standing here waiting for the taxi. Please provide us and the other guests with something more interesting to do than just stand around and wait. Take your tits out of your dress, Darling... and leave them out."

    We were in a public place with numerous people around. It wasn't Grand Central Station, but there were still quite a few perons in the area. Considering this, I expected my wife to object. Wrong! She just smiled at Luis and promptly pulled the bodice of her dress aside allowing both of her big tits to stick out, fully exposed. I saw that both of her nipples were hardened with her excitement. I was almost certain that her cunt was wet.

    Now, every man has seen numerous tits. But to have them sticking out of her dress as they were in the middle of New York was obscene. My wife didn't seem to mind a bit.

    We had to wait almost 15 minutes before the taxi arrived. I estimated that at least a dozen men had stopped to stare at my wife's naked chest before going on about their business. I was sure they were still trying to decide if Paula was a whore, a mistress, or just a married slut. Even when we got into the cab, Luis would not permit my wife to cover herself. Sharon and Danita got into the front with the cab driver. It was crowded, but he didn't complain. Mendez, Paula, and I were in the back with Paula in the middle.

    "Hey, Jack," Luis had said to the cab driver. "It bother you if my woman keeps her tits out back here?"

    "Naw. Not a bit. She's got a great pair of knockers. Make her leave'em out," he had replied. She did.

    The cab took us to Brooklyn, near Coney Island. Luis gave the driver a huge tip and instructed him to wait for us with the meter running. He just smiled and said, "Buddy... sure thing. No problem. You folks take your time. I'll be here until my shift ends at 7 PM. Don't be longer than that."

    For the next 30 minutes, we took a walking tour of the area. There wasn't much to see, but with Luis directing things, I had no doubt that he had something planned. Making my wife expose her tits in the parking garage had convinced me of that.

    We stopped at a sidewalk stand and got a bite to eat. Paula settled for a soft drink. Afterwards, we strolled on down the street. The area was well populated, but on the run down side. Looking around, Luis stopped and motioned Paula to go stand against a brick wall to the side of the walkway. My wife walked over to the wall and waited.

    Luis produced an expensive-looking camera, pointed it at Paula, and said, "Smile, Honey."

    I was getting annoyed with the fact that he was addressing my wife as "Darling" and "Honey", but a moment later, realized that it was a little ridiculous for me to take exception to that considering how often he was fucking her. Luis snapped several photos of my wife in various poses before he said, "Ok. Take your tits, Baby!"

    Once again, Paula pulled the top of her dress aside allowing both large globes to protrude through the opening in full view of a dozen people on the street. Again, Luis took several pics. Some with her posing with her back to the all, others with her bending over allowing both tits to hang down, and a few more with her cupping them. Before he was half finished, three young mechanics working in the garage across the street ambled over to take in the sight of this gorgeous woman exposing her tits for the world to see.

    "Man, now THAT's what I call a rack!" one of them exclaimed.

    A second mechanic, who couldn't tear his eyes away from my wife's tits, asked, "God. How big are they?"

    "36DD," came Paula's proud response.

    The third mechanic turned to Luis, "Is she wearing panties under that flimsy dress?"

    "I don't think so, but I'm not sure. Let's ask her, shall we? Honey, this gentleman wants to know if you're wearing any panties. I need to take some photos of you with your dress up anyway, so why don't you just pull it up to your waist so I can take my photos, and this gentleman can get an answer to his question."

    With the devilish smile I knew so well, Paula hiked her dress up to her waist. She wasn't wearing any panties. "My gawd!" the man who asked the question said in awe as he stared at her cunt lips that were exposed by her fully shaved bush. "Is she your girl friend, Man?" he asked Luis.

    "Yeah. She's my girl friend. She's his wife," he replied pointing at me. All three mechanics stared at me and then at my nearly naked wife.

    "How about these other two gorgeous women?" he inquired indicating Sharon and Danita. "Are either of them your wife?"

    "Nope. But they're both my girl friends," came Luis' answer. The mechanics stared at him like they were privileged to meet either the world's luckiest guy or the world's greatest lover or both. They ignored me like I was part of the wall.

    "Listen, I need to get Paula off the street before she's arrested or raped. Want to take this over to your shop?"

    Luis didn't need to ask the men twice. A minute later all of us were in the shop where one of the mechanics started to close the door. "Leave it open," said Luis in a voice that left no doubt that the door either stayed open or we left. The door remained open.

    The mechanic who was asking most of the questions moved beside my wife and hefted one of her tits. She didn't pull away. In fact, she pressed it against his stroking hand. Looking in Luis' direction, he asked, "You mind if we do these three hot chicks?"

    "That's why we came over here, isn't it?" Luis responded in a bored voice. No one spoke to me. Why speak to a wall?

    The mechanic had my wife naked except for her heels in a few seconds. All he had to do was pull the dress down. It took the other two men a little longer to get Sharon and Danita equally naked.

    The guy with Paula quickly sat her down on a chair, pulled her legs up in the air, and spread her feet wide apart. As he unbuckled his pants, Luis' voice stopped the action. "If you guys intend to do more than look and lick, you have to use these." He distributed several condoms to each of the men. In less than a minute, three hard cocks were encased within three of the condoms.

    Sharon was bent over the hood a car waiting to be repaired while Danita had been spread out on an old couch. All three pairs of tits were heaving with excitement; three pairs of legs were wide open; three cunts were wet, exposed, and ready. Three excited males moved into three, eager sex saddles.

    "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." came Paula's female grunt of pain/pleasure as she took cock.

    "UUUGGHHHHHH!" Sharon grunted as the sex prong pried her open and sank into her depths.

    At the same time, we all heard Danita's shrill cry as the thick black cock sank into her wide open cunt hole: "GGHHHAAAAAAAA!"

    After those initial cries, grunts, and moans, the sounds of three females being fucked filled the room and mixed with the excited grunts of the men buried inside their pussies. My cock was throbbing with need. I knew Luis' was hard as stone, as it always was.

    The situation was so erotic there was no way the men could last long. In less than five minutes, all three condoms were filled with semen. Each of the women had had at least one orgasm. Only Luis and I remained with still loaded sex guns.

    "Have you got time to let us do them again?" the same man asked Luis, again ignoring me.

    "We've got another 30 minutes and plenty of condoms... have fun."

    Nearly an hour later, we were back in the cab driving back into Manhattan. It had taken longer than the 30 minutes Luis had allowed since all three men had ended up fucking each of the women. Luis could have managed that in 30 minutes with ease, but these guys weren't Luis. I kept my eyes on my wife most of the time and knew that she had had at least two orgasms with each man. I was pretty confident that Danita and Sharon had matched that, but since I wasn't paying close attention to their screwing, I couldn't be certain.


    Saturday Afternoon: Paula's Perspective.

    Gordon has already written about our outing to Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon. So I won't repeat that.

    When we arrived back at the hotel, Gordon was hot and hard to have sex with either Danita or Sharon or both. He apparently decided to screw them both as he told Luis that the three of them were going back to their suite, and they would meet us for dinner. Luis said fine and that we were going to take a trip through Manhattan.

    Over the next three hours, Luis and Jack, our taxi driver, conducted us through a guided tour of Grant's Tomb, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Children's Zoo, Yankee Stadium, Grenwich Village, and a few others. Finally, Luis called a halt and had Jack drop us off near about 10 blocks or so from the Hilton. Luis paid the fare and tipped the guy $100. He thought it was Xmas, not only because of the $100, but also because Luis had had me keep my tits and pussy exposed most of the time for Jack's viewing pleasure.

    Just before he let us off, Luis asked Jack if he wanted to screw me. "Are there trees growing in the forest?" he responded.

    "Well, I suggest you find a place," Luis commented. It didn't take Jack long to pull into a parking garage. Luis even paid the parking fee. Jack drove up to the top floor even though there were plenty of spaces available on the lower floors.

    "No one's gonna bother us up here. They'll all park down below," he said.

    When Jack pulled the car into a parking space, Luis got out, walked around to the driver's side, and said, "Here are several condoms. Use them. I'm going to take a short walk. I'll be back in 30 minutes." Turning to me in the back seat, he said, "Bunch your dress up around your waist and spread out on your back. One leg up in the back window, the other over the front seat. Hurry. The man only has 30 minutes." It was an order, not a request.

    When Luis was satisfied that I was in the position he had ordered, he strolled away. Jack was on me within 10 seconds. His cock was average, six inches, average thickness but that's all any woman needs to make her cum. He handed me a condom and knelt between my spread thighs. It only took me a few seconds to get his cock sheathed and ready.

    As he leaned over my body into my upraised arms, he whispered, "This is the luckiest day of my entire life. I've never had a woman any where close to as beautiful or as sexy and sensuous as you are. But I don't like the way that bastard orders you around, and I don't want to have sex with you unless you want it too. We can stop and I'll tell him it was great. He'll never know the difference. Understand?"

    I was stunned... amazed. His cock was hard as iron. Its wet, swollen head was no more than two inches from the opening of my very wet and ready cunt hole. All he had to do was thrust his hips and he would be inside my vagina. Yet, he was willing to forego fucking the hottest woman he had ever been with or was ever likely to be with if I simply said 'No'.

    "Are you serious?" I asked. "You'd really stop if I decide I don't want to have sex with you? Even though I know you're dying to fuck me?"

    Jack, who was no more than an average, 40 year old guy, slightly overweight, with a normal dick, and a taxi driver, again whispered, I don't enjoy sex with any woman who doesn't want me, but I wasn't going to tell that boy friend of yours that. He's a total prick."

    Suddenly, I felt my pussy gush with excitement. This guy had me hotter than any of the three mechanics by far. "I can't wait to feel your cock inside my cunt, Jack. Please fuck me! Start by rubbing the head of that hot fuck stick up and down my slit, Baby. Thump it against my clit. Make my hole throb for you. Hurry... I don't want to waste a second."

    He did it exactly the way I asked him to. Every time his meat slid up and down my trench, I felt my pussy throb with excitement. When he took his rod in hand and used it like a club on my engorged clitoris, my juices spurted as I came.

    "Oh my god!", he yelled. "I've never seen a woman squirt like that."

    I yelled right back at him. "Fuck Me! FUCK ME NOW!"

    Jack drove all six inches into me on his first thrust. His pubic bone banged hard against my clit and my hips and ass went into overdrive. He fucked down into me... I fucked up into him. Together, we drove our throbbing sex organs together again and again... harder and harder. I came again, and the wonderful stud felt it. He pounded into me even harder. The intensity of my orgasm increased. My eyes slammed shut. My mouth flew wide open... tongue shot out and curled upward.

    Above his back and hammering buttocks, my feet jerked helplessly in the air in time to the jerking of my tits as his cock repeatedly thudded into my throbbing hole, driving my ass far down into the car seat. I was wailing every time he gave it to me.

    "OOOhhhhhh god. What a Stud! Hammer me, Lover. Fuck the shit out of me... AAAAHHHHHHHHhh.. Jezzzz... you're gonna make me cum again. Fuck... fuck... fuck... GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

    True to my word, my pussy exploded again... juices spurted out of my tightly plugged vagina. "I'm cumminggg... ooohh god... I'm cummingggggggg!!"

    I felt Jack's cock swelling, expanding, jerking, throbbing inside me. His masculine grunts of intense pleasure filled the top floor of the parking garage as he pumped gush after gush after gush of cum into his condom.

    He fell on top of me as we both gasped for breath. Realizing that his full weight was on me, he pushed himself up with his arms. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to crush you like that."

    "Don't be sorry. I love feeling a man collapse on me after he's fucked me the way you just did. You are one delicious fuck, Honey."

    His face beamed with masculine pride and pleasure. I'm sure mine was flushed with an equal amount of female pleasure. "How much time do we have left, Lover?"

    Jack glanced at his watch. "About ten minutes."

    "Do you mind if I use our last ten minutes to suck you off?"

    "Do I mind??? Paula, I'm never... ever gonna forget this afternoon."

    I knelt in front of him, ripped off his condom, and drove my mouth all the way down his dick. About an inch entered my throat when I had all of him inside. I began to suck, determined to make him unload again down my throat before our time was up. We still had five minutes left when his load fired down my gullet.

    After Jack had dressed and I had rearranged my dress, we still had a minute left. He used it to give me a piece of advice. "Paula, there's no way I can thank you enough for this afternoon. It was the best I've ever had or ever expect to have. It's none of my business, but in my opinion, Luis is an egotistical, sadistic jerk."

    Luis returned soon thereafter, and Jack drove us back to street level where we bid him goodbye. "Are we going back to the hotel now?" I asked.

    "I think so," Luis replied.

    It was a short walk to the hotel... 10 blocks, but in New York the north-south blocks in Manhattan are only about a third what they are in most cities. When we were halfway to our hotel, we passed a nice looking bar. Luis looked inside, checked the place out, and then led me to a booth inside.

    "What are we doing here?" I asked. "I really am not in the mood for a drink."

    "Neither and I, but I'm interested in whether or not New Yorkers have courage and initiative."

    "How do you intend to test that?"

    "Easy. I want you to spread your legs as wide as you can. Put a hand on your pussy and rub your clit. If a man looks, stay spread and let him watch. We'll see if anyone has the courage and initiative to come over and ask you for sex. Do it!"

    Still on a sexual high from the three mechanics and Jack, not to mention the fact that I knew Luis would be all over me as soon as got back to our suite, I had my legs wide open in a flash.

    For the next 15 or 20 minutes we sat in that booth. I know that at least a dozen men saw my cunt. Most sat at a table or booth where they could continue to look between my legs. However, none of them approached me. Luis had just about given up when a young man about 22 or so saw my naked pussy, checked it out for a few minutes making no effort to conceal his interest. Satisfied, he walked up to Luis.

    "How much to fuck the Bitch?" he asked.

    "$100 for 15 minutes out in the alley," Luis replied

    "I'll give you $50."

    "$75," Luis countered.

    "Ok. $75 for 20 minutes with her."

    "Done. I'll even provide the condom."

    The guy led me out the back door of the club into the alley. He sat down on an old box, opened his pants, took our a nice looking 7-inch cock, fully hard, and said, "Fuck yourself on it, Slut."

    I rolled the condom down his prick, straddled his legs, and let my ass sink down on his rigid spike. It hit my hole dead center and slid easily into my cunt. Reaching up, the guy pulled my dress aside baring my tits, which he sucked and squeezed as he fucked me.

    Five minutes into the fuck, I began to cum. The guy thought I was faking it until he felt the hard contractions of my vagina around his embedded cock. Realizing that he had a live one who was getting off on his dick, I felt his rod firm up into a rigid iron spike as he began to really nail my pussy with one hard stroke after another. I came again just before he shot off into the rubber.


    Saturday Evening: Gordon's View.

    When Danita, Sharon, and I returned to our Hilton suite, the girls wanted to take a nap before dinner. I was so turned and hard, my rigid cock was hurting. However, the three mechanics and the long tour Mendez had conducted had worn out both women. When I tried to initiate sex, they both pushed me away saying, "Get real, Gordon! We're exhausted. After dinner, we'll get it on."

    Nothing pours ice water on sex like an unwilling, exhausted woman. So, with nothing else to do, I took a cold shower, changed clothes, and went down to the bar for a drink.

    It was almost 8 PM before the women were up, dressed, and ready for dinner. I knocked on the door to the adjoining suite to see if Luis and Paula were going to join us. No one came to the door to answer my knock, but I did hear Mendez telling us to go ahead without them. They'd order room service later. I yelled, "OK", through the closed door and escorted the women toward the elevators.

    Halfway there, I realized I had left my wallet in our suite. Telling Sharon and Danita I would catch up with them at the restaurant, I retraced my steps to our suite. I easily found my wallet right where I had left it, on the bedside table.

    Before exiting the suite, I again pressed a glass to the connecting door to Luis and Paula's suite. Once again, I heard my wife moaning as she was stretched by Mendez's thick cock. I only listened at the door for about five minutes, but in that space of time, Paula had one intense, screaming orgasm and was well on her way to another. Mendez was beyond belief. There seemed to be no limit to the number of women he could screw and the frequency with which he could screw them.

    Dinner was again excellent and, best of all, Danita and Sharon both felt badly about turning me down earlier, and both were determined to make it up to me once we got back to the room. As soon as we entered the suite, the two women essentially attacked me. Of course, I didn't put up much resistance.

    In short order, the women had me in the center of the king-sized bed. Danita pulled down my pants while Sharon got me out of my shirt. After getting me partially undressed, they both did an erotic and seductive strip tease for me. Two blouses and two skirts were quickly removed leaving Sharon in her white panties, bra, self-supporting thigh-high stockings, and heels and Danita in nothing but a black bra and garter belt, dark stockings, and heels.

    At that point, the women crawled onto the bed with me with Sharon capturing my lips with hers as I felt her big tits and Danita standing at the end of the bed, leaning over to suck my cock. She had been trained by an expert and had no problems at all deep throating my entire eight inches without any gagging.

    After sucking me for no more than a minute, Danita pulled her mouth off my cock and stared at it. "Wow! Gordon, your cock feels like an iron bar. Except for Luis, you've got the hottest dick I've ever seen! I want that fuck stick up my cunt, Honey."

    "You don't get him to yourself, Honey," Sharon protested, cupping my balls as she pulled down her bra. Get my panties off, Lover," she whispered in my ear. I didn't need to be asked twice.

    It was a tangle of arms and legs as the three of us struggled to get our clothes off. Having already stripped off her panties, Danita had a head start on Sharon. She was down to stockings and heels first and took advantage of that situation to mount my rigid prick. "Put him in, Sharon. Stick his big dick up my hot cunt," she ordered.

    The erotic sensation of having one beautiful blonde guiding my rigid cock into the cunt of a gorgeous brunette while she was waiting her turn was incredible. It took all my concentration to keep from cumming immediately.

    Sharon pumped her cunt up and down my spike until she began to moan... then grunt... and finally to scream as her pussy exploded in hard contractions around my cock. As soon as her body fell limply onto my chest, Sharon dragged her off. "My turn, you hot Slut. Get off his prick. I want it!"

    Danita reluctantly pulled her pussy off my still throbbing, rigid shaft allowing Sharon to mount me reverse cowgirl style with her back facing my chest. "Now it's your turn," she snapped at Danita. "Put him in me, you hot Bitch!"

    Although not pleased about having to give up the hard cock to Sharon, she did as ordered. Grasping my shaft, she said, "I hope you're ready, Honey, cause this guy is gonna stretch you. I can't get my hand around it."

    "OOhhhhhhhh..god... stop talking and stick it in meeeeee!" she wailed.

    Danita worked a moment to get the big head aligned with the opening to Sharon's pleasure tube. She got it in place and was about to put it in when I said, "Put it in her ass, Danita. Let's really stretch her out."

    "NOOO!" Sharon squealed in protest. From the wicked leer crossing Danita's face, I knew her protest wasn't going to do her any good. A moment later, I felt my shaft being moved toward my belly to get it aligned with Sharon's anus. Danita pushed it against the tight hole.

    "Oh fuck... NOOOO!!! I haven't put in any lube... For god sakes, Honey, squirt some lube in me first... Please! He's huge. He'll tear me up... please lube me first... PLEASE!"

    Danita stopped with the cockhead pressed against the opening to her asshole. "What to you say, Gordon? Should I lube the Slut's asshole first or just stick it in her? She's had enough experience with big cocked studs to know that she should never get in bed with one without having first lubed her asshole."

    "I want her to cum... not scream in pain. Lube her first... and while you're at it, lube your own ass because Sharon's going to be putting my cock up your ass when I'm finished fucking hers."

    "Mmmmmm... you're the kind of man I like to be with, Gordon," Sharon cooed in appreciation and thanks.

    Danita got the astroglide and squirted a generous amount on my cock and then pushed the top of the bottle just inside Sharon's ass and squirted in an even larger amount. When she again pushed my cock against Sharon's anus, it slipped in easily. I thrust gently opening her up and five inches sank into the groaning woman.

    "Lick her clit, Danita," while I fuck her ass. Let's see how fast we can make the hot bitch cum."

    It took less than five minutes.

    As soon as Sharon had cum, I ordered Danita onto her all fours. When she was in position, I straddled her ass and told Sharon to put my cock into the Slut's ass. I was still iron hard and she had to struggle to pull it down sufficiently to align it properly with the brunette's waiting rectum. Danita had done a great job lubricating her asshole, and 7 inches of cock disappeared into her ass on the first stroke. Sharon crawled beneath the thrashing woman and licked her clit as she got a close-up view of her friend being thoroughly ass fucked. Danita also came in less than five minutes.

    When her orgasm ebbed, I had the women kneel before me, faces close together, both mouths opened wide, and jerked a huge cum load onto their tongues and into their waiting mouth holes.

    Thirty minutes later, we showered together. By the time we were finished, the girls were hot and I was hard again. This time, I pleasured them first by having them lie side-by-side on their backs while I licked one clit and caressed the other with my fingers... back and forth... until both women's asses were arched high in the air and both were begging me to make them cum.

    Danita's cunt exploded first on my tongue. I stayed on her until her contractions ebbed and then moved to the wildly hunching Sharon who pulled my head between her thighs like a woman possessed. It took less than minute of tongue lashing over her engorged clitoris to make her juices spurt and drench my face.

    My prick was raging again by the time they had both cum. I ordered them both into doggy position, asses touching... side-by-side and then took turns fucking first one cunt and then the other. Back and forth as they each squeezed my cock with their cunt in an attempt to make me shoot my load into their pussy. The first gush went into Sharon, I pulled out quickly and pumped the second gush into Danita. Then, it was back and forth until their cunts had drained all the sperm from my balls and all the semen from my prostate.

    At 11 PM, we were all in a deep, sound sleep.


    Even though I was tired, I was even more worried about what was happening inside the adjoining suite. The way Mendez was making my wife scream and cum... over and over... it seemed very likely that I wouldn't be able to convince her to return home with me. No matter how tired she was, Paula never seemed to stopped begging him for more of his cock... and I knew she was taking it in all her holes.

    Once more, I slipped out from between the two naked women, both of whom were in a deep sleep of exhaustion. After I got a glass from the bathroom, I once again opened our side of the connecting door. For some reason, the sounds were louder, clearer now even without using the glass. When I put the glass against their connecting door, I understood why. Their door opened easily when I pressed the glass against it.

    Obviously, Luis wanted me to watch... wanted me to actually see him screwing my wife. At that moment, I reflected on the fact that although we had spent 10 days with Mendez in Santiago, I had only seen him fuck Paula one time... that being in his limo on the way back from a sight seeing tour. Now, he was giving me the opportunity to watch and hear how she begged for it as he fucked her.

    I pushed the door open a little wider and saw that it opened directly toward their bed. Luis had left enough light on for me to see. As soon as I scanned the room, I saw Mendez had pulled two large blankets onto the floor where he was in the process of hammering his cock into my wife's body.

    Paula was on her back with Mendez's powerful body mounted over her. He had her legs hooked over his arms and levered up and back until they were jerking back and forth high over both of their heads. Mendez was supporting himself with his arms and driving his huge cock straight down in my wife's widely stretched and receptive cunt.

    Even though he had been fucking her all afternoon, evening and far into the night, Paula was still in the throes of intense passion. She hissed and moaned each time the cock descended into her waiting vagina. I had never heard her make sounds anything like that when we fucked.

    "AAHH-HAA... AAHH-HAA... AAHH-HAA... AAHH-HAA... OOHH FUCK..FUCK... Ohh god... I'm cumming... cummingg again... fuck me... fuck meee.. AAHH-HAA... AAHH-HAA... AAHH-HAA... AAHH-HAA..."

    Then her words changed to meaningless babbles as her orgasm exploded. I couldn't see it, but I knew Mendez was making her cunt contract in hard spasms. It was obvious from the way my wife's feet were flailing wildly in the air, her toes curling backwards as the orgasm surged through her. My own cock was rigid with lust.

    I expected them to stop for a while, but Mendez had no intention of stopping. All he did was slow his thrusts into my wife momentarily to let her savor the thrill of her pussy pulsing around his huge shaft. Perhaps a minute later, he again began thrusting into her vibrating body.

    "AAHH-HAA... AAHH-HAA... oohhh god... Luis, you're gonna fuck me again... AH AH AH AH AH ... oh, harder, Darling. Please, harder. No one fucks me like this... no one... faster, Darling. Fuck me faster. Make me cum for you."

    Very quickly, maybe three of four minutes, Paula was again quivering in orgasm. "I'm cumming... cumming... ooohh fuck, Luis.. I can feel you getting harder. You're going to put another load into my fertile cunt aren't you... DO IT, LOVER. SHOOT MORE CUM INTO MEEEEEEEEE!"

    "Here it comes, Slut. Take my load, Baby!" Mendez growled as his buttocks clenched and he ejaculated into my wife.

    When Paula felt him shooting, she screeched, "Oh YES, LOVER. I can feel it pumping into me. Ah god... that's making me cum again... PUMP ME, STUD. OH FUCK MEEEEEEE!"

    I couldn't believe it. I knew he must have cum inside my wife at least a half dozen or more times in the last 12 hours, but I could still see thick streams of semen running down my wife's ass when Mendez had finally finished cumming in her. She was gasping for breath. I wondered how long he would let her rest before screwing her again.

    The couple didn't move. The cock was still buried inside my wife, but Luis was not moving... not fucking her. He was talking to her, however.

    "Your cunt is delicious. The best! I want it in Santiago with me... available... ready. Would you like that?"


    "Can you feel it throbbing inside your luscious cunt?"

    "Yessss... it's still big... bigger than my husband and you've just cum."

    "Do you cum harder when I fuck you or when your husband fucks you?"

    "You... when you fuck me."

    "You like feeling my huge cock stretching you... pleasuring you... making your clit and cunt explode?" As Mendez asked this question, he slowly pulled his cock from my wife's vagina... 6 inches were out... then seven... then eight... it was huge... just huge... thick... another inch came out and still the head was not visible.

    "Aahhh... aaahhh... aaahhh!" my wife groaned. "Oh god YES! I love it ... I love it!"

    Mendez moved Paula's legs up onto his shoulders opening her cunt completely to him ravishment. "I will fuck you again now... yes?"


    Mendez's huge organ began its descent into my wife's fuck hole. Two inches sank inside her.


    Three more inches pushed into her. "OOhhh god... It's hard and it's going innnnnnnnnnnnnn," Paula wailed.

    Two more inches pumped inside as she howled in female heat. Finally, his balls slapped her ass with all 10 inches of thick man meat socked into her cunt. "Ready?" he asked.

    "I'm always ready for you. You can fuck me anytime... anywhere... give it to me!"

    The sex began again. Mendez fucked her steadily for ten minutes. Paula came twice more.

    I stayed at the door until 4 AM. He had allowed my wife 30 minutes to rest during that period. The rest of the time, he was screwing one of her holes or licking her clitoris until she screamed in another orgasm. By 4 AM, Mendez had pumped two more loads of cum into my wife and she had had an uncountable number of climaxes.

    Just before I returned to bed, Paula was sucking him. I was totally amazed to see all of his cock driving down her throat without even making her gag. As the huge phallus plunged in and out of my wife's throat, I felt a pair of soft lips kissing my neck and a hand caressed my chest. Sharon was behind me, pressing her breasts into my back.

    She softly whispered in my ear, "Amazing, isn't it? How she can take a cock that huge. Actually, it's not that difficult. The trick is to get the head into your throat without gagging. Once it's there, the rest of the cock can be pushed on down your throat with ease. How many times has he fucked her?"

    Turning my head, I pressed my lips against her ear: "He was on her, pounding her, when I looked in two hours ago. Except for a 30 minutes rest period, he's been screwing her continuously. I think he's cum in her two or three times."

    "And your wife? How many times has she cum?"

    "Uncountable. She cums almost continuously no matter how many times or how long he shags her."

    We both watched the big cock slugging in and out of Paula's mouth hole. Saliva dripped in long strands from my wife's chin and from Mendez's balls. "Jezzz!" I moaned. "There's no way I will ever get her to return home with me... no way... no fucking way. It's gonna be just like you and Danita with your husbands."

    Sharon whispered, "You're wrong, but watch! He's about to shoot. Believe me, the load's gonna be huge! Watch!"

    Just at that moment, Mendez grunted like a bull, rammed his rod all the way down my wife's throat, held her head steady, and began pumping cum into her belly. My wife's body quivered... then trembled... her hips thrust back and forth in fuck motions as her fingers strummed her exploding clitoris. Mendez shot two gushes into her throat and then pulled out to use the remainder of his load to cream her face. His remainder was larger than my full load.

    Paula was busy licking the cum from her lips and face and cleaning Mendez's cock with her tongue and mouth as Sharon pulled me back into our suite, shutting the door behind us. She spoke softly to me:

    "Gordon, you really don't need to worry about your wife. She will be anxious to return home with you."

    "Thanks, but I just heard her telling Mendez that his cock was much bigger than mine and that she cums much harder with him than with me. Then, she said... and I quote... 'I'm always ready for you. You can fuck me anytime... anywhere... give it to me!' in just those words. She's not going to come home with me... no way!"

    "Honey... have you ever heard a woman saying that a man thinks with his little head, not his big head?"

    "Yeah... many times."

    "Well... that's often true for men, and it's just as true for women. What you heard was your wife thinking with her cunt instead of with her head."

    "Maybe, but I can't pleasure her cunt the way he can. Why would she want to come home with me?"

    "Because, Gordon, once the sex ends... and it always eventually ends... women who have just been screwed by Luis feel empty... unfulfilled. They don't feel like women. I know! I've been there... in fact, I'm still there."

    "What are you talking about? I know my wife was fulfilled. She was cumming continuously!"

    "Her cunt was satisfied, yes, but not the rest of her. Particularly not her sense of worth. Can you imagine how awful it makes a woman feel to know that no matter how hot and sensuous she is in bed, she can never, ever satisfy Luis' cock. It stays hard... ready. When she's alone, she realizes that she's no more than a set of hot fuck holes for him. And as soon as he exhausts her fuck holes, he will be searching for the next set."

    "If that's true, then why do you stay? Why don't you return to Hugo?"

    "Because he was terrible in bed and didn't provide any more deep love than Luis does... and, as you've seen, Luis is a hundred times better in bed than Hugo.

    "On the other hand, Paula has you, and I can tell you that you're incredible. Last night, when we came back to the suite, you wanted to screw us, but we teased you... turned you down... made you wait. Luis would never have permitted us to tease him. He would simply have fucked us both to a series of screaming orgasms, and in the end, we would have felt like nothing but holes instead of women.

    "And then after dinner, the sex was wonderful. You got both of us off several times and we got you off twice. And best of all, you were totally satisfied, and we felt like women. Even the cab driver yesterday realized you're ten times the man Luis is. Paula is very lucky. Now come back to bed with me. I'm going to ravish you in the morning and you need your rest... after all, you're a man, not a depraved satyr like Luis."

    We went back to bed and slept soundly, but I was still very, very worried.


    Sunday Morning and Afternoon: Paula's View:

    After the marathon sex session with Luis, we finally got to sleep between 4 and 5 AM. Obviously, there was no question about whether we would get up for breakfast, or lunch for that matter. Luis' plan was for us to sleep until around 2 or 3 PM, and then get up and prepare for the party he was hosting for his business associates that evening at two adjoining suites in one of the outlying Marriott hotels.

    Sometime in mid-morning, Luis seemed to have forgotten his plan. I felt his sculptured, muscled body press against me in spoon position. I also felt the throbbing hardness of his 10-inch cock against my back. A moment later, I felt it being pushed between my thighs and upward toward the opening of my vagina.

    I was so tired and sleepy, I kept my legs pressed tightly together giving Luis no assistance in getting into me. With any other man, my lack of cooperation would have thwarted their efforts to fuck me, but Luis' iron-hard prick needed no help from me. Once the wetness leaking from my pussy coated it, he simply drove that spike forward. My thigh flesh spread before its onslaught until the head was pressing against my opening. One firm thrust and he was in me... fucking me... with relentless strokes.

    Once I felt his fantastic dick sliding over my G-spot at the same time as his fingers worked on my clit, all will to resist this man vanished. My demands of my cunt took over, and my hips began hunching back and forth to receive his thrusts. In less than a minute, this marvelous stud had me groaning and begging him to fuck me harder. He did just that forcing shrill cries of hot pleasure from my throat.

    Only a few minutes had passed before I felt my body surging toward orgasm. Luis felt it too and abruptly stopped the motion of his hips.

    "Ohhh god... Don't stop... Don't Stop! I'm about to cum! Finish me!" I groaned.

    I was shocked when he withdrew his cock completely, leaving me with a throbbing, empty, and unfulfilled pussy. "Sorry, Darling. I need you hot as fire tonight. This party is important. The deal with these men is worth at least $50 million over the next two years. Go back to sleep."

    The throbbing of my pussy kept be awake for awhile, but eventually, I again drifted off into a deep sleep. Sometime later in the morning or early afternoon, Luis entered me again, and once more, stopped before my climax engulfed me.

    At 2 PM, he told me to get up, shower, and prepare for the party that evening. I also saw that Sharon and Danita were in the suite with us getting prepared for the party that evening.

    "Are all of us going to the party?" I asked.

    "The three of you and I will certainly be there. I've invited Gordon, but I don't know if he's decided to come along or not. We're going to have an early dinner around 4 PM. You can ask him then."

    As the three of us bathed, did our makeup, dressed, etc., Luis spent the time fucking us. He switched continuously from one pussy to another, screwing us in whatever position was most convenient. Each time, he would use his tongue, his hands, his exciting body, and his gorgeous, throbbing fuck stick to excite us to the point of climax but then stop short and withdraw leaving us with dripping, excited, eager cunts. He only called a halt when each of us was on the verge of orgasm as soon as he entered our vaginas. When he led us to the State Room for dinner, all of us were trembling with need and desire.

    Gordon was waiting for us at our reserved table, As we sat down, he greeted Sharon and Danita stating that he had missed them. When he turned to me, he said, "Paula, I'd like to talk to you out on the balcony alone, if you don't mind. Do you have a problem with that, Luis?"

    "None at all, Gordon. Take you're time. We'll order for us."

    Once we were alone on the patio, my husband turned to me. "Paula, Mendez told me about the party tonight with his business associates. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Sharon, Danita, and you are to be the evening's entertainment."

    There was no way I could keep my face from flushing beet red. I looked away from my husband. He was having none of that.

    "Isn't that right?" he demanded.

    "Yes. That's right, but you know its just sex. We've partied in large groups many times. It's no big deal."

    "It's not the same and you know it! When we partied before, we were both participants. Now, I'm to be an outsider looking in. I watched you last night with Mendez for two hours."

    I was shocked. "What? How? How could you have watched?"

    "Easy. Mendez left the connecting door unlocked and open. All I had to do was push it open a little more and I could see and hear every thing."

    Normally, I don't mind at all having my husband watch me having sex. It's something that we both enjoy. I also like to see him with other women. But I remembered some of the things I had said. In response, I said, "Well... I'm glad. I know you enjoy watching. I just wish I had known. It would have made it even more exciting for me. It was just sex, Honey."

    "No... it wasn't 'just sex'. At least, it wasn't like any sex you and I have ever had. Again, I was an outsider. And you... instead of being a fiery hot woman exciting a man, you were just an enslaved sex object... a set of fuck holes for him to use. I hated it! Every fucking minute of it!"

    I didn't know what to say. I had never seen Gordon this upset before.

    I was still trying to find an excuse when he said, "I don't want you to go to this party tonight. In fact, I want us to go back up to the rooms, pack our bags and leave tonight."

    At this point, I told Gordon about how Luis had spent the entire day exciting us... bringing us again and again to the point of orgasm without allowing us to cum. "I'm so turned on... so hot... please don't ask me to leave. I want to go to the party, and I want you there with me. Please!"

    I was adamant, and when my husband saw this, his shoulders sagged in resignation. He looked totally defeated. Very softly, almost so softly, I couldn't hear his voice, he said, "All right. I'll go."

    I was concerned, but then the thought of Luis' huge cock entering me and this time making me explode in a series of gigantic orgasms overwhelmed all other thoughts.


    The Party: Gordon's View:

    The two suites at the Marriott were both huge. Each sported two large, double beds, full bath, den, and kitchenette. The party was being catered, and a wide variety of food was spread out in one of the dens. To the side, there was a full wet bar. The den in the second suite had been cleared so that it could serve as a dance floor. Naturally, Mendez was paying for every thing. For him, it was no more than mere pocket change.

    I had counted nine men plus Mendez at the party. Sharon had told me that a $50 million deal hung in the balance and this party was to ensure the signing of the contracts early Monday morning. The younger executives were in their mid-30s, the older ones in their 40s. I wondered how long it take before they all began screwing my wife and the other women.

    The answer very quickly became obvious. They did not intend to waste a lot of time in anything other than the primary purpose of the party. After getting something to eat and a stiff drink, I wandered into the suite with the dance floor. Soft slow music was already playing, and the lights, while still on, had been dimmed somewhat. One of the men had my wife on the dance floor. Another had Danita in his arms. I didn't see Sharon anywhere.

    As I watched, the man with my wife was kissing her neck. She squirmed in his arms, obviously excited. She pushed her mound hard against his groin. His hands moved upward and cupped her large boobs. I saw her mashing them into his groping hands. He continued to stroke her thrusting tit with one hand while the other was busy pulling her dress off her shoulders. Unzipping it in the back, it fell away from her tits leaving them naked.

    They continued to dance, if you could call it that, until another man cut in and took over my wife. Immediately, his hand began to rub over and around her mound. As hot as she already was, the male hand on her pussy very quickly had her squirming and moaning in his arms. His hand moved to the back of her dress where it finished the job of unzipping it. A moment later the dress slid down her body until it lay crumpled on the floor. Paula was now naked save for her black panties, stockings, and high heels.

    The man with my wife relinquished her to another guest. Almost instantly, one of his hands slid down her body onto her panty-covered pussy where he pressed it between her thighs. Paula's body shivered. The man's fingers pressed the silky material of my wife's panties into her slit causing her hips to begin to hunch in fuck motions.

    Paula's heavy breathing became faster and even heavier. The man's fingers were now working over her clitoris. All pretense at dancing had stopped as he masturbated my wife in full view of the other men. She emitted a long, low groan as her body began to tremble and her orgasm surged through her pussy. She was still shaking from her climax when another set of hands began to play with her boobs and stroke her panty-covered cunt.

    Looking around the room, I saw that the men already had Danita naked except for her stockings and heels. At least my wife still had her panties on. That situation, of course, didn't last very long.

    Not only were the women almost naked now, the men had also begun to strip off their clothes. The next man to take possession of my wife wore nothing but his jockey briefs. His erection was obvious. He moved behind my wife and pulled her back against his chest. This position gave him full freedom to play with my wife's boobs, tease and pull her nipples, and massage her pussy. Her hips immediately began hammering back and forth against the man's stiff prick.

    At that point, he spoke to my wife. "Take off your panties, Paula."

    As though in a trance, my wife's hands went to the sides of her panties. She pushed the flimsy silk garment down over her hips to reveal her shaven pussy in all it's glory. Then, she bent over a little to push them down her thighs. The small wisp of damp material slid down to her ankles.

    The man with her parted her pussy lips with his thumb and little finger while two of his fingers stroked over the pink flesh of her throbbing clitoris. Her eyes closed in sexual bliss.

    "Open your legs!" came the man's next order to my wife. She obeyed, but didn't spread wide enough. "Wider, you hot Slut. Spread wider!" came the command. I watched as my wife spread her feet as far apart as she could. The position completely exposed her cunt to every man in the room.

    Once he had her spread, he started to slide his hand up and down on her slit while still keeping pressure on her near bursting clitoris. Suddenly, the fingers ceased their stroking of her sex trench and pushed up into her vagina in slow fucking motions. A few moments later Paula gave out a deep groan and boiled over into a shuddering orgasm as she thrust her cunt down onto the probing fingers. From the other side of the room, I heard Danita wailing as she came.

    Another man soon captured my wife. He had other plans for her. "Pull my shorts down and get my prick out, Honey," he ordered. With one quick motion, she jerked his shorts down and wrapped her hand around the man's throbbing organ. "Suck it, baby!" he commanded. She slid her lips over the throbbing head and heard the next instruction from the man: "Take it all, Paula. I kiss my groin, Slut!"

    Paula gave into the pressure of the man's hands without any hesitation. Her lips moved halfway down the 7-inch shaft. She paused for a breath and then let her lips sink the rest of the way down the fuck stick. I saw my wife's lips kissing his groin. A moment later, the cock ejaculated a huge load into my wife's mouth. She managed to swallow most of the load, but some spurted out the corners of her mouth and formed a long cum rope from her chin.

    One after the other, the men approached my wife, locked eyes with her and waited for her to suck them off. Each of them had a pace and variation of movement. Some liked her actions to be slow and soft, others liked fast and hard, one man held her head still while he fucked her mouth like a pussy. Before the suck fest ended, she had three loads of cum in her belly.

    At this point, everyone was more than ready to fuck the women. I finally saw Sharon. She was sitting in a large lounge chair, naked save for a pink teddy and heels. The teddy had been pulled below her tits and bunched up around her waist to compeltely expose her cunt. She sat whorishly with one leg bent and up on the chair arm while the other rested on the floor. Several of the men surrounding her were making comments about her wet, delectable pussy.

    When I looked back, I found no sign of my wife. While I had been watching Sharon, they had taken Paula into the bedroom to fuck her. Be the time I entered, one guy was getting ready to sink his cock into her body.

    "I'm Howard, Honey. Do you want my prick in your cunt, Paula?" He asked with a leer.

    "Yes!" she gasped out through a moan of pleasure.

    "Then ask for it, Paula."

    My wife saw me watching, blushed, and closed her eyes. But her embarrassment wasn't sufficient to stop her from saying, "I want you fuck me with your prick, Howard. I want to feel you inside me, fucking me hard."

    "And all the other men here? What do you want from them?" he smirked.

    "And your friends," my wife groaned as her body surged closer and closer to climax. "I want your friends to fuck me too. I want to feel their hard cocks fucking my cunt."

    Howard sat down on a couch and pointed at his erect prick. Paula straddled his legs reaching under her body to guide his cock into her pussy. Immediately, she sank down on his full length with an intense groan of pleasure. For a few moments, Howard allowed Paula to fuck herself on his cock. It slid in and out of her sheath smoothly each time her ass rose and fell on him. But then Howard took over to increase the pace of the fucking. He hammered his hard dick in and out of her throbbing hole causing her hair to fluff up and her tits to bounce wildly.

    As hot as my wife was, it didn't take long. Her head suddenly flopped back as she let out a cry of rapture, her whole body stiffened and trembled as she ground down on Howard in orgasm. He began to push up at her with even harder strokes that she matched until once again, she cried out in another climax. As Paula came, Howard pulled down on her hips and thrust up with his body ramming her hole with a series of hard thrusts that I could hear thud into the bottom of her cunt. With a grunt of male satisfaction, he fired his semen into my wife's depths.

    As soon as Howard had emptied himself into my wife, another man sat down beside them on the couch and pulled my wife over until her mouth hovered right above his throbbing erection. She stared at the one-eyed head, opened her mouth, and the man smoothly drove its length into her throat.

    In her kneeling position, her ass was thrust high in the air, her gaping pussy leaking a thin stream of Howard's load. One of the guests stripped off his shorts and prepared to mount her, but he was too slow. Mendez moved behind Paula, smiled at the guest who nodded and moved back to allow his host access. There was some audible gasps and awed comments from the assembled men when they saw Mendez's huge cock as he moved it into position to penetrate my wife's cunt.

    "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Paula's deep groan of female pleasure signaled its entry to every man in the room. Her loud, repeated, uncontrolled shrieks likewise informed them of the moment Mendez began to fuck her.

    There was no way she could concentrate of the cock in her mouth with Mendez's weapon moving with authority in and out of her vagina. Again and again, it stretched her and frictioned against her G-spot. When his fingers moved around her upthrust hips to her clitoris, she screamed as her juices somehow managed to squirt from her tightly plugged hole. Few, if any of the other men, had ever seen or heard a woman cumming with such intensity. Her howls and screams of sheer ecstasy echoed throughout both suites. They increased in frequency and volume when Mendez's cock expanded and jerked inside her, filling her pussy with his cum load.

    It was almost as if Mendez's load had served as an injection of adrenalin. Paula's body vibrated as another orgasm surged through her loins. At the same time, her mouth again descended on the man's cock taking it fully into her throat as she sucked and rammed her mouth up and down its length with increasing speed. She groaned again when another cock thrust into her now empty vagina. I continued to watch until both men had cum, one down her throat, the second into her now cum-filled cunt.

    After this, the party became a wild orgy. As I wandered out of the room to see what was happening to Sharon and Danita, I looked back at the couch and saw that another man now had Paula mounted on his cock with her in reverse cowgirl position. As soon as she leaned back and spread her legs wide open, I also saw that his cock was buried in her ass. Her open, stretched cunt beckoned invitingly right above the connection of his cock with her ass. I doubted that it would be long before it was also filled.

    I found both Danita and Sharon in the bedroom of the adjoining suite. Amazingly, Danita was still partially dressed, although what she had on was serving no useful purpose. Her bra hung loosely below her tits and her thong had been pulled aside and now was far up her thigh baring her pussy completely. She on her side on one bed, her left leg being held high by one man while another was busy nailing his cock in and out of her pussy. A third thick cock was moving back and forth in her mouth while she jacked off a fourth man. I couldn't remember seeing anything like it before.

    Sharon was on the second bed, also with her bra bunched below her shapely tits and her thong pulled up her thighs. Surprisingly, she was alone on the bed, spread wide. Several men surrounded the bed slowly stroking their cocks as they watched the hot blonde fucking herself with a clear plastic dildo. From the way Sharon's hips were thrusting, I knew she was very close to an orgasm. It turned out that she had to continue fucking herself with the dildo for another five minutes before she came.

    On the other bed, the four men now had Danita riding one cock, sucking another, jacking a third, while a fourth man watched the cock moving in and out of her pussy. As he watched, he spread her ass wide to expose that hole. I knew he would soon have his cock inside it.

    While watching Sharon and Danita was erotic, I wanted to see what was happening to my wife. I did pause in the doorway of the suite to observe the action on the two beds one more time. Sharon was now in doggy position being fucked from behind while she sucked another large cock. The four men with Danita now had her mounted on one guy in reverse position with cocks fucking her cunt, ass, and mouth. A fourth cock was slapping her cheek waiting for attention.

    In the other suite, Paula was in the same position as Danita except only her cunt and ass holes contained cocks. Her mouth was wide open gasping and screaming as the two shafts moved deeply back and forth. The men had struck a good rhythm, one driving deep into my wife as the other withdrew, then, they reversed their motion. No woman could take such a fucking for long, and my wife was no exception. As I watched, her mouth contorted into a grimace as her tongue flicked rapidly over her top lip. She grunted with each thrust and then erupted in an intense orgasm. I could easily see her ass and cunt contracting and throbbing around the embedded organs. She was still throbbing when the men emptied their cum into her.

    I needed a drink. Moving to the wet bar, I poured an ounce of bourbon into a glass, added some water and ice, and prepared to take a swallow when female moans from both rooms filled my ears. I added two more ounces of bourbon but no more water.

    I stayed for another thirty minutes. The end for me came when I watched Paula as the star of a circle jerk of four men. She lay in the center of the bed with two men kneeling beside her head preparing to unload into her open mouth and over her face. A third man knelt by her body. From the direction he was pointing his cock, he obviously intended to cream her tits. The fourth man was fucking her.

    The three kneeling men slowly jacked their cocks while the man fucking my wife worked himself to the point of orgasm. Paula kept her mouth wide open and her tongue extended far out to catch as much of their loads as possible. Suddenly, the man fucking her pulled his dick our and aimed it at her cunt and mound. All four men began to jerk their rods together. My wife spread her legs as wide as possible. Even from where I stood, I could see the gaping hole of her stretched pussy.

    Four cocks began to ejaculate all over my wife. The men by her head covered her face and tongue with their loads. She pulled her tongue in, swallowed, then extended it again for more. The third man was pouring his load all over her heaving tits while the fourth guy was covering her belly with his semen. When they finally finished, they departed, one by one. Paula lay unmoving on the bed.

    It was the first opportunity I had had to speak with my wife. I took it. Sitting beside her on the bed, I stared at her cum-covered body and face. Bending close, I whispered, "Paula, I don't think this is sex the way I define sex. I feel alone... deserted. I just can't watch any longer. I'm going back to the hotel. I'm sure Luis will see back safely." Leaning over I softly kissed her cum-covered lips. She tried to turn her head away, but I held her in place completing the gentle kiss.

    As I was leaving, I met Mendez at the bedroom door. "I think I'll head back to the Hilton, Luis. I'm tired. I'll see you in the morning."

    "Really? Leaving so soon? Why? The evening just getting started. Things will get hotter and you probably don't want to miss the excitement. Are you sure you won't stay?"

    "No. I think not. Thanks anyway."

    Mendez motioned toward one of the beds where my wife was now entertaining another man between her thighs. "Have you screwed your wife yet? I'm sure she'll be free soon. Why not stay long enough to enjoy her pussy?"

    "Well... somehow I don't think she's interested in me at the moment. Good night, Luis." Five minutes later, I was in a cab heading back to the Hilton.


    Sunday Evening and Monday Morning: Gordon's View.

    It wasn't quite midnight when I walked into the Hilton lobby. I knew that I was far too upset to sleep, so with nothing else to do, I went to the bar, which, fortunately, was still open. The young bartender looked me over and commented, "You look like you could use a drink, mister. What are you drinking?"

    "Hell, I don't know. How about a screwdriver?"

    "Coming right up," he smiled. When he set the drink in front of me, he said, "Complements of the House, Sir. Perhaps it will cheer you up."

    The bartender's sensitivity and perception surprised me, and, in fact, his concern and the free drink did cheer me up somewhat. I nursed the drink in the bar for almost an hour before I finally went up to our suite for the night. Naturally, neither Danita nor Sharon had returned. As I pulled the covers up, I wondered how many men were fucking them at the moment.


    It was slightly after 11 AM before I awoke Monday morning. Rolling over, I reached for the warm body of one of the women, but found no one. Sitting up, I looked on the other side of the bed. It was also empty. I saw that the bathroom light was out so obviously, I was alone in the suite.

    As I shaved and showered, I wondered if the party was still in progress. I couldn't think of any other reason why Sharon and Danita were not back in our suite.

    When I went to the large, walk-in closet to select something to wear on our last day in New York, I was stunned to find that, except for the few clothes I had brought, the closet was empty. All of Danita's and Sharon's clothes were gone. Checking the bathroom again, I saw that all of their makeup and toilet articles were also missing, a fact that had escaped my notice when I had showered.

    On impulse, I checked the adjoining doors between the two suites and found them unlocked. The suite that had been occupied by Paula and Luis was empty. There were no clothes in the closet or in the drawers. All the toilet and makeup articles were also missing. Slowly, it became painfully obvious that Mendez and the women had returned sometime during the night or early morning, collected all of their things, and checked out of the hotel without waking me.

    I dressed as quickly as possible and hurried down to the front desk. The smiling clerk greeted me warmly. "Good morning, Mr. Baxter. How can I help you?"

    "Has the Mendez party checked out of the hotel? Suites 1715 and 1717."

    "I believe so, Sir. Let me check."

    The desk captain consulted his computer for a moment and then turned back to me. "They have, Mr. Baxter. In fact, they checked out early this morning around 8 AM. However, the room charges on your suite have been paid through tonight. So you are free to use it another day if you wish. And... just a moment... yes, here it is. Mr. Mendez instructed me to give you this envelop when he left with his party. Can I be of further assistance?"

    "No... no, thank you. You've been very helpful. Thank you."

    I held the large manila envelop in my hand, but my feet seemed unable to move. I'm not certain how long I stood there before I finally walked away toward the dining room.

    After ordering breakfast, I stared at the large envelop, unable to muster the courage to open it. This continued as I ate. I asked the waiter for another cup of coffee when I had eaten. When it came, I tore open the envelop with shaking hands.

    There were several items inside. The first that caught my attention was a large piece of stationary. Extracting it, I saw that it was a letter addressed to me and signed by Mendez, who had obviously typed and printed with on his laptop and portable printer. It was several minutes before I could bring myself to read its contents.


    Dear Gordon:

    By now, you have realized that we have returned to Santiago. Forgive me for not waking you. Under the circumstances, it seemed pointless to do so. The decisions had all been made, and there was nothing that could have been said that would have changed anything.

    First, please understand that I am sorry that you have had to endure the events of these past three days. It was not my intention that this should be required of you, but both you and Paula insisted that you accompany us to New York.

    As I'm sure you have surmised, we shall never meet again. This is goodbye. There really is no point in our meeting again. Words will not change what has occurred. You live in your world; I live in mine.

    I hope that you find some solace in the fact that I have covered all of your expenses... hotel bills, food, drink, and travel. With respect to travel, you will find a first-class airline ticket enclosed that will take you home Tuesday morning. I am aware that you probably had other expenses not covered by the above. To handle these items, I have enclosed what I trust will be sufficient funds to reimburse any other monetary expenses you may have incurred. Of course, there is no way I can possibly reimburse you for the major loss you have suffered this weekend. I can only extend my apologies. As the French say, C'est la vie."

    Goodbye, Gordon.... Luis Mendez.


    As they say, "Real men don't cry", but tears were steaming down both cheeks as I finished reading Mendez's letter for the second time.

    When I finally managed to gain some measure of control, I dumped the rest of the contents of the envelope onto the table. As Mendez had said, there was a first-class airline ticket for tomorrow morning. The was also a small leather pouch. Unzipping the pouch, I found a stack of fifty, new $100 bills in U.S. currency.

    I can truthfully say that Monday was perhaps the longest day of my life. I had no interest in doing anything. The suite was barren... empty, and, even worse, held memories I wished I didn't have. Weeks later, I was unable to recall how I spent the day. Essentially, I was in a trance... almost in shock perhaps. My worst nightmare had become a reality.

    I did spend some time considering flying to Santiago, but quickly realized how pointless that would be. Mendez was a billionaire, immensely powerful in his own country, while I would be no more than a tourist. I couldn't even handle Mendez in the U.S. There was no chance in hell that I could do it in Chile.

    Eventually, Tuesday morning arrived and I boarded the 727 jet that would take me back to my empty house. On the plane, an attractive redhead tried to engage me in conversation. I was nearly comatose. Finally, she gave up.

    The cab ride from the airport seemed to take forever. I wondered why I was in such a hurry. There was nothing at home for me. As I unlocked the front door and entered, I hoped the house was not empty... but it was. No one was there to greet me, smile at me, kiss me.

    Dropping my bags in the hallway, I literally fell into a lounge chair in the den. Silence reigned. I had no idea what to do. Start dinner to eat alone, perhaps... or maybe go out for dinner?"

    Not feeling like going out, I decided to see if there was anything in the fridge that I could just toss in the microwave. Slowly, I dragged myself out of the chair and walked toward the kitchen. As I passed through the dining room, I noticed that the table was set with two candles in the center and a bottle of cabernet breathing off to the side. Once in the kitchen, the heavenly aroma of a simmering crown pork roast filled my nostrils, but most of all, it filled my heart!

    Turning, I raced back into the den toward the stairs that led to the upper floor of our house. I didn't make it. The most beautiful sight I had ever seen blocked my way. Paula was standing by the desk at the bottom of the staircase. Except for a pair of tight, black panties, matching bra, and black four-inch heels, she was naked. Her bra was bunched below her breasts completely exposed both big globes and their hard, erect nipples. She could have been wearing a burlap bag, and it wouldn't have mattered. She was the most gorgeous sight I had ever seen.

    Racing across the short space that separated us, I took her in my arms, kissed her with a passion that equaled any I have ever felt, and then buried my head in the nape of her neck with her long, blonde hair cascading over my face as tears again ran down both cheeks... this time, however, they were tears of joy rather than despair.

    When I pulled back to gaze into her eyes, I saw with a shock that she was also crying. "Thank god... oh, thank god... I thought I had lost you!" I moaned. "I thought you had gone back to Santiago with Mendez." Pulling her mouth against mine, I rained kisses over her entire face.

    Paula returned my kisses with an equal number of her own, each delivered with intense emotion and passion. In between kisses, she whimpered, "ooohhhhh god... I've been crying and praying since late Sunday night that you would come home to me. I wasn't sure that you would the way I behaved."

    "Let's go upstairs. I want to make love to you. I've wanted you for days... particularly after I thought I had lost you. You look absolutely delicious!"

    "Please, Darling. Can you wait? Let's have dinner while I tell you what happened. Afterwards, I want your body against mine, your cock in me the rest of the night... and every day for as long as we live."

    Dinner was fabulous because my wife was sitting across the table from me. The food and wine were also excellent, but that was secondary. After we finished, Paula poured us both another glass of wine and then sat down next to me.

    "Please don't interrupt me until I'm finished, Darling. Then, I'll tell you anything you want to know."

    I nodded, and my wife began to talk.

    "I knew you were right from the beginning. I should have refused Luis' invitation, but I kept thinking 'it's just sex', and my slutty pussy wouldn't let me turn him down even when you pleaded with me not to go. I thought you were over reacting and being overprotective... I was very, very wrong, and I'm so sorry.

    "I think I knew you were right before we arrived in New York, but by that time, Luis had already fucked me five or six times and I had had almost continuous orgasms on his incredible cock. Again, there was no feeling other than hot sex and passion, but the way he made me cum was sinfully delightful.

    "That first night was more of the same. When he did leave me alone long enough to let my brain, instead of my cunt, think, I knew what I was doing was ridiculous and stupid. Mendez gives me orgasms of incredible intensity, but the ones I have with you are almost as intense, and the aftermath with Mendez is awful whereas the aftermath with you is sensuous and deliciously hot and erotic. There really is no comparison.

    "The aftermath of Saturday was more than awful. When we got back to the hotel, I couldn't bear to think about what he had gotten me to do. I knew you must be in agony, and that made it even worse. I intended to go into your suite and beg you to forgive me and take me home, but, as usual, Mendez got to me before I could leave... and once he pressed that monster cock of his between my legs, I was again helpless. All I wanted was to cum as many times as possible.

    "Saturday night was a new low. As you know, Mendez left the connecting door unlocked knowing you would not be able to resist looking into our suite. I didn't know the door was unlocked and he didn't know when you would be at the door... so he just continued to fuck me all night long. It wouldn't have mattered when you looked in... he would have been screwing me... and I would have been having screaming orgasms on his cock. When he knew you were at the door, he started asking me all those questions about how good he was compared to you and so on ... and naturally, with my pussy exploding in continuous orgasms and my cunt doing all the thinking, I said outrageous things to him. I'll never be able to make it up to you. None... and I mean none... of the things I said were true.

    "On Sunday, he spent the entire afternoon working the three of us up to a fever pitch of intense desire and sexuality. None of us could think about anything else other than our pussies by the time we went to dinner. So, when you took me out on the balcony and pleaded with me to leave with you, I knew you were right, but I was caught in Luis' web. I wanted his cock in me... I wanted to cum on it... and I knew unless I did the party for him, he wouldn't give it to me.

    "Then came the party... that ridiculous, disgusting party. You were right... it wasn't sex... it wasn't anything that remotely resembled sex. It was just three women sexually hypnotized by Mendez providing their holes for men to use. Halfway into the party, I realized that you were not taking part... that you had not been with any of us. It was just as you said... Mendez was making you an outsider, not someone sharing sexual pleasures with me. It was totally different but until that moment, I had not seen it for what it was.

    "After you kissed me through all the semen covering my face, I felt truly terrible. Then, even worse, you stopped to say good night to Luis, and before you left, another man had mounted me, and I knew you had seen him fucking me before you left.

    "A short time later, Sharon pulled me into the bathroom and locked the door. I'll never forget what she told me. She said, 'You know that Luis plans to take you back to Santiago with him on Tuesday. You'll be just like Danita and I with our husbands, except infinitely worse because Hugo and Julio weren't great husbands like Gordon is. I just want to warn you that if you get on that plane with Luis on Tuesday, I won't be there. I'll be on a different plane headed for Gordon's home, and I'll be praying all the way there that he'll let me take your place. Remember, I've given you fair warning. If you don't want Gordon, I sure as hell do!'

    "I stayed in the bathroom for a long time after Sharon left. By the time I left, I was thinking with my brain again. I knew that if I returned to the hotel, Luis would get his magic cock into me again, and I would once more be helpless. I was determined that that was damn well not going to happen.

    "So, without telling anyone, I put my clothes on in the bathroom and left the suites. All I had was my purse, but it had my credit card and ID inside. The bell captain called a cab for me and I had it take me to the airport where I got an economy class ticket home.

    I tried to call you at the hotel, but you must have been elsewhere because there was no answer. I couldn't wait until Luis came for me, so an hour later, I was in the air on my way home. I cried all the way home and all day yesterday. I cried this morning while I cooked a dinner that I prayed you would be here to eat. I can't tell you how wonderful I felt when I saw you getting out of the cab. Now... that's my story. I think I know you still want me... I don't understand why, but I promise never again with Luis Mendez or anyone else like that!"

    "Can I speak now?" I asked.

    Paula nodded with a soft smile. "Why do I want you? That's easy to answer: You're the most beautiful, sensuous, exotic, passionate woman on the planet. And, you love me! How lucky can a man get." "I do have a couple of questions. I would really like to know how many

    men you fucked this last weekend. Would you tell me?"

    Again the devilish smile I loved so much crossed my wife's face. "Of course. I'd love to since I know how hard the thought's going to make you. Let's see now.. Luis and Felippe on the plane... the three mechanics... and then after you went back to the hotel to fuck Danita and Sharon, Jack, our cab driver, and a young guy in a bar had me. That's, seven. Then, there were nine men at the party. They all had me. So, 16 men fucked me, Honey."

    "God! 16 different cocks... and how many times for Luis?"

    "I have no idea... dozens."

    "And are you pregnant?"

    "Probably... I've already made an appointment for next week to have a D and C done."

    "Ok. The reason I was so upset had nothing to do with you enjoying sex. You know that I am always excited when you do. The problem was that Mendez wrote me a letter deliberately phrased to lead me to believe that you had returned to Santiago with him." At this point, I showed Paula the letter. When she had finished reading it, she looked up and said, "That worthless, degraded, sadistic bastard!

    "He says, 'The decisions had all been made, and there was nothing that could have been said that would have changed anything.' True, but what he doesn't say is that the decision that counts is that I'm waiting at home for you praying you will return to me. Then, he says, "There really is no point in our meeting again. Words will not change what has occurred.' Again, true, but obviously intended to make you think I'm with him and you can't change things. What an asshole!"

    "He is an asshole, an asshole with a huge cock and billions of dollars, but... but, he doesn't have you, and I do. End of game! I win!"

    "Are you going to return his $5,000?" Paula asked.

    "No. No way! I'm going to use it to take my luscious wife on an all-expense paid, erotic vacation to Jamaica."

    At this point, Paula moved onto my lap, pushed her big tits into my face, and squirmed her ass against my hard erection. "Mmmmmmmm... that sounds like fun. Now, I have a job for you. Clear off the dishes, put the leftovers away, and then join me in the den. Don't take too long."

    Following instructions, I hurried as fast as possible. When I finally raced into the den, I found my wife on top of the desk, naked except for her heels, her feet planted on the desk, knees up and steepled, legs spread, leaning back supporting herself with one hand while the other held her pussy wide open for me.

    "Come on, Stud. Take me upstairs and make love to me. When you finish, I'm going to suck you until you're hard as stone again. Then, I want you spank my ass and fuck the shit out of your whorish wife."

    I always do what my wife orders me to do. It's the secret of a long, happy marriage. Don't tell anyone I told you.

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