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. A Regular Guest

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Nasty Wives Collection

    Nasty Wives Collection HMFIC Administrator



    My wife Sheila and I were staying with a black couple we had met a few years back.

    After a very heavy night drinking, his wife went to bed, leaving me seemingly asleep on a chair, and Sheila and Curtis on the sofa. Between very slitty eyes, I saw him lean over and kiss her, and then she put her arm around his neck.

    He pulled her body to his as she kissed him back in no uncertain terms. Soon he was fondling her tits, and she his huge black cock. He pulled her panties down, slid to the floor, pulled her legs apart, and started sucking her pussy. He was very good.

    Once or twice Sheila got up and took Curtis's cock in her mouth as well. Eventually he knelt between her wide open legs, held his thick, gleaming cock out, and slowly slid it in to a long groan of satisfaction from Sheila. As she began to pump at him, she looked at me and looked very surprised when I carefully waved to her and grinned. That set her off, and it only took a short time for them both to come. He filled her pussy to overflowing with his thick cum.

    After a few minutes kissing, Curtis left the room, still thinking I was in a drunken stupor, and then Sheila came over, pulled my trousers off, and fucked my rock hard cock without a word being said.

    The next time Curtis came to stay with us on his own. We had a meal, and the atmosphere was electric, but nothing was said. He went to bed first, closely followed by Sheila, and I went up after locking up. When I got in the bedroom I found Sheila dressed in her sexiest nightie, and obviously wet, standing by the door to where Curtis was. Her eyes were round and her face flushed, and I just looked at her, kissed her, and whispered - go fuck him.

    She whirled round and went through the door, leaving it open, and I saw her slip the night dress off. It slid to the floor as she stood in front of Curtis stark naked, then she got into bed with him. I found the implied "offering" of her slipping the dress off and standing there in front of him very horny. I lay in bed masturbating for three hours listening to them slurping, sucking and fucking away, and enjoyed every second of it. I was still awake when Sheila came back in, put the light on, and lay back on the bed. She lifted her knees up and apart, and I looked into her wide open pussy to see that her lips were bright red and a slug of creamy cum sitting there two inches inside. The next half hour was one of the best fucks I have ever had, after all that anticipation and with all that lubrication. Now of course, Curtis is a regular guest, and Sheila is his regular bedmate.

    Of course, now I am addicted to watching Sheila with black guys and we often invite strangers around to fuck her while I watch and wank.
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