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Draft A Race with a Purpose

Discussion in 'SUBMIT YOUR STORIES HERE' started by NordicAlienChick, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. NordicAlienChick

    NordicAlienChick Member Member

    There was a planet called Osiris that was dominated by a race called Nubians. The Nubians looked like humans with the phenotype identical to that of Africans on Earth. They were a highly advanced civilisation, resilient, strong and intelligent, traits forged by the punishing climate of Osiris. Many theories come as to why they became the dominant race on the planet, the most popular one is "The Nubian male dominated and bred the others out". This natural selection also had a side effect, through generations the Nubian male became highly virile. So virile that female Nubian could not satisfy their men and efficiently run their society. To solve this Genetic Engineering Companies of Osiris pooled their best minds and efforts on to creating a new race to make their society more efficient ... and to make profit. A race with a main purpose of sexually satisfying the Nubian males.

    They start out as embryos which were incubated in a Vat of Nutritious liquid for 14-star cycles until the sexual maturity was reached. The new race has recessive traits e.g. white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair so they can be identified among Nubians. Sexually Attractive, with a body to compete with Nubian Females, large perky breasts and plump buttocks, anything to arouse a Nubian man. They are far less intelligent, weaker than the Nubians and always enjoy sexual punishment. Genetically programmed to be lustful, lascivious and subservient, aroused when visually stimulated by the presence of Nubian man. They were called Bimbos in Nubian tongue (Nechi) nowadays mistaken as Nordics by humans. They were immortal as they habitually recouped and regenerated in Vat of nutritious liquid. The male counterpart of Nordics carried similar appearances and longevity however they are not virile, bodies are pathetic as their sexual organs which are caged with electric chastity belt.

    When Katja came into consciousness all she could see was distorted reddish view of a room . She woke up from a long dream, messages that were drove into her as her organic brain programming her all the way through her growth. The AI Automation suddenly says "Growth Complete, Ready to Processes." The liquid is drained, she collapsed, struggling to stand. Automated arms suddenly stood her up and collared her with a thick white choker, covered her breasts with adhesive white bra made of some kind of metallic polymer (two cups), the second piece was a vibrating butt plug in her anus and vibrating dildo in her pussy attached to long rectangular piece going across the thigh gap.
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  2. Newmantoplease

    Newmantoplease Member Author!

    This could be a really cool fleshed out story! I hope you go into more detail
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  3. Newmantoplease

    Newmantoplease Member Author!

    Btw, the images aren’t showing correctly :3
  4. NordicAlienChick

    NordicAlienChick Member Member

    thanks for the feedback :), i don't know how to fix the image problem though.

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