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. A Play For The Caddies ch. 2

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Titslave, May 25, 2000.

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  1. Titslave

    Titslave Active Member Author!

    Mike reached into his golf bag and took out a cell phone/walkie talkie. “Almost forgot. I'm going to call those other guys over that Rick mentioned on the phone.” he said. “What other guys?” I asked. Beth said: “Rick told me that some other caddies could help me with my problem, and that he told them about my figure. Then he said they really wanted to meet me and I said sure, I want to meet them too.” Mike buzzed someone on the phone and I stood and watched with fear as a young masculine voice came on the speaker. “What's up?” he said. “Hey dude, she's here. Her husband's here too but he's cool. Get your asses over to the first hole in the area under construction. You gotta see this.” “All right!” the other voice shouted. Then it said: “And the husband's cool?” Mike looked at me for a moment and when the voice crackled: “hello?” Mike looked over at Beth and smiled and said: “Yeah, no problem.” “Oooooh, raunchy!” the phone exclaimed.

    This golf lesson was rapidly losing ground to an almost frightening harassment. “Beth, let's get the hell out of here.” I said. “Why, honey?” she said, “and oh look, Mike's get something in the way of his swing too. And I think they might have bigger obstructions than you do, no offense.” Out of nowhere two golf carts showed up from different directions, one carrying two African American youngsters, about Rick and Mike's age. One wore tinted glasses and a Tiger Woods cap; the other was big and beefy and had on blue running shorts. In the other cart sat a rather heavy-set Hispanic guy with shades, a cowboy hat, and a goatee. I was so jumpy I looked jerking to each side of me as they came up behind me. “Getting nervous, my dear?” Beth smiled.

    The guys pulled the carts right up to the green, facing us, and Mike and Rick took Beth by the hand and walked her over to a spot in front of the carts. Without introducing the new arrivals Rick turned to them and smiled: “What did I tell you? Incredible, right?” “Wow.” the guy in the Tiger cap said, laughing loudly. “You were not lyin'.” the Hispanic guy said. “Dudes, this is Beth. Beth, tell them why you wanted to meet them.” Beth smiled and put her arms around Mike and Rick and pulled them toward her. “My husband's dream is for us to golf together and he convinced Rick and Mike to be my golf instructors. I need special attention because these big tits get in the way of my swing, and Rick said you could be helpful too.” She stuck her breasts out and said: “And I need all the help I can get, cause I want to please my husband. Can you guys help me?” The Hispanic guy whistled: “Uh, hello. I'm here for you.” The other two guys laughed appreciatively.

    “Well hold on, it depends.” Rick said, “they can't teach you unless they see exactly what the problem is.” Mike said: “Yeah, babe, and I asked you to get that top off before. We're all here now, so let's see those huge boobs of yours.” Beth shook her hips a little, “right in front of my he-man husband?” Mike was nasty now and said: “that pussy? Get real. And let me help you with your top.” Instantly she raised her arms over her head.

    With that he grabbed her top and roughly pulled it completely off her body. I heard it a tearing sound and watched with a fright as he threw it in my direction. There she stood, her nipples, somewhat oval shaped and unusually full-sized, erect and aimed so deliciously at the three who had just joined us. She put her arms back around Mike and Rick, at butt level. They stood staring down at her chest as if struck by electricity. No one said a thing, just stared pop-eyed at my wife's jugs. She seemed to know exactly how arousing this was and studied their faces with a kind of conceited, almost nasty grin. I had to do something, and said: “Beth, you could get hurt here. The show's over.” “Oh Timmie.” she laughed, “these guys are going to teach me golf. And you'll keep them in line.”

    Then she aimed her tongue at Rick and kissed him, then Mike and said: “Well, what do you think?” I was almost fainting as I saw her “teachers” squeeze and suck on her tits for what seemed like five minutes, Beth's eyes closing and her head dropping back as their lips roamed her face and neck. Then Mike looked at the two Black guys and said: “You want some of this?” and planted her on the cart and said: “Give 'em those tits, Mrs. Cooper.” She squeezed into the space in the front of the car and moaned as these two athletic hunks had their way with her breasts, licking and squeezing them, kneading them, pulling on them. Her fingers snaked through their hair and over their necks. Then Mike pulled her off the cart and had her sit in the Hispanic guy's lap. “Shit!” he laughed, “I have never seen tits this big.” He mauled her roughly, then she strutted back to the green.

    Rick took two golf balls and lifted her left tit and stuck one ball under it. The massiveness of her tit kept the ball in place. Then he stuck both balls under her boob, which as a result lifted more straight up then stuck out. Then he did the same with the other tit, getting the tit to hold two balls in place. The balls fell out when one of the boys told her to shake her jugs. Rick complained: “Pick them up and keep those balls under your tits. That's how you learn.” All the guys laughed. “Yeah, get down there and pick 'em up.” Mike said. “Hey, I thought there was a little car that drove around and did this.” my wife smirked. Rick said: “That's at the driving range. Out here on the course you'll practice using your tits as ball holders.” The guy with the blue running shorts yelled, rubbing his crotch as he and the other recently arrived young perverts stepped onto the green. “Yeah, there's a little car, but right now you're the ho-mobile!”

    Beth was now standing on the green handing the golf balls back to Rick, and the atmosphere was getting more and more tense. She was surrounded by these five predators and me. I felt physically coerced by them. Yet my wife seemed more animated than I had ever seen her. “Who wants to show me how to putt? You gotta show me how to 'swing back and forth like a pendulum'” She was trembling, red-faced, wired. She bent over with her arms akimbo and made her big tits swing back and forth. “Like this?” she said to Rick. They stared at her heavy boobs swinging and made filthy comments about her body.

    Rick tossed the balls on the green at her feet. “Practice with them.” he said commandingly. “I think I need a putter.” she said, still shaking her tits. “Get on your knees and putt with your secret weapons.” he said. His tone was increasingly demanding. Beth got on her knees and the guys watched as she set a ball under her chest on the green and then swung at it with her pendulous breasts. Rick shook his head, made a sound of exasperation, and stepped so that he was over her, his legs on either side of her. He leaned down and grabbed one of her tits and swung at a couple of balls. “That's how to putt!” the Woods cap guy laughed.

    Then Rick moved to face her and dropped to his knees. He looked at me defiantly and smiled: “Mr. Cooper, it's time I showed your lovely wife my putter.” I was flabbergasted to see him unbuckle his shorts – he had nothing on underneath – and pull them down to his knees. There, facing my bride and as big as life, was a very thick, completely aroused young masculine phallus. His cock seemed to be so hard he could have hung his golf bag on it. I said: “Rick, get yourself decent and you're coming with me. I am going to report you to your boss. Then I am going to call the cops and have you arrested.” Beth was staring in fascination at the dick in her face and then half glancing my way started laughing. “You wanted me to learn golf so I'm learning. And this is the best part -I get to work with their putters. Rick's boss and the police won't care if I want this. And I really want it, honey.”

    I watched incredulously as Beth got on her knees as well and began to stroke his cock, then placed her other hand under his balls, caressing them, then reaching beyond them to his ass. His head rolled back and Mike said: “Grip is so important with the putter, isn't it dudes?” He looked up from the scene with a big smile and stared at my reaction. The blue shorts kid said: “Look at her work that putter. She knows how to jack it off.” Mike had unzipped his slacks and was vigorously stroking his hard prick. The blue short-ed kid's erection was becoming obvious, and the Hispanic guy began rubbing his groin.

    Rick reached over and pulled her skirt up over her butt. “I gotta have a piece of that ass.” he said, and stood up straight, letting the skirt fall back over her hips, “after you show your husband how you love to suck me off.” Beth looked up at him and smiled and said: “So the lesson is over for today?” She jacked him harder and faster, then wrapped her tits around his ma . “Just starting.” Rick muttered, “and it looks like you're dick hungry.” She let her big boobs fall to her chest and opened her mouth. Her tongue licked her upper lip and she laughed: “I don't know if I can handle all this cock.”

    He put his hand behind her head and pushed the swollen head of his manhood between her hungry lips. She held the shaft with one hand and licked the head, then admiringly kissed the full length of his cock. The veins in the shaft looked vital and powerful, and they slowly disappeared inside my wife. Then she began to move her head back and forth. As she did this a moan of pleasure arose in her bosom. Rick reached down and played with her tits. I was strangely fascinated by her ability to swallow this boy's oversized penis. Saliva dripped from his cock when her mouth oscillated back to hold only the cock head.

    The other guys had moved closer to her. Rick looked at me and smiled: “Your wife sure knows how to handle my putter. Thank you for hiring us to teach her the game of golf.” The dizzying events of the last hour were making me numb with shock but I said: “The first thing I do when I get back to the club house is find your boss. I am going to insist that all of you be fired. In fact.” I said, turning to walk briskly in that direction, “I'm on my way now. You fellas are going to be out of this club by the end of today, and you will never caddie anywhere in this town.” Rick's big stiff dick popped out of my wife's mouth and Beth said with a smile, “wait honey.” I felt that maybe, just maybe, this surrealistic episode was ending.

    She said to Mike: “Give me that cell phone.” As he handed it to her she said: “what's your boss's extension?” He gave it to her and she dialed it, and while holding the phone to her ear she rubbed Rick's cock. Then she spoke into the phone, “Hi, do now my husband, Tim Cooper? Good. Tim's had a little bit too much to drink and may be coming into the office. He's really not feeling very well and I told him not to golf today. If you see him would you find a spot for him to rest? He's just gotten off a four day trip and is completely exhausted. He's likely to say anything and I'm worried about him. You can? Great! Thanks.”

    She turned toward me slightly. “Just relax, honey.” she said, and then she smiled and shook her head and barked in an irritated way: “....and don't...interrupt my lesson again.” She glared at me and rubbed Rick's dick against her face while her tongue extended out of her mouth as far as it could. With her eyes closing she laughed. “Just have a seat and let Rick teach me how to putt.” I sat down on the green, feeling defeated. Mike walked behind Beth and pulled her panties down to her knees. Her luscious ass was so sinfully beckoning. Mike began finger-fucking her. “Dudes, this is one soaking wet, horny cunt. Fuck me!” Rick was breathing hard and said: “Your next step, Mrs. Cooper, is to suck Mike's cock.” Rick knelt behind Beth and Mike's impressive schlong was now in her eager mouth. Rick’s large, strong hands began to knead my wife's sweet cheeks. He called to the other guys, “nice ass, huh? Who wants lunch?” The two Black guys stepped over, high fiving each other. Rick smiled, “I just gotta fuck her.” Hands roamed over her thighs and buttocks, then Rick spread her ass open and with his hand on his prick he rubbed it against her asshole and her pussy.

    Beth responded by looking back at him, Mike's spit-shined cock being stroked vigorously. “Keep blowing me.” Mike protested, his hand on the back of her shiny red hair. Beth bent down more and shoved her ass toward Rick, shaking her hips and moaning. Rick had entered her and began stroking slowly. “Oh yeah.” the Hispanic guy said, “do her. Bang that whore pussy.” Beth was now sucking Mike hard, her scarlet lips pressed almost desperately over his purple, venous dick. She wanted him to come now, this second, the way she was sucking him off. Mike was panting in pleasure and said: “Lick my balls.” He took his cock in his hand and jacked it as she obediently buried her face in his testicles. After a moment of this, with Rick now smacking his body hard against her from behind, Mike said: “I want you to suck my whole dick.” He was about to lie down on the green when Rick stepped up his fucking even to a faster pace and then, his knees buckling, he cried out. His hips ground rd against her she had to hold on to Mike to avoid collapsing, and Rick's orgasm sent my wife into a climax. It was the first of many today and the first of many that went far beyond any sexual release she had experienced with me.

    His pants down to his ankles, Mike lay on the ground and immediately Beth leaned over him and tried feverishly to swallow his entire cock. “This is a long fucker.” she said to him, almost apologetically, trying to catch her breath. “Take it all.” he commanded, pulling her head down forcefully so that her face smashed against his body, “if you want to learn this game, you gotta practice.” Then he looked over at me, “right? You're her husband. Tell her.” I smiled at him annoyingly. She seemed to enjoy the manhandling and eagerly worked her mouth in bigger and bigger swallows, further and further inhaling his dick, wickedly determined to devour the entire organ.

    Meanwhile the Black guy with the blue running shorts had gotten behind my wife and was playing with her ass while his oversized cock slapped her twat back and forth. He said to Rick, “this is rare, hot housewife pussy. Man, how did you get your hands on this hot housewife pussy?” The other boys were pulling on her tits hard to get them out to her side and sucking on them. Sometimes they and Mike would shake her tits crazily and she stopped once and said: “You like my big tits? I can shake 'em for you later if you want.” Mike said: “Don't stop blowing me until I say, Country Club Whore.” Before he roughly pushed his cock back into her mouth my wife chuckled, “Excuse me, I'm a married country club whore.” As she resumed this fellatio her free hand reached out and grabbed unknown prick meat, energetically roaming over the boy flesh and sliding her fingers up and down the shafts.

    Rick stood, his dick already beginning to revive. He squeezed the remaining semen out of it and said: “Hey, Mrs. Cooper.” and she looked up at him. “Your cunt missed some.” and threw it at my wife face. When it landed on her sun glasses, now slipping down on her sweat-moistened nose, he said: “Good catch, club whore.” There was laughter, and my giggling wife said: “I'm trying to learn.”. Rick turned to the guy in the blue shorts and said: “How did we get our hands on this pussy? Well, her husband set it up. We hardly knew him and he told us how big her tits were. He was trying to turn us on, weren't you?” He smiled over at me. “Like, this dude purposely took the spot next to me and Mike at the driving range and dropped these hints about his wife can't golf because of her jugs.”

    The guy in the blue shorts smiled over at me also, waving his dick in his hand, and I was startled to see how thick and long it was. “I got something for your lovely wife, Mr. Cooper, sir.” he chuckled. He dispensed with the baby steps of stroking and rammed in hard and heavy. I stepped over to Beth as she screamed and, concerned he was hurting her, knelt down and – trying hard to avert the sight of her sucking Mike's cock, tapped her gently on the shoulder. “Beth.” I asked gently, “are you OK? Are you hurt?” She ignored my concern and turned back to look at her lover. “Oh fuck! What is that, a cannon? Christ do you have a big dick!” When I repeated my question she looked at me and gasped, annoyed, “What?”

    She went back to blowing Mike and within a few moments he shot a hot load into her mouth. She kept on sucking his dick and balls, her lips wrapped around his still stiff cock, her cries of pleasure muffled by his fleshtube. Then she stroked him and cried out openly and loudly as she came. The other black guy, in the Tiger cap, gently kicked Mike to make him slide over and the black guy knelt before her face, his dick proudly aimed at her mouth. Meanwhile his colleague's powerful thrusts were shaking my wife's ass as hard as ever, the buttocks rippling wildly. The guy in the Tiger cap took his shirt off – he was so cut it was disgusting – and he turned to me with a grin. “How often do you fuck your wife, sir? She's goin' at it like she's had no dick for ages. Look at her shove that ass at Kevin. Mmmm – mmmmm. Hey bro, how does that pussy feel?” Kevin moaned: “This bitch is one horny cunt. Ain't that right, honey? You really love cock, don't you?” Beth nodded as she to work on the dick in her mouth. The guy in the Tiger cap reached to her ass and spread the cheeks roughly, and to the hilt. Then he stuck a finger in her asshole. “How about a little anal stimulation, club slut?” She let out yelps, lost in carnal pleasure, and then Kevin cried, shooting a load into her vagina. He stayed in a while and the Tiger cap guy kept finger fucking her ass.

    In a flash, after Kevin collapsed on the green a happy youngster, the Hispanic kid was behind her, his pants at his knees. “I want to see those tits get fucked while I fuck your ass.” he said. “Anal intercourse is out of the question.” I said, trying to preserve some face in this sick situation, “she doesn't do it and I won't permit it.” He grinned, “well she sure loves that finger up her ass. Don't you, whore housewife?” He stuck his own index finger into her, joining the one already driving in and out of her asshole. He put his other hand on her pussy and caressed her clitoris. The Hispanic guy said: “Let's turn her over. Sit on her face and then fuck those watermelons.” “Cool.” the Tiger cap guy said, slapping his cock against her face.

    For a moment, with the breeze blowing gently across the fairway behind us and the sun rising higher in what was a perfectly clear day, this savage carnal nightmare took a break. Beth lay on the green and played with her tits, watching the reactions of her lusty young friends as they responded – at crotch level – to the erotic effect of her hands manipulating her amazingly full and heavy tits. Seeing this as an opportunity to put an end to this morning's wickedness, I said: “OK, fellas. It's over. My wife was merely using you to get back at me for something I did.” I knelt down near Beth and said: “Congratulations, you made your point ten times over. Tell these guys you're all done and that you were taking revenge. And tell them you don't do anal.”

    She rolled over on her right side, facing me, and extended her left leg upward slightly, highlighting her rump. She smiled at me and said: “He's right. I don't do anal.” then she took off her cum-stained sunglasses and tossed them on the ground. Then she reached behind her and began to rub her ass, kneading the left buttock slowly. She pulled at her ass crack and my stare alternated between her hand, the impatient, unsmiling trancelike stares of these young men, and her gorgeous eyes. The Hispanic guy was now standing over her and jacking his fat dick. It wasn't more than 7 inches, but it was uncannily thick. She smiled up at him and said: “I don't do anal – with my husband.” “All right.” he and the others cheered. Then she turned to me and said: “Honey, it started out as revenge, but I am having too much fun. Aren't these college-age kids the best?” She rolled on her back and spread her legs, pulling them up toward her head. “So which one of you boys wants to butt me while he does my tits?”

    As soon as the words left her mouth the one Black guy had plopped his boner on her face, his fat hairy nuts resting on her brow. He began to rub them back and forth on my wife's head, taking his cock to the point of “rarin' to go”. Her hands went to his genitals and he held her ankles, pulling her back so that her ass was fully exposed. The Hispanic guy had fetched a tube of skin cream out of his golf bag. “Always comes in handy for blisters, dry skin, and buttfucking horny wives here at the club.” he said to me. His three fingers worked the cream into her asshole and after he wiped some on his cock he slowly began to feed his hard flesh into Beth's anus. Meanwhile the Black kid had spat several times onto the divide between her breasts and guided his cock between them. His crotch almost completely covered Beth from the neck up.

    She yelled in pain for the first few minutes as the Hispanic dick invading her made its way into her ass. His strokes were gentle at first, thankfully. “God this asshole is tight.” he moaned, talking to Mike. “Fuck this whore's ass!” Mike said encouragingly, his schlong hanging out defiantly. “Yeah dude, drill that butthole.” Rick said. Beth's cries seemed to grow softer and then, to my further disgust, she said, her voice muffled by boy flesh overhead: “Oh, fuck my butt. Fuck me.” The Black guy was grooving on the titfucking and his ebony hands grabbed her big tits vigorously and mashed them together to keep his rock hard penis from popping out. “You like all this cock, don't you, club whore?” he smiled. “Your wife LOVES getting fucked in the ass!” the Hispanic guy said to me.

    He picked up his strokes and after a few moments shot his wad inside her rectum. His cries of sexual release seemed to heighten her excitement and she reacted to him by coming herself. I sat in disbelief as my wife achieved a climax from being fucked in the ass by a young stranger. No sooner had he stepped away then Rick, fully revived, took his place. Now another boy was fucking her, but with the fat Black cock stroking away at her tits she had no idea who. The other guys made filthy comments to both boys, cheering them on. “This bitch loves to fuck.” Kevin said, shaking his head. “Fuckin' watermelon nympho.” the Hispanic guy said. Rick said: “Thanks for opening up this asshole for me, dude. God this is great.” He panted as his strokes became more forceful. Then he yelled, “hey dude, let's switch, and roll her over so I can lie down while she fucks my dick with her tits.” The Black guy stood up and walked around to her ass. “What's happening?” she said, panting, “don get to vote?” Rick was now standing over her head and said: “No, you don't. Now get up on all fours and wrap those fuckin' tits around my cock while he fucks that slut ass of yours.”

    He lay down and she eagerly sucked his cock, then perched over it and, holding her tits, rubbed them up and down on the erect meat she could not stop staring at. The Black guy began fucking her ass and she cried out in approval. After a few minutes Mike said: “Oh dudes, let's jerk off on this horny bitch and then get her to suck off the new caddies.” Rick said: “Like Will and James?” Mike laughed, as he stroked his cock and looked at me, “yeah, those guys. They're eleventh grade cocks will go ballistic when they see her tits.” Rick laughed, watching my wife's relentless tit fucking of his dick, “they're so shy.

    Let's fuck with 'em.” He slid out from her abruptly and said: “OK, Mrs. Cooper, we end the first lesson with a jizzfest, right in your face.” “Yeah, well, I want to keep fuckin' this hot ass.” the Black guy protested. “Cool.” Rick said, “but the next time we fuck her, I call the shots.” The others knelt in front of her in a circle and wacked away at their dicks. H's massive breasts shook wildly with the fucking. She looked eagerly up at her young studs faces and then their cocks.

    Rick was ready almost immediately and five hefty shots of semen blasted from his dick, landing in her hair, on her visor, and past her face to her back. A gob on her visor hung down in front of her brow. Then Kevin came, his cream landing on her shoulders and in her hair. After a few moments Mike shot next, trying to aim for her face. He moved in close and his cum burst in two strong, generous masses of sperm, and they splatted hard against her eyes and cheeks, running down quickly and forming strings hanging from her. The Hispanic guy took a while, jacking faster and faster. “C'mon, give it to me, you fucker. Come on my face. I want your jizz on my face!” she said frantically. She seemed to be insatiable, even when he complied and shot at about the same time the Black guy came inside her rump.

    Rick said, “well, Beth, how does it feel to be out on the course? You enjoying this?” She looked up at him after she collapsed on the green. “I never knew I could enjoy anything so much.” She smiled at me, “hey honey, how'm I doin'? Glad you came along?” They all laughed. Mike got a towel from one of the carts and threw it at her. “Clean up, club slut. I want you to meet our younger colleagues.” I had to say something. “Really, this is over. Beth, I told you I was sorry. Can we please leave now?” Beth stood up and half limped toward me. But she spoke to Mike, “are these guys hot like you?” “Yeah, and I want you to drive them crazy with your tits and then blow them. So get dressed.” She wiped all the cum off of her, dug the towel into her ass crack and wiped a little, then handed me the towel. “Souvenir.” she said.

    Mike got on the cell phone/walkie-talkie and called the other caddies. “You guys have to get over here right away!” he commanded. “What's up?” “You guys interested in teaching someone older and maybe caddying for her?” “Yeah, sure, more money.” the voice said. “Well, hurry up.” Mike said and pushed the off button. Within a few minutes a cart appeared with three younger looking caddies, clearly high school age.

    Mike and the others walked over to the cart with my wife, who had done an amazing job of freshening herself up. Mike had her stand in front of him, and he had his hands on her shoulders. He slipped the straps of her top down off her shoulders, exposing half of her breasts. “Guys, this is Beth Cooper, and that's her husband.” He pointed absently my way. “Mrs. Cooper.” he said, “Meet Will, James and Robert.” She had her sunglasses off now and she shook each of their hands, holding each hand longer than usual and using an extreme 1-900 voice. They were clearly knocked out by the sight of her feminine charms. Now a different, new sense of erotic terror was coming over me.

    Beth slowly stepped closer to the cart and leaned with one hand on the front, and half faced Mike and the other studs. She rested one leg up on the cart, carefully placing it so that it was in contact with Will's bare leg. When he moved instinctively she moved with him. Rick said: “Mrs. Cooper, why don't you tell them what you want?” The boys in the cart were demonstratively hypnotized by the sight of my wife's large breasts and were trying hard, out of bashfulness, to avoid staring obviously. Their nervousness was amusing Mike and Rick and the others. They began to smile and smirk at each other.

    Beth then put her hands in her hair and stuck her tits out. “Well, my husband told these guys about my interest in lessons and I think I need more attention than they can give. As you can see -” she grabbed a club and bent over in front of the cart as if to address a ball. “I am kind of huge in the chest.” She looked up at the youngsters in the cart as she shook her ass in an exaggerated fashion and made her tits swing. She put down the club and walked up to Will and said, her face very close to his, “very huge.” He looked down toward her chest half in a panic, half in adolescent lust. “Want to see?” Without waiting for an answer she held up her arms and Rick pulled the top off. He and the other guys were laughing outright now as the timid but aroused boys in the cart stared in disbelief. She pushed Will's face into her tits, then walked around and did the same with James and Robert.

    Rick said: “Hey, rookies, Mrs. Cooper loves to turn dudes on with her big tits. Don't you Mrs. Cooper?” My wife moaned, “oh yeah. I can't get enough.” “Wow, this is really something.” Robert said, his mouth dry. “Is she giving you guys stiffies?” Mike asked. He and the others laughed. Will stammered: “Gosh, those are big.” he was staring open mouthed at her tits. “Biggest tits you'll ever see, dude.” Kevin yelled. Then Beth knelt on the front of the cart, ass toward Will and the other two, and looked back. She played with her tits with one hand and then run her hand under her skirt, exposing her red panties. She pulled on them to stuff them into her ass crack and shook her ass and her tits. Rick said: “Guys, she's a great cocksucker. Who wants to get blown?”

    Will said meekly, “well, er, I don't know. She's so pretty.” he seemed lost, overtaken by the waves of sexual excitement falling over him. She got out of the cart and leaned over his lap, Rick's hand fondling her ass. She began to caress Will's lap and said: “Oh yeah, you're getting hard. Give me your cock so I can suck the cum out of your balls.” When he hesitated she said: “Here, I'll help you.” She took his virgin dick in her mouth and slowly swallowed the semi-hard flesh. She picked up speed as his dick became fully hard and within minutes he came in her endlessly hungry throat. She moved to Robert on the other side, and Mike moved with her, fucking her while she blew Robert. She reached behind him and went to work on jacking James. James was getting into it and stood up so that he could feed her his dick for better contact with her fisting fingers.

    Soon Robert let loose with his boy jizz and she devoured James's hot dick. He took the longest of the three, and when she pleaded that he come on her face, he gasped hoarsely and loudly. She stared back at me and said: “See that guy over there?” Then she turned her gaze up at the kid and continued. “.....He's my husband. Knowing that he's watching your dick in my hand while I get fucked like this is going to make me come. Please shoot that cream on my fucking face, you rock hard boytoy.” She was now jacking the cock in her hand at ninety miles an hour, looking at it adoringly. “God, I love having all this dick in front of my future golf partner....” Then the lad's flesh snake exploded with five jets of hot semen, splatting to my wife's appreciative yells against her cheeks and lips.

    She stood up and walked over to me, high school boy-cream splatted on her nose and cheek. I was standing in front of the golf cart, with a combination of pain, shock and sexual arousal competing for my soul.

    “Honey, I don't think these tits will be a problem. And even if they do affect my swing, look at what the guys we play with are going to have to deal with. I can't wait to drive your golf friends crazy with my boobs. These really are my secret weapons.” She turned to the others and said. “Thanks for the free lesson. The first free lesson. Will the other lessons be free too?” Rick said: “No way. Fifty bucks.” She reached toward me and rubbed my crotch, then looked back at Rick. “I can't wait. Talk to my husband about money.” gesturing to me, “he's the one who wants me out on those fairways!” As she and I turned to leave, I dreaded the future, with my wife's bottomless appetite for young dick – and with what seemed like quite a few inevitable encounters with men my age for variety.

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