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. A Night In Paris

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by UrsaMajor, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. UrsaMajor

    UrsaMajor Member Author!

    A Night in Paris By Ursa Major ([email protected])

    Story codes: MF, MMM+F, wife, anal

    ------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: ----------- This is a work of erotic fiction and should only viewed by adults. Minors and those who are easily offended should not proceed. Please remember that this a work of fantasy. The author does not advocate, encourage or promote real world practice of the acts depicted within, especially those which pertain to non-consensual or unprotected sex. ------------------------------------------

    Lisa and I had the most perfect 2 weeks in Paris. We had been married for about 8 years, and approaching our late 20's, we had decided to get have children, so this was our last big vacation for a while.

    "What will we do tonight?" Lisa asked.

    "Why don't we try out one of the clubs? Paris is pretty famous for it's night life", I replied.

    "That sounds great. Just wait and I'll get ready."

    With that, there was a flurry of activity as she pulled out clothes and shoes to find just the right look for our evening out. Eventually, she settled on a small black dress and a pair of black high-heeled shoes, both of which she had bought on one of our many shopping excursions during this vacation.

    She looked magnificent in her new outfit - a classic look that suited her tall, lean body. The dress was rather short, and it showed off her soft, shapely thighs perfectly. She tied her hair into a long, blonde ponytail.

    The concierge in the lobby pointed the way to the nightclub district, which was fortunately not too far away. I am sure I caught him staring at Lisa's butt as she wiggled out the front door of the hotel.

    It was a Tuesday night, and the locals didn't really seem to be out and about. A few cafes and bars were opened, but none seemed to be well populated. Finally, we found one where there was a steady stream of well-dressed people entering. It had a simple black door and a discreet sign the bore the name 'Les Trois Amis' in flowing letters.

    "Let's try this place," Lisa suggested. "It seems to be the most popular place on the street."

    I shrugged my shoulders and followed her through the door. We were a bit confused, as there was only a narrow, softly lit staircase. We climbed the carpeted steps and reached a small, but very expensively furnished alcove where a pretty young woman sat at the desk.

    "Bon soir, madamoiselle, monsieur," she greeted in a deep, sensuous voice. "Combien billet?"

    "Umm, I'm sorry. Do you speak English?" I asked.

    She stared at me blankly, indicating that she did not (or at least did not let on). She said a few more sentences, but we could not understand her. She smiled, and said more slowly "echangiste". She repeatedly this word a few more of times.

    "I think that she is trying to say we can change money here," I ventured.

    "Yes, that word does sound like exchange, doesn't it?" Lisa concurred.

    I pulled out a one hundred dollar note, and the woman behind the desk looked a bit surprised. She probably wasn't used to seeing such a big note. I proffered it again. She looked at both of us up and down, and her expression changed to that of approval.

    "Tres bien, monsieur," she said as she gave me back about 80 euros in change.

    We were led down a corridor with dim, soft lighting. There were many rooms to either side of the hallway. She showed us into a room with a few chairs, some tables and a bar from where she served us some champagne. She left, leaving the door open. Faint music drifted in the air.

    "Strange," I said. "There seemed to be so many people coming in here. I wonder where they all are."

    "I don't know, but this champagne sure is nice," Lisa replied. "And these chairs are so comfortable."

    We sat for a while, sipping our drinks. I finished mine before Lisa, and felt my bladder filling up. "I think I need to visit the toilet. Stay here, I'll be back soon. Don't get into any trouble when I'm gone!"

    As I got up to left, some more people arrived at last. They walked into the room as I exited, mostly well dressed couples. I made my down the hallway in search of the toilets. I noticed that there were many paintings and prints on the walls. They were mostly of nudes, many of them I had seen in the Louvre earlier in the week. However, the further I went, the more raunchy the pictures became. All sorts of sex acts were depicted - straight sex, gay sex, group sex. I started to wonder whether you could call all this art, or was it just plain smut.

    As I approached a pair of doors that were obviously the bathroom, a woman approached from the other direction. She was about 5 foot 3 with jet black hair cut into a neat bob. She wore a very small red dress, with most of her breasts hanging out and the top of her red, sheer stockings clearly in view. She teetered towards me on impossibly high red shoes, her dark eyes locked onto mine. A bulge developed prominently in my pants.

    I stood aside and let her past. She was even more gorgeous up close. As she minced away, she looked back at me, watching me enter the men's room.

    It was damned hard trying to piss with a hard-on. It was a good 5 minutes before it settled down, and I could attend to my very full bladder. I washed my hands, and left.

    As I opened the door, I was startled to see that same petite French woman standing just outside the toilets. She was standing there waiting...waiting for me!

    She approached me and looked intently, stopping to stare at my crotch. She reached out and pushed be against the wall of the hallway with surprising strength for someone so small.

    I was caught completely by surprise, and before I knew it, she had got down on her knees and was unzipping my fly with her dainty hands. She reached into the front of my trousers, and pulled my now raging prick.

    She looked up at me and smiled a wicked smile, my cock in her hands. Still not having said a word and staring directly into my eyes, she took me into her mouth.

    I let out an involuntary gasp as her warm, wet tongue played with my prick head. She started to bob her head backwards and forwards, working my penis deeper and deeper into her welcoming mouth, all the while staring at me with her dark, soulful eyes.

    Just for that moment, the rest of the world did not exist. The only though in my brain was how wonderful this felt. But all of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of something shiny her left hand as it stroked up and down my shaft.

    My God, I thought, this hot woman was married. What if her husband suddenly comes out here and finds us.

    Then I thought, "Forget that! What if Lisa comes out here!"

    Much as I hated to do it, I knew I had to stop. I gently pushed her away. She said something to me in French, but I did not understand. I just shook my head and dressed myself again. She looked disappointed as I walked away.

    As I walked back, wondering if I should have let her keep going, I passed by an open door. When I looked inside, I saw a room not unlike the one that Lisa and I had been sitting in, but there were only 3 people in it. A woman and a man were in the process of undressing another woman. The naked woman then lay on her back on a low bench, and man undressed and began to fuck her, holding her legs up in the air. The other woman lifted up her skirt and sat on the other woman's face. The couple on top then started to kiss each other passionately as they writhed on top of the woman on the bench.

    I had put my own incident in the hallway to a lucky meeting, but this little show convinced me this place not your average night club. I quickly hurried towards where Lisa was.

    When I reached our room, I found the door closed. Hanging from the door handle were a pair of black panties. I instantly recognised then as the panties that Lisa had bought from an expensive lingerie shop last week!

    I flung the door open, and found the room filled with people. Around the corners were couples or threesomes in various stages of undress and activity. Also sitting around were people just watching the action. But my worst fears were quickly realised when I found that Lisa was right in the centre of the room, and certainly the centre of attention.

    All I could do was to stand there with my mouth agape, such was my shock at seeing what was happening.

    She was buck naked except for her shoes and she was busy fucking some a French dude as he lay on a table in the middle of the room. She was on top, kneeling astride his body and her breasts jiggled as she rode him vigorously.

    Behind her, a long line on naked men waited. One of these men also got up onto the table and positioned himself behind my wife. I watched as he aimed his cock at Lisa's ass.

    Lisa turned around to look at this new man. To my surprise, she did not protest, but instead said aloud "Oh, yeah, put it in there! I want both of you inside me!"

    Lisa grimaced as the new guy pushed his way into her virgin butt. In the past, I had pestered her to try anal sex, but she had always refused. Now, she was letting her a perfect stranger into her backdoor while banging away on another guy.

    "Ugh!" she cried. "Please be gentle, this is my first time!"

    But the guy plugging her rear either didn't understand or didn't care, because he wasn't letting up. She grunted loudly and screwed up her eyes tightly as he buried his rod inch by inch. Soon, the two men got into rhythm, and began to thrust in and out of her in unison. She moaned her approval enthusiastically and theatrically.

    "Lisa! What the fu...", was all I could blurt out. I was lost for words.

    Lisa turned toward me, but continued to fuck away.

    "Oh...ugh...hi...unh...honey," her words interrupted by the grunts that accompanied each thrust. "Just... ah... getting... oh... some... ugh... local... ooh... culture! I... mpf... feel... ah... so... ugh... full."

    This incredibly wonton display by my usually demure wife dumbfounded me. She was screwing two total strangers - taking one up the ass! - and calmly telling me how much she was enjoying it while I looked on. Nothing she had ever said or done had prepared me for what I was witnessing; anger and confusion raced through my mind.

    Just then, I felt a tap on my shoulder. The petite woman in red was standing next to me, accompanied by another man.

    "Pardon moi, monsieur," said the man. "My wife wants to, how do you say, kiss you down there."

    He pointed towards my groin. I nodded absent-mindedly and said "I know." I turned back to the show in the centre of the room.

    They must have taken this as a positive sign, because his wife was quickly on her knees again, unzipping my trousers. I was beyond caring what was happening in this crazy place.

    And so there I was, watching the double penetration of my wife while I was getting sucked off by some hot French chick. It was like a surreal dream, or nightmare, but I would never have imaged that I would also be so incredibly turned-on by Lisa's little performance.

    Soon, sounds of Lisa's exuberant moaning started to echo in my ears. My head began to swim and my vision contracted to a small point. I let out a scream and dumped my load into the mouth before me. I held tightly onto the girl's head as I hosed wave after wave of sperm into her throat, which she had no choice but to swallow. I loosened my grip on her head, and she let my now softening cock pop out of her mouth.

    As I recovered from my mind-blowing orgasm, I could see the other two men releasing their payloads into my wife's unprotected womb and ass. Lisa was shuddering with her own intense climax as the two men planted their cocks in as far as they could go.

    The thought of Lisa being injected with all that cum actually made me hard again, a fact that was not lost on my little French wench. She was kneeling on a chair, her skirt pulled up around her waist revealing a red garter belt holding up her stockings, but no panties. But I was so much in a daze that her husband had to push me towards her pert, round butt waving invitingly in the air. Her sopping wet pussy enveloped my shaft with a squelching sound. Mechanically, I pumped in and out, but my real attention was still focused on Lisa.

    Lisa was now on her hands and knees, entertaining two new guys. One was ramming her doggy style while the other was sliding his cock into her willing mouth. The line of naked men stretched even longer now, and one of those in line lost patience and rushed up to fondle Lisa's boobs as they bounced back and forth underneath her. She reciprocated by reaching out with one hand and jerking him off.

    Suddenly, the man she was sucking came, squirting half in her mouth and spraying the rest onto her face. Just a few seconds later, the dick in her hand started to rain thick globs onto her hair. Lisa squealed with delight as her whole head was coated with love gravy. As she was savouring her sperm shower, the other guy in her pussy came long and hard. As soon as he pulled his dripping cock out of Lisa's hole, another man rushed up to take his place.

    Lisa turned her head and said "I want you to take me up the ass, mister." She reached back and guided his missile to its new target. "Oh yeah, babeeee! That feels so dirty!"

    It wasn't long before yet another man in line plugged her mouth with his manhood. If I thought Lisa was acting slutty before, she was a complete whore now. Here was my darling wife getting a backdoor pounding while another hard-on slid in and out of her cream covered face. The muffled (but still loud) moans she made left no doubt that she was really enjoying it.

    The sight of Lisa's debauchery freaked me out, turned me on and angered me about equal amounts. I was not aware of it, but I started to drill my French bunny harder and harder. I was soon slamming her so hard that she was screaming in pain.

    "Non, monsieur! Non!" she begged me to stop.

    But I was not could not stop. I didn't really hear her. All I could her was Lisa's throaty groans. All I could see was Lisa sucking and fucking with filthy abandon.

    "Take that, Lisa, you dirty bitch!" I thought to myself as I pounded pitilessly. "That will teach you to be a gangbanging whore! Such a sexy, beautiful whore!"

    And it was at that point, my mind consumed with jealousy, rage and a strange pride, that I climaxed again. My body was wracked with small convulsions as I squirted out tons of jism. I slowly regained to my senses and I became aware of who I had been riding. The poor woman was in a bad way, such was the force of my fucking. She literally collapsed forward onto the chair to catch her breath, looking up at me with a mixture of awe and fear.

    Meanwhile, Lisa had swallowed another shot of man's milk and was calling out for more with her cum stained mouth. The next few guys in line didn't exactly need encouragement, and she was soon surrounded. Hands, mouths, dicks were set in a constant blur of motion. In amongst it I heard Lisa's lustful purrs. I sat down...this was going to be a long, long night.

    For the next few hours, the men in line took their turn with Lisa. Some of them used her cunt, some her butt, though her beautiful mouth was ever popular, as were her soft hands; a few even managed to fuck her tits. And she was taking two, three, four, sometimes five at a time. Those that did not find a spare hole to fill just jerked themselves off and sprayed their spooge on any square inch of her skin that was not already covered with cum.

    At times, there were so many guys on top of or around Lisa that all I could make out was a quivering tangle of moving arms and legs. I saw my wife bent and twisted like a pretzel, saw her assume every position imaginable. I saw her ravished on the tables, the chairs, the bar and the floor. And all the while, she begged and pleaded for more. When they all had one go, some returned for seconds, using orifices they missed out on the first time around. And all I could do was watch in amazement, never having realized what Lisa was capable of.

    Eventually, in the small hours of the morning, the crowd thinned out. People got dressed. Some of the men actually came up and shook my hand! Those that spoke English were either thanking me, or congratulating me on having such a talented wife. "Umm, thanks," was all I could think of saying.

    Lisa was visibly tiring. There was almost no-one left and she took the opportunity to flop onto a soft sofa. But one short, fat guy couldn't take the hint and spread her knees with his plump hands. Like a veteran, Lisa resigned herself to one last customer and guided him in. Even in her tired state, she still kicked her feet excitedly in the air and moaned loudly as he completed his frenzied fuck.

    When he finished (which didn't take long), he rolled off and slinked out of the room, leaving just Lisa and my.

    "Had enough?" I asked sarcastically.

    "Yes, dear," she said casually, as if she was just a little puffed from a gym class. "Let's go back to the hotel."

    I grabbed her dress and handed it to her, but she refused it.

    "No. I don't need that. Tonight, I am a total slut, and a slut has no need for clothes," she said firmly.

    She got up and walked out of the door with nothing on but her black high heels and a generous layer of semen on her entire body. I quickly gathered the rest of her clothes and underwear and rushed out behind her.

    I caught up with her quickly because her steps were a bit unsteady, hardly surprising given the fuck fest she just endured. I grabbed her arm to steady her. I tried to get her to put at least her underwear on, but she would have none of it. She was determined to walk home as she was. Fortunately, the streets were nearly deserted.

    "Oh, honey, it was just so wonderful. I was so filled...so fulfilled! I came time after time, harder than I ever have."

    "But why, Lisa? Why did you do it?"

    "I don't know. When you left, people came in and just started having sex. And a handsome French man came in and just sort of seduced me with his eyes. I don't know what came over me. Once he started, I just couldn't help myself. I let go completely, and let myself be used by anyone who wanted to use me. I felt utterly free, like everything was out of my control. I hope you are not angry with me."

    "Well, I was angry," I said honestly, then I paused before continuing. "But I also thought you were very sexy."

    "You know, I felt very sexy. I could never have imagined that getting gangbanged would be so much fun. But I think I've got it out of my system now. I won't do it again."

    She didn't keep her promise too long. We passed a few people out for a late-night walk, and they rightly looked at the naked Lisa strangely. But I did see Lisa look a few of the men up and down. One tall man dressed in a suit stopped in front of us. He had a strong chin and just stared at her, ignoring me.

    Without a word, Lisa left my side and led him to a nearby dark alley. Foregoing any niceties or preliminaries, he started to nail her against the cold brick wall. She climaxed almost as soon as she was impaled. Lisa's screaming orgasms woke more than a few sleeping residents who shouted their disapproval. But the two of them did not stop until he added his sperm to the potent mix already swimming around in her womb.

    With as little ceremony as they had begun and certainly without so much a goodbye, he zipped himself up and promptly left.

    Lisa paused to recover for a few seconds, then we continued on home. "Sorry," she tried to explain. "I said that I was a slut for tonight, and the night's not over yet."

    By the time we reached the hotel, the cum on her face and hair was starting to dry. However, semen continued to run out of her pussy, streaming down her legs and into her shoes, so that she made wet, squishy noises as she took each step. We garnered several more curious stares, and she even indulged in two more anonymous street-side screws before our return.

    We entered the lobby and saw that the concierge was still there. He stared at my wife for a while and at last stammered "Mon dieu! What happened? Are you alright? Do I need to call the police?"

    "We took your advice and went to the nightclub district," I explained calmly as we walked past him. "Les Trois Amis."

    "But, but, sir! That is an echangiste club, umm, exchange of wife...how you say...a swingers club!" he called out as we entered the elevator.

    "Yeah, well, we all know that now, don't we?" I said.

    I think given half a chance, Lisa would have also taken the concierge, but the elevator doors closed with a dull thud. Lisa's big night out in Paris was at an end.

    ---------------------------------------------- (c) 2003, Ursa Major ([email protected]) Other stories available at www.asstr.org/~ursamajor Constructive comments or suggestions welcome. ----------------------------------------------
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