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. A Nice Guy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Throne, Oct 18, 2016.

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  1. Throne

    Throne Well-Known Member Author!

    A NICE GUY by Throne

    I think I'm a nice guy. My needs are simple. I like to get laid and it works better for me if the woman is hungry for what I can give her. I also found out a few years ago that if she's married and I let her husband know that I'm slamming her, it's fantastic. Some women get off on that, too. They're married to guys who they've already got pussy whipped and, frankly, they're thrilled to meet a stud like me who can make their lives better. Let me give you an example.

    There's this guy I work with. I'm his boss in our department and from the day he started with us I could see that he was a wuss. Then he put a photo of his wife on his desk. Every time I went into his cubical I would take a good look at it, appreciating her big tits and wide hips. I enjoyed imagining how full and round her ass must be and how good it would feel to drill it.

    So what I started doing was, every time this guy, whose name is Tim, would screw up, I would correct him loudly enough for other people to hear. I never did anything that could get me into trouble with Human Resources, but got close enough to that for him to be embarrassed . The other guys lost respect for him and the women, well, they began to look down on him and he just took it. I mean, I can understand him being intimidated by me. I'm a big guy and I work out and I sometimes have to write up people, which can cost them promotions and leave them with a bad record. But he took the sneers and occasional comments from the women and didn't even try to defend himself.

    After I was certain that this chump was a good target for me, especially with such a hot wife, I made sure he was coming to a special office party we were having. The occasion was to give out some stupid awards and I had a big hand in determining who got them. I told Tim, or Timmy as I had started calling him, that he was getting one, and that he had to be there, and that he was expected to bring his wife.

    I acted like I already knew her name but couldn't remember it, saying, "It'll be nice to finally meet... err..."

    He helpfully filled in with, "Susie. My wife's name is Susie."

    In my mind I said, 'Soon it'll be Susie Slut, if I have my way'.

    The night of the event he showed up looking awkward in this plaid sport coat and skinny tie. I had on a nice three-piece number and had just gotten my hair cut. Short slender Timmy saw me coming toward him and I think he actually cringed. He introduced me to Susie, who looked all pure and straight-laced in a little white dress, but those curves of her were calling to my hands to grab hold. I really hoped I could take her away from her nerd husband. Turned out she showed an immediate interest in me. I complimented her hair, which was long and reddish blond, because that's a safe way to say something nice without risking going too far. She gave me a big smile and even a hint of a blush. So far so good.

    The next thing was that, despite what I had said, there was no award for Timmy. After all the recipients got theirs, he came up to me looking upset. I told him that what I had said was that I had put his name in for one, but he just didn't qualify. His wife threw him a dark look, which I took as another good sign. She wasn't rushing to console him or anything. Then some dance music started playing and I offered her my arm. She accepted instantly and we moved around to some mid-tempo song, not touching. Then a slow number came on and, instead of rushing back to her husband, she opened her arms to me. We danced close and soon she was pressing her big tits against my chest.

    By the end of the evening Susie and I had talked and laughed and I'd made sure to mention several times how Timmy tended to mess up but that I tried to help him. She was friendly and even sent him to fetch drinks for the two of us at one point. And started calling him Timmy. I considered those to be good signs. If he wasn't fully pussy whipped, at least she had started the process. Then I got some even better news. Before they left, Timmy came to me and said, not looking happy about it, that they'd like to have me over for dinner Wednesday, if that was okay with me. I said that it would be fine and assumed that it was less 'they' than SHE who wanted me to visit.

    I got there right on time, carrying a nice bottle of red and one of white as gifts. Told them I wasn't sure what they were serving and that was why I got both. Susie was excited and made Timmy put them into the fridge. We had a pleasant meal, chatting about this and that. I made a point to bring up cars and sports, two topics I knew he was very weak on, to make him appear less manly. His wife even laughed at a mild joke I made at his expense.

    After dinner we went to their den. That was when Susie suddenly decided that there should be whiskey for after dinner. I figured something was going on, so I agreed that she had a good idea. When she asked Timmy he said that they didn't have any. She decided he could go to the liquor store and buy some, even telling him not to get anything cheap. Before he left she added that she would like to have her favorite sesame sticks, and insisted that he had to get them at a store that was fairly far away. He was unhappy about all that but went without a peep of protest.

    She sat back down, letting the hem of her dress ride up and show off more of her plumpish thighs. I sat near her. Closer than I had been before. I said something about Timmy seeming upset and asked if everything was all right with him.

    Susie wanted to know, "Can I be honest with you?"

    I told her, "Sure. Think of me as your friend."

    She confessed, "Tim... Timmy is all right. It's just that he's kind of... dull." She hesitated and then went on, "You see, back in school, because I was kind of fat, I didn't have a boyfriend. I fell into the habit of... uh... well, my nickname was Suck Off Susie." She locked eyes with me and said, "I gave really great blowjobs to get guys' attention."

    Her eyes were asking me what I thought about that, so I reached out and set my had lightly on her thigh, feeling the warmth of her skin through the thin fabric of her dress, "I think that's fine. Wish I had been one of those lucky fellows."

    "You know," she pointed out, "Timmy is going to be about a half hour getting that stuff." She smiled conspiratorially. "And I really miss being with men who are... forceful." Her hand settled atop mine and pressed down slightly. "So, if you'd like to find out what you missed, that'd be terrific as far as I'm concerned."

    I slid my hand out from under hers, sent it up under her dress, and stroked the front of her panties with three fingers. She gasped and grabbed her heavy boobs from underneath. My free hand went to the end of one of them and rubbed the nipple through her dress and bra. She purred happily and reached for my crotch. With expert motions she undid my belt, opened the top of my pants, and lowered my fly. Then she asked me, speaking softly and seductively, to lift up a little, which allowed her to pull down my pants and, I guess from having lots of past practice, my shorts as well.

    She got a look at my cock, which is on the large side, and grinned, telling me, "That looks nice. It looks delicious."

    Her fingers went around it to stroke lightly, starting to stiffen it up. I sighed and let my head fall back as she pumped me the rest of the way to a full erection. Then she lowered her head, pushing back that lovely red-blond hair with one hand -- to give me a better view, I assumed -- and capped the head of my tool with her mouth, sucking slowly while rubbing her tongue across the underside. She was good and, as she began to take in the entire length, got better. Susie could also have been called The Deep Throat Queen. She effortlessly took my long thick cock until her chin was against my balls, held that position for long seconds, and then drew back slowly. A few repetitions and I was one happy stud.

    She demonstrated several more tricks, including what she called The Lollipop, The Nibble, and just plain lapping my scrotum. It went on for a good quarter of an hour before she said apologetically that she was going to finish me because her 'loser' husband' was probably on his way home. I ran my fingers over the back of her head, loving the feel of that silky hair, to let her know I was ready. She sucked the knob like she was mad at it, simultaneously pumping the shaft. I came in buckets and she took it all without even trying hard. It was BJ perfection. Susie even helped me get my trousers up and closed. I gave her thigh a firm squeeze and told her she was incredible. After I said I liked how slutty she had been, she licked her lips and said there was more where that came from.

    When Timmy got back he was carrying a really fine bottle of bourbon. And Susie's 'important' sesame sticks. She had him make seven-and-sevens for me and herself, telling her husband he could have one too, if he wanted. Timmy came back with three drinks and we took ours. He got his and, before he could try it, Susie raised her glass.

    "To new friendships," she said merrily. "May they last a long time."

    As we drank I watched her mouth, thinking about how my hard cock had just been inside it. I wondered if Timmy had any clue about what had gone on while he was out. Not that I really cared. At the same time, I didn't want this to be a one time deal for Susie and me. Before I said goodnight I had a solution.

    The next week I told Timmy that he was getting a raise. Then I told him it was to go along with his new assignment, which was to visit out-of-town offices of the company and see how they were doing. It would only be a few days a week. What I didn't mention was that it would give me plenty of time with Susie. He accepted with obvious mixed feelings. Maybe he had suspicions. That would be fine with me. Like I said in the beginning, I have a good time letting husbands know that I'm screwing their brides and tormenting them about it. Timmy was going to be a lot of fun to mess with as the months went on.

    Since then I've convinced Susie to cut him off without any sex. And to tell him that she might reconsider if he used his mouth on her pussy, which he had never done before because he found it 'disgusting'. He caved in on that one and then I told her to play with his prick, make comments about how it was sort of small, and then not finish him. Oh, and she flaunted her sexy figure around the house, wearing hot lingerie, some of which I had bought her. That last part, about teasing him sexually with nighties and such that were secret gifts from me, really got her wildly aroused. That was a bonus for me when I came to visit and we fucked like a couple of wild animals.

    Next step will be for me to let him know that I'm jamming his wife. I hope he gets all twisted up about it, and that I have a chance to smack him around and put him in his place. Susie and I are looking forward to that. I expect to treat him like the chump he is and remind him every day he's at the office how much I love using Susie in every room of their home. I can see him sitting at the dinner table, trying to enjoy a meal, while he knows that I've had her on that same table. And I'll let him know how much of a tramp she acts like for me, while he's not getting any pussy except with his tongue.

    She even looked into some of the stuff that people write about and post pictures of on-line. She says she wants to get one of those chastity devices, a tight cage for his dick that would make it impossible for him to get hard and get off, and that she intends to threaten divorce unless he lets her put it on him. She doesn't even want me to pressure him when the time comes. Susie likes the idea of breaking him down to the point where he'll accept something like that. And then she will give me the key, so that I'll have the decision making power over whether he gets unlocked and maybe allowed to beat off once in a while. In her opinion, he can stay in that uncomfortable prick prison, with his balls blue and aching, while she tantalizes him with her voluptuous body, and I'm the one who's stuffing her slot and making her scream with pleasure three or four times a week. Or more.

    Sounds great to me. Like I said, I'm a nice guy. Susie is going to be happy all the time. She and I will be getting what we want. And Timmy boy is going to be getting what he deserves for being such a weenie. He's going to hate it and won't be able to do anything to make it stop. So maybe I'm not completely nice, but that's just the way it works.

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