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. A New Type of Club

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by sharonsmif, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. sharonsmif

    sharonsmif Well-Known Member Author!


    Hi. My name is Amanda, although the name tag I wear at work says it's "Kelly." Given the type of guys we meet there, we'd just as soon they don't know our real names, which I'm sure you'll understand when I tell you that I work at a topless franchise whose name begins with an "H," and which rhymes with "cooter." So, I'm sure you can see why all us girls who work there use made-up names.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you about a new job I was offered a couple weeks ago, and since it pays a hell of a lot more than where I work now, I think I'll probably accept it. Of course, the fact that it's a lot more exciting than carrying trays to tables full of half-drunk guys who like nothing better than feeling me up while I'm leaning over to give them their drinks. Not only that, but I'm fucking fed up with the cheapskates who add a $1.00 tip to a $50.00 tab. Believe it or not, most of us get nothing but minimum wage for what we do, because the boss expects us to get lots and lots of huge tips, which doesn't happen all that much.

    When I first met the person who will probably be my new boss, I was at the tail end of my shift, and my feet were killing me. Not only that, by there's something else that men reading this probably never, ever thought about. You see, the company I work for goes out of its way to hire girls who have big, if not HUGE boobs. Since we have to work topless, that means our tits spend most of the time swinging back and forth as we walk, as well as trying to pull us over forward because of all that unrestrained weight we have out front, if you know what I mean.

    I guess I don't have to tell you that seeing a woman sitting by herself in a place like that is really rare, but that's exactly what she was doing. Since she was sitting in the part of the place that was my responsibility, I took her drink order, then brought it to her table. I have to confess that I'd never in my whole life had another woman look at my chest like that one did, and even though it felt kind of strange at first, it brought back memories of the years I spent getting my college degree. You see, I lived in a big, old house that had been converted to five apartments, and all of the other roomers were girls like me, which led to some interesting times, to say the least.

    Now, I've never thought of myself as a lesbian, but on those occasions when I'd had too much to drink the night before, and woke up naked beside another naked girl, with the taste of her pussy still on my lips, I never felt in the least like I'd done something dirty or disgusting. I guess it was just a case of my hormones going out of control, and the only relief I could find was in the shape of another person of my own gender. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've been around the block, and I know what it's like to swing both ways, and that's why it didn't make me all that uncomfortable when the woman in the club just couldn't take her eyes off my tits.

    Okay, 'nuff said on that score. Now back to the story.

    When I sat her drink on the table, the gal's hand brushed mine, and boy, I could feel a spark that was just like sticking my finger in a light socket. Not that I'd ever done that, of course, but I guess you know what I mean. There was definitely a strong connection between the two of us, and I guess that's why when she said something to me, I took the time to listen.

    What she said was this. "Kelly, I have a job for a girl like you, and I can guarantee you'll earn several times more than what you're paid here. I know you're at the end of your shift, and if you're interested you'll find me parked in your lot out there. I'll be sitting in the back seat of a silver Rolls-Royce, and if you'll get in beside me I'll tell you all about the job."

    I don't know that I even answered her, because to tell the truth I thought the whole thing was probably some sort of scam, and maybe I'd be kidnapped and sold to white slavers in Saudi Arabia if I actually got in her car. I mean, all us girls who work in that place were constantly getting offers of lots of money if we'd have sex with the customers, and that's why the place had two bouncers. I'd had to signal them several times in the past, but when the woman made that offer to me, it seemed so casual and not at all sexual, if you get my drift, that it never occurred to me to call for help from one of the bouncers.

    Anyway, after I served a few of the other tables, I happened to glance over where she'd been sitting, and I saw she was gone. That thing that caught my eye, though, was that I could see what was definitely money, and I knew she'd left it as a tip for me, and that if I wanted it, I'd better get there first. So, I made a bee-line for the table, and sure enough there was a one-dollar bill under the beer bottle, which just about made me try to find the cheapskate and give her a piece of my mind.

    Imagine my surprise when I put the bottle on my tray and picked up the bill, only to see that right under it was a $100.00 bill! My god, that was easily the biggest tip I'd ever had, and when I thought of taking it home and showing it to my husband, I knew he'd be just as pleased as I was about it, because that would help pay some of the rent on the dump where we lived.

    I guess it was the size of the tip that swayed me, because when I left the club after my shift ended, I walked over to the parking lot beside the building. It didn't take long to see the silver Rolls parked toward the back of the lot, so I started walking toward it. Well, imagine how I felt when a huge black guy wearing a chauffeur's uniform hopped out of the front of the car and ran around to the rear door that was closest to me.

    As he pulled the door open, he gave me a short bow as he said, "Thank you so much for coming, Miss. My Mistress is awaiting you inside. Please allow me to assist you."

    He held out one of his hands and all unthinking I took it in mine. It was just like a great big bolt of lightning sparked between us when his big hand completely covered mine inside his, and I felt a surge of lust as a really-old fantasy ran through my brain.

    Anyway, I guess he didn't feel the same jolt from me, and all he did was sort of escort me while I got in beside the woman who'd left the humongous tip. When I was seated beside her, I tried to thank her for giving me all that money, but she just brushed it off as nothing of consequence, and instead just got right down to brass tacks, so to speak.

    When she said, "I know Kelly isn't your actual name, Amanda, and I just want to tell you how happy I am that you are at least interested enough to listen to my offer. First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Candace ______, and my husband and I have been looking for a girl with your qualifications to play a part in a new type of club we will be opening soon. The job you would have there if you accept our offer will be somewhat similar to what you're now doing, except it will involve services that would be much more personal."

    Well, that raised a red flag for me, because I instantly thought of being chained to a bed in a whorehouse, servicing a constant stream of horny men. Because I'm a straight-to-the-point type of gal, I just straight-out asked her, "Do you mean I'll be a prostitute?"

    She just chuckled at the directness of my question, then answered it in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. "Actually, Amanda, sex will be involved, as it is in most situations in this old world. However, you will in no way be a prostitute. You will do only those things you choose to do, and you'll never be coerced in any way, shape, or form."

    She then went on to say, "Before I describe your new role at our club, I must ask that you give me your word that you'll never, ever reveal what I'm about to say to anyone other than your husband, Ken, and even then that you'll not tell him about this conversation unless you first commit yourself to us. Can you give me your word on that?"

    Well, to tell the truth, I was getting pretty confused by the whole thing, but I also knew that my curiosity would absolutely kill me if I didn't find out what her offer of a job was all about. Too, I couldn't see that any harm would be done if I gave her my word about keeping mum about the deal, so I nodded my head, then said, "I'll never tell anyone but Ken about anything you've said."

    The second I used his name, I remembered that she'd used it, too, just a few seconds ago. That kind of confused me, because I knew for darn sure I'd never seen her in my life, and I just couldn't imagine that he would have ever met her. It was pretty evident that she was filthy rich if she could afford to tip me $100, not to mention that she had a million-dollar car and a chauffeur.

    Anyway, my curiosity got the best of me, and I said, "You used my husband's name just now, and you also knew my name wasn't 'Kelly,' like it says on my tag in the club. How come you know about us?"

    She chuckled again, then said, "Amanda, we've had our eye on the two of you for a long time, and when we decided we wanted both of you to work for us in our club, we had a background check done on you guys. That's how I knew your names, and not only that, I also know what you did with the other girls when you were living in that house when you were going to college. The same thing holds true for Ken, too, because we found some of his fraternity brothers who told our private investigator that he was well-known for giving good head. So, there's no doubt that both of you are just right for the jobs you'll have with us."

    I don't know how long it took for me to breathe after she told me she knew not only my secret, but that she also knew my husband was bi just like me, and I'd never, ever guessed that about him. After I came back to reality, I blurted out, "Who told you about me?! I can't imagine any of those girls would ever admit to doing the stuff we did back then. And I really, really had no idea Ken liked other men in that way. I'm sure he hasn't done stuff like that . . . since we got married, anyway."

    Her reply was short and sweet.

    "Sweetie, just think back to all the 'fishing trips' he takes with his buddies. Just like you use his time away from home to have one of your girlfriends spend a few nights with you, he does the same thing with his friends. Haven't you ever wondered why he has that huge sleeping bag that sleeps two? I'm sure that if you ever turned it inside out, you'd find it's stiff with dried cum, just like the sheets on your bed would be stiff with dried pussy juice if you didn't wash them before he gets home."

    About all I could do after she said she knew all our secrets was lean back against the seat and close my eyes as I tried to deal with everything she'd told me. It was when I was still trying to make my brain work again that I heard her say, "Now, are you ready for me to tell you about the jobs we have for you and Ken? Perhaps if you know exactly what you'll be required to do, and how much we'll be paying you, it'll make you feel better about coming to work for us. After all, you're doing essentially the same thing working at H____ers, and I can guarantee we'll pay you far more, and your tips will be many times greater, so why would anybody turn down a job like that. Hmmm?"

    From somewhere I found the strength to nod my head, hoping she'd know that meant I wanted to hear about the job she was offering me, and from the sound of it, also my husband.

    "Okay, Amanda, here's the deal. I've already told you my husband and I have been planning to open what we call a 'club,' although it will be very, very private in nature, unlike this place," she said as she pointed to the building where we'd met less than an hour ago. "We will be meeting the needs of some very-special people, of both sexes, in case you were wondering. Those needs could well be termed 'perverted' by people who have no tolerance for those of us who don't follow the mainstream paths others do, but as far as my husband and I are concerned, we think our special needs are just as valid as those of the 'normal' people."

    She then paused for several seconds, almost as if she was afraid to tell me what would take place at their club, and just when I thought maybe she'd be unable to continue, she spoke in a much-softer voice.

    "The types of people we'll be catering to have special needs, as I've told you, and I guess the best description of what those needs actually are could be summed up like this: They find it literally impossible to enjoy sex, or even to have it in most cases, unless they are doing painful things to other men and women. By that I mean that they have a strong need to punish submissive people, and then to have rough sex with them. And when I say 'they,' I mean the women also share that need, and they also need to punish other women, as well as men."

    Again she paused to inhale a huge breath before she could continue, and then she completed her description of what Ken and I would be doing if we accepted employment with Candace and her husband.

    "In case I need to make it any clearer what you and Ken will do if you come to work for us, I guess I can only say that the two of you will be required to do very little except suffer while you're being treated as nothing but things, rather than real people. In your husband's case, the men and women will do everything they want to him, and all he'll be able to do is just lie there, or hang there in some cases, and experience what it's like to be completely in the power of a group of sadists.

    "You will find yourself in pretty much the same situation, in that you'll be rendered incapable of resistance, and then the women, as well as the men, will do things to you that I know you had done to you in the apartment house where you lived with the other girls. You see, as part of the background check we did, I interviewed three of them who were willing to tell me everything about you as long as I paid them enough money. They were the ones who described how much you were turned on when they used their whips, their clamps, and their pumps on your tender parts, and how they would attach huge weights to those same parts and make you run up and down the stairs while they laughed at you. Even more than that, they described how desperate you became to give them the best oral sex they'd ever had, and how loud you screamed when they finally allowed you to cum.

    "In Ken's case, our investigator interviewed about half a dozen of the former fraternity members who lived there at the same time as he did. When they described the various 'toys' they had in the basement, and how they were used to punish Ken, and how much he loved having those things done to him, there was no question he was perfect for our club, just as I know you'll be, too."

    Again she had to pause to catch her breath, but at last she added an important part.

    "Now, I'm sure you're wondering about the salary you'll receive for your part in giving so much pleasure to our clients. The total amount you can earn will be up to you, and to Ken, because we will pay you based on the number of sessions you want to do in a week or a month. We will pay you $5,000.00 each time you meet with a group of women or men, and give yourself to them. Then, in addition to that base money, those who punish you and Ken will give you tips, and based on the fact that they are all wealthy people, I think you can count on receiving another $5,000.00 from each of them. Since we'll limit the size of the groups to four, that means you'll each earn $25,000.00 every time you come to the club.

    "Would an amount like that interest you enough that you'd at least go through one session just to see what it would be like? If you decide that you can't endure the pain you'll be given, you may resign at any time with our blessings. Then you'll be free to return to your job here at this place, and Ken can go back to the department store where he works the night shift. However, if you do decide to come back again and again, I can guarantee that you'll earn money far beyond your wildest dreams.

    "Have I told you enough to convince you to come work for us?"

    By then I had recovered my senses enough to say, "For that kind of money, you can count on me to be there for two sessions each week. That would let me earn more than two and a half million dollars every year, and if Ken could work that much, too, we'd have more money than we ever dreamed of. I think I can convince him to at least give it a try, and if what you've told me about his time in the frat house is true, then I'm betting he'll be able to earn just as much as I'm going to."

    And as soon as I uttered those last two words, I knew I'd already made up my mind.

    Chapter 2

    As soon as I committed myself to working for Candace, she put her arms around me and gave me the most-exciting kiss I'd ever had. As soon as our lips met she ground hers against mine and then forced my lips apart with her tongue as it invaded my mouth. After she'd French-kissed me for a long time, she pulled back far enough to whisper, "Stick out your tongue, Amanda. Push it into my mouth as far as you can."

    It never occurred to me to disobey her, and as we kissed again, I gave her the type of tonguing I'd been taught to do by the other girls in the apartment house all those years ago. The difference was that instead of us swapping spit as those girls did, she closed her teeth on my tongue and bit it so hard that I could taste blood in my mouth.

    She continued to bite my tongue until I started crying, and then she released it and pulled away from me again. She leaned forward, then while licking one of my ears she whispered, "I think you'll do for our purposes, my love. You'll spend the night with us, and if you please us, you're hired. Of course, that depends upon your ability to convince your husband to also sign on. You'd be surprised how many dominant men love to fuck women while their husbands are watching, and given how submissive Ken seems to be, I'm sure he'll soon come to love watching you being fucked by other men."

    She then pushed a button on the panel that divided the driver's compartment from the rear of the car, and when the deep voice of the chauffeur asked, "Yes, Mistress?" she said, "Take us home, Charles. Amanda has given herself to me, and it's time for her to learn what sort of services will be required of her."

    She then released the button, but immediately pressed it again as I heard the engine come to life. When the man's voice addressed her as before, she asked, "Would you care to fuck our guest tonight, Charles? I'm sure she's been dreaming of being raped by a huge, black cock most of her life, and she'd undoubtedly welcome the chance to have it happen for real."

    His only answer was a deep chuckle, and the words, "Of course, Mistress. You know how much I love white pussy." If he said anything else, it was lost when she released the button.

    And then all I could do was sit there in silence while she held me close to her, and the car moved out so silently that it was almost like floating on air.

    Her home was several miles west of Denver, and was situated on a hilltop that overlooked the bright lights of that city. I had very little time to actually gaze at the beautiful sight, though, because both Candace and Charles took my arms and almost carried me through the door separating the home from the garage.

    Once inside they guided me to a large door in a nearby wall, and when a button beside it was pressed, it slid away to reveal an elevator car. The three of us stepped into it, another button was pressed, and seconds later we walked into a huge room whose walls were almost entirely glass, and which showcased the gleaming city to the east. There was a man sprawled in a large chair at the far end of the room, and as we approached him I could see that he was completely naked, and his penis was hugely erect.

    At that instant my attention was drawn from his organ by what sounded like a woman's scream of agony. My head turned in the direction the man was looking, and the source of the scream just about made me black out.

    He was watching either a movie or a videotape of a naked girl who was my approximate age, and as the scene became clearer to my addled brain, I could see that she was hanging suspended by two ropes that had been wrapped around her breasts. There were four people standing around the suspended girl, and I immediately recognized Candace as being one of them. Since one of the men was definitely the guy sitting naked in the chair beside me, I thought he was probably the husband she'd spoken of.

    Given the erections both of the men in the tape were sporting, as well as the glistening inner thighs of the two women, there was no doubt they were enjoying immensely what was being done to the girl. And then the scene resolved even more, and I saw what was causing her to scream so loudly: Several skewers had been pushed through her stretched breasts, with some of them penetrating both of those parts of her lovely body. As I watched, the girl's torturers held candles to the ends of the skewers, and the renewed screaming that tore from her throat told me that she was feeling a level of pain that I'd never experienced, but had definitely fantasized about many times.

    As I stood there watching, I saw Candace leave the scene, and then return four vicious-looking whips that I knew were called "single tails," because they had just one thong. Judging by the way her own breasts were heaving, there was no question that Candace had been very-serious when she hinted that she loved to give pain to other women.

    She demonstrated that in spades in the movie when I saw her began to whip the suspended girl on every part of her body, but mostly on the two pierced tits that were stretched almost above her head.

    Again and again the whip found the tits, and the sound of the leather thong striking them took my breath away. I watched and watched my new lover and her husband torturing the girl, all the time knowing that my pussy was dripping far more than it ever had in my life.

    I felt hands touching my clothing, and before I knew it my blouse and bra had been taken from me and were piled on the floor. Then Charles dropped to his knees in front of my frozen body, and his hands took but moments to remove my shoes and socks, followed by my slacks and panties.

    As soon as I was just as naked as the girl in the movie, Charles forced my legs open, then ran the back of his hand between them and held his glistening hand up for the others to see. I heard his rumbling voice announce, "I think the bitch's ready for me now. Do you want me to fuck her?"

    The other man said through his constricted throat, "Don't fuck her, Charles. Rape her! Tear her cunt to pieces and make her scream like Melanie did last week when Candace and I destroyed her tits! Do it now!"

    Before I could even think about running, or even begging them to not do that to me, Charles had literally thrown me down on the floor. As Candace and her husband held my arms spread out to both sides, the black man stood beside me and slowly undressed as he looked down at me, with an expression of lust on his face that was far beyond anything I'd ever seen in my whole life.

    Even as slowly as he took off his clothes, it seemed like a split second before he was naked, and then he played with his stiffening cock as it grew and grew, and then grew some more. By the time it was hard, I was consumed with a lust as great as his, and when he said, "Spread your fucking legs, bitch! I'm gonna rape your white cunt until it's torn to pieces! Do it, you stupid bitch!" all I could do was mutely obey him.

    He was instantly on his knees between my spreading legs, then as he leaned forward to rest on his hands beside my body, he took his cock in one hand and began to rub the head against my sopping-wet cunt.

    From far, far away I heard her husband cry out, "No, not like that! Rape her! Bury it in her, Charles! Deep as you can! Make the bitch scream until she passes out!"

    And that's exactly what he did. With one huge thrust, his cock was far past the point where my husband ran out of dick, and then he withdrew it as I shuddered with my need for him. His second thrust went at least two inches deeper, and I felt the first jolt of pain deep inside my cunt. His third thrust was farther inside me than I had thought was possible, and it hurt so much that I began to scream.

    I heard Candace cry out, "Yes! Feel it, you worthless, useless whore! He's going to tear your cunt to pieces before we let him stop! We're going to make him fuck you until the head comes out your mouth and you choke on it! Scream, you piece of shit slut!"

    And I did. I screamed and screamed as he opened my cunt far beyond anything I'd ever dreamed was possible, and then I screamed some more as he penetrated me even farther.

    And then I climaxed, but that inadequate word can in no way describe what I felt at that moment of extreme pain coupled with extreme ecstasy. And then I don't remember what happened for what could have been hours, but was more likely only a minute or two.

    When I came back to reality, Candace was naked and was just then straddling my head and lowering herself to me. As I looked up at the most-beautiful pussy in the whole world, it came closer and closer to my mouth and my questing tongue, and then it was on my lips and I licked and sucked and then licked and sucked some more, until at last her thighs clamped my head between them, and I heard her sigh of pleasure that told me I'd given her the pleasure that was her by right.

    As she was lifting herself off my face, I sensed movement to one side of my body, and when I looked I saw that her husband was lying on his back there, and Charles was bent over his crotch. His cock was inside the black man's mouth, and the sounds he was making while he was being sucked told me he was very close to joining the rest of us by having his own climax.

    As his hips bucked upward to drive his cock deeper into Charles' mouth, his cry of, "Eat iiittttttt!" told me what he was doing.

    Charles kept swallowing the load of cum he'd been given, until at last he'd eaten the final drop. He gave the cock a final suck and lick, then stood when Candace said softly, "I think we're all spent for the night, Charles. Why don't you carry her to our bed and we'll let her sleep until it's time for you to take her home."

    He lifted my spent body from the floor just as easily as if I had been a newborn baby, then cradled me to his muscular body and carried me to another part of the room, where a huge bed stood waiting for us. The covers were already turned down, and when he gently placed me in the center of the bed, he climbed in beside me. As he took me in his arms and hugged me to him, he whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry I hurt you so much, Amanda."

    I barely had time to whisper, "I'm not. I've always wanted it like that." before I was lost in sleep.


    I was awakened from a deep sleep by someone shaking my shoulder, and as my eyes opened groggily, Candace said, "Mandy, your husband will be home from work in about an hour and a half, so you'd better get dressed so Charles can get you there before then. After all, we wouldn't want Ken to get worried and call the police, would we?"

    It was about then that I realized I'd been sleeping with my knees drawn up to my tummy, and just as I wondered why, a wave of pain started at my pussy and swept through my whole body. I cried out with the jolt of pain, but rather than feeling sorry for me, the only thing she said was, "Get used to it, my love. From now on you're going to have to learn to live with sore tits and a throbbing cunt. Believe me, some of the men who're going to be using your pain to get off are going to be lots rougher with you than Charles ever could be. Now get dressed and go home. You need to talk to Ken right away, because we're going to be needing both of you next weekend."

    She then gave my bare butt a big slap, and as she walked away laughing, I did my best to hurry to the bathroom and pee before my bladder exploded. Luckily I made it, and surprisingly enough, after I'd washed my face I felt almost normal, except for the throbbing deep inside my pussy. But, after Charles came into the bathroom to get me, and gave me a huge hug and kiss, I felt lots better.

    He brought my clothes to me, then helped me get dressed. When he could see that I was having trouble walking because of what he'd done to my pussy, he casually picked me up in his strong arms. In just a couple minutes more, we were on our way to the apartment where we lived, and I did my best to think of some way to approach my husband about the new jobs we'd been offered.

    As Charles drove, I thought and thought of some way to approach the subject, but nothing occurred to me as being workable. So, after we'd driven a few minutes, I asked him if he could think of some way to talk to Ken about the jobs, and explain to him what would be expected of the two of us.

    Charles chuckled deep in his throat, a sound I'd quickly grown to love, then said, "Mandy, the best way to get him interested is to approach it from the viewpoint of him being your cuckold. Given what I know of him, I think that just might be the best way to get him to agree to come work at the new club."

    Well, I didn't agree with that at all, so I said, "I don't think that'd ever work. I've never had any hint that he wants me to screw other men, and if I told him I want to do that, he'd probably walk out on me."

    He chuckled again, then shocked me when he told me how he knew Ken was very interested in being cuckolded.

    "Well, I found out something about him when I interviewed his supervisor at the store where he works. His boss told me he'd found Ken looking at pictures of men watching as their wives were fucked my other men, as well as reading stories about how exciting it was to be a cuckold. When he told your husband that he'd be fired if he didn't do something, Ken promised that he'd do anything if the guy would keep it quiet.

    "Then, when his supervisor promised to keep quiet in return for blowjobs, Ken took just a few seconds to think about it, then said he'd do it. After that, your husband went to the guy's office twice a day and sucked him off, and so he was able to keep his job. I guess you could say he got one kind of job because he gave another kind of job. Get it?"

    He then spent a long time laughing at his little joke, and then before I knew it he was parking at the curb in front of our apartment building. I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss, then got out of the car and almost ran up to our apartment so I could be undressed and in bed before my husband got home.

    And that's where I was when I heard the door unlocking, and then the sound of soft footsteps as Ken walked toward the bed. I pretended to be coming awake, then held out my arms to him, making sure he could see that I was completely naked.

    As it always has, the sight of my body immediately turned him on, and in less time than it takes to tell he had peeled off his clothes and got under the covers with me. We hugged and kissed for a little while, then when he tried to roll on top of me I said, "I can't do it that way, Honey. I'm really sore down there, so could you just eat me instead?"

    I could see a look of concern pass over his face as he said, "What's wrong, Mandy? What's making you sore down there?"

    I put a real evil grin on my face and said softly, "Well, did you ever think that maybe I had to fuck one of the customers last night, and his cock was a big as a horse's dick? That'd make me sore, wouldn't it?"

    I didn't need Charles to tell me that my husband was really interested in the subject of me being fucked by other men, because his eyes got all glassy and his mouth fell open as he tried to breathe. I did my best to keep from laughing as I saw my new lover's opinion had been proved in spades, and I didn't have any doubt at all that I'd really touched a hot spot with my husband.

    He stared and stared at me, almost as if he was trying to see some evidence on my face that I was just making up a story, but I guess he finally accepted what I'd said.

    "Did you . . ." he stuttered, "Did you really . . . you know . . . did you really do that?"

    By the time he got the last word out, I was almost laughing at how turned on he was by what I'd told him. I know for a fact that I'd never seen his dick as big and hard as it was right then, and given the way his chest was heaving as he breathed in and out, I was afraid he was going to hyperventilate and pass out on me.

    Instead of answering his question, all I did was just lift the covers up and ask, "Why don't you get your face down there between my legs and find out for yourself, Honey? Surely you'd be able to tell the difference between my pussy juice and another man's cum, couldn't you? Go ahead and taste what's inside me, and see if you can recognize what it is."

    I had barely had time to say the last few words before he had thrown back the covers and got on his knees between my quickly spreading legs. As he gasped for breath and began lowering his head toward his target, I said, " Wait a minute, Honey. Wouldn't it be better if I sat on your face? I think that'd be better, because his cum would be able to run down into your mouth. Do you want me to do that for you?"

    The look on his face when I made that suggestion was almost enough to make me break out laughing, but somehow I was able to control myself as he answered with a single, quavering word.

    "Please!" was all he was able to say before he collapsed onto his back, and then in a flash I was straddling his head. I guess I was too slow to lower my pussy to his mouth, because both of his hands shot up, grabbed onto my waist, and pulled me down to where he needed me to sit.

    He'd been giving me head like that almost every time before we had sex, and lots of times afterwards, but the way he licked and sucked me right then couldn't be called anything other than "desperate." The only thing I could think of was that he was starving for the taste of another man's cum, and he did what was needed to get it out of me so he could swallow it.

    As for me, I just sat there loving the sensations of him frantically licking my pussy, then sucking with all his might to get every drop of what Charles had put in there just a few hours ago. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I began praising him for serving me like that, and doing his part to get my pussy clean, and every other thing I could think of to tell him I loved what he was doing and wanted him to do it again and again every time I fucked another man.

    It was when I told him that part that he seemed to become even more turned on, and all of a sudden I felt huge drops of something sticky splashing against my back. I didn't need anything else to tell me how turned on he was by what he was doing, and I just sat there quietly on his face as he continued to service me for a long time after he'd emptied his balls.

    When I could tell that he'd swallowed every drop of cum he could suck out of my pussy, I got off his face and collapsed on my tummy beside him. As he snuggled up against my side, I whispered, "You made a mess all over my back, Honey. Why don't you clean it up, and that way you can compare the taste of your cum to my lover's stuff. I hope you liked his better, 'cause I really, really want you to do that to me every time another man fucks me from now on."

    In a flash he was on his knees beside me, licking and swallowing as he worked his way down my back. When he at last reached my butt, he licked both cheeks clean, then stopped as if needing more instructions to tell him what to do. That was when I got my knees under me, reached back with both hands to spread my cheeks with my fingers, and said softly, "You missed some down there, Honey. Try to get all of it, please."

    Again I spread my legs for him, and as fast as he could he got on his knees between them. As I held my butt cheeks wide open for him, he began to frantically lick and swallow, stopping only when he couldn't find any more of his cum to take care of.

    I wasn't about to let him off that easy, and when he raised his head I told him, "Did I tell you to stop, Honey. Just keep licking me down there, because it feels really good and I think you can make me cum if you keep doing it."

    His tiny whimpers told me he was almost as turned on as he'd been when he was eating Charles' cum out of my pussy, and that opinion was confirmed when he began to lick me again. I kept telling him to lick farther down, and his tongue kept moving lower and lower down my crack. All of a sudden he touched home plate, so to speak, and the sensation of his tongue licking my puckered opening was so wonderful that I couldn't stop myself from reaching under my crotch and frigging my clit until I climaxed real big.

    After that I made him go clean his mouth because I wanted to kiss him, and off he ran to the bathroom. I could hear him running water and then gargling mouthwash, and then he was climbing back into bed with me. That was when I said, "Honey, we need to talk about something really important, so just let me tell you about it and don't interrupt me. Okay?"

    He just whispered a tiny, "Okay," and that's when I told him about the job offers.

    Chapter 3

    "A woman came into the club about an hour before my shift ended yesterday, and when I brought her drink to the table, she said she had a job to offer me that would pay several times what I'm getting from H________. She told me that if I was interested, she'd be sitting in a silver Rolls-Royce in the parking lot, and she'd tell me about it.

    "Well, I've had tons of propositions at the club, like I've told you lots of times, but I have to admit that this was the first time it'd been a woman making the offer. I really wasn't all that interested in talking about another job, because I was sure she was going to tell me she ran a whorehouse and wanted me to be one of her girls.

    "After she left I went over to get the empty bottle and I saw a dollar bill under it, and just when I was about to get mad because that was such a small tip, I found another bill under it. Guess what, Honey? The other one was a $100.00 bill! Isn't that great? That's the biggest tip anyone has ever left for me, and it made me feel lots better about her, which was probably the point of her leaving it, wasn't it?

    "Anyway, after I'd changed my clothes and left the club, I walked around behind to look in the parking lot, and sure enough, there was a silver Rolls parked clear against the back wall. I told myself that it couldn't hurt to see what kind of job she had for me, so I walked back there, and when I was close a huge black guy got out and opened the back door for me. I could see the woman sitting inside the thing, and I guess I was committed by that time, so I got in and sat down beside her.

    "She told me she and her husband are setting up a new type of club that's strictly for really rich people, and since they wanted to attract only the best employees, they were going to pay them lots more than the going rate around here. She then said that the people who would be their customers had sexual needs that were lots different than what the average person would think of as acceptable, and then she told me that one thing rich men love to do is fuck women while their husbands are watching. She told me the husbands would always be restrained, just so they'd feel helpless and would know they couldn't do anything to stop their wives from getting fucked by a stranger.

    "She got to the money part then, and when she told me that every time I came to a session at the club, I'd be paid $5,000. 00. Not only that, but since the customers had lots more money than they needed, I could expect to get another $5,000.00 in tips from each of them. Since there would always be two married couples at the sessions with me, that means I'd get at least $25,000.00 every time I let other men fuck me.

    "They also plan to have the couples do things to the husbands who had watched their wives being fucked, and if you'd agree to that, then you'd get paid the same as I would.

    "The catch is that you'd have to be there with me, Honey. You'd have to let them restrain you, and then you'd have to watch the men fucking me. She also told me that I'd be expected to have sex with the women, too, so you'd have to watch that happening. After that, if they wanted to do things to you, then you might not like that, but if you were restrained, then you couldn't stop them, could you?"

    I stopped talking then to give him time to think about everything I'd told him, and come to terms with what it meant to both of us.

    When he started breathing again, I asked my question.

    "Do you think you could ever want to watch me getting fucked by other men and having sex with other women? Even more than that, do you think you'd want to have them do things to you while you were tied up and you couldn't stop them?"

    Again he held his breath as his eyes got a faraway look in them, so I just lay there and waited for him to come back to me. It took nearly a full minute before his eyes focused on me again, and I asked my question once more.

    "Well, Honey, what's your answer? Do you want that sort of thing or not?"

    There was no hesitation at all that time, and he just blurted out, "I want it more than anything else in the whole world. I've always wanted that for us. I want you to know what it's like to make love to men who can do it better than me. I've always fantasized about you with . . . you know . . . with other . . . women, and I think it'd be the best thing I've ever seen." He took a few seconds to get to the other part of my question, but at last he answered it, too, but so softly that I had to strain to hear him.

    "I want them to tie me up and make me watch you with other men, and other women if you want that to happen, too. I want them to tie me so tightly it'll hurt, and to do . . . anything they want . . . to me. I've wanted that for a long time."

    He stopped speaking then and broke into tears, then surprised me by sobbing, "I'm so sorry, Mandy! I know I'm the worst pervert in the whole world, and I know you probably hate me now, but I just had to tell you the truth, because I can't live like this any more!"

    I hugged him as tightly as I possibly could, then tried to get him to quiet down by telling him I'd always loved him, and I loved him ten times more now than I ever had. I guess that got him settled down, because he stopped sobbing, and I just held him close and told him over and over how special I thought he was for wanting all those things for us.

    At last he started kissing my neck and I could feel his dick starting to get hard again, and I knew he was fantasizing about all those things I'd told him about actually coming true for us. I thought it'd be a good way to get things back on track if I asked him something that I'd been wondering about, but I wanted to lead up to my main question by using another approach.

    "Did you like eating my lover's cum more than your own, Honey? Did they both taste the same to you?"

    He hesitated again, but that time it took just a couple seconds for him to answer me.

    "I liked his better than mine. I think the reason it tasted so good was that it was mixed with your pussy juice. I've always loved going down on you, but when his cum was inside you it tasted a hundred times better than ever before." He stopped talking for a short time, then continued by asking, "Was the guy someone I know? I mean . . . it doesn't matter all that much . . . but I just wondered if it was."

    "Actually, Honey, it was the guy who was driving the Rolls. He's a really big black man, like I told you, and his cock is the biggest thing that's ever been in my pussy. God, I thought he was going to split me like a ripe melon when he pushed that thing inside me. He spread me so much that it hurt lots and lots, but I wanted it so bad that I just begged him to get everything inside me, and luckily there were two people there to hold me down while he fucked me."

    That started him whimpering again, and I didn't need to look at his eyes to know he was once again deep in fantasy.

    As I nuzzled his ear I whispered, "Does it get you all hot and bothered to think of a black man fucking your wife, Honey? Would you like to see his black monster forcing itself inside my pussy, and pushing it in me so deep that it hurts and people holding me down so I can't get away?"

    He was literally gasping for breath before I had even finished asking that question, and it took a long time before he could croak, "I love it. I've always wanted you to give yourself to a black man and let him make love to you. There's nothing hotter in the whole world than seeing him empty his huge balls inside you, and putting his baby in you. I want you to do that and never stop, and always make me watch you cumming every time he does that to you. I love you so much, and I'll love you more than anything in the whole world when he . . . when he . . ."

    He ran out of words right then, and when I could tell he wasn't able to finish what he was trying to say, I completed his sentence for him.

    "Are you saying you'll love me more than anything else when a black man gets me pregnant, and I have his baby and make you raise it? Is that what you want, Honey? Do you want me to have lots of black babies for you to take care of?"

    All he could do was gasp, "Yes! That's what I've always wanted for us! I want that more than I could ever say! Please do that for me!" He stopped then to draw in several ragged breaths before he could continue, but eventually added, "I don't care what they do to me, as long as I can watch him putting his black cock inside your pussy. I'd let them do anything they want if they'll only let me watch that. Please let me watch."

    I nuzzled his neck some more, then as I gripped his little dick in one hand and squeezed it as hard as I could, I whispered, "And will you suck his cum out of my pussy after it finds my eggs and puts his babies in me? Will you suck him off to get him ready to fuck me again and again, as much as he wants to? Will you do that for me, Honey? Please?"

    He nodded his head, and I had to say, "Say it, damn you! Tell me you'll do it!"

    "I will. I promise. I'll do anything you say, and anything he tells me to do. Just let me watch him get you pregnant, and let me raise all his babies. I've always wanted that. Please!"

    I waited for a few seconds to see if he'd add anything else, but when he didn't I asked something that I'd been thinking about ever since Candace had told me about what he used to do in the frat house when we were both college students.

    "Honey," I asked, "when we were at the college, one of the girls I roomed with told me that you had the reputation of sucking off the rest of the guys in your fraternity. I'm sure the only reason she said it was that she was jealous of me because she probably wanted to date you. So . . . is it true that you did that? Did you really and truly give blowjobs to the other guys?"

    It took so long for him to answer that I had just about decided he wasn't going to, but before I could ask again he said so softly that I could barely hear his words, "I did that. I sucked all of them, and I loved doing it."

    "And did they cum in your mouth, and you swallowed it? Is that what happened, Honey?"

    His single-word answer was barely audible, but I knew he'd said what I wanted to hear.


    "Well, I also was told that they would sometimes take you down to the basement of the frat house, and all sorts of weird stuff happened down there. Was that part true, too?"

    When he didn't answer me right away, I just told myself to be patient, because he'd undoubtedly buried that part of his past as deeply as possible, so I needed to let him come to terms with it all by himself. In the meantime, I continued to caress his dick, and every now and then pinch the tender spot under the head. Maybe that was what snapped him out of his blue funk, but whatever it was, after almost two minutes he started talking to me.

    "Yes, it was true. During my freshman year the older guys hazed all us newbies, just like all the other frats on campus. One part of the hazing was that they made us get down on our knees in a row, and then the upperclassmen lined up in front of us. They ordered us to take out their cocks and suck them, and most of the guys beside me refused to do it, but two of us did as they said.

    "After the other guy had sucked off two of the older guys, he got sick and said he couldn't do it any more, and he didn't care if they kicked him out of the frat. By that time I'd already sucked off three guys, and by the time the last one emptied himself in my mouth, I'd swallowed eight loads. I guess that's why they crowned me the "Official Cocksucker" for the fraternity, and it became my job to suck off anyone who needed a blow job, and I did that up until I graduated."

    I thanked him for being so honest with me, and told him how hot it made me to think of him on his knees, sucking all those cocks and swallowing their loads. I then asked him what that had to do with what went on in the basement, and again he seemed to be unable to answer me. But, as before, after a long time he started talking in a monotone, and I knew how difficult it was for him to reveal so much about his sex urges.

    "The second part of the initiation ceremony was to make us pledges get undressed, then let the older guys tie our hands behind our backs. After that they fondled our penises until we all got erections, and then they . . . they . . . did things to us to see who could stay hard the longest.

    "First, they used pieces of rope to whip us down there, and that eliminated three of the underclassmen right away, because their dicks got soft right away. For the next test they tied huge weights to our balls, then made us walk in a circle, as fast as we could. That gave us so much pain that by the time they let us stop walking, there were only three of us still hard.

    "The third test was the most difficult of all, because it involved a long needle being pushed all the way through the heads of our dicks, and the other two guys went soft before their needles were in about half an inch. I stayed hard even when the needle came out the other side of my dick head, and even when they put two more needles in me.

    "I thought that would mean that I'd won, and they'd stop torturing me, but they decided to subject me to one more test. They made me stand with my back against a post that supported the floor above us, and then three guys got down in front of me and lit candles. They teased me with them for a while, threatening to burn my dick off, and it made them laugh when all that did was make my dick start to drip pre-cum.

    "I guess they got tired of doing that to me, and they held their candles up to the ends of the needles, and in just about two seconds I could feel them getting hotter and hotter. They kept heating the needles until I could smell my dick head cooking, and when I was just about to pass out from the pain they must have stopped, because the next thing I knew I was on the floor with a blanket over me, and everyone else was gone.

    "And that's what they did to me until I graduated, and I soon came to love being the center of attention like that when they took me to the basement, and that's why I want to go with you to the club so the people there can do things to me."

    I was so speechless by then that all I could do was just hug him more tightly, and tell him over and over how proud of him I was, and how much more I loved him now than ever before, and how much I wanted to see all those things done to him just to see if he really could stay hard.

    After I ran out of words, we just lay there in silence for a long time, and given how hard he stayed, I'm sure both of us were thinking about the same things.

    Finally I thought to ask him a question that had occurred to me several minutes before, and so I did.

    "Honey, were any of the other guys black?"

    His tiny, "Yes," was all I needed to hear, and I asked my second question, which was, "Did you suck them off, too, and swallow their cum?"

    "There was just one black guy in the frat, and I sucked his cock more than all the other guys put together. After a while I started sleeping in his room, and he'd make me suck him two or three times each night. He never let me cum, and I guess he liked seeing me so horny I'd do anything he wanted, or believe anything he said.

    "I guess that was when he started talking to me about how much the white race owed him and other like him, and after I accepted that part, he started talking about something he called 'White Extinction.' He said it meant that to make up for the past, all white men had to present their wives to black men for impregnation, and then their husbands would have to raise the babies as their own.

    "It was when I was sucking him one night that he told me his parents wanted him to bring me home with him during his next visit, and since I didn't have any choice in the matter, that's what happened. When I first saw his mother I was struck by what a beautiful woman she was, and how much I loved her dark-brown skin. Then, when she eyed me up and down several times with a sneer on her face, I wanted to sink into the floor because I knew my friend had told her about what I was doing to please her son.

    Davon'tay introduced me to his mother first, telling me her name was "Chrystaline," but everybody called her Chrys for short. His father, who had the darkest skin I'd ever seen, was introduced as Gabriel, but rather than shaking the hand I extended, he crossed his arms and said, "So, you're the best cocksucker on the campus, eh? We made Davon'tay bring you home with him so you could prove it to us.

    "As soon as he'd said that he put his hands on my shoulders, and I literally collapsed onto my knees and just knelt there waiting for his orders. All he did was say, 'Take it out," and I unfastened his belt and his trousers and pulled them down to his ankles. I didn't need any further orders to pull down his undershorts, too, and then all I could do was just stare at the monstrous thing bobbing up and down in front of my face.

    "His next order was to, 'Suck it, white boy. Show your superiors what a good little cocksucker you are.' So that's what I did. It took lots longer to get him off than it did his son, but after a couple minutes I felt the head expand so much that I thought it was going to choke me. Then I heard a tiny groan that sounded exactly like Davon'tay's, and after that all I could do was suck and swallow over and over.

    "As soon as he was satisfied with what I'd done, he pulled away from me and his wife took his place. I guess I knew what she wanted me to do, because my hands opened her slacks and pulled them down before she said anything at all. Her panties went sliding down next, and then I buried my nose in her crotch and inhaled the most-delicious scent I'd ever known. After she'd let me do that for a few seconds, I heard her say, 'Now eat it, white boy. Find out what real pussy tastes like, you worthless faggot.'

    "So I did what she wanted, and after what seemed like forever she grabbed my head and smashed it against her crotch, and then she started cussing me for the worthless piece of white trash I was, and telling me how much she was going to enjoy castrating me like all white boys deserved, and how she was going to cut off my tiny pecker and make me cook and eat it, and lots of other stuff that just drove me crazy."

    He stopped talking then, which didn't surprise me because I was sure he'd run out of breath. Then, just as I was going to ask him another question, he added, "That night they had a party in my honor and three black couples came to meet me. I thought they would probably make me give all of them oral sex, which I really wanted to do, but instead they just made me take off all my clothes and then they tied a cord around my little dick and led me out to the yard behind their house.

    "There was a cross lying on the ground out there, with the end of the post right at the edge of a hole in the ground. I was sure they were going to nail me to the thing and then stand it up and watch me die, but all they did was use ropes to tie my wrists and ankles to the cross. They then lifted it up and dropped it into the hole and tamped dirt around it to hold it in place.

    "I could hear several suggestions being made about what should be done with the 'white queer,' with the one I heard the most involving piling wood around my feet and burning me at the stake. I guess they must have decided against that, because the four women started fondling my tiny erection until it was right on the verge of cumming. One of them wrapped a cord around the base of it, then tied it off so I couldn't cum, and I was pronounced ready for what they'd decided to do to me as punishment for all the sins the white race had committed against the black race.

    "That was when I saw some of the men handing out branches they'd cut from the willow tree along the fence, and everyone stripped the leaves from their branch. They stood in a circle around me, and then they started whipping me. Everyone would swing their branch at the closest part of my body, and then they'd take one step to their right, so their next target would be slightly different.

    "They whipped me and whipped me, until I was right on the edge of unconsciousness before they stopped. Davon'tay's mother then handed out two, very-long needles to everyone, and after taking two for herself, she called out, 'Okay, everybody, this worthless piece of white trash needs to learn its place, so let's show it how we treat our slaves.'

    "She went first, and as she pushed both her needles through the head of my little dick, she laughed and laughed at the way my body tried to escape what she was doing to me. Then everyone else got in line, and by the time the last needle was where they wanted it to be, my dick and my balls had eighteen needles pushed through them by the nine people in the yard. The pain that gave me was way beyond anything I'd ever felt in the basement of the frat house, and when I couldn't stand it anymore, I blacked out.

    "When I came to, Gabriel was carrying me into the house, and I loved the feeling of such close contact with him so much that I put my arms around his shoulders and rested my head against his muscular chest. Once we got inside, he set me down on the floor so I was standing facing their kitchen table, with my crotch pushed against one end.

    "They pulled my feet out to the sides as far as they would go, then tied my ankles to the table legs. As soon as they'd done that, my arms were pulled across the tabletop until I was lying flat on it, and my head was hanging off the other end. To hold me there, my wrists were tied to the other table legs and I was pronounced ready.

    The three of them walked up in front of me, and I watched as Davon'tay and his father undressed. Chrys then started spreading K-Y Jelly on the erections both guys had, and I knew it was time for me to experience something no one had ever done to me.

    "Davon'tay went first, since his cock was smaller than his dad's. I guess he'd told his parents that I was a virgin, and they wanted to make it as easy on me as possible. Even with that, the jolt of pain I felt when he forced the head of his cock inside me, then pushed the rest of it as deeply inside my ass as it could reach was far beyond anything I'd ever experienced. My back arched as far as possible as it tried to give me even a tiny bit of relief, but nothing I could do did any good, and I started crying as I was raped, until finally he emptied himself inside me.

    "He barely had time to pull out and step away before his dad took his place, and then I knew that what my friend had done to me was nothing compared to what his father's huge cock was doing. I tried to stop myself from screaming in pain, but I did anyway. They laughed and laughed as I writhed around, trying to escape the thing that was inside me as far as it could go, and then all of a sudden it was over. I never knew when he climaxed, but he obviously did or he'd never have pulled out, I guess.

    "After that they came up to the front of the table and made me clean their penises with my mouth, and then they told me it was time to take off the cord that had been on my dick for a long time by then. After they untied me, I looked down at it and I saw it was really dark purple, but I realized that it didn't hurt at all anymore. I guess the pain from being raped was covering what I had felt from the needles. Whatever it was, I was glad that part of my body didn't hurt as much as it did at first.

    "The three of them carried me to a huge shower in the bathroom, and all four of us got in it. As soon as the water was running, they untied the cord, then slowly pulled all the needles out of my dick and my balls. I'll never forget how beautiful it was to watch he blood arcing out from both sides of my dick, and then washing down the drain.

    "As soon as we'd all dried off, we got in their huge bed, and all I could think about was what they were going to do to me next. I guess they were all too worn out by then, because Chrys and Gabriel got in beside me, with Davon'tay behind her. She hugged me close to her and kissed me, and I loved that more than I can ever say. Since my mom passed away when I was only two years old, I don't have many memories of her doing that, so when Chrys did it, I just started crying.

    "She then turned over and lay on her back, and all I could look at were the beautiful breasts and huge nipples that were right in front of my face. I just about passed out all over again when she pulled my head toward her and guided my mouth to one of her nipples. I don't know if mom ever nursed me or not, but I guess what I did was probably from instinct, because I just started sucking as hard as I could, trying to make her nurse me.

    "Even though she didn't have any milk, it still made me feel really happy and sleepy as I sucked, and I guess I was about halfway asleep when she started talking to me really softly.

    "I'll never forget what she told me that night, and it's just about all I've thought of ever since. I don't have any doubt that's why I've always fantasized about you letting black men make love to you, and why I think so much about being tortured by black people."

    He stopped talking at that point, but my curiosity was aroused to the point that I wasn't about to let him fall asleep on me, so I said, "Tell me what she said, Honey. I want to hear every word of it, because it must have been something really important to make you the way you are now."

    He took a few deep breaths, and just when I was about to say something, he got back to the story about when he'd spent a weekend at his friend's home.

    "The first thing she said was, 'Kenny, I going to tell you something now that's very, very important to all black people, and will soon become just as important to you whites. There's a movement gaining strength all over the world, but expecially here in America, and it's called 'White Extinction.' What that name means is this: We believe white skin is an aberration, and is nothing but a reaction to the lack of sunlight. True people have black skin, and that color signifies the superiority of our race. As the inferior race, whites need to cease to exist.

    "We want to return the human race to where it was always meant to be, and in order to do that we must bring about the extinction of the white race. Our plan is to do that through forced breeding of all white women by black men, so their babies will have the correct color of skin. As part of the movement, all white men will be rendered incapable of breeding. After that, it'll be just a matter of time before the evolution of the human race is back on the right track."

    I could feel my husband trembling as he recalled those emotional memories, and I knew how important they were to him, and to me as well, given what the two of us would soon be doing in the new club. So, I gave him a few minutes to collect himself, then asked him if she had told him anything else about White Extinction.

    "Yes," he continued, "She talked to me for what seemed like a long time about how important it was for me, as well as for all white men, to bring their wives to black men for breeding. That just seemed so right, so natural, to me that I guess right then is when I knew that if I ever got married, I'd do everything I could to make sure all the babies we had would have black skin, and they would be part of the Master Race.

    "Then, I remembered what she'd said about white men being 'rendered incapable of breeding,' so I asked her what that meant.

    "What she told me then was even more meaningful to me, because it reinforced what I had come to love, and to need, in the frat house. My first thought was that all white men were going to be castrated, but when I asked her if that's what she was going to do to me, she kind of chuckled deep in her throat, then explained exactly what was in my future.

    "She told me that they would never castrate their slaves, because a man's balls are the source of his sexual desires, and it's those desires that make him want to do everything he can to please those who can give him relief as the lust builds in his body and brain. She said that didn't mean that I wouldn't be given all the pain possible in my balls, just that they'd never be cut off my body.

    "Just as I was beginning to understand how I would be rendered incapable of breeding, she confirmed that idea when she pinched and twisted the skin right below the head of my tiny organ, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from crying out and disturbing the rest of them. As what she was doing sent wave after wave of agony through me, she whispered, 'No, little slave, I'm not going to cut off your balls. It's this part right here that I'm going to take from you. Tomorrow morning before you two drive back to the college, I'll take you out to the back yard and show you how we're going to do that to you.'

    "She then told me it was time for us to go to sleep, and after thanking me for an entertaining evening, she took a few deep breaths and fell sound asleep. I had trouble getting to sleep, because everything she'd told me, as well as what had been done to me in their back yard coupled with how that same yard was going to figure in my future, just made my mind race.

    "I guess I finally did get some sleep, although when I awakened it felt like all I'd done was toss and turn all night. The others were already up, and when I hurriedly visited the bathroom, got dressed, and went to the kitchen where I could hear their voices, I saw they were just then serving breakfast. I was just about starving, because lots had happened since my last meal, and when Gabriel pointed to the empty chair, I sat down and emptied my plate twice before my appetite had been satisfied.

    "After I'd cleared the table and put everything in the dishwasher, I went to the front room where the three of them were talking in hushed tones, and judging by the way they stopped talking when I walked in, I'm sure they were talking about me.

    "Chrys stood up and took my hand, then said she wanted to show me how I'd be nullified so I could be thinking about it. She led me out the back door and into the yard where I'd been crucified the previous evening, but rather than stopping there she continued leading me to a part of the large yard that was hidden by tall hedges.

    "There were two posts standing about ten feet apart, and a third post about twice that distance from them. The two, closer posts had short lengths of rope tied to their tops, with leather cuffs on the free ends. I could see the sunlight glinting off something that ran from one of those posts to a large pulley mounted on top of the third one. As we got closer, I could see that it was a very-thin wire that was shining in the sun, and that the other end of it was connected to a large barrel that was sitting on a shelf close to the pulley. The last thing was something that confused me even more, because I had no idea why one end of a garden hose would be in the barrel, with the other running to a hose bibb sticking up out of the grass.

    "Chrys gave me a long time to look at what was there, and after a while she got tired of waiting for me to guess what I was seeing. That was when she told me that my wrists would be placed in the leather cuffs, holding my upper body in a spreadeagle position. She then showed me the end of the wire that was held in place by a sliding loop draped over a nail, and then she explained that it was the same type of wire that was used to cut marble and granite at quarries. I didn't need her to add that it certainly wouldn't have any problems cutting through something as soft as my flesh in order to suddenly understand how I would be nullified.

    "She confirmed my guess by pointing to the barrel and telling me that as soon as the loop had been tightened around the base of my tiny pecker, the hose bibb would be turned and the barrel would slowly begin to fill with water. She then added that the barrel would hold 300 pounds of water, but that much weight had never been required in the past to get the job done on their other slaves.

    "About all I remember after that is her telling me that by the time the barrel was half full of water, my feet would have been pulled off the grass so the added weight of my lower body would do its part to make the wire take care of its part in the operation.

    "After that, about all I remember is going inside the house and them helping me get my clothes on, and then Chrys and Gabriel kissing me good-bye as we left their home, and then the long drive back to the college.

    "And now you know why I'm such a pervert that I dream about giving my wife to black men so they can put their babies in her tummy. If you want me out of your life, I'll understand."

    For my part, all I did was hug him so tightly that neither of us could breathe, and to say over and over, "I'll never let you leave me! You're mine forever, even after they make you a nullo! I think you're the most-exciting man I've ever known, and I want to make you watch black men get me pregnant, and I want to make you raise their babies, and I want to watch you being tortured and tortured until you pass out, and I want to watch your dick being cut off so we can all laugh at you, and I want . . ."

    And then I ran out of words, and all I could do was kiss the most-exciting man in the whole world, so I did. Then we fucked and I made him eat his mess, and then we made plans to meet with Candace so we could get signed up to be sex slaves in the new club.

    After that is another story, which I may or may not write. Of course, by then I may not be in any condition to write, or do anything else. :)

    The End


    Questions or comments? Please write to me at: [email protected].
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