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. A New Job For Both Of Us

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by TheNo-BackboneCabron, Oct 10, 1999.

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  1. TheNo-BackboneCabron

    TheNo-BackboneCabron Member Author!

    A NEW JOB FOR BOTH OF US (by The No-Backbone Cabr?n)

    I recently received a promotion, and it changed my life. To explain, let me give some background. My wife, Kathi, and I are both 31. We met in college and married a couple years after we graduated. After that, we lived in Houston, where Kathi worked in real estate and I worked for a large corporation, where I have been trying to climb my up the management ladder.

    Over the years, we got settled into the daily routine of our married life. As often happens, the spark slowly went out of our sex life, and this loss did not go unnoticed. Kathi was sexually adventurous in college, and we used to have great sex back then. Even though the spark had been fading, I think our attraction was still there. I know I was still attracted to her, just as I was the first time I saw her in college: Kathi had shoulder-length auburn hair, sparkling brown eyes, and a sexy look about her. She was about 5' tall, thin, and had a shapely butt that she loved to show off in tight jeans. She was, however, rather small in the chest department, in fact, a small B cup, but she had large, dark nipples that stuck out when aroused. She had always been self-conscious about her small size and had accused me over the years of finding her unattractive because of it. I always denied it, but it was difficult when she would catch me gawking at a busty woman. Finally, I could no lo hide my preference when one day recently Kathi came home from errands early and caught me jacking off to a big tit magazine. We did not discuss the incident, but our sex life went to zero.

    It was shortly after this incident that I received the news on a Monday that I was offered a promotion to become an upper-level manager in the Chicago office. I had to give my response by Friday. When I told Kathi, she was against moving, because her career was in Houston, all our friends, connections, etc. I told her it was very important for my career with the company. She said she would think about it, which she continued to do for the next few days, despite my continued inquiries. When I returned home from work on Thursday, she told me her decision. She would agree to the move but only on one condition: that I pay for her to have breast enhancement surgery. I said that she did not need surgery and that it was a dumb idea because I was still very attracted to her. In response, she simply said, "Then we aren't moving," and walked away.

    When we discussed it again later, she explained to me that her small breasts made her feel unsexy and unattractive as a woman. I realized that it was a serious matter for her, and this, plus the fact that I really wanted to take the promotion, caused me to agree to her condition. I told her that I wanted her to be happy but that she looked great to me and didn't need much help at all from surgery.

    The next day, I accepted the promotion, and Kathi went to the plastic surgeon. She was eager to have it done and wanted to do so right before the move so fewer people would notice the difference. She gathered literature and pictures regarding the various implants available. She showed me a few implants she was considering, but I told her I thought they were too all large. I said that she should only go for a little fuller shape and increased definition and that she should go to a C cup at most because anything more than that would be overdoing it. She said she understood what I was saying but that it was her body and she would make her own decision.

    She made her own decision alright: she had the operation the next week and her new breasts were huge, each one was bigger than a cantaloupe. They looked especially large in relation to her short, thin body. In the next several weeks, after our move to Chicago, I began to notice Kathi wearing low cut and clingy tops and also start wearing tight jeans again more often than she had been in recent in years. Overall, she seemed sexier and happier, and our sex life improved a little.

    But not much. She seemed to have her sexual energy and adventurousness back. As for me, I liked her new breasts but not as much as she wanted me to, as I was always aware that they were implants. In an attempt to add some romance to our marriage, I suggested that we go away for Valentine's Day and that she could pick the place. The next day, after some research, she informed me that she wanted to go to Daytona for the auto race. This surprised me somewhat, but I agreed. She made the arrangements, and we went.

    She told me she could not get grandstand seats but that we would be able to watch the race from the infield, which her research said was more fun anyway. The morning of the race was warm; I wore shorts and a tee-shirt while Kathi wore a white blouse and a pair of her tight jeans. We entered the raceway and were able to park our car in the middle of a row in the infield. We set up our cooler, grabbed some beers, and settled in. We heard a lot of yells from the end of our row and looked over to see a van with a bunch of college-aged guys on top of it. Kathi wanted to take a walk around, so we did. As we came back to our row, we passed the van which had a crowd gathered around it. There was a chubby girl standing in back of the van looking up at the guys and holding the bottom of her tee-shirt with one hand. The guys were saying, "Show us, baby." The woman lifted her tee shirt up, exposing her breasts. The guys hooted, spoke among themselves for a second, and one guy threw her a be man standing next to us said, "She was barely worth one." I said, "C'mon, honey," and walked back to our car.

    We drank some beers as we watched the race, and we became acquainted with some of the folks around us. While I sat on the top of our car, Kathi stood by our trunk chatting with the couple who were parked next to us. We heard some cheers from the area of the van, and Kathi and the couple looked over in that direction. The man said, "Oh, 2 beers, sorry I missed that." Kathi replied, "No 3's yet." I asked what they were talking about. The man explained to me the deal: Any girl who flashed the guys was rewarded with beer, but it depended on how the guys judged the quality ? from 1 up to 3 beers. I said that I was surprised, but Kathi gave me a look and said, "You know how men love to look at women's boobs." I figured she was alluding to the time she caught me with my magazine, so I said nothing more and turned back to watching the race.

    A few minutes later, Kathi and the other woman said they were going to the restroom. They returned a short time later. Kathi now had her blouse tied in a knot and pulled tight, under which she was wearing what looked like an orange tank top. They were laughing and said they had stopped by the van on the way back. I asked why, and Kathi said, "I just wanted to check out what was going on." The other woman said, "And the guys wanted to check out what was going on under your top." The man said, "Can't blame ?em. What guy wouldn't?" His wife hit him on the arm and said, "Well, Kathi, at least they asked you nicely." Both she and Kathi laughed, and the man said, "How does a guy do that?" His wife answered, "They said, ?Show us your tits, PLEASE.' That one guy was begging ? and you loved it." Kathi responded, "Well, it's nice to know that a old broad can still get some hoots from college guys."

    The race continued, and we continued to drink more beer. I talked with the other man about the race and we each made a prediction on the winner. Kathi asked if the race was almost over. I said, "Almost. There's about 10 laps left." A moment later, Kathi jumped down off our car and took her blouse off. I learned that I was wrong about the tank top ? she was wearing a tube top. I had never seen her wear one before. She had a strange look on her face as she put her beer down. Then, she started walking down the middle of the lane toward the van. Everyone was looking at her, and she was hard to miss with her bright orange tube top and her large bust. Fearing the worst, I ran after her and caught up with her, remonstrating with her. She ignored me and kept walking. Reaching the van, she stood next to it and looked up at the guys, who were shouting whoops and cat-calls. A large crowd gathered quickly, some of whom had followed us. Kathi started swaying her hips seductively, then brough hands to her breasts and rubbed her hands along the sides of them, saying, "Hi, guys." One of the guys answered, "Hi, baby, show us your big tits." When she grabbed the top edge of her tube top with her fingers, I heard a deep voice behind us say, "I wouldn't do that, or else I'd have to arrest you for indecent exposure." I turned around to find a tall, African-American policeman standing there, and I sure was relieved to see him. A short guy on the van said, "It looks like it would be pretty decent, if you ask me." The policeman said, "I'm sure not arguing with that, but the law says she can't do it in public view."

    The guys and the other men standing around us groaned in disappointment, and I put my arm around Kathi as we walked back toward our car. As we walked, I could feel that she was breathing heavily and her heart was pounding. I said, "Honey, you're acting crazy. Let's get you back to the hotel so you can sleep it off." She did not answer, as we continued to walk. Then, the short guy came running up behind us. He touched Kathi's arm and said, "Baby, if you still want to show us, we can all go inside our van. There's nothing illegal about that." Kathi and I responded at the same time: I said, "I don't think so." and she said, "Maybe later." He did not even look at me, but, still looking at Kathi, said, "You seemed ready a second ago, and I know the guys are ready." There was a brief pause as he looked down at her breasts. Her nipples were enlarged and sticking straight out under the material of her top. He said, "And your body says it's ready now." Kathi looked down, looked back up, miled at him. She then stuck her chest forward and said in a cute voice, "Do you think I'd be worth 3 beers?" I snapped, "Stop acting like a cheap whore." Ignoring me, the guy grinned and said to Kathi, "We'd have to see first. You know the rules." "Yes, I do," she said, and looking at me she continued, "And, honey, the rules are that if I want to beat the other girls, I have to show, just like they did. I shouldn't lose my chance just because of some big cop." She took the guy's arm and said, "Lead the way." As they starting walking back toward the van, the guy raised his fist in the air and whooped loudly, which caused all the other guys on top of the van to do the same. I felt lost and powerless out there in the middle of the lane being watched by all the people, but I followed them, not knowing what else to do. As we got back to the van, one guy was already holding the back door open, and the other guys were jumping down and saying things like, "I knew it, man," and "They're fuck in' huge." Kathi took the doorkeeper's hand as she stepped up into the van, and the last of the guys piled in. As I tried to come in, the doorkeeper blocked the door and said to Kathi, "You want him in or out?" She answered, "I don't care; whatever he wants." I went in, and the door was shut.

    There were about 15 guys crowded in the van in a semi-circle around Kathi. I could barely see her with the tall guys in front of me. Kathi, with her hands behind her and her chest forward, said in her cute voice, "Now, where were we when that cop interrupted us?" She started swaying her hips back and forth again, as she rubbed her hands over her top. One guy said, "That's right, no hurry, give us a show." She pushed her breasts together, then slid her hands under them, lifted them up, and said, "You like these babies?" The big guy in front of me said, "Oh, yeah, sweetie, we like." She lifted her arms high in the air, and turned around a few times. Then, facing the men, she jumped up and down quickly, causing her breasts to bounce within her top. She was giddy and smiling the whole time. The short guy said, "You like teasing, don't ya?" Holding her hands up and bending her wrists into herself so that the tips of her fingers touched the sides of her breasts, she answered, "For a e while, and then I do it." She then walked her fingers to the top edge of her top and held the edge between her forefinger and thumb of each hand. She said, "Ready, boys?" She paused a second, then pulled her top all the way down to her jeans. The guys all hollered loudly and banging on the wall of the van. One guy yelled out, "Nice fuckin' tits," and another reached his hands in her direction, making a squeezing motion in the air. I felt worried that things would get out of control, but then Kathi said, "You can look, but you can't touch. Only I can touch." And she began slowly and gently rubbing her breasts. She tweaked her nipples a few times, then held her nipples firmly as she shook her hands, which made her breasts shake. Then, she made fists with her hands and pushed them into her breasts as they fluffed around her fists. She stopped, pushed the sides of her arms into the sides of her breasts and did a slow turn around, saying, "Say goodbye guys because the show is over." She pulled up her tube top and said, "Well, what am I worth?" The short guy handed her 3 beers saying, "3, no question. But, I think we'd all like to do more than look, sweetie." He pointed at her erect nipples and said with a smile, "You're ready for some of that, aren't you?" She looked down, laughed, looked over in my direction, and said, "I wouldn't want to be a cheap whore."

    There was a huge crowd outside waiting for us. Kathi, carrying her beers, received loud cheers as she came out of the van. As we began to walk away through the crowd, we encountered the police officer standing in the line of onlookers. Kathi and I both stopped in our tracks. But the officer just smiled and said, "It wasn't in public." I said, "You still could have done something." "So could you," he responded. As we continued on to our car, I looked back at the guys who were all giving high five's to the crowd and jumping around. I saw the cop talking to the short guy, which gave me a sense of satisfaction.

    We walked back to our car, and I told Kathi I was very angry with her. She said, "It's not like they touched me or anything." I began to pack up our stuff, and as I was returning from throwing our trash in the bin, I saw from a distance the officer talking to Kathi and handing her a piece of paper. When I reached her, he was gone, and I said, "So, you got a ticket for your stunt." "Something like that," she answered.

    We went back to the hotel and slept for a few hours. I had made dinner reservations at a romantic restaurant to celebrate Valentine's Day. Dressed for the evening, Kathi looked beautiful. I think she looks especially lovely when she spends time on her hair and make-up, as she did this evening. She wore a close-fitting, stretch cotton black dress with spaghetti straps and black pumps but no panty hose as it was very warm outside.

    Our dinner was wonderful and romantic, and the wine made me think of nothing other than getting my beautiful wife back in our bed. As we were leaving, Kathi asked the hostess a question, showing her a piece of paper. We left the restaurant, and Kathi informed me that she wanted to go to a post-race party we had been invited to. I said we should go to bed, but she insisted, saying we were on vacation. When I asked about the party, she just said it was being thrown by some of the people at the race. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a sign for a bar called "The Lock-Up."

    As we entered, it was already past 11:00, and we noticed only a few people inside and asked the bartender if the party was here. He said it would pick up later and asked if Mike had invited us. Kathi said yes, and the bartender called to the back toward the pool table, where a few men were playing. A large, black man came forward whom I soon recognized as the police officer from the race. He greeted Kathi, who promptly introduced me to Mike. We all sat at the bar and got drinks. He explained that the bar was owned by a group of cops, including him, and that was where the name came from. We made small talk about our jobs and cities. A short time later, one of the men from the pool table came up to join us. He was older than Mike and seemed already drunk. He put his hand on Mike's shoulder and said, "So, Bull, is this your 3- beer girl?" Mike introduced us to Pete, another cop and co-owner. Pete ordered some beers and asked how we liked the race. As I answered, he kept staring a hi's chest, which made me nervous. He quickly got his beers and returned to the back. The three of us continued to chat for a while, as some patrons arrived and others left. All of a sudden, the bartender yelled out, "Last call," which I was glad to hear. I said to Kathi, "Honey, do you want one more before going home?" But Mike said, "No, no, that last call is just for the regular patrons. After bar time, we lock the door and have a private party. That's why it's called a lock-in party."

    A few minutes later, the door was locked, and I noticed that there were about 15 people in the bar, the vast majority of whom were guys, who all had the look of being cops. Mike suggested we play some pool, so the three of us headed back, where we were introduced to the 4 or 5 guys there. Mike and I had next game, and while we waited, Kathi took a seat on the bench next to the table. A tall man with a moustache named Steve asked Mike how he got to know us, and Mike sat down on the bench on one side of Kathi as Steve sat down on the other side. Mike began to tell about the guys and the van. As he did so, Kathi sat stiffly between the men with the strap of her purse lying between her breasts and her back arched. She had a nervous smile on her face, especially when Mike told about her leaving the van with 3 beers. Steve said, "Wow, a 3-beer girl. But," looking down at Kathi's bust, "I can sure see why." Kathi said, "Thank you, Steve." Steve jumped up and said, "Who's ready for a bee nd went to the bar.

    Mike and I won our game, and Kathi and Pete were the next team. The match was pretty close, and soon only the 8-ball remained. It was Kathi's turn. Her only shot was a long- green one. She asked if they had a bridge, but Mike said, "We don't use those cheater sticks here." Balancing against the end of the table, Kathi leaned a long way forward and lined up her shot. She said, "I don't like my angle," to which Steve, still sitting on the bench, responded, "I like mine." She looked over to him, and his eyes were fixed on her breasts hanging down and stretching the material of her dress. She smiled and said, "Thank you again, Steve." He said, "No, thank you."

    Despite that distraction, Kathi made the winning shot, and the guys cheered. Steve stood up and said, "Great shot." She said, "I'm a woman of many talents." He said, "I can see two from here." He paused then and said in a matter-of-fact tone, "By the way, are those real?" Kathi laughed, stepped right up in front of him, and said, "Wouldn't you like to know!" He quickly responded, "Yeah, I would. And I can tell the difference, too." Kathi said, "Bullshit." He said seriously, "No, really, there's a difference in density. I can tell right away." After a pause, he said, "In one feel. Wanna bet?" Kathi said, "You're full of shit." He said, "And you're chicken. Let's bet." She answered coyly, "I don't have any money." Steve said, "We won't bet money. Loser fetches beers for the rest of the night." Kathi said nothing but looked at him with a sly look. I was getting worried and said, "Kath, can you come here a minute?" Ignoring me, Steve continued, "One feel, but skin. That's the bet." waited for Kathi to come over to me, she made her response. To my horror, she said, "Okay, one feel. Where we should go?" Steve smiled and said, "Right here's fine. These guys are all my friends, except your husband." Mike added, "And he didn't make any trouble in the van." I felt humiliated. Kathi reached for the spaghetti straps of her dress, looked at Mike, and said in a cute voice, "Are you sure I won't be arrested." The guys all laughed. She looked Steve in the eyes and pulled the top of her dress down. With his hands, he grabbed her breasts firmly one time and said, "Fake." She said, "Right." He said, "Baby, leave that dress down and go get us some beers."

    She went to the bar, loaded a tray with beers and walked around serving them to the guys. Pete asked Steve how he could tell, and Steve proceeded to give all the guys an explanation as they all grabbed Kathi's boobs. She was laughing the whole time. She then walked over to me, offered me a beer, and asked what it was that I wanted before. I said angrily, "I wanted to stop you from doing what you did." Just then, the bartender came up behind her, reached around grabbing her breasts, and said, "You've got the waitress job; we all like how you serve beer." Kathi laughed hard and leaned her head back into him. He raised his voice, "Don't we, guys?" Everyone yelled, "Yeah." The bartender dropped one of his hands down to grab her butt, causing her to give a startled but amused expression as she looked at me. Just then, another guy walked by and grabbed her free breast in passing. She said to me, "I guess I'm pretty popular here."

    The next 15 minutes or so passed with Kathi walking around the bar with the top of her dress down and the guys grabbing and making jokes about her boobs. Steve asked me to play a game of pool, and I did. As we played, he chatted with me about sports and other general topics, but the whole time I was worried about Kathi and the whole situation. I looked across the table to where she was and saw a guy who just got a beer from her say, "This is a real cold one, isn't it?" as he pushed it against her big nipple, which soon became hard and erect. He said, "You like that, huh, baby?" and did the same to the other nipple. When they were both erect, he rolled them in his fingers and then sucked on them. Steve sunk the eight ball, looked at me, and said, "Loser racks."

    I racked and as Steve broke, I stepped to the side and stopped Kathi. I told her that I was now becoming very worried that things could get out of control. She said she could handle the situation. I was angry and snapped, "We should go home now." She looked directly into my eyes and said, "Maybe later." Then, Pete called from over by the bench, "Come here, you silicone slut." She said loudly, "Duty calls," and walked over to him. She said, "They're not silicone; they're saline." Pete said, "You came, didn't ya?" Steve said, "Maybe the slut part is right." Kathi said nothing. Steve said, "Kathi, let me ask you something. Why did you decide to get a boob job anyway?" She said, "Because men love big tits!" He then asked, "Did you want big tits so men would look at you?" "Of course." she answered. He asked, "And like you?" "Yes," she answered. "And want to fuck you?" he asked with a sharp tone. She responded, "Well, a woman likes to feel sexy and appreciated." He then said, "Kathi you wear sexy underwear tonight for us men to appreciate?" When she answered yes, he said, "Show us." Kathi slowly lifted her dress up, revealing a pair of sheer black lace panties with red hearts for Valentine's Day. He told her, "Turn around and show everybody." As she did so, Steve snapped the elastic on the back of her panties. I could not believe that my wife was standing in the middle of a room of strange men with her dress bunched around her waist showing her body off to them. Steve then said, "You like showing men your sexy underwear and round butt, don't you?" "Yes, and you all like it too," she answered. "And you enjoy showing off your big tits and having all of us men grab them, don't you?" "Yes, and you all enjoy it too," was her answer. He then asked in his sharp tone, "And you like being the center of attention and pleasing all of us men because you're a slut, aren't you?" She was silent. He said sternly, "Answer me." She said, "Yes." He said, "?Yes' what?" "Yes, I'm a slut," she replied.

    Steve said, "Good answer," as he stepped up onto the bench. He said, "Come here, you saline slut. I've got a present for you, something that all sluts love." Kathi walked up to him and said in her cutesy voice, "What could it be?" He said, "Unwrap it." She unzipped his fly and lowered his pants. Out flopped his dick, which was long and already semi-erect. Kathi said in the same voice, "Oh, it's just what I wanted." Mike said, "I thought you already had one." "Well," Kathi answered, "not one this one. I love it," as she kissed it. Standing in front of him, Kathi bobbed back and forth on his cock, as he groaned in pleasure. She licked his balls, looking up at him as she did so. He said, "Get it ready, baby. Does the birthday girl want my hot load in her mouth?" "Yes, wouldn't any good slut?" she answered. He put his hands over her ears and, holding the sides of her head, pumped in and out of her, til he groaned and released his sperm into her mouth. She sucked him dry, backed away ked up at him, and said, "Thank you, Steve." He said, "I would say, ?Thank you,' but I don't thank sluts." As he stepped down, the next guy stepped up and dropped his pants. Kathi began to suck him. Steve walked over to me, slapped me on the back and said, "Your wife's a good little cock-sucker. I guess it's one of her many talents." For lack of a better response, I said, "I know."

    She proceeded to suck off each guy in turn, as the guys called her names. When Pete's turn arrived, he did not step up but stood to her side, and said, "I'm a titman." She walked over to him, and he started grabbing her tits. He said, "These tits are the best investment you ever made." Kathi responded, "My husband paid for them, even though he didn't want to." Pete said, "How could a guy not love big tits?" She answered, "He likes big tits alright ? in magazines; he prefers big tit mags to his wife." Pete said, "Well, I prefer his wife and her big fake tits. And I gonna fuck ?em." She got on her knees before him and wrapped her boobs around his dick. Then, she smashed her tits together hard as slid his dick up and down between them. He increased his speed and then launched his load on her face and tits. When he was finished, she sat back on her haunches and began to rub her face with her fingers. Pete said, "Taste my cum." Looking in his eyes, she stuck her fingers in her mouth a id, "Ummm." He said, "Kathi, you're a slut." She responded, "At least I admit it."

    After Pete, no one else stepped up, and Steve asked her if she was a satisfied slut. She said, "I'm just glad I could do my part to support the local police department. It's been my pleasure serving all you guys." Steve said, "Almost all ? You haven't danced with the guy who brung ya." Hearing this, I said, "No, I think maybe we should just go home." The guys all laughed, as did Kathi, as she looked over at me and Mike, who was standing right next to me. Pete said, "Not you, pal. Hey, Mike, show her why they call you ?Bull.'" Mike answered, "Let her find out for herself." Kathi walked over to Mike, knelt down, and said, "Where should I start looking for the answer? How ?bout here," as she rubbed his dick through his pants. She then said, "I'll bet this isn't fake; I can with just one feel." She unzipped and lowered his pants, revealing a huge erection. Mike's black cock was thick and at least 10 inches long. Kathi said, "Now this is the kind of birthday present my husband could never give me." Pete said, "Kathi meet Bull." She said, "It's my pleasure," as she shook hands with his dick. She then said, "Bull, meet Kathi's slut mouth," as she moved her head to suck him. But Mike stopped her gently with his hand and said in a nice voice, "Kathi, you don't have to be the slut for me." She said, "When I said, ?It's my pleasure,' I meant it." "But you've been a slut for all the guys," he said, "And I don't want that. There should be a special dance for the guy who brung ya." "You mean like a bone dance," she said in her cute voice. He rubbed the side of head and said, "Kind of, but I don't want you to be a slut ? I want you to be a cheap whore." I saw a nasty smile come to my wife's face, as Mike continued, "Would you do that for me and Bull?" She laughed and said in her cute voice, "Oh, I don't know. My husband wouldn't like that." The guys all laughed. "But I think I would," she said.

    Mike walked away from her toward the bar, saying "Follow me." As she did, she asked, "Can I have a beer?" As Mike reached the bar, he slapped the top of a bar stool with his hand and said, "Not yet, baby. Put your tummy here." She walked over the bar stool and bent over it. He patted her butt and said, "Good girl. I'm glad you wore sexy panties for Valentine's Day." He walked around, stood in front of her head, leaned back and put his arms on the bar, holding his beer. He said, "Suck it, baby, you'll want it wet." She took his big dick in her mouth and sucked it eagerly. "Now, guys, how can I make Kathi my cheap whore? Let's see. How ?bout if I bent her over a bar stool? Got that." He took a swig of his beer and continued, "How ?bout if, without even giving her the decency of removing her panties, I fucked her up her ass? Would that do it, Kathi?" "I don't think it'll fit up there," she answered. "Get it wetter then," he responded. He took another swig and said, "Now, guys, how if I made her beg for it up the ass and it all happened right in front of her husband?" Steve said, "What's this fake titted whore worth?" Mike looked down at her, lifted her chin up, and asked, "You still want that beer?" She nodded yes. He said, "A cheap whore like you would do all that for a beer, right?" She nodded again and said, "If you think I'm worth it." Mike said, "Sure, baby, now be a good whore and move this stool into the middle of the room so everybody can get a good view."

    She stood up, picked up the stool, and carried it over near the end of the pool table, right in front of me. She bent over it and placed her hands on the side of the pool table for support. It was an amazing sight to see my wife, with her dressed bunched up around her waist, standing in her pumps and bent over a bar stool, with her big tits hanging down and her panty- clad ass in the air in front of all these men. Holding 2 beers in one hand, Mike walked up behind her, rubbed her ass, and then pulled her panties over a little to one side. He said, "Because you're such a good little butt whore, I'm gonna let you have some of your beer early," as he poured a splash of beer on her asshole. Then, he held the beers toward me and said, "Hold these." I did. He then placed the tip of his dick at the opening of her butthole, reached his hands down to pick up her legs, and said, "You know your line." Turning her head round in my direction, she looked back and said, "Please, Bull, I beg you ht here in front of my husband, butt-fuck me like a cheap whore. Plug me in the ass with that huge cock." With that, he rammed his cock hard into her ass and began pumping in and out. Kathi grunted as he continued to ream her for several minutes. Then, he pulled out, spun the barstool a half turn so that Kathi faced him. He held her chin with his hand, lifting it up. He said, "Jack it, whore," and Kathi pulled hard on his big dick til it spurted its jism over her hair and face. He walked over to me, took back the 2 beers, saying, "Thanks, pal." He said, "Taste my spunk, too, whore." Still bent over the stool, Kathi rubbed several globs into her mouth and said, "Umm, umm, good." Mike handed Kathi a beer, saying, "Here, you've earned it."

    After drinking her beer, she cleaned up and got dressed. She explained that we were returning home tomorrow and said her good byes. Pete said, "Whores don't leave here with their panties. Take ?em off." She stepped out of her panties, and then handed them to Bull, saying, "I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day. You sure made mine happy." "It's my pleasure," Bull replied. Then, Steve said, "We gonna miss you ? and your big fake tits." Kathi responded, "And I'll miss you guys, especially Bull." "The man or his cock?" asked Steve. "Both," she answered. Then, she said, "I'd love to come back some time. I love your parties." Bull said, "A woman like you is welcome here anytime." Kathi asked in her cute voice, "Is that because I'm a 3-beer girl or a 1-beer whore?" Bull answered, "Both."
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