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. A Mouth Full of Semen

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Jul 13, 2018.

. A Mouth Full of Semen 4.7 5 6votes
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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    May be you remember too? Just how difficult and awkward it was to bring your girlfriend home for the first time. Just how squeamishly sensitive you were about the judgements that followed. How did she seem? How did they seem? What did that now mean about you that you had chosen a woman like this? Bringing a girl home was about so many judgements, so many transactions and transitions and that was why it was difficult. I swore that I would never bring Miranda home. Things back home were just too difficult. They were way too complex. Miranda though laughed at that. I fretted about so many things. I worried about things that could be 'sorted'. Well....maybe. The problem though was that my mother Jane was in bed with a lover called Grant. Grant had a big cock, a big attitude and a big following of insistent multi racial fuck fest friends. He had a whole host of people who insisted that white on white sex was dull and that the future was rainbow coloured. Poor old dad, Neil, he was getting edged out. I remember one evening getting back late from the pub and seeing my Mom queening dad on the sofa. She was rubbing her wet cunt on dad's face and Grant was watching her do it. Dad was being made to clean my mom up after Grant had dumped his rainbow warrior load. Then, oh Christ, I shudder to think of it, Mom said that she needed to take a pee. Grant told dad to open his mouth and my mom peed into it. The pee splashed all over his face but he swallowed what he could and then sensing their 'interlude' was about to finish, I ghosted upstairs as fast and as silently as I could.

    Miranda is eighteen and she is really a classy young woman. I mean that she has poise and good looks and she seems older and wiser in her head than her years would suggest. She is studying towards medicine in the future, and dear god, I think that she has the brains and the sheer hard work determination to achieve that. I knew that Mom would approve of Miranda in all those regards. Who wouldn't want their son to be emotionally hooked up to a woman with so much potential. But the thought of Miranda meeting Grant and realising just how much he fucked my mom and how dad was pushed to one side, well that freaked me. Mom sensed it in me. She always does. She knows when I start to fret about things. So she asked whether there was a 'steady girl' in my life and I told her about Miranda. I said how 'awkward' I felt about the home arrangements. That stung mom, so much so, that she slapped me one around the face. She warned me that if I gave lip then she would have Grant see to me. Mom wouldn't be judged by the likes of me. Women made choices and sometimes men, like my dad, accepted those choices. Did I hear and understand that?! I did. Mom seemed to relax again, her anger easing back like a pot coming back off the boil. She insisted that Miranda was also a young woman as well as a medical brain. She would be much wiser, more relaxed than I supposed. I was to arrange to bring her along to a pub quiz night, she and Grant, Miranda and I would make up a team. It would be a chance for Miranda to get to know us on neutral ground.

    I remember how that night Miranda dressed in the sexiest little skirt. It was black and pleated and she wore stockings beneath. She wore a little black leather jacket on top, the sort that only rather rich and excessively spoiling parents bought for their daughter. She looked so chic with her blonde bob cut hair and the rather smart rings that she wore on her fingers. She carried a Gucci shoulder bag and wore expensive high heels. I saw Mom clock Miranda up and down and smile. She told me that Miranda was probably 'out of your league' and winked at the new friend. Grant all dreadlocks and easy hazel eyes, all insouciant big lips and white teeth, kissed her on the mouth. He kissed her on the fucking mouth. I wish he wouldn't do that but the bastard did. Miranda seemed to cope and she was flattered when he said that her brains were going to be so good in our team. Mark (yes me) was more a bain of Britain than a brain of Britain. I'd told Miranda that Grant was Mom's boyfriend and that Neil (my dad) didn't mind. I'd expected my girl to be appalled but she wasn't. She just said, 'so?'.

    The fucking evening was really squirm worthy. The usual 'quiz master' had gone off sick so dad was asking the questions. He didn't come to meet Miranda exactly but waved shyly from the bar where he had the mic. Dad did this kind of stuff, searching for some kind of importance I suppose. It was like he needed something given that he was treated like a piece of shit at home. I got the drinks in and Grant was already flirting with my girl when I got back. The alcove seating went me, mom, Grant and Miranda. She was sat next to him rather than me. Back that evening I didn't entirely understand the etiquette of rainbow living. So I was thick about the fact that the alpha black dude got to come on to any girl he fancied. Mom actually accepted that Grant fucked any bitch he wanted, married or single, because that was what his black cock was for. As far as Mom was concerned, as long as Grant came home and dominated her roost, then you abided by the rules.

    I'm no quiz wizard. But the science rounds Miranda walked and the ones on pop and classic music too. It seemed that both Miranda and Grant 'got' reggae and the Marley legacy. He put his hand on her thigh and she didn't resist. Mom shot me a 'don't you dare make a fuss' look. Then came a round on geography and Miranda thought she had the Scottish islands named right, but dad had scored or card only 3/5. Grant was pretty annoyed and sent Miranda back up to dad to have the answers rechecked. I'll never forget the look he gave dad. Miranda sauntered up looking fabulous, dad remarked the answer sheet 5/5 and dropped his eyes like a kicking was imminent. Back Miranda came smiling and Grant put his fucking hand straight back on her thigh. We won the quiz didn't we. Bottles of malt whisky which Grant went and collected. He did his little victory speech, highlighting the contributions of Miranda and Mom. He didn't mention me.

    Miranda was hungry by then so Grant said he'd take her through to the restaurant. I went to rise too but Mom got me by the thigh, horse biting me with a grip of her fingers. I almost yelped. I wasn't to join them. It seemed that I was to let nature take its course. Miranda asked whether Mom and I weren't hungry and we said that a drink was enough, but that she should have something to eat with Grant. I felt a fucking lemon. Watching him steer my girlfriend out of the bar I saw how his hand touched her backside. She looked back with a smile, a naughty guy smile.

    Sitting with Mom was like sitting with a stranger. I bought more drinks and watched her as she checked through messages on her phone. There was one from Grant. She was to keep 'the boy' out of the way. Mom hadn't needed the instruction though, she had guessed. I was fuming inside. I was fucking irritated! Something nasty within prompted me to needle Mom. So how had Grant got the better of dad then? The question was meant to shame her. I thought, slap me girl and you'll take a fist back! It didn't work. Mom was like a fucking Buddha, calm, sanguine. Grant had hit dad just the once. The teeth that dad had supposedly lost in a work accident, well he didn't. Dad had gone and got measured for his dentures and Grant took over the fucking. I thought what a fucking brutal, a terrible life that was. That dad had taken the hiding and lain down and that Mum had gone to the winner. It was like she needed to somehow, like it was destined somehow inside. I started to wonder what they had taught the girls a school when they peeled them away for their version of sex education. When the black man chooses you, you open your legs and let your husband take the consequences.

    I thought about goading Mom some more, but my questions came out sincere. Did she love Grant? Yes. How did that love differ from what she once had with dad? It was physical, intense, instinctual and absolute, it insisted on coming first. So dad was pushed down. Still, she didn't accept that dad was past tense. Dad was just less and that was 'just how things are'.

    I couldn't stomach the truth. I stood up and made ready to find Miranda.

    'Sit down' insisted Mom, 'it's easier that way'

    'No!' I insisted.

    I stalked off, around the bar and down towards the corridor that led to the restaurant. There were two of Grant's 'friends' hanging around there, big friends. A hand came out and planted plate big against my chest.

    'Man, the corridor is busy, may be you walk around the outside to the grub?'

    I looked beyond him. Oh fuck! It couldn't be possible. Grant had Miranda up against the wall and he was feeling beneath her skirt. He was feeling her sex and she was groaning and writhing against him.

    'He's fucking hurting her!' I snapped into friend's face.

    Friend laughed. 'Don't think so son!' sneered the big guy. 'Run man'.

    I watched Grant take his cock out. He took his cock out to Miranda. Someone started down the corridor for the other direction, saw the seduction and scurried the other way. I watched Grant kiss Miranda. Christ..............she responded. She responded, closing her beautifully made up eyes, opening her mouth and taking his tongue inside. He was working her cunt, working it the skirt hitched up against his thick black arm.

    'He ain't hurting her son, ' insisted the big guy, 'she needing it. Se gonna take some cock and feel better'.

    I swallowed hard. What fucking planet did this guy exist on!

    'Fuck you!' I snarled back and started to push through. I got a fist to my ear and it nearly knocked me senseless. They supported me upright as I started to fall. Grant glanced my way. He was rubbing his cock head against Miranda's sex.

    'Have him kneel here' he said and pointed to the grubby floor.

    Miranda stared wide eyed at me. She was in shock and quite incapable to deciding what to say or do.

    Grant stroked her hair, said how 'nice and meek' I would be, how 'easy' things would be. She nodded and grimaced. His cock was pushing up her. His cock was pushing relentlessly up her, and there was a squelching sound. I felt myself pushed down, several big hands forcing down on my shoulder. Grant has fucking great arms, powerful arms, and he held one of her legs up, cupping her stocking thigh whilst he pushed her against the wall and started pumping his bare cock inside her. There was no prelims, no commentary, he just took her. How, why?! She didn't know him. SHE DIDN"T FUCKING KNOW HIM!!!! Pump, pump, pump, he bucked up into her his thick great cock making her sex squelch and slurp, her tits shaking inside her blouse, the little leather jacket pushed open.

    'Needing it now little bitch?' he growled.

    She nodded, gasping, staring wide at me as I knelt on the floor.

    'You feeling it, good and up you little bitch?'

    She nodded again. She kissed him eagerly. May be it seemed better than humiliate me with an answer.

    'You always wanted some nigger meat?'

    I gawped at him. He was allowed that word, we weren't!

    'Yes!' she admitted.

    'Nice little medical girl cunt looks kind of sweet on the prong babe' he sneered.

    Miranda gulped down a breath. 'Yes' she moaned.

    He started to buck into her brutally and Miranda just about held on to him. It was like a bullfighter clinging to a bull. He glanced at me, his face fucking hard.

    'Miranda's sleeping our place tonight son. Miranda and Jane together, you know?'

    Buck, buck, buck, buck. Was Miranda wearing a bra? Her tits seemed so mobile beneath that silk blouse. She was grunting against his erotic assault.

    'See son, she how nice she rides it?'

    Miranda yelped. She begged him and then he locked into a thunderous spasm, his whole boy locking up into her. It was like a thousand volts were surging up through him.

    'Christ Grant.....please' she begged.

    'There you go bitch!!' he grunted, and he lifted her off her feet.

    The whole of my girlfriend convulsed. She shuddered on him and them in a moment more, she collapsed against him, her arms wrapped around his neck. She was hanging on his neck. Dear God!

    'May be you fuck off now and the lady will pop along soon?' said one of the big guys.

    'No' said Grant, 'kick him over here'.

    I was shoved over. He took hold of my hair and twisted my head around to face Miranda's sex. It looked like a bowl of semolina. Her cunt was covered in spunk. Her body was shivering, as though she recovered from a fit.

    'You gonna lick or do you need a smack?' barked Grant.

    I nodded. Glancing up at Miranda I saw how appalled she was. But it came with the territory. Grant had taken her. If you have to go with the black man, then he made the rules.

    He pushed my mouth against her sex.

    'Ladle' he ordered.

    I opened my mouth and tongued out a gloop of his deposit. It was as thick and creamy as anything from a dairy. I felt it warm and sticky in my mouth.

    'Show me!' he snapped.

    I opened my mouth and showed the mess inside.

    'Show my bitch!' he snapped.

    I opened my mouth to show Miranda. She nodded, trembling all over.

    'Swallow' he said and down it went.

    [Other stories from Lutheran Maid, 'Another Kind of Bitch' and 'Measuring Men' available through Amazon.]
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