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. A Little Loving

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    [I'm indebted to Frobisher's story, 'My new Mom' as an inspiration for this story. For a little while I've been playing with the idea of a polite, a conventional female good manners take on cuckolding sex, something that might appeal to other women too. I call them 'kittenish stories'. So into the head of Elizabeth I go and you're invited too.]

    When Leonard's company folded, I thought it would be the end of him, I really did. He had put a good eleven years work into the business and it didn't matter a jot what they said about the incidence of small business failures. Leonard was NOT a statistic. Leonard was my husband and a man who put in god knows how many hours into building his business and making contacts across his field of work. You only had to see how ground down he was by the demands, the recession, all those crazy new regulations. It was making poor Leonard so ill, that the poor man survived on antacids and blood pressure pills. It was no way for a forty year old man to live.

    I thanked God when young Wilbur came along. A man sent from heaven I can tell you! Wilbur, he was such a man, with a business head on his shoulders and so much success in making a business just like Leonard's work up in Manchester. It was all about who you knew and having some people back you with capital, that was what Wilbur said. I remember staring at him, a handsome, suave, debonair black man in a sharp suit with a whiter than white shirt and a gold Rolex watch on his wrist. I remember looking at it shyly, as if in some way it signified his saviour status. A man who owned one of those, who drove a Jaguar sports coupe, well, he had to be doing something very right indeed! I remember that after I served the tea, we sat and talked in the living room of our town house. Wilbur kept smiling across at me. One time, he observed quietly that I was younger than Leonard, so much younger. I blushed, I'm actually thirty six you see! Then Wilbur said that stress aged a man and that work had obviously worn Leonard down. It was not good for your health. No matter how much dignity you lost giving up your business, that was better than ending up on a cardiac ward. We all talked a good long while, Wilbur glancing at me, and then we had to talk about the bottom line. Wilbur was willing to buy Leonard to of his business for just £50,000. It was a pittance for all the goodwill and the contacts he had set up. It was a pittance! But I could see Leonard's shoulder fall. He was so beaten, he was so weighed down by all the worries that he needed to pass the stress along to someone younger, someone stronger, someone better financed, someone, well, like Wilbur.

    'Elizabeth thinks that you should take the offer Len, you can start again, in a smaller way, or may be you could work for me whilst you think up a new business' Wilbur said. It was such an assured, such an imperious, but such a right thing to argue. Wilbur hadn't consulted me, of course he hadn't. I was the wife, I wasn't the business owner. But he anticipated my concerns so very well! He understood the worry that I had been going through too! So I looked at Leonard and the papers were drawn up. My husband would work for Wilbur as a salesman and he even suggested that I might become his assistant. It was such a sweeping analysis. He said to me, gently smiling, 'big house, you still got a debt on this place Elizabeth?' I nodded sadly. It would be sensible, necessary to have two incomes coming in if we were to keep our home. I remember, poor Leonard, he was almost close to tears when he thanked Wilbur for taking charge of things. He thanked him for offering me a job as his PA. Wilbur though reminded him that the extra job was my decision.

    'You want that Elizabeth, to try out a career too? You ready to join the team. You get a clothes allowance.'

    I glanced in Leonard's direction and when he nodded I said 'yes, and thank you' too.

    The next month changed everything! The stress just seemed to fall off darling Leonard's shoulders like April showers. I was so relieved. I was actually happy and more more relieved than you can possibly guess. Wilbur took over the suite of office's that Leonard had used and he added lavish leather topped desks for his own new office and even the one that I had next door to his. About that time, a few salespeople were retiring from Wilbur's wider business, so Leonard was sent to cover some sales areas in the midlands. It was a lot of travelling for my dear, but look, driving, meeting people, without the need to control the bottom line was so much easier for Len. He would set out at six thirty in the morning and if he didn't get back until eight pm, there was at least a decent meals allowance granted by Wilbur. To assist us, Wilbur came by the house to pick me up for work in his Jaguar and he even took me down town shopping to pick out some work clothes. I wanted some business suits, a bit conventional I suppose, but Wilbur suggested some leather pencil skirts and jackets instead. He suggested stockings and high heels. I looked at him askance, because I thought of leather as tarty, but he reminded me that business was business, and that a woman who looked a hard bitch in leather commanded more respect. You could win arguments with men, through their cocks! It was such a startling but such an honest thing to say that I smiled and tried on the skirts. I showed him how I looked and he smiled. He admired the ones that emphasised my figure and dismissed the looser fit ones. He seemed to have such incisive taste about all that, so I followed his lead.

    'I'm going to suggest something, ' he said some weeks latter, after he had watched me work. 'I'm going to suggest that Leonard and two other salesmen report to you. You think that you can handle that?'

    'You want me to be the boss of Leonard?' I whispered, eyes wide as he calmly surveyed me.

    'Yes,' he said, 'you think that OK? May be its easier for the guy, rather than taking orders from me.' He showed me the first month's sales figures. The Business was suddenly lifting off again. The change was amazing! I looked down the salesperson performance figures and there was Leonard's. He was lagging behind. He wasn't used to simply selling things. I sensed the hidden message. I saw how he read the dignity issue. I thanked him and said that I would manage Leonard and the other two.

    'You might have to get rid of him' he said quietly.

    'Yes' I agreed, 'I know.'

    To maximise his sales reach Wilbur suggested that it might be best if Leonard overnighted up in the midlands on a regular basis so that was what I told Leonard to do. I knew that Wilbur was trying to help, in his usual no nonsense way. If Leonard was going to catch up, then driving up and down the motorway all the time was not the way to do it. I remember that Leonard looked crestfallen when I told him. I couldn't do it at home, so I sat crossed legged behind my new desk and put it on a business footing. Leonard kept staring at me in that leather skirt. He'd always left for work by the time that Wilbur collected me in the morning. He didn't actually register just how power dressed I actually was.

    'Let's see how your sales figures look next quarter' I said to him, not willing to listen to his gentle protests about always being away from the house.

    Leonard was so good, that he nodded very politely indeed. I think he was so grateful that Wilbur had given him a job and that my career was lifting off. There was really little prospect of us loosing the house at this rate! 'Just be good and work very hard' I suggested to him and he said 'yes miss'. It wasn't sarcastic or anything. it wasn't facetious or anything like that, he just said 'yes miss.'

    That night Wilbur took me out to dinner. He said that I had handled Leonard well. He did have to shape up. I agreed, of course I did. I was seeing daily just how the business was improving! Wilbur was calm, he was quiet and he was utterly ruthless. Wilbur got what he wanted and he was utterly fair and open with his business associates. It was such a heady, a sensuous evening. I had never seen a more handsome man in suit. He told me about his childhood, the eldest, growing up and minding his younger sisters. He told me about some charity work that he did with people who suffered from sports injuries.

    'You believe in winning don't you' I whispered softly and I admit it a bit doe eyed!

    He laughed, some things were just instinct, it wasn't strategy he said. He argued in return that I believed in winners, I clearly had discipline inside my soul too.

    'Yes, ' I admitted with a blush, 'I'm thrilled, impressed, what can I say that won't inflate your ego too much, by your control of the business. You understand people so well. You guessed that it would be easier for Leonard to take orders from me rather than you.'

    'Leonard will always submit to you, he knows that you are better than he is' he responded and kissed the back of my hand. It was such an easy, a casual but charming gesture. 'Do you agree, that as regards leadership, management, you have it and he doesn't?'

    I blushed then. I felt my neck flush puce. But I said,


    'And you like controlling him...for his own sake...to give him the right sort of stress reduced life?'

    'Yes' I admitted.

    When I said that, i knew something. I knew something with a terrible and an awful certainty. I wanted Wilbur to fuck me. I knew that I wanted him to take me indoors at our house, to take me up to the marriage bed and fuck me. Something inside my head said, 'you need a little loving. Leonard isn't good enough for that, let Wilbur do it.' Goodness, it seemed a wicked thought. I seemed such a wicked thought, but then, then...well, Leonard was always away. He was always travelling and he needed to prove himself in the new job. He needed to prove himself to Wilbur. That evening, Wilbur drove me home and walked me as always to the front door.

    I whispered, tremulous, 'do you want to kiss me?'

    He smiled. His hazel eyes, so deep, and so wise, searched mine.

    'Do you want me to?' he wondered and his voice seemed so deep, so base and resonant then.

    'Yes...yes....but...' I started to stammer, in a soft and uncertain way. My pulse it was racing.

    'Leonard will be fine, I will tell him gently, that I am fucking you. I will tell him that as long as he accepts you are boss, that you are too much of a lady to push him out of the house.' It was such a startlingly frank, such a calm assessment. I stared wide eyed at him.

    'You will tell him...?'

    'Yes' he said, 'ladies don't creep around and he is gentle enough to accept that you have moved up and out of his league. You are lovely, but you need to fuck, to progress too' Wilbur said firmly.

    His face was patient. It was patient and attentive.

    I nodded feeling so ashamed of my desires. I shouldn't want Wilbur, but I did. I shouldn't have rated him so much above Leonard, but I did. I shouldn't have felt grateful that he would read Leonard his future, but I was.

    'I don't think that we want any scenes do we? I don't imagine that you want any vulgar scenes, so its best that I tell Leonard, that I present him with the fait accompli. What do you think?'

    'Yes' I said. I wasn't sure what I said yes to. I meant, I want you to manage him. I want you to put him down, resolutely, as though it was his destiny.

    'Do you still want me to kiss you?' smiled Wilbur taking my hands.

    Oh goodness, my breath caught. My head was spinning.

    'Yes' I murmured softly.

    There, Wilbur kissed me and his mouth met mine, gently insisting that I surrender to him. I felt his tongue explore. I felt his tongue greet mine and then his hands move gently around onto my bottom. I felt him pull me to him and it left me so weak. I shook all over, my skin tingling, my legs quivering!

    'You need this?' he asked me gently stroking my hair.


    'You need to be loved, to be mastered that way?'

    'Yes' I answered, my voice husky, almost giving out on me.

    We went up to bed and Wilbur undressed me. I felt him unbutton my blouse, strip off my bra, and then drop my skirt around my ankles. He pushed my panties down and there I stood, just in stockings and suspender belt, a thirty six year old woman, quivering in front of a powerful twenty five year old man. Gently he lifted me onto the bed and spreading my legs, he led my hand down to my sex.

    'Show me your cunt whilst I undress', he whispered.

    So direct! He was so direct! I did as he bade, pulling my lips apart so that he could see the pink interior.

    'Play with yourself' he ordered. I did that too, my manicured fingers teasing my private places. I teased my clitty, pulling back the hood so that it popped out.

    I watched him undress. I saw how black he was. Every bit. So muscular. So big, his cock, oh goodness, it was so big!

    'Beg' he said looking down at me. It was so arrogant!

    'Please Wilbur...' I croaked, my voice almost absent.

    'Please Wilbur?'

    'Please Wilbur fuck me' I managed.

    'Please Wilbur fuck me and tell Leonard...'

    'Please Wilbur fuck me and tell Leonard that he is not allowed to any more.....because I am yours'.

    My words. Astonishing! They were my words. But Wilbur would make it so nice, so discreet, so polite, so inevitable!!!

    I felt Wilbur push his cock into me. There was no sheath. There was never going to be anything between us. He would fuck me raw, bareback, his cock sliding inside me, my body arching against him, aching for what he gave. There, even though I winced, even though I gasped, he pushed himself inside me and my nipples hardened. They stood high above my breasts as he took me, his lithe, hard muscle black body moving and angling into me.

    'Nice?' he burred.

    'I love you' I moaned softly.

    'That's OK bitch, that's OK, I'll make him understand' he sneered, his voice thickening with desire.

    'Hurt him, make him feel nothing' I moaned softly.

    'yeah, that's necessary bitch....' he answered.

    'Tell him if he makes a fuss you will give him a good hiding' I gasped staring widely at him.

    'Hiding and off down the road too' Wilbur responded.

    We climaxed.

    We climaxed together.

    We climaxed our bodies shaking, shuddering against one another, my hands writhing beneath the pillows, my head shaking, left, right and left again as I felt myself spasm on him.

    'Good girl, that's it, you take it bitch. I'll sort him alright'.

    My body wouldn't stop shaking. My body wouldn't stop climaxing.

    'Christ!!!' I swore and dug my nails in the bed.

    'OK' said Wilbur.

    I felt him start to ejaculate.

    I felt him ejaculate and it kept coming, more and more flooding me.

    It was the next day, After Leonard got back from Birmingham that I knew. Wilbur had got to him, catching him after he had filed papers at the office, before he drove home. Leonard came into the house, downcast. He came in showing me how his days sales had improved. It meant nothing, nothing really.

    'I don't want any fuss, do you understand?' I said crisply.

    Leonard was such a sweetie. He said 'yes Miss' immediately and then he went and showered. I know that he wanked up there. I could hear him grunting in the shower. He wanked himself, something I didn't want to think of a man doing. But I suppose that it was necessary, now that Leonard was beaten. it was necessary because he wouldn't be allowed in my bed again. Something had to adjust, so Leonard tugged on his cock in the shower and then, then I heard him groan.
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