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. A Husband's Fantasy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    A Husband’s Fantasy

    by RLM


    Velda and Craig Hawkins have been married for 7 years. Although the couple discussed having a family, they made a mutual decision to postpone having children. Since they married immediately after finishing their final year in college at age 21, Velda and Craig are both now 28 with plenty of time to start a family when and if they desire to do so. Both have excellent jobs with bright future prospects. Velda is already the Executive Assistant to the CEO of a large company, and Craig has a lucrative practice as a CPA.

    From Velda's point of view, her marriage to Craig has turned out exceptionally well. Her job is lucrative, challenging, and exciting. More importantly, Craig has become the type of husband she thought he would be during their courtship. Always considerate, helpful, witty, and charming, Craig frequently surprises her with the unexpected to the extent Velda is constantly wondering what will happen next. In addition to all his other qualities, even after 7 years of marriage and over 2000 visits to her pussy, Craig has remained an ardent, exciting lover. Sometimes he makes tender, slow, sensuous love to her for hours. At other unexpected times, he will fuck her hard and fast like he's ravishing a hot slut.

    Craig is also enormously pleased with his profession and with Velda and their marriage. He often stares at her awesomely gorgeous face and body and wonders how in hell he managed to get so lucky. His wife's 36D-24-35, 132-lb body, her long, blonde hair, and her beautiful face never fail to turn men's heads whenever they go out. The fact that his wife also dresses to excite and thrill adds even more to her sensuous allure. Just the thought of sex with Velda is enough to keep Craig's 8-inch cock hard.

    In spite of his great, good fortune, Craig still has one intense desire that remains unfulfilled. Ever since he began reading letters from couples that described the erotic pleasures of watching one's wife having sex with other men, Craig has fantasized about seeing Velda doing that. However, after seven years of marriage, it has remained a totally unfulfilled fantasy... at least as far as he knows.

    Craig's Fantasy:

    My wife's body was shuddering hard in another intense orgasm... her fourth I thought. Her legs spastically circled my waist and locked behind my back as she rammed her cunt upward to get my 8-inch cock even deeper into her erupting vagina. Her eyes were tightly shut, her hands clutched my back desperately digging into me, while her mouth stretched wide open emitting deep grunts that were far removed from ladylike.


    I pounded into my wife like I was trying to drive her ass through the mattress. The harder I rammed into her, the louder she screamed. With her legs high over my back, her asshole was easily accessible, and I rammed two fingers deep inside. She howled and grunted as I felt her vagina going into hard contractions signaling her fifth orgasm.

    Her arms encircled my shoulders even harder... her fingers digging deeply into my back as her ass went into overdrive. During our honeymoon, her long fingernails had lacerated my back bringing blood. After that, she cut her fingernails shorter to avoid injuring me during sex.

    I pride myself on my staying power, but it has its limits. I had reached mine. My gasps and moans let my wife know that I had reached it. Yanking her legs high in the air and ramming her mouth against my ear, she hissed, "Ooohhhh fuck yes! I love it when my cunt gets you so hot that you can't hold it any longer. Go ahead, Lover. Shoot my cunt full of your hot load. Pump me, Stud. Pump me and cum in me!"

    "Ugh! UGH! UGH! UGH! YOU HOT BITCH!! TAKE IT!! AAAHHHHHH FUCKKK!!" I heard myself screaming as I shot into my wife again and again for what seemed like a minute or more.

    After I had cum, we stayed locked together for a long time... kissing and stroking each other. Her legs remained locked around my hips... my chest pressed hard against her 36D tits exciting her nipples.

    "MMmmmm... that was just unbelievable, Darling. I love the way you fuck me." We cuddled more tightly together, my lips kissing whatever part of her body I could reach while hers did the same. Slowly, my cock began to harden inside her vagina. "Oh my god!" Velda gasped. "I can feel you getting hard again!" I thrust into her hot hole harder. "Aaahhh... wild! fucking fantastic! You're going to fuck me again, aren't you?"

    My answer was to roll onto of her body, slip my hands beneath her sexy ass, and nail my now rigid erection into her waiting cunt.

    When we were dating and after we were first married, I was always hesitant to fuck Velda really hard during sex for fear that I might hurt her with my 8-inch cock, which was somewhat bigger than average. After one such session during our second month of marriage when I had continued to thrust steadily into her pussy even while she was screaming "Fuck the shit out of me!", Velda had later exploded in anger, cursing me like a pissed off sailor.

    "Gawd damn you... you worthless wimp! I was right on the edge of a huge orgasm... I just needed a big, hard, cock rammed into me... I begged you for it, but all you would do was push in an out of me like some gay pansy. You Bastard! Why didn't you fuck me properly?!"

    I was too stunned to respond. Even after recovering from hearing my wife call me a "worthless wimp", a "gay pansy", and finally, a "bastard", I couldn't think of any suitable reply. All I could manage to say was, "I'm sorry. I was afraid I would hurt you."

    I remember that after saying that, I had dragged my naked body out of bed, put on a robe, and retreated to our den where I had poured myself a stiff drink. I normally didn't drink and still don't, but somehow, I felt I needed it at that moment. For the better part of an hour, I had nursed that drink, pausing occasionally to wipe away a tear that was running down my cheek. When my glass was finally drained, I was disgusted with myself... sitting here alone... drinking... crying. "Get up, Stupid, and go apologize to your wife," I said to myself. I was in the process of pushing myself out of the chair, when Velda had entered the den

    She was now wearing a short dress and a pair of heels. From the way her big tits were bouncing as she walked, I was pretty certain that she wasn't wearing a bra. At the time, I thought she was going out to find a real man who knew how to fuck her properly.

    Instead, Velda sat down opposite me and was silent for some time. Finally, she said, "After I finally got my brain working instead of my cunt, I realized what you meant when you said you didn't want to hurt me with that huge cock of yours. I'm so sorry for those awful things I said to you. Have I totally ruined it for us?"

    "Of course not!" I replied. "I know you were really disappointed at my not finishing you properly. I was just about to go back and apologize to you."

    "Amazing! Your wife behaves like an insensitive whore and you think you owe her an apology? You don't owe me an apology. This is what you owe me." Velda handed me my belt, pulled her dress up to her waist revealing a sexy, naked ass, and draped herself over my outstretched legs. "Whip my ass, Darling. HARD! I want it to sting and burn. And when you've finished, I want you fuck me so hard I'll be sore for a week. DO IT!"


    "YES! Please. Whip me and fuck me like a whore. I deserve it!"

    "Forget it. There's no fucking way I'm going to go without any pussy for a week because you're too sore to do it."

    "Mmmmmm... you really know what to say to a girl, Lover."

    After that, we always told each other exactly what we needed and wanted in bed. As a result, we're fucking like rabbits even after seven years of marriage.

    There was one exception to my generalization that Velda and I were completely open with each other concerning out bedroom desires... at least there was one on my part. As far as I knew, she kept nothing from me.

    In high school, I had discovered erotic letters written by real couples and individuals to various publications. A lot of these letters expressed the desire of the husband to see his wife having sex with other men. In some cases, the wife gave him what he wanted. In other cases, she would end up cheating. Occasionally, they went halfway and role played fantasies about her seeing other men. Regardless of what happened, these letters always turned me on enormously, and now that I was married to a drop-dead gorgeous woman, the desire to see my wife with another man grew steadily. After seven years, I often fantasized about Velda being fucked by another man when we were in bed having sex. These fantasies were my one secret that I had never mentioned to my wife.

    I didn't tell Velda about my secret fantasies because I didn't want to exert any pressure on her to grant me my fantasies. If she did it because I wanted it, it would have taken away most, if not all, of the eroticism for me. To really be really erotic for me, she had to do it because she wanted to do it... because it was so exciting for her, she couldn't resist. I didn't even suggest that we role play my fantasy for the same reason. Velda was very astute and would have immediately realized that this was a big fantasy of mine. After that, if she did it, I would never know whether she was doing it because it turned her on or whether it was to give me my fantasy.

    After seven years of suppressing any mention of my fantasies, I decided to risk asking Velda about some of her former boyfriends while we were in bed having sex. I even planned how I would go about asking to keep her from deducing my secret fantasy. Unfortunately, her responses were disappointing to me... to say the least.

    The first time I inquired about former lovers, we were in bed with my wife on her back, and my head buried in her sex saddle eating her pussy. She always gets off explosively on my lips and tongue and that night was no exception. She had cum within a few minutes when I first went down on her, her juices spurting all over my face. Her wild cries and grunts got me so hard I had to use all my will power to keep from mounting her immediately.

    After quickly removing my own clothes, I turned my still moaning wife over into doggy position, moved her knees wide apart, and pushed her head down onto the bed. She wiggled her ass in eager anticipation of cock. Instead, I pulled her buttocks apart, pressed my face into her ass crease, and let my tongue push into her anus.

    "OOOHHHHH GAWD! Craig! That's so dirty and hot.... It's driving me crazy. I should have washed first. Let me go do that," my wife groaned as her sphincter contracted and spasmed about my probing tongue.

    "Shut up and cum, you hot Slut!" Both her pussy and her ass began to contract and pulse when I said that. In no more than a few minutes, she was thrusting her ass hard against my mouth as her second orgasm surged through her causing the muscles in her belly to knot in hard bands.


    I moved my hand to her clitoris and began stroking it as I pushed my tongue even further into her contracting ass hole. My wife grunted... then she gasped.... a moment later, she grunted again... louder this time. Her hands flew to her tits and squeezed them... hard. she began pinching and twisting her nipples as her ass humped frantically against my mouth. Her grunts came faster... louder... she came for a third time. This time, sex juices squirted from her cunt hole.

    When her third orgasm ebbed slightly, I began alternating between finger fucking her ass and pumping it with my tongue. I also had her hand me her small vibe that she kept in her bedside table. When I turned it on "high" and pressed the business end to her clit at the same time as my fingers probed and rubbed her G-spot, and my tongue fucked in and out of her asshole, she began to scream and babble incoherently. She came so hard, it actually scared me. It was more like she was having a seizure than an orgasm as her entire body shuddered uncontrollably.

    One by one, I withdrew the stimulation to let her come down to earth... first I removed the vibe from her exploding clitoris... then pulled my fingers out of her contracting cunt hole. Finally, I slipped my tongue out of her throbbing asshole.

    "Oh fuck," she gasped, "you're the greatest lover on the planet, Darling. Just unbelievable! Where did you ever learn how to make love to a woman like that?"

    "From you. You always tell me what you like. All I have to do is follow directions."

    "Bull shit!" she gasped still out of breath. "But it's wonderful bull shit, and I love it! Thank god other men don't have a line like you've got, Darling, or they'd have me on my back constantly."

    That image made my cock throb so fucking hard I had to frantically press my thighs together to prevent ejaculating all over the bed! It was a perfect opening for me, and I asked, "What about the guys you were with before we met? Didn't any of them ever give your ass oral sex like that?"

    "Hell no. Not even close."

    "Well, what did they do? They did give you oral sex didn’t' they?"

    "Not really. There were only two of them before you."


    "You don't want to hear about them, do you?"

    "Every thing you do turns me on. You know that. Come on. Tell me."

    "Well, all right, but remember you asked. The first one was a 17-year old high school boy when I was 16. Neither us knew what we were doing, and it wasn't very good. We only did it twice. The second guy was a college guy I dated when I was a freshman. He had more experience than the high school boy, but not a lot more. He had no staying power and even less technique. We fucked four times, and I did have an orgasm twice. That's it. Now let's forget about the duds I was with. I've got a real stud in my bed now, and his cock is hard as steel right now. I need to take care of him."

    Velda pushed me onto my back and devoured my cock with her mouth. She sucked five inches on her first trip down my dick. On her second pass, seven inches were in her mouth and throat. She paused at that point and began to apply intense suction. Her cheeks hollowed in the effort, and now it was my turn to howl with masculine pleasure. My wife sucked even harder, and my ass rose off the bed allowing her shove two fingers inside while her other hand cupped and stroked my balls.

    "Ooohhhhh Christ! You're sucking the load right out of my balls!!" I screamed.

    Pulling off my cock for a moment, my wife growled, "Not yet, Stud. But soon. Just give it up, Baby. No way I'm letting you hold your load back. You're gonna shoot when I want you to shoot. Now get ready, Stud. The load's coming out of your balls right now!"

    Velda's mouth again rammed down on my cock. This time all eight inches drove into her throat as a third finger thrust into my ass and her hands massaged and milked my balls. My hips pumped up and down in wild thrusts. Her cheeks hollowed making the head of my cock engorge with blood and swell inside her throat.

    I didn't ejaculate. I detonated like an charge of TNT. I couldn't remember an orgasm like that. The load didn't shoot out... it exploded out of my dick ... a huge discharge that flooded my wife's mouth and spurted forcefully out of the corners. I was still shooting when my wife pulled her mouth off my rod. My load ran down her cheeks and formed swinging cum ropes from her chin.

    Swinging her leg over my hips, she mounted me, grasped my still jerking cock, held it steady and rammed her cunt down on my sex spike. When my cock began to slowly lose its erection from my explosive orgasm, Velda hissed, "Not yet, Stud. NOT YET!"

    My wife grabbed the vibe I had used on her clit, flipped the switch to high, and rammed it inside my ass. Instantly, my cock surged to full erection. I have never had a vibrator inside me before and the sensation was amazing.

    "That's better, Darling. Now fuck your hot slut. Oh gawd damn! I'm gonna cum, Baby... CUM ALL OVER YOUR BIG COCK... RAM ME... REALLY RAM ME!!"

    This time, I jack hammered my dick into her hole as hard as I could. Every time the head slammed into her womb, my wife howled with pleasure. She came, her juices flooding over my dick and groin. At the height of her orgasm, she screamed, "OOOHHH SHIT! SHIT! I THINK I FORGOT TO TAKE MY BIRTH CONTROL PILLS THIS MORNING... RAM ME, BABY. BREED MY HOT CUNT! SHOOT IN THE LOAD INTO ME!"

    My wife was experienced enough and wild enough
    to be a $2,000-a-night call girl.

    If there's a man on the planet who could hold his load after hearing his wife scream something like that and loud enough for the neighbors to hear us, I quickly realized that I wasn't that man. Once more, I exploded inside her cunt... douching her with my sperm and semen.

    The next day at my office, I realized that Velda had lied to me about her former lovers. Her problem was that she had gone too far in understating her previous sexual experience. She had been far too good a cocksucker, far too eager and talented a sex partner for her to have had only two previous cocks, particularly when one of them was a 17-year old, inexperienced boy, and the other a jack rabbit college boy. There was also the fact that Velda and I had met and started dating during the last half of our senior year. If she had had her second and last lover when she was a freshman, that meant she would have had to be celibate for almost three years. It didn't figure that a woman as sensuous and sexual as Velda could do without for three years.

    But more than anything else was the memory of her spontaneous tirade during our second month of marriage when I had failed to fuck her hard enough to make her cum. That outburst wasn't the result of two experiences, one with a 17-year old boy in high school and the other with a premature ejaculator when she was a college freshman.

    Although I was enormously disappointed at Velda's reluctance to share with me, the fact that she was concealing her previously lovers suggested that she had had a lot of them. This gave me hope that she might, under the right circumstances, fuck another man and turn my fantasy into a reality. I just had to arrange the "right circumstances".

    The Best Laid Plans:

    Over the next several months, I tried a variety of things to set up the "right circumstances". My first effort was at a pretty wild party being hosted by one of the couples we knew. There was a lot of booze and pot available was well as a spa and outdoor swimming pool. The summer night was very warm so the pool was a big favorite with all the revelers. That night Velda was wearing a short, black skirt with a form-fitting sweater whose V-neck left half of her large breasts exposed. She looked much hotter than the summer weather

    Around 10 PM, I saw Jack Easton dancing with Velda. She had had several drinks and was making no objection when he held her close. When he let his hands slip down to the top of her buttocks, she giggled and pulled them back up. But Jack was not the kind of guy to be deterred in his objective. With his wife off playing somewhere with another guy, his hand soon returned to my wife's ass. Again, Velda pulled it back up, but not until she had allowed it to thoroughly explore the lush contours of her butt. The third time his hand moved to my wife's ass, she snuggled even closer to him and let his hand roam freely. My cock was hard as stone.

    Although the music hadn't ended, Jack maneuvered my wife over to a love seat in a dimly lit hallway leading to the bathrooms. Moving smoothly behind my wife, he put his right hand on her waist and his left one over my wife's left breast. As her breast was being sensuously stroked, she leaned forward and pressed her ass back against what I knew was a very hard erection in Jack's pants. Several of the guests saw what was happening and watched for a moment, but then lost interest. She was just another wife being felt up by a randy male

    A moment later they were locked in a passionate kiss. As their mouths ground together, Jack’s hand moved inside my wife’s sweater where it caressed her left tit. Jack moved his mouth away from Velda’s long enough to watch as he pulled her sweater down exposing her large, naked globe. After spending a moment working on her nipple until it was hard, he again crushed his mouth against hers.

    When Velda put up no resistance to him cupping her left tit, his other hand quickly moved to her sweater that covered her right breast. It only continued to cover it for a moment as Jack pulled it down baring her breast completely. Jack was pleased when he saw that she wasn't wearing bra. Both of Jack's hands quickly covered the exposed breasts and worked the nipples. The erotic sensation of feeling her breasts being fondled and stroked had Velda's tongue sliding sensuously over her top lip and her legs spreading. My cock surged to full erection.

    Taking full advantage of Velda’s open legs, Jack’s hand moved moved between my wife’s thighs and began to rub her cunt through her panties. Immediately, Velda’s hips began to hunch against his hand.

    “Oh fuck, that feels so good,” she moaned. Jack began rubbing her clit.

    “AH… oh yeah! Like that, Honey.”

    My wife’s arched off the love seat when Jack pulled her panties aside and began rubbing her naked clit as his fingers probed her wet vagina.

    “Oh my god, that’s feel so fucking good, but someone’s going to see us.” Abruptly, my wife stood up allowing her dress to fall and cover her cunt. As soon as she was on her feet, Jack was behind her grinding his cock into her ass as his hands again began to fondle her naked breasts.

    It wasn’t difficult for me to see that he was now thrusting his cock even harder into Velda’s ass crack. My wife responded by grinding her butt against it. As they dry fucked, one of Jack's hands continued to caress her left tit while the other pressed against my wife's pussy and rubbed her clit through her skirt. Velda's mouth opened in response, and I could hear her hissing moan of excitement.

    At this point, I began to consume more and more vodka screwdrivers. What no one else knew was that the "vodka" was just water. By 11 PM, I was reeling around the room until Velda came over and told me to lie down. I mumbled something incoherent as I fell onto one of the couches and "passed out". Actually, I was so excited, I could hear my heart beating. I wondered if anyone else could.

    Once Jack saw that I was down for the count, he went into a full court press with my wife. He continued to dance with Velda, giving her a fresh drink from time to time. By midnight, he was still feeling up my wife's ass, but now his hand was under her short skirt. I wondered if he also had gotten his hand inside her panties or if she was even wearing panties. My cock was throbbing so hard, I felt like going to the bathroom to jack off.

    When the party was breaking up around 1 AM, I was still "unconscious" on the couch. Jack stepped right up being the helpful sort that he was.

    "You'll need some help to get him home, Velda. I'll give you a hand."

    "What about your wife? How's Mary going to get home?"

    "That's not a problem. She got a headache around 11 PM and said Martin was going to give her a lift home. Come on. Let's get Craig into my car. You can come back tomorrow for yours."

    I groaned a few times for effect when Jack, with a little help from Velda, essentially drug me to his car. The two of them got me into the back seat so naturally my wife had to ride in the front seat beside Jack.

    We had hardly gotten out of the driveway, when I heard Velda say, "Stop that, Jack. Pay attention to your driving. Watch the road."

    "I am watching the road. I'd rather be watching you, but I'm watching the road."

    "You may be watching the road, but the only thing you're paying any attention to is getting your hand further up my skirt."

    Once more, my cock throbbed hard. I could even feel the wetness from my precum coating my briefs.

    "Just a little further, and I promise not to go any higher," Jack said in a whisper.

    "A little further and you won't need to go any higher... you'll be there," my wife replied.

    We drove for another five minutes or so without anything more being said... that is, nothing was said until I heard, "Ooohhh... god. Stop, Jack. OOoohh.. oohhhh... Ooooohhh... please... stop..."

    It got quiet again for another minute or so. "Aaaahhhh... no... not under my panties... no... don't." I saw my wife's head slide lower in the seat and then disappear.

    This time it was less than a minute before I heard, "Aahh… Aahh… Aahh… oh fuck… mmmmmm..”

    The further we drove, the louder my wife's cries became. "UNG! UNG AAAAAHHHHHH GOD! Don't... stop... Don't stop! Don't stop! OH FUCK YES!”

    When we were about a mile from our home, her cries ebbed: "uummmm... mmmmmm.... aaahhh" As we entered our street, all I heard from the front seat were soft sighs.

    Jack pulled to a stop in front of my house, and said, "Ok. You go unlock the door, Velda, and I'll get Craig into the house."

    As my wife exited the car, I saw that her skirt was up high on her hips. She quickly pulled it down her legs on her way to unlock the front door. Then, my attention was on Jack as his arms locked underneath mine and pulled me out of the back seat. Once he had me standing, he hooked one of my arms over his shoulders holding it in place with his hand while his remaining arm wrapped about my waist. As he half carried me, half dragged me into the house, I allowed my feet to drag uselessly along the sidewalk.

    Once inside, Jack and Velda both took me into the master bedroom and laid me out on the bed. I moaned softly for effect and then lay still on top of the covers.

    "Shall I get his clothes off?" Jack asked.

    "No. Don't bother. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, I'll help him if he needs help," Velda responded.

    When I heard them leaving the room, I opened my eyes just enough to see them moving toward the den. Next, I again heard Velda's voice. "That's enough, Jack. That's more than enough. I had way too much to drink tonight and so did Craig... obviously... or none of this would have happened. I want you to leave... right now! No arguments... just leave."

    "You're going to leave me like this?? My cock's hard as stone. Even my balls are beginning to ache. That's not a very womanly thing to do to a man... in fact, it's a really bitchy thing to do."

    "Yeah... it is. I'm sorry, but you'll have to go home and let Mary take care of your problem."

    "At least give me a kiss."

    "No. My husband's in the bedroom. I'm not kissing you inside our home. Go."

    "Then walk me to my car and give me a good night kiss. Shit... that's the least you can do after getting me this worked up."

    "All right... You do have a point. But one kiss... that's it. No more and then you're on your way."

    I heard the front door open... then shut. I looked at my watch. It was 1:42 AM. If Jack thought his cock was hard, he should have seen mine. It felt like steel. And his balls might have begun to ache, but mine had been aching for an hour and were now painful. I needed to fuck my wife, but I was supposed to be drunk. The urge to jack off was nearly overwhelming, but I too embarrassed to masturbate.

    After some time, I heard the front door open and then close again. Checking my watch, I saw the time was now 2:24 AM.

    I considered my first effort to see my wife being screwed by another man a partial success. It was certainly true that I had not even come close to seeing her being fucked, and judging from her reaction when Jack tried to get into her pussy, it seemed unlikely that I would ever would. But I had gotten to watch Jack fondling her tits and ass and sliding his hand up her dress on the dance floor. And on the drive home, I had gotten to hear her moan as Jack did something to excite her. My guess was that he had rubbed her clitoris and probably finger fucked Velda.

    Not wanting to use the "I'm dead drunk" routine again, it was two months before another opportunity arose. It came in the form of a long distance telephone call during dinner. I started to get out of my chair to answer, but Velda was already up putting the dessert on the table and said, "Don't get up, Honey. I'll get it."

    Although I could only hear one side of the ensuing conversation, I could piece together most of what was being said.


    "Who? Damon? Damon Silverstone? My god! Damon! I haven't heard from you in ages. How are you? Where are you?"

    There was a pause followed by, "That's fantastic! When?"

    Another pause: "I can hardly wait to see you again. How long will you be in town?"

    Now there was a protracted pause. "Four or five days... that's great. But there's no need for me to make hotel reservations. We've got plenty of room. Craig and I don't have children, but we do have a four-bedroom home."

    A short pause now. "No. It's no trouble at all. In fact, it will give us that much more time to visit and catch up on what's been happening in our lives for the last 10 years. 10 years! I can hardly believe it's been that long."

    "All right. I'm sure it's Ok. But hold on, I'll ask him. I'll put you on hold while I talk to him."

    I knew what was coming before Velda said a word, but I just looked at her with curiosity written all over my face. "Honey, this is Damon Silverstone on the line. He's calling from San Francisco. He was one of my colleagues in business college before I met you. We used to do our homework and our term projects together and hang out some. He's going to be in town on business for four or five days. I've offered to let him use one of our extra bedrooms but he wants me to ask you if you're cool with the idea. Are you?"

    "Did you date him in college? Is he an old boyfriend?"

    "No, of course not! I told you that I only had one boyfriend in college when I was freshman. Damon and I were just fellow students and friends. He won't have much time because of business. If he stays with us, we would have a lot more time to chat and talk in the evenings."

    "Ok. Tell him I'm cool." Actually, I was more than just cool with the idea. Since I didn't believe Velda's story about having had only one boyfriend and then being celibate for three years, I was pretty sure they had done more than just do homework and term projects together. In my devious mind, I saw another chance to finally get to see my wife being fucked.

    When the day finally arrived for the start of Damon's stay with us, I still wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do to have a chance to see Damon fucking Velda. For all I knew, she was telling me truth that they were just college friends who hadn't seen each other for 10 years.

    However, when I saw my wife's outfit the morning Damon was scheduled to arrive, I figured getting them together might not be as difficult as I had imagined. Velda was wearing a micro-mini skirt with a halter top that exposed most of her belly as well as a substantial amount of cleavage.

    "Wow! Isn't that a little too much, Velda. You look hot and ready in that outfit."

    "Oh Please, Honey. Don't be jealous. You don't have any reason to be. I was really frumpy and overweight when Damon and I were classmates. That's really the reason I never had any boyfriends. I just want to surprise him with how much I've changed. He expects to see a 180 pound, middle-age woman. But, I'll go put on something less revealing if it makes you uncomfortable."

    "You know that I always enjoy men staring at my beautiful, sexy wife, Honey. This is no different. I just wanted you to know how sexy and hot you look. I love it. And if you say I have no reason to be jealous... then I won't be."

    "Mmmmmm... you're a real prince, Darling. Thank you for being so understanding. It's just for tonight. I'll wear something less revealing the rest of the time Damon's here."

    "Ok, but you can wear whatever you like. I thought we might go out dancing one night while he's here. I was hoping you'd wear something really hot."

    "Really? You want me to dress hot when we go out?" Are you sure?"

    "Since when have I ever wanted you to dress any other way?"

    Velda grinned like a kid who's just been given a large bag of candy.

    "Shall I pick him up at the airport?" I asked.

    I was pleased when Velda responded, "I'll do that, Honey. His plane arrives at 3 PM and you'll be working."

    "But so will you."

    "Usually. But I asked Mr. Duncan if I could leave early and he said it wouldn't be a problem. I'll pick Damon up at the airport and see you around 6 or 7 PM... whenever you get home."

    "Sounds like a plan to me."

    At 2:15 PM, I was parked in a cove of trees in a park at the end of our street. At 2:30 PM, the garage door lifted, and I watched as my wife backed her car onto the street. She passed me without even looking in my direction. At the terminal, I parked about a 100 yards away from where my wife left her car and followed her inside.

    Damon's plane was on time, so there was only a short wait. Velda was standing in the lobby where the passengers would emerge when they left the restricted area. I was standing behind a news stand not far from her. Every man in the place was checking out my wife's legs, half exposed tits, and naked belly. Every woman was looking at with either disapproval and disgust or with envy. For my part, I was looking at her with lust and a half-hard dick.

    The passengers began entering the lobby, and I could see my wife scanning everyone for Damon. When she saw him, a big smile crossed her face, and she waved. As soon as Damon reached her, he took my wife in his arms and kissed her. Velda put her hand on his shoulder, but his body blocked my view so I couldn't tell if she was returning his kiss.

    On their way toward the baggage claim area, they walked right past the news stand. As luck would have it, they stopped right beside the stand not more than 10 feet from me, turned to face one another, and kissed again. This time I could see my wife's mouth open wide to accept his tongue.

    After they had gone down the escalator, I hurried back to my car and drove home. Once more, I stopped the car in the park two blocks from my home and waited. They arrived about 15 minutes after I did.

    I waited in my car until it was 4:30 before I made my way to the back of my house. If they had closed all the blinds, I would be out of luck, but since the back of our home abutted dense woods, and I wasn't due home for at least another hour and a half, I thought there was a good chance they wouldn't have drawn all the blinds. As I approached the house, I hoped that Damon had Velda in our bedroom fucking her, but I seriously doubted that would be the case. First, I didn't really know if my wife had any intension of having sex with Damon, and I didn't think he would move that fast after 10 years... but I could hope.

    As the large glass door leading to our patio came into view, I saw that there was good news and bad news. The good news was that the blinds were open. The bad news was that they weren't having sex.

    They were sitting side by side on one of the couches in our den. The couch was large enough for three, but they were sitting side-by-side with their hips and legs touching. I moved closer and could hear most of what was being said.

    "God, I missed you, Velda."

    "Good. I've always hoped that you would. A girl likes to be missed," she said with a giggle.

    "When will Craig be home?"

    "Not until 6... maybe a little later."

    "Oh yes! That means we've got at least an hour and a half. Let's go to the guest bedroom. I'm dying to fuck you!"

    "No way, Damon. I'm married now, and I've never cheated on Craig. I don't intend to start now. I love seeing you again, but we're not going to fuck."

    "Those kisses you gave me at the airport and in the car on the way home and the way you're dressed say differently, Velda. Come on. My cock is so damn hard! I know you want it as much as I do."

    "Of course I do. I love sex. You know that. Craig and I fuck six to eight times a week even after seven years of marriage. In fact, come to think of it, he's really been a randy stud for the last two months. I think he been banging me 9 or 10 times a week lately. So you know I like sex... I know I like sex... but I'm married and we're not going to fuck. If you can't handle that, you need to get a room at a hotel."

    Damon stood up and paced the around the room for awhile. "God, Velda. I guess I might have to get a room in a hotel. I don't think I can stand being tortured like this for four days. When you say we aren't going to fuck, does that mean no sex of any kind?"

    My wife got up off the couch and moved close to Damon. "I'm not a completely heartless bitch, Damon. I didn't say you can't even touch me."

    Damon didn't need any more of an invitation than that. His hand moved between my wife's legs and cupped her pussy. She moved even closer and pressed her tits into his chest as her hips undulated against his hand.

    "Your cunt is soaking wet, Velda. You're on fire for it."

    "MMMmmmmm... you noticed. How about you?" Now, her hand moved to Damon's crotch where she wrapped it around his rigid shaft. "Damn! You weren't kidding, Honey. Your cock is hard as a rock."

    "Oh god! Let's fuck... Come on, Velda. I want you!"

    "NO!! If you keep this up, we won't do any thing and you can go to a hotel. Now make up your mind."

    "All right. All right! I'll stop trying to get you in bed. Don't get mad. Is looking allowed? Can I see what's under that tiny skirt you're wearing?

    "Mmmmmm... I thought you'd never ask, Honey. Want me to take it off?"

    "No. I want you to turn around and bend over. Put your hands on the coffee table and bend way over."

    "MMmmmm.. you always were a sexy bastard, Damon. Making a married woman bend over so you can see her ass." My wife turned her back to Damon and bent over at the waist supporting herself with her hands on the coffee table as Damon has ordered. "Is this the what you had in mind, Honey?"

    Damon knelt behind my wife and stared at her half exposed ass for some time. "Oh fuck! What an absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous ass you've got!"

    "How do you know? My skirt's still covering part of it. You can't see all of it."

    "I've got a great memory."

    "Mmmmm... hot Stud with a good memory."

    I had to take out my cock and jack off when I saw Damon pushing my wife's skirt up her ass... then higher... finally bunching it around her waist. Her ass was totally exposed and only the thin thong strip still concealed her ass crack and cunt.

    "Oh shit! It's even more beautiful and sexier than I remember. FUCK! I'm about to cum in may pants. Is anal sex out too?"

    "I'm afraid so. Sorry, Damon. My ass and cunt belong to Craig."

    "DAMN! Pull your ass cheeks open so I can see you cunt better... Is that allowed?"

    "Of course, Honey. I love getting you hard. Am I spread wide enough now?" My wife had reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Damon was kneeling a no more than a foot away staring with hot lust at Velda's two luscious fuck holes.

    "Christ! You've even got a clit ring now!"

    "No. It's a labia ring, Honey. It not through my clit. That would cause me to lose too much sensation in my clit. It would be harder for me to cum during sex.

    "I'm going to jack off."


    "Why not? Will you jack me off?"

    "Listen, Damon. Let's come to agreement. I don't want you to have to ask permission before you do any thing with me. Just go ahead and do what you like. If what you're about to do is off limits, I'll tell you. Ok?"

    "Great. bend over further, Velda. I'm going to lick your hot cunt and assholes until you cum."

    "Oooohhhh god... do meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!"

    Damon pressed his face between my wife's ass cheeks. Immediately, Velda began to thrust back against him. A moment later, she began to shriek. From the up down motions of his head, I could tell that he was alternating between sucking and licking Velda's clitoris and tonguing her asshole. She pulled her halter down and squeezed her nipples as Damon worked her cunt and ass with his tongue.


    That was all I could take. I wanted to hold back my load, but it was just impossible. Watching another man making my wife cum was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I wished they had been fucking, but even seeing him giving her head and making her cum was enough to make me shoot. I tried to hold it back, but the load just poured out of the end of my dick and a near continuous stream. I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning and giving away my presence.

    I was still cumming when I looked back into the den. Velda had pushed Damon back onto the couch and was jacking him off. Suddenly, a huge cum jet fired out of the end of his throbbing dick straight into my wife’s mouth. Velda jacked him harder, and two more thick loads pumped out one disappearing into Velda’s mouth, the other one splattering over her face. She continued to jack him until Damon was begging her to stop.


    Velda took Jack’s huge load all over her

    face and into her mouth.


    When I "arrived" home at 6:30 PM, Velda introduced me to Damon after which we chatted for awhile and then went out to dinner. Naturally, neither my wife nor Damon said a word about the erotic fun they had had before I came home. Damon was just a guy with whom she had done homework while in college. Right! And I'm the King of Siam.

    But I wasn't angry. If anything, I was disappointed that my wife had refused to allow either anal or vaginal sex and had not even sucked Damon off. He had had to be satisfied with licking her pussy and getting a hand job. Actually, a more accurate statement would be to say that we both had to be satisfied with that.

    Around 8 PM, we went out for a late dinner. There was more chatting and later, Velda danced with both us at a late hours club. I felt up my wife's ass as we danced and thrust my hard eight inches into her belly. When it Damon's turn to dance with my wife, he kept his hands on her waist at first... but gradually, they moved lower onto her ass where mine had been. Of course, the entire time he was grinding his hard cock against her belly.

    It was close to midnight when Damon retired to the guest bedroom, and Velda and I climbed into our bed. I was all over her in a flash, and she was just as wild to get my cock into her absolutely soaked cunt as fast as possible. All eight inches of cock sank into her on the first thrust as my balls slapped against her upturned ass.

    For five minutes, I pumped her hard... fast... deep until I felt her vagina contracting around my cock and her fingers digging into my shoulders. Hissing sounds of pleasure erupted from her mouth as her legs locked about my thighs in a near death grip.

    "Ugh.. fuck... ugh... fuck... fuck... harder... ooohhhhh god... fuck me, Craig. AAaaahhhhh!!"

    Her juices were pouring from her throbbing pussy, and the sensuous, squishing sounds of a rigid cock pumping in and out of an excited, gushing pussy filled the room. As the hot sounds pleasured my ears, the heady aroma of her aroused cunt pleasured my nostrils.

    "God, Velda. You're hot and wet tonight. Your cunt is a swamp. I fucking love it! Damon got you hot didn't he?"

    "Ooohhhh god... don't talk... just fuck me!"

    I slowed my strokes causing my wife to wail in protest. "Harder, Darling. Fuck me harder... deeper."

    "Not until you tell what got you so hot. Was it Damon playing with your ass at the club and you knowing that I was watching him do it?"

    "Yeessss!! Now fuck me! Please... do it hard. I need it!"

    "You had him hard, didn't you?"

    "OOohhh... ooohhh... ooohhhh!"

    "Didn't you?"

    "Hun-huh... yes... he was hard... really hard. Please, pump me harder, Darling. I'm gonna cum again."

    "He was grinding his hard cock against your belly, wasn't he?"

    "AAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhh... fuckkkkk... I'm cumming!"

    I gave my groaning wife a dozen hard strokes until her orgasm peaked and then gradually subsided. Her ankles were now locked over my ass as her ass pumped frantically up and down on the bed.

    "Damon was grinding his cock into your belly, wasn't he," I repeated.

    "Oohh yess.. he was."

    "You began to dance on your tip toes toward the end... why were you doing that?"

    "Please... just fuck me... I want you to fill me with your hot load, Darling."

    "Why on tip toes?"

    "You know why... FUCK ME, DAMN YOU... FUCK ME!"

    "Tell me."

    "So Damon's hard cock would be pressing against my cunt instead of my belly... Now cum in your slutty wife, you hot, sexy, Stud."


    I filled my hot wife’s cunt full twice that evening.

    I did. And another time before I fell asleep.

    I awoke in the middle of the night to find the space beside me empty. Slipping out of bed, I moved across the hall to the closed door of the guest bedroom. Pressing my ear against the door, I listened for at least 10 minutes without hearing a single sound. Obviously, Velda was not paying our guest a late night visit. I returned to bed and maybe 20 minutes later, Velda slipped in beside me.

    "Did I wake you, Honey. I'm sorry. I just couldn't sleep so I sat up for an hour reading."

    It made sense. She certainly had not been in Damon's bedroom. There's no way either of them could have kept from making some sound if they were fucking. I believed my wife, and again, I was disappointed.


    The rest of Damon's visit went very much the same way. I continued to spy on them whenever I could, and twice more I saw Damon go down on my wife and bring her to several intense orgasms. Afterwards, she always rewarded her abject slave with a hand job, but no more. He was still begging for more until he left the last morning. But all he got on that last day were several hot, deep kisses and another hand job. I, on the other hand, was fucking my hot wife 15 times a week or more... at least twice a day.

    A week after Damon's departure, I had just finished fucking Velda for the third time that day, the last two times in rapid succession after I had carried her to our bedroom around 9 PM. We were both lying on our backs with our sides pressed tightly together. Each of us was breathing deeply to suck needed oxygen into our lungs. Her hand was slowly stroking my semi-hard penis while mine cupped one of her heaving tits.

    "My god, Craig. You have become an insatiable satyr," Velda whispered through her labored breathing.

    "That's because I'm married to an insatiable, sensuous, hot slut. I love it!"

    "So do I," my wife said as she rolled over and kissed me... half in passion... half in love.

    "You know I was talking to Joyce Daniels a couple of days ago, and she was complaining that her husband hardly ever fucks her."

    "How often does he do it?"

    "She said two or three times a month. She was almost in tears. Finally, she asked me how often you fuck me."

    "What did you tell you?"

    "I didn't know what to say. At first, I just said you screwed me more than her husband was giving her, but she wasn't satisfied with that evasive answer. So I finally just told her that you're in me an average of more than twice a day."


    "And she didn't believe me at first. She wanted details... so I gave them to her by telling her every time you had fucked me for the last week."

    "What did she say?"

    "I'm not sure I want to tell you."


    "Because it would make me nervous... and maybe jealous."

    "You just lost me. Nervous about what? Jealous about what?"

    "Joyce asked me if she could borrow your services a couple of times a month or so."

    "Bull shit! It's really wonderful bull shit for my ego, but I don't believe you."


    We were silent for awhile. Finally, I could no longer bear the suspense and asked, "Is that really true?"

    "Yeah. Joyce wants you to fuck her a couple of times a month or more if I'll agree."

    Again, we were silent for awhile. This time it was Velda who could no longer stand the suspense. "Are you going to fuck her?"

    "No. Why would I waste the energy fucking a moderately attractive woman when I've got the sex goddess of the year in my bed? I just can't get enough of you. Every time I make love to you... every time I fuck you... I'm already planning for the next sensuous adventure with you."

    "Jezz! You could give classes on how to seduce women, Darling. That's the hottest thing any man has ever said to me."

    Again we were silent for awhile. Sleep was about to overtake me when suddenly Velda asked, "How would you feel if I let another man fuck me?"

    There it was... the question I had fantasized about my wife asking me for at least a thousand times, but had concluded that she never would. Now she had, and I was at a loss for words. I wanted to see her having sex with another man or men, but I didn't want to tell her that. If she did it, I wanted it to be solely her decision.

    "Velda, it has been my experience, particularly with you, that women are incredibly astute, incredibly sensitive... far more so than men. Any man who thinks he can conceal something from his wife is either married to a brainless ding-a-ling or is a fool. You are far... far... far from a brainless ding-a-ling, and I am no fool. I think you already know the answer to your question. Isn't that so?"

    My wife snuggled very close to me, kissed me with hot passion, and whispered, "Thank you, Darling. I love you and no one else." After that we both drifted into a sound, dreamless sleep.


    The Visitor:

    It was a Saturday afternoon, a little more than two weeks after Damon's departure that I noticed something unusual while I was changing clothes after getting home from my usual Saturday afternoon round of golf around 5:30. The bed covers in the master bedroom were slightly rumpled... not much but a little. This was unusual because I didn't think they were like that when I was dressing to head out to the links a little after noon. Nothing else seemed amiss, so I forgot about it.

    The following Saturday afternoon after my round of golf, I again checked the bed covers when I was showering and changing clothes in our bedroom. This time, the bed covers were perfectly in order. I expected no less.

    Velda was in the kitchen fixing dinner when I came down, and I immediately went in to help her. "You don't need to be working in the kitchen fixing dinner, Velda, when all I've done all day is play golf. Let me fix the dinner, or we can go out."

    "I enjoy fixing dinner for my man, Honey. But I damn well expect some payback tonight in the bedroom. Go read the newspaper. I'll call you when it's ready, and you can help me put every thing on the table."

    Returning to the den, I sat down and began reading the newspaper as ordered. With my chair facing the couch, it wasn't long before I noticed a tiny bit of something pink sticking out from under the couch. Getting down on my hands and knees, I pulled the object out and found it was a pair of my wife's panties that had gotten shoved beneath the couch. I got hard thinking of the implications since I knew damn well that her panties were not there that morning before I left for the golf course.

    All the way through dinner, my wife talked about what was happening at her company, but she gave no hint that anything unusual had happened that afternoon... like some guy fucking her. At one point, I did see her glance at the couch where I had found her panties, but there was no other reaction.


    The next Monday at work, I took stock of the situation. My wife is not only a beautiful, sensuously sexy woman, she's also extremely smart and very meticulous. Those are the reasons she's already Samuel Duncan's Executive Assistant with a substantial salary. She rarely makes mistakes. She certainly doesn't commit stupid blunders. Blunders like leaving the bed covers rumpled so I will see them. Colossal blunders like leaving her panties under the couch for me to find were unthinkable.

    My wife was fucking another man or men, but she wasn't trying to hide it. In fact, it was just the opposite. She was leaving clues so I would discover her infidelity and catch her being fucked.

    I had a smile on my face all evening. Velda noticed it, but said nothing. It wasn't necessary. She knew why I was smiling. She had the same kind of smile on her face.


    The following Saturday, I left for the golf course promptly at noon, but I drove only a few blocks before returning and leaving the car in the park at the end of our street. I had cancelled my golf date with my partners earlier in the week, but of course, I didn't tell Velda that. Taking a position in the woods on the opposite side of the street from our house, I watched and waited. Some men checking up on their wife like this would be angry and pissed off. I was excited and hard... very hard.

    I had been watching our home for a little over an hour when I

    saw a young guy approaching our house. I had seen him some where before but couldn't remember where. He was about 30 or so, a very well-built guy with a rugged face, and a hard body and a shaved head. He obviously worked out regularly. He was handsome and looked virile as hell... exactly the type of guy who always caught my wife's attention.

    He walked up to our front door and knocked. When my wife opened the door, the guy stepped into the open doorway, pulled my wife against his body, and kissed her hard as his hands explored her ass. A moment later, he moved inside and closed the door behind him. It was pretty obvious that very soon he was going to be fucking my wife.

    After squeezing my throbbing cock several times, I moved into

    the woods behind one of the other houses in our neighborhood. The large lots and dense woods made it difficult to work my way to a spot directly behind our house. However, those same woods effectively shielded me from discovery. I approached our patio window that opened onto our den, but the drapes were completely closed. I cursed under my breath at not being able to see what was happening inside.

    In frustration, I pressed my ear to the glass of the patio door and listened. Then I heard them. The sounds were coming from the side of the room where the I had found Velda's panties beneath the couch. Obviously, he had my wife on that couch. I could hear moaning sounds that were clear enough to tell me that the guy was already playing with my wife's tits or maybe finger fucking her. I didn't think he was going down on her yet, partially because of the short time he had been in our house, but mostly because Velda's moans weren't intense enough. She really howls when her clit is being licked and sucked.

    My cock was throbbing and on the verge of firing my load into my briefs. Taking it out, I began jacking off while I listened to my wife moaning. Then, I heard her speak.

    "Let me suck that your hot cock, Marcus."

    "Oh hell yes! Get that hot mouth on me, Baby. Suck my dick!"

    "I don't want you shooting in my mouth here on this couch. If your load spews out onto the couch, I won't be able to clean it up before my husband comes back from playing golf. When you're ready to shoot, we'll go to the bedroom... Ok? I mean it!"

    "I got a better idea, Velda. Let's go to the bedroom right now."

    "MMMmmmmm... I love that idea, Stud. And I've got a hot surprise for you."


    "Remember what you wanted me to do when you first fucked me two weeks ago? And what you asked me to last week when you screwed me for the second time?"

    "Hell yes, I remember. I wanted to fuck you in the same bed where your husband bangs you, but you wouldn't do it there."

    "Well, that's exactly where you're going to be fucking me today. Come on, Marcus. You're cock's hard and my cunt's wet."

    I hurried down to the end of our house where our master bedroom opened onto a second patio. This time, the drapes were partially open allowing me an excellent view of the bed.

    When they came into the room, Marcus was kissing my wife with his hands under her skirt. He stopped at the foot of the bed and continued kissing her. I could see that they both had their mouths open with their tongues thrusting back and forth. Slowly, he worked her skirt higher and higher on her thighs. Velda's hips were hunching in fuck motions... back and forth against his crotch. Then, my wife's skirt rose above her ass. It was naked. She wasn't wearing any panties!

    Marcus jerked my wife's skirt up around her waist in one quick, smooth motion. Once her skirt was up, she spread her feet apart allowing him to get between her thighs and grind his organ into her pussy. At almost the same time, Velda pushed Marcus's pants down, and he got her blouse open. My wife's 36D tits thrust out of the blouse covered only by her sexy half-bra. Marcus pulled her blouse off, jerked the bra aside, and pushed my wife to her knees in front of his cock.

    When Velda knelt in front of him, I saw his cock. It was large, realty large... about eight and a half or nine inches and thick... her fingers just barely touched when she wrapped her hand around it. Staring at his hard pulsing organ, I had mixed emotions. On the one hand, the fact that Marcus’ cock was bigger than mine worried me, but on the other hand, I had really wanted to see that huge cock sinking into my wife's cunt. Marcus' cock was really hard. His sex weapon stood almost straight up against his hard belly, and the head was a swollen, big purple knob that was already leaking sex fluids.

    Marcus thrust his shaft toward my wife and said, "Suck it,

    Baby. Get your mouth hole over my cock and suck me. Hurry up!"

    My wife couldn't do it fast enough. Kneeling in front of him, she again took his huge cock in her hand and began jacking him off as her tongue moved up and down the length of his dick and then over the big, throbbing head.

    "Don't jack it, Velda... Suck it!" he commanded.

    "Be patient, Lover. I'm going to suck you, but I just love stroking and licking your big fuck stick. Sit down on the couch so I can really get at this monster dick.” Marcus grinned with masculine pleasure.

    Velda held his balls with one hand, and with the other, guided his pulsing cock into her mouth hole. Her mouth stretched as wide as possible to get him inside. Once the head was firmly lodged in my wife's mouth, Marcus held the back of her head, thrust his hips upward, and drove half of the organ deep into my wife's mouth. She gagged once when the big head pressed against the opening to her throat. I watched him force her head downward. More inches of hard cock disappeared down her throat.

    Slowly, it was dragged out as her cheeks hollowed, sucking. When it was all out except for the big head, I watched as his shaft started back in. Four inches... five inches... six inches. My wife's eyes bulged. More cock was pushed inside. I could see her throat bulging as the head slid even further down. Marcus held her head in place. Her nose flared as she tried to breathe in air around his big cock. When only a half-inch of cock remained outside my wife's mouth, the fucking began. Frantically, I unzipped my pants, pulled out my rigid 8-inches and began to jack off.

    My wife's moans and grunts were muffled by the big prick fucking in and out of her throat. "OOMMPPPPFFFFFF... GGHHAAAAAAAA... OOMMMPPFF".

    Marcus paid no attention to her grunts. He held her head firmly in place as his hips drove his weapon in and out of her widely stretched mouth. Saliva was running down his cock shaft, coating his balls, and dripping onto my wife's tits.

    His hips thrust upward as the last inch of cock was shoved into my wife's throat. She was now taking all of him. Her cheeks hollowed as she began to suck Marcus' cock even harder. When Velda put her hand on his shaft and began jacking it every time Marcus pulled out, it was his turn to grunt with pleasure.

    I was jacking off furiously. My hand flashing up and down my 8-inch cock... up over the throbbing head... then back down the shaft... again and again, as I watched my wife sucking him. I could see her throat swell every time the big cock head entered and then withdrew. Saliva continued to run out the corners of my wife's mouth, down her chin, and then dripped onto her tits.

    Just when I thought that the sucking couldn’t possibly get hotter and more erotic, it did. Velda moved off the couch and stood in front of her lover with her legs wide apart. The huge cock was standing straight up, erect and throbbing. My wife bent over at the waist and took him back into her mouth. With Velda’s naked ass thrust toward me, my eyes alternated between her wet cunt and the hot sight of her sucking her lover’s cock.

    I could easily hear the hot groans of pleasure coming from Marcus as he fucked Velda’s mouth with her tits dangling right in front of his face.

    Her bra went flying as his hands encircled Velda’s tits, and his hips jack hammered his cock in and out of my wife’s throat.


    My cock was a rock-hard iron bar as I watched my wife

    giving her lover a fantastic blowjob. It was hotter

    than anything I had ever imagined.

    There was no way either of us could last... it was just too hot. Marcus was now pumping smoothly back and forth in my wife's mouth. On every stroke, his balls were slapping against her chin. Velda's pussy was throbbing as well as our cocks. Her fingers flew to her clit and rubbed it frantically, her hips thrusting in fuck motions while she sucked.

    I shot my load at almost the same time as Marcus unloaded. He shot the first couple of cum jets straight into her throat and belly and then pulled out and creamed her face with the remainder of his load. By the time the last spurt landed on her lips, thick streamers were dripping from her chin onto her tits where they seeped into her cleavage. My wife's body began to shudder as her cunt convulsed in an intense orgasm. Both of them were grunting as the hot sensations surged through both his cock and her cunt at the same time.

    As soon as his dick finished unloading all over my wife's face and tits, he pushed her down on the large sectional couch beside our bed. "Spread wide open, Honey, if you want my tongue on that your hot cunt." My wife's legs flew apart. Obviously, she wanted his tongue between her legs.

    Marcus used his fingers to open her cunt. Pausing briefly to examine the wet pulsing sex hole, he grinned with pleasure as Velda thrashed and moaned on the couch, begging him to suck her. Finally, he gave her what she was begging for.

    As soon as his tongue began lashing her clit, my wife's mouth opened wide and her tongue lolled out. Her eyes clenched shut as the sensations coursed throughout her throbbing vagina and clit.

    "OOohhhhh yesssssss...suck me, you hot Stud. Suck my married pussy, Baby... Make me cum again for you... aaahhhh! OOOoohhhh fuck! I'm so damn close! SUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE... LICK MY CLIT... MAKE ME CUM!!!"

    It took Marcus less than a minute to make my wife explode into a screaming orgasm. She thrashed wildly on the couch, her hips jerking uncontrollably, as her clit and cunt exploded in hard throbbing contractions.

    Rising from between my wife's still trembling thighs, he jerked Velda's legs up into the air tilting her hips and cunt up into fucking position. With her legs wide open, I could see her pussy gaping open and throbbing. Once more, I began to jerk my cock. After so many years of fantasies, I couldn't wait to finally see my wife being fucked. My dick was throbbing in anticipation. Naked except for her hot heels, Velda pulled one knee back until it rested on the couch right beside her heaving tits. Marcus held her other leg by the calf high in the air and pushed her knee back until it was almost touching her other breast. Her fuck hole gaped open... her sexual secretions seeping out.

    "FUCK ME!!!" she howled.

    I was jacking off furiously as I watched him move into the spread V of her thighs. With his powerful body socked firmly into my wife's sex saddle, I couldn't see her cunt being penetrated by his shaft, but my wife's scream of passion let me know exactly when he was sticking his cock into her cunt.

    Marcus moved upward and, as his legs spread, I could see the thick phallus sunk all the way into my wife's cunt. Her opening was stretched into a huge oval with the lips of her pussy clinging tightly to his rock-hard shaft. My cum load shot all over the patio door.

    Shoving his hands underneath my wife's ass, he began fucking her with hard, driving strokes into her widely stretched cunt hole. She began to babble making the incoherent gasps and grunts of a female receiving a hard fucking from a dominant male intent on planting his seed deep inside her.

    Velda's heels were jerking back and forth in response to the hard fuck strokes. As he pounded her ass deep into the mattress of our marriage bed, my wife's legs rose up and wrapped around her lover's back, trying desperately to pull him even deeper into her sex pit. Her big tits were being jarred back and forth. The muscles of Marcus' buttocks rippled each time he drove his cock into my wife. He had her legs hooked over his arms so she couldn’t lower them or bring them together. All she could do was groan and grunt and take the hard fucking he was giving her.

    "oh oh oh...aaahhh..ugh ugh ooouuuuuu...oooh fuck meeeeeeeee, Stud. Fuck my hot cunt! Make me cum on your huge cock, Baby!".

    The hot, squishing sounds of his cock sinking into my wife marked his every thrust into my wife's cunt. Velda is very loud when she cums. I waited trying to keep from cumming for a third time until I heard the sounds I knew I would soon hear. Marcus was pounding Velda like an wild bull. I had never realized how hard a man about to cum fucks a woman... it was awesome to see Velda's ass forced deep into the cushions of the couch every time he drove his sex spike into her cunt. I wasn't sure I could hold out if he didn't unload into her soon.

    "OOOHHHH God! You hot bitch... Can't hold it any longer... Gonna shoot in your cunt, Baby. Ready?"


    That was more than enough. My load exploded out of my cock in a huge thick jet of cum that splattered against the side of our house. I could hear the couch springs protesting as Marcus fucked the shit out of my wife..

    "Here it comes! Take it Bitch!"


    I was certain that my second spurt surged out at the same time that Marcus started shooting his load into my wife's cunt. Several weaker spurts pumped out of my cock while the big-cocked stud fired the rest of his cum into my wife's hot sex hole.


    The hung stud spread my wife legs wide open and nailed his cock into her eager cunt.
    He fucked her like a hot whore. My load shot

    against the side of the house as his exploded

    deep inside my wife’s cunt.


    After shooting his load into my wife's pussy, Marcus collapsed on top of Velda and they stayed locked together for maybe five or ten minutes before Velda shoved him over onto his back. Bending over him with her ass pointed directly at me, she took his flaccid cock into her mouth and began sucking him.

    At first Marcus was letting my wife do most of the work, but after ten minutes of having his cock buried to his balls inside her mouth, I saw his hips beginning to thrust again. She was getting him hard... and in the process, she was getting me hard as well.

    Marcus was now holding onto the back of my wife's head as he pumped his revitalized prick in and out of her mouth. I could see the saliva streaming down his rod and his cum load streaming out of my wife's cunt at the same time. Velda had both of us hard again.

    "Oh hot damn! You're hard again," my wife hissed. "Scoot up to the edge of the couch, Honey. I'm going to ride your big fuck stick this time."

    Marcus quickly moved his hips to the edge and leaned back with his 7 and a half inches of hard meat sticking straight up. Turning so that her back was against his chest, Velda mounted him in reverse cowgirl position, which had her facing me not more than a few feet away. Raising her hips, she looked over her shoulder and said in a husky, sex-filled voice, "Stick the head into me, Stud, and then I'll do the rest."

    Fisting his shaft, Marcus adjusted his cock at the opening of my wife's cunt and worked it into her. "AAAAahhhhhhh... Yes!" she hissed. A moment later, she slowly lowered her hips, and I watched the cock disappearing inside my wife's cunt hole. When her pussy lips were locked around the base of his cock, Velda began fucking him with steady thrusts as I started jacking off for the fourth time of the afternoon.

    It only took Velda a few minutes to climax. After that, she leaned back supporting herself with her hands behind her back on either side of Marcus' head. Spreading her legs wide open, I had a perfect of her widely stretched cunt as the thick shaft plunged in and out of her vagina. The incredibly erotic sight had me close to an orgasm almost instantly.


    Velda rode the huge cock like a wild demon. She seemed to be

    having continuous orgasms as Marcus rammed her.

    Just before Marcus came, my wife lifted her pussy off his surging cock. "NO! Keep your pussy on my cock," Marcus moaned in desperation.

    Once more holding her body over his rigid shaft, Velda groaned, "Stick it in my ass, Lover. Bang my butt and shoot it there, Honey."

    Once more, Marcus fisted his shaft and adjusted it... but this time at the opening to my wife's ass rather than her cunt. Once he had worked the head into her butt, Velda moaned, "AAaahhhh fuck, YES!" and started slowly lowering her hips to take his cock into her ass. Again, I was getting a close up view of the big cock disappearing into my wife.

    Marcus was too wildly excited to wait. Grabbing my wife's hips, he pulled her down hard on his sex spike and rammed all seven inches up Velda's ass.

    "UUGHHH! GAWD DAMN! GO EASY... NOT SO ... AAAHGGGHHHHH!! UUNNGGHHH!" she screamed as he began fucking her like a runaway machine, his rod slamming into her like a pile driver.

    For a moment, I thought I was going to have to stop him as it seemed like my wife was being hurt badly, but just before I raced inside, she starting moaning.

    "Ooohhhh god! That feels incredible! I'm so fucking full of dick... ram me, Stud. Ram that big cock up my ass, Lover. Ooohhh fuck! I'm gonna cum... hard.




    A half minute later, all three of us were cumming.


    That night, as usual, Velda acted as if nothing had happened. The big difference, however, was that this time I had seen and heard her being fucked and cumming repeatedly. I was iron hard all the way through dinner. With every passing minute, my erection grew harder. My balls were drawn up tightly against my body. They felt bloated with semen.

    Of course, Velda saw my hugely tented pants that moved every time my dick throbbed. It felt like my normal 8-inch cock had grown to 9-inches I was so fucking hard and hot! Unconsciously, her tongue made frequent trips across her top lip. Her breathing deepened causing her big tits to rise and fall. At one point, she was standing at the sink with her back to me, and I saw her pressing her thighs tightly together. A moment later, her body shuddered several times as the small orgasm pulsed through her body.

    As soon as we were out of the kitchen, without any warning, I pulled my wife to me and kissed her hard, my tongue driving into her mouth. Velda's mouth flew open to take my tongue as her body trembled. Her nails dug into my back breaking the skin, but I was too excited to even feel the pain. I just kissed her harder... grinding my lips fiercely against hers. She returned the kiss with equal passion mashing her tits into my chest and humping her mound up and down my iron-hard cock shaft.

    Her body was still trembling when I yanked the zipper of her dress down and jerked it over her head. “Take your fucking panties off! Now! I want you naked. DO IT!”

    My wife tore at her panties frantically. She was so hyper she almost fell in her effort to get them off. By the time she was naked, I was removing my pants and briefs. Velda’s fingers were flying over her erect clit as she stared at my iron-hard erection with precum dripping from the tip.


    I pushed her down onto the same couch where I found her panties, pulled her ass to the edge, and ordered, “Suck it! Open your hot mouth hole and suck me!”

    As soon as I moved between her open legs, her mouth engulfed my cock. A few strokes later, she was taking it all the down her throat as her hands stroked my thrusting ass and cupped my balls. Every time my rod vanished down her throat, garbled grunting sounds erupted from my wife.

    Her fingers never stopped stroking her throbbing clit as she sucked.

    When her fingers began working feverishly on her clit, I shoved her legs apart, and pressed my mouth against her soaked pussy. I could feel her cumming soon as my tongue began licking her engorged clitoris.

    "UUNNNNNN... UUUNNNNNN... UUUNNNNN," she hissed as her ass hunched a foot off the couch.

    Velda emitted a sharp, hissing sound as I sucked in the stem of her clit and lashed it with my tongue. I ate her like a madman and thrust three fingers into her erupting vagina. As soon as I found and began rubbing her G-spot, her entire body went into hard, spastic tremors. Velda howled and screamed. She came... then she came again. When her vagina and clitoris contracted in a third hard climax, she squirted and ruined the couch.

    Cunt cream oozed out of her hole as she came for a fourth time.


    My wife deep throated my shaft, and I returned the

    favor by licking her clit while finger fucking

    her cunt until she had cum four times.

    Her pussy was still contracting... still dripping cream... when I scooped my wife up my arms and carried her to the master bedroom. She wrapped her arms about my neck and moaned in ecstasy as her dripping pussy formed a trail all the way to the bedroom.

    After putting Velda on her back, I moved onto the ned between her thighs.

    Jerking her legs up, she howled, "OOOHHHHHHHHHH... GOD! JEZZZZ... FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF MEEEEE!!"

    I paused for just a moment to look down at the throbbing hole between Velda's thighs that Marcus had fucked a few hours earlier. The thought made my cock harden to the point that it hurt. Precum was dripping onto my wife's belly as she stared at the hard sex spike with open female lust.


    I rammed my entire 8 and half inches of throbbing man meat into her cunt on the first stroke. My wife's eyes flew open, her mouth stretched into a huge, wide hole, her tongue shot out and curled upward. Her ass arched upward to take the cock deep as her legs shot straight out, her heels curling back. Her loud screams filled our bedroom when the cockhead thudded into the bottom of her cunt. She came with a burst of juices that spewed out of her tightly plugged hole

    "Here it comes! Take it, you luscious slut!" I roared as my load poured into her spastically contracting cunt hole.


    My wife looked incredibly slutty and erotic with

    my load seeping out of her cunt.

    I didn't even begin to get soft. If anything, my cock got harder as it shot thick streams of sperm and semen into her vagina. Shoving my arms beneath her, I rolled us over so that she was mounted on my dick. "Ride me, Velda. Fuck your cunt on my cock!" I ordered. Her ass went in overdrive as she slammed herself up and down my shaft like a woman possessed by a fierce sex demon.

    "Turn around, Velda, so I can hold your big tits while I fuck your cunt," I ordered. When she lifted her pussy off my cock so she could reverse her position, it was dripping all over my belly... juices and cum pouring out of her widely stretched cunt. As soon as she was in position, I nailed it into her hot hole. Again she groaned when her pussy throbbed from the force of my entry. It only took a few minutes before I felt her pussy going into hard spasms around my dick. She hissed and groaned every time her vagina contracted. She bared her teeth when she felt the dick pound into the bottom of her hole. She came again just I ejaculated once more into her hot sex pit.

    After resting atop my body for a few minutes, Velda rolled over onto her side taking me with her into spoon position behind her, my half hard cock still inside her pussy.

    "Unbelievable! Just fucking unbelievable," my wife groaned. "I've never... ever... been fucked like that... not even close. And I've never been screwed by a cock any where close to as hard as you were tonight. You were so damn big and so hard! And fuck... you're still partially hard. You're gonna fuck me again ... soon, aren't you?"

    "Yes... probably sooner than you think."

    "I don't have to ask how you're doing this, do I. You saw us today, didn't you?"

    "Yeah, I did. It's been my hottest fantasy for a long time, I've never seen you or any of my former girl friends being fucked ... not ever. Who was he?"

    "His name's Marcus. He's the aerobics and tennis instructor at the country club. He also doubles as a masseur, and he’s got an absolutely huge cock. Did you jack off while you watched him fucking me with his monster dick?"

    "Four times. It was just too hot to stop."

    "My god! You shot off four times this afternoon and then this performance tonight. You know you're an insatiable satyr, don't you, Honey?"

    "Only with you. I know Marcus has already fucked you the last three Saturdays. Are you going to continue to let him fuck you?"

    "Do you want me to stop? I will if you want me to."

    "No way! I want you to keep doing it. It was so hot watching him fucking you, I couldn't believe it."

    "All right. I'll keep spreading my legs for that hot, young stud every Saturday afternoon. It's going to be a difficult job taking that hard dick up my cunt every Saturday, but I'll do it just for you, Darling," my wife said with a seductive smile.

    "You know you're an insatiable nympho, don't you, Honey?"

    I replied paraphrasing her earlier remark about my being a satyr.

    "Obviously, and I know that it really turns you on. I love it! Why didn't you tell me years ago about your fantasy, Darling. We could have been having incredibly exciting sexual adventures."

    "I knew if I told you, you would probably do it for me... to fulfill my fantasy. And I didn't want you to do it for me... that would ruin it. I wanted you to do it because you wanted another man's cock in your pussy, and I was hoping to be able to catch you doing it. But it didn't work out."

    "What do you mean it didn't work out? Of course it worked."

    "No, not really. In spite of my efforts... in spite of the fact that I never told you, you somehow figured it out anyway. You even left clues so I could catch you. Even so, it was fantastic, but the best would have been if you had done it without knowing about my fantasy."

    "Darling, I wasn't going to tell you this, but I've changed my mind. I didn't fuck another man because of your fantasy or because I knew you wanted me to."

    "But you even left me clues. You knew!"

    "With Marcus... yes, I knew, and I wanted you see him fucking me. But every thing really did work out pretty much as you had hoped except I had to give you a little help to catch me."

    "I don't understand."

    "Tomorrow is Sunday, Darling, and we have the entire day. I'll tell you every thing tomorrow, but right now I want to feel you fucking me again. Please... just keep fucking me... all night... for as long as you can."

    "That's gonna be all night long, Velda. I can't get enough of you! But I want your ass this time."

    "Any time... all the time... my mouth... my cunt... my ass... all my holes... JUST FUCK ME!"


    The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth:

    I continued to screw my wife until 2:00 or 3:00 AM. We only stopped when total exhaustion finished us. We slept until past noon the next day. When I awoke, I rolled between my wife's legs and rubbed my renewed erection over her clitoris.

    "MMMmmmm... that's just heavenly, Lover. But it will be even more so, if we shower together, have breakfast, and then come back to bed. I'll tell you every thing while you fuck your whorish wife with your big cock."

    "How can I possibly say 'no' to an offer like that?"

    "You can't, Darling, but I do have two requests."


    "Don't say that until you've heard what they are."

    "Ok. Tell me."

    "I'll tell you the first now... the second will have to wait until I've told you every thing."

    "What's the first one then?"

    "You may be really mad at me. I can handle that even if it takes months for you to forgive me... just promise me that you won't divorce me."

    "That's it??? You really don't have much regard for my intelligence, Velda. I wouldn't let you go even if you tell me that you're the reincarnation of the Whore of Babylon. Ok?"

    "Ok," she replied with a broad smile. "And by the way, I don't underestimate you, Craig. Not ever. Not as a CPA... not as an intelligent, fantastic husband... and absolutely not as a lover."

    Now it was my turn to smile broadly.


    After breakfast, I said, "Ok. We've eaten. Let's go back to bed."

    "You wait here in the den. I'll call you when I'm ready for you come into our bedroom. And no peeking, you randy, hot stud!"

    I waited impatiently for five minutes... 10... 15. I was pacing after 15 minutes. Finally, I heard my wife.

    "All right, Lover. Come into my web, Darling. I'm going to devour you."

    When I entered our bedroom, I saw Velda wearing her hottest pair of heels... the same ones she had worn the previous day with Marcus. She had on a tiny thong and an equally small bra that did very little to contain her large tits. Her right leg was steepled with the hot heel planted on the seat of our large ottoman. Her legs were wide open and with the wall painting behind her, it made it appear that she was on display to the world. My cock got hard instantly.

    "God! You look incredible," I gasped.

    "MMMmmmm... Is your cock hard?"

    "Like iron!"

    "Take it out... get naked. I want to see your big cock."

    I stripped like a man possessed. When I was naked, I loved the way my wife stared at my rigid, throbbing, 8-inch shaft.

    "You have no idea how hot looking at your cock gets me, Craig. Every time I see it, all I can think about is getting it up my cunt. I hope you'll put it in me while I tell you about what happened."

    "I'll have to take off that thong if I put it in you, Velda," I whispered... still unable to take my eyes off her voluptuous body.

    "My thong and bra come off whenever you tell me to take them off, Lover.

    Take them off now, Velda. Show me your hot cunt and tits.”

    Her bra fastened in front like a strippers bra. She flicked open the catch and the bra flew apart under the pressure of her big tits. She spent a moment hefting them and squeezing her nipples before she raised her legs and stripped off her thong baring her cunt. “Do you like your slutty wife’s tits and cunt, Lover?”

    “My god, you’re just gorgeous!”

    “So, are you ready to hear all about your hot wife?"

    My cock throbbed in answer to her question.

    "It all started when you asked me about the men I had been with before we started dating. In the seven years we had been married, you had never asked me anything about them. When you did, it caught me totally off guard, and I didn't know what to say. I ended up making up a ridiculous story about having been with only two guys... an inept 17-year old boy in high school who took my virginity and one guy in college during my freshman year who had no staying power. The next day, I realized what a stupid lie I had told you, and I knew you'd see through it as soon as you thought about it. But I had already told the lie, and I was stuck with it."

    "For the next week or so, I expected you to confront me with my stupid lie and demand the truth, but you never did even though I knew that you knew I was lying. At first, I didn't understand why, but later I decided it was because you weren't bothered in the least by the fact that I had been with other men... probably a lot of other men since I had felt the need to lie about it. To say the least, I was enormously relieved."

    "I did know you had lied, Velda, but the reason I didn't confront wasn't that I didn't care... it was because the knowledge that a lot of other men had fucked you turned me on."

    "I did consider that, but since you had never in our entire 7 years of marriage said anything about us having a threesome with another man, or swinging with another couple, or my dating another guy, I decided that couldn't be right."

    "Anyway, I was pleased not to be confronted with my absurd lie. Next came that sexy party we attended where you got dead drunk and passed out totally unconscious. I had too much to drink so when Jack Easton began feeling me up on the dance floor... rubbing my ass and grinding his cock into my stomach, I just let him... in fact, I did more than just let him. I was humping against his cock right there on the dance floor. When I checked out what you were doing, you seemed to be trying to set a world's record for drinking screwdrivers and vodka martinis so I relaxed and enjoyed Jack's attentions."

    "My god, Craig! Your cock is getting so fucking hard, I can't believe it. Come over here and stick that thing into me, Baby."

    "Not yet. Go on."

    "All right, but I'm available when you need me, Honey. It wasn't long before Jack had me off in a dimly lit alcove feeling up my tits as he shoved his hard cock against my ass. If you remember, I was wearing my hot sweater... the one with the deep V-neck. And I wasn't even wearing a bra. It wasn't more than a minute before Jack had one of my tits out... a minute later he had them both out playing with me and humping his cock against my ass."

    "God... That's so fucking hot!”

    “MMmmmm… it was. Jack played with my big tits and squeezed my nipples until they were hard… really hard, but my tits and nipples belong to you, Honey."

    "Go on. What were you doing while Jack was playing with your tits and jamming his cock against your ass?"

    "Oh shit! I knew it was going to be hard to tell you all this. Your slutty wife was bent over shoving her ass back against Jack's hard cock. And she was about to cum."

    "About that time, you passed out cold, and after that, there was no stopping Jack. He got me back on the dance floor. At least, he let me cover up my tits, but his hands were under my short skirt as soon as we started dancing. Then, he got his hands under my panties and before the song ended, he was finger fucking me.... all this with you passed out on the couch."

    "When the party ended, he helped me get you into the back seat of his car, and he drove us home. The entire trip, he had my tits out, my skirt up around my waist, and his fingers pumping in and out of my cunt while he rubbed my clit. He got me hotter and hotter until I was slumped down on the seat with my ass right on the edge. The sexy bastard just kept working on me making me hunch my ass higher and higher until it was a foot off the seat. I had an intense orgasm just before we got home."

    "After we had gotten you into bed, he wanted to take me to the guest bedroom for sex, but I was too nervous to do that. You might have recovered from your stupor and caught us fucking. I told him to leave in no uncertain terms. He got really pissed off... as I remember he called me a rotten cock tease and said it was a really bitchy thing to do to a man. I could hardly blame him, but I was too afraid to let him fuck me with you in the next room."

    "Stop. Spread your legs. Show me your cunt."

    My wife leaned back on the couch, and spread her legs wide. Her cunt was wet and open. She was obviously hot and ready for sex. So was I.

    "You look delicious. Get up in doggy position so I can fuck you and watch my cock sinking in and out of your hot cunt while you continue telling me what you did."

    "Oh god, YES!" She mounted the couch on her hands and knees with her hot heels extending over the edge. Reaching back, Velda pulled her ass cheeks apart and hissed, "Fuck me, Craig. Hurry. I'm on fire. Stick it in me!!!"

    As soon as I inserted the head of my cock into her opening, Velda rammed her ass back against me driving all 8 inches of dick deep into her hole. She shrieked and exploded into an intense climax. After her orgasm ebbed, I told her to continue as I slowly fucked in and out of her pussy.


    My wife looked like a hot sex goddess. I loved it when she

    climaxed almost as soon as my sank my cock into her cunt.

    "I told him I would walk him to the car and give him a good night kiss. When we got to his car, I did kiss him, but what I kissed was his hard cock. We got into the back seat. It only took him a couple of minutes to get your wife naked, and for the next 45 minutes or so, he fucked me hard really hard."

    "Oh shit! So damn hot! Tell me how he fucked you."

    "On my back first... in missionary position. I came almost as soon as he started fucking me. His cock's not even close to as big or as thick as yours and his technique is light years behind yours, but he was new, and his was the first cock other than yours that I had had inside my cunt for 7 years. That was more than enough to make your slutty wife cum a half dozen times before he finished fucking me."

    "How many times did he fuck you?

    "First, he gave it to me missionary. I came twice before he shot his load into me. We kissed and I sucked him. It didn't take long before he was hard again. The second time, he fucked me lying on the back seat in spoon position. At that point, he went down on me and got me off on his tongue.

    After I had cum on his tongue, he told me ride his dick with my back against his chest so he could play with my tits and clit while he fucked me. I came twice more before he shot off a third time. Finally, he pulled me out of the car, picked me up with his arms beneath my legs, and drove his cock up my cunt. Then he screwed me right out in the open. Who knows how many people saw him fucking me."


    Jack fucked your wife for over an hour, Honey. I ended up

    with four huge cum loads inside my cunt.

    "After that, I did kiss him good night. When I came back into the house after letting Jack fuck me four times, I got into bed with you and saw that your cock was hard as stone. No one in a drunken stupor gets a hard on, Baby. So I knew you were faking it. The next day, I put all the pieces together and figured out that you wanted to see me with another man, but didn't want to tell me. So you see, Honey, I was fucking other men because I wanted their cocks in my pussy... not just to fulfill your fantasy. But I absolutely love your hot fantasy and want to keep on fulfilling it."

    "Has Jack fucked you since that first time," I groaned as my rigid cock sank in and out of Velda's pussy.

    "Several times, Honey. Once during the lunch break. Three other times at his house when I told you I had to do some shopping."

    "What about Jack's wife? What was Mary doing while he was fucking you?"

    "They've got an open marriage, Honey. She was out with Martin, just like she was that night you were pretending to be drunk."

    "All right. What about Damon?" I asked as I socked my cock up against my wife's womb bringing moans of pleasure from her mouth.

    "When Damon came to visit, it was the perfect opportunity to test my theory."

    "How did you do that?"

    "That part was easy, Darling... mmmmmmmmm.... god... your cock feels awesome inside my cunt, Lover. Can you fuck me a little harder, Darling? If you do, you'll make your slutty wife cum."

    "AAAaaahhh... mmmmmm... All I had to do was keep a close watch on you. I saw you waiting in your car at the park when I went to pick up Damon. I knew you were watching when he arrived and when I kissed him. As soon as we were close to that news stand, I gave him a really hot open-mouthed kiss. If you were jealous, I knew you would explode with anger the next time you showed up. When you didn't, I knew it excited you... got your cock really hard."

    "It did... oh shit... did it ever get me hard. I'm about to shoot off, Velda. Go on."

    "Back at the house, I knew you were watching when I felt Damon's cock and let him take off my panties and make me cum on his tongue. I loved jacking him off when I knew you were watching. I can't tell you how hot it made me to know I was getting your cock hard as stone."

    "But why didn't you let him fuck you?"

    "Because, Honey, you're married to a really awful, cock teasing, slutty bitch. It was incredibly exciting to tease both you and Damon at the same time. He was hard as stone, and I knew you were too. Can you imagine how hot it is for a woman to be able to tease two sexy studs like that?"

    "Did Damon ever get to fuck you during his stay?"

    "Of course he fucked me, Darling. Maybe a dozen or so times in the four days he was visiting us."

    "When? I was watching you constantly, and I never got to see anything like that."

    "He screwed me during the day while you were at work. I didn't tell you, but I took four days vacation from work while he was here. I never went to the office. The story that he was in town for business was a lie, Honey. He came down to spend four days fucking me, and gawd, did he ever fuck me! Once he fucked me in the bathroom while you were in the kitchen fixing dinner. And, of course, he fucked me a lot at night. Do you remember when I told you I couldn't sleep so I got up and read for an hour?"

    "Yeah. I know you weren't in Damon's bedroom fucking him. I listened at the door for 10 minutes and there wasn't a single sound."

    Velda grinned and pumped her ass harder on my cock. "If you had come down to our extra bedroom in the basement instead of standing at Damon's bedroom door, you would have gotten a great view of him pounding me doggy. He really shagged me, Lover. And when he came the first time, his load was just huge. His cock's not as big or as thick as yours, but his load really flooded your wife's cunt, Baby."

    If you had kept watching, you would have had a great view of me riding Damon's cock reverse cowgirl. You could have seen his dick sinking in and out of my pussy so hard... so deep... over and over... fucking me... making me cum on his prick, Honey. Then you could have seen him pumping another big cum load into my cunt. You should have come out to the basement, Honey.


    Damon nearly fucked my ass off, Honey. He filled me with cum again

    and again, and I just couldn’t stop cumming on his cock.

    "OH FUCK... I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING IN YOUR HOT CUNT, YOU SEXY BITCH!!" I screamed as my load exploded inside Velda's throbbing pussy.


    Much later that night as Velda and I cuddled together in bed after fucking for three hours, my wife asked, "Are you ready to hear my second request, Darling?"

    "Not a problem, Velda. Whatever it is, my answer is yes."

    "You promise?"


    "I intend to hold you that promise, Darling, but to be fair, I'll give you one chance to take it back and wait until I've told you my request before you decide. Last chance. Want to take it back?"

    "No way. I promise."

    "Ok. I love having sex with other men, and I love it even more knowing that I'm making one of your huge fantasies into a reality. I just wish we hadn't waited seven years to get started. But, it does make me feel like a cheating bitch to fuck other men while you just watch or hear about it later. I want this to be fair and equitable for both of us. That means I want you to join in occasionally, and I want you to fuck other women while I watch or hear about it later and occasionally join in. And since you've already promised, I expect you to live up to your promise and do what I ask. Ok?"

    "Well, that's a tough, difficult job, but I've promised... so I guess I'll just have to suck it up and do what I promised."

    "You're a sexy, sarcastic bastard, Darling."

    "I was just teasing, Honey. I would love to do what you say, of course, but all kidding aside, it will be a lot harder for me than for you. All you have to do is flash your legs or tits at a guy, and he's wild to fuck you. It's going to be much more difficult for me to attract women. I won't do it with prostitutes."

    "I wouldn't want you to. But believe me, Craig, you're not going to have the slightest problem. I've already spread the word about you fucking me more than twice a day, which is the truth, and you're already almost a legend among all the women we know. Every one of them wants to get you between their legs. And you're going to start with Joyce Daniels. She asked first so she gets first shot at your awesome cock, talented tongue and lips, and never-ending staying power."

    "Ok. I'll call her tomorrow morning and see what I can do."

    "No need, Lover. I've already told her that I'll be working late at the office tomorrow night, and if she wants your fantastic cock, she should make up some excuse to be out of the house for four or five hours tomorrow night starting around 7 PM. We discussed it, and she got so turned on she creamed her panties as we talked. You'd better get into her quickly, Honey, or that hot bitch is going to rape you. She told me about the outfit she's going to wear. She's going to look like a whore, but don't worry. She's a hot-assed married woman whose husband isn't fucking her nearly enough."

    "You've gotten me hard again. Are you going to watch?"

    "I'll be busy until 10 PM. So, it will be around 10:30 before I get home. Leave the drapes open in the master bedroom so I can spy on the two of you. I won't join this first time, but later on, I will. Think you can handle two hot, horny women, Stud?"

    "No... but what the hell. I'll give it my best shot."

    "I think it's more likely that you'll give us 8 to 10 shots... right up our pussies, Honey. MMMmmmm... you're hard again. Make love to me before we go sleep, Darling. Please, don't fuck me this time... just make love to me."

    An hour later, after we had each had an intense, satisfying orgasm, we were about to fall asleep in each other's arms when I asked, "You say you'll be working late at your office tomorrow night? Until 10 PM?"

    "Um-huh," Velda cooed in my ear.

    "You know, as long as you've worked for Samuel Duncan, I'm surprised he's never fucked you?"

    "What makes you think he hasn't, Darling?"

    "He's fucking you???"

    "Um-huh. He’s been trying to get me in bed ever since I started working for him. After I let Jack screw me, I went to work with no panties or bra on. Sam fucked me twice that day."

    “And what about the next day?”

    “Every day, Honey. Sam fucks your wife every day. Sometimes twice. I’m no longer permitted to wear panties when I come to work.”

    "And he's going to be fucking you tomorrow night until 10 PM??"

    "Um-huh... Good night, Darling."


    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, please send them to

    [email protected] shoot1. veldafuck1.
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