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. A Fuck in the Orchard

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Jul 2, 2018.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Damian was outrageous. Handcuffed and safely hooded in the all encompassing leather bonnet Ian had been led out into the orchard at the rear of the house. Her husband looked like someone out of a medieval dungeon but Damian led him casually. Ian couldn't see out of the hood, there were no eye holes. The holes for his nose and mouth could be closed with tightly fitting leather straps, so that the fear of death by asphyxiation must have seemed very real. Damian had wrenched the big buckles on the back of the hood really tight and the stoppered the nose holes. Ian was breathing noisily from his mouth, whispering, pleading for mercy. Lattice work patches over each ear meant that her husband could hear. Ian wore a leather collar with a big ring by which he was led on a chain and his cock was out of his pants, caged for all to see. Ian couldn't see where he was led, but the smell of fresh grass as he walked beneath the emerging leaf apple trees and the sound of birds must have told him something. Susan watched as her husband was made to kneel and then had his hands cuffed around the low branch of an apple tree. What was chilling was that Damian said nothing throughout. There was no explanation, no orders. Ian simply knew that when he was put in the hood he must 'shut the fuck up' and follow every touch direction that was given. Susan watched her lover walk away from her tethered spouse. She watched him stride quietly back towards the house, leaving her husband kneeling out there, in the orchard, at the back of the terraced houses.

    Damian dominated Ian period. That was what he did. Instead of having her kick him out of the home and accept Damian into her bed instead, he had taught her to humiliate her husband. Very competitive men needed to compete and they needed someone to beat. So desperate for Damian's loving she had done as he asked. She had made Ian wear a cock cage and then had him lick cunt. She used that word, the dirty word, because the act had to be performed Damian's way. Ian had to wear the leather hood, with his hands restrained behind his back and lick up whatever he found deposited there. At first she had been appalled. the act was disgusting! It was utterly vile! Then though the tongue had started to please her. She imagined Damian fucking her and the sensation took on a different meaning. If men competed for her, then there had to be a winner and there had to be a loser. Damian had the stature of the former and the outcome was never really in doubt.

    'Are you actually going to leave him out there like that?!' she asked, astonished at the man's mind.

    He smiled and kissed her on her pretty forehead. Blonde, with lovely flaxen straight hair, cut perfectly, she looked like a model. He had her wear black and often times leather to highlight her blonde good looks. Before Damian she had dressed quite demurely, a frock or dress. But now her skirts were all short and she rarely wore panties.

    'Some one's going to see him out there like that, there will be trouble!' she whispered, welcoming his second kiss.

    'Everyone bar one has gone to work,' he said, 'I watched them all leave this morning. The houses save Number 34 are empty.'

    Number 34, next door. It was occupied now by a man alone, David. David was somewhere in his early thirties and he was alone. Petra had left him. He had admitted that sadly and Susan had taken him around a flask of soup and some rolls. She suspected that he wasn't eating properly. Because of his sadness David had resigned his job and now he lived a while on his savings. David would be the only neighbour home.

    'The guy next door, I want you to bring him to heel' said Damian.

    She giggled. 'That's terribly egoistical of you!'

    'I want him rendered like that out in the orchard. He's ripe for it. You see the way that he looks at you. He'll worship all right.' Damian pointed to her husband kneeling amidst the grass. It was a supremely arrogant thing to say. She was to seduce David and turn him into another Ian. Probably, she thought, David would be there to make Ian feel he's even more of a nothing.

    'I'm not exactly a siren' she protested sweetly and Damian smiled, insisting that 'we would see'.

    The minutes passed and he kissed her, running his hand up beneath the hem of skirt to check that she was good and bare. He liked her easy and ready to fuck. Ian knelt and waited. He waited listening to the birds and wondering whether Damian was taking Susan yet.

    'Let's go out and pet a while, beside hoody' said Damian.

    It was everything in one. Ian had to listen to them pet and kiss. She couldn't be sure what the neighbour next door saw. But she was being tested too by Damian. If she wanted any more of the unctuousness that squirted out of his big cock.......well. So when he took her hand and gently led her out through the French windows, she followed. She followed without resistance, whispering that he was arrogant and crazy and cruel and so many other sexy things. He gestured, finger to lips to be quiet and she dutifully nodded. She knew that he wouldn't tolerate dissent, that was simply how Damian was! So through the dew moist grass they went, she in just her stocking feet and he almost as silently in his trainers. She saw Ian turn his head as they approached. She saw him tilt his head as if to better make sense of events.

    Silently she was brought before him and was gestured to lift the hem of her skirt. There, in the orchard, where the blackbird was singing so beautifully, her cunt was bare. Once Ian had the smell of her inches before him, once he recognised the smell of her sex, he started to lick greedily and gratefully. She let her husband do it, shamefully, his face pushing against her like a goat nudging for treats. She let him lick her and watched the pleasure that gave on Damian's face.

    Damian glanced up. Yes, the merest twitch of the net curtain of the bedroom at 34. That was where the artless David slept. That was where he missed Petra. She saw where Damian looked but right now the pleasures of tongue were capturing her too. It was delicious to have your sex licked up. Damian gestured for her to pull Ian's face hard against her cunt and she obeyed catching his hair sharply and wrenching his mouth into position, so his tongue never missed where she wanted it flicked. Damian glanced up at the bedroom window, someone was quietly watching. Damian caught her gaze and directed it there too. She could see him now, she ruling her husband, making him lick her sex. Doing it fin front of David, she thought, sometime we were always going to have to come out. At some point this was inevitable. The neighbour had got his cock out and to her surprise, he was starting to stroke it.

    Damian's cock came free and it sprung into the cool morning air. It was already bullet hard. He pursed his lips momentarily, and she started to kiss with him whilst her husband licked below. She slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him dreamily. When they'd finished the kiss she brought her husband's mouth and around onto cock. Damian's manhood slipped nicely into his mouth and Susan directed the rhythmic thrust, thrust, thrust as Ian sucked cock full shaft. She mewed her pleasure softly, watching her husband suck cock so obediently. She hadn't meant to look up at the window but when she did so, she saw the neighbour pulling so hard. Of course she thought. Petra left you for another man. Damian's right, his psychology spot on. You'll bend if I want you to. Women are bitches, aren't they!?

    A cuff around the leather lattice ear drove Ian from Damian's cock. it slid out of his mouth like a popsicle, dripping with saliva. Susan looked down at it. That cock was mesmerising full stop, but with her husband's spittle lubricating it, well, it was irresistible. 'Please' she whispered almost noiselessly in his ear. Damian backed her against the low apple tree bough where her husband was tethered. He pushed her against it and then kicked her legs further apart so that he could stick her cunt comfy. There, that was better. That was perfect. Damian pronged her and started to hump rhythmically inside. There came the slap, slap, slap sound of sex. She could see that Ian was trying to sniff that. he always did, the smell of their coupling. Not today though, so he tugged the cuff chain against the apple tree.She clung to Damian, feeling his body owning her, occupying her. Now she refused to look up. She refused to see how the neighbour had responded. Damian forced her hands behind her back and with a series of brutal grunts he rammed himself repeatedly up inside her. She opened her eyes. In the window their neighour was tossing freely.

    Grunting wasn't lady like. But this wasn't lady like.

    'Huaaan, huannn, huaaaaaan'. She grunted with the increasingly brutal thrusts. Beside her, inches away, Ian tugged on his restraints.

    Damian shot his first load. It exploded inside her like a water bomb. She felt the thick shake splash outwards within, Damian bucking into her.

    'Give it me!' she groaned aloud. Silence was impossible now. The cuffs rattled against the apple tree, she could just see Ian grimacing through the mouth piece of his hood.

    Buck, buck, buck, the bough was moving and the tiny emerging leaves rattling against one another.

    'Please darling!' she begged.

    May be if you had begged Petra, to use you this way David. May be? Damian rammed into her, thinking what a hot little bitch the woman next door had looked as well.

    Susan was loosing it, gasping down the breaths, almost panicking when the air wouldn't draw down fast enough.

    He turned her around, barely glancing up at the window this time. But the guy was grimacing and his seed was splashing against the window pane. Something just seen, in the corner of an eye. Damian slotted her rear. It was a neat fit. It worked it out to the size cock wanted. He took hold of her hips and whilst her husband whimpered and bit into the bark of the tree, Damian put his second load deep inside there. Nice, grunt, grunt, nice, so fucking nice! What a sexy little bitch! He banged it home. Slap, slap, slap, slap.

    'Please....for fuck's sake!' gasped the hooded husband. He'd never broke the rules before. But then he'd never been this close to a two hole dump.

    Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

    There. Now. He took her mane of beautiful blonde hair and he wrenched back her head as he shot his load inside.

    See David, he thought. Hear hoody, he thought. The bitch was grunting herself into oblivion. She was grunting like a bitch on heat!

    Slap, slap, slap, now his cock glided on the semen he shot. Yeah.

    The man in the window had a red face. The spunk on his bedroom window looked like a bad cough after a week with a cold. This is what bitches like Susan and Petra do David boy. This is what they need to keep them satisfied. They need it rough. But you're going to be like hoody aren't you?

    Damian pulled his cock out. It came out dripping with cum. Always did produce a lot thought Damian. Always did give a bitch a proper load.

    He pulled the husband's face around. He pushed his head a bit further down. First you lick cunt and then you go on to seconds. Like this thought Damian, checking back at the figure up in the window. You'd have thought the guy would have slunk off wouldn't you? You'd have thought that, but he couldn't, he couldn't any more.
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