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. A Cuckold's Life

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Throne, Nov 21, 2016.

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  1. Throne

    Throne Well-Known Member Author!


    by Throne

    I suppose I was always fated to end up as a cuckold. Early on I was shy around girls, obsessing over them but never having the confidence to do anything about it. My first date didn't occur until was eighteen. Her name was Dana and she was a chubby blond. Chubby in the right places. To other guys she was probably someone they didn't want to be seen with. If they took her out it would be just to get their hands all over her big tits and then see if she let them have more. For me she was like a goddess. I was smitten from the minute we got together. And I was too awestruck to even try to put my hands on her.

    She had been invited to a party and, looking back, I think she got me to go with her just so she wouldn't arrive alone. There were a bunch of guys there, and plenty of pretty girls. I was the short, not athletic male who looked like he didn't belong. Somebody decided that we should play spin-the-bottle. I thought that was more of a kids' game but was too uncertain to say anything. So eight of us sat in a circle with a soda bottle in the middle and took turns spinning it. The first guy went and the bottle ended up pointing at the girl next to me. They kissed and it was more than just a light touch of their lips. So okay, this wasn't a game for kids.

    The next guy took his turn and the bottle wound up aimed at Dana. He leaned close to her and locked lips. She held onto his shoulders and they kissed passionately. I guess he didn't mind her weight, so long as he wasn't actually going to date her. Then it was my turn. I spun and the bottle stopped at a very cute girl. I leaned toward her, my lips slightly puckered, but at the last second she turned her face away and all I got to do was kiss her cheek. When I checked Dana for her reaction she was gazing at the guy across from her flirtatiously. I felt queasy but no one else was concerned with any of what was happening, so I just continued to play. All the other guys got to do more heavy kissing, while I never was allowed more than those pecks on the cheek. Dana, on the other hand, made sure to touch each guy she got kissed by, and made no effort to discourage or rush them.

    The bottle eventually got spun for the last time. The fellow, a big bruiser who intimidated me without even trying, reached out and stopped the bottle when it was pointing at my date. It seemed fine with everyone that he was breaking the rules. Dana not only kissed him, but ran her hand up his thigh. It was as if I was in a bad dream and couldn't wake up.

    After they broke away from each other he said, "Hey, since I won the last round, I get a bonus kiss. In private."

    He held out his hand and she took it eagerly. They stood and left the room. Were they going to... the bedroom? I wanted someone to say something but no one did. They were gone for fifteen minutes and when they came back Dana was straightening her blouse and her hair was mussed. The guy looked cocky as he swaggered past me, where I was sitting on the couch alone. Dana plopped down beside me. I touched her hand awkwardly. She looked at me as if I was being annoying. A few minutes later, one of the other guys came over.

    He looked down at her and said, "Hey, you know, I kissed you on the next to last round. So I'm entitled to one of those bonus kisses, too."

    She smiled up at him and rose to her feet. When she opened her arms to him he just took her by the wrist and led her away. She went willingly. They were gone even longer, a full twenty minutes, and on her return she was even more disheveled. Dana sat next to me again and took out a compact, opening it to use the mirror as she reapplied lipstick. We stayed for a short while longer and, when nothing else happened, she decided we should leave. That was a relief. She went across the room to talk briefly to the girl who was hosting the party.

    The first guy who had gone off with her came over to me. He said, "Hey, man, I didn't know you two were together." He shrugged. "This is a singles party."

    "Oh," I said weakly. "We'll, it's more like she needed a ride and... er... I gave her one." I didn't like lying but it was better than the alternative.

    "That's cool," he said. "I got her in the bedroom and she opened her blouse up so I could get my hands and mouth all over those fat tits. And then she gave me a terrific blowjob. And like I said, I didn't know that she was with you, so I told my buddy to get some of that action, too."

    "Sure. Right. But like I said, I'm just her ride. Mostly."

    He gave me a thumbs up. "Maybe she'll thank you by sucking your cock, too. I mean, she really loved doing it. You can tell when they're like that. Cock crazy. Right?"

    Even though I'd never had a woman touch me there, let alone use her mouth on me, I nodded mutely. Then, choking a bit on the words, I told him, "She'll probably do that. Yeah. In the car, I guess."

    "For sure. And make sure you get your hands on those hooters. Her nipples are huge."

    I mumbled my thanks and then spotted Dana heading for the door. I hurried over and left with her. We got to my car and I rushed to open her door. Despite what had happened I still wanted it to be like she was a Princess and I was a courtly Prince. We rode along silently and, when we got to the apartment building where she lived, she directed me to their enclosed lot, and then to a shadowy back corner.

    As soon as I had shut off the engine she took my face between her pudgy hands and dragged it close to hers, to give me a deep soulful kiss. Her tongue was salty and there was something on it. OMG, she hadn't rinsed or had anything to drink after she had done what she had done. Had done twice. I struggled to pull away but she held on and kept kissing. At last she released me and sat back, smirking contemptuously.

    "You know," she said nastily, "I went down on both those guys who took me to the bedroom and, if you had been more of a man back at the party, maybe it would have been you who got sucked off instead. But no, since you were such a wimp, all you get is to kiss me... and taste them."

    I gagged a little. She took my hands and placed them on her heavy boobs.

    "And you don't get to mess with these, except to feel them right now so you can think about what you missed out on." She laughed and removed my hands.

    "I'm s... sorry," I whispered, not sure what else I could offer her. I sniffled.

    Dana grabbed my crotch and squeezed lightly. She told me, "It doesn't feel like you have much going on down there, either. So instead of inviting you upstairs, how about if I just play with you a little. I don't want you touching me at all so just, I don't know, sit on your hands. Do it."

    I obeyed wordlessly, feeling more confused and disgraced than ever. She put her hands on my cheeks again and gave me several more passionate kisses. Between them she licked my ears and bit my neck.

    While that was going on she said, "You should have seen me on my knees, with those big cocks in my mouth. Bigger than that pee wee you've got. And I didn't make them shoot their loads down my throat. At the end I kept just those big thick cock heads in my mouth, and finished them with my hand, so I got all that slimy spunk on my tongue. I love that stuff. And now I'm sharing it with you. Because it's what you deserve for being such a loser. Right?"

    She leaned back to listen to my answer. When I didn't respond quickly enough, she gave my crotch another slight squeeze. It felt terrific, but the pleasure got all mixed up with the humiliation she was heaping on me.

    I finally managed to say, "I guess so. I mean yes. I d... deserve what you're doing to me. The... kissing."

    Dana seemed excited by my capitulation. She unbuttoned the top of my shirt far enough to bare my hairless chest. Her fingers went to my nipples and she began to toy with them. The sensation was incredible, like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I gasped as she continued that with one hand and alternated pressure and release on my penis with the other. She even gave me another probing kiss, and there was still the taste of semen in her mouth. Very soon I felt myself being pushed toward an ejaculation. I tried to say something but she sealed her mouth against mine and increased her manipulations.

    Against my will I spurted my output into my jockey shorts. I was shameful but I couldn't stop moaning with pleasure. I must have sounded as if I wanted what she had done to me. I was grateful on some level, to have had any sort of physical contact with a female, but what she had done to me wasn't right.

    Instead of offering any sympathy, she concluded, "And you come too fast. You really are a sexual zero." She opened her door and slid out. "Have fun alone. You can go back to jerking off, which I'm sure is what you do already. In fact, when you're pulling on your little peanut, I want you to think about me. Understand?"

    "Y... yes. Yes, Ma'am," I stammered out.

    She slammed the door and turned away. Instead of doing anything to discourage her from remembering me as a useless chump, I sat there and stared at her broad rolling bottom. The cream I had squirted, what little there was of it, was oozing downward inside my shorts and was already growing cooler. I was still a gentleman and waited until she was inside before leaving. I drove home in a daze. When I got there I decided to take a shower but then kept finding excuses not to. I suppose I wanted to preserve my experience, although it had been bad in many ways, because I had at least been with a woman. Sort of. In the end I went to bed still fully dressed and sobbed myself to sleep.

    Two more things. After that, whenever I masturbated, I dutifully thought about Dana. And since then, perhaps shaped in part by that evening, I have had constant failures with women, being left by them and feeling wretched about it. A pattern had been set. On top of it all, the closest I've come to a success is with my current girlfriend, Carol. She sort of looks like Dana, but with reddish blond hair. And she told me we're getting married. That's despite that face that she still dates other guys, has sex with them, and denies me anything more intimate or more satisfying than occasional hand jobs.

    But what can I do? This is who I am. And always will be.
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