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. A Cuckold's Greatest Pleasure

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Smal4u, Jun 21, 2018.

. A Cuckold's Greatest Pleasure 4.9 5 12votes
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  1. Smal4u

    Smal4u Well-Known Member Author!

    A cuckolds greatest pleasure - Revised July 8th 2018

    By Smal4u

    You are kneeling at the bottom of your marriage bed. On the bed in front of you is your 30 year old white wife of 12 years and her black bull. They are both completely naked and in each other’s arms and their bodies are covered in sweat. You can see your wife’s wedding ring, as she caresses and holds onto her black lover. Her ankle bracelet worn on her right ankle is adorned with cuckold themed charms, the letters BBC and an Ace of Spades with a Q on it, and yes, of course, the key to your chastity device, which restrains your cuckold little penis is also on the ankle bracelet and you can hear them jingle as her legs twitch.

    The sight of your wife’s red married white pussy is extremely exciting for you to see, especially with the head of her bull’s big, dark black cock just inside of it. You know that her married white pussy is raw and red from taking that big black cock so often and the ease with which the bull’s big black cock slides in an out of her pussy hole is further proof of just how much her pussy has been stretched wide from taking that big black cock so often now. As you look at it, you can almost imagine just how good that married white pussy must feel on her black bull's cock as her pussy clings so tightly to it. You can see how the swollen black cock glistens and is so wet with her pussy juices and you can hear the obscene slurping and sucking sounds as her pussy tightly embraces his big black cock as it moves in and out. The room is filled with the unmistakable aroma of sex, it's smell filling your nostrils and making them flare as well as making your little white dick push harder against it's cage. They have been fucking for well over half an hour and have taken a break from the frantic fucking earlier but the bull continues to slowly move his big black cock in and out of your wife's pussy.

    You can see that the bull’s huge black balls are already swollen and tight in their dark sack, a clear indication of his arousal, and you know they are getting ready to deliver a big hot load of nigger cum directly into your wife’s unprotected white pussy. The sounds of your wife’s gasps and moans are un-contrived and uncontrolled, and you know that they are the unmistakable sounds of a woman experiencing total and complete sexual pleasure over and over again. You know that she has never made these sounds with you and you know you could never please her the way her black bull’s cock does. These sounds are joined and complemented by the animalistic grunts of pleasure coming from the large black man on top of her, his black skin contrasting beautifully with your wife’s pale white skin, their bodies constantly connected together by his big black cock and her married white pussy.

    Their lovemaking originally started off slowly and sensually, the way true lovers intimately intertwine, but then changed until they were quickly and urgently moving against each other, displaying the full and true passion of their coupling. As time slowly moves on, you continue to watch as their mating finally begins to become quicker and more intense as the bull begins to drive his big black cock deep into her married white pussy, harder now, bringing her to another strong series of orgasms. You see her body trembling and shaking all over and you hear your wife moaning in orgasm loudly again underneath him. This has happened several times during the last half hour and again, you are reminded that you have never been able to give her an orgasm with your little white penis. Only your tongue has been able to give her any pleasure at all during your marriage, but now, at last she has found a lover whose cock completely satisfies her needs, but luckily for you, she still enjoys your tongue only it is different now.

    You hear the charms of her ankle bracelet jingle louder against the key to your locked penis restraint, as her body is slammed into the mattress again and again as the big black cock plows his black cock in and out of her married white pussy, still harder and faster now.The unmistakable sounds of your wife’s copious lubrication adds to the eroticism, as you smell the heat and strong sensuous odor of their sex.

    This goes on for what seems to be another ten or fifteen minutes, even after the first half an hour of fucking, before finally, with a loud grunt, you watch the bull pin your white wife to the mattress, and you see that his big black cock is now buried, balls deep inside of her. You continue to watch as his big balls roll in their full black sack and you see his big black cock begin to spasm, as he forcefully ejaculates his nigger seed, deep inside your white wife’s unprotected married white pussy. You see her moving, pushing her body against him, trying to get every centimeter of the big black cock deeper inside her as she feels the hot nigger seed coating her insides and filling her to overflowing proportions.

    You continue to watch and finally, you see the black bull’s messy withdrawal, his black cock covered with nigger cum mixed with your wife’s juices, followed by the sight of your wife’s still stretched wide open red pussy hole, his thick nigger seed beginning to ever so slowly seep out.

    Your wife looks you in the eye and smiles before motioning with her hand and you quickly respond and move forward from your kneeling spot at the end of the bed and slide slowly onto the bed and up between your wife’s wide open legs. You feel her hands take control of your head as she carefully guides your mouth to her well used cum filled hole. You stick your tongue out and begin to lick at the nigger cum running out and you hear your loving wife’s voice instructing you, ordering you. “That’s it, taste it, lap it out of there Barry….eat it, eat all of that nigger cum. You know you love doing it my little cuckold husband!”

    And you know that she is totally right and you want to please her so you do it!

    This same action has been repeated again and again over the past year, and you know it will continue to occur many more times in the future. There has been one recent change however. Your wife is no longer taking her birth control pills and her married white pussy is now totally unprotected when her black bull fills her with his potent baby making nigger sperm. And you know you are responsible for the present situation and risk. After all, you were the one that handed over her birth control container to her black bull and watched as he flushed the pills down the toilet and destroyed the container and label so you couldn’t change your mind and order a refill. That was a little over a month ago and he’s been fucking her bareback several times each day and keeping her pussy full of his nigger cum ever since then.

    You know that it will only be a matter time before any remaining birth control chemicals will be completely out of her system and his potent nigger sperm will successfully breed and plant a black baby inside of her womb for the first of what you know will be several more times since he has told both of you that he wants to have several children and leave a large family and never wants your sperm to be mixed with his as long as he is making babies. You also know that your wife is young at only 30 now, and she should be able to give him as many children as he wants for many more years, but you are okay with that, even if it means your own semen will never be permitted inside of her again. Now all of your joy comes from watching her with her bull and licking them clean afterwards. You don’t even have to touch your little dick anymore. It shoots without even being touched now, just from all the excitement of watching and knowing that your wife is going to be bred black.

    After all, you are now experiencing and living "A Cuckolds Greatest Pleasure!"

    If you like this story please drop me a line and let me know. [email protected]
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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