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. A Cold Wife and a Hot Daughter

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Dec 22, 2016.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Please be aware that this story contains ADULT content and should not be read by minors.

    A Cold Wife and a Hot Daughter by RLM

    Connor's daughter was hot, but his wife was frigid.



    Connor Kahler drove his late model Toyota Avalon into his side of their two-car garage around 5:30 PM. His day had been difficult with several tense litigations to handle. Even the ones that were going well were stressful, due primarily to the greed of his clients who weren't satisfied to just win their suit with a nice settlement, they demanded huge sums and blood. The cases that were not going well were even worse. Naturally, every one of those clients placed the blame squarely on his shoulders.

    At age 43, Connor was getting more than a little tired. Although financially highly successful, his law practice no longer provided him with much in the way of satisfaction. If he could have thought of a way to give it up and still support his family and lifestyle, he would have long ago chucked the whole thing. As it was, he could see no way to take care of his financial responsibilities unless he continued to do what he no longer had much interest in doing.

    If his family life had been satisfying, he could have endured the grind and boredom much better, but it was almost as bad as his law practice. He and his wife Lauren had one child who was now engaged and a junior in college at age 20. Stacy had been a delightful child, beautiful, cheerful, intelligent, curious, always happy, and well behaved. That had all changed about the time she turned 16. It was almost as if a switch had been thrown somewhere in the cosmos that totally transformed her into a female he hardly knew.

    Although she grew more beautiful with every passing day, her cheerfulness had abruptly changed to sullen cynicism. She remained intelligent, but her curiosity now took on destructive forms. Connor could still recall his acute embarrassment when he had received a call from the police informing him that Stacy had been arrested for shoplifting. It turned out she had done it on a dare, and had, in fact, stolen some costume jewelry when she had much more expensive stuff at home. Fortunately, he knew the manager of the store who, as a favor to him, had not pressed charges.

    Then, Stacy wanted to see what it was like to get dead drunk. For several months, she was coming home at all hours falling down drunk and later sick with a huge hangover. Finally, she was arrested for DUI. That time, she hadn't been so lucky. Her license was suspended for a month and she had to do 10 hours of community service. Unfortunately, it didn't make much difference in her daredevil attitude.

    When she started dating, Lauren was frantic with worry. "She's going to start having sex," she had moaned to him.

    Connor had agreed with a nod of his head. "Considering the way she takes dares and does things just to see what's it like, my guess is that she'll be having sex a lot with several different boys," he had said to his wife.

    "What do we do?"

    "Take her to your gynecologist and get her on birth control pills immediately." Lauren had nodded in agreement, and two days later, Stacy was taking birth control pills shortly before her 17th birthday. Connor was certain that if had not been for the pills, Stacy would have been an unwed mother before turning 18. As beautiful as she was, she always had a constant stream of boyfriends beating a path to her door, and it was obvious to Connor that every single one of them wanted to fuck his gorgeous daughter.

    To make matters even worse, his daughter started dressing hot and sexy shortly after her 17th birthday. In the summer, she wore shorts so short and so tight that the cheeks of her ass and camel toe were prominently displayed. The tight, plunging tops always exposed a lot of her big breasts. Lauren had huge breasts, and it appeared to Connor that Stacy had inherited them. In the spring and fall, she wore short skirts. Her breasts were so large, she had to wear a bra, but on more than one occasion, Connor had received visual evidence that his daughter wasn't wearing panties. In the winter, Stacy switched to form-fitting, hip-hugger jeans or ultra-tight slacks below a top that always had a lot of cleavage on display.

    Naturally, Lauren objected vehemently to her daughter’s blatantly sexual dress. Time and again, she berated her for dressing like a slut. Their arguments often became heated causing Connor to beat a retreat to his study to stay out of the line of fire. Even inside his study, he often heard the verbal barbs being hurled back and forth.

    "You look like a whore in that outfit!" he would hear his wife screaming.

    "I'm not a whore, Mother! I don't charge for it!"


    "Well, maybe if you'd wear something a little sexier, Dad might get more interested."

    "When I want the advice of a 17-year old, I'll ask for it!"

    Eventually, Connor would give up and leave the house. Even though he didn't approve of his daughter's slutty style of dress, she did have a point about Lauren. Many, many times Connor had pleaded with his wife to dress in something sexier... at least in the evening when they were alone. Her response was always the same: "I'm your wife, not your mistress or a slutty whore!"

    If Stacy's dress wasn't slutty enough, she also had her tongue, both nipples, and her clitoral hood pierced. When Connor commented on Stacy's new tongue stud, Lauren shook her head and replied, "You think that's bad? She's also had her nipples and the hood of her clitoris pierced."

    "Jezz! How do you know?"

    "She told me... then she showed me. She wanted to know if I thought it was sexy."

    "And you said?"

    "I told her that I thought it was disgusting and slutty."

    "What did she say?"

    "I couldn't believe it. She just grinned and said something like... 'Good! If you think it's disgusting and slutty, that means it's really sexy. Thanks, Mom."

    --------------------------------------- Like many men, Connor had read dozens of hot stories posted on the internet of husbands coming home early and hearing hot, passionate moans coming from the bedroom. Upon investigations, they inevitably found their wife being royally fucked by a hot, big-cocked stud as she begged him to fuck her harder and make her cum again. Such erotic events were the stuff of fantasy for Connor. That is, they were until one afternoon when he got a splitting headache at his office and took off around 2:00 PM. As soon as he opened his front door that afternoon, he heard what he never, even in his wildest fantasies, thought he would hear.

    "Oh fuck me harder, Stud. AAaahhh gawd damn ... your cock is so fucking big! Unnggh... Unngghh... aahh gawd! Aahh gawd! Aahh gawd! AAAggggghhhhhaaaaaaa!!"

    "Oh Yeah! You're fucking cumming again, aren't you Slut? Clamp that hot cunt around my dick, Baby. Squeeze me!"

    "GGhhhaaaaaa... uunnghh.. fuck it hard... fuck my cunt harder, you bastard. OOohhhhh gawd... I'm cumming again... screw meeeeeeeeeee!"

    Connor's cock was iron hard as he crept up to the bedroom door. He had fantasized a million times about coming home and catching Lauren with a big-cocked stud between her legs fucking her ass into the bed. He knew if he could just catch her cheating, she would loosen up and they could enjoy a fulfilling, hot sex life. Now, amazingly, it was about to happen. The wild female screams coming from their bedroom got even louder when the stud yelled that he was going to fill her hot fuck hole with his load.

    "Ohhhhh yeah... shoot me full your cum, Stud. Pump me hard! Fill my cunt with cum, Jeff. Bang it into me hard! I'll cum when you shoot it in!"

    "Jeff? Who the hell was Jeff?" Connor wondered as he reached the doorway just in time to hear his wife screaming as she took Jeff's cum load up her cheating cunt hole. When he heard the guy announce that he was cumming, Connor peeked around the edge of the door into the master bedroom.

    Conflicting emotions surged through Connor's mind when he took in the hot scene taking place on the bed. Disappointment filled part of his brain when he saw that it wasn't his wife who was having her cunt screwed by a huge cock, but his daughter, Stacy. The rest of his brain was filled with hot lust as he watched Jeff pound his thick cock up Stacy's convulsing pussy. Stacy shrieked continuously as the cock jack hammered in and out of her vagina. When her lover's dick contracted and filled her with semen, Stacy's orgasm erupted.

    With Stacy's legs wide open, Connor had no problems seeing the thick shaft pumping in and out of his daughter's cunt.

    Connor couldn't tear his eyes off his daughter's hugely stretched pussy. When he saw the white froth of the cum load spurting out of her tightly plugged cunt, he couldn't resist clutching his crotch where he squeezed and stroked his own iron-hard shaft. After just a few strokes, Connor ejaculated like a cannon. A minute later, a huge, wet spot spread out over the front of his pants.

    Even after cumming in his pants, he stayed hidden at the door watching. After resting for a several minutes, Connor was shocked to see Jeff's ass again begin to rise and fall between his daughter's thighs.

    "Let me get on top this time, Jeff. I wanna fuck my pussy on that big shaft of yours."

    Shoving his arms under Stacy's body, he rolled them over with one powerful move. Stacy squirmed a little on top of her lover to get her cunt into the best fucking position and then began to slam her hips up and down on the cock, which seemed to Connor to be fully hard again.

    The last thing Connor saw before leaving was Stacy's ass pumping her pussy up and down the stud's hard cock.

    After his daughter had reached another orgasm, he quietly went down to the guest bedroom in the basement where he stripped and took a quick shower. Before dressing, he jacked off as he replayed the hot scene in his mind... enormously turned on by it, but very, very disappointed that it was Stacy rather than Lauren.

    After shooting off a second large cum load, Connor lamented quietly, "Why can't my wife be that hot? Aren't daughters supposed to take after their mothers? Why is Stacy a fantastic lay while my wife is a dead fish in bed?"

    If Connor had known more of Lauren's early years, it would not have made him any happier, but at least, he would have had more understanding of why his wife behaved as she did.

    As usual, it wasn't a single, traumatic incident that had molded Lauren's sexual behavior, but a combination of several factors. Lauren's parents belonged to a strict religious order, particularly in sexual matters. Moreover, they were both devout in their beliefs. As soon as Lauren was old enough to understand, they continuously reminded her that sex outside of marriage was a terrible sin, and even in marriage, it was to be avoided except for purposes of procreation.

    The admonitions of her parents were reinforced by Lauren's experiences in junior high and high school. The boys who asked her for dates quickly made it clear that the only reason they had asked her was to have the opportunity to feel and play with her big tits. By the time she reached the ninth grade, her nickname had become "Tits". When any of the boys spoke about her it was always, "I've got a date with Tits tonight". If it was a girl speaking, it was "I hope you're not going to invite Tits to the party."

    When she did accept a date with a boy she liked, her sexual experiences were unpleasant. The boys couldn't wait to get their hands on her tits. When she allowed them to go further and play with her pussy, they were either too rough, too fast, or unskilled... sometimes all of those. By age 20, Lauren was avoiding sex whenever possible. She had never had an orgasm.

    After her marriage to Connor, she finally experienced a few weak orgasms, but her feelings of guilt over having sex for reasons having nothing to do with having children kept her enjoyment to a bare minimum.

    For the most part, marriage to Connor had meant a financially secure lifestyle with a beautiful home, cars, fabulous clothes, and jewelry. Of course, she took care of a few of the chores expected of a wife. Lauren always had the laundry sent out, but she did take care of cooking dinner, picking up around the house, dusting, and making the beds. Once a week, a house cleaner came over to take care of the harder house cleaning jobs. When Stacy was young, Lauren had spent a lot of time with her. But as her daughter grew older and more rebellious, Lauren turned to volunteer work for a few years. When her interest in those activities waned, she grew more and more resentful of Connor and his never-ending requests for sex.

    -------------------------------------------------- After nearly twenty years of marriage, Connor had only been allowed to have oral sex with Lauren one time, and even on that occasion, he had gone down her, not vice versa. She complained the entire time he was licking her pussy, did not reach a climax, and absolutely refused to ever permit it again. She had never sucked his cock, and he had only asked once. That request had put him on the couch for a week as Lauren refused to sleep with a man who wanted her to do such degraded things. Once, he had considered suggesting that they try anal sex, but quickly abandoned that idea when he considered how many weeks that request might put him on the couch.

    On one occasion, Connor had worked up the courage to suggest they try sexy role playing and masturbating together. While those two requests didn't land him on the couch, they each resulted in two weeks of enforced celibacy. By the time Connor had turned 40, he had given up hope of ever having anything sensuous and erotic in his life.

    Once or twice a month, he and Lauren would have intercourse, and it was always intercourse with Lauren... never fucking. Occasionally, Connor would amuse himself by asking aloud, "I wonder what the verb is that means to have intercourse with a woman? I mean, does a guy say to the woman, 'I'm going to intercourse you.' or maybe 'Let's intercourse.' I mean, when your wife has eliminated and will not tolerate all the juicy good verbs, like 'fuck', 'screw', 'ball', 'bang', 'shag', 'hump', 'prong', 'dick', it's sort of hard to form sentences." These little asides occasionally brought a smile to Connor's face, but the real fact was that he was enormously unhappy.

    At the start of her junior year in college, Stacy met and started dating Randall, a marketing major. She brought him home to meet her parents over the Thanksgiving break. Connor was pleasantly surprised by Randall. Nice looking, polite, confident, with a good sense of humor, both Connor and Lauren immediately liked him. And even bigger surprise was Stacy. She still dressed hot and sexy, but she had stopped drinking and was once again happy and pleasant. Obviously, she was very interested in making certain that Randall thought of her as wife material, and not as a hot cunt to screw and forget.

    In June, just before her senior year and just after Randall had graduated, Stacy and Randall were married. He already had an excellent entry-level position with a company in the same city as Connor had his law practice. They bought a home that was just 10 miles and a 25-minute drive from the Kahler's home.

    With his daughter now happily married, that problem had been removed. However, Connor was still bored with his law practice and disgusted with his lack of a sex life. Although he had several female clients who had made their availability clear to him, he had never fucked any of them. Basically, he was a faithful husband who loved his wife, even though marriage to Lauren meant he had to jack off nine times for every time he got his cock into her pussy. Connor was at the end of his rope. It was desperation time.

    ================================== Connor's Viewpoint: Stacy Gets Caught:

    For slightly over a year, things went very well with Stacy and Randall. Every time I saw either of them, they were extremely happy with each other, with their lives, and with their wide range of activities. Since Lauren's prudish ways, which in my view approached outright frigidity, hadn't changed in the slightest, I spent as much time with Stacy and Randall as I could. I did my best not to wear out my welcome in their home, but the fact was that I craved their warmth and friendliness to the sterile coldness of my own home.

    One Friday afternoon, I found Lauren waiting for me in the den when I returned from work. This was unusual since she normally avoided me and my requests for a more varied, erotic, and sensuous sex life.

    "Is anything wrong?" I asked with genuine concern after sitting down across from her.

    "Yes. Very wrong. We need to talk."

    Every man on the planet harbors in the depths of his heart a mortal fear of hearing those words from his wife... "We need to talk." I was no exception. With no evidence to the contrary, I assumed Lauren was going to ask me for a divorce on the grounds of "irreconcilable differences"... those "differences" of course being my constant requests for sensuous erotic sex and her disdain for the same. Aloud, I replied, "Ok. What's the problem? Is there any way I can help?"

    "I hope so, Connor. We have a real problem... or more accurately, Stacy and Randall do."

    Silently, I breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn't a divorce. Even though Lauren withheld every thing a wife was supposed to be eagerly providing for her husband and lifelong partner, I still loved her. I would have been devastated to lose her.

    "What's their problem?"

    "Well, it's hard for me to even talk about things like this, but I have to. I'm just going to say it quickly, and then we can talk. Randall came home a day early from an out-of-town trip. He called ahead, but Stacy didn't answer her cell phone. He left a message, but she never noticed it. When he got home, he caught Stacy in bed with another man. They were making love."

    "I doubt that," I replied.

    "It's true!" Lauren nearly shouted. "Stacy told me the whole story herself."

    "When she told you, did she say that Randall caught a guy making love to her, or did she say he caught a guy fucking her?"

    "Ok. You're right. She told me he caught a guy fucking her. What's more, she told me that when Randall came into the room and they saw him, they were both just about to finish and were too hot to stop. She said her lover continued to do it to her until they both had orgasms." The image of Randall watching some stud pumping his wife's cunt had my cock hard as a rock.

    "Did the guy have a big cock? Larger than Randall's?" I asked.

    "What difference does that make? Why would you ask for such a detail?"

    "Because if Randall saw him fucking his wife, it makes a big difference... believe me, Lauren."

    Lauren hesitated but finally said, "Stacy told me the guy had a huge organ ... over eight inches and thick. God! I didn't know that some men have a penis that large. She said it was giving her intense, repeated orgasms."

    "All right. I can see that Randall and Stacy have a real problem. Is he the only guy Stacy's fucking on the side?"

    "Please don't phrase it like that, Connor."

    "Oh excuse me. Pardon my French. Permit me to rephrase. Is he the only guy whom Stacy is permitting to insert his phallus into her vagina?"

    "You don't need to be sarcastic! Stacy said that she's having sex with several other men."

    "Is Randall going to divorce her?"

    "Maybe... maybe not. Stacy said he's willing to forgive her and go on."

    "Wow! That's an incredibly considerate and generous offer. I hope our daughter is properly appreciative of it."

    "There's a condition on his offer."

    "That's not surprising. What is it?"

    "Randall would like for me to spend days with Stacy while the two of you are at work, and be their houseguest when he's out of town. I think I should do it. Do you agree?"

    "You'll be her chaperon? Is that it?"

    "I guess so."

    "All right. I agree. For how long?"

    "I guess until Randall says it's no longer necessary."

    ================================= Lauren, The Chaperon:

    A. The Making of a Hotwife-Initial Steps:

    I left the house promptly at 7:00 AM on Monday to be certain I got to Stacy and Randall's house before he left for work around 7:45 AM. Although I was careful not to let Connor know it, I was secretly glad to have the excuse to get out of the house before he started badgering me for sex.

    Randall greeted me warmly when I arrived. "I really appreciate your being willing to help us out, Lauren. I know it's an imposition, but maybe we'll be able to repay your kindness someday."

    "Don't give it a moment's thought, Randall. I'll enjoy the time visiting with Stacy."

    As soon as Randall left the house for work, Stacy took a seat on the couch directly across from me and crossed her legs. The position allowed her already short dress to ride high on her thighs. The top of her outfit concealed not much more than half of her large breasts, and the material was so thin and form-fitting, her nipples might as well have been exposed.

    "Why do you always have to wear such slutty clothes, Stacy?"

    "I like looking attractive and sexy, Mom."

    "And you see what looking sexy got you, don't you? Your husband caught you in bed with another man. It's a miracle that he's giving you a second chance."

    "What it got me, Mom, was months and months of Jeff's big cock in my pussy. He must have given me several hundred orgasms during that time, and I can tell you that every one of them made my body throb with pleasure. Tell me, Mother, haven't you ever had orgasms that just make you scream in sheer pleasure?"

    I didn't know what to say to such a question. Finally, I just told Stacy the truth. "No, I haven't. And even if I had, I wouldn't risk my marriage for just a few orgasms."

    "Well, it wasn't just a few. I told you that Jeff's huge cock must have made me cum several hundred times in the last couple of months. And, you know, now that I think about it, in all the years I lived at home with you and Dad, I never heard you having sex or having an orgasm."

    "I'm not surprised," I replied. "Unlike some people I could name, I like to keep sex a private thing. I don't scream when I have a climax."

    "Really? Tell me, Mom, how many orgasms do you usually have in a month?"

    "Why are we talking about this? I can't say I like this line of conversation."

    "We're talking about it because sex is the reason you're here. Now answer my question... how many times do you usually cum in a month?"

    "One or two... on the average."

    "You're kidding me, aren't you? One or two orgasms a month?? Oh Mom, I'm so sorry for you. I didn't realize that Dad doesn't want sex any more often than that or that he's so bad in bed. Have the two of you seen a marriage counselor or sought medical help?"

    "For you information, Stacy, your father wants sex constantly, but I'm his wife not a slutty mistress or a whore. When a couple has been married as long as we have, sex one or two times a month is perfectly natural and normal."

    "Mom, you don't know what you're missing. You're throwing away one of the greatest pleasures in life. Worst of all, you're doing it to Dad as well as yourself, and judging from what you've just said, he's enormously unhappy about it."

    Not knowing what to say, I tried to end the conversation. "I really don't want to talk about it, Stacy."

    "Look, Mom. You're going to be over here every day during the week and occasionally on the weekends as well trying to help me with my overheated sex drive. Let's make it a two-way street, Ok? I'm too oversexed... you're too undersexed. Since we're going to be together a lot, let me try to help you while you're trying to help me. Deal?"

    I was silent for some time while Stacy waited patiently. "I don't know if I can do that, Dear. I'm very uncomfortable with sex and sexual things. You know that," I said in little more than a whisper.

    "I'll tell you what, Mom. You're going to make me go cold turkey on spreading my legs for big-cocked guys because you think that's the only way to do it. Right?"

    When I nodded, my daughter continued, "Ok. I'm going to try hard to follow your lead. Now, I'm going to do the opposite with you. We're going to go very slowly... just increasing the level of eroticism around you little by little until you're enjoying being a woman and having sex. Will you do your best to follow my lead? Basically, I'm just suggesting that instead of fighting and screaming at each other all the time, let's try to help each other."

    "I guess that sounds reasonable. Ok, but I warn you that I doubt that anything you do will have much effect on my attitudes about sex and sexuality."

    "Fair enough. But you agree to at least try just like I'm going to try to become a faithful wife to Randall. Now let's have a light breakfast and then go shopping."

    "What are we shopping for?" I asked.

    "Some sexy outfits for you."

    "I'll never have the nerve to wear them."

    "Maybe not at first, but you'll have the nerve to wear them here in the house with just the two of us present... right?"

    "Yeah... I guess that would all right."

    --------------------------- We had been shopping at Victoria's Secret for almost two hours. Stacy had already picked out six outfits for me. They were all outrageously slutty, and I objected to everyone of them.

    Even while I was objecting, Stacy and the saleslady were gushing over how incredibly erotic and sexy I looked.

    "Ms. Kahler, you are stunning in those outfits. Every man is going to go wild when he sees you. I don't think I've ever seen any woman more voluptuous than you are. God! I wish I had your body!" the saleslady said in an awed whisper.

    "I couldn't possibly get up the nerve to wear anything like this in public," I protested.

    "I think you'll change your mind, Lauren, when you see how much fun it is to have dozens of men panting over you while you're in complete control and knowing that they can only look but not touch," she replied.

    When I again objected, Stacy said, "Ok... we'll compromise. Remember, you agreed to at least try. You select any three of the six outfits. We'll get those and forget the other three. Your choice, but you have to pick three."

    I hated it, but I had agreed to try, and since I wouldn't be wearing the outfits out in public, it would probably be all right. It didn't make any difference which outfits I picked... they were all totally slutty... so I just picked three of them.

    "Are you satisfied now?" I asked.

    "No. Not yet. We still have to look at lingerie."

    After another half hour, we had several bags of sheer bikini panties, thongs, almost transparent bras, teddies, black negligees that showed everything, and the most slutty items of all, some string bikinis, crotchless panties, and bras with nipple cutouts. After that, we went shoe shopping. Another hour later, I had several pair with four- and five-inch heels. I also had two pair of boots with stiletto heels. One pair came to mid-calf, the other to mid-thigh.

    By the time we left Victoria's, my panties were wet. I was surprised... even shocked, but I had to admit to myself that the erotic thought of actually wearing such clothes in public had me excited, even though I knew I would never actually do it.

    "Are we done yet?" I asked.

    "No. We just have the clothes. Now we need to get you your own personal set of toys."


    "Come on. You'll see."

    It was my first experience inside an adult sex shop. I felt my face flaming red with embarrassment, but at the same time, I also felt my vagina flowing even harder as my panties rapidly approached the "soaking wet" stage.

    "What are we doing here?" I whispered urgently to Stacy.

    "We're going to pick out a dildo and a vibrator for you."

    "No!" I hissed. "Absolutely not!"

    "You promised to at least try. I'm going to do what you tell me to do to stay away from temptation with other men. Now be fair. At least try."

    "Oh god! There's a dozen men in here and every one of them is staring at us."

    "Of course they're staring at us. We're both good-looking women with big tits, and we're in a sex shop. Their cocks are all hard and they all want to fuck us. In fact, they want to fuck every one of our holes and will if we let them."

    I opened my mouth to say something, but all that came out was a low moan. I felt my vagina throb and force another spurt of fluid into my now soaked panties.

    "Come on, Mom. Let's pick out a dildo and vibrator. How big is Dad's cock?"

    "Why does that matter?"

    "We want to get ones that are bigger than Dad's equipment, but not so big that it hurts you. How big is his cock. Come on. Tell me, Mom," Stacy grinned.

    "Seven and a half inches."

    "Really? Wow! That's big, Mom. Not huge, but it certainly puts Dad in the upper 20% in cock size. You're lucky. Dad's big but not so big it hurts... particularly when he fucks your ass."

    "I've never let him do that!" I hissed at my daughter.

    "Oh god... that's so sad. You're missing so much, Mom. You're causing Dad to miss every thing. Let's pick out the vibe and the dildo. Come on."

    We approached the man behind the counter. Judging from his trim and muscular body and his flawless face, he appeared to be about 20 years old. He smiled at us and asked courteously, "What can I do for you beautiful ladies today?"

    "We want to get a dildo and a vibrator for my mom... about 8 inches for each one, I think. Nothing bigger than that."

    "Not a problem. Any particular color?"

    Stacy looked at me and asked, "Black?"

    I was too embarrassed to speak. I wanted the floor to open and let me fall into an abyss. I just shook my head and tugged on Stacy's arm trying desperately to get her to leave.

    "I guess not," she said. We'll take white or cream-colored."

    The man smiled and spread out a half dozen models of each. They were all about 8 inches in length but varied in thickness. Stacy immediately selected the thickest dildo and vibrator. Looking at me, she said, "Thick is much more important than length... don't you think so, Mom?"

    Again, I couldn't reply. All I could think about was how embarrassed I was and how hard my vagina was now throbbing. I thought my embarrassment had reached its limit. I was wrong.

    The young clerk placed our purchases in a bag, and I handed him my credit card. After glancing at my name, he grinned at me, and deliberately allowed his gaze to fall to my heaving breasts. "Great rack, Lauren. Probably the best I've ever seen. Any chance to see more of them?"

    "No," I moaned as my vaginal secretions now poured into my panties.

    "My loss. Listen, if you'd like to try out your purchases before you leave, you can use one of the video booths in the back or my private office. In fact, if you let me do it for you or just watch, you can have both the dildo and vibe free of charge. Interested?"

    I had an almost overpowering urge to rub my pussy. I had to fight to suppress it. Aloud, I managed to say, "I can't do that. I'm married. Let's go, Stacy. Please!"

    "Mom, just relax and enjoy his attention and the fact that you've probably got his cock hard." My daughter turned to face the clerk. "You are hard, aren't you?"

    "Like a rock," he grinned. "I'm just doing this job to get enough money to finish college. It's really rare that I see two gorgeous women like you and Lauren. Are you sure you wouldn't like to use my office to try out the toys, Lauren, while I watch or help? I promise to behave myself. We can even get off together. Wouldn't you like to get off watching me masturbate?"

    "Go ahead, Mom. You know you want to. I'll watch the store while you two do it for each other."

    My body began to shudder. At first, it was just small tremors rippling through my pussy and belly. When I pressed my thighs together, my clitoris went into hard contractions. The shuddering increased rapidly until my entire body was shaking. I had to support myself with my hands on the counter to keep from falling.

    "Aaaahhhhhh... god. OOoohhhhhhh..."

    Stacy and clerk watched as the orgasm shook me, and I continued to moan each time my clit throbbed. "Oh fuck! That's the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life!" the clerk gasped as he clutched his iron-hard erection.

    When my orgasm finally ebbed, Stacy said, "I think we'd better go. Sorry to leave you with that monster hard on."

    "Will you come back? Please," the guy asked.

    "I hope so. Mom's still pretty up tight about sex, but you never know."

    As soon as were outside the shop at our car, Stacy hugged me. "Mom, that was amazing! Just fantastic. You're wonderful. That clerk is going to remember seeing you cum until the day he dies. I had no idea that your libido was so high. You've just kept it locked up for years."

    "I made a complete spectacle of myself, Stacy. I'm so embarrassed I could just die."

    "Don't be ridiculous, Mom. That clerk is jacking off behind the counter right now thinking about you. Several of the men who saw you will be doing the same thing as soon as they get somewhere private. You were just awesome!"

    I didn't really agree with my daughter, but I had to admit to myself that the experience inside the sex shop was one of the most erotic I had ever had. As Stacy drove home, I couldn't stop thinking about that young clerk and how he was jacking off thinking about me. By the time we arrived, my vagina was again seeping.

    ------------------------------- For the rest of the week, Stacy insisted that I wear my hot outfits when I was at her house. Everyday, she tried to persuade me to wear one when we went out for lunch or to shop, but I refused. They were just too slutty. Nevertheless, just wearing them around the house kept me in a constant state of arousal. The green and blue dress was so thin you could almost see through it. It plunged all the way to my navel and almost didn't cover my ass. Every outfit was slutty.

    By the start of the second week, I badly needed to get laid. I took every opportunity to smile and speak sweetly to Connor. He was equally nice and attentive to me, but he made no move to ask me for sex. I didn't have to wonder what was wrong, I knew. I had turned my husband down so many times using every excuse in the book that he had just given up. Every man has a limit to the number of rejections his ego can take. I knew I had long since exceeded my allotted number.

    As soon as I arrived at Stacy's home on Tuesday morning, I found her naked except for panties and heels. I also saw one of my new outfit lying on dining room table. "What's going on?" I asked.

    "Simple. Today, we're going out. It's time you got over this nonsense about not wearing anything sexy in public. That's every woman's right. So, you're outfit is on the dining room table. Go put it on, and then we're going out shopping, flashing and trolling."

    "Flashing and trolling? What's that?"

    "Oh my god. How can a woman as luscious as my mom not know what flashing and trolling is? Think of it in terms of fishing, Mom. To attract the fish, you bait the hook with something the fish like. To attract the men, we bait the hook by wearing something hot and sexy that the men like. To get the fish interested once you've attracted them, the lure gyrates, gleams, and wiggles. To get the men interested, we wiggle our butts, bend over to flash some cleavage, or open our legs a little when we're sitting down. Trolling is catching fish. We're going to troll for men. Get it, Mom?"

    "Yeah. I get it. Just one question. What do we do with these men once we catch them? The reason I'm here is to keep you away from men, remember?"

    "You ever hear of 'catch and release'? Well, that's what we do. We catch them, they get hard and hot, then we cut them loose and release them. They get the pleasure of seeing two attractive women showing off; we get the pleasure of knowing that they're hard and hot for us, but can't have us. It will do more to boost your spirits and ego than you can imagine. Just wait and see. Now go get into your 'fishing' clothes, Mom."

    Half of me was very reluctant the other half was wildly excited as I put on the outfit Stacy had selected. I couldn't believe there was no bra. "My god! My tits are going to be bouncing all over the place," I thought. At least, there was a pair of tight, black bikini panties. The black dress only came to mid-thigh. It was already tight, but with the gold belt around my waist, it molded every one of my curves. The dress had a V-neck that exposed the inner portion of both of my tits. There were no stockings... just a pair of four-inch heels. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I didn't think I would have the nerve to go out like this in public.

    The black dress showed off every curve, half of my tits, and almost all of my legs.

    When I went back into the Stacy's den, I saw that she was wearing a dress very similar to mine, except hers was gray. The bodice was similar to mine so that half of her breasts were also on display. Her dress was longer and not so form-fitting, but it was a wrap-around outfit so that every step she took exposed most of one of her legs. Her four-inch heels matched mine. Except for the obvious age difference, we might have been twins.

    Stacy's gray dress was as slutty as mine, but it looked more elegant.

    "Wow, Mom! You look great... hot and sexy. Ready to go trolling?"

    "Stacy, I look like a slut in this dress. Can't I please wear something else?"

    "I guess we could make a deal, if you want to."

    "If it gets me out of this dress, I certainly do want to make a deal. What is it?"

    "You can wear a nice, conservative dress if I get to spend a couple of hours with Jeff this afternoon and you keep quiet about it to Randall. Deal?"

    "Stacy, you know I can't do that. I promised Randall."

    "Ok then. No problem. I don't get to enjoy Jeff's big cock and you wear that hot dress on our outing. Let's go, Mom."

    --------------------------- An hour later, we were having a drink in the Hilton lounge. It was slightly after noon, and the place was filled with men traveling on business. Most of them were staring at Stacy and me. In fact, practically all of them were. The four men at the table directly across from ours were staring the hardest and making no effort to disguise their interest.

    Stacy leaned closer and whispered, "See those men at the table over there?"

    "I do. What about them other than the fact they're staring at us?"

    "They can't decide whether to stare at our big tits or our legs. Their eyes keep switching back and forth. They all want to fuck us."

    "Not every man wants to have sex with every woman he sees, Stacy," I replied.

    "Maybe... maybe not, but those four guys want to get into us. That's for sure. I know that two of them have hard-ons right now. Probably they all do. I'm going to uncross my legs, Mom, then recross them in the opposite direction. I'll make sure that my dress slides up even higher on my thighs. I'll do it first, then you wait a moment and do the same."

    One of the four men had been staring directly at my thighs for the last ten minutes. If I uncrossed my legs, he was going to get a great view of my panties. My skirt was so short there wouldn't be any possible way I could keep him from seeing them. As wet as my panties were, they might even be transparent so that he would see my pussy. I felt tremors of excitement mixed with fear surging through me.

    At that moment, the men's eyes switched to Stacy's legs as she uncrossed them. She turned to me and asked a meaningless question about the decor of the lounge to give herself an excuse to keep her legs open a little longer before she eventually recrossed them. Two of the men had to adjust their pants their cocks had gotten so hard.

    The men had a good view of my daughter's panties when she opened her legs... even better when she kept them open.

    "They're all looking at my legs aren't they?" Stacy asked quietly.

    "Yeah. Two of them had to adjust their pants you got them so hard."

    "I love that. Ok, Mom. It's your turn. Just be casual and give the gentlemen a good show, then we'll leave them with big hard cocks with no place to put them. Wait till I turn back and take another sip of my drink, then do it."

    I might have been this excited and shaking this hard on my wedding night, but I doubted it. What we were doing was so slutty and so erotic, I could hardly breathe. A moment later, Stacy turned and took a swallow of her drink. As she did so, I uncrossed my legs and leaned forward and whispered to her.

    "My legs are uncrossed now, Stacy. Are they interested at all?"

    Four pair of male eyes locked onto my panties and open thighs.

    "Interested... well, two of them are squeezing their cocks. I'd say they're a lot more than just interested. They want to fuck you, Mom. Ok. Recross your legs and make sure your dress hikes way up your thighs."

    I did what Stacy wanted, waited a moment, and then glanced at the men. All four of them were looking at my almost totally exposed legs... obviously hoping I would open them again. My pussy throbbed. If we stayed much longer, I knew I would going to have orgasm just like I did in the sex shop the previous week.

    My dress was all the way up to my hips after I recrossed my legs.

    "If we don't leave, Stacy, I'm going to have a climax. Please! Let's leave."

    "Don't you want those guys to see you cum, Mom? Just think how hot that would be. Are you sure you want to leave?"

    "Please... Please! Let's go." I breathed a sigh of relief when my daughter uncrossed her legs, turned to me with her legs still open, and said, "Ok, Mom, give the nice men a few moments to stare at my panties, and then we'll leave.

    ------------------------------ A short time later, we were back in Stacy's home. I was still trembling, my panties were drenched, and my breasts were heaving I was breathing so hard. Stacy seemed as turned on as I was. I felt totally ashamed of myself, but I just couldn't help it. Connor hadn't made love to me in two weeks, and what Stacy and I had just done had me on an incredible sexual high. All four of those men wanted to fuck me! Four, big hard cocks sinking into me... filling me... making me cum. My vagina wouldn't stop throbbing.

    "You look hot and ready, Mom. I know I am. We need to use our vibrators ... right now. Let's get out of these clothes and get ourselves off. I want to watch you doing it."

    "I can't! Oh god, Stacy. I can't do that. I just can't!"

    "You promised to at least try. After we start, if you want to stop, you can, but at least try it. I know that I'll cum within a minute or two and probably two or three more times after that. Please give it a try. I'm never going to tell Dad, and I know you won't tell Randall."

    I took one of the couches in the den. Stacy took the one directly across from me so that we were looking right at each other. We were both naked. My pussy was soaked with my excitement, and judging from the shiny, wet appearance of my daughter's, so was hers. I just couldn't wait any longer. Spreading my legs, I spread my labia open and lodged the thick head of the vibe in my throbbing vagina.

    Across from, Stacy was doing the same. When we both had the vibes inserted a couple of inches, she grinned at me, and said, "This is so damn hot and sexy, Mom. I'm going to count to three. On three, we'll turn the vibes on high and push them all the way in. I bet I cum before you do."

    I was shaking too hard to answer. I didn't know who would cum first, but I knew I was just going to explode.


    I shuddered as I placed my fingers on the speed setting.


    I could hardly breathe.


    My vagina went into hard contractions as soon as I pushed the vibe inside.


    Stacy grunted as the thick vibe stretched her cunt open





    "I'M CUMMING!! OH MY GOD! I'M CUMMING!!" I shouted as my vagina erupted in intense, hard contractions... again and again and again. My hole was still contracting around the buzzing vibe when I heard Stacy screaming in her first orgasm.

    Later, she smiled weakly and said, "You came first, you sexy slut!"

    "I know... I know... oh god... I Know! And I'm going to cum again... soon!"

    "Me too!"

    I had gotten off four times by the time I went home that night.


    Lauren, The Chaperon:

    B. The Making of a Hotwife-Final Steps:

    After a month of staying with Stacy and being submerged in sensuality all day long, every day, I found myself thinking about sex most of the time, even when I wasn't with her. Connor hadn't approached me for sex for more than a month.

    Before I had started staying with Stacy, I hadn't masturbated in years. Now, I was using my vibrator and dildo once or twice every day, but I wanted a man's cock in me, not a piece of plastic. My problem was simply that I had never initiated sex with Connor before and was very nervous about doing so.

    I considered wearing one of the hot outfits Stacy had selected for me and enticing Connor into bed, but I wanted him to make love to me, not fuck me like a slut. I shook my head at that thought knowing that it wasn't true. I really wanted my husband to fuck me like a hot slut, but there was no way I could ever bring myself to tell him that. Finally, I decided to talk to Stacy.

    "Dad hasn't fucked you in a month? Why?" She asked after I had confessed my problem.

    "It's not his fault. I've been turning him down time after time for months. I was even leaving the house early to avoid giving him any chance to ask me for sex. I'm sure he realized what I was doing, and now, he's just given up on me. And with all the erotic things we've been doing for the last month, I'm just going crazy."

    "Don't worry, Mom. If there's one thing your daughter knows how to do, it's get laid. Let's have some lunch."

    After lunch, Stacy took me into the guest bedroom where I kept my clothes. "Get out that ultra-short denim mini-skirt, the white top we bought to go with it, and your red CFM heels. Put them on with some bikini panties but no bra while I get dressed. Fix your make up. We're going out in fifteen minutes."

    "Where are we going?"

    "Somewhere that will get you hot and ready, Mom."

    "I pretty much already feel that way, Dear."

    "I know, but I want to jack your excitement up two, or maybe three, levels. Hurry up. 15 minutes... no more."

    The mini-skirt just barely covered my pussy and ass, and the top left my belly naked from just below my tits to just above the start of my ass cheeks and pubic bush. I knew if Stacy insisted, I would wear it out in public. Unbelievable! A month ago, I wouldn't even have considered it... now, the thought excited me. So much so, that on three occasions during the last month, I had had an orgasm in public without even touching my pussy or clit. I was already wet when I pulled the skimpy bikini panties up my thighs.

    I couldn't believe how excited the thought of wearing this outfit out in public made me.

    I was ready slightly before Stacy's 15-minute deadline. "I'm ready. Are you?" I called out toward her bedroom.

    "Yeah. Just a second. Go on out to the car. I'll join in you in a moment." I was waiting beside the car a few minutes later when Stacy came out of the house.

    Her outfit was very similar to mine except instead of a short denim mini-skirt, she had on jean cutoffs that were cut so short that they exposed half of her ass cheeks. Her tight, white top covered more of her belly than mine did, but she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were clearly outlined by the tight, thin material of her T-top. It that wasn't enough, the shorts were so snug, they molded every crevice of her pussy creating an erotic camel toe between her thighs.

    Stacy's top molded every curve of her big tits.

    "Wow!" I gasped. "That top covers your tits, but it looks like it's painted on, it's so tight."

    Stacy giggled. "Thanks, Mom. It my tits don't get some attention, do you think my ass will?" She turned and showed me just how much of her ass was exposed by her abbreviated shorts.

    The short cutoffs exposed half of my daughter's sexy ass.

    "You may be raped, Stacy. I can't believe we're going out dressed like this."

    "It's hot, isn't it. If I'm raped, you certainly will be too, as sexy as you look. I'm already wet. Are you?"


    "Do you want to go back into the house and watch sitcoms on TV?"

    "Oh god no! Let's go somewhere. Didn't you say something about increasing my excitement several levels?"

    "I did. Get in the car, Mom."

    -------------------------------------------------------- It was a 20-minute drive in traffic to the adult sex shop we had visited when we purchased the toys for me a month before. I realized where Stacy was heading when we were halfway there, but I remained quiet. By the time we arrived, my pussy was nearly a swamp.

    "What are we going to buy this time?" I asked.

    "Probably nothing. We're just going to go inside, browse the porno mags, the dildoes, vibes, bondage stuff, and maybe watch a sex video in one of the booths. While we're doing all that, you're going to take every opportunity to bend over so the men can check out your big tits and hot ass. Just keep doing it until I tell you it's time to leave."

    "What are you going to be doing?"

    "Pretty much the same thing, but the idea here is to get you wildly hot, not me. You know me. I'm always wildly hot. That's why Randall has you chaperoning me."

    "If I bend over in this tiny skirt, my panties will show."

    "You bet they will, and every guy in there is going to be following you around hoping you'll bend over so he can see them."

    "Well, at least, I'm wearing panties."

    "Only for awhile."

    "What do you mean?" I asked, now shocked and a little worried.

    "When I nod, you're to go to the rest room and remove your panties. Then come back and continue browsing."

    "They'll all see my vagina... they may actually rape me," I protested.

    "It's more likely that they'll see your cunt, Mom. But, don't worry. They're not going to rape either of us. Not in a public place, and when we leave, we'll leave quickly. When I signal that it's time to leave, I'll go first. You lag behind to keep the men inside. When I've gotten the car started, you come out, jump in the passenger side door, which I'll have open, and we'll make our getaway."

    "Oh god... I'm so close. I'll probably have another orgasm doing this."

    "I hope so... I don't know how you can do that? I wish to hell I could. Come on, Mom. It's show time!"

    Every thing happened just as Stacy had described it and just as I had imagined it. The men followed us around like puppy dogs... puppy dogs with very, very hard erections. This time, an older clerk was behind the counter instead of the young man. I realized that I was disappointed. I also knew that the reason I was disappointed was that I was looking forward to bending over and letting him see my pussy after I had removed my panties. My clitoris began to throb slowly at that sexy thought.

    What surprised me was the fact that the crowd of men gradually grew larger. It finally dawned on me that it was because none of the men were leaving, and as more customers entered the shop, the crowd just got bigger and bigger.

    Most of the time, I just walked slowly up and down the aisles, occasionally stopping to examine one of the magazines whose cover usually showed a beautiful young woman wearing practically nothing with her legs wide open. The fact that all the men were staring at Stacy and me and paying no attention to the all the pictures of the naked women in lewd poses had my excitement mounting higher and higher.

    Occasionally, I would bend over to look at something on the bottom rack. The audible intake of breath of the men behind me had my vagina throbbing. I had just straightened up when I saw Stacy nodding toward the rest room. I entered without hesitating. Once inside, my hands were shaking as I reached beneath the short skirt, hooked my fingers in the waistband of my panties, and pulled them down my thighs. The crotch was soaked... so much so that the musky aroma of my aroused pussy filled the room. I knew that any man entering soon after I left would be able to smell my pussy... no, I corrected myself... he would be able to smell my cunt. I was throbbing harder when I exited the rest room.

    After leaving, I didn't look directly at any of the men. If I looked into their lusting eyes, I couldn't be certain what I would do. I might have bolted from the room in a panic, or had an orgasm, or, even worse, asked them if they would fuck me. After moving up and down one aisle, I bent over at the start of the next aisle... a little at first as I looked a magazine on the middle shelf... and then all the way as I bent almost double at the waist to check out something on the bottom shelf. I felt my short skirt pull up over my ass and immediately after that, I felt the cool air on my naked pussy..

    The gasps of the men behind were easily audible. The men who had been watching Stacy hurried over behind me to see what had caused the loud gasp. When they saw my naked cunt, they all moaned. My pussy throbbed in response. Straightening up, I moved on down the aisle where I again bent over. This time, I opened my legs slightly more to give the men an even better view.

    I could almost feel the lustful stares of the men as they checked out my naked ass and cunt.

    The men were now moving closer. I could hear some of them discussing how wet and open my cunt was. One guy said, "I can smell her cunt." Another man just flatly stated, "The hot bitch is cumming. She's fucking cumming. Look at her pussy throb! She wants to be fucked."

    Obviously, they were getting ready to touch me or even finger fuck me the next time I bent over. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Stacy jerk her head toward the exit and immediately leave the shop. I stayed behind as we had planned and continued to look over the merchandise, but I didn't bend over again. When I was near the door, I walked rapidly through it and found Stacy waiting with the car running and the passenger-side door open. A moment later, we were on the freeway speeding toward home leaving 15 or so men behind with their raging erections.

    I did feel a little shame at cockteasing the men like that, but mostly I just felt wildly excited as my pussy and clitoris pulsed in the aftermath of the orgasm I had had when I had bent over and spread my legs for all those men to see my cunt.

    -------------------------------------------- It was a little after 2:00 PM when we reached Stacy's home. As soon as we were in the house, I assumed we would get ourselves off with the toys, but again, Stacy had other plans.

    "You need to change clothes again, Mom. Hurry. We don't have much time. Put on the green and blue outfit on the bed and the red panties, but no bra."

    I was back in ten minutes wearing the dress which just barely covered my nipples, ass, and panties. I was already close to another orgasm. "What's the hurry?" I asked. "What's going to happen?"

    Just as I asked the question, the front door bell rang. When I started to head for the bedroom so no one would see me dressed like this, Stacy stopped me. "No you don't. Go out onto the patio and stay there. We'll be out in a moment."


    "You'll see. Just go and be certain to that your legs are open and your panties showing when we get there. Understand?"

    I didn't understand, but I was too turned on to object. Following my daughter's instructions, I hurried out to the patio. There weren't any chairs so I squatted, leaned back against one of the support columns, and spread my knees far apart. The obscene position completely exposed my crotch and the red panties.

    Squatting on the patio with my legs wide open had me so turned on I could smell the musky aroma of my cunt.

    It was about a minute later when Stacy and man in his early 30s, very well-built with a trimmed, sexy beard joined me. The man's tight-fitting T-shirt looked like it would rip apart if he flexed his muscles. His virile appearance was emphasized the by huge bulge in his pants. It was easily the largest one I had ever actually seen. I could hardly breathe.

    "Jeff, this is my mom, Lauren. Mom, meet Jeff. He's the stud who was fucking me when Randall came home early and caught us. See his bulge, Mom? That's over nine inches of hard, thick cock. I'm sure you can see why I was spreading my legs for him."

    Jeff's eyes were locked onto my wide-open thighs and my panties. I felt like he could see right through the panties and was inspecting my cunt. I started to close my legs, but Stacy shook her head and motioned with her hands for me to keep them open. Again, I followed her instructions.

    "You're not supposed to be here, Jeff," I admonished. "Didn't Stacy call you and tell you that she can't see you anymore and certainly not have sex with you. If Randall catches her with you again, she'll lose her husband and her marriage. I thought you knew that."

    "Oh, I do, Lauren. I do," Jeff said with a what I can only describe as a lustful smile. "Stacy has fully explained that I can't fuck her again. In fact, I'm really sorry that Randall caught us and she got into trouble because of me. But, Randall doesn't have any objections to my fucking you... and Stacy says you haven't been laid in months... Can't understand that... you look incredible. There's got to be a 100,000 men in this city who'd love to fuck you... I'm one of them."

    I couldn't breathe. My mind screamed "NO... NO ... NO!", but my body, particularly my cunt , was screaming, "YES... YES... YES! PLEASE HURRY!" If there was any chance that I was going to turn Jeff down, it vanished with his next words.

    "God! You're are drop-dead gorgeous! You look like a slightly older, more voluptuous version of Stacy. My cock is so fucking hard it hurts! I can't wait to spend the afternoon in bed with you, Lauren. Your tits look awesome! Take them out! Let me see what I'm going to be enjoying."

    I didn't think twice or hesitate a moment. My hands just jerked the flimsy material of the dress aside and pulled it down to my waist completely exposing both tits.

    My nipples were hard and erect. With my breath coming in gasps, my tits were heaving.

    "Damn! What an incredible rack!! Are you kidding me, Lauren? You really haven't been fucked for over a month???"

    Shaking my head, I heard myself hissing, "No... not once. Please..."

    "Please what?" the stud asked with a lecherous grin.

    "Please fuck me."

    He took two quick steps and pulled me to my feet. Instantly, his strong arms lifted me. Wrapping my arms about his shoulders and neck, I shuddered in his arms as he carried me to the bedroom. I was about to cheat on my husband for the first time, but I promised myself that Connor was going to get every thing that I gave Jeff... and much more.

    ------------------------------------------- Sitting on the bed, Jeff gave me my first order. "Take my cock out, Lauren. Make love to it."

    My hands were shaking so hard, I had trouble getting his tight jeans down his legs. The hot stud wore no underwear. As soon as his pants cleared his enormous organ, it surged to full erection. I had never had a cock that big... probably nine inches length and so thick I could just barely get my hand around its girth. I held it by the base and ran my tongue up and down its length. When he moaned with pleasure, my female ego soared along with my desire.

    I couldn't wait for Jeff to fuck me with his huge dick.

    His pubic hair had a familiar, musky aroma that assailed my nostrils each time my tongue moved down his shaft. Suddenly, I realized that it was the scent of another woman's pussy! Jeff had obviously very recently fucked some woman and hadn't bothered to wash his cock and balls. "Oh god," I thought. "He probably won't wash it after he fucks me either... then his next woman will be smelling the aroma of my pussy."

    The huge shaft throbbed like an enraged python in my hand. I wanted it... in me... deep inside me. But first, I wanted to suck it. I hoped Jeff would fuck my mouth and cum down my throat.

    "Take it in your mouth, Lauren. Suck it!"

    Shivers of pleasure surged through me as I stretched my mouth wide open and took Jeff's throbbing organ inside. At first, I could only get a few inches inside my mouth. As I sucked those few inches, I used my hand to jack off the rest of his cock.

    Just three or four inches of Jeff's cock almost filled my mouth.

    Amid Jeff's deep, masculine grunts of pleasure, I forced more and more of his rod into my mouth until five inches were buried, and I felt the head pressing against the entrance to my throat. He pushed in more cock, and I gagged and pulled back.

    "MMMmmmm... just relax, Lauren. Relax your throat and let me push the head inside. Once the head is in your throat, the rest of the cock will go in smoothly. Just relax. I'm going to give you more dick now."

    Saliva was running from my mouth coating his thick prick. I felt his hands on the back of my head holding me steady as he pushed forward. The head butted against the opening to my throat seeking admission. I gagged again. Once more, Jeff considerately pulled back and let me recover. Then, he pressed forward again. As he moved his cock in and out of my mouth, his fingers caressed my nipples and squeezed my tits deliciously. I was about to cum just from sucking his cock and his breast play.

    After several minutes, the head slid into my throat. "MMMMMMmmmmmmmm... ooommpppffff," I heard myself moaning. The cock throbbed in hot male triumph and pressed deeper down my throat until I felt his balls against my chin. My body shuddered. My clit went into hard spastic contractions. As Jeff groaned from the hot feel of my mouth and throat, I erupted into my first climax with a male other than my husband. It was just glorious!

    My cunt just exploded as Jeff's fingers squeezed my tits and his cock surged down my throat.

    "Oh damn! You're cumming, you hot Slut! You're taking my entire cock and you're cumming just from sucking me! Fucking fantastic! Keep sucking me, Lauren. I'm gonna jizz your throat."

    "MMmmmmm OOoommmpppffff!!"

    "Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! I'M GONNA SHOOT IT!!"

    I held my mouth as wide as I could as Jeff power fucked my mouth and throat. With my hands on his buttocks pulling him into me, I felt the powerful contractions of his muscles as he expelled jet after thick jet of cum into my mouth and throat. I tried to swallow all of it, but it was too much... too fast. The thick load spewed out of the corners of my mouth and ran down my cheeks forming cum ropes that swung back and forth from my chin. Jeff's hot grunts of male pleasure had my pussy on fire again.

    The thick load filled my mouth, ran down my throat, and spewed out.

    It was my first taste of semen. I loved it and wanted more. I swore silently that I would suck my husband’s load from his dick whenever he would let me.

    When Jeff's balls were finally empty, he pulled me onto the bed with him, and we cuddled together. I wondered if he would be able to get it up again. At the time, I didn't realize how foolish it was for me to wonder about something like that. With my hand stroking him and my lips and mouth caressing his gorgeous shaft, he was hard as a rock again in less than five minutes.

    "Fucking time, Beautiful. Want it?"

    "Oh god yes! Fuck Me! Hurry! Fuck that huge dick into me. GIVE IT TO ME!!"

    Jeff rolled me over onto my back, lifted one of my legs high in the air while spreading me wide open. He paused to stare at my wet, throbbing cunt and licked his lips at the sight. It was the most erotic compliment I had ever had... and he didn't say a word. He just stared at my waiting cunt and moaned with hot masculine pleasure.

    I hissed loudly with sheer pleasure when he fitted the big head into my hole. Feeling it stretching my cunt open and entering me had me gasping. A moment later, the huge shaft began to sink into my throbbing hole... stretching me open as it sank deeper and deeper. My hips began to thrust upward to take his cock. More and more dick entered. "Oh Please! Fuck all of it into me!" I begged. Suddenly, without any warning, I exploded in another orgasm.


    He did. His hips rose and fell between my gaping thighs as he plunged the entire shaft into my erupting hole again and again. I was wailing and babbling with the intense pleasure when he leaned into my body. His weight pressed my leg that he now had on his shoulder back and back until my knee was pressed into my breast. The position opened me completely to his cock

    His ass went into overdrive. Each stroke drove my body deep into the mattress, and each stroke brought hissing howls of ecstatic female pleasure that filled the room. I saw my daughter in one of the lounge chairs, her legs wide open, the thick vibrator humming inside her pussy as she watched and came right along with me.

    Jeff fucked me like a hot whore. I loved it! Just loved it!

    Abruptly, Jeff pulled his iron-hard shaft out of my pussy and turned me over onto my belly. I moaned with pleasure when his hands slipped beneath my hips and pulled them high into the air. "Spread your knees wider, Lauren." My whole body was shuddering with excitement as I moved my knees as far apart as possible.

    A moment later, Jeff's sex spike rammed back into my waiting cunt. Again, I wailed with the intensity of his entry. Just before another orgasm surged through my impaled cunt, I cursed myself for denying my husband this pleasure. That was never going to happen again... not ever!

    "Get ready, Baby. Big load's going into your hot cunt. UUMmmmm... hot cunt hole... Aaaahah... love feeling you throb around my cock, Lauren... Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I can feel you throbbing again... You're cumming... AAhhhh... Me too! Take it, Honey. Take my load!"

    "YES! YES! YES! Shoot it into meeeeeeee! Fuck me full, Stud. Cum in my cunt!!"

    Amazingly, I came yet again when I felt his cock throbbing deep inside my vagina as it pumped stream after stream of sperm-filled semen into my hot hole. Jeff allowed his dick to soak inside my still pulsing pussy for several minutes before he withdrew bringing a moan from me at the loss.

    "Keep your hips up in the air, Honey," Jeff urged. I want to see my load seeping out of your cunt."

    "MMmmmm... sexy stud. That's so dirty... I just love it. Tell me what you see. Please."

    "Of fuck yes! Stacy, you've got the hottest mother on the planet! If she's not a MILF, it has to be an extinct species. Your pussy is full of cum, Lauren. Your entire sex trench is full of it... just a big white river of cum seeping out of your cunt. God. I wish I had a photograph of that. It's the hottest sight I've ever seen."

    I was shaking with pleasure at every one of Jeff's words. I shook even harder when I heard my daughter say, "Move aside, Jeff. Let me get in closer with my camera and we'll have a hot photo of my Mom's cunt filled with your big cum load... the first of her life, not counting her husband's."

    The picture turned out to be just as hot and erotic as Jeff had said it would be.

    After another short rest, Jeff had me mounted on his cock in reverse cowgirl style. I had never been fucked in that position before, and I loved every second of it. His dick sank in so deep, I could feel it pushing my womb back and aside to make space for his big shaft. The position allowed me to use my fingers on my clitoris as I pleasured myself and Jeff by humping like a whore on his dick.

    Top riding a guy's cock was a new, erotic experience for me.

    I had already cum twice when Stacy got on the bed with us. She had the vibrator with her and when she pressed against my engorged and swollen clitoris, I just lost it. My juices spurted out drenching Jeff's balls, legs, and the bed covers. My squealing howls of delight triggered his orgasm and once more, I was filled with a man's hot load.

    It took me about 10 minutes to suck Jeff's cock back to life after which Stacy told us we had about 40 minutes more before Jeff had to leave so he would be gone before Randall came home.

    "Would you like to try anal sex, Lauren?" Jeff asked.

    "I've never done it. I'd love to try, but I probably won't be able to take your cock there... it's just too big."

    "You'll be amazed, Honey. Stacy, get the astroglide!"

    Jeff took 15 minutes working his fingers in and out of my ass with copious amounts of lubricant. When he had me stretched, he squirted in several streams of lubricant and then coated his cock with a similar amount. He went slowly... taking five minutes to get his organ fully embedded inside my ass. Then, he just kept it there as I throbbed around him.

    "Oh fuck! That feels fantastic. I've never, ever felt so full. My clit feels like its going to explode, I'm so stretched and so full," I squealed.

    For the 20 minutes we had left, Jeff ass fucked me with deep, hard strokes. Every time his balls banged into my clit, I wailed with pleasure. Before he shot his fourth load deep into my ass, I had had three intense, powerful orgasms. After my third anal climax, I made another vow. My husband could have my ass anytime he wanted it from now on!

    I couldn't stop climaxing as Jeff fucked my ass.

    --------------------------------------------------------- Later that night as I lay in bed with Connor sleeping beside me, I felt some guilt, but mostly I just remembered the delicious sensations of Jeff's big cock inside my vagina... moving back and forth... thudding with hard, masculine authority into my womb. The memory of my hips arching off the bed in a futile effort to keep his cock inside me every time he pulled back for his next thrust had my breasts heaving with excitement... even with my husband lying a few feet away.

    My anus was still stretched. I had to suppress a giggle when I wondered if I would have problems moving my bowels the next day. In the back of my mind, I knew that if my husband had fucked me tonight with the remains of two of Jeff's big cum loads still inside my pussy, I would have had several blinding orgasms from the sheer sensuality and depraved eroticism.

    I knew I should be ashamed of myself, but I wasn't. I was fulfilled. I was still throbbing with the memory of the awesome orgasms Jeff had given me, my wild screams, my legs shooting straight out... rigid, and my toes curling back. I wanted more, and I knew I was going to get it.

    ---------------------------------------------------------- For the rest of that week and the start of the next, Stacy and I went out every day to do something erotic and sexy. It was more fun than I had ever had in my life. After several days of near non-stop flashing and trolling, I was wildly horny and wanted to get laid again. As usual, my daughter seemed to be able to read my mind.

    "I think you need to get laid again, Mom. After all, it's been awhile since Jeff fucked you."

    Although I agreed with her, I didn't feel comfortable saying that. Instead, I heard myself protesting. "Don't be ridiculous, Stacy. I went for five weeks without any kind of sex before we started using the toys and before Jeff came over." Even as I said it, I couldn't help but think, "The lady doth protest too much."

    Stacy just ignored me. "That was before you found out how fantastic sex can be, Mom. You won't ever be going five weeks without it again. I don't think you could manage a week now, much less five."

    "Well, you're managing it. You haven't been with another man in the five weeks I've chaperoning you."

    "That's true, but I certainly haven't been celibate all that time. Randall's been screwing me once or twice a night ever since he caught Jeff and I fucking."


    "Yeah. Amazing, isn't it. I'm pretty sure it really turns him on to think about seeing Jeff fucking me."

    "Do you really think so?"

    "It looks that way. I'm pretty sure Dad would have reacted the same way if he had seen Jeff banging you."

    "Maybe, but I doubt it. Are you planning to invite Jeff over again?" I tried my best to keep the eagerness out of my voice, but failed.

    "MMMmmm... I think my mother is anxious for a repeat performance."

    "No, I was just curious."

    "Right. Sure you are," my daughter answered with a giggle. "Anyway, Jeff's busy today, but Ralph and Norm are coming over after lunch... so wear something sexy, take your birth control pills, and remember to lube and clean your ass, Mom."

    "You can't to that, Stacy. I'll have to tell Randall, and you know what that will mean."

    "Tell Randall what?"

    "Tell him that you had sex with one of those men while I was with the other man. Remember, you promised!"

    "What makes you think I'm going to have sex with one of them, Mom? They're both going to be fucking you. You think Jeff was hot? Just wait until you have two men working on you at the same time. You'll think you've died and gone to sex heaven."

    "Oh god! I can't," I moaned even as my vagina throbbed.

    "Wanna bet? You'll wear them both out, Mom."

    ---------------------------- It was difficult for me to dress, I was shaking so hard. I selected a leopard-skin dress that looked sexy but not slutty. The dress ended a couple of inches above my knee and exposed enough of my tits to interest Ralph and Norm.

    I thought my dress was hot without being totally slutty.

    "Two Men! At the same time! Ooh Fuck!" I thought. It was too depraved for words. Even though Stacy insisted otherwise, I just knew that if Connor ever found out, he would divorce me in a lightning stroke. But I knew I was going to do it anyway. I just couldn't resist. The thought that when I left for home tonight, I would have doubled the number of men I'd had in my entire life was just too erotic, too deliciously wicked for me or any woman to resist.

    "How do you feel, Mom?" my daughter asked as we waited in the living room for Ralph and Norm to arrive.

    "Scared... excited beyond belief... like a total slut. Stacy, if you'll take one of the men, I won't tell Randall. I promise."

    "That's very considerate, Mom, but I'm the faithful wife from now on. I've learned my lesson. I'm not going to do anything my husband doesn't want me to do from now on. Besides, Ralph and Norm have both had me many times. I'm not the woman they want to fuck ... you are."

    "Oh god... will one of them take me to the bedroom room for sex and when he's done, the other one will come in and take me? How will they do this?"

    "Not that way... that's for sure, Mom. At first, they'll fuck you one at a time while I watch and masturbate. After that, you'll get them both at the same time."

    "But how?"

    "You've got three sexy holes, Mom. They only need two."

    I could barely speak when I asked in near inaudible whisper, "Which two?"

    "It's only 2 PM, Mom. They've got plenty of time to try every combination. If my math is still any good, I believe there's three possibilities."


    "Take your hand off your pussy, Mom. Don't you dare cum yet. Save it for Ralph and Norm. Are you wearing a bra? Panties?"

    "No... neither. OOooohhh, I'm so hot!"

    "Stop pressing your thighs together! Men may not know what you're doing, but women know. Stop masturbating yourself, Mom. They'll be here anytime now."

    ---------------------------------------------- Ralph and Norm turned out to be two good-looking young men, both in their late twenties. The fact that they were both almost young enough to be my kids had me perversely excited. Best of all, neither guy could take his eyes off of me. After Stacy had provided the introductions, the men wasted no time in sandwiching me between them. Norm in front, Ralph behind me.

    Norm's mouth found mine. As we ground our lips together and our tongues dueled, I felt Ralph's hand cupping my breasts and his rigid organ humping against my ass. Slowly, the two men worked my dress higher and higher on my thighs. Soon, it cleared my ass and bunched about my waist.

    "Fuck! She's not wearing panties," Ralph hissed, his voice deep with masculine excitement. A hand slipped between my body and Norm's and moved quickly to my now bare pussy. "Damn! She's wet and hot. Her pussy slick. Man! You wouldn't believe how hard her clit is!"

    Ralph's finger moved sensuously over my clitoris making it contract in a hard spasm. My entire body arched as my head automatically moved backward straining the tendons of my neck. I heard the hissing moan erupting from my stretched lips.

    "OOouuuuuuu... sssssssss... aaaahhhhhhhhh..."

    Ralph unzipped the back of my dress, and Norm pulled it from my shoulders. A moment later, it was lying around my feet on the floor. A second after that, Norm's hands captured both of my breasts as his mouth moved from one nipple to the other, sucking both until they were hard and throbbing. I couldn't stop moaning.

    Ralph had two fingers inside my pussy finger fucking me with his thumb rubbing my clit. His other hand was busy stroking my ass. The hot sensations had me thrusting my pussy against Ralph's probing fingers and pulling my shoulders back to thrust my tits against Norm's mouth. The fingers moving over my ass dipped between my buttocks, searched out my anus, and entered me... first one... then two fingers.

    "UUnnghhh! Ohhhhh... fuck! Too much.. Too much!" I howled. My ass snapped back and forth in hot fuck motions impaling me first on the fingers buried in my pussy and a moment later, on the fingers probing my ass.

    "Ooooohhh... cumming... I'm cumming," I moaned helplessly.

    From somewhere in the room, I heard Stacy's voice. "I don't think you guys need to get my Mom any hotter. She's ready. One of you guys needs to get into her. You're in front of her, Norm. Put her on the couch and fuck her."

    Slipping his hands beneath my buttocks, Norm lifted me easily and deposited my ass on the couch. Kneeling in front of me, he spread my legs and moved his head between my thighs toward my wet pussy. As soon as I felt his tongue spear into me, a deep groan came from my lips.

    Norm quickly brought me to an intense climax on his tongue.

    My groans became even louder when his tongue slid up the length of my sex trench to my clit, which he sucked deep into his mouth. Again and again, his tongue made the journey from my asshole, up across the opening to my vagina, and then up to my engorged and throbbing clitoris. Without any warning, his lips captured my clit, sucked it inside his mouth, and began to lash it with the flat of his tongue. Instantly, my ass rose up off the couch several inches as my head arched backwards bringing out the cords of my neck in bold relief.

    With my ass arched off the couch, Norm drove two fingers into my vagina. "OOooohhh... god!" I wailed as the fingers pumped my hole and his tongue continued to ravish my clitoris. I felt his fingers curling inside me bringing them into direct contact with my G-spot.


    With Norm working both my G-spot and clitoris and two more of his fingers now probing my asshole, he had my hips humping up and down in wild fuck motions.

    "I'm cumming... oohhhh fuck! cumming... Stop, Norm! Please... Stop and put your cock in me. Fuck me!!" ........................... "OOohhhhhhh FUCK YES! Like that! UUNngghh! Give it to meeeeeeeee!"

    Steepling my knees, I brought them back toward my tits to allow the cock to sink all the way into my pussy. I couldn't stop moaning as Norm rammed his stone-hard dick into me, his balls slapping against my ass each time his cock pounded against my womb. Squishing sounds filled the room as the big shaft filled and exited from my wet vagina.

    "You're just too fucking hot, Lauren... Can't hold it... gotta cum... aaaahhhh... UGH! UGH! UGH! I'm cumming inside you... uuuummmmmmm... shooting it!!"

    "I'm cumming with you, Honey! Shoot it innnnn! Pump me full, Baby!"

    As soon as Norm's load was pooled deep inside my cunt, Ralph pulled him away and got me down onto my knees on the floor. "Put your head down on the mat, Lauren. Arch that sexy ass up in the air, Slut. Gonna prong you with seven inches of man meat."

    I followed Ralph's instructions and a moment later howled with pleasure as his thick shaft pried my pussy open and slammed into me. When he began to fuck with the full length of his cock on every thrust, I was gasping. A moment later, I began thrusting myself back against his rod to take it as deep as possible. I didn't know how big his cock was, but it felt like a huge cylinder was prying me open every time he entered my pussy.

    "OOohhhh fuck me, Ralph. Ram that big dick into me... faster... I'm almost there... give it to meeeeee!!"

    "You like big shafts in you, Honey?"

    "MMmmmmmmm... oooohhhh fuck it... Fuck it hard!"

    "Sounds like you do... how about two dicks.... sound good?"

    "AAAaahhhhhhhhhh gawd! Cumminggg.... aaahhhhhhhhh!!"

    Right in the midst of my orgasm, Ralph pulled his big shaft out of my throbbing vagina and pressed the head against my asshole. As lubricated as he was from my secretions and Norm's cum load combined with the astroglide I had put into my colon before the party had started, his cock had little trouble stretching my ass open and sinking into me. When I felt that thick dick pushing into my ass, my moans changed to wild shrieks that were half pain and half pleasure.

    Ralph's thick shaft stretched me open and slowly entered my ass as I moaned.

    Ralph held my hips firmly in his hands and drove more of his dick into my ass. He stopped and let me get used to his thickness, then he withdrew and pushed into me again. After a couple of minutes he was buried in my ass and began fucking me.

    "Ugh! Ugh! aaahhhhh! MMmmmm! Ugh! Ugh! aaahhhhh! MMmmmm! Fuck it, Ralph... fuck my mmmppffffff..."

    My cries were abruptly cut off by Norm's cock that was pushing into my mouth. With cocks pumping me fore and aft, my body was being buffeted back and forth between the two men. I had no trouble deep throating Norm's six-inch shaft, and with one cock down my throat and another filling my ass, I felt another orgasm building rapidly.

    For the first time in my life, I was getting two cocks at the same time.

    Across the room, Stacy was spread out on a couch rubbing her clit furiously as she worked a vibrator in and out of her pussy. Every time Ralph's cock bottomed out inside my ass, she shoved the vibe all the way into her cunt. We were both about to cum. When her orgasm erupted, I could see her mouth opening wide in a hissing scream. When my ass convulsed around Ralph's shaft, she saw my entire body shuddering as my tits were jarred back and forth.

    "She's cumming," Ralph announced. Norm nodded and pulled his dick out of my mouth. Locking his arms around my body, Ralph pulled us backward until he was lying on his back with me mounted on him in reverse cowgirl position. His cock was still buried to his balls in my ass. Gripping my legs behind my knees, he spread me for Norm who wasted no time in mounting me and driving his raging erection into my waiting pussy. I grunted like a hot whore at the intense sensation of their double penetration of my ass and pussy.

    After a few strokes, my two lovers set up a steady rhythm with one cock pushing into me while the other withdrew. I couldn't stop groaning.

    "Ooohhhh my god... Ooohhhhh my god... I've never felt anything like this... I'm cumming ... oooohhhhh shit... I'M CUMMING!"

    The two men fucked me right through my intense climax, both dicks plunging faster and faster in and out of my holes. My tits bounced wildly from the sheer force of their thrusts. "Keep fucking meeeeeeeeeeee... Don't Stop! Please.... Don't Stop!!" I yelled as another orgasm erupted. I was climaxing almost continuously now.

    Ralph was at the end of his control. His cock rammed all the way into my ass, held steady, and then spewed several thick streams of semen inside me as my ass milked his dick. Just as Ralph's orgasm ebbed, Norm exploded his load into my cunt. I came again.

    ------------------------------------------------------- The following week, Randall was out of town from Tuesday until Friday. As planned, I spent the entire time with Stacy continuing to chaperon her. I actually began to feel guilty because of all the sex I was getting while she was faithfully remaining celibate the entire time.

    On Wednesday night, Jeff came over again and spent two hours screwing me in the bedroom while Stacy watched. On Thursday afternoon, we made another trip to the adult sex shop. This time the young clerk who had waited on us the first day was on duty again. I bought another vibrator, and once again, he offered to forget the charge if I would spend some time with him in the private office while Stacy watched the store. I spent an hour with him, and true to his word, he did give me an excellent lesson in how to best use the vibrator. After that he tossed the vibrator aside and used his very nice cock instead.

    After Randall returned early Friday afternoon , I packed my bag and headed home to Connor. During the drive, I decided it was time to try to change things with Connor. My attitudes toward sex had changed completely during the last six weeks, and now I desperately wanted my husband as my lover. Before I pulled into our garage around 4 PM, I had made my plans. I just had to hope that they would work.

    =============================== Connor's New Beginning:

    The work at the office had been depressing, and I was not in a good mood as I drove home. First, we lost a case that we should have won. The jury just didn't like the gruff appearance and manner of our client. We had all the evidence and facts, but couldn't persuade him to change his dress and attitude in front of the jury. In addition, it had been five weeks since I had been laid. However, I had not given up hope. There was still a chance.

    When I entered our large and rather lavish home, I did not detect the aroma of dinner cooking nor did I see any sign of Lauren. I assumed that Randall had been delayed at work for some reason, and my wife was staying with Stacy until he came home. I did not mind at all. I just wondered if I should wait or go out to eat alone. Maybe I should call and talk to Lauren to find out the situation.

    When I walked into our den, there was a chair blocking my path. Someone had obviously positioned it so there was no way I could overlook it or the note attached to the back. Leaning forward, I read the note: "Connor, Please read the letter in the envelope lying on the seat of the chair. Your loving wife, Lauren." With some hopeful anticipation, I picked up the envelope and sat down in a lounge chair to read its contents.

    ------------------------------------- To My Loving Husband, Connor,

    I hardly know where to begin this apology, Darling. The more I think about the way I've treated you for the twenty years we've been married, the more amazed I am that you're still with me. A lesser man would have long since divorced me.

    I've tried to estimate the number of times I rejected your efforts to make love to me or to fuck me. I think you've tried to persuade me to be a real wife to you an average of six times a week for 20 years. It may be even more, but at the very least, it's at least 6,000 times. Lately, I've refused you every time you asked. Over our marriage, I doubt that I've said yes more than two or three times a month or about 700 times in 20 years. That's almost nine times out of every ten times you've tried. I know that it's even worse than those numbers suggest. Even when we were in bed, I made no effort to be a real woman, a passionate wife, for you.

    There's no way I can undo all the pain I've caused you. I can only sincerely apologize and tell you that things are going to change. In fact, things have already changed.

    The woman you married, the wife you've known for 20 years, no longer exists. She's gone, and she's gone forever. I can only hope that you will like and love the woman who has taken her place a lot better than you liked the old Lauren. If not, then you need to divorce me because your old wife is never coming back.

    Your new wife can't wait to feel your big, seven and a half inch, thick cock sinking into her cunt. She also hopes you will use her ass because she can't wait to try anal sex with her hot husband. Your old frigid wife never sucked your cock. That's so sick, I can't believe you didn't whip her ass with a belt and kick her out. She deserved it. Your new wife is going to be sucking your big fuck stick constantly, and she's going to swallow every drop you give her.

    Your new wife knows that as a distinguished lawyer, you need a wife who can play the part of a lady, and I promise that when necessary, I will do that, but be forewarned, your new "lady" is actually a hot slut who enjoys being a woman and who loves getting men hard and hot. All her old conservative clothes have been stored away. Her new outfits are hot, erotic, and slutty. I desperately hope you like them.

    Your new Lauren is in the master bedroom. She's wearing hot black boots with stiletto heels, thigh-high stockings, a black thong, some erotic jewelry, and make up. If you don't like the boots, you can take them off. As soon as you arrive, she intends to remove her thong and expose her cunt and ass for your use.

    Your new hot wife has been finger fucking and rubbing her clit all day thinking about hard cocks... yours and other men’s. I hope that doesn't shock you. She's also been using a vibrator. Would you like to see your new wife masturbate for your pleasure. She would love to do it anytime you want. Your hot wife has bathed and cleaned all her fuck holes. Her ass is has been lubed in case you want to fuck her there. She will be keeping it cleaned and lubed all the time from now on.

    After your new wife becomes more confident that you like and love her, she promises to tell you every detail of how and why she changed, but not now. She needs to know that you still love and want her. She's waiting for you Stud. She has her legs wide open and will expose her fuck holes as soon as you arrive. She hopes that you decide to fuck your slutty wife's brains out tonight. Later, we can go out for dinner. Right now, the only dinner she wants is your big cock meat.

    Your loving Slut, Lauren

    ------------------------------------------ I stripped in world record time. My cock was impossibly hard. It wasn't rigid; it was an unbendable, steel-hard rebar. So much precum was leaking from the tip, it was actually forming a long strand that swung back and forth every time I moved. I didn't hurry to the bedroom, I ran, actually ran! There, in the middle of our large king-sized bed, lay a sensuous vision of sensuality with her legs up and spread wide open. She was grinning at me as she slowly ran her finger up and down her thong right over her hidden sex slit.

    I hardly recognized Lauren. She was now the wife of my dreams, desirable, hot, and incredibly slutty.

    As soon as she saw me, she pulled her legs back even further and jerked the black thong aside to expose her cunt. "I hope you like my cunt enough to want to screw it constantly, Darling. I want your cock in me every chance we get."

    Please fuck me, Connor. I need it. I need you. In me! In my cunt! NOW!"

    Not wasting a moment, I climbed onto the bed with her and moved into position to get into her hot cunt. She hissed with anticipation, jerked her legs back, and arched her hips to bring her hole into perfect position. She was so wet and open, my cock sank easily into her cunt. It felt like a hot pit of luscious fuck meat. We both groaned with pleasure.


    Hoisting her legs up onto my shoulders, I leaned forward and pressed against her forcing her legs back against her big tits. My cock sank into her sex pit all the way to my balls.

    "Oohhhhhh god! That feels so good, Connor. So good! I'm so sorry for the way I was. I..."

    "Be quiet. The past is over. It's forgotten. All that's important now is my new wife and her luscious hot cunt... her delicious sensuality. I'll never be able to thank her enough or fuck her enough... but by god, I'm certainly going to try! I starting ramming in and out her like a jack hammer. She arched her hips to get it as deep as possible and screamed with every stroke.

    "OH YES! Fuck me like that, Stud. Fuck your hot whorish wife. Use my cunt, Darling. Hard. Ram meeeeeeeeeeeeee! AAhhh... AAHHHH... oohhhh fuckkkkkk... I'M CUMMING... CUMMINGGG... GGGHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

    "Gawd! You're cumming already?? I can feel your cunt throbbing!! It's fantastic!! OOHhhhh I love it!"

    "Yessss.... fuck it harder... HARDER! RAM IT INTO MEEEEEEE!! AAAHHHH!"

    I slammed my cock into her like I was driving railway spikes. She howled with delight and very soon was erupting in another orgasm. I couldn't possibly hold off. Gush after gush of cum roared out of my cock into her erupting hole. She wrapped her legs around me and drove her cunt against my cock with all her strength. She came again while I was still shooting my load.

    Lauren allowed me rest on top of her body for a couple of minutes before she pushed me onto my back and took my semi-hard rod into her mouth. She sucked me steadily. Within a couple of minutes, I was almost fully hard again. At that point, she shoved two fingers into anus and took me all the way into her throat. My cock roared to full erection instantly.

    "MMMmmmmm... Can I ride you, Stud?" she asked.

    "Get on it. Stick it up your hot cunt, Honey."

    "That's where your big sex spike is going, Lover." A moment later, we both groaned with renewed pleasure as my wife engulfed my erection with her hungry cunt.

    Lauren ground her clit hard against my pubic bone on every thrust. She came... then she came again... and again.

    "You hot fuck stud. You're making me cum again!!" she screamed.

    After her throbbing pussy had sucked out my second load, she again went down on me. Her mouth worked its magic and once more, I was hard again within five minutes. I couldn't believe it. When I started to mount her, she whispered, "Fuck me doggy, this time, Baby. Bend me over like a slut and ram it to me!" This time it took me twenty minutes to cum, but she loved every second of it. I felt her vagina erupt around my shaft three more times.

    Fucking my wife doggy was an erotic delight.

    After my third load was inside her pussy, we took a break and went to the kitchen to fix a snack. I was naked, but my wife still wore her hot boots and stockings.

    "Want me to get naked like you, Lover, or do you like me like this?"

    "I like you anyway, but please leave the boots and stockings on. They're so damn sexy and erotic."

    "Whatever you want, Darling. Anytime you want it."

    As we fixed sandwiches, neither of us could keep our hands off of each other. I had seen my wife's big tits thousands of times, but I still couldn't keep my hands off of them. She just purred when I stroked them. "Mmmmmmm... feel me, Darling. Get me hot, Lover."

    When we finished the snack, I kissed my wife .. then I kissed her again... and again. Finally, I moaned, "I'm hard! Can I fuck you again?"

    "You never need to ask me, Darling. You can always fuck me. But I do want to ask you something before you screw me."


    "Do you not like the idea of anal sex?"

    "I've never had anal sex. Ever. I'd love to try it."

    "Oh Yes! I want your hot cock up my ass, Honey. NOW!"

    Lauren mounted the kitchen cabinet keeping one boot on the floor for support while hiking the other leg up onto the cabinet. Her ass was right at edge in perfect position. She pulled her ass cheeks open, looked back at me, and hissed, "Put it in. Work my ass, Stud. Make us both cum!"

    Fisting my cock, I moved up against my wife's hips and shoved my cock into her cum-filled pussy to lubricate it. Lauren's asshole was gleaming with the lube she had used earlier and with the sheen of our secretions that run into ass during the last two hours. Pressing my cock against my wife's ass, I slipped into her slick hole with just slightly more resistance than her cunt. Once the head was inside her, the rest of my dick quickly sank out of sight into her colon. She moaned as I entered.

    After a couple of hard thrusts, I pulled completely out and stared at the gaping hole my dick had left behind. She wiggled her ass invitingly. "Stick it back into me, Baby. Plug your wife's ass, Honey."

    I pushed back in bringing several hot moans of pleasure. Again I pulled out, she hissed with pleasure and some frustration. I reentered her bringing more gasps of female pleasure. Then, I pulled out.

    The feeling produced by pushing my cock into my wife's ass was out of this world.

    "Oh you sexy, Bastard. I know what you're doing. You just like seeing your big cock sinking into your wife's asshole. Isn't that right?"

    "Oh hell yes! It's got to be the hottest sight I've ever seen."

    "I'm glad you like it, Lover, because you're going to be seeing that sight a lot in the years to come. Now... please... put it back inside my ass and really fuck my butt. I'm almost ready to cum. Make me cum, Lover. FUCK ME!!"

    I fucked my wife twice more before morning. When I awakened the next morning, she had my cock in her mouth sucking me. When she saw that I was awake, she pulled her mouth off my shaft and said, "Good morning, my marvelous stud husband. I want this load down my throat." She sucked me for another ten minutes before she got what she wanted.

    ============================ Revelations:

    The next day, Randall called my wife and told her that he was now comfortable with Stacy's promise not to cheat on him any more and consequently, they wouldn't need her services as a chaperon any longer.

    "Of course, you're welcome to visit any time, but your life is own again. I can't thank you enough for helping us. If you and Connor ever need our help, all you have to do is let us know," he said during the call.

    A week later, we invited Randall and Stacy over for an outdoor cookout around our swimming pool. They came over around 3 PM, and we all enjoyed some beer and a swim in our pool. Actually, what Randall and I enjoyed the most was the sight of our two sexy wives in their string bikinis.

    Around 5 PM, Randall and I were in the kitchen getting the steaks, fries, and asparagus ready for cooking on our grill. We were also fixing the salad. Our wives were both on their backs sunning themselves by the pool. Both women had their bras undone to prevent tan lines. I doubt that either of us had ever seen four more luscious tits.

    "You know, Randall, if you had told me six weeks ago that I'd be here in my kitchen watching my wife in a string bikini sunning herself with her tits exposed while you and I watch, I would have told you that you needed psychiatric help."

    "It is amazing isn't it?"

    "It's more than amazing. It's fucking out of this world unbelievable. And I owe it all to your idea and incredible consideration, and, of course, to Stacy's awesome psychological skills. I owe you a debt that I'll never be able to repay. All I can say is thank you. Do you mind telling me how you came up with your plan?"

    "Not at all. I'd be glad to tell you. First, you should know that it was our pleasure to help you, Connor. When we asked you why you seemed so depressed two months ago and you told us about Lauren's attitude toward sex, we both felt terrible about it, particularly considering how great our sex life is."

    "As we discussed your problem, I realized that if we could get Stacy together with Lauren for extended periods, every day, day in - day out, she could gradually show Lauren what she's missing as a woman. My wife, your daughter, is one of the hottest women on the planet. She keeps me hard all the time. I knew that if she could interact with Lauren every day, she could show her how much pleasure she was missing and how much she was denying you. It would just be a matter of time before she changed. The real problem was how were we going to get them together constantly without her realizing what the real purpose was."

    "I know. When you told me your plan, I didn't believe there was a chance in hell of you're being able to get them together for long periods of time. They always fought like tigers when they were together even for an afternoon."

    "Yeah. That was the problem. After you left that night, Stacy came up the solution. We knew Lauren would be appalled but not surprised if we told her that I had caught Stacy cheating. It would never even occur to her to question whether or not it was true. She expected it to happen. Of course, she didn't know, still doesn't know, that Stacy and I have an open marriage."

    "Once we had the arrangements made, it was a simple matter to persuade Lauren to act as a chaperon to ensure that Stacy didn't "cheat" on me again as a condition that I not divorce her. After that, the rest was simple. But take my advice, don't ever tell Lauren that the entire thing was a set up."

    "Don't worry. I have no intention of telling her. What did Stacy do to convert my wife? It's really amazing."

    "I know all the details, of course, but I also know that Lauren wants to tell you. She plans to do it on your week-long vacation to Jamaica."

    "Vacation to Jamaica? I don't know anything about a vacation to Jamaica."

    "She plans to suggest it tonight. Take my advice and accept enthusiastically. You don't want to miss that week. She's going to fuck your brains out and while she's doing it, she's going to tell you all the hot details... a little bit at a time. By the end of the vacation, you'll know every thing."

    "There's no way in hell I would even consider saying no to a hot vacation with my wife. No fucking way!"

    "Good man. Smart move," Randall grinned. He thought for a moment and then said, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

    "Anytime. What is it?"

    "When Stacy and I told you that we had an open marriage, what were your immediate thoughts? Please tell me the truth."

    "Of course. My first thought was about how erotic that was. My second thoughts were about how much I wished Lauren and I had that. Then I just got very envious. I'm sorry, but you asked, and that's the truth."

    "I was hoping you'd say that. I'm not going to spoil Lauren's hot plans for the vacation, but I think I do need to give you a heads-up about one thing so you can be prepared to respond in the best way when she tells you."

    "I can probably guess, but tell me, what is it?"

    "Part of what Stacy did to show your wife what she was missing was to get her laid several times by four or five hot studs she knows. You need to get your mind around that before she tells you during the vacation. What's your initial response?"

    "My initial response is that my cock is already hard. It got hard the instant you told me. That's so fucking hot! I feel like rushing out to pool and fucking her right now."

    "Don't let her suspect that you know. Let it be a surprise. When she tells you, fuck her brains out... all night if you can."

    "That won't be a problem, Randall. Believe me."

    "I do. I do. Remember, I'm married to your red-hot daughter. And by the way, you said you'd never be able to repay me for my help. You paid me in advance by letting me marry Stacy. Thank you!"

    "You're very welcome. Now, can I ask you a personal question?"

    "Turn about is fair play. Like you, I can guess what it is, but go ahead."

    "You said Lauren got laid several times by four or five hot studs. I hope you were one of them... were you?"

    Randall grinned and replied, "You'll just have to wait until your Jamaican vacation to find out, Connor. Shall we rejoin our red-hot, sexy wives?"


    ================================ Acknowledgment

    I am indebted to Zubin G. who graciously agreed to read the story in advance of posting. He provided extensive and cogent comments on how the story might be improved. Approximately 75% of his suggestions were incorporated into the revised story, which became about 30-35% longer than the original. Any shortcomings the story has are the fault of the Author, not to Zubin, who did an outstanding job... RLM


    Story written by RLM. If you have comments, send them to [email protected]
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