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. A Big Brother and His Hot Sister

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Dec 22, 2016.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Please be aware that this story contains ADULT content and should not be read by minors.

    A Big Brother and His Hot Sister
    by Jo and RLM

    Even at 17, Jo was so voluptuous and sensuous she could have any guy she wanted, except the one the she wanted the most.


    Jo Leighton:

    Halfway to her 17th birthday, Jo Leighton was already a beautiful woman. Her body had filled out at a rapid rate starting at 12 years of age. By the time she was 13, her hips had filled out with the soft tissues of a mature woman. The small nubs that were her breasts at 12 had enlarged to an A cup. When she was halfway to her 14th birthday, she almost needed a B-cup bra. Two years later, she was wearing a C-cup. Her mother, Mandy, knew that soon her daughter was going to be another size larger. It very much appeared that by the time she reached full maturity, her breasts would be mirror images of Mandy's large DD's.

    In addition to the rapid maturing of her body, her sexual libido was increasing just as rapidly. Her high school teachers were constantly admonishing her to be more circumspect and conservative in her behavior around the boys in school. On several occasions, they had called her mother to discuss the clothing that Jo was wearing to school. In their view, it was much too revealing and mature for a 16-year old girl to be wearing in front of young males whose bodies were oozing with testosterone.

    At the moment, Jo was supposed to be studying for her algebra test the next day, but in reality her thoughts were elsewhere... as they usually were. Half her of brain did the algebraic factoring exercises while the other half rank-ordered the guys in school that she would most like to have in bed.


    "God Mark Williams is a stud," I thought as I worked another boring factoring problem. "He's got muscles on top of muscles. Mmmmmm... when he smiled at me in class today, I could feel my pussy getting wet. I wonder how many girls he's already fucked? Joyce Wilcox says he has a really big cock. If he's fucked her, I guess she knows for sure... if he hasn't, maybe she's just making it up or maybe she gave him a hand job. God... it would be so hot to wank him... to jack him off and make him shoot his big load... mmmmmmmm."

    I knew that most of my girlfriends, some of the guys, probably all of the teachers, and maybe my Mom think I've already been fucked by a dozen different guys... probably several times by each guy. But the fact is that although I've done a lot of teasing and making out with various guys, none of them have ever gotten into my pussy, and I knew that none of them ever would until my main man popped my cherry.

    In the meantime, I did my best to keep my raging urges in check by having hot make-out sessions with a lot of different guys and wanking them until they drenched us both with their loads and then hurrying home where I fingered my clit until I had cum several times. Unfortunately, these sessions were always in the back seats of cars or in dark corners, so I was still very curious and somewhat mystified by the workings of a man¡¯s fuck gear.

    With not just a little effort, I forced myself to start working on solving linear and quadratic equations. After 15 minutes, I was moving right along, but all of that came to dead stop when I heard some very muted and unusual noises coming from my brother's bedroom. I would have thought he was talking and grunting in his sleep except it was too early for him to be sleeping. I stopped working on algebra and listened intently. There it was again... low-pitched growls followed by some unintelligible words!

    Turning out the lights, I carefully opened my bedroom room and stood in the doorway, motionless, listening. The sounds were definitely coming from Daniel's room... soft groans... and a muted grunt... then some words.

    I moved closer to this door and pressed my ear against its surface. "OOohh take it you hot fuck slut... take my big cock up your wet cunt hole... I'm fucking you, Bitch... I'm fucking you! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Oh Baby, I'm gonna flood your pussy with my load... gonna knock you up,"

    At first, I thought my brother had a girl in his room fucking her. Instantly, I felt my anger rising. "If he wanted a girl, why didn't he ask me. Damn him. Why does he want to fuck them when I'm better looking, sexier, with bigger tits ... and I know I've got a wetter, tighter cunt than those sluts? I'm virgin tight. Why is my main man fucking their slutty holes when he can have mine?"

    Then, I realized that I heard no sound at all from the girl. If my hot brother had his prick up her cunt, she would have been howling. Obviously, he was jacking off. I had spied on him several times when he was wanking, and every time I had gotten off even before he did. I wanted to watch him doing it again. That was a lot more fun than studying algebra. On impulse, I ran back to my room, got my vibrator, and hurried back to Daniel's door.

    Daniel was concentrating so hard on the pictures of the hot women he was wanking to that he never heard me opening the door. My brother was lying on his bed naked with a girlie magazine spread open to a some pictures of women in obscene poses showing their tits and cunts. He was steadily stoking his 7.5-inch, rock-hard cock as he stared at the pictures. His thumb was on one side of his stiff shaft while all four of his fingers were on the other. He held his prick lightly... stroking it lovingly... obviously trying to hold back his load and prolong the pleasure. The sight was already making my pussy ooze.

    Fisting his hard 7.5-inch cock, my brother jacked his cock to the erotic images in the magazine.

    Watching him stroke that gorgeous prick that I wanted inside me had my pussy throbbing. it was the first time I'd had a good look at his heavy balls. As Daniel stroked himself, his free hand cupped and rolled them inside his sack. Each time his big cock throbbed, I could see his balls moving upward as if they were hugging the underside of his shaft getting ready to explode his load into a girl's pussy.

    Moving my eyes upward, I realized that my brother's prick was not only long, it was thick... really thick. Thinking about how much that girth would spread and stretch my hole suddenly made my clitoris contract in a hard spasm. More of my cuntal secretions oozed out into my panties. The musky aroma of my aroused pussy had my head swimming.

    When I managed to tear my eyes away from the thick shaft and move them to the bloated head, my clit throbbed again. It was so smooth... so big.... so engorged with blood that it's appearance had a purple hue. The sight of the thin stream of precum flowing from its tip had me pressing my thighs tightly together. Even though I was trying to remain quiet, a hot groan escaped my lips when Daniel pumped and then squeezed his cock causing another wad of precum to erupt from the tip.

    Hearing my groan, my brother jerked his head toward the doorway. He saw me instantly, and released his prick, trying desperately to cover himself and his big shaft.

    "No!" I hissed, my voice filled with female excitement. "NO! Don't stop, Daniel. Please don't stop! Keep doing it. I've never seen a guy wank before... ever. Please show me how a guy does it... how you hold it... how you make it shoot. Juice is already oozing out my pussy I'm so hot. Please... pretend I'm not here and do it for me."

    "Oh god, Jo, I can't. You're my sister."

    "I know I am, Daniel, and your sister really wants to see how a guy wanks. I promise not to tell Mom or Dad... Please, do it for me. You have no idea how wet my pussy is right now."


    "Oh gawd yes! The girls talk about it all the time, but almost none of us have actually seen a guy doing it. Some of my friends think guys do it using one or two fingers to rub the head, like we do when we rub our clits. A couple of girls told us that some guys use both hands around their cocks. My best friend, Diane, told me that guys make a circle with their thumb and index finger and rub that up and down their cocks. But you weren't doing any of those things.... Please, Daniel, do it some more... do it all the way... please. I want to see you make it shoot."

    "I can't, Jo. It shook me up so much to see you watching me, I've lost my erection."

    "Can I see it? Please, I want to see it when it's not hard too."

    "Promise you won't tell Mom and Dad that I showed it to you?"

    "Oh yes. I promise... hurry. I can't wait to see it."

    I stopped breathing when I saw that he was going to do it. Slowly, he pulled the sheet away from his body allowing me to see his male package again. His penis was now completely flaccid. Even so, the sight of it made my pussy ooze again. "See. Jo. I've lost my erection... no way a guy can wank when he's soft like this."

    "MMmmmm... it's so sexy! So big... even soft. So smooth. It's just beautiful! Please, wank it, Daniel. Make it shoot off for me while I watch. Aaahhh jezz... I'm just gushing. Can you smell my cunt?"

    "No. You're too far away."

    "I can fix that, Big Brother," I replied with a grin. I moved right to the edge of the bed. Just having a girl this close to his naked body and totally exposed penis and balls, was already beginning to stiffen his shaft. My brother sniffed the air. His eyes opened wider, and he sniffed several more times in rapid succession. His cock got even harder.

    "I bet you'll get hard if I show you my tits. Want to see them?" I teased as I slowly opened two buttons on my blouse.

    "Can I? Please!"

    "If I show you my tits, will you wank for me?"

    "If you get me hard, I'll do it. But if I don't get hard, I won't be able to, Sis. That's just the way a guy's prick works."

    "I'm pretty sure you'll get hard if I show you my cunt." His cock jerked upward when he heard that. Opening the rest of the buttons of my blouse, I pulled it off my shoulders. I wasn't wearing a bra, but my 32C tits stood straight out, hard and firm capped by my big puffy nipples. They were so swollen that it looked like a guy had been sucking on them for an hour. His cock was now at least half hard. I cupped both tits for him. He moaned, and it sounded like a deep growl. When I squeezed my puffy nipples for him, he moaned even louder as his cock reared upward.

    Pulling my skirt up over my hips, I sat down on the arm of the couch just to the side of the bed and leaned back. Slowly, I spread my legs. Daniel's eyes opened wider when he saw me pulling my white panties to one side. With tantalizing slowness, I exposed more and more of my wet and gaping cunt hole. With my clit hard and protruding from its protective hood, I knew he could easily see it. The feeling of my thick secretions oozing out of my hole and down my arse crack while my brother watched had me throbbing.

    Leaning even further back, I spread even wider so Daniel would have a clear view of my cunt. I began rubbing my clit as I said, "Wouldn't you much rather look at my cunt than those pictures while you jerk that big prick, Daniel?" He moaned as his cock rose to full erection. A moment later, he was slowly wanking himself.

    "How... how did you know I was wanking?" he groaned as his hand pumped his shaft.

    "I could hear you, Honey. It got me so hot I couldn't concentrate on algebra. Come on, Daniel, let's do it together. I'll get myself off with my vibrator while you stroke ."

    "You don't mind doing it in front of your brother?"

    "I rather have you watching me doing it than anyone else. Can you get off if I'm watching?"

    "Oh Man! Can I ever!"

    "You're not the only one who's gonna shoot, Daniel. Girls squirt too, you know."

    "Do you really squirt when you cum?"

    "Not always but when I'm really hot... like when I'm doing it in front of my brother... you bet I'll squirt. Just watch."

    "Hurry, Jo. I'm so fucking hard, I can hardly wait."

    I couldn't take my eyes off my brother's big prick... ramrod hard... jerking and throbbing as he wanked it.

    Daniel's cock was rock hard and standing almost straight up.

    "Want me to take off my panties," I whispered.

    "Oh fuck yes! Take them off and raise your legs so I can see your arse hole too."

    As he watched, his eyes focused directly between my open thighs, I pulled my panties over my raised arse and down my thighs. Daniel's cock jerked in his hand when I spread my legs on either side of the arm. "Do you like what you see, Big Brother? Does seeing your sister's pussy make your prick throb?"

    "You know it does, you sexy tease! Raise your legs higher so I can see your arse too."

    "Like this?" I asked bending my knees and pulling them back until they were pointed at the ceiling. "Can you see my arse now, Daniel?"

    With my legs up and back, Daniel could see every thing.

    His hand moved faster on his shaft. "Yes... god yes! I can see both of your holes!"

    "Do you like the way my pussy flares open?"

    "OOoohhhh god!"

    "Don't you think cocks will sink into me easily with my pussy flared open like this?"


    "Now it's my turn. Raise your legs so I can see your sexy butt. Come on, Big Brother, do it! Show your sister that tight, hot arse." He lifted his legs higher until I was staring right at his arse hole. "Put your finger in it while you wank," I ordered. Wetting his middle finger in the precum running from his cock, he pushed it all the way into his rectum. The sight had me close to an orgasm.

    Turning my vibe to the high setting, I pulled my knees back toward my tits and pressed the tip right against the top of my clit. Instantly, my already flared open cunt widened even further. I could feel my hole expanding as my clit throbbed under the buzzing vibrator.

    Daniel moved closer and wanked furiously, his eyes locked onto my cunt that was now rhythmically opening and closing as I worked the vibrator over my clit ... first pressing hard and then releasing... moving it over the sides and top of my pulsing organ. Pressing even harder, I felt a hard convulsion about to erupt.

    "OOHhhh god, Daniel. Watch me if you want to see a girl squirt. Oh ... oh... oh... oohh... ooohhh! OOOHHHHH GAWD DAMN! HERE IT COMES! My vagina contracted in a hard spasm causing my juices to squirt out. My pussy never stopped throbbing.


    Even as my orgasm ebbed, I kept my legs up and back. I even moved my hand to my now soaked cunt and began finger fucking myself for Daniel's pleasure. That was all it took. He stood up, moved closer, and pumped his cock hard and fast. A moment later, several thick streams of sperm-loaded semen spewed out, one rapidly following the other.

    His big load shot out straight at my pussy, but didn't quite reach it. I wished he had moved closer before shooting off.

    Daniel's throbbing sex gun was still twitching but shooting blanks when I climbed off the arm of the couch, pulled down my skirt, and said, "I loved that, Daniel. Got to get back and study some more algebra, but anytime you get hard again and get tired of wanking to those magazine photos, you know where my room is."

    "Anytime you say?"

    "That's what I said, Big Brother. Anytime."

    "But what you're busy or not in the mood to masturbate?"

    "Then I'll just strike some really hot, obscene poses for you while you wank and empty your big balls."


    Mandy Leighton:

    I was struggling to concentrate on getting the dinner on to cook and cleaning up the house before Jo and Daniel got home from school. I knew that once my 16-year old daughter and her 17-year old brother came home, they would have so many things they wanted me to do there would be no hope of getting any more housework done or finishing up the dinner cooking.

    My son Daniel wasn't so demanding. In fact, he was a delight, a good student who did his homework, and often helped me around the house. Even at 17, Daniel was already a handsome young man with deep brown eyes, clear complexion, and a rugged, strong chin. In addition, his athletic ability and powerful body, toned by hours of work in the weight room, on the football practice field, and on the wrestling mat, had most of the girls in his school vying for his attention. I had often seen even the older senior girls coming on to him.

    The efforts of all those girls usually brought a smile to my face. At 17, I knew that my son wasn't yet mature enough to pick up on the sexual overtures the girls were making. But just give him another year or two, and I knew that Daniel would be banging most of them, and my best guess was that all of them would be begging for more.

    Jo, on the other hand, was a handful. She was very smart, probably smarter than Daniel, but she wouldn't study enough. As a result, I was always receiving calls from Jo's teachers wanting to have meetings to see if there wasn't some way to motivate my daughter and to get her to behave with more decorum around boys. However, almost without exception, I usually found an excuse to avoid these meetings because I already knew the problem and didn't want to discuss it with her teachers.

    The "problem" was that Jo was a lot more interested in boys, flirting, making out, and sex than she was in studying algebra or American history or behaving with decorum. My precocious teenaged daughter would have been out on a date every night of the week if I had permitted her to do so. We had had countless arguments over this and finally, as a compromise, it was agreed that she could date on non-school nights, Friday and Saturday, and in the afternoon and early evening hours on Sunday provided she was home by 9 PM.

    On school nights, Jo had to leave her cell phone with me and go to her room to study by 8 PM. However, while my husband David thought our daughter was in her room studying constantly, I knew that a lot of the time that she was supposed to be cramming knowledge into head was actually being spent cramming her fingers or a vibrator up her pussy.

    I knew that because on at least a half dozen occasions, I had entered Jo's bedroom unannounced and caught her on the bed, legs wide open with her arse elevated on a pillow pleasuring herself with the fingers of one hand pumping her pussy while the other hand was busy frantically rubbing her clitoris. The memory was very, very vivid because the first time I had caught Jo masturbating had resulted in more embarrassment to me than to her.

    On that particular occasion, when I had entered Jo's bedroom and found her with knees up and spread as she furiously frigged her clit, I had automatically gasped, "Oh my god!"

    Jo had looked up at her me, but had continued to pump her fingers back and forth in her pussy and over her throbbing clitoris. I had screamed something like, "Don't you even have the decency to stop?"

    Jo was so close to cumming, there was no way she could stop.

    Jo had gasped, arched her hips higher, and yelled, "I'm almost there, Mom... Can't stop... aaaahhhh god... yessss... I'm cumming.... oohhhh god... I'm cumming!!" After her orgasm, she had slipped her fingers out of her pussy and grinned at me. The conversation that followed is etched in my memory:

    "Wipe that grin off your face, Jo. You ought to be ashamed of yourself... masturbating when you're supposed to be studying!"

    "Why should I be ashamed, Mom? You sneak off to your bedroom while Dad's at work and Daniel and I are in school and get yourself off on your big vibrator or your fingers when you're supposed to be doing the housework and fixing dinner."

    "I do no such thing, young lady!"

    "Oh come on, Mom. I was having bad cramps at school last month during my period, and the school nurse excused me to go home early. When I got home about 2 PM, I heard you in your bedroom... you hadn't even closed the door. You... or maybe it was your identical twin sister... were on the bed, on your back, your knees up, legs wide open, and you were fucking yourself with one vibe even bigger than mine while you sucked on another one. Not only that, but while you were doing it, you were moaning for some guy you called Larry to fuck you harder."

    "Oh yes... fuck me, Larry! Fuck me hard!" Mandy was moaning.

    "Oh no! Oh no! Oh my god!"

    "Mom. It's Ok. I didn't tell you because I didn't want to embarrass you. I haven't told Dad, and I never will. Besides, Mom, what good is it to have a pussy and a clit if you can't enjoy them?"

    "All right, Jo. You've made your point, and I'm sorry I lied to you about... well.. you know."

    "No problem, Mom. By the way, you looked so hot doing it... just like WOW!"

    "Thank you... I guess. Anyway, I hope you're studying some of the time. I don't want you to flunk out of high school."

    "I am, Mom. Really. Just check my grades at the end to this term. I just get bored with studying after an hour or two, so I take a break, get myself off, and then hit the books again."

    "Ok. Fine. Let's make a pact. I promise not to harass you anymore for ... eh... for taking a break, I won't tell your Dad. You promise not to tell him what you saw. Ok?"

    "Absolutely. My lips are sealed. Promise. Even if I see you doing it again. MMmmm... you were sooo hot I had to go to my room and get myself off! Can I ask you one question, Mom?"

    "I guess. What is it?"

    "Who's Larry, and is he fucking you for real?"

    "Now that's going too far, Jo! Do I ask you which of your boyfriends you're having sex with?"

    "You're right, Mom. You don't do that. I'm sorry. Forget I asked about Larry."

    "It's forgotten. I'll let you get back to studying now that you finished... eh.. .finished your recreational break."

    "Ok, Mom." As I was leaving, Jo added, "But anytime you want to know which guys I'm fucking, all you have to do is ask, Mom."


    Needless to say, after that experience I was careful not to leave my bedroom door open when I wanted to get myself off. As I put the roast on to cook for our dinner, I realized that all those thoughts about catching Jo masturbating and finding out that she had previously caught me doing the same thing had both my pussy and panties wet.

    I couldn't help wondering if Jo had found out who Larry was or if she had decided that he was just a fantasy lover I had concocted during my masturbation fantasies. The fact was that Larry was a very real guy, a very real guy with a very real and very thick, 8-inch cock. He had been fucking me with that big dick for almost a year and through Larry, I had met a couple of his friends who were now spending some quality time between my legs.

    I hadn't always been a cheating wife. In fact, even though I knew that David was fucking his secretary and at least one of my friends, I had remained faithful for the first 15 years of our marriage. By that time, either because he was getting older or because other women were taking care of his needs, he had pretty much lost interest in having sex with me. I had tried every thing including wearing shorter skirts, higher heels, going without a bra and then without panties, and finally without either. I tried taking a more active role in initiating sex, suggested anal sex, or doing it public places where we might be caught, but nothing worked. David just had very little interest in sex with me.

    When sex between us dropped to twice a month or less, I had reached the limit of my patience. There was just no way I was going to spend the rest of my life with only my dildo and vibrator as my lovers. My problem was that I had never been much of a flirt, and with Jo and Daniel occupying most of my time, I had paid very little attention to making male friends. I had no idea how to go about finding a lover.

    Fortunately, I did have a very close friend, Diane Fergeson, who had divorced her cheating husband three years previously. In desperation, I had confided in her. As I fixed the salad to go with the roast, I could still remember her comments:


    "Twice a month?? That's ridiculous! You need to get laid, Girl. How long do you plan to keep buying batteries for your vibrator?"

    "What else can I do? I can't go out on the street and start soliciting men."

    "Of course not, and even if you could, it would be unnecessary. You're a damn good looking woman, Mandy. You have no idea how many men would love to get their cocks into you."

    "Well, one thing is certain, no matter how many men there might be who want to fuck me, David's certainly not one of them!"

    "That's true, but that's just because in the 15 years you've been married plus the year you were dating him, he's probably screwed you at least 3,000 to 4,000 times. Men can't fuck if their brains won't get their dicks hard, and after that many times, they're having problems getting it up."

    "Do you really think that explains David lack of interest in me?" I remember having asked.

    "Absolutely! That's what happened to John, my ex-husband. At the time, of course, I didn't realize it, but he had just banged me so many times, it was hard for him to get excited at the prospect of getting into my pussy for the three-thousandth time. You won't believe how hard men who have never screwed you will get at the thought that they might get into your hot body."

    "Well, They don't seem to be hitting on me."

    "That's because you haven't been sending out the right signals."

    "And how do you suggest that I start sending out the right signals?"

    "That's not a problem, Mandy. Doesn't David's firm have a spring party every year? It should be happening soon."

    "It's next week."

    "Good. Put on a short, tight skirt that shows some cleavage. Don't wear a bra and no more than a thong under the skirt. You've told me several times what a good-looking man David's boss is... what's his name? You know the guy who got a divorce about a year ago."

    "You mean Larry Thompson?"

    "Yeah. Right! Larry Thompson. When you see him, start a conversation. Tell him you're really glad to see him again. Smile. Move close enough that he can see down your cleavage. When he looks... and he will look... just smile sweetly and move a little closer."

    "I guess I can do that. Is that it?"

    "No. Find a way to ask him if he doesn't get lonely without a wife around. Smile at him again when you ask and pull your shoulders back a little... not much... just a fraction. That's sending the right signals, and you won't have to do any more than that. Larry will do the rest."

    "There will be a lot of people around. I don't think he's going to be able to do much signals or no signals."

    "Not immediately, of course, but you know that David always gets drunk at those parties. Once he's feeling no pain and is out of the way, Thompson's going to ask if you'd like to have lunch with him or something along those lines. Smile again and say you'd love to."

    I nodded and asked, "Anything else?"

    "Of course. Wear something hot and sexy to lunch but don't wear panties. Be certain not to forget to take your birth control pill."

    "You actually think he'll ask me for sex at lunch?"

    "Mandy, I think he's going to fuck your sexy arse off. Not just once, but as often as you'll let him. And one more thing... men talk. Once Thompson is banging you, you can expect to have other men start hitting on you. Just pick the ones you like and enjoy."


    With the salad finished and the roast cooking, I set the table for dinner and sat down to wait for Jo and Daniel to arrive home from school.

    Things had gone almost exactly as Diane had said they would. After David had gotten drunk at the party and was essentially passed out on one of the couches, Larry had approached me and struck up a conversation. Again he had stared down my cleavage, but this time, he had boldly told me that he loved the way my breasts looked in my low-cut blouse. When I blushed, he had leaned closer and told me he couldn't wait to see all of them and the rest of me. Then he suggested lunch on his yacht the next day.

    The next day I met him where his yacht was docked, and five minutes later, he was fucking me in the lounge below deck. I had never had an 8-inch, thick cock in me before, and I couldn't stop moaning. I seemed to me like I was having near continuous climaxes. It was a hundred times hotter than getting off on my vibrator.

    After filling my pussy with his load, we had lunch on deck. As soon as we had finished, he had me straddling his thighs fucking myself on his rock-hard dick. Even though we were right out in the open where anyone might see us doing it, I didn't care. I just wanted him to never stop ramming that big shaft into me.

    I stayed on the yacht until almost 3:30 PM, and Larry fucked me four times. After that, he found a lot of projects for David to do that would keep him out of the way. For the last year, I've been meeting him three times a week or so, and every time we're together, he never fails to fuck me at least twice. In between times, I use my vibrator and masturbate thinking about the next time I'll get his big dick up my eager pussy. I was doing just that when Jo had caught me.

    After a few months, Thompson told his boss, the Division Manager, Martin Jarman, about me. We were in a hotel room at the Marriott when Larry told me that Jarman would really like to meet me and asked if I would be interested. Naturally, I had said 'yes' and the next time I met Larry, Martin was with him. Both men fucked me several times that afternoon.


    Jo and Daniel:

    Although I never told my Mom, I had managed to find out that the "Larry" Mom was begging to fuck her harder when I had caught her masturbating, was my Dad's boss, Larry Thompson. The first clue, of course, was his name was Larry, but a lot of guys are named Larry. It could have been just a coincidence.

    However, my parents had a party for some of their friends, one of whom was Mr. Thompson. Although my mom had told me to stay in my room after saying hello to all their guests, I did sneak out and watch from the loft overlooking our den. Not once, but several times that evening, I saw Mr. Thompson rub my mom's arse when they thought no one was watching.

    I figured that was pretty conclusive, but if I needed more evidence, it came toward the end of the party when everyone was sort of drunk. Some of the guests had already gone home, others were sitting out on the patio around the pool, and the rest were playing pool or video games in our game room. Dad was out by the pool pretty well out of it from having too many drinks. My mom was sitting on the couch in the den right below the loft with Mr. Thompson right across from her.

    They chatted for a moment and then he stood up, looked around, and said, "I know you're not wearing panties, Mandy. Open a couple of buttons on your blouse so I can see more of your big tits."

    "You sexy bastard," my mom had answered as she opened her blouse. She really had big tits. I hoped mine would get that big.

    "Hot... very hot. Now pull up your skirt and sit on the edge of the desk with your heel on the chair. Come on. Hurry up before someone comes in."

    I heard my mother groan softly as she jerked her skirt up to her waist and mounted the desk. When Mr. Thompson told her put her heel up on the seat of the chair and spread her legs, she moaned even louder. "But someone might see us," she protested.

    Mr. Thompson ignored her protests and growled, "Spread your legs and show me your cunt."

    "But everyone's around. Someone might see," my mom protested again. It didn't do her any good.

    "They're all out on the patio or in the game room. No one can see but me. Do it! Let me see your hot cunt."

    My mom didn't even bother to look around her before planting her foot on the desk chair. Holding her other knee, she spread her legs right in front of Mr. Thompson. We could both see that she wasn't wearing any panties.

    It was so hot and sexy seeing my mom's cunt exposed like that while Mr. Thompson and I were both looking right at it.

    Mr. Thompson didn't let my mom sit on the desk top very long before he took her arm and guided her onto her feet. I could just barely hear what he said to her. "My van's parked off to the left side of your circular driveway under the trees. Go there. Now. Get naked. I'll join you in a few minutes. We don't want anyone to see us together outside."

    I expected my mother to protest again, but she didn't. She just buttoned up her blouse, smoothed her short skirt, and headed out the front door. Mr. Thompson went out onto the patio and apparently talked to a few of the guests there, but I knew what he was really doing was checking to see if my dad was still out of it. He was, and a few minutes later, Mr. Thompson left and walked in the direction of his van.

    I knew Mr. Thompson was going to fuck my mother, but I wanted to see it. I had never seen anyone screwing before, and the thought of actually seeing my mom getting laid had my clit hard and throbbing and my panties soaked. I had to restrain myself from following Mr. Thompson immediately, but I knew that I needed to let Mr. Thompson get his cock into my mom's pussy first so they wouldn't be thinking about anything else.

    Since Mom would already be naked when her lover arrived, I figured five minutes was more than enough time for him mouth my mom. When that time had passed, slipped out the side door. As soon as I reached the front of the house, I could see Mr. Thompson's van parked just where he said it would be, beneath the oak trees lining our driveway.

    I approached the van with the moon at my back. Before I was close enough to see inside, I could already see the van rocking back and forth. That was so hot, I couldn't keep from slipping my hand inside my panties and onto my soaked pussy. My clit was erect and very sensitive... so much so that I had to bite my lip to suppress my moans when my fingers rubbed it.

    I moved closer. Now, I could hear my mom moaning. "YYessss... ohhhh god, Yes, Larry. AAAaahhhh shit... you're so fucking big! AAAahhhh... harder, Baby. Harder. Ram me with that thing!"

    "Oh yeah!" I heard Mr. Thompson growl. "Take it! Take it up that hot cunt!"


    When I looked into the back seat, I saw that the yard lights were enough to let me see what was happening inside. Mom was on her knees in the back of the van with her arse arched high in the air. Mr. Thompson's feet were planted outside her hips, and he was thrusting his big cock straight down into her pussy. When I saw how thick and big his cock was, my pussy just gushed. A moment later, as I watched it sink out of sight into Mom's hole, I had my first orgasm. Again, I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming when I came.

    The thick shaft was plunging in and out of mom's pussy. She grunted each time it sank into her.


    "Do you like getting my cock up your hot cunt, Mandy?"

    "Yess... Yess... YESSS.!!"

    "Your husband is just inside the front door, and I'm fucking your wet cunt right outside his house. Do you like getting dicked like this?"


    It was ten times more exciting than I even imagined it could be. I was already about to have another orgasm right along with my mom when Mr. Thompson turned her over onto her back and mounted her again. I was in perfect position to see his cock entering her pussy. It turned her cunt into a huge, round hole when it entered. Mom howled, and her legs flew straight up in the air, rigid, her toes curling back as Mr. Thompson's balls slapped against her arse. My vagina erupted again.



    Mom's legs were straight up in the air... jerking wildly every time the big dick filled her pussy.

    I had my skirt up around my waist now. My panties were off and I was using both hands on my pussy. Three fingers of one hand were fucking my hole in time with Mr. Thompson's thrusts into my mother's cunt while my other hand was frantically rubbing my throbbing clit as fast as I could. I came... then I came again.

    My mother emitted one, long continuous moan as her body shook in another intense climax. I thought I could even see her pussy contracting around the plunging shaft buried balls deep inside her hole. In the middle of her climax, she frantically wrapped her legs around Mr. Thompson's hips and tried to pull him even deeper.

    Mandy locked her legs around Thompson's hips and thrust herself onto his cock.

    "I'm gonna pump your hot cunt full of cum, Mandy. Are you ready for the load?"

    "Oooohhhh god... I know I'm gonna get it whether I'm ready or not, Baby. Shoot it... Shoot it into meeeeeeeee!!"

    Mr. Thompson grunted like a bull. I could see his buttocks contracting as he shot his cum into my mother's pussy. She groaned, and we both came again at the same time. Afterwards, I stayed hidden behind one of the trees as they dressed, and then left the van, one at a time.

    Even though I had just had three, intense orgasms, my pussy was still pulsing with need. When my mom and Mr. Thompson had both gone back inside, I practically ran to my room I wanted to get off again so badly.

    Once inside my room, I stood in front of full-length mirror that faces my bed. Looking at myself, I saw that my eyes were wild, my appearance slightly disheveled, and I could smell the sex oozing from my hole. Although I was wearing a bra, my nipples were so aroused that I could see them through my top and the bra. The rasp of the bra on my stiff, hard nubs was making my cunt tingle even more. While watching in the mirror, I rubbed my tits and began to fantasize about what my panties would be like when I peeled them off.

    Keeping eye contact with myself in the mirror, I watched myself undo my blouse, and throw it onto the floor. Through the bra, I could now clearly see my engorged tits, with the nipples fully swollen on their puffy cones, little peaks on the swell of my bosom, waiting to be fondled, or licked, or suckled, HARD. Within seconds I was topless, watching in the mirror as the sexy slut there started squeezing a nipple with each hand, feeling the sexy tingle that spread all over her body that was now flushed and throbbing.

    With the difficulty I always had because of my 34C tits (it was part of the fun), I just managed to use my tongue and then my lips to reach my own fat puffies. A moment later, I was voraciously sucking on my own tits, watching the sight of my distorted frame in the mirror; larger tits would make it so much easier, but the delicious difficulty of self loving my own nipples was part of the tease. It made my pussy drool all the more. How would it be to do this when I was leaking milk for a baby or when my tits became the size of my Mom's? I couldn¡¯t help but wonder.

    But there was no milk now, just the soft hard feel of throbbing tits, and the rising excitement coursing through my whole body.

    Standing upright again, I quickly slipped off my jeans and almost fainted as the scent of my rutting cunt hit my nose. God, I was hot! I could see that the whole front panel of my pale blue cotton panties was soaked, and slowly, I pulled then more tightly into my crotch, highlighting the camel toe of my pussy, aware of the fabric scraping along my swollen labia, and ribbing against my central core, my clit, which was already on fire. My nether lips aren¡¯t pendulous, but they swell when aroused, and I love looking at them while I wank. Anticipating this next step, I pulled even harder, and felt the stimulation my hot arse hole was getting from the thick seam of the thong I was wearing.

    I peeled the panties (and peel is the right word, they were sticking to my pussy like a banana to its skin) slowly off my pubes, and peered inside as the sticky secretions came to light. With an abandon I had rarely known, I watched in the mirror as I ripped them off my legs and was wildly rubbing them all over my face, flooding all my senses with the level of my arousal. I could see the slime, smell it, feel its texture, taste it as I sucked the gusset of my panties, from front to back, even getting a perverse thrill from consciously relishing the thick seam that had rubbed against my arse hole¡ my dirty arse hole¡ God, I needed to get off!

    Now I was on the bed, leaning back on the cushions so that I could continue to watch myself as I spread my legs as widely as they would go, gazing longingly at all my own holes. I could see my gaping oozing cunt with my slime actually running out and down over my visible arse hole, which I could open and close at will. Each time I flexed my holes, I felt the soft sexy little farts that I expelled every time I did it. I could even see my little piss hole, surprisingly erotic when stroked and even more so when licked.

    Within seconds, my soaked panties were stiffed completely into my cunt, and the fattest of my many vibrators was deep inside my bowels, with a finger beside it to stimulate the sphincter. Two fingers of my other hand were buried in my cunt reaching for my G-spot while my palm was rubbing my clit.

    There was no time for subtlety, for the wonderful teasing that I had wanted. Now I just had to cum. As I pulled the rough cotton fabric backwards and forwards in and out of my hungry pussy, I was fucking my own arse and imagining the hugest, thickest, most cum-laden cock ruthlessly fucking my arse, and watching wide-eyed as the hot fuck slut before my eyes suddenly erupted into a loud, wet, extended orgasm, that seemed to go on, and on, and on. If only I could have filmed it, I would have had hours of fun watching myself wanking again and again.


    After seeing Mr. Thompson fucking my mom, I started paying more attention to her actions and to the phone calls she received when I was home. I also checked the clothes hamper in my parents bedroom whenever I had the chance. I knew I was spying, but I had gotten so turned on and had had such intense orgasms when I watched Mom getting fucked, I really hoped to be able to watch her again.

    For two weeks, I didn't learn anything useful, at least not in advance. On three occasions, I did find a pair of her panties, each with fresh, sticky cum in the crotch, buried in the bottom of the clothes hamper. Of course, it could easily have been my dad's semen, but I had the feeling it wasn't since the panties were all the way at the bottom of the hamper. The thought that while Daniel and I were in school and dad was working, mom was getting screwed by Mr. Thompson two or three times a week kept me excited and wet all the time.

    One Saturday afternoon, while dad was on the golf course for the entire afternoon and Daniel and I were supposed to be attending school functions, the building had been closed temporarily due to a spill of some noxious stuff in the chemistry lab. So, Daniel and I had come home early only to find an empty house.

    "I wonder where Mom is?" my brother said when we found ourselves alone. "She didn't say anything to me about having to go out this afternoon. Did she say anything to you, Jo?"

    "No, she didn't, but with dad gone all afternoon playing golf, and you and I stuck at school, I'm pretty sure I know what she's doing."


    "I'm not sure I should tell you, Big Brother."

    "Oh bullshit, Jo. What's the big deal. Come on, tell me. Where's Mom?"

    "I didn't say I know where she is. I said I think I know what she's doing."

    "Ok... have it your way. What's she doing?"

    When I didn't reply, Daniel got impatient and said, "Are you going to tell me or not? This is silly!"

    "No. It's not silly, but it is really, really sexy. Can you handle sexy, Daniel?"

    "What's that supposed to mean?"

    "Let me go at this gradually, Daniel, and you can tell me to stop anytime you don't want to hear any more. About three months, I was having my period at school and got some bad cramps. The school nurse excused me early so I could go home and rest in bed. You do know what I mean when I tell you that was having my period, don't you?"

    "Of course. I'm not 8 years old, Jo."

    "Ok. Don't get mad. Some guys don't know. Anyway, when I came home unexpectedly, I heard mom in her bedroom. She hadn't even closed the door. She was on her back, her knees up, her legs spread wide apart. She was sucking on one big vibrator while fucking her pussy with a second one."

    "She was masturbating? Really? You saw it?"

    "Yeah and she was really going at it hard. Her body was shaking and her arse was pumping up and down in hot fuck motions as she did herself with the vibrator."

    "Oh my god... did she see you?"

    "No. I watched from the hallway. But she was doing more than just fucking her cunt with a vibrator, Daniel."

    "Ooohhh jezzz... do you always call it that?"

    I had to grin at my older brother. "Does it bother you to hear your baby sister call it a cunt? Would you prefer me to call it a pussy or a twat?"

    "No... no... it's ok. What else was mom doing?"

    "She was begging a guy named Larry to fuck her harder... faster... deeper. To really ram it into her."

    Without thinking, Daniel squeezed his cock, which was rapidly becoming larger and harder. My pussy throbbed when I saw him doing that.

    "Are you making this up? Did you really see mom masturbating and hear her begging some guy to fuck her harder?"


    "But you never told her?"

    "Not at the time, no."


    "Yeah. I told her later when she caught me finger fucking my cunt when I was supposed to be studying. She was giving me a really hard time, so I told her that I had seen her doing the same thing. I even asked her who Larry was."

    "She caught you masturbating?"

    "Yeah, but that's not what I said. I said she caught me finger fucking my cunt." My brother squeezed his cock harder.

    "Do you know that the guys argue all the time about whether or not girls do it too."

    "See what I mean about guys not knowing much about girls."

    "I guess you're right. At least a dozen different guys have asked me if I've ever seen you getting yourself off."

    "Getting myself off? That's really what they said?"

    "Well, no. They asked if I had ever seen you finger fucking your pussy."

    "And what did you tell them, Daniel? Did you lie?"

    "No! Absolutely not! I told them the truth that I had never seen you finger fucking your pussy."

    "But you have!"

    "No I haven't. When we masturbated in front of each other that time, you used a vibrator on your clit. I never seen you finger fucking yourself."

    I had to laugh at that. "That's sort of splitting hairs, isn't it? What if they had asked you if you had ever seen me using a vibrator on my cunt?"

    "Then I would have lied and said no. I don't tell other guys private things involving the girls I've been with... particularly when the girl is my sister. Do you finger fuck your cunt, Jo, or do you always use your vibrator?"

    "Of course I use my fingers to wank, Daniel!"

    "Oh. Ok. I really didn't know that for sure."

    "Now you know differently. But you've still never seen me doing it, have you?"

    "No," my big brother groaned. His cock was now obviously rock hard, and it seemed to be getting bigger by the minute.

    "Would you like to watch me do it?"

    His mouth opened but no sound emerged. His dick, however, got impossibly big. It just couldn't be as big as it looked... could it? "Would you? Would you really do that in front of me?"

    "Why not? If you're going to please girls, you need to see what they like and how they pleasure themselves. But we've gotten way off the subject of Mom. Do you want me to go on?"

    "There's more?"

    "A lot more. When I asked Mom who Larry was, she wouldn't tell me. So I began investigating to see if we knew a "Larry".

    "Do we?"

    "Sure we do. Do you know Dad's boss?"

    "You mean Mr. Thompson?"

    "Yeah. Mr. Thompson. His first name's Larry."

    "Jezzz... you're saying that Mom fantasizes about Mr. Thompson fucking her when she masturbating?"

    "You got it, Big Brother."

    "But it's just a sex fantasy, right?"

    "Do you remember the party Mom and Dad had for their friends a month ago?"

    "Sure. I was out with the guys that night though. What about it?"

    I quickly described the scene in the den that I had seen from the loft. "You're telling me that Mom opened her blouse so Mr. Thompson could see her tits and then spread her legs when she wasn't wearing any panties and let him see her pussy?"

    "Well not quite, but close."

    "Why is it only close?"

    "As I remember, her nipples weren't quite exposed when she opened two buttons on her blouse, so he didn't get to see all of her tits right then, and he didn't see her pussy... he saw Mom's cunt, and I can tell you that it was wet and open."

    Daniel squeezed his thighs together and moaned... obviously close to shooting off in his pants. "You're about to cum in your pants, aren't you?" I asked.

    "I can't help it, Jo. It's just so hot. Did anything else happen?"

    "Yes, but if I tell you, you'll shoot off. No way you'll be able to stop."

    "I won't. I never have," he protested.

    "Maybe not, but you will now. Want me to go on?"

    He nodded but pressed his thighs together even harder. "That's a big difference between guys and girls, Daniel."

    "What is?"

    "When a guy's about to shoot off, he presses his thighs together to try to stop himself from cumming. When a girl presses her thighs together, she's trying really hard to make herself cum. Remember that." My big brother groaned even louder.

    "Anyway, to continue. Mr. Thompson told Mom to go out to his van, get in the back seat and get naked except for her high heels."

    "Ooohhhh fuck... did she?"

    "As fast as she could. Mr. Thompson waited about five minutes and then went outside to his van."

    "How do you know that?"

    "Simple. I followed him a few minutes later."

    "Were they doing anything?

    "I could see the van bouncing on its springs before I even got up beside it. When I looked inside, he was fucking Mom in doggy position. After that, he put her on her back, mounted her, and fucked her missionary. Mom came at least four or five times, and I think Mr. Thompson shot off twice inside her cunt."


    "WAIT! WAIT!, Daniel. Don't shoot in your pants. DON'T! I want to see it! Quickly, I pulled my brother into the bathroom and got his pants open. His huge prick surged out and up. It was long, hard, and throbbing... obviously right on the verge of shooting. "OH FUCK! YOU'RE SO DAMN BIG! WANK IT AND SHOOT!" I screamed.

    Daniel moved up beside the empty bathtub and began stroking his cock slowly. On every stroke, it throbbed and jerked upward in his hand. "Oh god, Jo. I'm close... so damn close. It's gonna be big.... are you sure you want to stay and watch?"

    "Oh fuck yes! Do it! I clutched one of my tits while my other hand moved over my pussy beneath my skirt."

    "Can I see your cunt again while I cum... can I ... please," he moaned as his hand moved faster. The big head was now dark purple... swollen with blood... and primed to fire."

    The thought of showing off and teasing my brother sent shivers through my pussy and made my clit contract in a hard spasm. I had my blouse, skirt, and panties off in no time. Literally falling into a chair, I jacked my legs up over the arms and began running my finger up and down the length of my sex trench... spreading myself in the process so Daniel was able to see the pink wetness inside my cunt hole.

    "Oh god, you're gorgeous... JUST FUCKING SEXY GORGEOUS... AAHHHHH!! HERE IT COMES!!!"

    Daniel cock just exploded the load out of his balls. The first two spurts were moderate in volume and force. But the third stream was huge! It arched high in the air and flew the length of the bathtub splattering into the wall behind the end of the tub. This was followed by three more equally large loads, Even the sixth, seventh, and eighth gushes were larger than I had ever seen, even in porno films.

    OOohhhhh fuck, Daniel... That's amazing! Shoot it, SHOOT IT UP THE SLUT'S CUNT... SHOOT IT INTO HER!"

    I screamed as my own clit and pussy convulsed and throbbed. Daniel continued to empty his balls as spurt after spurt erupted from his dick. By the time his balls were empty, he must have ejaculated 14 big wads all over the tub and the wall behind it. I didn't have the slightest doubt that any woman Daniel fucked was going to get pregnant if she were fertile and not on birth control.

    After we had both gotten off and adjusted our clothes, Daniel asked, "So where do you think Mom is?"

    "Probably sucking Mr. Thompson's cock or maybe he's already fucking her. Would you like to fuck me, Daniel? I'll spread wide for you anytime you want to fuck me. Do it now. Get on me and fuck me, Honey."

    "I can't! We can't! That's incest!"

    "Have you fucked anyone yet? Tell me the truth."

    "Two... two girls."

    "How many times?"

    "One of them just once. The other one three times so far."

    "Are you sure you don't want to put your huge dick into my hot cunt, Daniel. I'm really hot and wet and tight."

    "We can't... we just can't! It's incest," he repeated again.

    `"I promise you my hole will feel just as good on your cock as the cunts of those other two girls. Put it in me, Baby. Show your baby sister how a real stud fucks a hot pussy." As I urged my brother to fuck me, I again removed my skirt and blouse so he could see my wet cunt.

    "NO! NO! Is Dad's boss really fucking Mom right now? How do you know."

    "I heard Mom talking to him on the phone. She told him that she would be free all Saturday afternoon."

    "What did he say?"

    "The phone wasn't on speaker so I couldn't hear what he said, but whatever it was, Mom replied that she could hardly wait to feel his big cock up her cunt again. When she comes home after being fucked, she is usually so turned on and hot from the screwing that she will masturbate before she showers and cleans herself up. Would you like to hide in our room until she's doing it and then listen at the door? She's really loud. If she leaves the door open, you might even get to see her fucking herself with her dildo."

    "Are you serious? Do you really think that Mom will masturbate when she comes home?"

    "I think so. Does that thought excite you, Daniel? Would you really like to spy on Mom when she's wanking, making her clit hard... making it throb?"

    "Sure. Any guy would love to see a mature, gorgeous woman like Mom getting herself off.'

    Again, I raised my skirt and rubbed my clit right in front of him. He moaned as he stared right at my cunt. I rubbed myself a little harder and a small stream of liquid oozed from my pussy. "Mom's not here yet, Daniel," I whispered.

    "When do you think she'll be home?"

    "Don't know, but I'm here. Do you think I'm sexy?"

    "Very much. All the guys have told me that you get them hard every time they see you."

    "How about you, Daniel? Do I get your big prick hard?" As I asked, I sat down on the couch and spread wide open... brazingly exhibiting my cunt for him. His cock quickly surged on its way to another erection.

    "MMMmmmm... I think I do get my big brother's dick hard. You are getting hard, aren't you, Daniel?"

    "OOohhhh god yes! But you're my sister," he moaned.

    "So what? I've got all the equipment the other girls have. You get hard when you see their tits or legs or more. Right?"

    "Of course, but I'm not supposed to react like that with you."

    "Why not, Daniel? Don't you think I have a nice arse? Look. I'll bend over so you see just how really nice it is. Bending over, I pulled my arse cheeks open, looked back at him and whispered, "Well? What do you think? Does it get you hard to look at your sister's arse, Daniel?"

    My brother was now squeezing his prick again as he stared at my arse.

    "It's gorgeous," he groaned.

    "See. I told you it was nice. How about these?" I teased as I ran my finger over first one of the lips of my pussy and then the other one. Don't my pussy lips look sexy?"

    My pussy throbbed when I saw that my brother was so turned on, he couldn't reply, and his cock was now rock hard. "I know you like the way I look, Daniel. Just look at how hard your big prick is now."

    "Oh fuck, yes! I can't help it. You're really sexy. I never realized just how sexy and gorgeous you are. I just can't believe that I'm iron hard from seeing my own sister."

    "Oh Yes! Your cock looks like a steel shaft. Come over here and get acquainted with your sexy sister's pussy, Big Brother."

    "I told you! You're my sister! I can't. We can't!"

    "Ok. But who knows when Mom will get back. We could just kiss and touch while we wait. Wouldn't you like to feel these?" I cupped my breasts and pushed them out so Daniel could see them better. I could tell that my brother was struggling with what he wanted to do and what he thought he should do. The sound of a car stopping in the driveway interrupted his struggles.

    "I think Mom's home," he said, sounding relieved.

    "You're right. She's home." Peeking out the window, I grinned and added, "but she's not going to masturbate like I thought she would. Sorry about that."

    "Why not? How do you know?"

    "Simple, Mr. Jarman is with her."

    "Who's he?"

    "He's the Division Manager where Dad works. He's Larry Thompson's boss."

    "What's he doing here?"

    "I'm not sure, but I think he's going to fuck Mom. Would you like to see Mom being screwed, Daniel. It's hotter than anything you can imagine. I got myself off three times watching Mr. Thompson fucking her in the back of his van. Do you wanna watch?"

    "Oh yeah," he moaned. "How can we watch without them seeing us?"

    "Depends on where they go. If he fucks Mom in the den, we can watch from the loft like I did when Mr. Thompson did her. If they go into her bedroom, we can watch from the hallway."

    "What if they close the door?"

    "Then, we're out of luck, but if Mom locks the front door like she usually does, they probably won't bother."

    While we were giving them time to get started, I thought briefly about putting my T-shirt and skirt back on but decided that I would rather be nearly naked with Daniel. After five or ten minutes, Daniel and I went to the loft overlooking the den and peered down into the room. It was empty, but we could hear Mom's moans coming from the master bedroom. Jarman was saying something to her that we couldn't hear well enough to understand.

    "Let's see if we can see them from the hallway," Daniel whispered. I nodded and indicated that we should take off our shoes so we could be as quiet as possible. Almost as soon as we entered the hallway, we could see them in the bedroom through the open doorway. Jarman had Mom sitting on the end of the bed with her dress bunched around her hips. Her 36DD tits were hanging out of her dress with Jarman's lips locked around one of her nipples. His hand worked steadily between Mom's thighs.

    "I think he's finger fucking her pussy," Daniel whispered as he looked over my shoulder at the erotic spectacle taking place in the bedroom. "See the way she's hunching against his hand... he's got to be fingering her."

    Mom was thrusting her cunt against Jarman's hand every time his fingers entered her.

    "He's either got his fingers in Mom's cunt or he's rubbing her clit. The way she's humping, my guess is that's he's on her clit, Daniel."

    "It looks like she's about to cum... That's so fucking hot!"

    "She is going to cum, Honey... and more than just once.... MMmmmmm... and she's not the only one who's gonna get off. Your prick's hard as stone. I can feel it pressing against my arse."

    "Ohh... I'm sorry. I didn't even realize I was doing that. It's just so hot."

    "Don't be sorry, Daniel. That's what a girl's arse is for. I'll bend over and you can put it in me while we watch Mom getting Mr. Jarman's prick up her pussy." Behind me, Daniel groaned, but he didn't make any move to start fucking me. However, he didn't stop pressing his hard shaft against my arse either. By the time Mr. Jarman got Mom on the bed, I was pressing back against his hard cock hoping he would do even more.

    Once Mr. Jarman had gotten Mom onto the bed, his hands and mouth were all over her tits.

    The sight of Mr. Jarman's hands all over Mom's big tits while my brother's prick continued to press against my arse had me biting my lip in an effort to remain quiet.

    "OOohh Daniel. Feel my tits like Mr. Jarman's feeling Mom!" I moaned. My brother had reservations about fucking me, but they apparently didn't include feeling me up. In a flash, he had my my tit in his hand. I tilted my head back and his mouth covered mine.

    As Daniel squeezed my nipple, we both heard Mom crying out in the bedroom: "OH! OH! OOHH!! That's feels so good, Martin. Please... do my clit... do meeeeeee.... make me throb... make me cum for you! AH GOD! AHHHH GOD! YESSSS! LIKE THAT!!"

    Mandy's fingers twisted her nipples as Jarman's tongue licked her clitoris.

    I felt my pussy gush at the same time as I felt my brother's hard dick jerking against my arse. Inside the bedroom, Mom was howling as she climaxed. She kept telling Jarman how hard she was cumming, which turned Daniel on so much he let one of his hands move downward to my pussy. In a flash, he had his fingers buried in my wet snatch. Now, it was my pussy that was humping wildly against Daniel's hand.

    It was impossible for me to silent any longer, but I did manage to whisper. Although the volume was low, the hot intensity of my hissing whisper was obvious.

    "ohhhh ... more, Daniel... please... more! Go deeper... harder... aaahhhh god... uunnghhh!!" Daniel inserted another finger into my pussy and rammed them deep... hard. His thumb found my clit and rubbed it.

    "ooouuuu... ooouuuu... cumming... you're making your baby sister cum, Daniel... rub meeeeeee... don't stop... oh gawd... please don't stop now.... aaaahhh uunnngghhh... can you feel my cunt throbbing, Daniel... can you?"

    "Oh yeah... it feels like its trying squeeze my fingers off. Jezzz... what's that?"

    "That's my hymen your pressing against, Big Brother. Don't you know that girls have those before some big cocked guy fucks her?"

    "Are you a virgin?" Daniel asked me, obviously shocked.

    "Sort of... I've played around a lot, but I haven't let anyone fuck me yet. Nobody gets into my pussy until my big brother busts me open with his big cock."

    "You want me to do that??"

    "Oh yes! Do it to me right now! Hurry, Daniel. I'm so hot. Please. Put it in me!"

    "Oh suck my cock, you hot Bitch!" we heard Jarman shout in the bedroom.

    "Mom's sucking him! Look at that. She's got his cock in her mouth... sucking him! Oh fuck! Look at the size of that prick!" Daniel whispered hotly in my ear. My brother's cock again thrust hard against my arse.

    "TAKE THAT COCK, YOU HOT SLUT! SUCK ALL OF IT! Oh shit! It's been nine days since I've had that hot mouth of yours on my cock... can't wait to sink it into your hot cunt, Mandy. Can't go that long... need to fix things so I have you around... aahhhhh..god... YES! SUCK IT, BABY! SUCK IT!"

    Mom's hot cries were garbled by the big shaft plunging in and out of her mouth and throat. "OOOMMMPPPFFFF.... OOMMPPFFFF!!"

    Mom's tits heaved as she sucked Jarman's big cock.

    Daniel was humping against my ass harder than ever now. "Want me to bend over more, Honey?" I whispered hotly. My brother was too hot to reply. Moving forward just a little, but enough to break the contact between his shaft and the crease of my arse, I bent over a little more and held the position letting him see my arse and cunt holes. Then, I moved back against his dick.

    With my cunt fully exposed and wide open... all Daniel had to do was align his cock and ram it into me. I was shuddering with excitement... He was finally going to fuck me!! He did fuck me, but with his fingers, not his cock. "Don't you want to fuck me?" I moaned as his fingers worked me closer to an intense orgasm.

    "Of course I want to fuck you, Jo, but I'm your brother. I can't. But look in the bedroom, Jo. Jarman has Mom riding his cock now. Can you see how much it's stretching her pussy."

    Mom groaned every time the huge dick sank into her cunt.

    "I can see it perfectly, Daniel. Don't you want to stretch me like that? Besides, I need you to bust me open so other guys can fuck me... Please... put it in me! Look how hard, he's fucking Mom. Give it to me like that, Honey."

    Jarman's cock was ramming into Mom's pussy like a pile driver.

    "OOOHHHHHHHHH GAWD DAMN! GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEEE!!" Mom screamed. Daniel ignored me, but he did continue to work on my swollen clit furiously. "I'm gonna cum, Jo," he moaned in my ear. "All over your arse. Cum with me!"

    "Yes... yes...yess... cum all over my arse. I'll cum when you do!"

    All four of us pretty much came at the same time. Jarman's big cock spewed his load into my Mom's cunt as it throbbed and spasmed around his plunging shaft. My brother pulled away and pumped his cock until it exploded his load all over my arse and back, and, at the same time, my cunt erupted around my own fingers as they rubbed my clit and plunged in and out of my hole.

    Daniel's load drenched my arse and back.


    Mandy, David, Larry, and Martin:

    After Jarman had finished fucking me, I had retreated to my bathroom and cleaned up before my husband and the kids got home. My pussy still tingled deliciously from the hot sensations of Jarman's thick shaft plunging into me and pumping me so hard and so deep.

    But even more than the hard shafting he had given me, the thing that had me so psyched up was what he had told me about his plans. Apparently, the nine days he had just spent traveling on business for his corporation had left him really hot for me. Even as his thick cock was plunging in and out of my very eager pussy, he was telling me how he intended to fix that problem.

    As I soaped my large breasts, I couldn't help sliding my fingers over my still erect nipples. The erotic sensations were making my pussy throb... so hot... so hard. I did it several more times until I was slowly thrusting my hips as if I were being fucked by an imaginary lover. The erotic thought that Jarman and Thompson wanted me to start working as their personal assistant had me in heat.

    As soon as he had told me of his plans, I had said, "What about my husband? I'm pretty sure that David isn't going to approve of my taking this job, Martin."

    His reply was a line from "The Godfather". "Don't worry about David. I'm going to make him an offer that he can't refuse."

    When I had honestly informed him that I had had essentially no experience assisting executives of large corporation and that I hadn't even held a job for several years, he brushed aside my reservations saying that he had secretaries who do the filing, handle the correspondence, take care of making appointments and reservations, taking notes, keep books, and do whatever else needs to be done. Then, he had told me bluntly that he and Thompson wanted a gorgeous woman to take care of their other needs.

    Although it wasn't necessary for Jarman to tell me just what those "other needs" were, he had done so in graphic detail describing how I would be traveling with him or Thompson or sometimes both. The recollection had me rubbing my clitoris as the water poured over my naked body. They were going to fuck me... every day... both of them. My moans became louder as my fingers worked even harder between my thighs.

    I came hard as I thought about "working" as Jarman's and Thompson's personal assistant.

    When I had asked what about in between trips, Jarman had informed me that he expected me to be at work every day and that he was renovating an office for me that has connecting doors to his private office and to Larry's on the other side.

    When I had gasped, "Oh god... every day?" Both of you? Every day?", his hand had moved to my cunt and captured my clit between his fingers. Then, he had frigged me... sensuously. My legs had opened automatically. I howled with delight when he had mounted me. Remembering how hard and how quickly he had made me cum, my legs gave out causing me to slide to the floor of the shower where my orgasm exploded as three fingers plowed in and out of my throbbing cunt.


    I had just finished banging my secretary's tight arsehole an hour before when she buzzed me on the intercom.

    "Haven't you had enough?" I teased when I answered her page.

    "I never get enough of your hard prick, Mr. Leighton."

    "Mr. Leighton? Since when do you call the man who's been fucking you for a year Mr. Leighton, Linda?"

    "When the CEO may be able to hear me over the intercom, David," she whispered very quietly. Then in a louder voice, "Mr. Jarman wants to see you in his office, Sir. As soon as possible. He says its very important."

    "Tell him, I'm on my way."

    As I hurried down the corridor to Martin Jarman's plush office, I wondered what could possibly be so important at this time of the morning. Well, it didn't really matter. Jarman wants to see me ASAP, so his wish is my command," I thought as I entered his secretary's office.

    "Go right in, Mr. Leighton. Mr. Jarman and Mr. Thompson are waiting for you."

    That gave me a moment's pause. I couldn't ever remember Jarman and Thompson, the Corporation's Senior Vice President and Division Manager both wanting to talk to me at the same time. I straightened my tie and entered with a smile on my face.

    "Good morning, Mr. Jarman... Mr. Thompson. What's going on? How can I help?"

    "Some good news, David. Sit down. Would you like a drink?"

    "Well, I don't normally drink during working hours, Sir."

    "Of course you don't. That's why we're about to make you the offer of a lifetime, but the senior VP and the Division Manager have some privileges. I'm having some of 30-year old Ballentine. Larry likes the Jack Daniels Blue Label. What's your pleasure?"

    "I'm sort of a single malt man myself, Sir."

    "Good choice! We have 20-year old Glenfiddich. That do?"

    "Fantastic!" I replied, meaning every word.

    Five minutes passed without another word as the three of us savored the incredibly expensive and delicious drinks. Finally, Jarman set his now half-empty glass of Ballentine-30 scotch on his desk, looked at me, and asked, "David, how would you like to be the Plant Manager at our western facility? It would be a big promotion at double your present salary."

    I was stunned... almost speechless... so much so, a full minute must have passed before I found my voice. Both Thompson and Jarman waited patiently. Finding my voice, I responded, "I assume you're serious. This wouldn't be much of a joke."

    "That's right, it wouldn't be. We're very serious. Larry and I have discussed it, and concluded that you're the man we want to take over that plant. Ben Thomlin is retiring next month, and we need to get his replacement on the job ASAP so Ben can serve as his mentor before he heads for the new home he's built for his retirement."

    "Well, naturally, I want to accept. Since I would have to sell our home here, and move my family, I suppose I need to discuss it with Mandy first."

    "That brings me to the second reason for your visit with both of us this morning. It's not as pleasant as the first, which is why I gave you the good news first... sort of softens the blow, so to speak."

    "Blow... what blow? What's wrong," I asked now completely perplexed.

    "Since you know more of the details than I do, Larry, and this isn't so pleasant, why don't you take over. Privileges of rank, you know."

    "Not a problem, Sir, " Larry answered promptly. "The fact is, David, that it has come to my attention that you are ... how should I put this... you are in severe violation of corporate policies and apparently have been for a very long time."

    "Violation of polices? What policies?" I stammered with a sick feeling in my stomach. I knew what was coming.

    "It has come to our attention that you have been carrying on a sexual relationship with your secretary, Miss Linda Garrison, for almost a year. In fact, you had anal sex with her in your office less than two hours ago."

    "My god! How do you..." Thompson held up his hand, and I stopped talking.

    "Now, we are very well aware that this sexual relationship is consensual. That was most obvious from Miss Garrison's moans this morning as well as from the way she pleaded with you to ... eh... how did she put it, Martin?"

    "I believe she kept screaming something like... 'Give it to me, harder... deeper', either that or very similar words," Jarman replied.

    "You have our offices bugged?"

    "Of course. You left us no other option. We have to protect the corporation, you know."

    "Protect the corporation? From what? How?"

    "From extremely expensive lawsuits, David. You're in gross violation of Corporate Policy 18-1995 on sexual harassment. Since you are Miss Garrison's immediate administrative superior, it does not matter that she has consented to having sex with you. Any good attorney can easily make the case that even though she consented, she had no choice. Her job and livelihood were at stake since you could fire her. She also has a boyfriend who can bring suit for alienation of affections because of your actions. We would have no recourse nor defense against these lawsuits which could cost the corporation millions of dollars."

    Now Jarman spoke up. "The bottom line, David, is that you can't fuck women over whom you have administrative and executive power. That's the entire point of Policy 18-1995. Understand?"

    I collapsed back into my chair, my expensive Glenfiddich forgotten. "So, I'm fired? I'm first offered the promotion of a lifetime and then told I'm fired? I'm afraid I'm lost here."

    "We need to fix this so that lawsuits are eliminated from the table, David. Our attorneys have informed us that the only way for us to do that is for Miss Garrison to become your wife. Obviously, a wife can't sue the corporation because her husband fucked her before they were married... even if it was in her sexy arse some of the time," Jarman laughed.

    "I see that," I groaned, "but I'm already married to Mandy?"

    "I need the truth here, David," Jarman growled at me. "How often have you been fucking Mandy this last year since you've been banging Linda?"

    "Eh... not much. Linda keeps me really drained, you know."

    "I can imagine. Hot ass, big tits, tight cunt... it is really tight, isn't it?" Jarman asked with a leer.

    "Yeah. Very tight. Anyway, Mandy and I have sex once or twice a month. She hasn't been happy."

    "I can imagine. Here's the plan, David. If you want the promotion to plant manager of our western facility, you will need to ask Mandy for a divorce today. We feel confident that she will agree. Of course, you will provide her suitable alimony and child support until Jo and Daniel reach the age of 18. You will also give her title to your present home. Those items, however, will not be a financial hardship on you because as soon as the no-contest divorce becomes final, we will promote you and your present salary will double. You will also have the use of the condo the corporation maintains for the plant manager so you will not have to purchase a new home. If you decide to do so, the corporation will provide you the down payment.

    "I'm not certain," I replied.

    "Listen to me, David," Thompson demanded. "You have to know that Mandy is sick and tired of being married to a man who's sleeping with his secretary all the time and not taking care of her needs. She's going to divorce you for adultery in the near future anyway. You'll have to pay alimony and child support. She'll get the home, and you will be out of a job while the corporation fights the million-dollar lawsuits."

    I think I moaned at this point. Thompson continued unrelentingly. "The option we are offering you not only allows you to keep your job, it actually advances your career, doubles your salary, avoids messy lawsuits, and ... and you get to marry that hot-assed, tight-cunted, sexy secretary of yours. You take your new wife, move to the western part of the country, and live happily ever after. We'll give you two minutes to make up your mind while we finish our drinks."

    After 10 seconds, I said, "I accept." For a brief moment, I thought I saw Jarman and Thompson wink at each other.


    it was 2 PM when my phone rang. It was Martin. "Hi, Sexy," he said.

    "Hi yourself, you hot devious stud."

    "David accepted. He's going to ask you for a divorce this evening. You will, of course, scream at him for a suitable length of time and then demand alimony and child support as we discussed, and finally, the home. Since you'll be spending most of the time with us, you won't really need the home, but Jo and Daniel will need it until they're older."

    "How long will the divorce take?"

    "Not long. A few weeks at most since it's totally uncontested by both parties. You start work as my personal assistant as soon as it's final."

    "I don't know if I can wait a few weeks."

    "Who said anything about waiting. David will be moving out of the house within a couple of days. After that, you'll have your hands full... or should I say, you'll have your arse and cunt full?"

    "I like that better," I hissed. My pussy was already throbbing. I just couldn't resist teasing Martin. "I think I should warn you, Martin, after being the neglected wife for so long, I'm not certain that you and Larry will be able to take care of me."

    His reply was not what I expected. "Larry and I know that. But we have a some interested clients who will eager to give us some help."


    "Yes. Randy, sexy clients... some of them are really hung."

    "Oh my gawd!"


    David seemed at a loss that evening to tell me he wanted a divorce, and I didn't make it any easier for him. After telling me that he knew our marriage was not going well and that most of it was his fault, he finally managed to ask me for a divorce.

    "Why?" I asked. "You're already fucking Linda almost everyday. She can't spread her legs any more often if she's married to you. In fact, you'll probably get less of her pussy if you marry her. Just go ahead and fuck the slut, but don't bother telling me about it."

    "It's not just sex," David protested.

    "Of course, it's just sex... it's just her hot, wet, young cunt. And how about her arse? Are you getting into her arse too? Answer me!"

    "Yes, I am, but we're not enjoying our marriage. Jo and Daniel aren't getting anything out of it, and neither are you. I think we should be thankful for the good years we had and call it quits at this point. Otherwise, we'll just go on hurting each other."

    "Oh My! Aren't you just all heart! So considerate of my feelings and those of the children."

    "There's no need for this, Mandy. Just say yes or no to my suggestion that we have a no-contest divorce."

    "I get the home!"

    "All right."

    "Custody of the children... No arguments."

    "Of course. They'll be better off with you."

    "Alimony and child support."

    "Within reason. A third of my after-tax income since you have the home and child support, and I will have to buy another house."

    "Done! I'll get a lawyer and he will make the arrangements with yours. We can be rid of each other within a few weeks."

    "Ok. I'll be in touch and let you know my lawyer and his contact information."

    "Fine. And David.."


    "Just so you'll know, I really enjoyed your cock. You were always a good lover. I'm sure Linda will enjoy having it as much as I did."

    He was stunned. "Well, thank you, Mandy. You were dynamite in bed too."

    "I still am, David. At least the guys who are fucking me certainly think so. I'm sure you can find the front door by yourself."


    That night after dinner, I told Jo and Daniel that I needed to speak with them seriously. I made us some cheese and crackers and put some tea on the table. After everyone had served themselves, I said, "I don't know any easy way to tell you this, so I'm just going to say it. Ok?" Both of them nodded, and both looked very worried.

    "Your father and I are getting a divorce. It will be a no-contest divorce so it will be final in just a couple of weeks or so. I'm sorry... I really am, but..."

    Jo interrupted me. "Why are you sorry, Mom? Daniel and I both know he's been cheating on you for months and months... maybe more than a year. We hardly see him, and I know the two of you rarely have sex. I don't see why you didn't divorce him a long time ago."

    "You're not angry?" I asked, half stunned, half relieved.

    "No way, Mom," Daniel assured me. "Will we be moving or staying here. What about money? Without Dad's income, can we make it?"

    "We won't be moving. I will get full custody of the two of you. Your father will moving to the western part of the country, and we will get sole possession of the house. As to income, there will be some modest child support until you both reach 18, and I'll get some alimony. That alone wouldn't be enough to maintain our life style, but I have been offered a position as Mr. Jarman's and Mr. Thompson's personal assistant. The salary is modest but with that plus the alimony and child support, we should be all right."

    "Daniel and I can help with the money, Mom. I'm sure we can."

    "Well, that would be nice, but at your ages, I doubt that you could make much. Please don't worry about it. We'll manage, I'm sure. There is one more thing I need to tell you. The two of you will be on your own a lot, as I'm going to have to travel with Mr. Jarman and Mr. Thompson when they take business trips. It's... it's part of the job. Can you two take care of yourselves when I have to be gone?"

    "Why do you have to travel with them, Mom? Daniel asked.

    Jo shot her bother a warning look that didn't escape me. "Because, Silly, Mom can't very well assist her employers if she's here baby sitting us. She has to do her job. OK? Got it?" Jo gave Daniel another fiery stare. If looks could kill, we would have had to call 911.

    We finished the snacks, and Daniel went off to his room to study. Jo hung back until he was out of earshot, and then smiled at me. "We're going to fine, Mom. Don't worry about Daniel and me. I think we're all going to be much happier."

    "So do I, Jo. And thank you for ... eh... for your support."

    "No problem, Mom." She turned to leave, took a couple of steps, stopped, and turned back to face me. "Just one thing, Mom. Be certain you do a very, very good job assisting Mr. Jarman and Mr. Thompson with whatever they need ... whenever they need it."


    In slightly less than three weeks, the divorce was final. The next day, I started work as Mr. Jarman's and Mr. Thompson's personal assistant. My personal office was gorgeous... beautifully furnished and elegant. Of course, the most important features were the two connecting doors, one to Jarman's personal office, the second to Thompson's.

    After Jarman's secretary had shown me around the office and acquainted me with the phone system, the duplicating machines, and most importantly, Mr. Jarman's and Mr. Thompson's personal schedules, she escorted me back to my office where Jarman was waiting.

    "Did Betty give you the grand tour, Mandy?"

    "Oh yes. I think so. At least, I saw a lot of things. Hope I can remember all of them."

    "Doesn't matter. That stuff is unimportant. The tour was just for show for the benefit of the staff. Larry and I would like for you to stay late this evening."

    "All right. I'll call Jo and Larry and let them know that I'll be late in getting home."

    "Good. I'll see you a little after 5 PM," Jarman said as he checked out my big tits.

    I smiled at him, cupped my tits, and whispered, "Like them? Should I wear more revealing clothes or less?"

    "What you have on is perfect, Mandy. You're supposed to look attractive, but not slutty. When we're out of town, I want you slutty... very slutty... and very hot, but not here in the office."

    "I haven't done slutty a lot, but I'm sure I can learn," I said with a grin.

    "I'm sure of it too. See you at 5 PM."

    I knew that Jo would get home from school by 4 PM, so that's when I called. She answered on the second ring. "Hi, Mom. How did your first day at the office go?" she asked cheerfully.

    "Every thing's fine. You won't believe how beautiful my private office is. I can't wait to show it to you and Daniel. The reason I'm calling is to tell you that I'll be late getting home tonight. If you don't mind waiting until maybe 8 or 9 PM, I'll fix the dinner for us. It could be earlier, but I can't be certain."

    "Don't worry about fixing dinner, Mom. I'll fix something for Daniel and me. Your first day on the job, and you already have to stay late. Daniel's going to ask me why you're having to stay late on your first day... what do you want me to tell him, Mom?"

    "What? Oh... Just tell him that... tell him that...:


    "Tell him that I have to do a lot of work to bring myself up to date on my new job responsibilities."

    "That sounds good. Very reasonable. I'll tell him that."

    There was a prolonged, painful silence. Finally, I said, "You know why I'm staying late don't you, Jo?"

    "Of course I know. It's your first day as their personal assistant. Mr. Jarman and Mr. Thompson are both going to fuck you."

    "Oohhh... I'm sorry. You must think I'm just terrible."

    "Terrible? Hardly. You're the coolest, sexiest Mom I know. You just got rid of a cheating husband who wasn't taking care of his bedroom duties to you. You got a great settlement, but best of all, you have two extremely powerful and rather handsome men panting after you. Wow! I just hope that I'm as desirable, as sexy and attractive, and as courageous and resourceful as you when I'm your age. Love you, Mom. Have a great time tonight and don't worry about Daniel. Men and boys aren't very sharp when it comes to figuring out women."

    "Thank you, Honey. You have no idea how much better that makes me feel."

    "Mom, before you hang up, can I ask you a couple of things... personal things? I'm sort of embarrassed to ask, but I would really like to know."

    "Let me make it easy for you, Honey. Yes, I'm very excited... so excited my panties are soaked. I can hardly wait. And No, I've never had two men at the same time before. Are those the two things you wanted to know?"

    "Yeah. How did you know?"

    "The same way you knew that Jarman and Thompson are both going to fuck me tonight. You're a woman. You know these things. Well, so am I, and I know some things about young women too. Like you can't wait to have two men doing you at the same time."

    "Oh god... that's so hot to think about. Now I'm going to have get myself off. I'm too hot to resist."

    "Why not call one of your boyfriends and let him take care of your problem, Honey?"

    "Because I'm waiting for a very special guy to bust me open for the first time, and he's resisting."

    "You're still a virgin? I had no idea. Hard to imagine a guy turning down a girl a beautiful and as sexy as you, Jo. Are you sure he's got all his marbles?"

    "Oh yes, Mom. I know he's got all his marbles... they've just all rolled to one side."


    Jo and Daniel:


    Scene #1: Leighton's Home - Kitchen

    It was almost 5:30 PM before Daniel came home. Being male, the first thing he did was go to the kitchen to see what's was cooking for dinner. I was grinning when he came back into the den with a perplexed frown on his face.

    "Nothings cooking on the stove," he announced.

    "I think you're right," I replied without looking up from my history book.

    "But... but what's for dinner?"

    "Not sure."

    "You say you're not sure?"

    "Right. I'm not sure what we're going to have for dinner."

    "Oh. Ok. Where's Mom?"

    "Working. She started as Mr. Jarman's personal assistant today. Remember?"

    "Of course I remember, but it's 5:30 PM. She should be home by this time."

    "She called. She's having to work late."

    "On her first day at work, she's having to stay late? What's the deal?"

    "Deal? No deal? She just has a lot she has to learn to get herself up to speed in her new job responsibilities. She said that if we wanted to wait until maybe 9 PM, she could fix something for us when she gets home. Otherwise, we're on our own, Daniel."

    "Well, I'm hungry. I can't wait that long to eat."

    "I guess that we're on our own then. How about spaghetti, a salad, and garlic toast?"

    "That sounds good. Yeah! Let's have that."

    "Ok. You make the salad, get the spaghetti ready to cook, slice the French bread, coat it with some butter and sprinkle some garlic powder on it, and then set the table. I'll make the sauce and put the garlic bread into the oven."

    "That's not fair! I've got more stuff to do than you do, and you're the girl."

    "Careful, Big Brother. You're treading on dangerous ground there, but I'll overlook it this time. If you want, we'll switch. You make the sauce and warm the garlic bread, and I'll do the rest."

    "But I don't know how to make spaghetti sauce," Daniel whined.

    "Then the dummy has to do the rest of the stuff while the smart person fixes the sauce. Get to it. I'll start working on the sauce."


    "Daniel, I know you really got off big time seeing my tits and cunt while you wanked. Well, if you have any plans to enjoy doing that again, I'll hear an apology from you within the next five minutes."

    I started on the sauce while Daniel sat at the kitchen table fuming. He waited for over four minutes before he finally said, "I'm sorry, Jo. Really, I am."

    "For what?"

    "For calling you a bitch. Actually, you're cooler and smarter than any of my friends' sisters. I'll start the salad. I'm really sorry."

    "Apology accepted. Now let's get dinner ready. I'm hungry too."

    I had the onions, peppers, tomato sauce, rotil, garlic, oregano, and basil all mixed and the sauce simmering on the stove when Daniel finished making the salad. Before he started slicing the French bread, he asked, "Jo, are you going to let me... you know... are you?"

    "Let you what?" I teased.

    "You know... what you said."

    "Maybe... I'll think about it. Fix the garlic bread. I'll set the table."

    "Jo, do you really think Mom's having to work late?"

    "That's what she said when she called me before you got home."

    "Seems strange. Overtime on the first day of the job, I mean."

    "I think Mom takes her new job very seriously, and wants to please her new employers, Daniel."


    Scene #2 - Jarman's Private Office:

    Mandy worked both cocks like a seasoned hooker.

    "Damn! She sucks two cocks like she's been doing it all her life. OOohhh fuck... she's taking it all the way down her throat!" Jarman groaned.

    Thompson's prick jerked as Mandy's hand slid up and down its length. He couldn't keep his hips from thrusting every time her hand stroked his shaft. "I think our new Personal Assistant has had some practice we don't know about. Have you sucked two cocks before, Mandy?"

    "Is Larry right, Mandy? Have you double sucked before?"

    "Oommppff... Oommppff.... uunngghhh."

    "Oh that's right. Sorry, I forgot. Your mouth's full right now, and it's not polite to speak when your mouth is full."

    "Are you about to blow a load in her?" Thompson asked, obviously impatient to get his throbbing cock into the hot blonde's mouth.

    "Not yet. You want her to switch over and suck you, Larry."

    "Oh god yes!"

    "You heard your boss, Mandy. Switch and suck... Switch and suck... Switch and suck until you get both loads.

    Jarman stroked Mandy's cunt as she sucked Thompson's throbbing prick.


    Scene #3 - Leighton Dining Room:

    "The sauce is really good, Jo. How did you learn how to make it?"

    "From Mom. She's been teaching some cooking skills for the last year. It's easy to make. The onions and rotil really add to the zest along with the spices, don't you think?"

    "Yeah... oh man, yeah! It's great!" Daniel wolfed down some of the garlic bread and salad before attacking the spaghetti again. "Jo, you know we watched Mr. Jarman having sex with Mom."

    "MMMMmmmm... we did, didn't we. I was really hot too, wasn't it?"

    "You know it! I shot off a huge load all over your back."

    "I know you did, Big Brother. That made my clit just erupt when you did that. Tell me truth, Daniel... are you hard now? Right now?"

    "Oh yeah. I've been hard for awhile."


    "Well, we know that Mr. Jarman fucked Mom, and you told me that you watched Mr. Thompson screwing her in the back of his van, right?"

    "Mmmmm... huh."

    "So both of them are fucking Mom."

    "Would seem so."

    "Well, she's working late. If they stayed late too, she's alone with them right now."

    "Yep... all alone with them."

    Daniel took another bite of spaghetti and then blurted, "Do you think they're fucking her? Right now, I mean. As we eat. Do you think they've got their cocks in Mom's pussy?"

    "No. Absolutely not! No way! You can stop thinking that, Daniel. It's not happening. Let's finish dinner. We have some left over cheese cake in the fridge for dessert."

    "Oh good! That's great!"


    Scene #4 - Sectional Couch in Jarman's Office:

    "Ride it, Mandy! Ride my big cock, Baby. Fuck that hot cunt on it, Honey... RAM IT DOWN ON ME!" Thompson grunted

    "Oh god, Larry... you're so fucking big.... uuunnghh... OOohhhh ... you have no idea how good it feels when that big prick stretches my cunt.... aaaahh... shit... ugh! ugh! ugh! OOohh yesss... fuck it into meeeeeeeee!!!"


    "Hot fucking damn! You are stretching her, Larry. Wide open," Martin yelled. "Pull her forward... hold her steady so I can get into her hot arse!"

    Larry followed his boss' order exactly. I felt my tits being pressed into Larry chest. My butt arched upward.... totally exposed. Jarman mounted me... His cock pressed against my arse hole.... He drove forward... stretching me.... sinking his dick into my rectum... deeper... deeper... I felt his balls slap against my tightly plugged cunt.

    "Oh god! You're both in me!! Fucking meeeee! AAAGGGHHHAAA! I'M CUMMING... OOOHHHH GOD! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"


    Scene #5 - Den in the Leighton's Home:

    I had just finished reading the history assignment for the next day at school when Daniel said, "Jo, I don't see how you can be so certain that Jarman and Thompson aren't fucking Mom. How can you possibly be that certain?"

    "I didn't say that Mom wasn't being fucked. How could I possible know that one way or the other?"

    "Yes you did. When I asked if you thought Jarman and Thompson were fucking Mom, you said '"No. Absolutely not! No way!"

    "That's not what you asked, Big Brother. You asked me if I thought Jarman and Thompson had their cocks in Mom's pussy right at that moment, and I said 'No way'. It's possible for two men to both get their cocks into a woman's cunt at the same time, but it's not easy, and it's more acrobatic than it is sexual. So I'm virtually certain that the answer to your question was 'no'."

    "All right. Technically, you answered my question correctly, but you knew that wasn't what I was really asking. Do you think Mom's being fucked?"

    "I don't know. Maybe... maybe not. What do you think?"

    "I think she's getting it... right now."

    "That turn you on? Is your cock hard thinking that Mom's legs are up the air, jerking back and forth, as Jarman and Thompson sink their big pricks into her pussy?"

    "Oh god!"

    "You are hard, aren't you, Big Brother?"

    "Like stone."

    "Take it out so I can suck you, Daniel."

    "No. I can't. You can't!"

    "Oh yes I can! I'd love to suck your big, hard prick. Don't you want to feel it sliding into my hot mouth... feel my tongue stroking up and down your shaft... over the swollen head. You can hold my head and fuck my mouth hole, Big Brother. I promise I'll swallow every drop you shoot into me. Come on, Daniel. Take it out... Stick it in my mouth... DO IT!"

    When Daniel made no move to get his erection out of his pants, I did it for him. Hoping he wouldn't pull away, I unbuckled his belt, unzipped him, and pulled his pants and briefs down in one smooth motion. My pussy throbbed when I saw that he wasn't going to pull away.

    Instead of pulling away, Daniel moved even closer to me. Kneeling in front of him, I looked up and opened my mouth. He moved closer. My tongue moved out and stroked my upper lip. Tilting my head back, I opened even wider. My brother groaned. His hard cock throbbed... jerking in the air. He took one more step, and his cock touched my cheek.

    "Please," he groaned.

    "Please what? Tell me."

    "Suck me... Please. Suck it."

    "You want me to put this huge thing in my mouth and suck on it... make it throb... make it jerk... make it shoot?"

    "Oh yesss... do it, Jo. Suck me!"

    "If I suck you, you have to promise to pull out just before you shoot."

    "You don't want my load in your mouth?"

    "Oh yes... that's exactly where I want it, but I want you to pull out and wank your big load straight into my mouth. I'll keep it wide open for you, Big Brother, a perfect target for your big sex gun, and I'll swallow every drop you shoot in. Promise?"

    "Oh god yes! Just suck meeeeeee!!"

    I laid his big organ against my cheek and wrapped my lips about the lower half of the throbbing head. Daniel groaned hotly as his cock jerked hard against the side of my face.

    As soon as my lips touched the head of his cock, it contracted in a hard spasm. I thought it might shoot off, but it didn't.

    My brother's hips hunched back and forth trying to get his cock into my mouth. "Please, Jo. Suck it all the way. I'm so fucking close."

    "You want to cum in me like Mr. Thompson and Mr. Jarman are shooting their loads into Mom, don't you?"


    "You know that she's probably got a big dick in her cunt and another one in her mouth right now, don't you Daniel?"


    "Every time one of their cocks shoots in her, she screams and cums. I'll scream and cum when you shoot in me. Ready for me to suck you?"


    As soon as I took my brother's big shaft into my mouth and began sucking, he grunted and rammed his hips forward.

    Daniel's big cock drove steadily deeper and deeper until it was down my throat.

    "Ung! UNG! OOOHHH FUCK ... YES! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!" he screamed as he fucked my mouth. "No hands... take your hands off... mouth only... just suck me with your mouth ... gonna fuck your mouth, Jo.... got to fuck your mouth!"

    I gave my brother a mouth-only suck.

    Removing my hands, I opened wider and let him slam his meat all the way down my throat. His hot masculine grunts of pleasure every time his cock entered my throat filled the room and my ears. His hand moved to the back of my head to hold me in position for the mouth fuck he was giving me. Back and forth... his bloated, cum-filled balls slapping against my chin on each stroke... his prick throbbing... I knew he was very close.

    Suddenly, my body shuddered hard in my first climax on my brother's cock. I wished it was up my cunt instead of my mouth, but now that I was sucking him, I felt it wouldn't be too much longer before he would cumming inside my pussy.

    "You're shaking, Jo," he gasped. "Are you cumming?"

    "Ooommppfff... uunngghhh... oommmppffff," came my garbled reply. Unable to speak with that big sex spike down my throat, I just nodded my head.

    "Oh fuck! That's hot! I'm gonna shoot soon. Can't hold it much longer. Are you sure you want me to pull out and wank the load into your mouth, Jo? You gotta know that some of it... a lot of it... is gonna cream your face... Is that Ok?"

    "OOOmmmmpppffff!!!" I cried nodding my head.


    Daniel jerked his throbbing shaft out of my mouth, stepped back, and began to wank it furiously while pointing it directly at my face.

    Kneeling in front of him, I tilted my head back. "NOW! Daniel! NOW! CUM IN MY MOUTH!" His hand flashed up and down his jerking shaft as I opened my mouth wide and extended my tongue. He only had to pump it a few times before jet after jet of his thick load exploded against my cheek, all over my tongue, and into my mouth. After several thick streams had shot out, his ejaculation slowed but still thick wads of semen poured out of his cock and dripped into my mouth.

    The load exploded all over me.

    I swallowed every thing that had gushed into my mouth and then began to scoop up as much of his load that covered my lips, cheeks, and hung from my chin as I could. I swallowed that as well. Finally, I slipped my lips over my brother's now semi-hard shaft and cleaned him. Even when his dick was clean, I continued to slid my lips up and down its length. After several minutes, his cock hardened and began to throb.

    "I don't believe it. You're getting me hard again, Jo!"

    Pulling my mouth off his dick for a moment, I looked up and hissed, "Of course you're getting hard again, Stud. A woman's sucking your big cock. Don't you think Mom is getting Mr. Thompson and Mr. Jarman hard again and again and that they're fucking her multiple times?" That thought make my brother's cock surge to full erection.

    "Oohhh god! They're fucking Mom again and again... in her mouth... in her cunt... shooting their loads in her... over and over ... Suck me, Jo. Make me cum again!"

    I took Daniel's hard prick all the way down my throat on the first effort. His balls slapped my chin and the mouth fucking started again. Ten minutes later, he was screaming.


    As Daniel's load erupted in one hard spurt after another, I began licking his dick with my tongue while continuing to stroke him. His second load wasn't as big as his first had been, but it was still huge.

    Every spurt fired high in the air and landed several feet away.

    After Daniel's prick finished shooting, he just sort of fell back onto the couch and lay there with his chest heaving and my hand still wrapped around his prick that was oozing cum from its tip. As he caught his breath, I continued to slowly stroke him.

    Now it was my turn, and there was no way I was going to let this moment pass without getting his mouth on my pussy. Moving upward, I straddled his face, my knees just outside his ears. He was looking straight up into my flared, open, wet, and throbbing cunt.

    "I want it!" I whispered hotly. "Do you want it?"

    "Yes! Oh god, YES!"

    "I need for you to work my clit. I'm so close... so fucking hot."

    Daniel didn't give me a chance to say anything else. His hands grasped my hips and his powerful arms jerked my body downward planting my cunt all over his cheeks and mouth. His tongue stabbed me.


    Daniel got me off very quickly.

    When I screamed, he moved his tongue to my clit. The tip licked up and down each side with rapid flicking motions... then he was on the tip... my cunt convulsed with the hot sensations. Juices drenched his face as I came explosively. Five minutes later, my brother fetched me second time. Reaching behind me, I groaned when I felt his fingers entering my ass... pumping me. I didn't last more than a few minutes before I again erupted on his tongue.


    Six Months Later:

    It didn't take long before we all realized that with Dad now Mom's ex-husband, our income was not going to be sufficient to maintain the home, pay the property taxes, buy food and clothing for everyone, pay our other living expenses, and provide some additional money for a little entertainment. Mr. Jarman and Mr. Thompson were taking care of Mom's needs, and we were using her income and the small amount of alimony she was receiving from Dad to take care of our expenses, but it was clearly not enough. Daniel and I just had to find a way to provide some additional income.

    Now that I was 17 going on 18, my breasts were even larger, my hips and ass had filled out, and I was rapidly developing a really sexy body. The boys in school, as well as some older men, had often stared at me, obviously checking me out and wondering what I would be like in bed. But now that I was developing into a more voluptuous woman, the stares were becoming more frequent, more prolonged, more lustful, and expanding to an even greater number of men. I was even noticing that some women were checking me out.

    After having sucked my brother's cock that first evening Mr. Jarman and Mr. Thompson had fucked their new Personal Assistant and having him go down on me, we had continued to do that with greater and greater frequency. The only time we ever wanked now was when we did it together to turn each other on. Why use my own fingers or a dildo when Daniel is available and eager to do it for me. The same applied to him. No guy is going to wank himself when he's got a sexy woman to suck him and wank his cock.

    Unfortunately, I had made no further progress toward getting Daniel to fuck me. I still had my hymen intact, and frankly, I was getting more than just a little tired to turning guys down when they were so eager to bust me open. I really needed Daniel to get over his hang up that he couldn't fuck me because I was his sister. As wild as I was about him, I knew that once he fucked me and found out how good a lay I was, he would be hitting on me all the time. I just couldn't get him between my legs.

    I was shopping in the mall one afternoon while Daniel was at baseball practice when I noticed a young man in his early 20's looking me over. I was wearing a short skirt with a blouse that exposed some of my now larger tits. His attention, however, seemed mainly focused on my legs rather than my tits. That excited me because I've always been more turned on by leg-men than tit-men.

    There was a food court in the middle of the mall with some tables and benches where people could sit down as they ate. Knowing that would give me the opportunity to cross my legs and show off even more, I bought a doughnut and a coke, picked a bench, and sat down to eat. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him still checking me out. When I crossed my legs letting my skirt ride high on my thighs, he moved to a better vantage point where he could see up my dress if the opportunity arose. Of course, I intended to make sure that it did.

    On impulse, I rose and went to the ladies room leaving my doughnut and coke on the bench so he would figure that I intended to return. Once inside, I quickly entered a stall, pulled my short skirt up to my waist and stripped off my panties. Having no place to put them, I just tossed them into the trash and went back to my table. The guy was still there.

    When I sat down, I let my legs open to give the guy a very quick beaver shot. I would have loved to have watched his reaction, but I didn't want him to know that I knew he was watching. Once seated, I crossed my legs again exposing a lot of thigh flesh and went back to working on my doughnut and coke. He never took his eyes off me.

    When I had finished, I uncrossed my legs and let them stay open while I collected my handbag and refreshed my lipstick. He was staring right at my naked cunt.

    I had no doubt that he could see every thing.

    While I had had a lot of fun flashing my pussy and turning the guy on, it was time for me to be getting home. I started to get up but then noticed that he was now approaching me. I let my body relax back into my chair pretending not to notice him.

    "Hi," he said when he reached my chair. "I'm Steve. I know that you know that I've been watching you. You're very, very attractive. May I pull up a chair and join you?"

    "It's a free country," I said, but with a warm, friendly smile.

    He nodded and a moment later his chair was closer enough to mine that our knees were almost touching. "I'm Jo," I said.

    "Do you always come to the mall without any panties on, Jo?"

    That shocked me a little. I had figured the guy to be a closet voyeur, shy, and uncertain of himself around girls. Obviously, that evaluation was wrong. When I recovered, I replied, "I never come to the mall without panties, Steve."

    "Yes you do."

    "No. You're wrong. Never."

    "Why do you tell me that when you know, and I know, and you know that I know that you're not wearing panties right now?"

    "Because you didn't ask me if I were wearing panties now. You asked me if I come to the mall without any panties on. I had panties on when I came to the mall, but I took them off when I went to the ladies room."

    Now, it was Steve's turn to be shocked. Finally, he shook his head and said, "Wow! May I ask why?"

    "You were staring so hard at me, I figured you probably wanted to see my cunt. Do you like it?"

    "Yeah. A lot."

    "Get you hard?"


    "Good. Guys are supposed to get hard when I show them my cunt."

    "I like to fuck you. My apartment's not far or if you prefer, I could get a room in a motel."

    "I'm underage."

    "Really? As sexy as you are, it can't be by much. How old are you?"

    "I'm 17.

    "See,,, you're close, and the fact that you're underage makes me even harder. I won't tell anyone if you don't."

    "You're a really sexy looking, hot guy, but I can't fuck you, Steve. I'm a virgin."

    "Really? As hot as you are, I didn't think there was any way you could be a virgin. But look, you gotta lose it sometime. Why not today?"

    "I'm not trying to hang onto my virginity... just the opposite, Steve. But I want to lose it to a special guy, and he's putting up a lot of resistance."

    "Why? Is he gay?"

    "No. But it's sort of private. I'd rather not discuss it. Ok."

    "All right. Do you play around at all? Oral sex? Anal sex? You won't lose your virginity doing that."

    "I've sucked several guys, but never have had anal sex."

    "So, you're an anal virgin too."

    "Yep. Two virgin holes." We both laughed at that comment.

    "I'm so fucking hard, it hurts, Jo. Can we go to a motel so I can have your anal cherry and oral sex. I promise I won't even finger your pussy."

    Now I hesitated. My pussy was soaked and kept urging me to say yes, but I was a little nervous. I told him that.

    "If you weren't nervous, would you do it with me?"

    "Yeah... but I am."

    He took out his wallet and extracted three ID cards, his driver's license, his social security card, and his university ID card where he was a student. "Look. Here's my name, my address, my social security number... every thing. Go to a phone and call one of your close girl friends. Tell her you're going to a motel with me. Give her all this information. That way, you know you'll be perfectly safe. If you weren't, the police would be arresting me before nightfall. Ok?"

    "Well, you've convinced me that I'll be safe, but I don't think I should do it. I'm sorry."

    "Oh shit! You've got me so damn hard! I guess it's just not my day. Would you show me your pussy again before I leave?"

    That got me hotter than ever... almost hot enough to change my mind. "All right," I hissed, my voice not more than a hot whisper. Turning toward him, I scooted right to the edge of my chair and opened my thighs. My naked cunt was right in front of him. When he uncrossed his legs and turned to face me, his hugely tented pants were on display.

    Steve's cock throbbed when he stared at my naked cunt.

    "Oh my god!" we both said at almost the same time... Steve staring at my cunt; me staring at his bulge.

    "Can I feel it?" I whispered.

    "If you let me touch your cunt."

    "Ok, but you can't go inside me."

    "I won't. I promise."

    When I wrapped my hand around his shaft through his pants, I found out that he was every bit as hard as he had said he was. It felt like a piece of steel... so hard and rigid I could hardly move it. He was big, but I didn't think he was as big as Daniel. But Daniel wasn't here and Steve was. His cock throbbed in my hand.

    "Be careful," he moaned. "You don't want me to go inside your cunt, and I don't want you to make me cum in my pants." I got hotter still.

    When Steve's fingers reached my pussy and explored up and down the length of my slit and then began rubbing my erect clit, I had to stop him before he made me cum right here in the mall.

    He groaned. The tent in his pants jerked and moved as his cock throbbed. "God. You're just drop-dead sexy. I'd give anything to be able to have oral and anal sex with you. I promise you'd leave a pussy virgin."

    Suddenly, a light came on in my brain. Anything? He said anything. Perhaps I had accidentally discovered a way for Daniel and I to solve the financial problems of our family. "Do you really mean that, Steve?"

    "Oh hell yes!"

    "Well, my Mom's divorced and with no source of income, we're in financial trouble. Would you pay to fuck my ass and mouth?"

    "Absolutely, but I'm not rich... just a college student. How much?"

    "How about $500 for the rest of the afternoon... every thing except vaginal sex."

    "I can't afford that... I wish I could, but I can't."

    "What can you afford?"

    "How about $200?"


    Five minutes later, I was on the phone calling Beverly to give her all the details about Steve... just in case. Five minutes after that, I was following Steve's car to a drug store where he bought some astroglide to lube me, then we were on our way to a Motel 6. In another ten minutes, we were frantically getting each other naked inside the motel room.

    When I got Steve's cock out, I saw that I had estimated it almost exactly right. He was hard... so hard his shaft stood neatly straight up. It looked to be about seven inches or a little less... more than enough to satisfy my virgin arse, but not so big that it was going to hurt.

    "Think you can take all that cock, Jo?

    "MMmmmmm ... just watch me, Honey."

    "I can't wait. Come on... suck me off... I wanna shoot the first load down your throat. Then, I'll get you off on my tongue while I get it up again." Steve reclined on the bed and pulled me down on top of his body. His rigid dick poked me in the side of my face bringing a small cry from me and a groan from him.

    Holding his rod with my hand around the base, I ran my tongue all the way up the shaft from his balls to the swollen head. My lips closed over the end of his dick and sucked for a moment, then I did the opposite side of his cock the same way. By the time I had repeated the cycle five times, saliva was dripping from his balls and his hips were thrusting trying to sink his prick into my mouth.

    I was driving Steve crazy licking his shaft and sucking the head but not taking him in all the way.

    Finally, in desperation, Steve begged me to take it all inside my mouth. "Please, Jo. You're driving me crazy. Suck... please... suck all of it!"

    "You didn't think I could take all of your prick, Honey. Now you want me to put all of that big thing in my mouth and throat and suck it... let you shoot your huge load into my belly?"

    "Oh god yes! Take it... take it all, you sexy little Bitch. Suck me! Please!"

    Figuring that I had teased the guy enough and considering that he was paying me to be a hot fuck, I held his prick steady and slowly lowered my mouth over his organ. Half of his throbbing shaft disappeared into my mouth the first time I moved down his dick. After sucking the top half and running my hand over his balls, I pulled back and again worked on the big head until he was again begging.

    On the next trip down his rod, I took almost five inches. The head was now butting up against the opening to my throat. Slowly, I worked it in... gagging just a little, but not pulling back. Steve held my head in place and fucked the remainder of his cock down my throat. His balls slapped against my chin bringing a hot moan from me and a howl of pleasure from him.

    "Oh fuck yes! Jezzz... you're taking it all, Jo. You hot slut! You're sucking every inch. Suck me hard... Make me shoot it!"

    Quickly, I moved into a 69 position with my thighs straddling his face. When I lowered my pussy onto his mouth, his tongue stabbed into me several times forcing higher pitched female grunts from my mouth. I licked the big cock head bringing groans of frustration from Steve. Ramming my mouth all the way down his rod, my cheeks hollowed as I sucked him. His tongue had now moved to my clit. When he sucked it hard and lashed it with his tongue, I tried to squeal but with his big shaft plugging my mouth, only garbled grunts emerged.

    His hips hammered up and down, driving his rod all the way into my throat on every thrust. My arse pumped hard, grinding my clit onto his tongue. Deep male grunts and more shrill female shrieks filled the motel room informing anyone in the adjoining rooms that we were having hot sex.


    Steve's load exploded into my mouth... filling it.

    His cock literally detonated inside my throat. Some of the thick goo poured down my throat into my belly. But he was shooting it out so fast, some of the load gushed into my mouth. After two huge spurts, there was no more room to hold it. Each following gush of cum spewed out the corners of my tightly plugged mouth and ran down his pumping shaft. The musky aroma of his semen filled my nostrils and caused my vagina to contract in a hard spasm.

    "Oohhhhh god. Where in hell did you learn to suck cock like that, Jo? Your pussy and arse holes may still be virgin, but don't bother to tell me that your mouth is. That was the best blowjob I've ever had. Now, it's your turn to cum. Get on your back and spread wide, Baby. I'm going to make you cum so hard and so many times you're gonna go crazy."

    He didn't have to tell me twice. I turned onto my back and spread wide ... arching my hips upward to give him a perfect view of my flared pussy and eager, hard clit. Spreading me even wider, Steve shoved his face deep into my sex saddle, sucked my labia into his mouth, worked my swollen clit out of its protective hood, and attacked it with his tongue stroking up and down each side and then over the sensitive head. It only took a few minutes to make me convulse in an intense orgasm.


    When my clitoris and vagina erupted in hard spastic contractions, it just seemed to excite Steve even more. I felt my clit being sucked into his mouth. The suction he put on it was just huge. I was screeching... beating on his shoulders with my fists, but he didn't let up. Each time his tongue raked over my swollen, near bursting, nubbin, my vagina convulsed. Then I came again, spurting my juices all over his buried face.

    I was still throbbing in the throes of my second orgasm when I felt a finger being inserted into my rectum. "OOohhhhh fuck... go easy... please!" I moaned. He did go slowly, but he didn't let up. After a minute, his finger was buried inside my arse hole as his tongue continued to probe my pussy and pleasure my erect clitoris. I groaned when I felt his finger pulled from my hole. "OOooohhhh NNoooo... don't stop. Put it back into meeeeeeeeee!"

    He did... that finger and a second one. "AAGGGHHHAAA.... YOU'RE STRETCHING MY ARSE.... GGGHHHAAAAA!!"

    I screamed even louder when I felt my clitoris being sucked hard again as both fingers were now sliding smoothly in and out of my hole. "Unngh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ooohhhh fuckkk... you're in my arse! YOU'RE FUCKING MY ARSE HOLE!" I heard myself screaming... A few minutes later, the motel room was again filled with loud, shrill female shrieks of hot pleasure. This time, my rectum contracted right along with my vagina and clit as my third and then my fourth climax roared through me.

    "It's fucking time, Jo. Are you ready to have a cock fucking your hot virgin arse hole?"

    "Yes! Oh fuck YES! Fuck my arse hole, Honey. Give it to meeeeeeeee!!"

    Steve got me on my knees and pushed my head down onto the bed elevating my butt high in the air. The astroglide felt cool when he rubbed it over my hole and then squirted some into my opening. I wondered if it felt as cool on his cock.

    "UUNNGHHHH!" I couldn't keep from grunting when three fingers were pushed into my arse. Steve pumped my hole bringing additional grunts and moans.

    "Pull your ass cheeks apart, Jo. Spread your hole," he ordered. As soon as I did it, a fourth finger entered me producing even louder moans.

    "Gawd damn, but your arse hole is tight. Feels like it's trying to squeeze my fingers off, you hot-assed bitch."


    Suddenly, all four fingers were pulled out. I felt Steve's hands on my buttocks pulling me open. I could almost feel the pressure of his eyes as he examined my now gaping hole, and the ache for physical contact was almost tangible. Now I was hot, really hot, and the more basic and crude the action, the better and more excitingly I would orgasm. Pausing only to flare my arse hole open and closed for this complete stranger to whom I was so fully exposed, I hissed,

    ¡°Tongue me, you dirty little man, lick my hole, you big-cocked pervert¡±.

    My gaping hole was ready for cock.

    He paused, and I wondered whether I had pushed him too far; it would be sad if I had, I couldn¡¯t help thinking, because I was just starting to enter my real depravity, and it could get far, far more exciting. Then, slowly, I began to feel his hot breath on my arse as he came closer. He started to sniff me, loudly, and crudely, sniffing at my oozing cunt and my bumhole; instantly, my pussy flooded, and I could feel the slime as it began to slip down my thighs. Even I could smell my arousal, so what must he be feeling?

    Then, there was a new sensation, one that I had never felt before, but to which I could easily become addicted; my arsehole was being licked! Never mind the unique sensation, the delicate fluttering as his tongue swirled round and round my brown pucker, it was the forbidden nature of what he was doing that got to me, and the fabulous tension between the turn-on and the disgust that almost made me cum there and then. And when he began to French kiss my hole, I began to feel the rising crescendo of sensation that would shortly overwhelm me in a climax of breathtaking proportions.

    I moaned as I felt my clitoris start its throbbing that would shortly lead me to nirvana, and sensed my puffy nipples aching in sympathy, as the flush over my chest deepened, and my breathing began to get more ragged.

    "Ready for cock, Jo?"

    "Yesss... Put it in meeeeeee... but please... go slow... don't hurt me... please."

    "I'm not going to hurt you, Baby. I'm just gonna make you cum more times than you can count. Here it comes. Big cock is coming in!"

    He pressed his fuckpole against my arse... I could feel its veiny girth as well its length as he worked it back and forth, getting the swollen head past my tight outer ring, and into my virgin bowel. It seemed to slide in easily, the astroglide coating his cock and cooling my hot hole. I felt some pressure... then more... I groaned as it stretched me. I relaxed, and his meat slowly, smoothly, and inevitably invaded me.

    "AAAagghhhh... gawd... It's in meeeeeee! You're fucking me in the arse, Steve... AAGGGHHHH.... uunnggghhh," I moaned helplessly as the big shaft sank further and further into my dark hole.

    The thick cock stretched me open and entered my arse hole.

    When half of Steve's cock was inside me, he reached around my hips, quickly found my clit and began stroking it as three and a half inches of cock were slowly pumped back and forth in my rectum. I felt so fucking full ... so stretched... and his fingers on my clit were driving me wild. Within minutes, he had me thrusting my butt back against his cock.

    "I think you're ready for more cock, Jo. Are you?"

    "Yesss.. oohhh god yesss... give it to meeeeeeee... fuck more cock into meee!" I wailed.

    Steve held my hips steady and pumped me several times, each time giving me another half inch of his cock. When I had five inches in my hole, his fingers moved back to my clit as he picked up the pace.

    Steve was now giving me about five inches of his cock.

    With my clit trapped between two of his fingers and being steadily wanked, my cunt was literally gushing within minutes. "OOoohhhhh .... do me faster, Baby. Fuck me harder, you cock. I'm gonna cum! Oh Fuck... Oh Fuck ... Unnghh... Ram meeeeeeeeee!"

    He did and my cunt, clit, and arse hole exploded in an intense climax. Juices squirted out of my convulsing pussy. I was still howling in the midst of my orgasm when Steve boosted my arse higher in the air and mounted me with his legs just outside of mine. In this position, he could drive his prick almost straight down into my waiting hole and ram it into me balls deep. I gasped when he drove in the sixth inch of his big prick and then came again when I felt his balls slapping against my cunt.

    "UUgghhhh! Oh Fuck! You're all the way in, aren't you, Steve? You've got your entire cock up my arse haven't you?" I hissed.

    "I'm balls deep in you now, Jo. Like it?"

    Steve was fucking my arse with his entire length.

    "OOOooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... fuck........ bang it.... BANG MY ARSE! AAAHHHHHH!! SOOO HOT! RAM MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" He did, and I erupted in another climax almost immediately. The hard spasms of my rectum around Steve's cock pushed him over the edge.


    I could distinctly feel every throb of his piss hole as he poured his spunk into me giving me his sperm enema. He must have squirted six or seven separate times, and each time I could feel his cockhead as it expanded, squirted and relaxed¡. Mmmm, I could get used to that sensation, I thought, as he slowly withdrew his now softening fuckstick from my gaping arse. I luxuriated in the sensation of his man juice, mixed with my arse gravy, oozing out of my hole onto the motel bed. How I would have loved a photograph of that; how I would have liked him to drink that from me.

    We spent over three hours in the motel room. After I had started by sucking him off and draining his balls, he had screwed my arse three times in all. After the second time, he lost his erection, but 15 minutes of sucking his cock got him up again. After he had fucked my ass a third time, he was done. Although I sucked him for twenty minutes, we finally gave up. He was finished for the day.


    The next day Daniel and I were eating supper alone in our home since Mom was on a week-long trip with Jarman and Thompson. As usual, we were having spaghetti and a non-meat sauce to save money. As we ate, I spent 30 minutes teasing my brother with some of the events that had happened the previous day with Steve... most things that is, except that he had used me as a whore and paid me for sex, and how I had loved that. The liberation of being allowed to do the kind of things a ¡®nice girl¡¯ could NEVER do was still coursing through my veins, and I thought I could still feel the slow throbbing of my clit, even as I told Daniel about it; no, BECAUSE I was telling him about it.

    "You're telling me that you had never seen this guy before but you let him pick you up, take you to a motel, where you let him play with you for three hours? Are you crazy, Jo. He could have been a pedophile, a serial killer."

    "He was very nice. I told you that he gave me his driver's license, his social security card, and his university student ID. I called Beverly and gave her all that information so I would be safe. Besides, I can't get you to play with me properly, so I had to take second best. And you know what, Big Brother? Second best wasn't bad at all. I got off a dozen times, even without your gorgeous cock."

    As expected, that got a rise from him, both physically and metaphorically: I could see the boner in his pants, and his whole demeanor was becoming more aroused too. He let himself sit back, legs spread, so he knew I could see his tackle clearly outlined against his tight trousers; our mutual teasing was getting us both hot, again.

    "Did he fuck you?"

    "No. I've told you a dozen times, that's your job. Nobody gets into my pussy until you cream inside me, Daniel."

    "Oh God¡± he cried desperately, ¡° you know we can't do that! You're my sister!" But his words belied his expression; I could feel my anticipation and my cunt juicing up as I could sense his resolve slipping.

    "You've said that to me fifty times. Stop it. I don't to hear that again from you. If you won't fuck me... then you won't fuck me, but stop telling me I'm your sister! Anyway, I still haven't told you the amazing part."

    "And what's that?"

    I was careful with my words, knowing that it would wind up Daniels¡¯s fertile imagination, rouse his jealousy, and still give me the chance to keep my virtue (sort of) intact; what the head doesn¡¯t know, the heart doesn¡¯t miss (although it can fantasize.).

    "When he first started coming on at me, I turned him down, like a good girl should, but I carried on teasing and flirting with him. I could see him getting more and more horny, until, out of the blue, he became quite angry, called me a whore and offered to pay me if I would let him use my body for the afternoon. He paid me $250 and then added another $20 he was so pleased with how good I was."

    "He paid you $270 for three hours of playing with your body?" I nodded, and Daniel gasped, "That's incredible!"

    "Yeah. I know. And Daniel, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the idea of being his whore, his object to use because he had bought me. If only you¡¯d been there, you¡¯d have gotten so hot watching me.¡±

    There was a silence while we both considered that idea, pictured the scene. The silence got longer as we both began to develop it and grow this fantasy inside our heads. Suddenly, it came to me; I could make this a reality, turn the filthy, exciting, fuck fest inside my head into a reality that would give me the time of my life, and maybe, just maybe, bring Daniel to me in the way we craved, me verbally, but with him just as lustful as me. It would also help us in a real, material, sense.

    ¡°My God, Daniel, do you realize that this could be the answer to our money problems?"

    Daniel paused thinking, perhaps slightly distracted by his own fantasy. Then, as the penny dropped:

    "No way, Jo! NO WAY! You were lucky this time that the guy didn't hurt you, but there's no way I'm going to let you take chances like that again. Understand?"

    ¡°So what are you going to do about it, big brother?¡± I taunted him;. ¡°Are you going to give up the chance to see your sister play AND make some money on the side, just because you¡¯re afraid of knocking me up? Or are you going to help me to make this lucrative, as well as sexy as hell?¡±

    He was silent; I could see the emotions crossing his face. I decided to wind him up even further.

    ¡°Hmmm..¡± I mused, ¡°Whom do we know who¡¯s got the money, and would like the chance to fuck me?¡± I could feel myself creaming as I said this, and I spread my legs so Daniel would have no doubts as he watched the stain of cunt juice spread across the crotch of my panties. I could tell I was getting to him because his ballsack was clearly visible, tightly coiled below his hard, and leaking, big cock. My mouth watered as well as my other holes.

    ¡°Some of your mates are doing all right, aren¡¯t they? And I¡¯ve always fancied a bit of Jim; he¡¯s been coming on at me for ages. And Edward¡¯s big black cock would look great shafting me, don¡¯t you think?¡± I grinned at my dumbfounded brother. ¡°¡especially if he had to pay for it?¡± Another idea struck me. ¡°We could select them, only the ones I thought could service me properly, or afford me. And you could watch, if you weren¡¯t going to join in Daniel. And maybe film us for the internet? What do you think, bro? Time to put up or shut up?¡±


    Daniel had been very nervous when we talked about the plan. I had told him that his job was get the guys, discuss possible prices with them, and set up a time. I would do the rest. "Remember to tell them that they can feel me up and use both my mouth and arse, but my pussy is off limits. If any guy tries to get into me there, the whole thing ends immediately. Understand?"

    "Not really," he replied. "Why is your pussy off limits? I know that Mom and you are both taking the pill."

    "It's off limits, Daniel, until you fuck me and bust me open. After that, we'll be able to make even more money cause the guys will get my pussy too. Why don't you fuck me right now, Big Brother, and then we don't have to put any restrictions on the guys you get."

    Daniel opened his mouth to say something about my being his sister, but then he remembered my warning not to mention that again, so he closed his mouth without saying a word. His eyes bugged out when I slipped out of my dress. I wasn't wearing a bra and my 34C tits had his full attention... even though I was his sister.

    "You like my tits, don't you Daniel?" He continued to stare but didn't say anything. "Do you think your friends are going to enjoy playing with them?" I could see his erection beginning to grow. It got even bigger when I stripped off my panties and turned my arse toward him. "You haven't fucked my arse yet either, Big Brother... but that's not virgin any longer... you'll just have to settle for an already fucked hole when you finally put your cock in me there."

    Daniel groaned and squeezed his shaft through his pants. He was close to fully erect now. Taking a seat on one of the lounge chairs in our den, I pulled my legs up into the air but kept them pressed together. But even pressed together, my puffy labia were exposed to him. He groaned again.

    Running my finger through my sex trench, I spread it open. "Come on, Daniel. I want you to fuck me. I know you want to fuck me. You're hard as stone right now. Take your cock out and stick it in me... right here... in my cunt hole."

    Daniel's cock throbbed hard when he watched me slide my finger through my wet slit.

    When he made no move on me, I sighed and said, "All right. I guess I'll just have to wait even longer. But you're going to fuck me. It's just a question of when. And the sooner you bust me open, the sooner we'll be making more money."


    Peeking into the den from behind the slightly ajar door, I could see the six guys that Daniel had selected. He had thought finding six guys was going to difficult. Instead, the first six he had asked had agreed eagerly. Their only hesitation involved their disbelief. Once my brother convinced them that this was for real, they couldn't say 'yes' fast enough.

    Now all six of them were anxiously awaiting my appearance. Three of them were already squeezing and stroking their erections through their pants. At least one of the other three was hard but was managing to keep from wanking it. The remaining two were seated such that I couldn't see their crotches, but I was pretty certain they were as hard as the other guys.

    The admission price Daniel had charged them was $50 each. For that, they got to be present, watch my show and audition for me hoping to be one of the three men I would select to enjoy my tits, mouth, arse, and the rest of my body except my pussy for the rest of the evening, which ended at midnight. The guys had all been informed that I would make my selection based on how big and hard they were, how they kissed, how they fondled my tits, arse, and clitoris, and finally, how much additional money they were willing to bid for my services. The three losers would get a consolation prize. They could watch as long as they liked and wank over my body as many times as they could get it up.

    "Is Jo really going to do it?" Fred asked Daniel. "This isn't some kind of joke or scam is it?"

    "Relax, Fred. She's fixing her make up and getting all sexy and hot for you guys."

    "It's hard to relax, Daniel, when you're about to shoot off in your pants."

    "Well, be advised, there are no refunds for premature ejaculators," Daniel replied, which brought raucous laughter from all six guys.

    The laughter in the room died immediately when I made my entrance. The stares of the boys were priceless. Obviously, some of them didn't even recognize me in the white push-up bra, the micro mini-skirt, the tight, white panties, fishnet thigh-high stockings, and hot 4-inch CFM heels. As their pricks hardened into rigid, iron-hard shafts, their mouths fell open as I strutted into the room swinging my arse.

    "Hi, Guys. I'm Jo, and what you see is up for auction. I'm going to select three of you to pleasure me this evening until midnight or until none of you can get it up any longer... whichever one comes first. The three guys I don't select can watch and jerk their big loads all over me, but no touching. And my pussy is off-limits to all of you. If any of you inserts anything into my cunt, the evening is over. Everyone understand the rules?"

    They all nodded, and now all of them were stroking their hard dicks through their pants. Walking from one guy to the next, I stopped in front of each of them and bent over at the waist giving the guy a great view down my low cut bra.

    "Do you like my tits, Sam?"

    "Ooohhh fuck yesss!"

    "Think you would enjoy playing with them... fucking your big cock between them... sucking my nipples?"

    "Aaaahhhh shit," he moaned as he clutched his cock even harder.

    "They might be yours to enjoy tonight." I moved to the next and again bent over giving him a close-up view of my tits. The others moved closer eagerly awaiting their turn to look down my bra. By the time the last guy was staring at my nearly exposed tits, my pussy was flowing and soaking my white panties.

    Moving back to Sam, I invited him to kiss me. "Make it good and hot, Sam. I get really turned on by guys who know how to make me squirm when they're kissing me." He was a little inexperienced, but after initially trying to kiss me with his mouth closed only to find me with my mouth wide open, he corrected the situation and before I pulled away from him a minute or so later, his tongue had thoroughly explored my mouth.

    Having seen Sam's mistake, Hal had his tongue in my mouth as soon as our lips met. Halfway through the kiss, he was grinding his rigid erection into my mound. When I moved on to Ramon, my clitoris was still pulsing slowly from the friction generated by Hal's grinding shaft.

    Profiting from both Sam's and Hal's examples, Ramon sucked my lips before sliding his tongue inside. As our lips and mouths crushed together, Ramon's hands moved under my mini-skirt to my naked ass cheeks. Gripping them in his hands, he raised me until his cock was grinding directly against my clitoris. When he lifted my thighs, I locked them around his hips allowing his shaft direct contact with my now throbbing clit.

    I was panting and on the verge of an intense orgasm, when it was Mark's turn. He wasted no time in finishing the job Sam, Hal, and Ramon has started. In a series of well-coordinated motions, he pulled me into his arms, drove his tongue into my open mouth, pulled my skirt up around my waist, and thrust his hand into my thong where his fingers quickly found my swollen, throbbing clitoris. As his tongue mouth fucked me, his fingers danced over my clit making me moan hotly into his mouth. This time, he was the one who broke the kiss. As soon as our lips had separated, he turned me so that his cock was now pressed firmly into my arse crack while his fingers wanked my clitoris. I shuddered in a hard climax within a minute.

    My cunt and clit were still throbbing when Phillip took over. As his lips closed over mine, I felt Fred behind me... stabbing his cock into my arse crack while Phillip kept my skirt up around my hips. A moment later, one of Fred's hands took possession of my tits while the other slipped into my thong and began stroking my swollen clitoris. When I started to groan, Phillip spun me around allowing the two men change positions. Now it was Fred's tongue in my mouth and his hands holding up my skirt while Phillip dry humped my arse and wanked my clitoris.

    "She's close," Ramon yelled. Wank her harder, Phillip. Work her clit, Man. Make her cum!" He did and I shuddered in another climax.

    Finally, I pulled away. Moving to the couch, I laid down on my back. Spreading wide with my knees bent and up, all six men moved closer to watch my hand sliding sensuously up my thigh and then over my panty-covered cunt. "You guys can't fuck my pussy, but you can play with it and with my clit. I cum really hard when my clitoris is stroked, as all of you now know. I bet all of you would like to see me naked and cumming as you work my clit between your fingers.

    They were all wanking themselves through their pants as they stared between my thighs... trying desperately to see my cunt through my now very wet panties.

    "Show your pussy," Hal moaned. As soon as he said it, Ramon yelled, "Forget her pussy. I want to see her hot cunt!" That comment seemed to strike a chord with the other guys who took up the chant. "Oh yeah! Show us the cunt! Show us the cunt! Cunt... cunt... cunt... Come on, Jo. Let us see your cunt."

    "This what you guys want to see?" I whispered hotly pulling the gusset of my panties aside so they could all see my wet, open pussy.

    "Come closer, Guys. Look at my wet cunt hole."

    Mark groaned and screamed, "Ooohh shit! I can't hold it... OOohhh fuckkkk... I'm cumming in my pants!!" He wanked himself hard as the wet spot spread all over the front of his pants.

    "Oh FUCK! Phillip screamed. "I wanna see your pussy up close, Jo. Can I?"

    "Get on the end of the couch, Phillip. Lean over and get as close as you like, but no touching! If you touch, I won't pick you."

    Phillip scrambled onto the couch and bent over bring his face within a foot of my exposed cunt. As he stared at my hot hole, I ran my fingers through my slit and rubbed my clit with my thumb.

    "Oh my god! She's rubbing her clit! She wanking... right in front of me. Come look at this... Hottest fucking thing I've ever seen!"

    They all crowded around the couch and watched as I stroked my erect and very swollen clit. Every time I flicked my nail over the tip, it throbbed in a hard spastic contraction bring a hot moan from my lips and groans and yells from all six guys.

    Five of them were iron hard. Mark was only semi-hard after having shot off in his pants. Grinning at him, I crooked my finger. When he had moved closer, I turned my back and whispered hotly, "Unhook my bra, Mark. Get my tits out." By the time he had me unhooked, his cock was fully erect again.

    "Well, I've let you guys check out tits, my legs, and my cunt. Is everybody ready to see my arse?" That question produced another loud chorus of groans and yells. Turning around, I planted my knees on the couch, leaned over, and rested my head on top of the backrest. The position thrust my arse right at them. If that weren't erotic enough, my tits dangled and swung erotically every time I moved. All six guys were gathered around behind me checking me out.

    "Since three of you will be fucking my arse the rest of the night, I guess I should pull the thong strap aside so all of you can decide if you would really like to sink your pricks into me. Just a second." I pretended to fumble with the thong strap like I couldn't get hold of it.

    "It's sunk so deep between my cheeks I can't get hold of it. Fred, would you be a nice guy and dig my thong strap out from between my cheeks and pull it aside so everyone can my arse hole," I cooed sweetly.

    From the way his prick jerked and throbbed inside his pants, I thought that Fred was going to join Mark as the second premature ejaculator. But he pressed his thighs together hard and managed to suppress his impending orgasm. When he had himself under control, he dug his fingers into my crack and extracted my thong strap. A moment later, it was pulled across my cheek where it concealed nothing.

    "Take a good look, guys. See if you want to fuck my arse."

    "Oh fucking shit!" Ramon yelled. "I can see both of her holes!"

    "Don't feel special, Ramon," I hissed. "Everyone can see both of my hot holes."

    "Finger fuck your cunt for us, Jo," Sam yelled.

    "Oh that's so dirty. All of you guys staring right at my pussy and my arse, and you want to me wank myself right in front of you."

    "YES! YES! DO IT! DO IT! WANK IT! WANK IT!" four voices cried.

    Spreading my thighs a little wider, I slipped my hand between them and onto my wet cunt. I spread myself using two fingers and pushed a finger into my vagina. Instantly, six males voices groaned.

    As soon as I rubbed my clit, my pussy contracted and I climaxed. "Look at that! Look at her cunt hole contract. She's cumming! SHE'S FUCKING CUMMING!" Phillip and Hal screamed together.

    When my orgasm abated, I yelled, "OK. Now it's my turn to check you guys out. STRIP! NAKED! NOW! If you want to be one of the three who fucks my arse tonight and uses my mouth, get naked in the next minute or you're eliminated." It only took the slowest guy 30 seconds to get out of his clothes.

    Now, I was the one who felt like I was going to cum again inside my panties. All six cocks were stone hard, standing nearly straight up as rigid as an iron stake. The sight of all the luscious man meat had my cunt gushing.

    All the cocks were rock hard.

    Getting down on my knees in front of them, I went from one guy to the next, hefting their ball sacks and feeling the thick rigidity of their shafts. All six pairs of balls were pulled up tightly against the underside of their pricks... swollen... full of cum... and ready to shoot it into me. The musky male aroma of their aroused organs and precum seeping from all six pricks filled the room. Their combined scent was overpowering. As I inhaled it, my clit throbbed, and I had another small climax.

    Standing up, I checked them all out one more time. This was going to be a tough decision. Actually, I wanted to fuck all of them, but Daniel and I had agreed on three... at least this time. Their cocks ranged from 5" to a hefty 7.5 inches with Ramon having the biggest and Hal the smallest. Fred's shaft won the girth prize. He was really thick... god... really thick! Ramon had the narrowest cock. I thought it would slide into my arse nicely. Sam was the most ruggedly handsome, but Mark was the sexiest. He was the only one who had gotten hot enough just looking at me to shoot off in his pants. He was embarrassed, but that had scored big points with me. Their bodies were all trim, nicely muscled, and sexy. The only thing left was to see how much these guys were willing to pay in addition to the $50 they had already given Daniel.

    "All right, guys. The last item is see how much each of you is willing to pay for the opportunity to spend the next four hours until midnight fucking my ass. ramming your dicks down my throat, making me suck you off, fucking my tits, and getting me off by playing with my clit. Daniel is going to give you each a slip of paper. Write the extra amount you're willing to pay, fold the slip, and give it to Daniel. We'll take a break while I look over the bids and make my decision. Remember, the losers can watch and wank all over me anytime they want until midnight."

    If Daniel and I had picked the three highest bidders, we would have added another $175 to the $300 we already had, but I really liked Mark and I just had to have that 7.5 inch cock. So, we ended up with Fred, Ramon, and Mark getting the honor of fucking me any way they wanted except in my cunt while Sam, Hal, and Phillip got to watch and wank all over me or in my mouth if they wanted. Our extra take was $125 giving us $425 for the night.


    The fucking started around 8:30 PM. I thought they would all be exhausted by 10 PM, but I had grossly underestimated how hot I had gotten them and how much stamina, recovery powers, and stored up cum they had in their balls. Fred, Ramon, and Mark took turns in my arse. While they waited, they used my mouth. They screwed me so hard, that every 30 minutes or so, Daniel had to squirt more astroglide over my arse and inside my rectum. The big cum loads being pumped into my arse and the lubricant combined kept me slick and ready. By 9:30, cocks would entering my gaping asshole as easily as they would have entered my cunt, had it been available.

    Sam, Hal, and Phillip all stayed until midnight. I think each of them shot four big loads of cum all over me. By 11 PM, my tits, belly, and arse cheeks were slick with their loads. Several more big ejaculations were pooled in my belly and sloshing around as the guys pounded me.

    One of the most exciting things for me, even including all the fucking I was getting, was watching Daniel. He was beside himself with lust. Almost from the start, he had stripped naked and was wanking his cock furiously as he watched the other men fucking his baby sister's arse and mouth. In an effort to keep from cumming, he was switching back and forth between taking photos and video and wanking his cock. He would jack his prick until he was about to shoot and then stop... take more video... then wank some more.

    By 10:30 PM, he was struggling not to shoot off in front of me and all the guys. It was incredibly embarrassing for him to sit and wank while his friends were fucking his sister over and over and over. To shoot off like a grade school wanker was too much for him. So he held back and didn't cum... not once. I loved it. By the time midnight rolled around, he was going to be going crazy with the need to shoot.

    The fucking had started furiously with Ramon ramming his 7.5 inch cock up my arse while Mark fed me his cock. I grunted like a hot slut as the two guys pumped my holes... fore and aft.

    Both cocks were sinking into me balls deep on every thrust.

    When Ramon screamed and shoot off inside my arse, Mark jerked his throbbing rod out of my mouth, got me on my knees on the couch, and slammed his throbbing meat into my now dilated and gaping hole. He fucked me like a pile driver. I couldn't stop screaming. Every time he hit into me, my dangling tits jerked back and forth. As Mark fucked me, Sam and Hal were beside me on the couch wanking their cocks like mad.

    My mouth twisted into a hot grimace as Mark's cock jack hammered in and out of my arse.

    No sooner had Mark pumped another load into my rectum than Hal's cock was ready to explode. "Get on your back, Jo, and open your mouth. I'm gonna cum in it!"

    Dutifully, I turned onto my back and spread my mouth as wide as I could. Hal moved closer but didn't touch me... well, the head of his cock touched my lips but that didn't really count. When his sex gun fired the load into my mouth, I caught every drop and then swallowed like a good whore.

    The other men watched my mouth fill with semen as Hal pumped me full.

    Daniel suggested a break at this point, but Fred's balls were still fully loaded and he wasn't about to wait any longer. "Hell no. Not until I shoot in her hot arse. Get on the floor, Jo. On your knees. Hoist that hot butt up in the air. Put your head on the blanket!" I assumed the position, and Fred nailed me hard. I grunted when it slugged into me. Ramon reached underneath me and frigged my clit while Fred screwed me. He didn't last more a couple of minutes, but it didn't matter. I was already exploding in my orgasm in half that time.

    The guys were all over me as Fred sank his sex spike deep into my arse and finally pumped the third load of the night into my hole.

    During the second round of fucking, the guys had me ride their cocks in reverse cowgirl position. Daniel knelt right in front of us between the guy's spread legs, aimed the camera right at my tightly plugged arse hole and filmed away. His cock was engorged and so rigid it looked to me like it must hurt. The big head had turned a dark purple it was so filled with blood. I knew if I just wanked him a little, he would cum like a cannon, but I had other plans for his load.

    Daniel caught every thrust on video as Ramon drilled my arse hole.

    The wankers who couldn't touch me were shooting load after load all over me anytime they felt like it. Sam now had me lying on the blanket with my mouth wide open and my head tilted back to take his big load.

    Even though it was Sam's third load of the night, it was still huge.

    By 11:30 PM, the six men were all shooting blanks each time their sex guns shot off. When it was almost midnight, there was only one erection left in the house, Daniel's. But my god, what an erection it was! It wasn't just hard; it looked like half of the blood in his body was compacted into his cock. His balls were pressed tightly against the underside of his ass, and precum fluids weren't seeping from the tip, they were pouring out in stream.

    I had 12 cum loads from Sam, Hal, and Phillip spread all over my body, but most of it was in my belly. Fred, Ramon, and Mark had shot 10 cum loads up my arse and another two all over my face and tits.

    "Ok, Guys. It's time," I announced.

    Like clockwork, the six men picked my brother up and carried him to the bed. At first he struggled, but with six guys, there wasn't much he could do. Finally, Mark yelled, "Stop being a jerk, Daniel. Stop squirming around. It's your turn now. Or would you rather we told every guy in school that you watched us shagging your sister for almost four hours and all you did was sit there like a dummy and wank?" Daniel stopped struggling after that warning.

    Once the guys had him on the bed, I squatted over his face. His eyes were looking upward directly into my gaping arse hole and my dilated, wet, and throbbing cunt. Slowly, I lowered my arse toward his face.

    "Open your mouth, Daniel. Now!" I commanded.

    For the first time, he didn't tell me I was his sister. All he did was stare, mesmerized at my dilated hole with a big white blob of semen slowly sliding out. "DO IT!" I ordered, and his mouth opened.... wide. He even extended his tongue and pushed it into my arse. I lowered a little more to allow him to lick it up. When he finished, I lowered ever more so he could get his tongue inside and clean me.

    Right in the middle of his cleaning, I climaxed hard, my anus clamping shut on his tongue... again and again each time another contraction shot through me. Daniel's cock looked like a huge club.

    I couldn't wait any longer. Contracting the muscles of my rectum, I forced the multiple loads out of my colon and into my brother's waiting mouth. A huge, thick stream of containing the 10 loads of cum that had been shot into me poured out formed a thick stream that flowed into Daniel's mouth. He kept it wide open and took every drop. Before the last vestiges of the semen dripped out, he had had to swallow several times to take it all.

    The semen pooled inside my rectum flowed into Daniel's mouth in a thick stream.

    Rolling onto my back with my legs wide open, the six guys moved toward the bed to forcibly put Daniel between my legs and his cock into my hot cunt. But they were too slow. With a roar that sounded like a lion in rut, he flung himself between my gaping thighs and rammed his cock deep into my cunt on the first stroke.


    Daniel's shot into me almost immediately. Gush after gush of thick sperm-filled semen filled my cunt hole and overflowed onto the bed. His cock didn't even soften. Thrusting his hands beneath my arse, he hoisted my cunt into better fucking position and nailed the prick into me... hard, deep thrusts that thudded hard, with masculine authority into the bottom of my vagina. I grunted and howled when his hard cock slammed into my cervix. It hurt... but it hurt good!!

    Again, he shot a load into me. I hissed in hot passion... urging him to screw me harder... to ram my arse through the mattress. My brother fucked me for 30 minutes without even slowing down. By the time he rolled off my exhausted body, he has emptied himself four times inside me. My hymen had been ripped to shreds and a river of cum poured out of my stretched and pulsing hole.

    My virginity was a thing of the past as my brother's monster load gushed out of my cunt.


    After Daniel had finally taken my virginity, all my holes were available for our sessions with the men my brother invited to our home. He now raised the entry fee from $50 each to $75 each. At first, we continued our original practice of having me select three or four men who would fuck me, but that created a lot of disappointment, so we eventually dropped that. Since the men were now guaranteed an opportunity to fuck me, Daniel raised the fee a second time to $100 per man.

    We finally settled on twice-a-week parties with generally five or six men. As a result we were making over $1,000 a week, which was more than enough to handle all of our financial problems.

    The men gradually became more diverse... some white, some black, some Hispanic, but all with hard pricks and cum-filled balls. Frequently, the hot studs would bend me over and take turns screwing my pussy or arse or both while another man would use my mouth.

    I had orgasm after orgasm as the men fucked all my holes.

    Of course, we never managed to get through a party without having them take me in my arse and cunt simultaneously. At least half of the time, another cock would be plugging my mouth at the same time.

    Daniel wanked constantly as he watched the men making his sister surge from one orgasm to another.

    On the five nights a week we did not host a party, I never had to worry about going without. Daniel was now insatiable. If I were cooking dinner and bent over to get something out of the bottom cabinet, he would nail my cunt before I could straighten up. He had no trouble doing that since my randy sod of a brother would no longer permit me to wear panties. My cunt had to be ready all the time.

    Naturally, Daniel and I now used the master bedroom. We now took turns taking the dom and sub roles. When I was the sub, he would tie me in wide open positions and fuck all my holes. In between fuckings, he would leave there until I was pleading with him to screw me again. When he was the sub, he spent his time naked and on a leash. My strap-on got a lot of use on those occasions. Eventually, I invited Beverly to come over and use my brother's cock when he was tied and naked. The two of us took turns riding his cock and his mouth. The poor guy didn't get much rest.


    Mandy, Jo, and Daniel:

    When Mom was home, we stopped the parties, of course. But as soon as we showed her the family's new, very large bank account, she figured out what we were doing and made us confess. We thought that we were in big trouble until Mom grinned and asked me, "How many men, Jo?"

    "Usually six, not counting Daniel. He just watches and wanks until the party's over, but after that, watch out. He's all over me for hours."

    "MMmmmm... six huh? That's a lot of men for a young girl to handle, Jo. I'm actually amazed."

    "Daniel keeps me well lubed so I won't be hurt, and I just cum like crazy."

    "You could make more money if there were 8 to 10 men."

    "We thought about that, but I couldn't handle that many twice a week."

    "You could if you had some help," Mom said with a smile.


    "Don't you think those studs would like to have an MILF? Particularly a mother-daughter combination? I'm pretty sure that Daniel could raise the entry price even more. That's a huge fantasy with a lot of men."

    "Where would we get that many men? Daniel is really strapped trying to get six twice a week."

    "Well, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Jarman have a lot of clients who would love to fuck both of us at the same time. I'm sure they would hire you in a flash."

    "What about Daniel? I don't do it unless he's included."

    "Of course, he's included. He's family, and he's our pimp.


    Story written by Jo and RLM. If you have comments, send them to [email protected]
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