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. A BBC Named Ron & Chris

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Cuckold Husband, Oct 11, 2016.

. A BBC Named Ron & Chris 4.9 5 8votes
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  1. Cuckold Husband

    Cuckold Husband Member Member

    This is my journey; I am a white wife who loves big black cock and my husband knows it. When I mention how much I love big black cock I am able to have him pre cum in his underwear so it actually soaks through his pants. Hi my name is Kas, I grew up as a teenager - went to a catholic school and this is my story of how I converted my husband into becoming a cuckold who loves his wife dating black men.

    As I got older and into my early twenties I always knew I could handle a big cock but how huge I did not fully understand.

    After I was married and had sex occasionally I mentioned to my husband that I could handle a larger penis. This went on for a couple of years until one day my husband surprised me and wrapped Kleenex around his penis and then put on a condom over top of his Kleenex wrapped penis.

    This was a surprise as I was not expecting it and when he slide this much thicker cock into my pussy it became instantly wet and after I bid I had a orgasm. After a bit he took off the condom which was wrapped in Kleenex, he slide his penis into my wet pussy.

    My husband mentioned he has never felt my pussy be wetter, as he pumped away the size difference was incredible, his penis was now noticeabley thin. As time went on and we had sex if I did not have his penis wrap in Kleenex around a condom I could not have a orgasm. It was about this time I mentioned to my husband that I could really handle a much bigger cock and he understood that I wanted sex with a much bigger cock. So every time we had sex he had his penis prewrapped with Kleenex tissue and a condom over that and he new not to take off the tissue. And as an incentive I tried to have him cum in the tissue while having the condom on. He asked if he could take it off and I hint I would prefer that me keeps it on as it turns me on and I continued mentioning that I could handle a much larger cock and longer cock, I was now accustom to a much thicker cock - now I started mentioning what a longer and thicker cock would do for me.

    Now after about 9 months he surprised me again trying to keep me satisfied. We were in bed and this time I did not feel his cock wrap in tissue. It was something different. It feel similar to a penis but much longer than his. It was about 10 inches and thicker that before. He began fucking me and my pussy was so wet I was moaning and finally I was getting fuck with the size I needed. He continued to fuck me for about 45 minutes and I came 4 times and he now new the size difference did matter to me. Finally I asked what he had done. I discovered he hollowed out a 11 inch cucumber and slipped his penis into the hollow out and put on a condom. Soon after he pulled off the unit and slipped his penis into my wet pussy, within 30 seconds he came in my wet pussy and I think he loved it. Over time we fucked in this way but as I got more aggressive in fucking I would split the cucumber into two. After I broke the cucumber I found I had this pent up energy and his penis was now to small for my pussy so I decided to start deep throating him as an incentive after I had my orgasms. It was about now that I started mentioning that his penis was too small for my pussy. I told him "Don't take it personally, It's just that I now need a huge cock to cum."

    One night while watching porno on the satellite it showed a black man with a super thick 12 inch cock fucking a white wife while the husband watched. Watching this made my pussy wet knowing black men have huge black cocks. As we watched more porno's of black men satisfying a white wife with there huge 12 inch black cock while their husbands watched. I had to mention to my husband what a huge black cock would do for me and he could watch like those other men and that they obviously loved their wives to allow her to fuck their brains out.

    About 3 weeks later - early in the morning my husband slipped under the covers and started eating me out and finger banging me, he is excellent at finger banging. While he was doing this all I could think about where those white wives getting fucked by those huge black cocks while there husbands watched. I was expecting him to try to slide his tiny penis into my dripping wet pussy when I felt the head of a huge cock against my pussy. I gasped then suddenly, before I new it about three inches of this thick cock was in me. He started sucking and caressing my nipples and suddenly my pussy got much wetter and then he slid more of this cock into me. And as more slid in the more wet and the more I began to moan. I did not know what was happening but my pussy was wet and I had about a 8 inch thick cock in me and suddenly I began bucking towards this big cock and to my surprise there was more to go. I said "Fuck me hard." and my husband slid in another 4 inches and began to pump away slowly, I was a bit annoyed, I wanted it hard and fast, even though I must have cum 3 to 4 times after about 45 minutes and I knew for sure it was not his penis.

    In short order I found out that he had purchased me two big black dildos, a 13 1/2 inch and a 12 inch. I said "Now now I know how those white wives feel when getting fucked."

    My husband tried to slip his penis into me and I said no thanks, but let me give you a bj. While doing so I continuously mentioned thank you for the big black cocks. My body was so relaxed that I slammed his cock viciously into my mouth, he came instantly and this kind of turned me on knowing I could make him cum so quickly and easily - I found myself feeling like those white wives wanting more huge black cock as soon as they were done. One day I was on Craigslist and I decided to check out ads for women who want black men. There cocks were black and huge and I began getting wet. I visited the site most other days checking ads. The ads mentioned looking for women wanting black men or BBC's and cuckold's as they were called, I was now learning the lingo. Soon after, I googled and learned what cuckolding wives do. How they desire huge 12 inch black cock and deny their pussy to their husbands and most importantly keep denying their pussy - only on special occasions like their birthday - allow a few pumps and inform your husband that he is NOT ALLOWED TO CUM IN YOUR PUSSY, ONLY 12 INCH BLACK COCK CAN CUM IN YOUR PUSSY.

    Some cuckolding wives also mentioned it was important to finger bang their husbands 3 times during the week; this lets them know the wife is in charge.

    One day being super horny I mentioned to my husband that he should start watching pornos of black men fucking white wives and how they do it. I wanted him to learn how black men truly fuck women so I could have better orgasms when he uses the strap on dildo on me, I wanted to get slammed by a huge 12 inch black cock !

    He watched cuckold movies where the wife got completely satisfied and how the husband watched and jerked off in the corner. One night during the week he finger banged me and strapped on the huge 12 inch black unit. In the middle of pumping me slow, I finally told him to fuck me like those black men in the cuckold movies. ."uck me hard."I announced, he began pumping harder and faster. It was amazing I was finally getting slammed the way I wanted it and I could handle it no problem. I came about 5 times in about hour. My husband slipped off the unit and there was his penis. Suddenly without warning he slide it in my soaking wet pussy and since reading about denying the pussy I have not allowed my husband any pussy time for about 6 months. I could feel nothing his cock was too small, so I asked "HOW DOES IT FEEL?"

    "Like you have been fucked by a huge black cock." he replied.

    I sensed that he might cum quickly and I blurted out "YOU NOT ALLOWED TO CUM IN MY PUSSY, ONLY A 12 INCH BLACK COCK CAN CUM IN MY PUSSY."

    Knowing that my husband only had a few pumps left I then blurted out "YOU NEED TO FIND ME A BLACK MAN TO FUCK." As he began to cum I repeated "You are not allowed to cum in my pussy." and to my surprise me pulled out! As he came on my pussy he mentioned that I deserved a big black cock. I quickly agreed. "Yes I do!"

    During the week I told him "Do not forget to watch your movies." and that week I thought I would test him.

    One night on craigslist I showed my husband some of the ads of black men who want white wives to fuck. They all had huge 12 inch thick cocks, I mentioned to him now that a 'cock like that would be nice, don't you think?'. He replied yes, it's 3 or 4 times my length. Reading the ad it mentioned wanting a Cuckold couple, I jokingly said to my husband - you can be my cuckold! He paused and said sure. I said you will have to jerk off in the corner while I get satisfied by a BBC, then most likely you will have eat me out after. Yes, he replied. That what happens in the movies I watch. Good keeping watching the movies I told him, and jerk off while watching and time yourself on how long it takes you to cum and I will ask you during the week. Hopefully you cum quickly in under 3 to 5 minutes. But as I mentioned earlier - you need to find me a black man and I am not joking.

    Late next week I received a text from my husband that he googled what cuckolding was about. Then the next text I received was a picture of a huge 12 inch black cock getting sucked by a white wife, I simply loved it. Later during the week I mentioned where is my next text picture of a BBC, please keep them coming and have you found me a black man yet?

    During the next 8 weeks I started denying the pussy again and asked about how long he could last while jerk off to those cuckold movies, I found out my husband could only last 3 to 5 minutes jerking off to the movies I wanted him to watch, so after my schlongings, I started timing him while giving him a bj and said "Think good thoughts now."

    "Of what?"

    I said "Me with a black cock." He was right most times he could only last 3 or 4 minutes and came easily.

    My husband kept sending me stories of women whom have gone black due to their huge black cock size and pictures to go with it. Then in the news I saw in Canada where a female judge had to resign due to being in a cuckolding relation, where her husband found black men on darkcavern.com for her pleasure. I showed my husband the new article and said if she can have a BBC so can I, you need to try to look hard for a black man for me.

    Three weeks later my husband came home from a local trade show and mentioned he talked with a black guy named Ron. My husband spoke with him and found out Ron was getting blue balled by his girl friend. He only got it once every two weeks and no bjs. Apparently he was too big for her at 12 inches. My husband was quick to respond that his wife used to have black boyfriends and missed sex with them due to their huge size.

    Ron said."Oh really? Interesting! Maybe I should meet her for a drink and see where things go." jokingly. My husband also laughed but took Ron's phone number.

    Later that night I had to get fucked hard, but 12 inches was not enough, I told him to put on the 13 & 1/2 inch strap on dildo - the 12 inch was not enough and I made sure he saw me take the whole thing in my pussy. I was so getting comfortable with the idea that my husband was becoming a cuckold. That night after I finished my second session I was tired and wore out, I said "No bj for you tonight, sorry. Maybe in the morning."

    After sleeping like a baby in the morning I thought I would test my husband's fortitude at becoming a true cuckold husband. He was sleeping on his side with his back to me so I started to spoon him. I reached around his hips and gripped his penis and starting jerking him off - mentioning that his penis was actually quite small and I could jerk him off with just two fingers put together. After 2 minutes I told him to continue himself and found myself reaching for the lube. I squirted lots in my hand and began nuzzling my hand against his butt - he was so unaware. Slowly and surely I started inserting my middle finger in his butt hole. I said "What? I told you to keep jerking off your tiny penis please." I then very slowly started telling him how good it was of him to get Ron's phone number for me. Asking him if Ron had a huge 12 inch thick cock, asking if he was sure.

    By this time I was picking up my speed with the finger banging of my husband for the very first time. I was banging him and he was jerking off his own cock. I was so excited, his ass was getting so wet from all the lube I could go even faster now. All you could hear was this 'bang, bang, bang' of my hand and finger banging his ass. I wanted to add to his experience of becoming a cuckold so I started using my tongue. I slid up and put my tongue in his ear and began using my tongue as a small penis of sorts and began sliding it in and out of his right ear whispering "Ron is going to fuck me so hard. Please ask him to fuck me hard on a regular basis... please."

    Now I was banging his ass and ear at full speed mentioning I am going to be Ron's black cock whore and you my husband are going to be my cuckold whore toy who gets finger banged. I continued for another 4 minutes and soon enough my husband was cumin into his own spare hand while my finger was in his ass and my tongue in his ear. After I finished I said "Great! Call Ron now please."

    Later thoughout the day I grabbed his ass in a caressing manner, making sure of placing my finger near his butt hole and said "I had a great time this morning and you my husband were great in letting me have my way with you, it was so good - I think I want more tonight get ready."

    Later that night in bed I started spooning him again and soon enough mentioned how good he was this morning and I then reached around and started jerking him off with just two fingers again. He said "Oh, you want more!" thinking I was joking.

    I continued to jerk him off and said "Yes of course! You are going to be my slut tonight. Now start jerking off your cock." I grabbed the lube and said "This time please relax your ass for me." I slowly began finger banging him and noticed he was still wet from this morning.

    "Oh your still wet... almost like you have a wet pussy ready to be fucked hard."

    I then began speeding up and using my tongue in his ear. I noticed his ass tightening up. "Relax your ass or I will stop - and you don't want me to stop, do you?" and quickly enough my husband came again. Neither by my pussy or by a bj so I said "You're quite the cuckold aren't you? Please phone Ron this week."

    I woke early the next morning and my husband was laying on his slide quietly jerking off. I asked "What are you thinking about?"

    "Ron's huge 12 inch black cock stretching your pussy."

    I slid over with the lube in hand and began rubbing his butt and he nudged it towards me like 'Yes please more.' This was great. In a 24 hour period I was going to bang my husband 3 times. I started talking dirty saying "I can't wait for Ron to cum in me. Only huge 12 inch black cocks can cum in me, right?"

    As I kept finger banging my husband I said "Be quiet. Listen." All you could hear was the 'squish, squish, squish, squish' of my finger reaming his ass.

    "Oh honey your ass is amazingly wet. Just like my pussy will be for Ron. Ron is going to fuck me hard, so I am going to fuck you hard."

    I began to drill him at full speed. He tugged away and I banged hard and fast. When he came, I said "Let's see the cum in your other hand." I quickly snatched some and began using it as lube inserting all of it in his wet butt and said "Keep jerking off love."

    On Monday my husband talked to Ron, and of course Ron was on board with meeting me. "If we meet for a drink can she handle a huge black cock like mine?" My husband said yes she can and she will.

    "Great!" Ron said. "But I have to wait for my girl friend to switch over to night shift."

    Over the next 4 weeks my husband and Ron spoke often about me. Ron mentioned he never receives any blowjobs at all and would love to fuck me twice a week if that was ok. As my husband told me this I was so happy and pleased. I told my husband "Yes of course, set it up but are you ok with being my cuckold? It is a big step." I quickly dropped to my knees and took out his penis and noticed it was hard. "Look it is hard, this must mean yes!"

    I engulfed it down my throat while staring up at him. I deep throating him for about 2 minutes and then stopped. "Please do not take this personally, it's just that I need a huge 12 inch black cock to cum."

    He said "I understand and I would love to watch Ron fuck you hard."

    "Well let me get used to Ron first and win him over, then you can watch like those men in the cuckold movies and jerk off."

    With that I started deep throating his penis, telling him his cock is so tiny. "It's tiny don't you think?" asking him to agree with me. He said yes. With that comment I now knew he was inching toward becoming my cuckold husband.

    During these 4 weeks I told my cuckold husband that I needed to be completely ready for Ron in every way. I mentioned that I needed to buy new super sexy lingerie, so I went shopping. Afterward I tried it on and showed my husband all the new lingerie combinations, asking if Ron will like this or this. I looked down and saw his penis completely hard and precum was soaking though his pants. My husband said he wanted to fuck me.

    "No my pussy is for Ron. Do you have a 12 inch black cock? No? Then you can help by making sure my pussy is ready. I want you to remember all those positions from the movies I had you watch and I want you to try them ALL on me. I need to be schlonged 3 to 4 times a week and be comfortable fucking a black cock at a higher pace, so you are going to have to uses the dildos on me 3 times minimum a week and I am going to have to get my cock sucking skills up to par. I am going to have you practice cumming on my face a couple times so I am used to it. I think Ron would want to cum on my face, don't you?"

    After repeatedly trying all the positions, I narrowed it down 3 or 4 where I would cum over and over. I loved getting fucked while spooning the huge black cock this usually lasted about 20 minutes. Then I would move to reverse cowgirl with one leg up (bent) and one down with a straight back. This way he could see my pussy stretching over the huge black cock taking all 12 inches right down to the balls. This usually lasted 20 minutes. Then I moved again to my all time my favorite - 69/doggy style. I 69'd my husband so he could diddle me from beneath laying on his back using one hand, and using the other to insert the dildo from the dog style position. He slid the dildo in doggy style, back and forth so it was like getting fucked doggy style and I had the pleasure of him diddling me from beneath while he laid on his back. I would get pleasured this way for 30 to 45 minutes and had many orgasms, I loved it and wanted my husband to see a huge black cock stretch my pussy up close. If this did not make him a cuckold nothing would, and when the time was right Ron could fuck me doggy style and my husband could witness my pussy being stretched from the 69 position. When I was near the end and had enough I would start deep throating my husbands cock from the 69 position mentioning he had a tiny cock and in 3 minutes he would cum. If I still wanted more, I would keep deep throating his cock even after he came and sometimes I would force him to cum again with in 3 minutes.

    Then next week disaster struck. Ron and his girlfriend had to move due to a work situation and I never had a chance to hook up with Ron. I was pissed off and could not believe it, I was so close and now nothing. Now - we had to start over from scratch and find another black guy - not easy where we live. Over the next 8 week I found myself annoyed, my husband would text me pic of BBCs and I said "What is the point?" and I gave him no BJ's or sex at all. 4 weeks later I found myself still dreaming about black cock at night and often my husband would say he could hear me moaning in my sleep. This went on for about a month and I realized I still needed to have a BBC boyfriend/lover to fuck me weekly.

    One day I said "Get in the bedroom! I need to fuck." As I started the bj I said "Oh, I forget how tiny your cock is! I deserve a big black cock my pussy just needs it and you are just too tiny." As I continued My husband mentioned his cock felt tiny in my mouth and I said because it IS tiny.

    As he was cumming he said "You were made for a big black cock!" and I said, yah!

    Then for the next month, every morning and evening just before we woke and fell asleep I would gently jerk on his cock with two fingers for about 3 minutes, just enough to almost bring him to cum and told him constantly his cock was just too tiny for me. During lunch we would talk and I would ask if he was watching the movies and end with "Ok, love you - my tiny cock man!"

    Within 3 weeks lighting struck again. While at the water slides with my daughter I started talking with a black guy in front of his wife and got his phone number. This gave me great confidence. Then the next evening while grocery shopping I noticed this super dark black guy and I started talking with him and got his phone number. I told my husband I met another black guy.

    Later that night I texted him in front of my husband. I wanting to meet him - Chris - next week and get together. I told my husband "Get ready, I am going to fuck the shit out of this guy if I can and you will finally be my cuckold husband!"

    Looking down I noticed my husband's cock was hard and precum was soaking through his pants. That night I made him cum 2 times in under 6 minutes and the whole time he was moaning and saying "Please go fuck Chris!"
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