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2017 Annual Cuckold Survey

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ben Steel, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Ben Steel

    Ben Steel Member Member

    The Cuckold's Cave is holding an annual survey for the cuckold community. It's a short, 10 question survey designed to understand the needs and desires of the cuckold community so that we can better serve you.

    The survey is completely anonymous and we will not be sharing the data with anyone.

    As an incentive, we are holding a drawing in which we will randomly select one of the participants that completed the survey. They will have the option of 3 months of free coach from the Cuck Coach or $3,000 cash.

    Please share your voice. Your opinion matters and it will help us better serve the cuckolding community.

    You can take the survey here:

    sexyboots likes this.
  2. Aussiecumslut

    Aussiecumslut Well-Known Member Member

    I can not get the link to open Ben
  3. penischocolat

    penischocolat Member Member

    the best
    i love sexy vagina
  4. xxxeccentric

    xxxeccentric Supporting Completely Divided Perineums Author!

    That address hung...never opened a survey.
  5. Aussiecumslut

    Aussiecumslut Well-Known Member Member

    Ditto Sweety
  6. sexyboots

    sexyboots Well-Known Member Member

    Can't get the survey page to open. Maybe there will be another one soon for 2018?

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