On Becoming A Cuckold

Written by Nujbaf / Sep 11, 2013


When my wife returned from India after visiting her family and friends, she brought back with her some shocking news. She told me that two of her best friends were into swinging and that they had coaxed her into a few sessions with several couples and that she was the only non-couple that attended. More shocking was that she admitted to enjoying the sex she had with her friend's husband and other men. I was speechless for nearly an hour.

"How could you have done it," I said finally. I remembered trying to get her to go to an all-nude resort 3 years ago and she had absolutely refused to go telling me that it was immoral.

"I don't know what happened. They really pushed me to go and they said that everyone in India was doing it. I fought them for hours but they just got me there and literally pulled off my clothes. But I have to admit that once I got Seema's husband's fat dick in me, I was hooked. I didn't realize that I was losing out on all this variety and I had orgasms like never before," Jyoti, my wife, said with conviction.

"How could you do that?" I said more to myself. I felt very cheated, sad and humiliated.

Jyoti sensing my displeasure tried to play it off. "You'll get over it. Don't make it a big issue. I mean if you were there, you would be fucking my friends while their husbands would be doing it to me."

"But I wasn't there and that is what makes it wrong," I said. I couldn't believe I have to justify my pain to my wife.

"Well, at least I was honest about it," she countered.

"I appreciate that but I am feeling sick to know that other men had sex with my wife and she enjoyed it. It is totally humiliating," I said.

After her shocking declaration, life went on again. I tried my best to forget what happened but the thought of these men having their cocks plunged to the hilt into my wife's pussy made me jealous and mad at the same time. This revelation was burning inside me. I avoided the subject hoping that this episode would be soon forgotten and never repeated.

My hopes were shattered three weeks later again when Jyoti greeted me all excited when I came home from work. "Seema's cousin, Subita, lives in Irvine and she called me today. She said she heard about what happened in Delhi," Jyoti said.

"Is that good or bad?" I said as dread started to fill my veins again.

"That is definitely good. Subita is heavily into swinging and wants us to join their group," Jyoti said with a big smile.

"How do you know that I want us to join?" I said. I couldn't believe that my wife was making this decision without consulting with me first.

"At this time they are looking for women only. Apparently one of the couples in the group brought in their three young nephews and since they are the ones hosting all these parties no one can say anything. Maybe they will let you in later," my wife rattled along.

"It just doesn't sound right," I muttered. "I think you should reconsider."

"I already agreed," Jyoti admitted. "Chances like these don't come everyday."

"I'm sorry," I said. "You'll just have to tell them that we are not joining this arrangement."

"If you don't want to join, that is up to you. But I have already joined, with or without you."

So that was how my wife continued her foray into the world of swinging. Realizing that she would have done it behind my back, I decided to go with her in the hopes that I could change her mind or at least join in the action. Things turned out a lot different than I thought.

Jyoti was already percolating by this coming Friday. She dressed wonderfully sexy. I noticed that she had never dressed like this before on my behalf. She wore a short black dress that I never saw before and high heels of the latest fashion. With her short brown hair, I had to agree that she looked very appetizing.

During our thirty-minute drive to Usha's grand house at Laguna Beach, my wife revealed with a sly smile that she had no panties on under her little dress. I had to admit seeing her sitting next to me in my Toyota with her dress hitched up to expose her bald pussy did excite me.

Once we reached our destination, I was soon a nobody as my wife immediately disowned me and I was treated nothing more than a wallflower. At the door, Usha greeted my wife wearing only a towel as things were well underway.

Jyoti and Usha were immediately in an embrace like the best of friends. It seemed from the beginning that no one even spoke to me directly. Usha said, "Make sure your hubby stays dressed. Ramesh is never thrilled with spectators."

I followed a few steps behind as Usha with her arms over my wife's shoulder and her towel already removed. I just stared at her bare behind. I followed them to a room of about fifteen naked people mostly Indians doing various things to each other. They all stopped as Usha introduced Jyoti to the crowd. "Everyone this is Jyoti and she has joined our little group," Usha announced. Everyone shouted their warm greetings to Jyoti including the white couple and an oriental woman.

One of the young naked boys with an erection definitely larger and thicker than mine approached Jyoti with his mouth plastered to hers. The shock hit me at that moment and I instinctively moved towards Jyoti to get this man off her. But I stopped. He had his fingers to the hem of her dress and in one swift move got my wife unclothed as the rest of the crowd. Jyoti's hands were all over his handsome cock seeming not able to hold such a large instrument. I could see also that everyone was appreciating my wife's tight naked brown body.

The young boy probably just eighteen years old introduced my wife one by one to everyone including his uncle Ramesh, the host of this party. It was the only time anyone ever took notice of me. Ramesh gave an unwelcoming glance in my direction.

Ashok, one of the husbands, said, "Let's give Jyoti our introductory welcome." Everyone cheered. The women simultaneously moved out of the scene and sat their naked bodies on the sofas and couches. Jyoti was told to kneel down in the middle of the room, which she readily complied. The eight men of the group, all with an erection more impressive than mine, circled my wife poking their libidos unto her face. She hungrily gave each cock a short suck with her pretty mouth. The men jostled for position as they each wanted her attention. I could see that my wife relished with the attention.

Finally the young boy took Jyoti away from the circle of dicks. He took her to a corner all for himself. He sat on the floor with his legs apart, his erection standing tall. Jyoti started to suck him off. The white woman was in her forties, her breasts large and sagging and her hair dyed blond. She buried her face in my wife's ass, lapping up her ass and pussy while Jyoti paid homage to the young phallus. I was amazed that he didn't spurt his load at all. When Jyoti did that to me, I couldn't hold it longer than a few minutes.

Soon after this little action that I witnessed, everyone started socializing more than really having any kind of sex. This was when I felt more left out, the only one clothed. Everyone was comfortably naked having animated discussions about everything from politics to the latest gossips. Jyoti said to Subita, "Seema's party in India was amazing. The men there will just fill up any available hole. I mean I hardly had any moment without something ramming into my pussy. I was so sore. Even my mother noticed the next morning why I was walking funny. I told her some stupid story."

Jay, the nephew who had taken Jyoti to the corner to have his dick sucked, seemed to be really fond of my wife. He kept butting into her conversations with others, putting his arms around her, fondling her nipples and kissing her lips. I could see that my wife enjoyed his attention and gave him that look that she would do anything for him. I couldn't blame her as he definitely looked better than me and without doubt had a more impressive tool than I did. My 31 years old wife would end up spending more time with Jay than me over the next few years, literally sharing his bed nine out of twelve months a year.

"Jay, you're hilarious," I heard Jyoti exclaim one time. She was the center of attention among the three young boys who kept fondling her perfect breasts. Jyoti was cool as she kept her conversation going even while being mauled.

A deliciously catered dinner was served by a rather fat fully-clothed Mexican lady. Dinner was not for the spectators like me. So I just stood and watched everyone savor the spicy Indian dishes. My wife joked to Ramesh that she would mind having seconds as she would probably burn the extra calories before the night was over. Liquor flowed freely.

After dinner, things slowly went back to sex. There was less conversation and more fondling. But throughout the night, I noticed none of the men had ejaculated. Maybe things would be getting wilder. Jyoti alternated herself with all the men, feeling their throbbing cocks and having them feel her up. She seemed so relaxed.

At about 1:00 am, Ramesh made an announcement. "I would like to welcome Jyoti into our little group of friends." Everyone cheered. "We will begin our official welcome of this lovely lady by the deposit into her womb of our collective semen. We hope she will be able to hold it all without spilling a single drop." It seemed very few of the ladies were able to hold it all.

At that point, one by one, each and every male, plunged himself into her womb, starting with Ramesh and ending with Jay. Jyoti just lay on the carpet, becoming a receptacle of their lust. As each of them spilled their seed into her, the women checked carefully to see that she did not spill anything from her pussy. I could see my wife carefully kept herself from moving too much, keeping her shaved pussy up and forward. I could see that everyone relished when they had their erection deep into her pussy. Their faces showed bliss and contentment and then utter abandonment as they ejaculated into her tight hole. After Jay finished with my wife, the women excitedly announced that Jyoti had managed to hold the deposit.

Becoming a cuckold was not something I had planned to do. But at this very moment, I had forever plunged into this world. The fact that I stayed and watched my wife enjoying herself among this group of swingers without a whimper made me become someone that could be taken advantage of. The men lifted Jyoti careful not to spill their accumulated seeds. Like a sacrificial virgin, five of them held her up high and walked around the room. Then they came close to me and directed her freshly fucked pussy to a few inches from my face. I felt funny with everyone noticing me all of a sudden.

"Swallow every ounce of semen, you cuckold," Rameshpronounced.

I didn't move figuring out how to run away. Jyoti, with ten hands holding her up, said, "Come on, Vinod. For once, be aman."

So as they shoved her pussy into my face, I lapped up all the gooey cum as everyone laughed at my expense. My face was smothered all over. Jay commented, "So how was your first creampie."

Strangely it was the only time in the evening that my cock had sprung to life. The men and women soon noticed the bulge that had grown in my pants.

Ramesh said, "We will not leave your cooperation un-rewarded." Then he looked at my cum-smeared face and continued, "Remove your clothes now."

I did as I was told, exposing my small dick to the leering crowd. Then as the crowded parted away from me even with my wife mocking my certain lack of manhood, I understood what my reward was. The obese Mexican maid laid on the sofa, her now naked flesh rippling in layers, beckoned me with open arms and legs. I was mesmerized as I strutted straight to her hairy pussy and plunged my dick into her dark hole. I was cheered on as I moved back and forth like a frantic monkey. Then when the release finally exploded, Maria grabbed me in her thick arms as everyone laughed and laughed.

The End.
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