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Nov 20, 2018 at 3:48 PM
Aug 10, 2015
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To all interested parties: The posted photos in my directory are selected from those used to illustrate my stories. Happy viewing. RLM Aug 31, 2018

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Nov 20, 2018 at 3:48 PM
    1. madmerry
      I have been a long time reader of your stories and just want to thank you for continuing to write. I regularly look only for your new stories and enjoy each and every one of them. Thank you.
      1. sexyboots and RLM like this.
    2. Gator545
      I have read your stories for several years. I haven't seen your work for quite a bit. Purely by coincidence I checked this website and found more of your stories. I enjoy them immensely. I am anxiously waiting for you to post some more.
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    3. sexyboots
      I'm just wondering L how I make you a favourite author on here. Andrew
      1. RLM likes this.
    4. DeeAnnaMontana
      You write beautiful stories! I could use some lessons, but I didn't set out to write stories, just sharing some escapades. Thank you for your response to my comment, I was starting to think that there were only half a dozen or so people out here in this dark part of the net! Cheers! DeeAnna
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    5. sexyboots
      Can't seem to find your posts, including 'Flight to Santiago'. Could you please tell me the easy way to access your writings which till now I have only come across by random. sexyboots/hubby of sexyboots.
      1. RLM likes this.
    6. AllenJ
      If I change my name to Melvin can I take his place in the story and replay it as well as take his place for what's coming next?
      1. sexyboots and RLM like this.
      2. RLM
        Thank you Allen.
        Nov 13, 2017
        sexyboots likes this.
    7. maxnasia
      When you get a chance, please update Asia's Fantasy with the original illustrated version. Thanks!
      1. RLM and sexyboots like this.
    8. TanujaWifey
      Hi there
      I love your stories. Keep on going.
      A lot of love Tanuja
      1. sexyboots and RLM like this.
    9. Pineman
      So many great stories but Flight To Santiago is a favorite from way back, how about going back and illustrating it, believe it was originally!
      1. sexyboots, RLM and maxnasia like this.
    10. Showmetwice
      Newbie here but not to your stories - keep it up!!
      1. sexyboots, RLM and fisherman like this.
    11. Daddy D
      Daddy D
      Also a huge fan of your stories. Looking forward to the second part of "Game Nights" Thanks for your stories!
      1. sexyboots, RLM and maxnasia like this.
    12. Paul Anon
      Paul Anon
      Just read "Black Boss"... Awesome! My first read of yours. You're very talented. Wanna read all of them! Thank you for sharing!
      1. sexyboots, RLM, Daddy D and 1 other person like this.
    13. maxnasia
      Been a big fan of your stories from a long time ago. I don't know if you remember but we collaborated to write a story called 'Asia's Fantasy' circa 2008. Would love to have you write a sequel to that...
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    14. dig420
      hey, going to send you an email and message you here as well as posting this to your profile, trying to make sure you get it. I've merged the RLM account into this one, and I'd like to change the name of this account to RLM. I want to get some acknowledgement from you so I can make sure you have new user/pass.
    15. Holepleasr
      Excellent writing!
      1. sexyboots, RLM, Daddy D and 1 other person like this.
    16. Atazman
      RLM.....I am a big fan of your stories. Could not find your posts for awhile, but I am glad I found your stories here.
      1. RLM and fisherman like this.
    17. gabadooo
      RLM you write the most erotic and sexy stories ever written.....I am a big fun of you and of course i've read all the stories!!
      Please keep going!
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