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  1. EroticWriter
    EroticWriter Wife Swapping, Who Dunnit Style
    I wrote this. I think it is very original and innovative. I am doing this rating in hopes that I will be granted EDIT access so I can get in and correct some typos and also add some to the story as I have done to the same story over on Slutwives. Right now I can't get the EDIT button to come up for me here even though I am signed in. EroticWriter
    Jun 7, 2017
  2. EroticWriter
    EroticWriter 'I am going to fuck your wife' he said
    Needs that finishing touch.
    Apr 9, 2017
  3. EroticWriter
  4. EroticWriter
  5. EroticWriter
  6. EroticWriter
    Jan 27, 2017
  7. EroticWriter
  8. EroticWriter
  9. EroticWriter
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  11. EroticWriter
  12. EroticWriter
  13. EroticWriter
    Jan 27, 2017
  14. EroticWriter
    Jan 27, 2017
  15. EroticWriter
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  17. EroticWriter
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  20. EroticWriter
    Jan 27, 2017