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Album: White wife wanting!!

Tired of my little white husband...

White wife wanting!!

Updated Jun 13, 2018
When I can’t get a big cock  
My mommy cunt  
Toys are a poor substitute  
He filled me  
What I want and need  
Happy daughter  
I can suck like a pro  
Fingering is fun  
Hell YES!!!  
I do like it from behind  
Love big black cock  
Wife riding!!  
Filled me up  
Wives suck best  
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Tired of my little white husband...
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  3. DeeAnnaMontana
    You are gorgeous enough to pick whoever you want - man or woman, or both! :)
  4. Trish
    Oh DeeAnna maybe you, I and pmcavity1's wife :)
  5. Bobby
    Or me too..lol.
    Shawn1970, sexyboots and Trish like this.
  6. DeeAnnaMontana
    My naughty mind is starting to stir, Trish. Imagine us three spending some quality girl time together, then finding our way to one of those exclusive Chicago clubs where white wives go to get their dark fantasies fulfilled! I'm moist just thinking about it!
    Shawn1970 and Trish like this.
  7. Trish
    DeeAnna we would have such a naughty time xoxox Trish
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