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  1. RLM
    RLM paulasubm
    Dear paulasubm, Thank you for your very kind comment about "Don't Ask... Don't Tell". I enjoy writing these stories, but that enjoyment is increased greatly when readers enjoy them as well. May you Paula have a safe and wonderful 2018... RLM
  2. RLM
    RLM Joe Montagna
    Thanks again for rating "Black Boss". RLM
  3. sexyboots
    Wife thinks my crotch length waders+detachable crotch piece look stupid! What does everyone else think? (See under 'hubby of sexyboots').
  4. Black bird her
    Black bird her Curt Bruch
    Looking forward to the continuation of wife’s revenge
    1. Curt Bruch
      Curt Bruch
      Oh, there's plenty more to come. They have another week to 'enjoy'. Thanks for the comment.
      Jan 14, 2018 at 9:45 PM
  5. RLM
    RLM denkihead
    I'm delighted that you enjoyed "The Nerd and his Slutty Wife". I enjoyed writing that story primarily because I'm a nerd as well. Was fun to write a story where the nerd came out on top.
  6. CleverHandle
    CleverHandle Throne
    I love all of your stories. Any chance workplace woes will ever see a sequel? Love that theme especially. Corner office too.
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  7. RLM
    RLM Samatha
    Maybe the reason I describe you so well in my stories is that I have hidden cameras and audio receivers and I'm secretly watching everything you do... :) :) :) RLM
    1. Samatha
      Well that would be a nice story indeed. I use a large black dildo when I fuck myself and I do get into it as they say.
      Jan 14, 2018 at 8:13 PM
      RLM likes this.
  8. xxxeccentric
    xxxeccentric sliplover00
    Thanks for more likes, and your comment. RE: your comment and your wish = if you recruit bigger and bigger, and hit her with several big ones in a row, AND they are trying hard to ream her legs completely apart? It can happen. Permanently bigger ! Best of luck.
  9. RLM
    RLM maxnasia
    Did you notice that the number of downloads for Asia's Fantasy-Part 2 is now up to about 6400 and the 3 ratings are all 5 stars... :).. RLM
  10. RLM
    RLM maxnasia
    Hi, I always love getting messages from you and Asia. They always brighten my day. I wish the two of you a safe and wonderful 2018.. RLM
  11. RLM
    RLM alneda
    Hi Alneda, Thank you reading and rating "A Mother and Daughter Obtain Positions". I appreciate the very complementary rating and hope you continue to enjoy the stories I write. My you and yours have a safe and wonderful 2018... RLM
  12. RLM
    RLM diyuanzs
    And thank you for the follow... RLM
  13. RLM
    RLM diyuanzs
    Hi diyuanzs, What a very nice complement. Thank you for sharing and for doing all the work of translating my stories into Chinese. I never expected to see that. My email address is mblmr@hotmail.com Thank you once again and happy reading. Sincerely, RLM
  14. RLM
    RLM Volks777
    Hi Volks777, I just noticed that you read and rated "Three Choices from an Unsatisfied Wife". Thank you for the very complementary rating. I apologize for noticing it earlier. May you and yours have a safe and wonderful 2018. Sincerely, RLM
  15. AllenJ
    Wife's away for much of the day, plugged, caged, en femme ready for service
  16. RLM
    RLM sexyboots
    Andrew, Thank you once again for the very complementary remarks about "Being Caught". I have always enjoyed crafting erotic stories, but with readers like you, that enjoyment increases many fold. Best regards... RLM... I have commented on a few more of your photos.
  17. AllenJ
    AllenJ johnnie
    Like your avatar pic -
  18. RLM
    RLM AllenJ
    Hi again AllenJ, Thank you for the like about "Asia's Fantasy". I hope you also enjoy reading other stories in my directory. May you and yours have a safe and wonderful 2018. Sincerely, RLM
  19. RLM
    RLM lambda5555m
    Hi lambda5555m, I just noticed that you read and rated "Asia's Fantasy". Thank you for the very complementary rating. I hope you enjoy other stories in my directory as well. May you and yours have a safe and wonderful 2018... Sincerely, RLM
  20. RLM
    RLM denkihead
    Hi again denkihead, Thank you for submitting all the likes. Each and everyone is greatly appreciated. I hope you and your missus are coming together on her becoming more of a hotwife. May you and yours have a wonderful and safe 2018. Sincerely, RLM
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