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  1. Sissygary47
    Sissygary47 med281
    I would love to meet you someday. Gotta go for a while - Later.....
  2. Sissygary47
  3. Sissygary47
    Sissygary47 med281
    thank you for following me, med281 - i love your picture. Are you anywhere near Tampa?
  4. RLM
    RLM storyfan32

    Thank you for letting me know that you liked my story "The Anniversary Present". Best regards, RLM
  5. DEEncuck
    Seeking Alpha Male
  6. penischocolat
    penischocolat mwc4bbcmd
    hi nice and sexy profile
    penis-chocolat in blacktowhite.net
  7. penischocolat
    penischocolat kim2020
    the best
    i love ur sexy ass beauty
  8. penischocolat
    penischocolat nina_size_me
    the best
    i love ur sexy ass posing
  9. penischocolat
    penischocolat richard & magrgaret
    the best
    i like ur sexy posing
  10. storyfan32
    reading your stories always gets me hard :-)
  11. Vokepaul
    Vokepaul Aussiecumslut
    I can give you that
  12. Vokepaul
    I need a dominant white female
  13. Warrior1
    Warrior1 SandyWho
    simply wow what a sensuous woman you are
  14. Warrior1
    Warrior1 Olga -George
    you have such luck to have this sexy Lady as your wife would love to see some more image or videos
  15. Warrior1
    Warrior1 Big Stogie
    thanks for sharing your hot wife with us
  16. Celine
  17. RLM
    RLM Bolthead0070
    Hi, I'm pleased that you enjoy my stories. Best regards, RLM
  18. White Extinction
    White Extinction Frobisher
    When are you going to write again? I enjoyed your handful of stories as they were very WimpHubesque.
    1. Frobisher
      Cheers. I enjoy yours too. Wimphub was good but the stories became a little samey in the end didn't they? I could churn em out but would prefer to shake things up a little. I have a couple of half-written stories, one will no doubt appear before too long. Regardless of the scenario, I think you can safely assume that cruel bitchy white girl will be involved :-)
      Sep 5, 2017
      White Extinction likes this.
  19. White Extinction
    White Extinction dig420
    Hey, Dig! :) I wanted to edit my stories and add a small intro with my few e-mail, Tumblr link, and a link to my eBooks. :) I have been a fan of Dark Wanderer since 2000 and love contributing. Even though some of my work is commercial, I believe in DW's old internet dedication to free content.
    1. dig420
      You should be able to edit your stories freely. I don't mind the link to the tumblr and ebook, happy to help out :)
      Sep 5, 2017
  20. BigPat2
    Formally known as BigPat. Check out my stories and comment. Thanks.