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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

I considered myself lucky. I had a great job, a sports car, and best of all I married my sexy girlfriend from high school. She's a superb Asian with a fiery spirit. She doesn't have the biggest tits but her hazel eyes and her magnificent ass make up for it. The reason I considered myself lucky is I was a smart, quiet, comic book geek in high school, and my wife, Kira, asked me out.

After high school, I kept in touch with my buddy Mike. The main reason I became friends with him in school was simple. I wasn't strong or intimidating, not even a little bit, but Mike was both. He was this bulky black guy that was captain of the football team. Even when we were in college, Mike was always looking out for me. One time, I had to go out...
The Hot Doc and Her Hung Husband

by RLM

Sometimes a wife wants her loving husband.
At other times, she needs a young, hot lover.
Loving Husband or Hot, Young Lover

At the Sports Club:

The football game had been one of the slow ones with a dozen or more challenged plays, each requiring lengthy slo-mo and stop action replays before a decision was reached. In addition, with the game being so...
May be you have never really considered the question. When does sex count as dirty and in any case what does 'dirty' really mean? The other night I asked Estelle. Leon had gone out for game of cards with his mates and there was this lull evening when we could talk. Normally my wife goes out with her man, certainly if he is drinking or partying she does. Then she dresses the expensive slut, the hot bitch on heat. But now, this evening, with my chores done, the house cleaned, Leon's shoes polished for the morning, there is time for a catch up chat. She has been owned by Leon for nearly a year. There's plenty of time to evaluate, plenty of things happened too. She pats the rug by the sofa on which she sits. I get to sit on the rug. I'm not...
Tom my husband is washing and ironing my clothes when the door bell rings. I have just had time to do my make up and to ensure that my tight little black leather skirt is sitting just so. Our other children, we have four, they are out with one of the other white cuckold husbands who live in this commune. I am 34 years old and i have been pregnant by black men four times already. Four times Tom has accompanied me to the maternity department to hold my hand whilst the baby was born. They have all been adorable. Tom and three other cuckold husbands raise the little ones. I am one of four breeding bitches that Carl has in his control. We live within a short walk of one another in a discrete suburb of town. This isn't a big house commune on...
The Polyandrist

by RLM

Two Husbands are Better than One.

Need Service? Call Us:

As soon as Mindy Mathias opened the front door and saw the young, black TV repairman's strong, rippling muscles and his handsome face, she felt her panties and inner thighs becoming damp. "Yes?" she asked.

"I'm Art Jackson... you called our shop and asked for some service on your LCD TV?”

Art’s eyes roamed over the lush body of the blonde housewife even as he was introducing himself. By the time he...
Kristin has dressed in a ridiculously short black watch tartan raa raa skirt the sort that is so skimpy it almost shows the curves of her arse cheeks. Her blouse is too tight in my opinion and the balcony bra pushes her tits up in a really provocative way. She is wearing a matching tartan choker and a large sterling sliver love heart locket at her throat. I know what is in that fucking locket, some curls of his fucking ginger hair. The same coloured hair as the twins that are right now over at my sisters. Craig fathered the twins with her three years ago. He laughed, describing it as his braveheart sojourn 'south of the border'. What the fucker means is that he moved in next door and started fucking her regularly. She watched how meek...

by Throne

Otis had arrived an hour ago. I was busy cleaning the master bathroom, wearing only stockings and a garter belt. I was cleaning the toilet, thankful that the brush had a long handle and that the bowl had been flushed. I heard my wife's tall Black lover enter our home with the key she had gotten made for him. It was so difficult for me to never know when he would appear. One night I was sleeping on the floor of my wife Cara's bedroom, on my fuzzy pink dog bed. All of a sudden Otis was there, undressing in the dim moonlight that came through the window. His powerful body was shown off as the illumination highlighted his muscles as they flexed under his ebony skin. I remember how he gently got into bed,...
Wife Swapping, Who Dunnit Style

By EroticWriter

Stay tuned for a continuation of this story. I'll post it again with the same title,and underneath call it Second Round Edition BC or BBC?

Phil, narrator with curious and lovely wife Jennifer.

Beck, braggart with blonde wife Jean, the sexiest

Fred with wife Tabitha the redhead

Jim with wife Frieda, blonde German Goddess

Harlan with wife Nancy, who has the most innocent look.

Chuck with wife Caroline, the smallest, shyest and maybe cutest wife.

There we were, six men sitting around over beers and joking about getting strange pussy. It is a great way to spend part of the afternoon on the lake on a pontoon boat. Away from the wives, on the...
We were going to a party over at Kelly's and of course Rafael would be there. Rafael the fucking half cast super smooth lothario that Jennifer never seemed to stop talking about. How I hated that fucker. Jennifer wanted Rafael. If he was interested in her too, then it would happen. He would take her and I was, well I was petrified. It wasn't that the thought of him shafting her didn't get me stiff. She knew that it did. She had found my secret stash of favourite cuckold porn. I couldn't pretend that I wasn't interested in this. I was. No, it was just that I couldn't cope with where this might lead. i couldn't cope with it becoming a relationship. I couldn't handle the idea of being pushed out completely. I watched Jennifer strap the...
A Walk on the Wild Side

by RLM


On Monday morning, Robyn Hamill climbed into her Toyota Camry and headed toward the Community Center for her weekly book club meeting. As usual, she wore a loose-fitting blouse, jeans, and a pair of comfortable shoes with one-inch heels. Underneath her blouse, she wore a full bra to firmly contain her ample bosom and a pair of full cotton panties beneath the jeans.

Robyn knew all the other wives at the book club. About half were older than her 36 years and all were married. When the conversation was not about the weekly book under discussion that all...