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Two Policemen Get Their Way

by Tony and EroticWriter

Formerly titled Cop Stop in Vermont and written by a friend from England named Tony and modified, with new people added, lengthened and enhanced by EroticWriter with consent. I have Americanized things such as using dollars instead of pounds, and inches instead of centimeters. Of course, as we all know, every sex story has to mention inches.

Tony has a lovely wife who is supposedly still innocent, and this story constitutes one of his fantasies about her. I do not know if his wife is actually named Kim, but he seems to use that name in his storys the most.

(Tony, if I ever make it to England, I want to meet your wife.)

This is the...

I want to tell you about a very-special day in my life, a day that unfolded barely one week ago. While what happened was certainly not earth-shattering, it could ultimately prove to be extremely important to my future. I'll let my readers decide for themselves if they agree, and then I'll ask a question of them, because I don't yet know what my decision will be.

Bear with me for a few minutes, because I'm sure everything will soon become clear to you.

It was the afternoon of another beautiful day in the seacoast village in California where I was born and raised, and still live. As I do so often, I decided to walk along the coast to a place that has a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, and as I also do most of...
The Westervelt family sat around the dinner table quietly eating a Thanksgiving meal prepared by their mother. Jeannette, the oldest, sat beside her husband DeRay. Gillian, beside her boyfriend, Andre. Georgina, next to her boyfriend, Jalen. Finally, the youngest daughter, Laura, sat by her father whose head was face pointed straight down into his white mashed potatoes covered in gravy.

Laura had just returned from her sophomore year of college for a quick break back home. Like all of her sisters, she was ghostly pale with striking sea glass blue eyes and dark black hair. A trait they most certainly took from their mother.

“Could you past the green beans, father?” Gillian said, her hair loosely bobbing on top of her head.

Her father...
Another Man's Wife Had
By someone named Lone Coyote with much lengthening and enhancements by Erotic Writer.

Found this on another site readers. Liked the theme so added much sex detail to the story, especially near the end.

I enjoy other men's wives. I enjoy single women too but there's something special about a married one. Of course, it's that taste of forbidden fruit, knowing that when she opens her arms -- and legs -- to you she is breaking those sacred vows and you are taking something that was promised to another man alone.

The only thing I can't decide is whether it's better if the husband knows or not. I remember a wedding held in a hotel last summer when some...
Asia's Fantasy

by Max, Asia, and RLM

Author's Message and Prologue:

In early March, 2009, Max sent me an e-mail stating that he enjoyed the stories I have written and posted on my web site. His message also informed me that his wife, Asia, had recently read some of my stories and had become extremely aroused by the thought of becoming a hotwife. I have posted Max's e-mail message on my web page. It is reproduced below without editing: -----------------------------------------

Hi RLM, I have been a consistent reader of your stories for a long time and truly appreciate the effort you have put into them. They are truly magnificent. Me and my wife both share the fantasy of her being a hotwife even though we have not acted...

There were only seven of us remaining at the party. We had started out the evening with well over a dozen, but as the night wore on, and the beer flowed, the others had staggered home. I was there with my wife Julie. My close friends, John and Emily were the hosts of the party so, of course, they were still there as were another couple I knew well, Ed and Harriet. They had brought a friend with them I had never met before. Her name was Liz.

There was nothing exceptional about this party. John and Emily hosted them almost monthly and as usual by this late hour, everyone was getting naked. Some jumped in the hot tub, some played pool, some continued drinking, and some jumped into bed with each other. We are all nudists...
Wife Seduced For First Time Since Married

This is my first submission so PleSe be kind. My name is Tommy and I'm 41. My wife Christine is 42. I think it would be best if I describe us first. I'm 6'2"; short brown hair; clean shaven and in good shape minus a bit of a belly. Christine is 5'8"; long brown hair; hazel eyes; 36c; great shape even after a few pounds and two kids. She has always need extremely shy and conservative.

Wwell I have been taking some photography classes so that I could make change in my life. Wife was impressed with my photos even though some could be a little more risqué. What she did not know was that I borrowed several hundred dollars for my equipment from a friend of mine.

The time had come to pay and...
Wedding Night Rape
By some one named triple flip with modifications, much added text and enhancements by EroticWriter.

Story I found on another site, enjoyed and modified to better fit our reader's taste. Enjoy. EW

"You may kiss the bride."

The preacher's words rang in Allen's ears. He looked down at Courtney, his young bride. She was no more than five feet tall. At 5'8, Allen towered over her. Her beautiful round face was framed in reddish-blonde hair, falling in gentle curls. Her big, gray eyes gazed up at his. Her smooth pale skin glowed in the gentle candle light.

Allen's eyes gazed over her smooth, bare shoulders, and her neck, where her soft skin plunged into the gentle...
by Gustav Jorgenson

I was sitting in my living room waiting for my wife Janice to come home from work one Friday night when she suddenly burst into the room with a group of rough looking black guys. I don’t want to sound racist, but these guys looked like real thugs. They were wearing football jerseys and all had their saggy jeans hanging off their asses and they just sort of looked mean and angry. But my wife was just as happy as could be, laughing away as she ushered the ruffians into the room.

“Oh, hi honey. We have a change of plans for tonight. I am going to have to take a raincheck on dinner because I agreed to go out drinking with the boys from the loading dock at work.”

A few of the black men acknowledged me with grim...
“I had sex with a black guy and a white guy this weekend,” Nikki heard the other girls talking as she pulled her tight fitting lacrosse jersey over her sports bra, “The black guy was so much bigger.”

A chorus of giggles followed and echoed through the locker room before coach came through and brought a quick silence from the girls.

“Field in 5,” she said as she passed through the locker room and out into the moist Spring air, whistle in mouth.

Nikki grabbed her goalie helmet and followed first while the other girls, now whispering about sexual escapades, slowly followed suit.

Nikki was always first on the field. She had gotten quite a scholarship to play lacrosse, and with her in net, the team had actually done better than...