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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Subject: Debby's Dark Lust 4/6 (m/f cons voy intrr)

If you are under age, read no further; likewise if the subjects don't interest you. The series deals with consensual sex between adults: a white couple and the wife's desire for, and 1st sexual encounter with a black man, the open marriage and the voyeurism of the husband.

Please keep in mind that all of this occurred before AIDS; it was no where near the lethal risk that exists today. Be SAFE!!

(c) 1995 [email protected] Permission granted to post/ distribute electronically provided it is not for profit and these notices are left intact.

Debby's Dark Lust -4/6- The Welcome (m/f cons - intrr voy)

Vic S. as told by Debby & Todd

Todd and Debby both woke with the...
My Wife Lisa -- The First Time

My wife and I have always discussed our fantasies and used them in our lovemaking. I have often thought of her with other men, and often during sex she will act as if she has just come back from getting fucked by someone whom she had let pick her up. This had never become reality, though she had shown great interest in it.

One day, however, I had arranged to meet her for a drink after work at a local bar. When I got to the bar, I found my wife talking to a black man of about 40 (she is 28), his arm around her. I noticed she had dressed very sexily on this occasion, with an almost sheer low neck dress, slit up to mid-thigh. She has very large breasts, and the way the nipples where showing, it was obvious...
The First Swap

By T. Hicks

My wife and I married when we were both young, about twenty years old. Amy was, and still is the sexist little thing I have ever known. She is only five foot one inches tall, with dark hair, blue eyes, small perky breasts and the nicest round ass in the world. While we were dating, and I knew that we were getting serious, I thought I should tell her about some of the rather unique ideas I had about marriage just to see what her reaction would be. I told her that, although I had never tried it, I had always been interested in group sex, and that I especially have always thought that watching my wife getting fucked by other men would be a great turn on.

I asked her what her feelings about "swapping"...
. Nico
NICO by Grant

I am 33, Nico is 30, and we have been married ten years as of this past summer. We have four children. Danny was 8 in July, Michelle was seven in September, Allison was four in April, and Julie was three in August. We are currently expecting our fifth child in May.

This past August, Nico accompanied me on an out of town business trip. Her sister came and stayed with the kids while we were gone for a week. Nico and I both agreed this trip would be a chance for me to fulfil my longtime fantasy of seeing her with another man, and for her to fulfill her own particular fantasy. Nico's fantasy was to have sex with a black man. For some reason, the taboo of interracial sex made it seem very exciting to her. It would...

The young girl was caught for shop lifting and she was in tears by the time the two security people had finished harshly explaining what could happen to her.

"Please don't report me to the police, I don't want to got to jail".

"Well you have to be punished for what you did"

The young girl put her hands to her face and began crying fiercely. The female security member put her hands on the girls back and rubbed.

"Look there is another way of getting out of this".

"What's that" the girl said through her sobs.

"If you strip down so we can be sure you have nothing else on you and then maybe let us take some photos to ensure our superiors that you are clean, then we could forget this."

The young girl was both...
First Black by Smutt

Let me first describe my wife and I. My wife Susan is 47 but looks and acts much younger, she's 5'5" 140 lbs 36-26-36 with shoulder length brown hair. I am 165 lbs hair down my back 5'11", we are both white.

We started swinging about 10 years ago, at first it was just with white couples, then at a swing club about seven years ago we didn't find any couples we agreed upon, we have been talking to a single white male for over six months at this club and him and me were saying there wasn't anyone there that interested either him or us. Well Sue went to the restroom and while she was gone he said he was thinking of leaving since it didn't look as though he'd get lucky tonight, oh his name was Ron, well anyhow I told...
A story received from Frank of Florida: He finds out his wife is willing to do just about anything to get the house refurbished!


I left work a little early and got home quickly. Into the front door and the stairs I went. I was going to surprise my beloved Candy. Home early from work and straight into my home improvement project that I had been neglecting. Today, my plan was to finish the bedroom in our new home. As I reached the door, I noticed that it was not quite closed. 'How odd'... I thought to myself. Rather than call out to my wife I crept up the stairs, checking for intruders. There were soft noises coming from the bedroom - like voices. I stood in the corridor,...
Sometimes it's tough for an older man to keep up with a younger woman. Here's some e-mail received from a woman whose husband was smart enough to find a solution to that problem. I call this:


Jim, my husband has the same name as you but I call him James. I'm twenty-two years old and a little more than one-half my husband's age. James swept me off my feet when I was only eighteen years old. I went for his mature looks and smooth lines. Our courtship was filled with romance and sex. They say that women reach their sexual peak at age 25. Holy shit! I'm already as hot as a firecracker on the 4th of July. What will I be like in three more years.

But recently, I was a little concerned about James....
SPIRITS by Capt Feg

Alison and her husband had bought a small cottage in northern France. A simple structure of three rooms. It was very old. It had been a billet for a company of about 20 German soldiers during the first world war. Local legend rumoured that the troops had been found there one night, all dead. The bodies carried no marks. The cause of their deaths was never found.

A few nights after moving in they held a small housewarming party. They celebrated moving in, and the month-long visit to England that her husband was making. One of their guests, a Medium, was intrigued by the "psychic aura" of the place. Urged on by other guests she sat down to enter a trance. After a few minutes of increasingly hoarse breathing she...
. Carrie

As I sit alone in the room I suddenly think back to how this all started ten months ago....

At 5:00PM I got the call that my dinner meeting that night was canceled. As important as this meeting was for me I was glad that it was canceled because it would give me a chance to spend the evening with my wife. It seemed that lately I was always working late or going to dinner meetings and spending less time with Carrie. I decided to call to see if she would like to go out to dinner. When I called she wasnt home. I figured she must have gone shopping so I just headed home. When I got to the house around 6:00PM Carrie still wasnt home. That wasnt surprising to me. Carrie often went shopping or out to dinner with her friends...