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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

The Black Bull Club

Events described occurred after Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 5 (Final Edit) and Linda's very black favor Part 2.

Black Pine's red light district was sometimes whispered as the "black light district", because of its exclusivity to black-owned businesses. The run-down part of "White Pine" was left behind and forgotten until the city elected its first black mayor, Jordyn Sweet. The Mayor's election was a glorious moment of diversity and defeating white privilege. Black culture and black power...
The Cuckold Son!

Jason was stroking his hard dick into his Mom’s wet pussy, fucking her hard and fast and moments later he exploded filling her with his cum! “Oh Mom, that was so fucking hot! I love fucking your so much, I never want us to stop.”

“Hmmmm that’s wonderful sweetheart, you feel mighty good too. I have missed you since you started college.” Sandy said.

Sandy is Jason’s mom and since her husband died 6 years earlier, they have been lovers. Or should we say, Sandy is Jason’s cum dump. You see, Sandy and her husband married young and only got married because she got pregnant with Jason. So Sandy was more like a lover than a Mom to Jason. Sandy on the other hand had felt sorry for Jason losing his dad and then having to...
Chapter - 02 (spanish edition)

Despertamos en mi cama juntos, Martin ya estaba despierto y me observaba desnuda a su lado con satisfacción.

Estaba segura de que el no esperaba que la noche anterior las cosas terminasen en mi apartamento follando con vicio, era un hombre educado y galante, pero me sorprendió su vigor y su vicio, cuando me empezó a follar y como me dominaba, eso me descolocó un poco, pero fue maravilloso.

Estaba acariciando uno de mis muslos, cuando yo me desperté, mostrando su blanca sonrisa de satisfacción. “te veo feliz Martin, esa sonrisa es que estuviste bien conmigo” – a lo que el respondió – “Querida, desde que te vi con tus amigas, intuí que eras la mujer perfecta para mis gustos”

When I woke up the next morning I looked around confused and disoriented. I was in the guest bedroom by myself. I lay still. The events of the previous day quickly came back to me. I was in the guest bedroom because my wife, Becky was in the master bedroom with her new black lover, Jerome.

I glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It was 7:30, an hour and a half later than I generally got up. It didn't matter. It was Sunday morning.

I saw my chastity cage lying on the bedside table next to the clock and lamp. Becky hadn't put it back on me before she returned to her bedroom last night. I considered putting it back on immediately, but decided to shower first.

I got out of bed and paused to listen for a moment. I couldn't hear any...
Hot Wife captured with a slave by a Black Master

Chapter - 01

I am going to tell you an earlier story of when I was married for two years with a handsome Dutchman and lived in Amsterdam. He had a good job and when I moved to live together there, I stopped working.

At first everything was wonderful, I was his princess and my prince, but time is going out the fires and life, when your husband is always busy and absorbed by work, it becomes pure monotony, friends, shopping and I, who had always been a woman, naughty and daring , begin to feel me as a nice vase

Until one day I told my husband Brenhard, that I needed to work, that this situation of doing nothing, I was suffocating and bored....
Hot Wife captada con esclava por un Amo Negro

Capitulo - 1

Os voy a contar una historia anterior de cuando estaba casada desde hacía dos años con un guapo holandés y vivíamos en Amsterdam. El tenía un buen trabajo y yo al trasladarme a vivir juntos allí, deje de trabajar.

Al principio todo era maravilloso, yo era su princesa y el mi príncipe, pero el tiempo va apagando los fuegos y la vida, cuando tu marido siempre esta ocupado y absorbido por el trabajo, se convierte en pura monotonía, las amigas, ir de compras y yo que siempre había sido inquieta y emprendedora, me empezaba a sentir como un simple jarrón bonito.

Hasta que un día le dije a mi marido Brenhard, que necesitaba trabajar, que...
Book 23

It was good timing for us to get away for a few days; to have some ‘us’ time before jumping more fully into this thing with Ray. It obviously forced us to take the time to really talk things through and it gave me some new insight into what's going on in Suzanna's mind.

We discussed in more detail what had happened after I'd left Thursday evening. Apparently Ray was so nervous when I left and he started by saying, “I can't do this". She tried to calm him down and it took her getting undressed to get him to finally relax. She said the sex was ‘just okay’ as all he was thinking about was how it was going to be when I came back. It was Suzanna who wanted me to come back inside when she called me as she...
The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 6

Jean woke me early and told me excitedly that it was time! I bounded out of bed and started grabbing my clothes and the bag we had packed to take to the hospital! Jean was filling me in that she had been having contractions for several hours and didn’t want to wake me till she was sure it was time and not some false alarm. We packed into the car and headed for the hospital.

This was going to be a very interesting day in our lives! Jean was going to deliver a bi-racial baby and it was going to be a surprise to most everyone except my in-laws. My mother-in-law, Janice knew and so did my Father-in-law even though we knew he wasn’t pleased about it. He didn’t have much to say and Janice had put him...
Hey, race traitors~

What a pathetic bunch of white boys you are. ;(

Try some of my latest stories - Proud Race Traitor II, Welcome to Ebon Academy (Part I), Welcome to Ebon Academy (Part II), White Boyfriend Disposal Center III, and White Boyfriend Disposal Center II.

Here is most of my catalog for...
This story starts with me coming over to your house, some afternoon when you called me over because you told me you "need to get your nuts out of hock".

I knock on the door and you tell me to come in.

I open the door and step inside. Immaculately clean, just like I left it this morning; when I dropped by to clean your house and fix your breakfast.

"You look gorgeous today, Dee!"

I smile and look over at you, excited to see you. "Thank you, Daddy!"

"Come to papa"

You motion me and I step onto your floor and let the door close behind me.

You are sitting in your recliner, smiling. I see you lick your lips as I move toward you, I'm trembling a little from the excitement. I stop in front of you.

"Did you bring me some pussy,...