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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Val’s Fantasy gone wrong.

By dodger67890@yahoo.com

Ever since our last encounter Val has been in sexual overdrive and wanting to test her limits. I’ve blind folded her, tied her up, spanked her till my hands went numb, candle wax, you name it she’s feeling like she has no limits and I honestly don’t know if she has any either.

Tuesday she asked me if she could call Ty and ask him to help her test out a fantasy of hers I didn’t have a problem with it so she gave him a call. Our kitchen had a bar setup separating the cooking area from where guests sit so she was sitting on a bar stool on speaker phone while I was making something for us to snack on.

“Hey Ty, it’s Val do you have a minute?”

“Sure what’s...
Anna could not sleep, she laid awake on her bed listening to her stepfather fuck her mom. He was ruthless in his ability, it was not just the creaking sound of the bed, but the shaking of the house and the screams of pleasure as the mature white women was experiencing a massive torrent of orgasms, that kept Anna up all night. When her black step-father first moved in, a white-boy neighbor complained about the noise, the next day he came home to find his teenage daughter and her mother in an incestuous 69 position, with the two girls licking black cum from their stretched out holes. The two became devoted black cock sluts, and the white boy stopped complaining about the noise. Anna wanted to touch herself, to feel pleasure at the sounds...
Ashley and I drove home together after the locker room orgy concluded. She was in bliss for hours after had Malik pumped her full of his thick sperm. Her aura had completely changed, she seemed radiant. Maybe I was just seeing her through a new perspective, but Ashley had never been as happy or as beautiful. I wasn’t romantically and sexually in love with her like I was with Sarah, but our relationship was more now than just siblings. I shared in her sexual fulfillment, watching and supporting Malik fucking her was a way show her my love.

My family’s household dynamic drastically changed after that day. Ashley became very comfortable with partial nudity around mom and me. Unintentional flashes were very common since she often skipped...
Hot Mother, Hot Daughter-The Perfect Pair

by RLM
Making the Squad:

Jane Bowers could hardly contain her excitement as she entered Marshall High School as a 15-year old beginning sophomore. As a high school student, she was no longer one of the "little kids". She was getting her books out of her new locker for his first ever high school class in world history when Grant Adams spoke to her.

"Hi, Jane. I'm Grant... Grant Adams. I'm the starting quarterback on the varsity."

"Oh, I know. And...
by Throne

All right, it's been a year since Helga easily coerced me into marrying her. As she promised, I have been kept a virgin and had to serve her in bed (and other locations), while she was free to do whatever she pleased sexually. Let me describe a recent evening at our apartment.

I was naked, in the bathroom, scrubbing the floor at the base of the toilet with a toothbrush. There was a small ringing sound and I stopped immediately. Helga had gotten a little silver bell that she kept by the side of her bed. I call it her bed because I had been banned from sleeping there, starting on our wedding night. Naturally, I'm allowed to join her frequently to give her orgasms with my mouth. And occasionally that leads to me being...
Look at that rack, readers. A truly fine set. Might be natural, hard to tell.
Now look at that cock, or maybe I should say monster dick. Wonder how
much it weighs. Some of our readers might like to feel that heft in their hand.

Black Mamba.jpg

Honeymoon bride raped
Read all the way down for my modified version of the actual news report. Also,
down a ways you'll find a story within the story about a cock called 'No No, not that.'

by EroticWriter

Added to, the police interview. If you read this story before 13 December 2017, read again as it has been added to and hotted up here and there.

Before that ending I also added quite a bit more detail about the...
This is a mini-story. There are no characters, it’s an erotic description of the social and political landscape of America’s future.

Progress is a Bitch

The demographics didn’t lie, white countries are becoming a thing of the past. There are some bigots who continue their pathetic struggle to maintain white supremacy, but more and more white people are accepting their fate and adapting to it. The young are especially progressive on racial issues. The vast majority of white men under 30 years old understand their inherent debt to the black community and are more than ready to make amends. Surveys show that the majority of college-educated white couples have a black lover in their bedroom. The liberal school system is working better...
Chapter 3 - My Sister

I had begun to internalize my role as cuck over the past few days. My mom was right, it was best that I accept Malik’s role over me. He continued to go around school hooking up with his ever expanding harem of girls. It seemed another was falling under his sway every day. I had watched Sarah give a few after school blowjobs, but that was the only action I had gotten since their big show at my house.

My best friend Matt revealed to me that Malik was fucking his girlfriend as well. He had been with her since middle school, I was almost surprised that she had fallen under Malik’s sway. Almost surprised. Malik had shown me what all the school’s girls were lusting after, and I couldn't blame them for doing...
Chapter 1 - My Girlfriend

Malik was the first black man to ever enroll in my high school. The area was upper class and almost entirely white, so I had made it all the to my senior year with only white classmates. Malik’s family had just moved to the area and he entered my school as a senior. It had only been a week since he enrolled but he already seemed to be very popular. I guess being the only minority in the school makes you stand out. It also helped that he was good looking for a black man. He was one of the tallest men in the school at 6’4’’ and had the build of a star quarterback. A couple of the girls in my classes had clearly taken a liking to him. They had spent the last week sneaking glances at him and giggling. On top of...
Chapter 2 - Confrontation

The following week at school was humiliating. Sarah was constantly attached to one of Malik’s arms, and the other arm was usually occupied by a different girl. Malik’s girls also started to dress noticeably sluttier. Sarah was wearing crop tops and skirts that were a clear violation of our school’s dress code, but the administration seemed not to notice.

Every day it seemed like Malik had a new a girl. It didn’t take long for the other guys in school to notice. When Malik was seen groping Kim I thought that her boyfriend Jacob would surely confront him. Jacob was the school’s star running back and was even bigger than Malik, I’m sure that he would win a fight. Any ideas of that happening were crushed when I...