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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

It was one Sunday morning when Julie asked whether I was ready to cooperate with Randolf? A bit of background will help you make sense of that. My wife had been 'seeing' Randolf for nine or ten weeks. Even that word is suspect really, for seeing read dating and fucking. It had happened by chance. Randolf came along to a greyhound race meeting when I was down with flu. There was Euan, Debbie, Julie and then Randolf. He made up the foursome and from the off, she was fascinated by the guy. Randolf liked risks, he liked betting and he liked testing the odds. He certainly did with Julie asking to see her again after they had counted up a couple of hundred pounds winnings. She said yes. Why, God knows, but she said yes and soon enough, he was...
Giving Hubby What He Wants

by RLM


Stan and Vanessa Hager were entering their sixth year of marriage. Both were highly successful in their professional careers, Stan as a CPA with a large clientele and Vanessa as an interior decorator with her own business. By mutual agreement, they had decided to postpone having children. At 29 and 28 years of age, respectively, they were aware that there was still ample time to start a family when, and if, they decided to do so.

Financially, the Hagers had no problems. Their individual incomes were substantial, and, when combined, there wasn't much that was beyond their...

by Throne

My wife Angie is stunning. Short and busty, with wide hips and a round protruding ass. Her long black hair falls halfway down her back. She has dark eyes and very full lips. I'm incredibly lucky to be married to her. What is she doing with a short, soft, unexciting guy like me? Well, the fact is that before we got married she made it clear that she wanted my type, to cheat on and refuse sex to, just because it excites her to control and upset me. What could I say? I knew that I'd never have another chance to be with any woman as exciting as her. Just being able to see her every day, to live with her, to hear her voice -- even if it was scolding and taunting me -- would be enough. So I said yes. I...
The Innocent Cuckold Part 3

The next morning I awoke feeling exhausted, hurt, and angry. For the life of me I could not imagine what had got into Beth to make her act this way. Granted we have had some problems in our marriage in the past but I felt we were over the difficult parts and were really handling life in a positive, loving manner. So what happened? I mean we have one night of indulgence at an adult video store and Beth loses her mind and starts treating me like shit. It’s like those hardcore stories I love to read only it’s happening way too fast. I’ve always loved the idea of Beth treating me this way as a role playing scenario but never did I imagine this would be for real. I’ll admit I’ve always been a masochist and have...
Wives' Night Out


The Big Country Barn:

It was Friday night again, and, as usual, Steve Coulter was alone with nothing to do but watch TV and wait for Ellen to come home from her weekly "Wives' Night Out" with her three friends. Actually, Steve didn't mind. It gave him a good opportunity to do some wood working in his shop, surf the net, and occasionally, go out for a drink with one or two of his golfing friends. In addition, Ellen seemed much happier now that she had some time to spend doing female things with her good friends. Before they agreed to "Wives' Night Out", sex between them had grown somewhat stale and was down to only a...
Description: A young couple with intimacy problems seeks professional help.​

Meeting the Doctor

The office of the Couples Counselor was large and very nicely furnished; the floor was carpeted, and the subdued lighting came from lamps with warm incandescent bulbs.

“Good afternoon, I’m Don Clark,” said the doctor, as he rose from his desk to greet us. He shook our hands, looking us each in the eye. He was about six feet tall and looked to be in his mid-forties.

“Hi, I’m Molly and this is my husband, Rodney.”

“Pleased to meet you. Have a seat on the couch, and tell me why you have come.”

I sat close to Rodney and launched into an explanation, “Well, we have been married for eight months and we are...
The taste of his cum in Jilly's mouth wrecks me. It's not the fact that he is fucking her, that he is the only guy fucking her (I'm not), its the fact that she will come back to my bed afterwards, want to cuddle and to kiss, when the spunk is smeared across her face and still in her mouth. The master bedroom has become Jilly's boudoir, I'm not admitted there unless invited. I sleep in the small room next to the master and there I can listen to Ramon fucking her. He has a key to the house and he comes and goes as he pleases. There are weeks when he is totally in residence, times when he travels on business and times when he takes her away, for a weekend, sometimes longer. This started at a wedding. Not ours, but a friend of Jilly's....
The Innocent Cuckold Part 2

It’s been a week since Beth’s and my adventure at the ABS. Should I call it an adventure? That makes it sound fun in some way. While it was exciting and life altering, I hesitate to call it fun. I honestly don’t know what came over me. I should have raged against the way my wife and her new friend treated me. There is no excuse for the cowardice I displayed in front of my lovely wife. I’m so ashamed with my behavior that I can hardly look at her now. But I felt as though I had no choice in the matter. It was as if the natural order of things was being sorted out for me and I was just a passenger in my own body as I did what I did. Look I can’t even admit it to myself. I licked another man’s cum from my...
How Lyle's Wife Became a Black Cock Whore - Part 1

Lyle has been a friend of mine for a long time. The below story is based on actual events, and was drafted by Lyle then written with a lot of my help – Gracie (aka Gerald):

My name is Lyle. My looks is something I have always been a proud of, as I am a very good looking guy, although a on the short side. Women seem to like my effeminate features, which they seem to relate to. They seem to like to mother me, which I don't mind. I have a small bone structure, slim legs, long slim fingers. Even though I am effeminate, I am not gay, but I suspect some people think I am simply because of how I look and act.

I am married to a wonderful wife, Abby. She is very sexy and beautiful, but...
I have always dominated Martin, that is the dynamic of our marriage. I run my own company and my husband works for me. People say that its impossible to live that way, with your employee. But I've found it manageable. if anything, i am harder on Martin than others at work, no one is in any doubt that i wear the trousers. I discipline Martin freely in front of others, as I would other employees requiring correction. I make share that he does his fair share of work too. He does longer hours than others on projects that i give him. Because my work is in the fashion field i have to travel periodically and to socialise a great deal. Martin is relatively junior in my organisation, a manager but not an exec. So I socialise and travel with his...