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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

[playfully trying out some scenarios for a future novel, 'The Island of Intimacy' the continuing adventures of Claire, Thomas and Luther first begun in 'The Intimacy of Three' (Amazon, download and print). If you run a whole island, if you train others to the lifestyle, what must it be like when the new batch of bitches and prospective serfs arrive for the first time!?]

Claire accepted the glass of champagne from one of the serfs at the reception house down by the landing where the launch brought trainees to Brownsea Island. He was called Neil, only young, 26 and yet completely submissive. Neil came to pussy very nicely indeed! The distance across from Poole was short, no more than a nautical mile or two over the sparkling water, but...
Book 7

I know it sounds crazy but it is really incredible to watch and see her desires change and grow. I mean not even a year ago she had none of these interests and although it sounds weird to say it is actually fun experiencing this. It's like another dimension to our lives and in our marriage has been opened up. I am really turned on by seeing desire in her for herself now.

As strange as it sounds I really don't have a concern about our relationship together. Indeed, I do believe we may even be stronger together in that we are able to open up and admit more of ourselves to each other. Whereas she used to think I was crazy to want her to be with other guys I think she now genuinely understands that it does turn me on as...
Day 13

Sally turned to me as we both woke up and I held her in my arms as we kissed each other, “good morning.”

She asked, “Did you enjoy watching me last night?”

I nodded replying, “Mmm, I did. I was just surprised you fucked a guy who looked like a thug.”

She laughed and told me, “A lot of women like a bad boy, it’s a women thing.”

With that we got out of bed and got ourselves ready for what was our last 48 hours here in Jamaica.

I waited for Sally to join me outside wondering what slutty swimsuit she would be wearing today. I didn’t have to wonder for long and I nearly choked on my water as she appeared wearing a tiny yellow bikini, the strapless stringed top only just covered her nipples and the bottoms was just a very...
Happy Cinco De Mayo, race traitors! ♥ White girls always celebrate it by taking five black guys that night! So, don't wait up for your partner Saturday. ;(

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Blacked By Her Boss

I began working for Antoine in July 2016 when I returned from my honeymoon. Me…? My name is...
The following morning seemed to roll around far too quickly. We'd both gone to sleep early with the TV on, still shattered from the weekend’s adventures. I'd never fully recovered from Friday and it seemed Saturday took a lot out of her. I was a little out of it for most of the morning, just really coding on autopilot.

"Seriously Bob, what the hell is up with you? Was Friday that much of a monster?"

Laurence was leaning over my partition, a cup of coffee offered out to me. I grinned and took the proffered mug.

"Laurence, Friday’s with you are always a monster" I lied. I couldn't exactly tell him that thanks to his mad drinking session in the wrong part of town, I'd done some shopping that had made led to my girlfriend showing me a...
[An orbit story, carrying on the cruel subjugation of Thomas first begun in 'The Intimacy of Three' available through Amazon, print and download].

When Thomas was beckoned to his mistress's boudoir in the penthouse at the pavilion, he frankly hoped that she might let him lick her cunt out for her. That was what he craved. It was what he had come to fantasise about morning noon and night. It was what his tortuously twisted cock in the cage struggled over when he awoke and he so needed a little relief. His mistress's cunt smelled so fecund. It smelled of copulation, the sharp, banging, grunting, locking passion that she shared with Luther. It smelled of his spunk, of course it did and why not? You could see the thick white liquid...
Formerly titled Young Wife Takes It All In Vaseline Orgy

by EroticWriter


Note: this is a continuation of the story called
‘Her Husband's Boss Took Advantage of Her Innocence’
but with new participants.

Time period, mid 1950s.

The cast of characters for Her Husband's Boss Took Advantage of Her Innocence'
which is elsewhere on this site.

Jeff, employed by Richard and married to Monica.

Monica, newlywed at 17 and trying to help her husband get ahead.

Richard, Jeff’s boss and general all around scoundrel and schemer.

A trucker using the fake name ‘Charlie’ who got to fuck Monica for money.

The cast of characters for Two...
Book Six

Last night when I got home she told me of her doctor’s visit. She said that while she had been uncomfortable with the procedure she didn't have any of the problems she'd read about (cramps and stuff). I asked her when we could test it out! She said that because she's mid-cycle that she needs to use some other birth control for at least a few (3-4) days to be sure everything is okay and that's also how long it takes before it starts to work.

Then she tells me she can't use the diaphragm either for another day or so as everything ‘inside’ is irritated (she later told me that whatever they used to dilate her cervix left her "swollen" and it won't fit) and that it's a common result of the procedure that goes away in 12-24...
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


Chapter 14

Clarissa woke on Monday morning excited by what the next few days would provide if everything went her way; she was confident it would. Sunday's Church Service at The Church of the Black Staff had been an eye opener, at least the parts she could remember. The wonderful sermon which had held her almost breathless when the Pastor delivered his philosophy was frankly brilliant. She remembered confession when she confessed the sin of being naughty with her wonderful black lover and was immediately sorry she said it. She remembered her lovely private meeting with the Pastor when she promised to encourage...
I'd been with Rachel for over a year. We'd met at work. I'd started as a junior software developer, straight from University for an up and coming software house. I'd settled in quickly to the five man team, being pretty outgoing and friendly with the guys and was soon drinking every Friday after work with them. Rachel was a finance clerk. She had been with the company a couple of years before I joined and was the number two in her team, but pretty much ran the department, as her boss was more interested in drinking with clients and snoozing with the company directors.

I'd seen Rachel around the office and was stunned by how beautiful she was. She was petite, only just 5 ft. but had a wonderful pert ass and breasts (34c) and curly...