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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Out of Afrika

A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B


Chapter 8

So many changes had taken place in Hawksville in the two years since Rhino had established their headquarters in the sleepy conservative Southern town. Initially there had been unspoken resentment toward the imaginative company for its brash, go-ahead way of conducting business which ran counter to the traditional careful manner in which things had always been done around these parts. Then there were the other realities, not only was it managed by foreigners it was black-owned and uppity ones at that. Nothing was said or publicly stated but this was almost a step too far for some of the old established families. However, as time passed...
Son's Best Friend

Note: This story is adapted from a comic script I wrote with the same title.

Kate dropped her robe and stepped into the hot shower. She moaned as the hot water hit her back and began soaking her long dark hair. She bent her head back and lathered her hair with the shampoo. She had a high pressure shower head and the strong spray of water did it's work rinsing her hair while she rubbed her buxom figure down with body wash. The forty year old wife and mom couldn't help herself and started singing as her hands lathered up the largest pair of breasts in the neighborhood. She was in a...

Hey there, my favorite race traitors! ;) This tale is apparently too hot for Amazon who censored the title. Enjoy.

As always, please support my deviant works. I love contributing free stories to DW. Also, please comment or send me an e-mail telling me your favorite stories. It really helps me know what to write and what I can do better.

Two great stories out currently are The Last White Girl and...
OK good readers. Today you get to read a story totally original by me, not
taken from any joke I heard, and never placed online anywhere except SlutWives
before now. I am sure that later this story will be shortened and going around the net
as a short joke, but I claim credit on 9 Jan 2011. Enjoy.


By EroticWriter


"That is the most realistic looking...'dildo' I have ever seen." She shook her head in dis-belief.
"I went to a 'sex toy' party with some girlfriends about a year ago, and I never saw one that looks like that! And besides that, this one has balls!"

"It's not a 'dildo,' miss. It is real."

"You're kidding."

"No, touch it. Go...
An 'Alpha Coupling' orbit story. The further adventures of Claire, Martin and Luther will be available in a forthcoming electronic book from Amazon.

At last, now, six hours on from when I started hurting him, Martin bends his knees, sinks to the carpet floor and starts to lick me out. Luther and his friend Raphael watch him. My husband is licking up both their semen. Can you taste the difference Martin? Or is the cocktail so addictive and rich, that all that matters is that you get that slimy mix into your mouth, and savour it whilst smelling just how on heat I am? I feel my husband press his mouth first to my trimmed pubes, then to my thighs where the goo is smeared as well and at last onto my cunt.

'He licking nice babe? He...
Son’s Best Friend’s Dad

Copyright 2017 by Stormbringer

Note: This story is based on the comic script by Stormbringer and the art of Kaoscomics.

“Bye! Catch lots of fish,” said Kate waving as her husband and son drove off on their weekend fishing trip.

She waited impatiently for them to drive out of sight before spinning around and racing into her house. The belt on her short robe came loose as she ran into the house, but Kate didn’t care. She had one thing on her mind and that was getting her son’s best friend’s cock inside her again. Tyson’s teenage black cock had taken her to sexual highs she hadn’t known possible and she thought about it constantly. She dreamed about him the night after they had fucked. She was thinking of his...
Trading Bodies With His Slut Wife

By EroticWriter

A man named Phil was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife stayed at home. Sometimes he would come home tired and depressed, and when he would tell her how he felt, she would turn around and tell him how hard her day had been. Well of course Phil, being a man, could not believe that getting to stay at home, not answering to bosses and other employees, etc. could be all that hard.

After all, he reasoned in his head, my wife gets to send the kids to school, so she is free all day to do as she pleases. He wanted his wife Sherry to see what he went through so that night, he...
Sex on The Road


by EroticWriter

Jennifer now was ready for Juann to fuck her, and at that moment she would
have done anything just to get that cock in her pussy! Finally he pulled out
of Jennifer's mouth and told her to lay down and spread her legs. Jennifer
quickly was on her back with her legs as far apart as they would go. Juann
laughed and yelled up to Lamar, "Hey bro, this little bitch is ready now!"

He crawled between her legs and raised himself onto his knees. “You want it
in you, cunt?” All Jennifer could do was nod as Juann rubbed the head of the
monster up and down her dripping crack. When it would hit her clit
Jennifer's body...
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My Wife Caught Me Fucking Her Mother


    • by EroticWriter

    • Formerly called Short and Sweet and now re-written and lengthened for your enjoyment.

      A suspicious husband was in his car sitting outside his mother in law's house. He called his wife. Marty sounded like she was smiling and said, “Hi honey. I'm with mom, and we're shopping.”

      He frowned into the phone and said, “No you're not. I'm sitting in front of your mother's house and her car is here and I know she always goes to meet you. I'm going to knock at her door.”

      “No Fred, wait!” But Fred had already clicked off the phone. He was going to knock just...