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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

You all know more than me, least ways if you read this blog a lot, especially if you post on it. I didn't know what a cuckold was, i didn't understand that a woman could enjoy dominating one man and going with another. I didn't know that some men became aroused dominating a husband in front of his wife. Frankly, it was all startlingly base, terribly raw. I have had to read a lot and learn a great deal more. I know that what you have here are stories, fantasies, but honestly, they still taught me a lot. About sex in a way that i never dreamed of.

My wife Cheryl started to have an affair with one of our friends. He's a married man and apparently his wife is pretty submissive about his tastes. She accepts that he fucks other women. In...
The first ever time that my wife Jenny slapped me was when Bart was over and he was going to fuck her in front of me for the first time. I probably deserved it. I mean, months before I had encouraged her to dress in ways that got men's dicks stiff and to come on to men she liked. I liked the thought of Jenny making men ache for it. I liked the thought of them sneaking off to the john and tugging their fucking cocks until the spunk spurted uselessly down the urinal. Truth be told, i wanted Jenny to be a cruel little bitch. I reckoned that there was a load of wankers out there which she could easily ruin with her fine legs and madam attitude. She chose Bart though. That wasn't on the horizon. He wasn't the pliable, i'll fuck you nicely...
I'm trying to remember the last time that i kissed open mouthed with Estelle. I think that it was some time early in 2016, yes, that long ago. My wife had started going with Amos and she was crazed with the sex that provided. It turned my lovely thirty year old wife into a whoring slut over night. Of course she opened her legs for Amos, but then she opened them too for several of his brothers, when he told her to. We were at a 'party'. It was a black guys party, unequal in all the nasty ways that you might imagine. Amos had given my wife to a man called Lucien for half an hour and when she came out of the bedroom, Estelle beckoned me to kiss her. She had been sucking the guy off. Her mouth was full of his spunk. He wanted to watch her...
Male Virgin

by RLM

Halloween Party:

Over the years, Paula and I attended a lot of erotic, swinging parties. Some of these were boring failures; others were fantastic successes. Of course, the success or failure of a party depended a lot on the host or hostess and the people they invited. But, laying that obvious point aside, Paula and I agreed that, on the average, New Year's Eve parties were the best with Halloween parties a close second. There's something about New Year's Eve that makes people relaxed and uninhibited, which is the prime prerequisite for a party, particularly a swinging party. At...
The Long, Dark Alley

By Candace Apples

I knew he was a killer. There was no doubt.

I was across the street, outside the restaurant, when I saw him. I saw his face just briefly when he lit his cigarette, the flame reflected against his black skin. Then he vanished and the alley went back to darkness.

“Well, I think I got that squared away,” said Harold, marching out of the restaurant behind me. He was so cheap, he always argued with the waitstaff wherever we went out to eat. It was so embarrassing, I had to leave when it was happening.

“Well, that’s nice to hear,” I said, as he took me by the hand and began to lead me away.

Harold and I had only been married for only a few years at that point, and were on vacation… a kind of second...
Sue held Tyrone's big cock steady so that her husband could gobble it nicely. It seemed so raunchy that a cock that had so recently been pumping and discharging spunk inside her, was now being sucked and licked so avidly by Martin. Boy her husband worshipped Tyrone's cock. You could almost see his excitement when at last Tyrone grunted, his spunk spurting inside her and then readied himself to pull out. When black cock comes out in that state, it is rock hard and still trembling. The cock is alive and overwhelmingly masculine. It shines with the sheen of spunk over its handsome helmet and of course it tastes and it smells of where it has just been. Sue whispered encouragement to Martin.

'That's a good boy, lick first, then cover, then...
Black Boss
by RLM


Bruce and Fonda Ralston married right after Bruce obtained his B.S. degree in Finance and Fonda graduated with a F.A. degree with a major in art. Immediately after their marriage, Bruce took an entry level position as an investment officer in a large bank while Fonda did her best to get started as a free-lance artist.

After four years, Fonda had had only modest success getting her art business started, but Bruce had worked hard and made some very astute investment decisions for the bank. At a time when many banks in the country were either failing or in danger of...
It wasn't the cuckolding of my husband that made the most profound difference in our marriage, it was when Amos turned Tony into his faggot. To unmake a man and fashion him into something much less, to remould him for your dominant male pleasure, that changes what a husband is and can ever then be. I think Tony knew the direction that life would take pretty soon after I met Amos. It was at a works party, me the PA to the marketing director and Amos one of the engineers who maintained the machines on the shop floor. In my job i hardly ever encountered Amos, but I knew that the women who worked down there fantasised about him. Amos with the big chest. Amos with the winning smile. Amos who had once fucked so and so and she was never the...
To Please a Husband

by RLM

A Cold Wife:

After finishing work at 4:50 PM, Stan Henson had left his real estate office before 5:00 PM. It was the first time he had done that in at least a year. Even though he had left early, Stan didn't stop at Marty's Sports Bar for a quick beer with his friends who generally met there after work for a quick one and to talk sports before heading home.

Although he knew it was pretty much hopeless, he still entertained hopes that Nancy would have finished her housework, shopping chores, and her volunteer work at the hospital and would be interested in having...
Sensuous Encounters-2: A Worried Husband:

Earl and Joyce:

When Paula and I first started swinging, we placed and answered ads. That was the way we met Alice and Harold Bascome. However, once we had developed a circle of intimate friends, we mostly met new couples by recommendations from the friends we already had. It was such a recommendation that led us to give Earl and Joyce Bregman a phone call. At first, I spoke with Earl and then with Joyce. After that initial contact, Joyce called while I was at work and spoke with Paula. She got Earl on the phone, and he spent 15 minutes talking with my wife.

Naturally, we exchanged photos sending both...