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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

A faithful husband working abroad for six months suffers a cruel injury. On his return home, he learns that a combination of his debility and the resultant medication will prevent him from sexually satisfying his equally faithful wife for several months. His inability to perform soon fuels his long-standing fantasies about his wife not being so faithful. His frustrated wife slowly fulfills his wildest fantasies whilst gratifying her own needful cravings. On his recovery he discovers a small problem, and his wife suggests an unusual solution that may extend his fantasies further than he ever expected...

*Chapter 1*

I have always hated hospitals. Loathed them, in fact; the clinical aromas, the sterile feel, the gloomy...
This work of fiction concerns a man who engages in some prolonged and kinky chastity play with his wife. To fboth his dismay and excitement he discovers that his chastity device is causing his penis to shrink. Instead of ending their kinky pastime, his wife encourages and entices him to continue - with interesting consequences for himself, the fidelity of his wife, and his relationship with his wife's sexy elder sister.

Chapter 1: How it began.

I should state from the outset that my wife Kylie has always relished many of the kinkier aspects of sex. Kylie is 27 years of age, with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, and she stands at about 5' 5". She has green eyes, and full pouty lips set upon a sharply featured little fox face....

Hi. My name is Amanda, although the name tag I wear at work says it's "Kelly." Given the type of guys we meet there, we'd just as soon they don't know our real names, which I'm sure you'll understand when I tell you that I work at a topless franchise whose name begins with an "H," and which rhymes with "cooter." So, I'm sure you can see why all us girls who work there use made-up names.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about a new job I was offered a couple weeks ago, and since it pays a hell of a lot more than where I work now, I think I'll probably accept it. Of course, the fact that it's a lot more exciting than carrying trays to tables full of half-drunk guys who like nothing better than feeling me up while I'm...
Book 18

I can definitely say that our sex-life has tapered down a bit. We are now down to usually just twice a week which is about where we were in the past. It's okay, the sex is still tremendous, but I know that both of us feel a certain level of anxiety because some of the "stimulation" is no longer there.

She will still tease me wearing panties around and she'll joke that she ‘doesn't want me to forget’. During sex she does still tease but it is in a past/passive sense; she'll say, "remember how wet I was..." and stuff like that.

We have continued talking and she is becoming more receptive to possibly looking at friends/acquaintances as our next partner. She's interested in changing how things work,...
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


Chapter 20

Melanie Baker’s life had completely changed over the past few years and she suspected that the catalyst for change had been the arrival in Hawksville of Rhino the electronics company. Personally she hadn’t had that much to do with the company other than buying some of their products but such was their pernicious influence and their steady expansion throughout the town and region that it was difficult not to be influenced in some way or another. Like so many of her friends and neighbours she was now involved in things that she never would have contemplated in her past and, indeed, her...
[This story's plot may be a little distasteful to some but connoisseurs of female cruelty might still enjoy making Leah's acquaintance.

PS there's also a half-written part three :)]

Crippled and Bitched (Part One)

Even before my accident, I was terrified my wife would bitch me. Leah hadn’t cared when I’d discovered her affair. Although I still loved her, it was dawning on me how much my wife just didn’t give a shit about me. I guess the accident sealed my fate. Leah seized her chance and went ahead with the bitching. With me confined to a wheelchair, Leah knew that I posed no threat whatsoever. I had become a prime candidate to be bitched.

I didn’t even know what “bitched” meant until a few months ago. At first I...
The Teacher Does Her BBC Assignments
by Nancy and RLM

World History Class:

Nancy Norvell was walking back and forth in front of the students in her 3 PM 12th grade World History class. As she lectured about the precipitating causes and event leading up to World War I and the ineffectual manner in which the leaders of the world had handled those events, she knew that every boy in the class was thinking more about her shapely legs clad in her beige nylons and the sexy 3-inch heels she was wearing than they were about the assassination...
My hands were full. I was carrying my wife's tiny bathing suit, her new boyfriend's swim trunks, tee shirt, wallet and car keys, my shorts and the basket I'd used to carry food and drinks over to Cheryl's house. Our front door was unlocked, so I was able to hang on to everything and get it open. As soon as I stepped into the house Becky called, “Danny, we're in the kitchen.”

I walked through the living room and dining room into the kitchen. Becky and Jerome were still naked. Jerome was sitting on one of our kitchen chairs. He'd pulled it away from the table and turned it around to give them more space. Becky was sitting on Jerome's lap. She was facing out, her back was pressed against his chest. Jerome was holding my wife in his...
My life might have never gotten so bad if I hadn't tried to stand up to my wife Rita. She had been dominating me for a year, since our whirlwind dating period and hasty marriage. We moved into a ranch house she owned, that she inherited from some distant relative. The place was old and uncared for but she didn't mind. It was also out on a secondary road, in the middle of a cluster of similar homes. All of the residents were low income types, which made me uncomfortable, but living there was cheaper than renting in the city.

Anyway, what I did that got me into so much trouble was to suggest that we turn the spare bedroom into a man cave for me. After all, it was just being used for storage and Rita had piles of boxes in there....
Book 17

Sue's not seeing Dan this Friday; she's taking a bit of a break. It's not that she's worried or concerned about it being too much with Dan in terms of what she warned me of her feelings for him but, rather, it seems to be genuinely that after her week with Dan, she just needs a break.

I asked her what that meant for us and she basically said that it means we can do whatever we want this week which, in so many words, means that there isn't that feeling of obligation to fuck tonight as I think we'd both sort of felt for the past few months or more.

I’m not thinking that, “uh-oh, that's the end of that”, it isn't. It's actually something she said they both have been feeling, that their ‘every Friday’...