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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

The taste of his cum in Jilly's mouth wrecks me. It's not the fact that he is fucking her, that he is the only guy fucking her (I'm not), its the fact that she will come back to my bed afterwards, want to cuddle and to kiss, when the spunk is smeared across her face and still in her mouth. The master bedroom has become Jilly's boudoir, I'm not admitted there unless invited. I sleep in the small room next to the master and there I can listen to Ramon fucking her. He has a key to the house and he comes and goes as he pleases. There are weeks when he is totally in residence, times when he travels on business and times when he takes her away, for a weekend, sometimes longer. This started at a wedding. Not ours, but a friend of Jilly's....
The Innocent Cuckold Part 2

It’s been a week since Beth’s and my adventure at the ABS. Should I call it an adventure? That makes it sound fun in some way. While it was exciting and life altering, I hesitate to call it fun. I honestly don’t know what came over me. I should have raged against the way my wife and her new friend treated me. There is no excuse for the cowardice I displayed in front of my lovely wife. I’m so ashamed with my behavior that I can hardly look at her now. But I felt as though I had no choice in the matter. It was as if the natural order of things was being sorted out for me and I was just a passenger in my own body as I did what I did. Look I can’t even admit it to myself. I licked another man’s cum from my...
How Lyle's Wife Became a Black Cock Whore - Part 1

Lyle has been a friend of mine for a long time. The below story is based on actual events, and was drafted by Lyle then written with a lot of my help – Gracie (aka Gerald):

My name is Lyle. My looks is something I have always been a proud of, as I am a very good looking guy, although a on the short side. Women seem to like my effeminate features, which they seem to relate to. They seem to like to mother me, which I don't mind. I have a small bone structure, slim legs, long slim fingers. Even though I am effeminate, I am not gay, but I suspect some people think I am simply because of how I look and act.

I am married to a wonderful wife, Abby. She is very sexy and beautiful, but...
I have always dominated Martin, that is the dynamic of our marriage. I run my own company and my husband works for me. People say that its impossible to live that way, with your employee. But I've found it manageable. if anything, i am harder on Martin than others at work, no one is in any doubt that i wear the trousers. I discipline Martin freely in front of others, as I would other employees requiring correction. I make share that he does his fair share of work too. He does longer hours than others on projects that i give him. Because my work is in the fashion field i have to travel periodically and to socialise a great deal. Martin is relatively junior in my organisation, a manager but not an exec. So I socialise and travel with his...
Wedding Night Swap, Her Idea


by EroticWriter

Readers, this story with the title Wedding Night Swap, was posted a long time ago, but I have added to it, including the describing of a very hot set of videos online, and drastically changed the ending of this story, making it hotter.

Some were willing, and some not so.

The cast of characters:

Bill, the groom storyteller with big plans for his bride

Kathy, the bride willing to share Bill with Jennifer for a price

Jennifer, the workmate goddess who wants it all.

Jose, the lucky stunt cock

Readers. there have...
Photography sessions, at the Gym.

A friend of mine was struggling with the gym he owned and asked if my girlfriend Valerie and I could help out with some new promotional photos for his advertisements. Ty said he'd give us both lifetime memberships at the gym as well as personal training whenever he didn't already have clients scheduled, Val's been wanting to find a new gym since she graduated from college and hasn't found a place she liked yet. I spoke with Val and she said that she couldn't pass up an offer like that and that she'd love to..

Valerie has a stunning figure at 5'7” 150lbs she sports a perfect set of 32DD's long straight brown hair down to her sculpted waist and legs that just won't quit. She was a cheerleader in high...
My wife and I have been married for 25 years and we seem to have hit a bit of a stale spot in the bedroom. We have never been very active sexually due in large part to my own inadequacies in both size and stamina. I’m not very big at all and I’ve never really been able to last very long when having sex but now that I’m nearing fifty years old, I’m much worse off than ever. I’ve had some medical issues which make it nearly impossible to get hard at all. Even enhancement drugs don’t help and I’m embarrassed by how useless I’ve become to her in the bedroom. She says all the right things to make me feel better but I can see how discouraged she is each time we try. It’s now to the point where she doesn’t even care if we make love at all. She...
A little before six, whilst the light is more mist than sun mellow, I rise from my single bed and pad quietly along the landing to the bathroom. To reach there I have to pass the door to the master bedroom. It is ajar. On the dishevelled bed, amidst the thrown around sheets, my wife Christine lies with her legs up over the black guy's burley shoulders. They reverberate to his pumping cock. He has her hands pinned beneath the pillows, eats out her mouth with his greedy tongue, and ploughs into her so that he juices squelch out and run down her buttocks. Her legs are spread wide. It's absolutely necessary as his substantial frame covers her, his powerful buttocks driving his manhood up her. There is the suck, suck, suck, slap, slap, slap...
I've posted a couple of stories about my white side piece, Liz. She's married to my buddy, Mike, but I've been tearing that bitches pussy up for months now! I called her up a while ago and told her to dress slutty and bring her ass to a club near the house. It's a hip hop club filled with horny brothers and some fine ladies, almost all of them black. Liz told me it would take her a couple of hours but she'd be there. It was Saturday night around 7:00 and the club is an 18 & up club and it don't jam until after 10, so that was cool. I got there around 8:30 and grabbed a table in back near the patio large enough for 6 or 7 of us. There was supposed to be a crowd of us there and I wanted to have a table to hang out at. By 9:00 2 of my...
Because i left the mobile phone within reach of Ian I get an almost instant response. It is what i expect. As he answers I can hear that clack, clank, rattle sound of metal against metal. You see, I have Ian handcuffed to the brass bed at home. Just one hand mind, the brass bed bolted to the floor so it can't be dragged around. If you cuff just one hand he can wank, which is what i rather like.

'Ian?' (Haha! Who else would it be?) 'Listen, I'm going to be home late tonight, Marcus is taking me out to dinner.'

A sigh can sound rather long and plaintiff on the phone. Especially if it descends into a whimper.

'Christ Amy….you gotta get home, for a few minutes at least. I'm going to need the John.'

Could Ian be telling me the truth?...