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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

This story starts off with just the husband being used but in time the wife will become involved. Hope you like it.

Slave To My Black Neighbor Part One

My wife and I were working in the front yard raking leaves when we saw the moving truck pull in to the house next door. It was exciting to finally get a new neighbor as the house had been sitting empty for quite a while. A black SUV pulled in beside the truck and out stepped the biggest man I’d ever seen. He easily stood six foot four and looked to weigh close to three hundred pounds. He was built like a retired linebacker, solid but with a bit of a gut showing he didn’t work out like he once had. He was bald and looked to be about fifty years old. The most striking thing about...
Book 26

I think it's about as good as it can be in terms of us all not feeling quite so uneasy about things. I left feeling good about Ray and me but I am aware that much can happen when they're away together at the wedding.

Still, I have to say that as the time has gone by since the wedding thing first came up that I now more than ever want her to go with him. I am now working up the courage to suggest/tell her to leave her rings at home.

The thought of her spending a night with Ray and the hearing about it when she comes home is just intense to even think about now; I cannot imagine how I'll be when the time comes.


She just called me at 4:45pm and said she was going to stop off at...
Woman raped; husband is forced to watch


"They each made me hold their cocks one at a time close to my husband's penis and look at my husband and say things like: 'Look, Honey, how his cock is so much bigger,' and 'I love big black cock.'

Here you go readers. Another real news report with many modifications and add-ons by Eroticwriter.

Friday, April 14, | 10:45 A.M.

A young Las Vegas woman was raped by two men at gunpoint this week while her husband, who was tied up by the assailants, was forced to watch, Metro Police said.

The couple were in bed about 11:30 P.M. Tuesday in their...
A Dream Come True - Curt Bruch​

I was on vacation (in the Canary Islands, since you ask) when sitting at a beach-side bar I got into conversation with an agreeable guy who, like me, was content to get out of the hot sunshine and just enjoy looking at the sea, sand and the lovely people lazing about whilst we viewed them over the rim of a glass of cold beer. He noted I had my journal with me and soon extracted the information that I was a writer who loved to listen to accounts from strangers and turn them into stories. He took that as an invitation.


I have always considered myself to be a practical, realistic person, one not normally affected by daydreams of gaining the unachievable such as...
Valerie and I have been married for 11 years. After 3 years of marriage I let other men fuck her for 4 years but for the last 4 years she has been Steve's whore and she seems to love it more every day.

Valerie is only 29 years old and is slim with small 34B tits. Her long shapely legs are probably her best feature but she is also quite pretty with long blonde hair. Valerie's camel toe is always obvious regardless of white type of shorts or slacks she wears. The only way to hide her pronounced mons and pussy lips is for her to wear a dress or skirt. I have always enjoyed other men staring at Valerie's crotch when she wears short shorts or yoga type pants. Since she has become Steve's girlfriend and fulltime slut/whore he always...

Slavery has been practiced for as long as human memory last. The Romans were the most famous classical example, but they were by no means the first. However, modern slavery has its roots in the initial colonial expansion by the Portuguese, who established forts along the west coast of Africa in the fifteenth century..."

Nia's ballpoint rolled over the paper, studiously taking notes. Around her, over three hundred fellow students, most of them black, did the same. Afro-American Studies was never short on students, young men and women coming in droves for the chance to learn more about themselves, about where they came from and how they got to now.

Nia knew exactly where she came from -...

Hey, race traitors! ;)

Here is a delicious story for you. If you enjoy it, consider trying Blacked on Reality TV I and Blacked on Reality TV II!

My newest stories are Blacking the White Resistance and Blacked Hypnosis IV. <3 They are rough tales full of delicious race betrayal from you pathetic...
Book 25

Suzanna came home from the gyno doc with the news that she had to take out the IUD. Something about some irregular appearance this and irritated that. She can have it put back in when things calm down, if she wants. The doc also said that between her not having periods any more for the past few months plus whatever the hormones are that are associated, basically, she can no longer get pregnant and ‘welcome to menopause’.

So, she's essentially been prescribed to use an anti-inflammatory like Naproxen sodium and to basically ‘give it a rest’. I joked that I told her she was going to wear something out but the doc actually said it's most likely normal if she's into menopause.

So Suzanna stayed home and...
Game Nights – Part 2


This story is a continuation of “Game Nights” that can be found on page 5 of my directory. In Part 1, four wives, Traci, Karen, Julia, and Paula are tired of their husbands spending every Saturday night playing poker. Instead of complaining about the situation, they make their husbands an offer they can’t refuse: they can either play cards or they can participate in “Game Night” with four sensuous and eager women. The first game night featured an erotic quiz with Paula as the prize. This was followed by hunt by the four husbands for “cunt animals” in the woods. The second game night...
Wedding Night Swap, My Bride's Idea


I laid down naked beside my precious little girlfriend, my workmate goddess. For a while as I laid on my back I was silent, not even touching Jennifer as I thought about my beautiful bride, in there with Jose.

Some sounds were coming from the other room. It was my bride making the noise.

Finally Jennifer spoke. “Are you alright? This is sort of what you wanted, isn't it?”

by EroticWriter

The cast of characters:

Bill, the groom storyteller with big plans for his bride

Kathy, the bride willing to share Bill with Jennifer for a price

Jennifer, the...