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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Chapter 4: Sexy on South Beach

Beth was still exhausted when she returned home. She tossed her keys and Ashley’s underwear on the bureau and stripped off her clothes. David was still sleeping, snoring softly. She unhooked her bra, sighing with relief as her breasts sprang free of their constraints. My panties are rather boring, she thought, pulling them down over her legs. She grabbed Ash’s panty and held it over her crotch. The sexy bottoms were too big for her. Ashley’s hips and rear end being larger than her own. She tossed the panty into the trash bin and climbed into bed beside David. Still exhausted, she quickly fell back asleep.

After a few hours of sleep, Beth was on her side and felt David’s penis poking her in the rear....
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


Chapter 28 - A Lawyer's Wife's Black Lovers

About ten days went by until an opportunity arose for TJ to speak to the boss. By then he had rehearsed his plan in his mind umpteen times. The days had dragged a bit since he had watched, through a slightly ajar master bedroom door, the black friend of Mr. Rush make love to Mrs. Rosie, Mr. Rush’s lovely, much younger white wife, while Mr. Rush looked on seated in a chair.

TJ was still new to the staff of the lawyer's mansion, and as a recent college grad from the black state college, he was being very careful. He told no one else about...
The Year-long Visitor and His Black Friends
by RLM

A Pool Party with the Raynes

I had already showered, fixed my hair, and done my makeup when Gordon came in from his office as VP of Engineering and Director or Research Operations. Since I had not yet put on my dress, he caught me wearing nothing but heels and a sexy pair of mint green panties.

"Wow! Hot! Sexy! That's the way I like for my wife to welcome me home!"

Gordon pulled me into his arms and a moment later our mouths were crushed together in a...
The Unwanted Houseguest Rebooted
Copyright 2018 by Stormbringer

Chapter 3: Pool on New Year's Eve.

“Are you ready yet?” yelled David from the bottom of the stairs.

“Ten more minutes,” yelled Beth back.

“That's what you said ten min... oh never mind.”

Beth smiled. She was looking forward to a night out and uncharacteristically for her, she decided to show off a little. Beth stood before her mirror in her underwear, plain white Walmart bra, and panties. She reached out and grabbed the little black dress. It shimmered in the light. She pulled it on over her head and reached behind her to zip up the back. She stepped into her heels and posed sideways. The dress was standard garb for New Year's Eve, but not something she'd ever...
“Ah, fuck, what’s wrong with you?” Clementine said, flopping her forearm over her eyes as the sun burst in through the window, her sister standing, hands on hips, a slight smirk on her face as she looked down on her groaning relative.

“Seems like someone had a bit too much fun on her hen night,” Sofia said. “I knew those friends of yours couldn’t be trusted. You know how busy we are today getting shit ready for the big day? Good thing it isn’t today, you like terrible!”

“Thanks for the support,” Clementine groaned, groggily getting to her feet and stumbling into the bathroom. She looked into the mirror, realising her sister was right. She did look pretty abysmal this morning. Mind you, could be worse. Could have...

“Oh fuck,...
I picked up the phone. It had buzzed again, the umpteenth time it had chirruped and announced a new video message. Each time it had been like someone stabbing some rusted, ragged blade into my heart. This time was no different - Alice’s hand, wedding band gleaming, covering her bare pussy. Slowly the hand was pulled aside, revealing her sloppy wet hole ... sperm oozing out of it. A lot of sperm. More than one man could have produced. Giggling could be heard off camera then female fingers appeared, slipping easily into my wife’s cunt. One, two, three then four, a tucked thumb and I was watching my wife’s cum-filled vagina being fisted by, I imagined, my ex-wife, Melody.

Another clip, just showing Alice’s pretty face, smiling...
Alice and I crashed down on the beach towel, laughing our heads off. For a second, I just drank it all in. The warmth of the sun heating our cold bodies, fresh from the ocean. The sight of my beautiful wife lying next to me, golden hair cascading out haphazardly like a silken corona. Her heaving chest as she and I recovered our breath. Just ... everything at that moment was perfect. Of course, nothing lasts forever but if I could go back to any moment in my life, it would be then. Everything was ... right. Yes, right. Things would change for us in the next few weeks, but then ... yeah, that would be my time.

“That was ... fun!” she breathed, turning her to look at me. There were other people around, a few other...
Father John Opens The Gates

Mother Angela, after Father John had climbed off of me, his dangly thing was all soft and shiny looking. As I sat up, I looked down and saw blood on his bed where I had been lying.

It was from me and it shocked me. Father John saw my tears and said it was nothing to worry about, that a little sacrificial blood is to be expected when a lock to the Gates to Heaven is opened for the first time.”

by EroticWriter

It was time for Father John's Saturday night bath. Angela, the mother nun at 56 was getting on in years so she decided it was time to allow a novice whom had just become a nun to learn the job. The lovely young nun,...
Natalie Earns Her Money

Despite his size, Natalie had let him have her in the ass during his first bury the salami session tonight. This was something she only did for special customers, but this old boy was the largest man she had ever allowed to enter her in that manner.

Again, he wore no rubber, a risky venture for her, but she believed his story of only having been with her in recent years. Using a little K-Y for lubrication, it was a struggle, but Natalie managed to take him while pretending to enjoy it.

by EroticWriter and first published by EW on 06-18-2010

Natalie Earns Her Money

The Madam opened the brothel door to see a frail, elderly...
Book 44

We have now resumed Wednesday night fun. She already told me before bed last night and again this morning when she walked up to me and cupped my cock and balls and said, "Are we going to have our usual fun tonight?"

As with most every Wednesday since it began, it's been a time when we seem to be able to talk about most anything while I am masturbating with her. I will try to steer the conversation that way.

She told me that if it had been up to Robert he would have had kids already as he'd really wanted them. All I have to go on is what Suzanna shared with me but apparently his ex-wife led him on for a long time about ‘someday’ having kids then apparently she came out and straight said she didn't want...