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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

by Throne

I never should have married Darla. With my fat paycheck I could have done better. Even though I'm short and slender, I'm not a bad looking guy. And sure my penis is smaller than average, but size shouldn't be so important. What went wrong? I was enraptured by Darla's huge bust, broad hips, full thighs and large calves. Most of all, I was taken by her wide protruding ass. It's so big and round. What can I say? I fell for her body more than anything else. In fact, I ignored that fact that her face was less than ideal. She has small, deep-set eyes, a fleshy nose, and overly plump lips. Her blond hair is never fully cleaned or thoroughly brushed. Even so, I began to date her. The more sex we had, the more I wanted....
Nicky becomes a racial justice warrior Part 3

Following part 2, Nicky continues her journey fighting for diversity, racial tolerance and justice. But the black men in the city of Black Pine have something in mind for the teasing housewife. Nicky's awakening will come in the exclusive lounge named The Black Bull Club.


Nicky had just finished watching, up close, Amanda and Russell fuck. Russell, a 19 year old resident of the trailer park, got his chance at hot, married white pussy after a playful game of basketball. Nicky loved how the...
Slave To My Black Neighbor Part Five

The next morning was Monday and I was thrilled with the idea of Beth and I both going off to work and being far away from Master. I had been going through hell for the past four days and just wanted some time away to clear my head. My god, had it only been four days? That cruel man had enslaved me, cuckolded me, and broken me in only four days? Maybe he was right about me all along. I’m not really a man at all. A real man would never put up with this without fighting back, right? But even the thought of pain scares me to the point where I just submit. I naturally back down from confrontation and Master uses that innate cowardice and submissiveness to his advantage. Damn I actually was looking...
Book 27

We’ve created a back story to explain Suzanna’s absence over the wedding weekend. The story for our daughter is that Suzanna's going off to see an old college roommate for a girls-reunion of sorts. Our daughter didn't even raise an eyebrow when we mentioned it to her but I know that she'll be all surprised by it come Friday when she says, "oh yeah, you did mention that".

The plan as of now is that Suzanna will come home Friday afternoon early, probably before either my daughter or I get home, and will then change and will drive herself to Ray’s. I voiced concern over her car being left out in front of his place and she said, “Good point, I'll park in his garage; we're taking his car.”

I am quite sure...
How My Husband's Boss Seduced Me

'Three times. Never before in all my over four years of having sex, had I climaxed more than twice in a session. Now things had changed. Three times I had climaxed, and they had been my strongest three ever, and all because I had been assigned the simple task of performing a slide.'

By EroticWriter and ed mead.

Another hot one readers. Written by someone named ed mead (he did not capitalize his name) on another site a few years ago and added to and changed quite a bit throughout by EroticWriter to make the sex even hotter. A good story I think I made even better. I changed the title and ending...
Slave To My Black Neighbor Part Four
I'd love to hear from like minded pervs like me so hit me up at [email protected] and let's chat.

The next morning I was finally getting some sleep by my dreams were quite disturbing. I saw myself serving Master’s cock over and over in a variety of humiliating ways which made for a rough night and not much restful sleep. As I was moving from sleep to semi wakefulness I even thought I could smell Master’s musky crotch. The sensation was so real it made me snap fully awake in horror and humiliation. At first I thought I must still be dreaming as when I opened my eyes there was the cock I was so familiar with hanging in front of my face the head just brushing across my lips....
Slave to My Black Neighbor
Part Three
By Brian Masters

When Beth returned home after her dinner with Jake it was late and I was still in bed. She came into the room and went immediately into the adjacent bathroom to get ready for bed without saying a word to me. I heard the shower running for a while then she got dressed in her sleep shorts and top and came to bed. I asked her how dinner was and she said in a soft faraway voice, “It was good. Jake is a great guy once you get to know him. Very friendly. I’m sorry honey but I’m beat. I’ve got to get some sleep. Goodnight”.

And that was it. She had her back turned to me the entire time and didn’t say anything more before falling asleep. My nerves were shot. I lay awake for...
The Sommerset Farm, part 3

Helen was awakened by someone crawling into the bed. Marc had been there what seemed like only moments ago but he was obviously gone now. But who was this taking his place? Helen reached out and felt a body, which was covered with muscles and a little larger than Marc. Arms came out of the darkness of the morning and surrounded her as she reached down to find the man’s cock. Yes, this was not Marc! His cock was larger both in length and thickness.

Lips met Helen’s and delivered a strong kiss and a bit of tongue at the end! Helen liked the kiss and responded with another as the man’s hands roamed over her back and massaged her ass. She pushed forward against the man’s hardening cock and the man pulled her...
Nicky becomes a racial justice warrior Part 2

Following Part 1, this follows the continuing saga of Nicky, a white housewife, indoctrinated by a black supremacy organization. We follow her journey before falling from white privilege at The Black Bull Club.


When Nicky returned home, she quizzed her husband about the symposium. It was important to her that she and Sam were on the same page about relations with black peoples. Nicky first shared how enlightening the discussion was and she looked forward to more and wanted to find...
Slave to My Black Neighbor Part 2

I lay awake all that night going over the previous day’s events in my mind feeling shame and fear and no small amount of self-loathing. The more I thought about what had happened the more clearly the details lay themselves out in my mind. I remembered every sight, smell, and taste as if it were still happening. I hated the huge black man for what he’d done to me and I hated myself for letting it happen.

But after a few hours of running it all through my mind something unexpected and strange happened to me. I got hard. It was involuntary and not at all what I wanted to have happen but there it was. My little dick was betraying me. I got an erection from thinking about sucking Jake’s...