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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Damian was outrageous. Handcuffed and safely hooded in the all encompassing leather bonnet Ian had been led out into the orchard at the rear of the house. Her husband looked like someone out of a medieval dungeon but Damian led him casually. Ian couldn't see out of the hood, there were no eye holes. The holes for his nose and mouth could be closed with tightly fitting leather straps, so that the fear of death by asphyxiation must have seemed very real. Damian had wrenched the big buckles on the back of the hood really tight and the stoppered the nose holes. Ian was breathing noisily from his mouth, whispering, pleading for mercy. Lattice work patches over each ear meant that her husband could hear. Ian wore a leather collar with a big...
Meredith is not the same woman who walked into the Black Studies class that first night. Having a new outlook on race, her marriage, and herself, she is about to graduate the intensive five night course. Her personality is almost unrecognizable as Meredith made changes within herself and with her husband, Jake, for the sake of harmony, racial justice, and the needs of the black men. Having embraced the teachings of the Black Power Movement, she has one more lesson to finish to earn her certification.


Morning and Jake was tenderly kissing his wife's shoulder. "I'm really horny, baby. Please help me get off." But his wife, Meredith, was groggy from the physical exertion the night before at the lounge and...

Up until one month ago, I was a typical husband. If anyone had asked me, I would have assured them I knew everything about my wife of 30 years, Anna-Marie. I truly thought I knew everything about her, and nothing she could ever do or say would surprise me. I was wrong, and I freely admit it.

I guess I based my former opinion on the fact that Anna-Marie and I had known each other from the time we were both very young children. Our families lived in houses that were next to each other, and it was nothing but expected that we would play together, and have lots of fights with each other, truth be told. When it came time for the two of us to play the old childrens' game of "Doctor," we took off our clothes in a...
Meredith's fourth class ends with a special lesson. Assigned to work at an exclusive lounge in Black Pine, she will learn how important her contributions to race relations will be. But the lesson will test her moral fibers pitting her marriage against primal lust. What will come first? Her vows to her husband or her obligations to strange, aroused black men? Deep down, Meredith had made her choice.


Past the railroad tracks, pulling away from the slaughter house, was a small industrial enclave. What was supposed to be a hub of machine shops and warehouses, became economically destitute and represented policy failures of the prior city administration. But that didn't meant someone else couldn't took...
Book 13

I finally did it and owned up to telling Suzanna that I wanted to experience more of what I've been fantasizing about. I guess I figured, “why fight it?” it's obviously what I want. I love knowing she's fucking Dan and I love her taunting and teasing me about it. If it's something I truly want to experience, it just seemed like the stars and moon and whatever lined up and the circumstances were such that I let it out.

I told Suzanna that I really got turned on by her flaunting her sexual relationship and desires with Dan. I think it took her a bit to realize what I was saying to her but she accepted it in a loving way and I truly believe she is still doing much of this as something to give me increased...
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


Chapter 18

In the months since Clarissa's stunning rise to power as President of the Confederacy Country Club (known to all as the 'CCC') near Hawksville, much had been accomplished she thought, as she drove home after another positive Board of Directors' meeting. She mentally listed and ticked off her ‘achievements’ which included the expansion of some of the committees to include more women, young attractive ones, who came in with great ideas and even more enthusiasm. The social side of the Club had expanded exponentially as a consequence with more and more fun events for members with one of...
The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin

By Robwil

This is our story, it begins with Kevin and myself (Rob) to begin with and many more added as we go along. Kevin and I met near where my grandparents lived and it was all quite by accident. It doesn’t matter how but Kevin and I became friends, quite close friends to be truthful. We actually became more like brothers but by different mothers! We used to run around together and even though he was a couple years younger than I was and Black we did almost everything together for many years. We had dates together (with different girls of course) and did lots of partying as we grew up. I met my wife to be (Jean is her name) and Kevin actually met and started going with a former girl friend of mine by...
Yesterday, it was so hot wasn't it! The heat wave continued. Today I have Tamsin, Sheryl and Marie around for drinks, seated out around the pool. We dressed in rather flimsy things, translucent things, in linen and lace, nice things that floated when the breeze caught them. There is something about clothes that are pure white against a generously sun tanned skin. There is something about sun tanned skin and wearing make up properly. There is something about wearing good jewellery when you have a good sun tan, gold and nut brown skin is so right! James begged to be allowed to work downstairs, building the pub bar that I want set up in the basement for winter. Canadian winters are long and cold. We ex pat Brits miss the trip to the pub....
I looked over at Rachel’s pert behind. Poking through the hole in the wall and resting in between her white cheeks was a fat ebony cock head. I turned and hissed a Dave “What the hell?”

Dave had turned pale. “I forgot to lock the door” He pulled up his trousers and dashed out of the cubicle.

I turned back to Rachel, who was still rocking back and forth on the dildo, rubbing her clit furiously. The black cock still visible against her peach behind. “What should I do?” she whispered.

“What do you want to do?”

She licked her lips and smiled. “I can choose?”

“Rach, if I told you to stop and go home, could you?”

She looked at me in the eye and without blinking said. “If you want me to”

I loved her more than I could ever say at that...
A cuckolds greatest pleasure - Revised July 8th 2018

By Smal4u

You are kneeling at the bottom of your marriage bed. On the bed in front of you is your 30 year old white wife of 12 years and her black bull. They are both completely naked and in each other’s arms and their bodies are covered in sweat. You can see your wife’s wedding ring, as she caresses and holds onto her black lover. Her ankle bracelet worn on her right ankle is adorned with cuckold themed charms, the letters BBC and an Ace of Spades with a Q on it, and yes, of course, the key to your chastity device, which restrains your cuckold little penis is also on the ankle bracelet and you can hear them jingle as her legs twitch.

The sight of your wife’s red...