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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

There is this Sickert painting called Ennui. Its a dull interior image of an old guy smoking and a younger woman fixing her hair, may be an earring ring to go out. She seems intent on securing some distraction. He smokes. he's heavy, dressed in a boring, conservative jacket and waistcoat. He stares out of the picture, purposeless. No picture tells you exactly what it means. You have to bring something to it. You have to interpret what ennui (listlessness) really involves. Well now I know first hand. i know what it is like to have a lovely, a beautiful younger woman as my wife and to be cast adrift as regards my purpose in life. It's obvious that i have no sexual appeal for Annette. I'm too heavy. My dick is to small. I'm prone to...
I was startled awake by a nurse poking around my body. My eyes squinted open and focused on a name tag with the name Betty. I cleared my throat as Betty lifted my bed upright.

"How are you feeling?" Betty was glaring at me.

"I feel terrible," I answered with a cough.

"You're lucky the bullet didn't shatter your shoulder bone. It's just a flesh wound."

I suddenly remembered. I was walking out of the club with my white slut on my arm. A white boy pulled out a pistol and fired it at me. Evidently, he didn't appreciate me fucking his wife on a regular basis and busted a cap in my ass.

“How was your bath?” Betty's voice wasn't the friendliest.

“Alright, when do I get out of here?” I asked.

Betty checked a chart, removed a tube stuck...
Cindy, my 18 year-old daughter, was having an off-day. Mothers can just tell these things.
“What’s the matter, honey?” I asked her gently after school.

“Oh, mom, the prom is coming up, and I really want Jeremy to ask me to go, but so far he hasn’t!” she pouted.

“Oh, there, there,” I said gently. “Don’t you worry about Jeremy. I’m sure there are lots of boys out there who think you’re beautiful and would love to take you out!”

“Really? You think so?”

“I know so!” I assured her proudly.

That seemed to mollify her for just a moment, then she yelled: “Then how come they haven’t asked me out to the prom!” With that, she ran up to her room and slammed the door shut.

In the next room, my husband sat smoking his pipe and reading the...
We all knew why Rachel was being packed off on a 3 week holiday to Kingston Jamaica. My pretty wife had been going with Marlon for nearly five months now and taking a lot of black cock. But she wasn't opening her pretty legs to brothers quite as wantonly as Marlon wanted. When you get yourself a white bitch, you like her to accommodate brothers that you invite, so to overcome her lingering diffidence Marlon was packing her off. Cousin Rafa in Kingston had associates shall we say. They did their own sort of deals. They were no nonsense. So my wife was going to stay with Rafa, she was going to smoke a little, drink a little and fuck a lot. Marlon smiled as he told me. 'She gonna come back home a whole lot different man' he warned. I'd...
I suppose that you have seen the big Winnebego camper vans? Well we hired one of those. The plan was that we would take this over to Ireland. Just why Carol chose Ireland was obvious. She was at least 'curious' about Fergal. Fergal knew Ireland like the back of his hand. Not only was he Irish but he was traveller too. His mother had gone with a traveller at one of the horse fairs. Her husband had objected, but well she didn't care. She left anyway. Fergal had then come along nine months later, the travellers spawn. He'd been raised traveller, a brutal patriarchal culture where fists sometimes determined what was right. I think that brutality, that uncompromising masculinity was what Carol found sexy. It was pretty distant to our nice,...
What I have to tell you is a source of extreme humiliation for me. For two years I have been married to the sexiest little tart any man's had the privilege to lay his eyes on. What a curse it has been! A curse you ask? Please allow me to explain....

As I said before, my wife Brenda, is a knockout! She is 28, 5'4", with an almost perfectly proportioned body- firm, curvaceous, plump ass; smooth, flat tummy and a firm set of B-cup tits that are perky with large protruding, slightly upturned nipples. She always gets noticed by EVERY man within eyeshot. To make matters worse, she constantly goes on excursions with her single girlfriends. Brenda is very friendly and can be considered to be flirtatious. Her girlfriends , on the other...

by Throne

"Mr. Johnson," my wife Mindy said, backing up from the tall Black man's slow advance. "I don't think this is... er... proper."

"Now honey," he said with a leer, eyeing her big bust that was well displayed by her T-shirt with no bra on under it, "there's different kinds of proper. Like your husband understands 'proper' what my son Curtis is telling him." He looked across the room at me. "Ain't that right, powder puff?"

His burly son had my arm twisted up behind my back and every time I tried to speak he had given it an upward push, replacing my attempts to say anything with groans of pain. I gasped out, "Please. Gentlemen. I'm sure we can resolve this dispute."

"Maybe yes and maybe no," the elder...
Hi Guys, this is Vishu, having my own business of imports and exports in Hyderabad, INDIA. A little about me, I am well built, 5’10” tall with good physique having just about the muscular cuts visible at the view ends of the body. This is an incident that happened to me a couple years back. I had an encounter with a hot MILF who had a 1 year old daughter and living in Hyderabad. I happen to meet her thru one of my friend (Vinay) who knows this lady, Vinay is a very good friend of mine and we usually spend time at his cloth shop actually a Boutique after my work in the evenings. sorry that i forgot to name her as she is so hot that her name didn’t strike me while penning this incident. Her name is Sravanti, 31 year old housewife.Let me...
All is fair in love and war….so let's explore fair then fucker!

I suppose most people read 'fair' in this saying as meaning anything goes. There are no morals when it comes to sex. I think that is true. I don't want there to be. I don't want the constraints of a civil, a prissy society to pc everything that I want as regards my body. As a woman I want to be pursued, fought over, won, dominated and impregnated. I don't want half measures. I wonder how many women, deep down really do? The feminists may tell us otherwise, but i know that there is an instinct brain inside everyone of my sisters, that responds to need, especially those relating to dominant men. Fair though has two meanings. Fair is not only about customs, habits,...
Candace Apples came home from work that night, exhausted. Her feet were killing her and her briefcase felt like it weighed a ton, crammed with expense reports and file folders and who knows what else. All day long she’d been talking to clients, sitting in meetings, on the phone… And now, all she could think about was getting home, taking off her heels and letting her hair down, enjoying a glass of wine, followed by a relaxing soak in the tub. Yes... she closed her eyes in the back of the cab, a small smile spreading over her face. She was already enjoying the thought of it.

She was a tall and slender woman with pale skin and blue eyes that caused men to stumble over their words while speaking to her. Though she knew it wasn’t just her...