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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

My first initiation into the liberal culture of improving the Afro-american male integration into society through stress relief programmes such as AMIRAP and the strident feminist-driven attitudes of advancing minorities within society at the expense of the mainstream culture was in early 2000s.

I was in my early-20s living in Oklahoma City, let’s just say I was called Johnny, I had a decent job in logistics management at a medium-sized company, health insurance and company car and was buying my own apartment in Oklahoma City. Naturally I was white, not just ethnically but also in my thinking and attitudes. My duties at the firm including managing the warehousing and shipping departments, which mainly consisted of Negro laborers and...
Hey there, all you delicious little race traitors! It has been an exciting year thus far and wanted to thank you all for the support with a free story to celebrate Black Friday! That's right, Black Friday is an important day where white cucks go shopping and white girls get blacked!

I wanted to let you know about incredibly violent and dark Blacked at Charlottesville for those who crave some good white girl breeding and white boy snuffing. My hate mail says it is the most offensive story they have ever read. <3 That warms my black heart.

For those with slightly softer tastes please try Amelia Blacks Her Family (Part I)!

We also have...
Day 6

The day of our Wedding Anniversary and Sally woke up early and without any consideration poked me in my back and said, “Mark, wake up we have a trip booked for today. We need to get away from here, even for a short time.”

This was the first I knew of it; Sally had ordered and arranged all this without having had any discussion with me. I knew better than to make any protest so we sorted ourselves out and got our things together before heading off for a quick bite of breakfast.

I prodded and poked my way through a bowl of cereal feeling very despondent about the way she was treating me but she was oblivious to my demeanour and once she had finished eating she stood up. “Come on, we’ll be late,” she said and without...
Lauren is wearing a very tight, short, black leather skirt and high heeled boots. My bestie is buxom, a little generous in the thigh, but with a very pretty rear. She is quite tall so the extra pounds don't look bad at all. At my suggestion she dresses vamp, but expensively so. The choker around her throat cost a couple of grand from the posh jewellers down town. The watch on her wrist, well it's expensive too, with the sort of name you see on tennis sponsorships. Lauren chose her own expensive perfume and it is absolutely perfect. Musky, heady, hypnotic in a way that seems to go so naturally with her teasing green eyes. I greet her at the front door, we kiss cheeks and hug, i tell her, 'hun you look fabulous' and I usher her in....
There had come this Sunday, this dreamy afternoon when Martin was just 18. He'd been out fishing and came back early because the trout dozed. He'd come back early, when his Mom Adele, his Pa John and Ben, the oh so confident, oh so presumptuous black neighbour hadn't reckoned on a return. Martin stowed the gear in the shed and ambled tired into the house. It was hot and he needed a shower. May be he would use his parents shower, they wouldn't mind. Stocking feet on the stair. Stocking feet and then the sound of gasping. A woman gasping, moaning, it was like the way Mom described her labour with him. It was like the sound of something moving, engaging, changing. Anxiety ran through Martin's mind then, like a shock from a unprotected...
The first 70 or so of my stories that were posted on this site were due to the efforts of one of the site's administrators, dig420. This took an enormous amount of work so those of you who enjoy reading the stories I write should consider sending him a note of thanks as I have done.

Originally, all of the stories posted by dig420 were illustrated on a different site. As time permits, I intend to slowly re-illustrate all of these stories. This is a slow, time-consuming task so it will take awhile. This notice is to inform interested readers that two of the stories have now been re-illustrated, "Asia's Fantasy" and "Flight to Santiago". "Asia's Fantasy" can be found on page 2 of my directory and "Flight to...
Chapter Five – The vacation comes to an end

I woke up the following morning with a thumping headache and a raging thirst. The morning light was painful so I quickly shut my eyes and lay there for a few minutes drawing deep breaths in an attempt to orientate myself and get my thoughts in order. Eventually my stomach told me it had calmed down and I wasn’t going to embarrass myself if I moved so I opened my eyes to look at the softly snoring Helen alongside me us both half wrapped in a crumpled sheet which, when I properly focussed, I saw was liberally spotted with questionable stains. No puzzle to think where they had come from as the memory of what had gone on last night on this very bed but, looking beyond her, it was a puzzle to see...
A Mother and Daughter Obtain Positions



Margo Grayson switched off her TV with disgust. The mindless sitcoms were infantile. It seemed to Margo that, except for all the sexual references in the dialog and the implied sex that occurred, the shows were more suited for 13 or 14-year olds rather than adults. She had tried to find some movies worth watching that she hadn't already seen several times, but had had no success.

With nothing worth watching on TV, Margo buried herself in her most recent novel until she tired of reading around 10 PM. At that point,...

My husband and I live in Colorado, but I think you'll understand if I don't get any more specific than that. I do this not so much because I value our privacy, which I do, but rather I want to protect the guilty, to coin a phrase. Actually, since no one in this story is either innocent or even guiltless, I guess you could say that everyone involved is guilty.

So, with that part explained, on with the story.

Both of us have high-stress jobs, and to give us some relief from that aggravation we've been in the habit for several years of devoting one weekend per month to driving to a part of our beautiful state we have not visited in a long time, if at all. We both love seeing the new sights, as well as talking to people...
Some of you wonder maybe….not only how do i get my wife to cuck me, but just how long does that take? How long does it take before a woman really decides that she deserves better than you and that you're too spineless to make a fuss if she does take a lover? Well, it's a longer and a harder journey than you might think. it can take months even years before the lady of the house starts opening her legs to the bigger man. After all, it's crazy isn't it, that someone she married could be quite so disappointing as you?! It's like facing up to her own error of judgement, all those years ago. After that, because girls gossip with their bestie friends, it's admitting that she is finally going with someone more masculine than you, and that her...