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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Race Repair Night

A sequel to Nicky becomes a racial justice warrior Part 3, this story follows the attack on the Migrant Hotel. The city responds to the racist incident with an important event, “Race Repair Night”. Beginning with Nicky acting the racial justice warrior, many other encounters resulting from a night of racial togetherness will hand over to other characters of Black Pine.


The Honorable Jordyn Sweet walked to the podium at city hall. Anxious journalists waited impatiently for his arrival. It was his first mayoral crisis since elected office. Since the attack on African refugees by three, redneck white...
I cried in the shower for 20 minutes over the horror my life had become. I was trapped by these awful black men who were using me in the most vile ways and the only chance at freedom I thought I had, my loving wife Beth, was helping them to make me even more submissive and caught up further in their despicable, torturous game. I never would have believed Beth could be so cruel. It’s as if Master had unlocked some twisted part of her mind that she was thrilled to explore at my expense. They had so much video and so many horrible pictures of me debasing myself that I had no choice but to bend to their will or risk being outed to my family. I never had many friends so that wasn’t really a concern but the internet being what it is, I knew...
Making Ends Meet

The 2008 recession couldn’t have come at a worse time for Ashley and I. We had graduated college 3 years earlier, got married soon after and immediately moved to California to open a fitness to studio catering to overworked businessmen and their bored housewives. Everything started off great. We landed a few marquee clients and even did strength training for a college football team in the off season. We thought we had a successful business until the downturn. Clients fell off and bills come due.

Jeff was one of the few clients who stuck around. A good-looking guy in his late 40s but he looked early 30s, I recognized his Type A personality. He’d write his own workout plan or have to pre-approve mine....
Book 28

Suzanna's decided to resume the whole panty-denial thing this week. On top of that she went to see Ray yesterday so there was to be no access to her last night, only her promise of, "you can enjoy tomorrow".


I'd gone over Ray's and had an enjoyable evening with him. It's kind of odd, I don't think of him so much as being a close friend, which is a shame as he’s a nice guy, but after our amicable meeting and finding that I don't feel threatened or worried by him at all I’m just thinking of him simply as being Suzanna's lover.

Suzanna and I have been talking, talking a lot, since her weekend away. She said that my openness with her about how I felt about it all has really made...
Chapter Two – The Dream Continues

I first met Oscar when on vacation last year and found him to be a most agreeable guy. Maybe it was the relaxed atmosphere generated by the combination of the hot sun while enjoying cold beer and looking at the lovelies on the beach that made us comfortable in each other’s company but for whatever reason he certainly had no reservations about telling me all about himself, his life and his aspirations and I, as an aspiring writer who loved hearing people’s stories, was more than happy to listen.

My stay came to an end and we parted company and made those holiday promises of keeping in touch and, surprisingly, we did just that, exchanged occasional e-mails over the following...
Meet The Danvers

Chapter 1

Jim Danvers sat naked in the circular room, slowly stroking his limp penis. He had already come twice, evident by the two shot glasses on the table next to him, half full with his cum.

In the middle of the room, and completely naked, sat his nineteen-year-old daughter Meghan. She was quite the sight. Blonde, slender, beautiful, a classic cheerleader. Her perky breasts and erect nipples pointed upwards. The sheer arousal on her face was unmistaken. Her eyes filled with hunger as she looked up at the next black man who walked over to her, stroking his huge cock. Her mouth was open and her tongue was out, she just couldn’t wait for the next big load of cum to fill her mouth.

Next to Meghan sat her mother...
It all happened so fast after the decision was made. Master moved into our house and Daddy Art moved into his. Master moved all his clothing into the room I used to share with Beth and now the two of them are living together like a married couple while I have moved into the spare bedroom. Beth greatly enjoyed making up my new room and it is an embarrassing nightmare of pink and lace. I now sleep in a canopy bed with pink ruffles all over the top, pink sheets and a pink comforter with a unicorn on it. The carpeting is one shade of pink with the walls are another. There are murals of unicorns and fairy princesses all over the walls.

Of course I complained and tried desperately to remove myself from the situation. I told Beth I would just...


Who is fucking my wife doggy? Does he have a cock equal to mine, or larger? Is she enjoying her first strange cock? Is my wife cumming? How easy and often? If she's getting a larger or smaller cock, will it affect her thinking if I ask her if she wants to try this again? Will she even be honest with me and describe what she was getting?

Second Round Edition. What would be a 'part two' included.

BC Big Cock, or BBC Big Black Cock?

By EroticWriter

When multiple people are involved, I like to list them to aid the reader in keeping track of whose wife got fucked, and not by...
My Wife Caught Me Fucking Her Mother

“Say it right. I want to hear you say 'my husband's cock was small, and I want to be fucked really good by a big one.”

“Yes. I want to be fucked by a big one, by you.”

“And your husband?”

“Yes. His cock was small.”

by Eroticwriter

Formerly called Short and Sweet and now re-written and lengthened for your enjoyment.

A suspicious husband was in his car sitting outside his mother in law's house. He called his wife. Marty sounded like she was smiling and said, “Hi honey. I'm with mom, and we're shopping.

He frowned into the phone and said, “No you're not. I'm sitting in front of...
The next two weeks were pure hell for me. Master took full advantage of having me at his disposal all day every day. He made me come to his house every morning as soon as Beth left for work and I immediately got dressed in my sissy outfit. Each day I wore a different pair of panties and nightie along with matching stockings. Master had me go to the lingerie store in the local mall with him to purchase my new clothes. He had the women in the store measure me to find my exact fit and the humiliation of standing there while several college age girls giggled and made fun of me was horrible. Master made sure they knew why I was buying these clothes. He made me tell them I was so turned on by his big cock that I couldn’t help myself. He stood...