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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Natalie Earns Her Money

by EroticWriter First publshed in 2010.

Her eyes grew wide when his pants came down. This old man was already up and ready. Impressive, but she had seen men before, younger men, who were hard like that as soon as the pants came off. After all, Natalie was so lovely; almost all of them had that reaction upon seeing her nude. This man though, was bigger than just about all of them.

The Madam opened the brothel door to see a frail, elderly gentleman. "Can I help you?" the madam asked.

The old gentleman looked embarrassed as he removed his hat and said... "I hear that you have a gal working here named Natalie. I want to see...
The Facelift That Changed Her Sex Life


by EroticWriter

“Before you ask, I'll tell you. This...your cock feels wonderful, better than him, and you know who I mean.”

Yes, wives. They are the most fun of all. Fred would fuck them silly, then fuck them back to reality and send them on their way. Seldom would he keep one around for any length of time.

“Ewwwwww aaaaah oooooh. Gawd Fred, you've already made me cum and you aren't even all the way into me yet.”

A housewife decided to have a facelift for her coming birthday a few weeks away Jill's husband of course, is reluctant to spend that kind of money on something that might not really work...
Sherry is Conned by Her First Customer

Written by EroticWriter / Jun 29, 2010

a.k.a. Big takes on a new meaning to Sherry

"You, your equipment I mean, is really special."

"That was your best orgasm ever, wasn't it?"

Sherry giggled. "Well, actually, it was several best orgasms."

It was her first time at being a hooker. Sherry thought her husband's cock was the biggest! That is, until tonight she had thought that. This customer's penis Sherry is holding in her hand is much larger than average. Sherry fondles it for a minute while checking out the length and the thickness. Also, this penis is uncircumcised, the first uncut penis Sherry has seen.

When she pulls on the foreskin, Sherry marvels and...

Pussy Pleasure Tax, a.k.a. Trumped Up Tax.

By someone named K McColl and greatly hotted up with lengthened additions by EroticWriter

“I know what you might be thinking, and do not concern yourself over the two intense orgasms your wife has just experienced” said Dwight Dunker, Auditor.

Found this on another site readers and since it is so cute thought you might enjoy it but I did update the story to reflect recent changes in the government and also change the watcher into an active participant and add lots of sex near the end. Not trying to hide his identity but I had to separate the writer's name a little since it was an active link. EW...
Put Honey on Your Honey

by EroticWriter with updating on Sunday 18 February 2018.

Veronica was having her most intense orgasm ever. For the first time, her pussy was shooting liquid out, all around the doctor's thrusting shaft. It was flowing and it was soaking her ass cheeks and the table under her.

James had never seen his wife do this before. "Hey, what the hell is happening?"

Two recent newlyweds, a young husband and his lovely wife were alone and nude sunbathing on a quiet strip of beach. The wife already had a nice tan, golden in color, and she was hoping to be able to eliminate or at least tone down her bathing suit marks.

While lying on her...
Fucked by an Unseen Stranger


Injun Joe was moving his shaft a little deeper now, fucking up into her as Sherry was being pulled back against him. His lips were on her neck, and his tongue was flicking around, alternating between her neck and right ear. Chills were going up and down her neck and back! Thrills were going in and out of her cunt!

by EroticWriter

Readers: Some of this story about Sherry's adventure inside Injun Joe's cave is based on fact. I was in that 'cave' and the lights in one long section of the cave were out. I had an adventure with a woman, but only with hands, and I had a friend from Ohio who was visiting with me who...
Two Women Came To My Door, And It Changed Their Lives?


By EroticWriter


"Do I really have to (pant pant) keep doing this, letting him keep it in me and...and stretching me so far while you take these photos? I never dreamed the guy you pick would be so big."

It was a nice day. The temperature was nice, the sun too. My model was nice, very. And I was feeling nice, nice enough to give this gal the fucking of her life (I hoped) if I could score.

The date? In the late 1960s and readers, this first part with Donna and where two women come to my door is real, it actually happened.

The only thing that kept Donna from...
Finally, a Real Burglar, and He's Black!

by EroticWriter


Her eyes widened at the sight of the huge black man towering over her bed. It was as if one of her worst fears was coming true. She was helpless and who knows what this man might want to do to her?

She cowered under the bed covers as the black burglar walked over to the bed. He pulled back the covers and tossed them onto the floor. Because she slept naked her body was revealed in all its glory.

"Well...helloooo baby! Don't you look real nice now."

3 AM.

A man was sleeping, when his wife shook him and said, "Wake up! Someone is breaking in!"

The man had gone...

By EroticWriter

So you will know in advance readers, this unusual story tells of an innocent wife being
raped by three men who do not know they are committing rape. How is that possible?

Included is BBC. In this story you will learn all there is to know about one beautiful woman's sexual
experiences, both in high school and during her marriage.

Naked on the bed, Francis had decided to ignore the figure with the camera moving
around her and concentrate on the business at hand, and this business seemed
to be getting to be quite the business in her hand!'

Just like the year before at about the same time, a tear appeared in the
corner of Francis Parker's eye. She was...
The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives
Part 1 - The Tiagua Resort

by RLM


Calvin Fullmer and Jeff Seaver were each enjoying a beer at, Eddie's, their favorite watering hole, after busy days at their respective offices. Calvin is one of the city's most successful real estate agents with an ever-growing clientele. His long-time friend Jeff is now a partner in the most sought-after advertising agency in the city. The two men had known each other since high school, been roommates in college, played as teammates on their college's varsity...