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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Chapter 9: Thar she blows!

Beth’s mouth still tasted like Gus’ cum when David got home. He kissed her, too polite to say anything about her breath, but she noticed his nose crinkle slightly. He stepped back, looking her up and down. She was back in the sweat shorts and tank top she’d worn watching a movie with him and was braless again. “I haven’t had lunch, mind if I have a bowl of cereal before we go out to dinner?”

“Sure,” said Beth, reaching up for the cereal on top of the refrigerator. She felt her top rise above her nipples, glancing at David. Her husband had a little smirk, staring at her breasts. She came down off her tiptoes, the top falling, but catching on her nipples. She gave her husband a stern yet playful stare as...
Julie’s son Jamel, Part 3

Jamel was running down the hall to his first class of the day. His teacher and coach of the football team was famous for being hard on students who were late and Jamel had no excuse. Well, not one he could use here anyway. He had been eating breakfast and his Mom; Julie had been prancing around naked ever since they had gotten out of bed. And when she came to the table and spread her legs and then her pussy lips with her fingers to show him her pussy still dripping his cum from a fuck only minutes ago it was more than he could resist.

He had pulled down his pants and taken her right there on the kitchen table. And that was why he was late. Not something you can use in front of the entire class by any means!...
I moved here with my family 4 months ago. I am married for 21 years and I have a 19 year old daughter. She is at out of state college. My husband works from home. I am 43 year old 5ft10 tall heterosexual curvy hourglass shaped attractive brunette. I have very large breasts and I do have a big butt. I don’t intend to dress in any particular ‘way’ for anyone. I just wear what I like. I don’t ‘ask’ for anything. I don’t ask to be groped. I wear clothes that fit me properly. Most of my outfit are satin pant and skirt suits satin coats and satin and silk blouses. I am always on high heels and full make up on. If you are curvy, tall and busty, many clothes tend to look sexier on you than on a thin person. So things that fit...
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi


Chapter 31


Seydou mused over the past few years since he retired from Rhino and set-up his photography business. It had been the best move he ever made and he was still excited with how things had worked out especially from the aspect that a lot of his work resulted from his previous association with Rhino who often sent customers his way. Indeed, he never knew where his next contract would take him or what the subject might be (the recent trip to Lerotica was a good example of that!) Yes, work was a delight and each day he went to his studio looking forward to the next...
His Wife Went Back to Find Some Strange Cock

“Why are you asking me these things, about my husband? Why?”

“Because baby, I get off on hearing a formerly innocent wife confessing that my cock is far superior to what she has at home. I know I am doing them a favor, satisfying a dream perhaps, and that is my mission in life.”

“You bastard!”

“But it's true, isn't it?” As he asked her, he pulled back and gave her a full-length thrust, not stopping until he was buried against her mound.

“Yes...it's true.”

by EroticWriter

Note readers: The idea and beginning of this story are not by me. This is another one of those hot stories I read long ago and saved. This is taken...
Having It All!

I moved to Manhattan after graduating Business School and got a job at a large investment bank. The program took all the new graduate hires and circulated them through different departments for 2 years, spending 6 months in each department. This way they could gauge where you would be most beneficial to the bank. This is where I met Justin. On paper, Justin and I are very unlikely friends. I am a lanky bookworm from Connecticut and Justin was a buff black jock from Alabama but we were tight for all 2 years of the program. It was obvious early on where our respective strengths were. I was an analytical nerd who loved spread sheets and company fundamentals, my dream job had always been Investment Banking. Justin,...
This is the 7th installation in Blacked Superheroines series. I decided to focus more on Lady Midnights domination to drive home the point that Tyrone will dominate any heroine black, white and asian and cuck any male, white or black. Feedback is more than welcome at [email protected]

Lady Midnight, Azure Angel, Green Specter, Specter Girl, Ms Americana and Got Gal belong to Mr. X. I own Tyrone.

“Oh yeaaah fuck me harder you big black STUUDDD!!!”, screamed the prison warden’s white wife, Emily. Tyrone just grinned and stuffed his fat black cock in her asshole as he fucked her doggy on the warden’s desk. He fucked her long and hard for 20 minutes before plugging her final hole with his thick jizz.

After some...
City Goes Black Volume 1 Part 1

The "City Goes Black" volume is a collection of stories in the latter days of White Pine before it had changed its name. A predominately-white city has an abrupt change of culture when it elects its first African-American mayor. This is the origin story including the community college changing it name and ways to honor black culture during the exciting days of inclusion and diversity.


It was the moment the city, its state, and the progressive-world waited for. After winning over 90% of the vote, the city of White Pine was about to swear in its first African-American mayor, Jordyn Sweet. His landslide victory was helped to the abrupt announcement from Mayor Augustus Quincy...
My Cucking my hubby

One afternoon, I took Jimmy his lunch, and Bob his site manager told me he just sent him to another site to pick up some things. He invited me in his office to wait.

Shortly Bobby is telling me how lucky Jim is to have such a hot wife. I smiled and thanked him. But he started telling how he has always wanted to fuck me in between asking about home and telling me what a great worker Jimmy is.

I didn't notice that Bob had gotten up from his desk and walked over to me. When I looked up I could see the outline of his cock, even in his pants it looked bigger than Jim's. He took my hand and rubbed it over his bulge telling me he gets like this whenever he sees me.

He asked "Wouldn't you love to feel this between...