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I wanted see my wife win the Dancing with Athletes competition. Mostly I wanted to show off my hot sexy wife. Her lovely twenty six year old body was in fantastic shape as she maintained a rigorous work out schedule.

I worked as a sports trainer at the University and become acquainted with Ramone, the star football player. I knew he and my wife would make an unbeatable duo. When I made the suggestion to Ramone, he was reluctant until I showed him a pic of my wife saved on my cell phone.

My wife wouldn't agree to participate until she met Ramone in person so I invited him to our home.

Ramone and I moved some furniture to clear some space and my wife put on some music. She wore a tight short skirt and a low cut top.

My wife and...
Big Dick Joe Tries My Women

by EroticWriter

Note readers: The photo is not of the real gal from my past that I have named Donna, but the gal in the photo is a close representation. The real Donna was stacked just like the gal in the photo, but Donna was maybe just a little slimmer. It is hard to tell from the photo but if the gal in the photo were to stand up straight, she MIGHT look to be a little on the heavy side. The real Donna looked perfect from every angle.

This story has been on here before, but I have re-written it some and hotted it up. Nothing has been changed though from the TRUE story. You will read about what really happened with 'Donna' and me, and also you will read a fantasy story I have...
I’m a 45 year old married guy with two kids. My wife of 18 years comes from Poland and is a sexy 5 foot 3 inches with long dark hair, smooth tanned skin, perky medium sized tits and sexy legs that meet at a nice hairy pussy. Our sex life has been pretty good but I recently noticed a decline in our love making to no more than twice a month. I interpreted it as the normal declining interest of a 43 year old woman with two middle school aged kids to take care of. I was wrong.

I got a hint of what was going on when I came back from a 5 day business trip. I was dumping my dirty clothes directly from the suitcase into the washing machine when I noticed a pair of boxer briefs on the floor next to the hamper. I didn’t think much of it at...

Note readers: This story starts in 1956 with our gal Becky as a married woman, and jumps back to around 1952 when Becky was a teen on the farm, then forward again to 1956. Her husband James is the young man told about in my 1949 dated story called Hudson Rendezvous With the Church Lady.

I strongly recommend that you read the Hudson Rendezvous story first if you have not already done so.

This version contains several different events in the life of Becky mostly, and her husband James. Toward the end, you will see a new story never before placed online and it is called Frank Comes Back into Becky's Life. Yes, she finally has her fantasy fulfilled. EW

It was 1956 in Kansas as Becky Renfro removed...
I was invited by a married friend of mine to go to a small motorcycle rally last spring. Mike and I have been friends for several years. I got my engineering degree in '93 and lived all around the country before returning to east Texas. I met Mike and his wife at a bar on the lake and we've been friends ever since. Mike is around 53 and his wife is my age, 45. She's an attractive white chick with big ass tits...D's at least. I've never been married and haven't dated anyone seriously in a long time. At first I thought they were swingers because Mike flirts openly with women and Liz flirts quite a bit too when she's drinking, but over time I learned that they just flirt around. Mike told me he's never cheated on her and I believe him....
Dear Richard,

Thank you for spending time on the phone earlier today. I'm pleased that you have taken my criticism of your posts on Darkwanderer properly to heart. In future I will sanction what you share and Luther has promised to ensure that nothing slips by unnoticed. I don't know how many women follow this lovely blog, but if a lot do, it is vital that they get the right impression of us. First, this is a mature and serious exploration of better lifestyle. Second, I am in charge and that is as it should be until you have completely submitted to Jamal. Then he will have charge of you and I will be able to live sensuously, without worries about managing you. As I told you on the phone, this is very much what we are transitioning to....
This is my second personal reflection, after 'Humiliating Men' and following on from my dialogue, 'How I cucked Richard'. It's a serious reflection on my experiences of living in a house with Jamal (my lover) and sometimes (Richard works away a lot) my husband. The term husband is really a technical thing, because really Richard is our cuck. I say 'our' cuck, because Jamal definitely has charge of him when Richard is home as well.

I'm writing for women in this reflection, so I hope that male blog readers might point this out to their wives or mistresses. The purpose of the reflection is to give a female perspective to aspects of cuckold sex. Whatever a cuckold may think about oral sex, it is your experience that counts. Licking...
This follows on from Richard and my dialogue in 'How I cucked Richard.' It's written for women. Humiliating is not something that we were brought up to do. But it is often a part of the psyche of relationships when you go with a alpha male and your husband concedes defeat. I don't pretend that my experience is comprehensive (I have only been in a relationship with one black guy, Jamal) or that it reflects other women's circumstances. Every relationship is different, with its own tension points, consents and needs.

My name is Kirsty. I work in a hospital, I am a professional woman and when I was younger I never dreamt that I would be centre stage in a three way relationship, let alone come to see humiliating some men as normal...

by Throne

I didn't see any problems. I mean, when I finally asked Becky for a date, after months of admiring her from a distance, she accepted right away. She even seemed happy about it, the way she looked right at me and laughed. How could I not want to go out with her? She is so very pretty and dresses to show off her trim figure. I love her long honey blond hair and sweet face. Sure, she is kind of stuck up and known for being bitchy, but I guess I'm a love-conquers-all kind of fellow. I was ready for a terrific experience.

I was thrilled when she phoned me and told me we were going to stay at her apartment for the evening. Did that mean I was going to 'get lucky'? Despite my past failures with women...
Kirsty (K) OK, so Luther has kindly agreed to tidy up our text for the blog, but we're going to tell our story in dialogue. You alright with that Richard?

Richard (R ) On the condition that this is about coping too eh? I mean, sexy as it sometimes is, a husband will have to learn to cope.

(K) And women have to learn to be a bitch..to let that out I mean. (laughs). Introductions then. I'm Kirsty, and I'm 30 and I work at the hospital as a doctor. I work in orthopaedics so I see a lot of sports injuries and a lot of men. It's not all geriatrics! Richard and i have a house in Manchester, but let me say we both hate football.

(R ) I'm Richard and I'm 36. Kirsty and I have been married five years. I work on a oil rig, so its...