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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Linda's very black favor Part 2

Discovering joys of racial justice with her neighbor, La'Damian, Linda recalls the events leading to the change in her sex life. Her life decisions have led her to visit a local reproduction clinic. Whatever the future lies within her womb, she going to have more sex outside of marriage and turn away from monogamy she once believed in.


The words echoed in Linda's head.

"YOU! You ... fucker!"

Linda remember gagging the night before and spitting cum out of her mouth. After rubbing her mouth with her arm, she ran back into the bathroom. She left her husband, Mac, and cried loudly and balling, "I can't believe it! Oh my gawd! I can't believe it!" she was...
This is the first story I've ever written. I haven't gotten any feedback yet and I'd love for someone to tell me what they think. Thank you so much ! BTW (I tried to upload a PDF file of this story and wasnt able to, so I have just copied and pasted the whole thing, I know it's long. Let me know if I should do it a different way!)

Amber: White Girlfriend
Damon: Black Guy
Sean: White Boyriend
Renee: Amber’s friend
Jamal: Renees Black Man

Amber Lewis walked in the door of her condo and plopped down on the couch after a long day in school. She went to college full time and was up to her eyes in exams to prepare for. Amber was a 5 foot 10, tall white girl with beautiful brown hair which she alternated tying back in a...
Two Men Got Her Started, Another Man Finished The Job.

slutwives.com-Thick Dick Profile.

Her moan was loud. 'Uuuuuuuuh!'

'It sounds like he has a big one, the way she just moaned.' Then my wife confirmed it.

'Oh honey,' my wife yelled out, 'He's really big!'

Oh shit. 'Does it feel good baby?'

'The best! It's really thick.'

I copied this from Literotica years ago, and the author's name got lost. Didn't lose it on purpose. The people that follow my stories know that I always give credit if the story is not one of my originals.

Because I changed the story, the title has been changed to match. In the original the wife is only fucked by her husband.

I kept some of his story, the...
Book 21
It's an awesome weekend, spent outdoors mostly so only want to spend a little time writing.

Her comments to me about not telling me every detail wasn't anything to worry about. She said later on that maybe I didn't necessarily want to hear ‘everything’ but I assured her that I did and that I was okay with it.

I mentioned it again after she got home on Thursday and told her that I wanted her to know that she can and should tell me everything and that I thought it wasn't good if she held things back. She replied (and I think part of her reply was to really make sure I did want to hear it all) and she told me in greater detail about how the whole anal sex thing came up.

As part of that with Ray, she made...
This story was originally on an other site (Literotica.com) author of post in 2014 was Pageturner2012. Their only post ever. I think it needs a second and possible a third chapter. I would be willing to work with any of you with my ideas, but to put the ideas in a story with the proper flow and have it make sense I'm totally inept. You be able to teach me story comp. I wrote technical papers everything I write sounds like a manual.
I have just done a simple cut and past of this story. None of this story is my work. Would like to see one of you, better than me, witters add to this story.
Administrator I believe I have posted this correctly but this is my first story (Mine or other wise)posted. Any advice for doing it better in...
Bazaar drama: White wife, black student Part 2

Seduced by a high school athlete, Nancy tries to shake off her sexual interlude and resume life as a faithful, but prude, wife. Focusing her attention to the fund raising bazaar, she must confront her gifted, black lover and her inner lust screaming for self discovery and sexual release.


Having washed away the sins of her lust, Nancy crawled into bed. She needed the rest after the sexual escapade she enjoyed with Jamal, the school's latest star athlete recruited to Black Pine High School. Nancy needed the rest knowing she had to return to the school in the morning to help run the bazaar. She tried to blank out from her mind those primal, lustful,...
Husband Forced to Watch The Taking of His Wife

Her rapist began pumping and she shivered with pleasure.

How much do you like it?”

'Why is he doing this, asking me in front of my husband?'

How much?” He was persistent.

A lot. I...I like it a lot.”

by someone named acitica with additions by EroticWriter

Found this on Literotica a long time ago with the title The Taking of Julia. It was written by someone using the handle acitica. It was pretty good as is, but too short and I felt, not as descriptive as it could be in some places, so I added a lot to it, without changing the overall result. EroticWriter...
The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 4

I never dreamt I would do something like this! Sure we all play games when we are kids and make believe we would do this or that, But this? I had no choice! I had to do it! Those thoughts ran through my head as Kevin’s thick Black cum covered cock spread my lips and then filled my mouth all the way to back of my throat until I gagged. I sucked the cum off of it and used my hand to force the cum I couldn’t reach up the shaft and into my mouth as well.

As it soaked in my mouth I looked to my wife who was smiling! “He’s sucking your cock Kevin, just like you said he would!”

So he had told my wife I would be a cock sucker and now like everything else, he had proved himself right! He pumped his cock in...
Book 20

Things are quiet as we've all had vacations planned for the summer, first us and now Ray is away. The last time they saw each other was July 21st which seems like ages ago now but it's been good for us as we've had a chance to reconnect a bit as well as explore our feelings a bit more.

Last week with Ray away, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I expected Suzanna to be a bit disappointed on Thursday but I wasn't sure how/if it would affect the rest of the week. I remember thinking that, "okay, I won't push her and we'll see what happens".

Tuesday night comes and we're both pretty sedate and I remember us going to bed without much fanfare or our usual Tuesday night romp.

Wednesday morning came and...
Becky pays reparations Part 2

After atoning for recent sins with a member of The Black Power Movement, Becky has new outlook on life and racial justice. Embracing the Movement's philosophies, she agrees to return and continue paying reparations. Her marriage comes a distant second. Besides, her husband is turning into a willing cuckold and undeserving.


Bathed in the light of lava lamps, Becky was swinging her ass while pulling down her panties. She easily pulled off her shirt and was completely naked other than her red high-heels. Reggie, her black lover, nodded. "It's proper that you agreed to return tonight." he said.

Becky, expressionless, replied, "I need to do what I need to do. You want...