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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Her Rape Became Her Fantasy

"He was doing a good job of it so I just laid there and enjoyed it. I had my legs up and was looking into his face. I think I even held his head at times.”

By EroticWriter

Note readers: I posted this story the first time using the title 'Was it Actually a Rape?' as the almost completely intact news report from a Bahamas newspaper. If you read that item you can probably detect that the reporter wanted to reveal more than he/she was able to write.

This is my playful version of what might actually have transpired, including my creation of the rape victim's interview with the investigating detective. I don't feel all that much 'guilty' at making...
Chapter 12: Epilogue

Beth winced when she heard the tires squeal behind her, followed by a crash. She hoped she wasn’t the cause of the accident. She glanced over her shoulder and saw that it was a simple rear end collision and the two drivers were already out of their cars, arguing. There didn’t appear to be any injuries.

“Almost there, Atlas,” she said, pushing the carriage in front of her as she went for her daily jog. They reached the end of the block and Beth slowed, turning the carriage around. The baby was sleeping peacefully. She pushed him in front of her picking up speed until she reached her preferred pace. She didn’t glance at the accident, but both men quit arguing when she passed and she could feel their eyes...
Book 57


There is a shift in Suzanna's attitude that I seem to be feeling. I know that Suzanna intends to keep seeing Robert for as long as she can (or as long as she's comfortable). Just this morning as she was getting dressed she again saw me staring and as she looked in the mirror she smiled and said "you're thinking about me later aren't you?” I nodded and asked her what she was thinking about and she said "pretty much the same - it makes me look forward to it even more". As I was getting dressed a bit later and she was doing her makeup she came by and kissed my neck/shoulder and said "you can think about me all day" and then she added "maybe I'll let you feel me when I get home" and she...
This read is a continuation, and addition of:
Great Idea for Using White Girls
Human, Animal, Object, or Service?
These reads are for those of you who support white genocide, white reparations, white guilt, the destruction of white females (or whites in general), and/or all related subjects–this post and scenario are for you. Here are three very big reasons why this scenario should never stop.

  1. White girls have a natural tendency to be in the way:
    Everyone knows that most white girls have the...
Chapter 11: Beth’s Journey Home

Titus and Beth had two good days together.

They headed West on Alligator Alley towards Florida’s gulf coast. Beth hugged Titus tightly for warmth as the weather was growing colder. She could have stayed in her bikini forever, but the farther north they got, the colder it would get. Titus wanted to stick to the south to stay with the warmer weather, but it was still February after all.

They stopped at Temptations Tampa where Titus having a direct line to Esteban in his phone, got the manager to let Beth dance some sets. Beth left with an additional $400 in her pocket. She paid for a cheap hotel room, fucking several times that night and Beth gave him a long blow job the next morning. After the...
I am taking a detour here and have Tyrone test his black masculine prowess on normal females. This might turn out to be a 3 part series

Tyrone was lying on the master bed in Angela Greer’s house. He seemed to have a post-heroine conquering ritual where we would enjoy a tit fuck from the recently conquered heroine and two of her friends. As he was doing right now, getting a fantastic multi-racial titfuck from Lady Midnight, Azure Angel and Green Specter. A pair of black, yellow and white tits surrounded his hard, 12 inch black cock, while 3 pairs of plump lips smothered his cockhead in spit. Tyrone was kissing Jungle Babe, the former queen of the jungles, as all the 4 heroines strove to pleasure their criminal black thug...
Gorgo traced her hand over her flat belly. Life would grow within her. She would give birth to a baby, but not her husband Leonidas baby. No, it would be the baby of one of Sparta’s and her hubby’s most hated enemy, Xavier. A black Persian.

She hated him. Hated Xavier for making her cheat on her hubby. Hated him for fucking her so good with his god like cock, for making her submissive towards his charms and his cock. For making it so easy for her to forget her hubby, her son, her responsibilities, and just be a slave to his cock, to his whims.

Damn that black cock of his. It was so ugly. So big and thick and hard and hot and veiny and perfect and…

She moaned, and her eyes opened in shock. Her fingers felt wet and she looked down,...
Refugees Blacking White Girls

This is a love story about white women madly in love with African migrants. Refugees from another continent have the breeding qualities white women desperately look for and need. In the name of harmony and fighting oppression, white women of Black Pine offer their bodies to comfort Africans. This story occurs after Meredith's Intensive Black Studies Program Part 5 (Final Edit) and before Nicky becomes a racial justice warrior Part 2.

Each time an African...
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf andWunderboi


Chapter 41 - Family History (with acknowledgement to John Cleland and Fanny Hill)


Our story thus far:

Hawksville, a small town on the Eastern Seaboard had become the center of excellence for the application of Rhino's mind-controlling systems and understanding and acceptance of the superiority of the Black Man and woman over the White.

The many inhabitants of Hawksville bear testament to the success of this philosophy and all have stories to tell that supports their acceptance of the new way of living.

To continue:

No. White girls most certainly are not human. They might look like humans, and they do some of the same things we do. They cook, clean, walk, talk, and currently some even contribute to human society. But its a false reality. White girls look human so they are more fit and able to perform their purpose in life better.

Kind of, but no. It is possible that they could be a “form” of animal, because they are the chattel of all other higher life-forms.? They are trained to be obedient like dogs. However, there are laws against fucking animals, and they are used as fuck-holes all the time. Animals use white girls,...